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Indian chieftain. (Vinita, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1882-1902, November 10, 1892, Image 3

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! V
Indian Chieftain.
Vinita, I no. Tick., Nov. 10, 1802.
Local Railroad Time Tablet.
mil Nil SOUTH.
4 :iiHii .in
S.Ktp.lll I
1 , M. K . A I'. Kxir
S, 1 1 ii it 1 ' t Ht 1, 4T ks
S:,Va III. :,'iillll
1 1 i : 1 S i . . m I lll:lftilll
So.rs, ri-iiltfht anil ai-roin a ill. w : I mil
CilllNI WK.T.
ll:.toilll I
tl .-loam. I
K. St. T, tn 8auilil
St. f.ouis exirA I
Tliroiittli coni-liet from St
Louie to Suiiula.
VIM I till Ki ll lllltHTOKV.
M . K. Church South J. WMi-Crary, i.atnri
Salitniili ncliiHil at Hi :(Mt n . m.i iireaclitna' at II
a.m. ami 7 p ill i prayer niretlna every Wl
neailay 'tn Itijf . Communion service every
drat Sun. lay.
Preeliyterlan Church. I). N. Allen, ia
tor; preaching, Sunday, at II a. m. anil 7 .
in.; Sunday aciiool at 10 a. m. prayer meet
ing Thursday nlgliL.
Congrenatinnal curi-h Rev. Fayette Hunt,
pastor; servicea every Sunday t II a. in. ami
i p. m. : Sunday School at lo a m.i Christian
jcleavor Society, p m.i Prayer merlins
.every Thursday evening.
25 cents
Will pay for
Th k(J hi KPT a in
To Jan. 1, lS'.tt.
lton't yon want ii?
Jell' illuviuB lias bi'uu among the Hick.
K. I). Jv ) t k 1 t is still sulierintf with
rheumatism .
There is n great ileal of aickuess in
the community.
Fresh family proi-eries always in
astvick. Jno. O. tiray & Co.
Bluejacket ami Kedfotk have recently
aiecil lus-le money onler ollioee.
.From ail jitctions there is a flatterini?
report of the coiiilitimi of the wheat.
Country proiluce taken in exchange
tor all groceries at Jno. C. Gray & Co's.
.Mrs. K. M. Smith, whose illness was
reported last week, is iloiujs fairly well.
Any quantify of "chattel mortuaes
with power of sale" for gate at tins of
fice. Heating Stoves, lull line, at the new
hardware store at Adair, Call and in
spect. 2t
Hoc i being hauled for the founda
tion of a lieu- store at Adair, to be Sox
70 feet.
JNIany fields of w heat are high enough
to bide a rabbit and others are not yet
John Miller has weighed more than
anv man of his size on earth since
The new hardware store nt Adair,
lias tvto cars of barbed w ire; bottom
prices guaranteed. 2t
All switches at this place, on the M.,
K. & T., have recently been provided
with signal lanterns.
There are two sick person, at the
home of Ueorge Franklin, Miss Klla
,and her youngest sister.
Vinita can organize a fire depart
ment auid get Into action in lees time
tliau any town on earth.
Alton is taking active measures to
secure the election of a roller mill in
time for next season's crop.
(t. V. Miller is assisting in the cler
ical work at the bank. This institu
tion is doing a good business.
Happy and content ti a home with " The Ko
rtnstei : a lamp with the lisM of the morning.
Catalogues, vmte Rochester Lamp Co., New York.
TJntta fl tVA TJToAlrlir T II H 1 q n
1 AOJ. li mo " v.j
j Chieftain to January 1, 1893.
Very flattering report come from
llofttou regarding Miss Flonsla Steph
ens' progress in music at the conserv
atory. Col. L. B. Bell, being disked, slated
that be was not going to Tahlequah
uutil the election was over and (he re
sult known.
An M., K. & T. engine ran into one
on the Valley road last week at Wag
oner, disabling both and causing a
day'a delay.
AH parties who have ordered nursery
stock tor this fall's planting will please
come at once and get same. Vinita
iNursery Co.
A small inducement on the part of
the people of Adair w ill secure a flour
ing latil and they are taking the re
quisite steps.
' your town or neighborhood alive
and '"""I ADy tu'"K If it is, suppose
you meii 9 Uie Irt in e brit''
words in T,:tWrAi..
teen enquiring for
Parties who n
-tni) and " head
extra length staU
t9 Wv be ac-
and tail" statements
com in oJ ate J at thisollic
Mr. Bruce has beeu in tl.
eiiy tot
omA ilavi eiiilpatfnrinff in snr. "
interest in a building and loan
ciation located at Hannibal.
A cotton gin at Webbers Falls owned
by Famous rimith, George Vann and
J. V. Gorben was burned last week;
loss 4,000, with no insurance.
The man who robbed the Rogers
store at Chouteau was captured at
Wagoner, but made his escape. Part
Of the property was recovered.
