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Indian chieftain. (Vinita, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1882-1902, May 12, 1892, Image 2

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Indian Chieftain.
gl.SO ! Yr la Ji.d-tra.jao9.
PubUitiftU Tliurmliiyi liy
Thi Indian Uiiihtain 1'l uiamilNi. Comi'any,
1). M. MAltltS, Editor.
M. E. MII.KOKD, Miumscr.
ViSIndTTkB.", MaV 12,
Next Monday the Strip mutter
is to bo taken up by the sub-Indian
According to l'rof. Hicks, May
will be a very wet month ami
etorniy as well.
Chief Harris hnsgono to Wash
ington city, having been summon
ed there by the delegation.
Partitioning the laud of the
Cherokee nation does not neces
sarily involve a change of our form
of government.
Litigation over improvement!
in this country is in its infancy,
and it is quite difficult to tell
where it will end.
The Cheyenne? and Arapahocs
are dissatisfied with the opening
of their country and threaten the
settlers with violence.
Thb Cherokee delegtes in Wash
ington have employed W. A. J'hil
lips (Quilika) to assist in present
ing our matters before congress.
It is now generally conceded
that cattle will be held on the
Strip the present season without
being molested by the military.
It looks at present like the little
' remaining public domain of Coo
weescoowee district would soon be
enclosed with two and three wire
The pension law is to be amend
ed so as to include "all dependent
widows and all superanuated im
poverished heads oi families."
This will about take in the whole
"Bhootin' match."
J n
Attorney General Hastings,
at the Claremore court, protested
against Beck and Norwood being
allowed to practice before the cir
cuit court in defiance of the decree
of the supreme court.
Green envy has caused many a
man to slander another through
the press and hide his cowardice
behind a fictitious name. Incen
diaries and mid-night assassins are
made of the same stuff.
It is a noticeable fact that in the
settlement of new count lies there
is too ninth of a wholesale dei-tl no
tion of lialivo trees. Kvetl in the
.sparsely timbered portion of this
country thorn is a though I h-ss de
struction f the t i hi ! n r. It Is not
infreijlti lilly tin- ease u liele a homo
is settled in tint timber moid the
grand old trees thou) giants of
the forest that it has taken cen
turies to grow, that the first thing
done is to clear the piemi-es ol
all its trees and then proceed to
in a int aMiii repair the iujuiy by
planting others in their Head,
liut did you ever Stop to think
that when you cut down a large
tree you have destroyed something
you can never restore again? J.ilo
is too short, A good old man and
a dear lover of nature has recently
written tht) ful lowing touching
upon this subject:
"Don't destroy the grand old
trees about your nreini-es, lake
cart? of them, y..u will regard
them as old acquaintances when
you get obi and your children
will think of them u- xt to father
and mother whin they are far
away. A home without trees is
like a ilower garden without roses
or a Voiuan without charms.
They are not only indicative of
taste and culture but ennobling to
the beholder as nail a- broadening
his aspirations, they eive us a
nobler conception ol Peity. The
inte'.ieelual and physical giants of
Kcntueky .and Tennessee owe
much to their stately lives and
tall mountains for (heir super- ;
We will ttdl you when there will
he overproduction: When none
are sullerinfi Inmi vvaul of food;
v, i'. I! l.litt A N, lii'topii, Ivua.,
lleit'a r III
F.;r!or ar.si Cedrcoin runiitiiro
i Im in t .(!. 1"' Si In mi n tin f n I win hint .
when the necessaries ol lite are mi; XV())), a. M J ; r A 1. 1 f f'oKKINH.
plenlilul that nobody is tetnpied j ,,, , ,,,, , -j. ,,r.ii M-
to steal or go lmngry; vv lit n pro -j .-n.,, i ., i-h .
diaality is more common than par- j
.iu.ony; when the man that , es ; J n; -. Of IV UICS.
VI I it t-verv tt e IS l.ieov oe-
can -i! every bod.; has pieniy ; w hi n , i ,-a .ic . ,
every hack has been clot le d and ; ',,!,,, ,, ,
every hunt'.rv stom.ieli t 1 , and ' i.!. n- '
there is plenty h it: then mi n,,.y j ,'',',,,.
talk ol overprodue limi , l'o talk! -voi
of overproduction nmv in t i e !
breath and Marving p i-p!e in the j p
next is manilor-lly al'.-ieil. Mill
the cry of want that ojir. i ;iing
up from so many ijaart.-r (' the
earth, then cry otvi product io:i.
