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Indian chieftain. [volume] (Vinita, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1882-1902, November 17, 1892, Image 3

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f V
Vinita, Ind. Tj:u., Nov. 17,
kocal Railroad Tune Tables.
,OJN(J Md'Tll.
, M. K.
A ttltl K
v.). 4
.So ft-
T. St L.A lit" bo
, Mo, Ks. A IV x fx
ST. I.Ol'Irt
o1ll I
A h i v h ,
H'.Vih in
i lo ir. p.
4 :OHA .ili
H;:iphi, in
tiOi.su wtt.nr.
Kx Ht h to Snuull .
Alt'llV K ,
; U:.V..M1
! 11 ileum.
12:4 m.
liOINti K AnT
St. 1-ouin eprtt. , , ., , . .
TtuwiiKli cottchi'H from M
1 .H.,,-.j.m.
K: t'.iiu.
visit iiinuii niiiK ioky.
M . K.Chnroh South J.W MiCrnry, pittUnr;
SuhbHih nrhool nV HiMii a. in ; pre acini. Ht II
. in. nnt 7 p. m. j prnver nii-ctinir every Vm(
nftrtdrty evening. Com in union f rvlee every
((rut Sumlm.
Jretlyferiaii liureh , 1 N Al.t-n, pna
torj prert-lnnif, NuinUv at II tt. m.arttl 7 p.
m.t Nun-iny achoo. l Iti a. in. prayer meet
ing ThuratUy nights.
i:oniFri'i'HtionHl ('liiin-h liHV. Fnv.-Urt llunl.
partior; Mrviri every Nuii.ny at 11 a in n.
i Stuidnv xcho I at lit a. m. ; llirlAilati
7 p. J
JtmleHvor Soelety, 4 p
every 'UitirsUtiy evetiinv.
Prayer ineeUitK
5 ('twits
Will pay tor
TueUiiii'.ktain , ,
To .lun. 1, S'.),'i.
Piin't you want ii?
Delightful weatlier,
lion. 1), V. IiiiKliyhifrt.1 is in town.
Tlio tin rouf is jjoi n jj on tlie now
bllrk biiiltliiiK.
K, ,S. t'nbb'a IhjIihh north of toiv;i is
about en closctl.
Juilu II. T. l.nnilniiti is nrr;uij;in
to move to Vinita.
i'r. t'linksL'ales b.u a ni'iv Sipi'iieur
ri'peatini; shot gun.
Fancy uinl staple groceries, fresli ami
nice. A. Ii. Nicliols.
W. (. i'uttoti in planting trees uu Ins
place adjoining town.
Freeh family jroceriii always in
stock. J no. C. U ray it Co.
A Ixiiutiliil yrcen collee at A. I!.
JN'icliols'; try an orJer of it.
Country produce taken in exchange
lor all groceries at Jno. C. liray it Co's.
Tlie man w ho can't tlo it Huoil day's
work this weather is certainly lazy.
Heating Stoves, full line, at the new
hardware stole at Adair. Call ami in
spect. 2t
A thanksgiving supper will be given
iy the ladies of I lie Presbyterian
church .
When you want something dainty
or tempting for the table call on A. H.
The Indian" mission confeicnce of
the ,M. K church south meets at Ard
iore this vveeK.
new hardware store at Adair,
lias two cars of barbed wire; bottom
jj rices guaranteed. '21
Prayer meetings at t lis Congrega
tional church will hereafter be lu 1 I on
Wednesday evening.
Vill Carter, the diuggist, who lias
tieeu laid up for some weeks with ty
phoid fever, is convalescent.
Several days last week win at was re
fused at Kdna and a number of Kan
sas boidei points at any price.
The discourse at the Congiegational
ctiurtrh next Sunday morning will bu
ja the!Vcntii commandment.
A paper i soon be started at Clare
ruore under the management ol a Mr.
Keyuol Is, from C uey, Kansas.
A special train carrying some of the
olliciul of the Frisco was out this way
jjn a tour of inspection last week.
A. V- Uaymoud talks ol moving bis
Tjuildinic and erecting a brick next
spring. Vinita is bound to boom.
Happy and content Is a home Willi " The Ko
tliesiet ; a lamp with the llht of the morning.
Cataloues,write Rochester LanipCo.,NcwYork.
tj. A. Lumau, charged with the kill
ing of Wm. ii. Mills at Chetopa re
cently, was bound over for tiial with
out bail.
Head our Tahletjuaii correspondence
and you will Know just as well what is
-going on at the capital as though you
were there.
Parties who have been enquiring for
extra length statements and "head
and tail" statements can now lie ac
commodated at this ollice.
There have been a hundred loads of
hickory nuts hauled out of Milt Drake's
pasture ot 800 acres in the. Miami re
serve, Ibis fall, so he says.
Lost, on last Saturday, between
Vinita aud Pheasant Hill, a sum of
money; tinder will be generously re
warded by restoring to Kev. A. N.