Will Carter is "running along"
with au attack of fever. His situation
in the drug store ia being held for tbe
time being by Mr. Lynn, from Canton,
The inspectors believe tbey have
caught a car of cattle, most of which
were stolen. Tbey were aold at the
I'nion yards, St. Louis, and sent to
The Frisco passenger train time has
beeu clianged, as follows: Arrives
from the eat at 11:45 a. rn., departs at
3:25 p. m. All tbe other trains ton as
Many of the neighboring state towns
find canse for congratulation in the
fact that Halloween was passed with
out any loss ol life; property was de
stroyed wantonly and without stint.
The family of Jess W. Elliott desire
to express their gratitude to the good
citizens of C'aremure, and especially
to John M. Taylor, Jr., and I'r. Jess
Bnslivhea I for tbe kindness shown in
caring for the nnfortuoate Loan s re
mains and preparing theia for burial.
Henry ItallartI waa up from Chouteau thlt
week .
Hum Hall started home Sunday evi'i'i'ling
to return In ttventy days
-nr. Fraiea, J T. Uunter anil Nat Skinner
are at furl Smith as wltuemea.
Slit J Nelson w as In the city last Friday un
lila way home to Indiana to yule
Itev. Win, Adams it "d wire came In last
t rlday to visit, tlieir son at Uiu eojlcg..
U II. Warren was among a iiiiiiilicrof gun
tlemen Hho were up from Adair Monijuy.
ir. Haguy'a fntlier and mother, from New
Haven, Mo., came In lent week on a visit.
Lawyer Daivea, of Muskogee, ws In the
city Sunday, on hit return from St. l.otila
-n. K Walker went to r"ort Smith the first
of the week to appear before the grand jury
Charles ltualie, who la employe In the
new hardware atore at Adair, waa In the city
J. U Merrell la In t ort Smith for the pur
poa or delotnlliig Mr. olatnia in the case
XKHliiut him.
('apt 8. 8. Cobb went to St. Louis Sunday
night to aee a half doxen loads of bia cattle
aold Monday.
Judge Hinds, a prominent attorney of the
Muskogee court, was In the city last week
route to and from Kalrland,
Jim Crulchriolil was In the city a few diiy
the Hint of the neek. He la going to apeml
the winter In western Texas.
Mrs. Gubanka. of Tahlequah, a ainter oj
Ilr Thompson, came up a few days since
William Thompson la also here.
Will Moore, one of K. A. Nellaon'a men at
Claremure, went east Sunday evenlng
vislt to his home In New Jersey.
Judge Mason went to Muskogee Monday
evening, heard eight casea at coinmlsaioner
and returned on Tuesday mornlng'a train
Will Overton returned from Texas Monday
night Mrs. Dr C'llnkscales, who accom
pan led him down, will not be back for a week
or more. x
lohn C. Anderson ent o Fort Smith the
flret or the week to appear before the gram
jnry Mrs Anderson Improved tho opportun
ity 1.0 Visit her cousin at licdlork.
Mule IJessle flarrelt went to Texas alone
by last Monday niglit'a train. Her mother
and Mr and Mrs. IMsell will meet her at
Henrietta and all will go to San Antonio
S. H, My and wife went to Springfield
Monday evening for Hie purpose of having
their llitle daughter examined by an aurisl
She has been suffering with ear trouble for i
year or so.
I!ev 1. W. Rivers was In the city Monday
and reported that his youngest child, aged two
and a hull years, which had been lying at the
point of death, showed aome Improvement
that niorniiig-
--Hoii M K. Ilenton, of Neosho, and his
brother, tain , were lu the city last Sunday to
meet the former's wife who had been visiting
in Texas. Her train was delayed by the
wreck below (Jhoutenu, much lo the gentle
men's disappointment.
Death of Dr. Thompson.
A gloom was cast over this city last
night by the announcement of the
death of Dr.S. J. Thompson, which oc
curred about 6.30 o'clock . lie had beeu
suuering tor some six weeks with un
acute altack of dysentery ; Saturday
evening his condition seemed much
improved, but Sunday iiillaiuiuaiiuu
of the brain set in with the result
above elated. lr. Thompson has held
many places of trust in Vinita, at the
time of his death being mayor of the
city. l'robably no member of the
community ever had more friends
than he or deserved more. Deceased
was about 3 years of age, was a den-
list by profession. His family is one
ot the leading ones of the nation and
his untimely death will be mourned
throughout its lepu1" anl breadth,
and an unstinted measure of sympa
thy will go out to the bereaved wife
auu losier sou. 1 lie lutieral services
will lake place at the M. K. church at
2 p. in. to-day, ami will be conducted
by the Masonic fraternity, the Kuights
of Pythias also attending.
At a call meeting of the town coun
cil the following resolutions were
Wiikkeas, In the Providence of God
one ol our number, S. J. Thompson,
mayor of our town, has been removed
bythrihand of dealt), then-lore be it
Keao) vki. That we have lost one of
our best citizens and a worthy associ
ate, and we feel and moan the loss of
bis presence and council in adminis
tering the a Hairs ot ot.r town ; and we
extend to his bereaved fainilv our
deepest sympathy, with the assurance
that we share with them their sorrow.