There is only one thin in v. bieo
there mav he a slight ov. -rpr -da 1- j , ft
ion, ant! that is eotton. --Texas I ,Jl,,
Jou rual.
il,i II ,. I-,.- Hi- .-.
, I-. i,.r , i,-.ia,-.t !'
'e' r ii. is io , i hi !i If
it iiimI - -iii.i. ben. I
i, I-', U. A -
G, linOVniNG,
f,H H,., j V "J.. ,
i ln-iil Vnil- i j I -, j
, l.-M him ill- rl J I f
ve.uH lea, a t si w
i V-i
I 1!-1 -S- I
:ca, wo.
AIliLA.ND, 1. T.
-Uppiietl w it!i c
If you are anyways skeptical as i
to the i-tlVct of various tones of J Among t he.--- ii ve l'o ! r ! i;
voice just listen to the word labor, capital, mental i n. t;v ai
There are several hi! ri nj its
in the new counties. Four miles
above Kossniore at Picket Mound
General Cti-ter fought the Arapa
hoe and Kitiw.m in the sprin-t if
iMiS, killing -12 of their ioihi'i- i',
(ieiu-ial Hhcritl.ni Was in c -iiim.iiel ,
ol (he campaign, and t - T . . ! ; -!,-,!
his in ad tjuarters at t'.iinp Supply.
The expedition was out twenty-j
one days on sevi n days r.itioi. -,,
bullalo moat making up l!ie ,-hm t
age. After the battle the a! uiy w as j j .,
suit in pur-nit of and captured 1 )
sevtral litliKlreti luiltaii wonitn
and cliildrco, w ho were held a i
hostages until the Indian- e.v-.,
tin Iwo white women thev l ad
captured in K,in-,i thirin a r o I j Lu
jut previous to that date. When i
the (.'lit -venues nnndv in 171 i
they took rei'uge in tin- :i n -1 j
north of where Fort P.-no !! '. -.,.,,. ..-
stand and where driven on! by ti.e :
military throwing shells ; 1 1 . u . ir ; r- i;,,, j , ...,...
theni . V bli'iiasa w ( 1 1 s i ! t - , 1 1 . J '
:!diiR o Material !
IV f l in v.;
irv' .A , 1 ' i
wv?-" - .v i rvvi t'-'" -r.
- , i . . . .1 iinffi
t - KlJ.
i :
-;-.'.:.m. uoors,
ynS, Litn Hair.
Gcdc::pJ. Aonts for Cherokee, Creek and Ocage'Nations for the
fiassihon tnm, mresners, mem and Saw Mi s.
And ili-o Largest Lino of Farm Machinery in the Cherokee Nation
consisting in part of
The Light-Running Piano Binder, Corn Planters, Check Rowers, Cultivators,
Wagons, Buggies, Carriages, Road Carts.
Further Particulars Later.
J U toii 1 1 .ii l kj L 1 9 ViDita, I. T.
A Thot'GUfh!md ,ct tttl lion,
I Will. iImiii.;' On. .,-..,-n!, ,-i-a-...,, i. i,; it,,
llltiluMll Hi li i,i'!., i,l .,t, nuir.' ,..(;
i At Clarcrm-rc, IJ. Tcr.'
"good morning'' as utteretl by a
dozen diih-rent people whom you
meet any day. Tlo re may In; all
the Variations between hope and
dispnir revealed be these t ivo little
words which are soiiu times spokt-n
so brightly and elu-crl'ully that
the hearer is unconsciously hap
Jiiel all th rung!) the day.
time tlleie 1 Out olie in on o ail i . ,
nit II mu-t share alike; all o-hers j 1 ' ' ' I ill til:.;
are variable; one only is c.jtiid v'jo j;
and ctinstant, and that i time. ,
'J here are just tweli'v-lour boo: i 1 ' ' '
of the day whet lit r u m m W i h li j
or poor. U hetlur endowed will I
with mental energy or not, the one j
opportunity, the one ek'uciit of j ej
t.rosm ril v w hi eh ev.-rv man mav i I'.iti f.