Cbamberlin .
A. B. Nichols has opened a new
stock of groceries in the building here
tofore occupied by Joe Allen and cor
dially invites ail his old fiiends to call
and see him.
V. L. Jackson, of Muskogee, ("Kail
road" Jackson) is a candidate for L. S.
attorney under the coming adminis
tration mid has begun an active cam
paign for the place.
Speaking advisedly we can say that
no great etljrt will be required lo find
a democrat willing to take the Vinita
postoftice when Mr. Clevelaud gets
ready to make an appointment.
City Marshal Inbell arrested a Mex
ican yesterday for stealing a grip at
the depot from some Modocs who had
tee.. at Muskogee, attending court.
Last night beset the calaboose afire
and tried to burn out, but failed,
W. L. Trott is moviug his lumber
yard by degrees from its present loca
tion to the lots across the street from
-Marina Danieis' tiou.-e and along (be
cross street. A brick bloclt will adorn
the lots heretofore occupied, one of
lluse days, and not far off.
Cattle Wanted.
I want 100 head of cattle to winter.
V. J. .mmnutt wm a rutin Chulntfti yihlfr
day ami rcintiti buaiui'gt exot'lii'iit.
.Iit'ltfp MANin W'a In Fort HiuitU yualr
.'ay. aa a vtltui- lila i'i"nnt trip withlu
wef'k r to.
1 A N.'llHon, CtariMiiuru't prominent
uuTi'ltaiit, wna In Mointay uu bUditiesa with
UUtrli't Clerk 1 rolt
"Uncle Jimmy" (lvlaiitl waa In town
Monday iilnrllvtnK over tu tact tlint Ida
"nephiiw" liait In-en wtiM-ti'il preahlunt
Sim. K. E ( hemiey came itnwn from To
neka lt Hauirday and will mak lu-r Iiiiiiik
with her douKhtor, Mra. M. K itllforct
Ueo. M Ward, nf Olymin, riturnel with
hia laintly from Colorado taut wunk, hia aon
hm Ink I till v r khIiuhI hi. Ii.-hIui llit-y wore
Ifutiv apven wei'ka
Sirs. Iti' F. Hunt returned homo lnt
Krhlay from a alx wi't'ka' vllt to friend In
Maa&achtihitta antl Micliiiraii. Site a)ieaia
tmprovetl In health.
Mra. U B. McOlanHOii aul children went
to l'arla, Texaa, I nut Saturday nlKht, Intend
ing to apend the winter tiiera for the heoellt of
her little tlaiiitlitor's lien 1 1 h .
Siun'l C'. Kclley, of Muacatine. Iowa
father ol' F. U. Kellev, whs down on a vUlt
reo. ntly, hut went home in time to vote. It
la iieePea to aay his vote for preaident waa
II. W. C. Slieiton, of the mate aeminary
fHetilty. was tii 8atur'lny. He tint not learn
of 111 e death ol his unit her- In-law, Dr. Thomp-
aon, until too lute to rearti Here ror tne
Innernl .
Jim iMinma had heard the result of tlia
election ' w e. v noun In Arkanaaa ami none
over 'Juetlity al'ler the Vinita po.tolliee. lie
waa fciupriae.l to tlml oeverat Kentlemen lu-ie
who had aepiraliona in the same direction.
Milt Drake waa down from Clietopa Mon
day In company with K Baker, who lives
on hia place. Milt waa feeling- blue over the
result of the election but was Juldtant over
the way lu which Chetopa deported heraelf.
J It. Lynch, father of Charley Lynch,
came ilown from Kansas this week aad intend
to remain all winter. Ilia son, renMIng at
Chevryvnle, was the republican candidate f"r
fctilte treasurer, and of course went ilown un
der the Hvelanche with lite balance of the
A. J. Blackwell has gone In preach
ing and expects lo be a traveling evan
gelist. Cash always buys goods 23 per cent,
cheaper than credit. Consult W. J.
Slrange at Cheleea lor verification ol
this statement. Slock complete in
every line.
City Marshal 'shell got a ard from
Joplin Sunday morning offering a f-6
reward for u stolen horse, and a few
minutes later learned that the fellow-
was in town the night before and bad
gone out to tiray ii Clinkscales' ranch.
The ollicer found the man, Hill Cljrk
by name, and recovered the horse. It
bad been solcn from Clark a grand
fat her, so ho said.
This is from the 'stray list of Table-
quuli di.-stiict, K. P. 1'arris, sberill
"One red neck, blue tided rooster, boh
tailed, 5 years old, teuder footed whop
at rived at Dodo West's; in charge ol
said West." There is a section of Ibis
town where no 'stray chickens have
ever yet been posted, and it has often
been surmised that a great number of
missing fowls have gone that way.