Kl-.soi.VKi, That we request all busi
ness within the town be suspended
within the hours of two and four
o'clock p. m., this lOlh day of Nov. 1S'.2.
itKsoLVEii, That a copy of these reso
lutions be furnished the bereaved fam
ily aud to the papers of the town for
publication. V. I.. Tbott,
L. W. HOa-iscToN, Act'g Mavor.
Mrs. McCarthy, at the academy,
would like a cow giving one gallon and
a half of milk to keep for the feeding,
Un Saturday, the 12 insl., the Vinita
nurseries will deliver trees at Chelsea,
Catoosa, Tulsa, Oalogah, Tallala and
Nowata. All parties who have order
ed their slock delivered at the above
named places will please be in readi
ness to recieve same. Vinita Nursery
The Ridr, Clark and Kendall settle
ment on Pryor creek is engaged in
the construction of a school house
which will be opened next Monday.
The people of that section are alive on
tbe subject ol education and there are
three schools within a radius of four
Tbe bouse situated in the maple
trees in the south part ol town, occu
pied by Mrs. Walker, Cjjtight fire last
iljAtniny night, about seven or eight
, and when (he alarm wsa given
most ro0' a D'z'n- A crowd
turned (promptly and in a very
few minult.'' iLe re extinguished.
Two or three ufLa" "ere hrriJIT
summoned to 8. !' CoW, U.t Wed
nesday night, the ntMubo"
aroused, and the capiat '
the same preparation as "n
war when he expected hia command
to be charged bv a brigade. The in
vading force in this case proved lobe
only one little girl.
Charley Owen, the husband of Mrs. j
W. O. Williams' sister, died at Joplin
last Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Williams
went to Neosho, where the funeral
took place, by tbe first train. Mr.
Owen was engaged in the piano bus
iness and is remembered by a nnmberj
of residents of this city. He died of
consumption and bad been bedfast
three months.
Dallas Dodd hasfne home to Frovo,
Utah, his father having corse for him
last week, and will piobaWy not retnra
even though he regains bis health.
Mr. Kod I, the elder, is a man of means,
apparently, and is erecting a large ho
tel near Jackson ark, Chicago, for the
accommodation of world's fair vis tors
next pjiii. J. S. 'J bomason, in h
store Mr. Dodd was eniplojtd, psrteJ
with bim regretfully.
Jena W. Elliott of This City The
Word was leceived early last Friday
ruing that Jena W. KIMott, of this
rity.ti.id het n liiiirdcii'd tho tiight be
fore at Ctiloosa, whither he went on
the nilernooii train to serve some legal
papers in the capacity ol deputy cmi-
statiln. Tho particular were lew and
quickly tuld. Tho tin for I ti unto niiin
lell iulo the company of Boh Till ton
belter known as Huh lingers in a bil
liard hall and both being under the
Inlltieneo of liquor, they gut into a
light. Elliott was beaten and knocked
down, when bystander interfered, got
Taltou out of tho room and locked the
other in. lie was linally let out, w hen
he got on a horse and rode up Hie
street. Tallon followed, knocked him
oil' Hie horse mid cut his throat wiih
a kuife, making t hree hoitihlo gashes,
and then left him. Someone pushing
by saw Elliott leaning against a post
and heard I he blood malting out but
thought he was vomiting. Ho proba
bly lived t wen I y minute but was dead
when next seen. Dr. Warren and
some of the neighbors buill a lire and
stayed to watch tho body where it laid,
but several hours utter Titltoii return
ed, rodo through the lire, ran I hem oil,
kicked and stamped tho lileltaa body
of his victim, put on aud wore his hat
for a while, looked through the papers
in his pocket and then loft. Tho re
mains wore taken charge of by Deputy
John Taylor, but owing to a delay in
gelling a coffin were not brought home
for burial until Saturday. They pre
sented a revolting spectacle, the face
showing plainly tin marks of the mur-
L'rer's boot heel and spurs inflicted
.fler he had been dead for Honrs. The
interment took place in a grave yard
some miles south of here where other
members of the fainilv ari laid, .leas
W. Elliott was probably forty years of
ajre, a Cherokee, an I hud been given a
fair education. He hue practiced law
more or less for ten yearn in the Cher
okee courts, and a!i i in the United
Stales court since its eslabliahmeut in
this country. He leaves a wife and a
family of small cliildicii in this city,
and a large number of oilier lelatives
throughout tho nation. Tnlton is a
Cherokee but little mme than twenty
years of age, who has practically
brought himself up, as Ihe term is
used. Of late he has been employed
by Jim Daugherty as a cow hand at
the ranch near C 'toosa. Olluterg were
at once started In piitMiit of him and
it is not likely ho can long elude them.
The tact th.1t hU victim was an oflicer
of the Indian Territory court would, il
was at lirrl Ktipposcl, m.tko the min
er a United States cane and !U the
jurisdiction with the court at Ft. Smith,
but Judge Parker concludes diffeteutly
and refuses lo act on the premiees. It
was reported that Tallon had his
horse shod at Sapttlpa Satuiday ami
left word lot his ptiisueis that he was
going west .