.. .- . . , . -1 ,
: .JitllN 11(1 I.ASKii. a rli.. i ion I- r , ! r-,i I-v
, A. I. lirert., Ii-Mi,. ;, :-... .v I in, roil
' i,r I'Ori im.iri-, tliiiii 1 n, ; l ,- l; ,-i :. ; ,,() ,,'
illl ;i:iV : "'I-- l'-e.,:n i--,. I .t:t.. At
, in I- mi nil u;ii ,, j 1 1 in- ;,
; ei;u!:n'
'A A Mtrr-I trultiiur h,iri-, ti ,t liy ill. k ,In,-k-;
him, ir.-a l-v miiii.- i-i i.l! i, U . irrinn ul
nwn A If
Oii-r he
' '
i . t jiA m itr.i:-, titvitt-r.
1 t ! I
sonic of ancients 't would be b
Baubei wire is probably cheaper
than it ever was before. Every
one who has not already made n
farm 6hould do so now while the
cost of fencing is so low and pub
lic domain can be found.
The first number of the Ard
more Republican, a very enthusi
astic newspaper edited and pub
lished by Messrs. Linn and Mc
Carthy, of Ardinore, Chickasaw
nation, comes to our exchange ta
ble this week.
It is a noticeable fact that the
prairies are getting much more
weedy than they were a few years
ago. This means that the hay in
dustry will suffer as well as the
grazing interests. Constant i ramp
ing is gradually killing out
the native grasses and the weeds
are getting a foothold.
A prominent attorney at the
Clareraore sitting of the circuit
court this week, took occasion to
express a doubt as to statements
of John William Browne in the
columns of this paper some months
ago in reference to the supreme
court decre6 barring Beck and Nor
wood from the practice of law in
the courts of the Cherokee nation.
Ho Was Excited.
About one i f the mo-t ridiculous
scenes tlnU oceusred till! ill.; the mad
rush and exeiu.'iie nt over claims oe- j citrht hours for htbor, eiht h m
curred at Oklahoma t'lty on the eve- J for si uiy and 1 1. eiea'nm , ei .U
n i i -j; of the I'.lih, when the ii o'cloi k I hours ior sit i p
p. m. Irani arrived. Ii't iehied down I .. '
....:,.., l I,. ,,.... ..,- (i,, I 'lie eeiu-r.il niana-o-rs ot !;i
voun-fellow with li'.mj'sandv hair Ur 1,1,1 ,v!,'!i(,il and t m .nopment
- . . t. : i .
. ,ii r- t i r w
claim a, Ik- am u-o; - he jm-.i,.--., ; i U I MlU 5sU! I 0
co lolijj as lie tloi s not ir.ii n,ee on
the rights of otlnrs, is time. i "
we could divide our tim.' u- ,Vvi 10 . l( )S IA"
- - - . - - ........ - ,
MBiititwiix, i "I I' .1 -',..,,.r hi V,,r. I
mi.! -. lie : e- i u !
t )
Hunter's New Fuli-Oircie Hay Press.
Chta; (st, f-implt-st, str..tiesi, most durable ami Ibl.t. si draft of any full circle press made; packs two
eh u-ees at eaeli revolution of tea-,,. X,, u, v t .,.:,! or j.-j lcij.tr ie.-.t. Capacity- 2D to .' bales per
oeur, weilmi- MO lbs. each. I,..adiiii M to j:: i n, i j., :i Cur. Will w.i 1; anywhere in competition with
any ..tm.-r, Liny buying one he l.kes b-t. S.iti -t'a-'ion e,!;l, yr;!e l,.,r prices, etc.
M.ititli'aetured Hini sold by
Meridicn Fquiidry k i-acliino Shops, Meridian, Miss.
:' f
f V.
('1 jVl 'A
" r
It'll heatiloii oil' the niovinjj train
as it crossed Broadway. When he
picked himself up he was not only
bespattered with mud but a con
siderable portion of the hack part
of his pants was eiuic. ',ut, how
ever, this ditl not impede bis pro
gress in the lea-t or allay his ft-y-erish
excitement and insane seareh
lor the local land oiliee, f,,r he
rushed frantically into the (,'uoe-
Ot iv tlio.Mt mwl iii iii 'itnoiwt liriiilti.