Later. An t iroi.eous icpoi t was in
circulation hi re yesterday to Ihe elici t
that 1'alt in had killed John Beard,
deputy sherill. It arose fi am the inis
reudii)g of a telegtiuii.
Dynamite Used to Dislodsro Him
Arch Wolf Also Perishes.
This noted desperado, after defying
the United Stales and Cherokee au
thorities for a half dmten years, neatly,
as killed by the Ft. Smith deputy
marshals last Thursdav at his home
fourteen miles from luhlequah. The
flicer. sixteen in number, sin rounded
the house, w liii:h was almost a fort,
ithou't attracting attention, dining
the previous night. About daylight
the door opened and Arch Wolfe, a
comrade of Christie's, emerged and
started for the spring near by. He
as ordered lo surrender, but refusing
was liri-l on ami teil, tint quickly
jumped up and ran into the house,
from which by this time a shower of
ad began to be poured. Tho women
folks were soon sent out of the house,
for surety, and the battle begun. As
seemed impossible to dislodge the
outlaws by other means the use of dy
namite was resorted lo with the re
sult of blow ing down part of the house
and setting it on fire. Christie, who
had been secreted underneath the Hour
crawled out and started to run, firing
as he went. A Volley from the otlicera'
weapons silenced bim forever and it is
easy lo believe that a sense of relief
as felt by all. Chailes ll.tre, the
third one of the desperadoes who were
quartered in the house, attempted to
escape, badly burned, but was captur
ed and held on Ihe charge of assault
ing United Slate officers. The re
mains of Wolle, the man first wounded,
were burned up in the cabin, it is re
ported. The captured prisoner and
the body of Christie were convoyed to
ort Smith. That the usual reward
f l-V.IO for the capture of a murderer
of an officer will be paid by the govern
ment is doubted, as it ia specified that
the person shall be taken alive.
puring Chief BuMiyhead's second
rm Ned Christie was one of the ex
ecutive councilors. Hi downfall is
generally attributed to a mistake,
though by no means au excusable one.
Having a grudge against another Cher
okee named Mauus, he stationed
himself one night at the brook in the
north part of Tahlequah , near where
the new seminary now stands, expect
ing bis victim would pass by there.
Shortly after Deputy Marshal Dan
aples started to cross tne stream on
foot lo,', and being aout the size of
Manns, Christie mistook bim for the
latter and fired, killing hi in on the
pot. Kei-rated effort shave been made
tn rapture Christie, tut be has fought
the oflieera oil in every casd until the
last. One of the first attempts ma le
to effect the outlaw's arrest was by L.
l Isbell, city marshal of Vinita, in
filth he f.ceived a shot in tbe
shoulJcr.crippling him for life. Scarce
ly a month aga a raid was male by
the officers in abich tao e wounded,
from the tfleda of which one Las since
died. Christie was aomelbing under
fifty years of sge, a full blood Chero
kee and probably the most dangerous
man the ration hs bad within its
borders for a camber of years.
JCat Pic-kef son returned from Osl
lioma last Friday w here be had been
to prove op bis !ai:ii lo pome town
lots. He reports t hat roantry aa be
ing nearly buried on ler its corn rr ,p.
which is si-liing at 21 cents a bushel.
All lioi-s cf Fn ne in Vmila sp-
j pear t l' to
a Ccmr abicg rendition.
HoiIouh tinrl fatal Wiook.
A wieck occurred on thn M., K A T.,
t wo miles scut Ii of C Innilcnii lasl t-iui-day
inoitilugat two or I luce o'clock in
which Engineer lorn Mnulon was
killed and the fireman mid luakeiuan
Injured, as was a man who was healing
a inlt'. Thulium ita a ninth bound
fieight and was probably running ful ly
miles sit hour lo iiiului Ihe Chouteau
hi'l when it struck it steer on the
trestle. The engine went over an em
bankment, and the lender and (lu
tein cars were jammed on and over it.
the engineer was not fonml tor suine
time; his neck was broken tin. I death
was inslai'taticoiis. Fireman Fred Illy
has a piob.iblo f incline of Ihe el,.u
and his left sido was crushed; Brake
man J. L. Ayeis, w ho was riding on
tho engine, was burned by steam; but h
will probably recover. Iliewer llnrk,
a lai uier resldiu l at lurdv, Mo, who
wits heating his way in a freight car,
was caught between the wreckage noil
a telegraph pole and It was neiessary
to cut the polo down to liberate him;
his injuries were not serious The
wiucking ci r iv and otlicials reached
here about 7;o0 on their way down
from I'm sum, and picking up h .
Bugby , one of I he eompiiiiy 's local sur
geous, pr icceded to tin) scene ot the
I rouble. They w ere tt:il il neai ly nigh t
etarling trains
(T. Mi Knout: iitns.
Nut SkliiiuT, of V I'l'ts, was iu our toivn
.Jack Mcl'lierson died of pneumonia Krl
dny ntglit at Tom ijoutvl's.
n u in tier of our most prominent buiiuchs
men left for Tnltleu.ili tills tveek.
Will t.'hittim and Miss Grace llcast w
married Sunday evening at Itev. JticWo's.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Waiun-y spent Hutur
day and Sunday with friends in the country.
Jens W, Klliott'a remain were brought to
this place and Dr. Itttshyheud prepared t!ieni
for builttl.
.fames I. Tailor, or lror t'rec!,, passe i
through Clan-more ou his way lo I aiili ipmli
a few ilaja since.
The new hotel proprietor come last w
but failed lo comply with the contract; hence
w na refused the hotel.
r;d At tic is off on a few ila s' trip.
.Mrs S It. Haiti la off on a short visit.
W..I. Johnson lots returned heme tor o
few da)V btay.
.Miss Mury llarr graced our streets yeMer
duy as did Miss Sarah Kepler.
(.'apt. clem llogi-ra Is fi-eiiu ntly seen on
our sireeta, and a more pteimii'g nuiu is not to
be found anywhere,
'tl.e dunce lo have been given at Mr. West
over's Tuesday was postponed owing ty tin'
,1-utli ol Mr. Foust'a Itltlo daughter, which
we are sorry to chreiiii lc. The dimity luivi
the sy in (Ml by of the en I i re couim unit y .
The new stoic ol A. I Whitman's Is near
ing colilideliou an I w ill lie oll.te an aOditioll
to the town Mr Wt eitovt-r Ins rci'itntly t on,
pit ted a resiih'lice and looted therein. Mr
U,,ile lots laid die foundation lor M i lesidelici
and ot tiers are soon going to lol low, so y on can
iiear tlic ring of Hie liaiiiiuer uii.t the cry of
saw lioiu early morn till the sun sinks be
neath the western lionr.on l.el the good u ork
go oil. H is said that w e w ill (o on tiav. a d-'pot ;
we certainly hope so, for we stand very inecli
In need ofone. Oolairah's coal industry is be
coming unite un enterprise : w n have three
banks now In - active operation, hauling coal
daily and loading cars. 'J he quality Is excel
lent. Our mercantile lnten-Hls are composed
of three stores; W. T lluitt, general mer
chandises Grant Huberts, general liieichan
dise and coal dealer; T. W. Foreman A Son,
getteriii merchandise; Kd Sunday, livery and
lied stable; Mrs. M. Y. McHanicI, hotel.
Could mention oilier enterprises but Tor w ant
or time. 'I he day is not fur distant when
Oolngah will lead any Territory town note
Btluaiud on the ki. A A. V It. II.
mi skin, it: Ml I I.N.
Lawyers busy
The rains aie ilit'--olir,'lg'iig to lariuer,. and
cotton is opening slowly.
Creek council adjourned Monday. hut
few important bills have been par-sc I
Commissioner Nelson, Jailor lllsi-y and
ottter curt attaches have gone to their re
apeellve home, to y.ite.
Muskogee boasts of no ' boom, " but nev-erllu-tess
our little city Is r.irging ahead in
material and substantial improvements .
llie brick work of the Kulinou building
will sour, be eoiii leted I'll la will be the
handsomest and bi-l arranged drug store In
the territory.
s.. w. Neat, an old resident of this city,
Well and favorably known, died last u i, k
hear Cliecolah his remains were brought here
for Interment.
lol 1. M. Wisdom's family hate recently
removed Irom Ft. Smith and will reside per
manently In this cily. They are locate. I on
North Cherokee street .
The United Stales court f ir the Indian
Territory, First Division, in,-t here 1 ue-dny
The dockets are larger than can be disj osnl
of In the lime given.
An important criminal ca-e si t for tin- l.Vh
Inst , is that of the Anderson Itros , charged
w ith tsreeny of a hunch of cullte. The else
comes from Ardtiwre on a c:;-.:ie of venue.
Cattlemen have employed counsel to aid in the
prose. ution an I much Interest is taken in ihe
outcome of the trial ,
Geo. Itetste.lt's remains were r, c.-lved here
last week and buried by h.s mother lieeeased
was want-d for larceny and various other
charges. In au attempt to arret him made
by llrpulies Tom Smith and Tom Willy In the
Chickasaw nation, he male a llht and was
killed. Thie is the lellow who shot the gr,-at
toe off a ste-piug tramp here a year ago.
'just to see the lellow kick."
Commissioner Mason's Court.
Win. Peterson, weapon; recognized.
Franklin I. Kluiu, nssatii: and battery;
Chas. K. Eider and Alex Calion, dis
turbing peace of neighboi hood; Ii der
committed, Calisuu recognized.
Win. Mclnery. weapon; discharged.
Ed Gerald, removing mortgaged prop
erly; discharged.
Joseph Long, disturbing religious
meeting; committed.
Eiy Atelier, assault and balteiy; re
cognized. E. D. Cau lry vs W. W. Miller (not our
hardware man); judgment fur :7.4.i.
A. A. Morgan vs Jeff Davis, trial I y
jury; judgment for f ',2 SO.
W.T. and H. W. Keed vs Gen. Mc
GlintiHk and iVm. McKee; judgment
against McKte for 1 10,10.
Poole i Gulager vs I?. G. and E dit
Jeans, set tied.