1 ' ! ' -v ....... ,
i i : . : i .... i .
ii sr. luuuuioii i-i.ii;! loi ui to toe
ticket Window, slloUtUI ; " lit'ei.-tcl 1
Uejiister! I'm a liier on a t'h.t y
I'lint' and Arapaboe tiuarier!"' On
The farmer's education should
be like that of men engaged in any
other pursuit, and it should be
regarded as essential that the farm
er's boy and girl should have a
knowledge of book-keeping and
the forms of business transactions
that come np in the every day life
of every one as they should know
how to add, subtract and multiply.
the surviving old soldier .North
and Smith to be lu l l ,i! ( lee I-.' -
tluiini; the World's Fair, have t
chit d that there w ill be on! v o
Ilaji wave over that eiK-jimpm,-or
be u-ed by tho-e alti-ndm r:
and that will be the S ;,r
Stripes of the L'nion. The ho
ins vvill be a "real luiti-'i : i v.-!,.
teer eri-elin' between t!o- chl .- !- n
diers v ho fata-,1 e.n b. : her . a ! !'
j iii-iny a wcll-fou -Jit lb 1-1. ced v. i '. -i
attended bv I ho'. ;,, ' N . r , i i
and Stmt h w ho love p. v !
eood will to the wl; . '.I:.': . I
and all will he Wi ! eic ur-ier- I .
i. .-ii. ii t
presenting' a town-hip seeii-m cird i 'r " ' I
to the aet nt he fell pro-trate to the I ,u'r-
tloor. lie was alleiwards ,-unveyed I The Bo-'nu Herald ea! Is at t e n - !
to a livery stable near by, and by (J,,,, t ., i,,,.,,, ,.1,,,,,.,,. j,,
the vigorous applie.'.iion ,. re-tor- j iuiministration of our t -'d!, a. i
atives soon rtcovend Millicicittly ' tmiv.-r-itit s. All the obi, i- -i - a ;
to reach the land oiliee over on Ice , ,,t i,....,,:,, ..... i. , ,,,.(,. i ,,
eorner ul (liainl avenue and Bob- j ,-ontrolh d by 7tni partieu! ..r
inson, where ho fell into line nt , 1 i ri , u -s tlenmniuati-.n, a ad a! t
the rear end of a La. column j .ilt ,,f ,..,rj, n: ad . .,
from where be will be at least j placed a prominent ijvt,, ,n
three weeks n aehio:! tin- register. I that di-!it.nit!.utitn. l':e ' i a !
Some of these ca-teiii Allies have j j0 t, ,jr. ,.(;,, '.,v ,,f r
tpieer nieas aooui t ntetm;,' wt -t- laymen instead of i
l l .... i :. l ... . . . . . I
ei it lacms unit t ii i.- it. 1 1 ni 1 1 uui a ! pre-nleilt - ol these !n-i!ij
Jair specimen of the average i-uo- ! M U-li ! -rm univr-itv, Co
ranee di.-playcd on sm-h occasions. J Harvard and f alumbi.i, a- w
--Oklahoma l.ane". Johns II..;. kins, are io ri.e
staie'es of Ica.rning alt-ii.-iin.
Round Pegrs in Squuro Iiolea. I timrui-hed uat'i la
great ilea! of niiS'iireete.i t-ltart at the load. The dnta--.
i r:i- " : i - r - -
;lc..raoi;oristic enterprise
was tlie ilrot astablishment
t ',
- .-. - r
CcrnoL'iy Coning Etc.:
mm: I
i 1 i
to get in
"1 ." !
ll K toi l,
i-, '- I. i- i.i hi i
lit) s
!e ,.ia'i i. T.
i. ;:-!", u co
O t U'lil V, hole:
1 1 a bi ! ' '
thj.ti I I Oh ill IP
C-7 '
.i i i'i'l F3, HUT
..: 1 ' i ;S
v Spring Clothing.
A r Lood that it was
i lint brought
Spring Dry Goods Just Opening.
r- t i
L. KJ i , Si
o ,rt n r " v
- i's Tei;t:i Year j
May 27, 1092
and Fancy Groceries
1 - t-
i 'J J
an inch of
olio abound covered.
The Wit
l.!St i'.O Will Illl
P-J - j. -1 ip pr-
Aciair, ma. 'icr
i'' : . . , ,A c ! i i
LiUaciHi ui':-i I
-- j
tul s;ul:
c : Good Values!
jire.-idt-nt til" a c i'h ;;' are I
Judge Pabkeb has inspired the
criticism if not the enmity of the
Muldrow Register for hanging
Shepherd Butby lor the murder
of Marshal Barney Connelly. The
doctrine of Christ, "kill not at
all," should have been preached
to Busby and all the horde of red
banded cut-throats that have been
arraigned before the Fort Smith
court from time to time, instead of
to the court when, in accordance
with the law, it metes out justice
to such criminals.
A Guthrie dispatch of the Cth
has information to the effect that
there are fully 25,000 cattle cm the
Strip, and the government seems
to be making ne effort to remove
them. The cowboys have estab
lished themselves in permanent
camps and are prepared to slay all
summer. A large number of the
cattle have wandered up near the
Kansas line, near Hunnewell, and
the farmers are very much in
censed, as they fear their cattle
will take the Texas fever. They
are organising, and say it the gov
ernment does not act soon they
will Bhoot the cattle.
in this blundering world is tin
the tact toat la oiile are comiieiieii i ln,,r,, strictlv admini-1 r tiv.
to engage in work which they dis- : -ueh a- retiuire a keen li,wd -d
like, when just around the rorm r, j of business;
so to speak, is work which they i
might love. Ambitious parents !e-1 FOit THB CAMPAIGN,
eree that the lad who would make ! for only lilty cent- ti, '..vi e ..
a painter, whose eye (or color and' week St. Louis JJcpu'.;,- v, di !
form is true, or whose soul re- i sent to any new sub-enie r l ,.
sponds ami lingers thrill to the ; nmv until XoVetab, r ". , !-.'' 1;
vibrating chords of melody, shall is in died t vi ry Tuesday a1,. I J-'n-instead
enter a counting room, and ! day, and its rt adeis will tth'
he apprenticed to a hu.-iiie.-s for 1 important news of the C.i oi
which lit; has no aptilutle. Siin- i imd Kb-ctioii at lea-t half a im k
ilarly, a hoy w ho would succeed in j carlo r than any v, t i;lv j a; r
farm i n g or in the t arp enter's siiop I cc uld fuu.i-h il . It will I e n, .;. --
is destined to a liberal proiVs.-i.ni, pcns.iblt! during the Ciunpai--'!).
and comjit lletl to niitlcrgo a h-ng ' Subscribe now, and get ail i';, -course
of training for this, which, news from the I a u'inii g to ti..
owing to his hit. k of litnes--, is al- ! -b-e of the ('ainj ai-jii. an I tie
nit st abortive m it.- re.-ults. Halijt.ual it-uit ol the La it: u. An
the failures and tie frits in life! extra copy will le n-nt t a
maybe attributid to the placing j the fiiie iength of tin..' t ti,'
of the round peg in the jllare hole. ; si tider tif e.ii h iluh of liv.'foi. .,
Men atul W'omt n ,ire fined t, work ' fifty cents each. Cut out tbi.- a b
at that wh't ti they t!iPl,ke, and vcrli-emeiil an 1 sell 1 it wstii y.ttir
which does not enii-t tht ir bight -t ; ordi r, S nd for a - . L:..' . :'
powers. .-Uii''e copies, and rai a d,ia.
We ought never I i'-n-i t, in our ; Ad h s Tin' 1! ptio,;,-. St. L . ii-.
estimate ol success as oi'i-osed to j -
failure, that there is a biub- rstahd- "l""""u,"M,!" ul- ' , y t
art! Hi an the m; r Iv matt rial vue. ! Auiurt;mr iir Ki-t Ntii fMkof Wun jtI . -.
lo sucttcd lmancntdy -may be to 1mk,.,u i,,,-,, m . ;.os
fail nit)radv,aud in tntr iirdi ii'.iiu-h. i B.-e..r.H.i-u..ii.-r..i .. . on -i--. .' .
ll.g, Ce-mmt ll'lal COUIttiy We liei-d j w a,,.,. i i,,i', ,-',.,, ., ,,-'
constant! v to set In lore our v. I " "-" - - u. ' w . t
anil girls the love of work for the 1,. , t ,p t,,,i ,.i .i,u, !M ...,.....,.