J. P. Seutt vs. Andrew fctevensun; fet
tled. Msiriage license issued to Thomas
Holt and M:ss Jennie Hsys.
Dental Notice.
Pr. L. o. Mlis, -luifist, of Sou'h
weet City, will be at
Tulfa, Nov. 14 to It';
Catousa, Nov. l; to it;
Claremore, Nov. 2'i lo 27;
Chelsea, Nov. -'" to Dec. 2;
Vinita, Pec 3 to 17.
'ISO! P-Tux
nrf-. i.mr'l',1
11 II
ffl II :
ru-Hi i.-r, .n hnii-r Ofi.ii
(-,,;!. W I, I t'!.' V - 1 . h:
of a i .'r-ts 4 I'snitan. A ti-rr. I T
A T!!V
i r.i l,
i l t.i l.-m
.it V-
a M r tn f., r-
!.. fpa i 1 '. la. I- I. ic 'i
mi lt to nit r- .l' in l.i
I t r Tr' m . in - irr-l'.ry. tfi'l. l
. f timnt-r i-an ant l-f r,.t:i
j r' !'r' i1 r n'-nr ' 'rr-. Al'rif.
I I i it oil, Iji.i. in iu i;
W lieu in Chef opa, Kansas, slop a I the
Nut 1 1 . 1 1 ii I hotel, A. M. Strode, proprie
tor, if j'nii want lirsl-class accommoda
tions. Kates JJ.tKI per day.
Many ol I suhlii-rs, who contracted
chiuiiic dial rhoeit while in Ihe sei.ii
have since beeu permanent ly cured ol
It ny t;iiitiiitn-i lain Colli:, Cholera
ami Diarrhoea remedy. For sale by
r. Miaiumaii, v nnta, aiso u. M. Allen
Nowata, dmggisls. uov
Unci Icn's An. leu -.nlve.
IickI calve in f he world for Cuts,
.liuiin'S, Sores, Ulrers, Sail, Llienm
l-ever sores, Tetters, Chapped Hands
Chilblains, Corns, and all Skin Emo
tions, and positively cures Piles, or nc
pay required. It is guaranteed to plrt
to-rlccl stiHfactiou,or money refunded
Price -'.) cents per box, or sale by w
(!. I'attou A Co.
A Great 1,1 ver Medicine.
Dr. tititin's improved Liver Pills are
a sure cure for sick headache, bilious
coin pi am ts, 'I y n pe nsi a, i n digestion, cos
livcnosH, torpid liver, ele. These pills
insure pciT ci digestion, correct the iiv
er ami sloiiiach. regulate the bowels.
piirily and enrich I he blood ami make
Ihe ti It t ti clear. J bey also produce
good appetite and invigorate and
stiengtheii the entire system by
ineii- ionic action. Jliey require one
pm lor a nose aim never gripe or sicken
iu at go cih. aiiox oy I'r. A. w. fore
man. Bep.ocl.uov
A Sure Cure for Piles.
Itching piles ate known by moisture
i Ke peispira! ion, causing intense itch
ing n in ii warm, this form as well
as blind, bleeding or nrotuding. yield
at once 10 Dr. Bosaiiko's pilo remedy,
u lncli acts direct ly on par's alluded
absorbing tumors, allays itching ami
elli'cls a permanent euro, rlftv cents
Druggists or mail. . Circulars free. Dr.
liosanko, ML'II Arch St., Philadelphia,
in, r-oiii ny nr. .. . foreman.
for lame buck there is nothing bet
ter than to saturate a flannel clol h w ith
Chamberlain's Pain Balm and bind it
on uie iiiiecieii parts, lryit ami you
will ho surprised at the prompt relief
it liflorda. Ihe same treatment will
cure r hen ma 1 1 sin . for sale by
Slinnulian, vinita, also (, ftj. Allen,
.ow:tia, nriiggisls. nov
lceir;IH niul lleutlli.
nro not feeling stiiinp;
If veil nro not feeling stiiinp; and
he.ilthv, try Khvti'io Hitters, slf ''la
gripp )"' has b,rt you weuk nnd woary,
in : Electric llittiM-s. This remedy ac,t.ij
d'.r.MMly on liver, stonpcli and kidneys,
..'ntly itidinp; thuo iii'guiis lu perform
t ii'lr functions. If you are allllcted
w ith slclc headache, vouwtll Mud speedy
un ! purinnnent 1 i f by taking Eloeti lo
Hitters. Otto trial will convince you
t'uit this Is tho rouiodv you need
l.nrgo bottles only fitiu, ul W. C. l'utton
.t l.o.'s drugstore. 6
Snvecl from Henlli by Onions.
i'here has no doubt been more lives of
children saved from deal h in croup or
whooping cough by Ihe use ofotlloiii
than any niiidr known remedy, our
niul hers use to make poultices of them.
or it syrup, w hich w as always eflectnal
breaking up a cough or cold. Dr.
(iuiin's Onion Svrnp is made by com
bining a lew simple remedies Willi it
which m ike it uinie ellocliye as a
medicine aud destroys the taste and
odor of Ihe onion, ot'e. Sold bv Dr. A.