uni-L-'j -liL-i. Th,. ti, ,,-t-il ti -n. i -Imn In r.t rv
, , ' , ' , . ' . . i Oe- t'I'Ol-l-iiis ul t
WOl'lls 01 AgUsSiZ, HIlCIl lnvilt d tt) . sin i- r.-ium-l Oi I
undertake a ceit.iin cutet pi
with the inducement that so doing
would be financially very profit
able, cannot he too often repeated
"1 have no time to make
All noble wank is o .- c;ab d
work. It involve sacriiiee, self
denial, pain; it requires endurance,
it may be wroucht in obseurity,
and over its vjt -forie n soiij of
triumph may be rai-td. But if the
t-i t ; -
ay, Ai.!2". 31, '92.
Co., :
i r i - .ii"C
I ..1 -,4 O
and Emba'mor;
t-cl C ".
bi;;c,:.e KL'
i QTii'.'-i v".oi
. : . i c: t'iti H'b
' I ; .1 ! .
i ' e ', ,,(,, s,
--. M.x-l I'amts. Wall Paper, Etc.
Cy n; :ss Sliinrjles aSpecialty
.... I
II.I.iNels u 1. onil II II.-.US s' i '-u.l. I.
c-ll uMliTHItMG
t ; . t t
M I Itwi W.cji) Uubv! Wiluji
., . . . , I A .
uO-.il ! -j a wi ilJ CI b-juJ.
HARD i it,1S !
til'"! .
w-v iw iwXU,
t uri.
Chctopn, - - Kansas,
Finest Drng Emporium Lw Southern Kansas.
All prescription? fid. tl li.v an ev,.,.,-;,:Ia ,-,1 pliarmaist. Mail orders will
t -:- Mi
t'.;;i;' . i.i; riM-r i.ini: of
Dru;s, Paini-j, Oi.'s, Wall Paper, Etc.,
tt . K
f ir anyilniu' in the
in, ..a. I're,iri, ,,,,
a e ( In. i ,k,.,. Avenue.
ii , -u,,-i, i m,. Minn...
- i . t n i a- -Hi.'-iimii .
jnuiLo LiUCaLF & CO.,
tv,-ivii reai; i a:-, atinn.
Kaek'ey ltlnck, M.iu'.o St., (Ju-.i.j 4 f.:a)
ll'ir-t l-ifl.:li-0,-n A ; -,, ;. ' ,
II 1 i . i i t on, . . i , i .
. . ( ifc ti. r, l .v K i i-it I "i i i " I r-
worker love it, and his t'iiing ii ,rr,.....i,....-r u.-r-n,-'- iM i'-'
M -
l,e e
- I V
.1! urn i.. , . r .
H-,.(--j,l ,,n tit.il I.i- ft Illl, if!, ,1 1" r .iii ; .
t'e- I 'I ' li,-H i-l leoi 1. 1 lit.' .
Nil. Ihi.hko-1. I. l.limr-l 1.-: ' - ,
tr-'tliT t.f li.r I lint ! -. 'i.i l r, - ,-, ., i,
i ii? i itt Niei'-ioii iiHiii ,,r , , , i
1'ian i,i iimih. in t i,r,,k--i' , i.-,,,n. it-
i.-n-tury. i- a.iOi,-T--l 3- -.i a-,-
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I at hW -t li leg pi i( i
Keep a General Slack of Goods,
em brae Mi :'
Dry Goccls, Groceries, Boots, Shoes, Hais
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liallovretl ny sine-nty, hy emelous
impulse, hyun-elli-h to votion to
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iii As - a'trunt ol
Live , Stock Ccmmission c Merchants.
National Stock Yards, ill.
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Henuiaik in the m If timi ol the
finest sj-eta no us (,f tlnir cattle,
print ip'dle ddrv eotv-. for t!;--pateh
to Ohjt.i " f -r the World's
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i.e.'ie rm
'' e i r tl-- ,1
t ;'e it -J-J V
t rn-.-n
b'ttie ;,i -o
In Conneelinn. fuiiy t-npp!icd with all
building material.
i iJeiiai wisi Store,
feed and Prc-ducc Exchange,
Ail Kinds of coiiiiiiv 'rrcduce Bki
and Sold.
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