W. foreman, druggist.
A 1 it:!t Cl: t's I -.per eme le ti l.lgliili otiee.
Mr ii ml Mrs. Em-en Trcseott are
l;e. ! its o' the .'ovi-rnnient lighthouse
at S, nd Hooch, Mich., and uro blessed
h ;ih it daughter fin 1 1- years old. Last
' - i -i I she w:ir tiiken down with measles,
'.ilioHcd with a ilp-adfiil cough, and
.liming into ft fover. Doctors at home
, n 1 at IMmit treated her. hut In vain;
sh" grew orso rapidly, until she Will)
a ttii'.e ImtHiruI of bonc-s." Thou bho
tried l)r. King's New Discovery, and
aft t tho use. of two and a half bottles.
whs. eomtih-vly curt d. They say Dr
King's New Discovery Is worth its
w-.-ivht in gold, yt v'm muy pet n trial
1 t.ttlo free at V. C 'l'utton' Uv'etirug
sh.ro. ti
An honest Swede tells his story in
plain but unmistakalilo language for
(he beni fit of the public. "One of
my children Uok it severe cold am' got
thee dtiii. 1 gave her a teaspoon fill of
Chamlierlaiu H Cough Kemedv, and in
live minutes alter 1 gave her one more.
By this time she had to cough up the
gathering in her throat. Then she
went to :eei and slept good for fifteen
ni nnies 1 hen she got up and vomi
ted, then she went back lo bed aud
slept good lor the remainder of Ihe
mglii. She got the croup the
second night and 1 gave her the
same reluct) v w 1 1 n tun same good re
sults. 1 write I lis because I thought
there might be aome one in the same
need and not know the true merits of
this wonderful medicine." Charles A,
loinpsi-en, Dea Moines, Iowa. 23 ami
VI cent bui tics for sale bv P. Shanahan.
Vinita, also It. M. Allen, Nowata.
druggists. nov.
Cheap Rates for a Winter Trip.
Via the Santa fe route to Texas.
New Mexico, An.oua, California, Utah
and Oi l Mexico, are offered by the
inta Fe.
tickets now on sale good until June
1st., wiih silliiieii t transit limit in
neli direction to enable passengers
to stop nil at all points en route. List
if destination include Corpus Christ!.
I'll Paso, Galveston, Houston, Lam-
p.tssas, l.ockport, San Antonio, I'lty
f .Mexico, Monterey, phoenix. Press
prings, Grand Canon of Colorado,
Ens Angeles, San Diego, San Fran-
i -co, Sail Lake and Portland.
New .Mexico is noted as having one
of the must equable climates in the
rbl: Hidden changes being almost
wholly unknown. It is a most desira
ble place, either fur the business man,
pleasure seeker, or the invalid, while
it is the haven lor the emigrant. No
portion ol the United States can com
itate with the fertile V;illevs of its
livers, nn l the production of the Held,
the market garden, the orchard and
the vineyard.
For full particulars regarding the
country, lates, stop overs, etc., etc.,
call on or address nearest Santa Fe
agent or Geo. T. Nicholson, (J. P. A T.
and W. J. Black, A. U. P. A T. A..
Topeka, Kans.
P. D. Henry
Mas j 'ist received a new and
large invoice of
Dry Goods, Boots,
Shoes, Hats &
Winch, in addition to what
he already had upon the
ttielvea, eives him on of the
most coniilete utocka of
roods in the CtMTokee Nation
Prices Low Down
for Cash.
T-Will rV hiirheit
poods for Hides. "V
W. II, fcorr-i't.-ar.
J. S. tart-riort.
o i:r.faT a iMVEirorr.T.
All- rniy-at I. aw and Collection
A j'-nts.
II I. Tr- r .n all the I . S r..un- for
t.. I !(.-.t..r,,.,,n C ,.!i-rti,.n aCl.r
rt.'i I T' tf I il-r'-t- T.ton. ani tl
t -r-t J.1 r:, l-.i.,, n( tl- ln-tia 1 .rritory
atol mor-tj rni.ttei iron.; nr. oc'.io-lf
do you like
our Styles?
ami ask lo kco their fall :intl winter etyes of
Ladies' and
will) tl
nnd nt
We buy the Best
and sell the Cheapest.
Is applicable to the Shoes which we
sell. M.ido by manufacturers whoso
ry name is a'guarantee,
A well and wear well.
It pays to buy
the best.
Wo sell the
it tit bin-'.
.A,. BLE"VZ25TS &c CO.,
' Keep a General Stock of Goods,
Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots, Shoes, Hats
Also a Full
A Lumber Yard!
In connection, fully supplied with all
building1 material.
I iliicj.-tclvcl ,
Cooking & Heating Stoves.
CHARTER OAK Stoves Lead Them All.
I.Ml'LKMFNTS of every descript
ion, from a shingle nail to a reaper.
Saddles, Harness and
ADAiFv, -
Vinita, Indian
Have just been
Come and See
While it
Haven't Seen
them Yet.
HIT hero linger n moment. Iiv all means then
1st of many new and elegant
tlosigfieil by the manufacturers
in Men of adorning the person
the same time, furnish the
Willi 'I lino l.A.-.L-irwr
well fitting
...... .. ...... .VJ-.-Cl.lg,
durable garment.
is not necessary, we think, to enumerate
the many articles which we have but
when we say J,adies' and Gentlemen's
wear, it means all it implies. Pay at
tention to this fact:
'Those Shoes;
they look so Neat,"
they lit well,
PDHPCDinO f'esn atitl clean, new
UnUutnlLO and large stock. We
handle Flour, Meal, Bran and Mill-
Mull' at wholesale and retail.
Skinner & Ratcliff,
Vinita, Ind. Ter.
Assortment of
Ind. Tor.
the largest and best.
HIS FL RN'ITl'RK is the finest
ever liroustht to Adair. . ,
15ARIJ WIR1-: sold so cheap that
you eannot help buying. . ,
Collars Now on Hand.
the Stock
is Complete.
rnOFEOOJOlTAL cakso.
A . il 0
Afton, Inuian Teb.
Ofllcs first door uortli ot Aftoo Hotel.
j JOS!" Blhli illEAli,
Visits made both In town and cotm
try, day orniuht. 10-29
J70UTNEU A 11 A (Jill,
Olllce lo new, Fatten building, up
dnc between Ut two clturche. i tha lr
"' otal trouble, a ic-lalty.
jJ P.HAVNIiS, 8 27
Vikita, - I. T.
Calls Dromntlv
or day. 6
jr. WIMEK, jun 30 VS
The Eye, Ear, Catarrh aud Throat
specialist, ten days treat
ment free.
Oflice over postoflice, Vinita, I. T.
First Division, Ind. Teb.
Vinita. Ind T
Haiti Oomml Hdiittn.!. ir..i..ii..tA .
. , , , ..v.... v ;NiittnvM0ii exipnut
0vr ihe - cuunuy oceapieil by U.t IndUn tnl,-i
Lt !!rtVul!,.'w l,iail,n l,e n' '
part or tlm C lerokea couulry eaAtof tlie nine-
IV all Kill tlluri.li.i. - I 1 11... 1
acknowleilKiiieiit 0 UceUa, aiwrtaaara. .ic.
Soleinnlioaiuarriaiftiaiiiaa all tha i.owrr. .f
eomnilaaluBera uf circuit court In criminal ca.-
. ........... ,v ,c a,,luullt ul sluu )n
eaaea. lourt lo-l.l at Vinila, I11J. Ter., and
open daily, except Sumlayt. Alao aa dc-iiutr
olerk, laauea marrlaite llconaea.
Alan i:.,n....i....... ..... . .
. . , """"til ui uie vxiart or laalua
for the lutilan Territory,
c iiAiars 11 MAiim,
l'n tail bttt.... i-,..
-3tltf Urtt Ulvi.on In.l. T..
, hiii, " 8 1&
Vinita, I. T.
Practice in elrnnic mil ,t i at
of Delaware and Cooweescoowee, and
supreme court of Cherokee nation.
Attorne jN-At-Law, general Tollectioa
and Loan Agents.
Will practice in the U. S. Court.
Vinita, - . Imd. Tib.
Jonathan Uorelaalao V . 8. Cominlaalonar and
Commissioner of liee.l. for thaatateaol Kan
aa, Miaaouri. Arkansas and Texaa. S-1J
Geo. W. Benga. II W. C. Shelton .
Taiii.kquah, . Ind. Tkh.
Will practice in courts of the Chero
kee Nation. 10-23 tf.
O. W. Pa.co. M. M EilmistoD.
Will practice in the U. S. Courts of tn
In.llan Territory, ami the Knleral courta of
ailJoiniiiK istatea.
A 4S-iage book rree, Atltlreaa
W. T.ITZG ERALD, Att'y-.t-l.aw,
Cor. clh ami Sta. Waahl.f lo., D. C.
Lri3CEi-LAi7i:oTja ass.
s cataracts, arara or fllma can he abaorbed and
paralvaed nerea mHored.wllk.al tfe. k.lfo
r rlak. biaeaaM area or nil. can be cured bj
our heme Irealm..!. "Va prorelt.1 II...
.reda, evinced. Our 4 ni.tr.Crd punpblrt
'Home Tre. Intent (or Km" rree. Don't mlsa It
Sverybodwanuit. "Tuatiavaleu. fallacy.
Patronize Home Industry !
ltuy your
Trees, Vines, Shrubbery,
Plants, Etc.
from the
Vinita Nurseries.
Those wishing to plant this fall
should place their orders now so as
to insure early attention at dig
ging time. Write for price list.
Vinita Nursery Co.,
Vinita, I. T.
Hen Davis Apple Trees a
Through Trains
From Kansas City to
Chicago, Omaha, Lincoln,
St. Joseph, Denver,
St. Paul Minneapolis.
Pullman Palace) Sleeping Cars.
Free Reclining Chair Car
Only One Change of Cars to
The Atlantic or Pacific Coasts
Nebraska, Colorado,
The Black Hills,
a. c. SAwrs,
General ran. Agent. St. Lorji, Ma.

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