Snciiff Sanders was m Tuesday look
ing lor Judge l.nndrum w ho he wished
to set n d,ay f ir the trial of Joe It i ley,
charged with assault with attempt to
kill, lliiey shot a man hist fall and
went to Texas, but got broke and re
turned and was airesled. SheriH San
ders' deputies are following Hob Tal
tim in the Sac and Fox country and it
is believed he will Le captured.
Voti may think that running a
couple of blocks to a lire, Ht a gait that
would surprise eveu Mr. Cleveland,
and then discovering it to be only a
democratic ratification meeting, is not
calcula'ed to disgutt a republican. Hut
it is, as one ol that "persuasion" can
testily. Added to the disgust, the col
ored girl promptly "gave notice," de
claring that she "done quit workiu'
for anybody dat goes to a democrat
Commissioner Mason's Court.
Henry Fredman, assault and battery;
Wesley Brewer, assault ami battery;
Win. Page and John Whiteley, assault
and battery, continued.
M. C. Tinsley, assault and battery
Richard Weldon, introducing; con
tinued. Joel Suagee, Sabbath breaking; recog
nized. vV. C. Wilkinson vs W. Ii. Curtis, in
replevin; judgment for defendant,
Married: Milfred llerrou and Miss
Josephine Groli.
License; -V in. H. Jenks and Miss
Kosetta Meijlia.
lion, iiihv be allowed to attend any of
the public schools by pu)ing lo Ihu
teacher, monthly, I ho mini ol one dol
lar and Iweiilv-live cents per pupil,
baaed upon a daily aveiage, provided,
however, that in case the school is
crowded, or mi' of the nun cilmeii
children are ili.-orderly, or lor any
other cniiHH that the directors may
deem expedient, they may discharge
or icIiinh to admit any or all non citi
Izen pupils. llm directors of any
school shall not allow tbe chil lien of
non-cillzens illegally resident in Iho
Chi-iokeo nation to at tend, and in case
ol violation ol tins provision tti' com
missioner of education shall diMcoii
liiiuo the school lor a term of one year.
In case non-citizeiis fail to pav their
tuition promptly at the end ol evcrv
iiioiiUi, tho teacher may dismiss (belli
Iioiii school.
Stc. X i'he coiiiiuissioiH r ol educa
tion sliai I, in J anuaiy and .1 uiy ol eaeii
year bold examinations of applicants
lor certificates at a convenient place
in each of the lluce iilucaiioiial dis
tricts, thirty di.ys notice of the dale
and placo ol sin Ii examination being
given in I lie 1. Iicroacu Advocate or
other newspapers, and shall issue llrst ,
second and third grade em ulicMtc to
those w ho are competent to leach an I
who aa e It ee iioiii nit em pcrate or ot her
immoral habits, llio lirst giuoe eel-
tlllcntes shall be issued fur three Jeais,
the second lor two and the third lor
Si:o. i. On Fridav, Ihu la-it dav off
the spi iug t c i in, or as soon alter as
practicable, the citizen patrons of each
school shall meet at their lespective
school houses and elect t In ee di rectors,
w ho must be citizens of the Cherokee
nation, U omen may vote lor and lie
elected directors. The board ol direct
orn, at the close of each leiui, or an
sooil theieallcr as rtti limbic, shall
meet at their fcliool houses aiel elect
their teacher, who iniiwl h dd an un
expired certificate from toe commis
sioner of cducat ion. They shall also
have the right to discharge llie teach
er at any time in case lie or etui does
not give satisfaction, or f ir intemper
ate ur other had conduct , and to elect
another. The school shall be under
the entire control of the directors and
be commissioner ol educa i ion.
Skc. 5. No teacher shall leceive less
than twenly-tivo dollars per month,
and in case the amount duo from the
Mieiokee nation and ihat paid by tho
uoii'cii izens lulls short oi l ins amount
the pat runs shall pay the delicieiicv.
Non citizens must furnish their own
book, which shall beol theniiiiievriini
as those luruished hv the Cherokee
Skc. 4. In towns when it is neces
sary to have t .vo tench el , t be prinei pal
shall have supervision of tlu school,
nbject to t he dn eel l"H of the diieet-
irs as provided for in t he ol her schools,
and shall leceive t liree-li 1 1 'is ol the
uhlie money and d' that paid bv non-
ilizeusand i he assist an t the remain
ing two lifihs. in ease there be a lie-
essily lor two nsssislaiils, the puo
ipal shall leceive I it lee sevenl hs of
he public money and that paid in bv
u-citizens, and the itssisiants the
remaining lour sevenths, the same to
be divided cipiall y between them.
Sr,c. 7. The fall lerm shall begin on
the first Monday in Sepiem'i. r and
continue sixteen weeks. lniin...liatelv
a fl er t he elect ion of a teacher the di
rectors shall not ify the commissioner
of education of I he same.
Sue S i he teachers, at the end of
every month shall iiihI:' oiit a report
showing the iiays of the week and
m inth that each citizen pupil attend
ed, one copy of whieli shall be fur
ii is lied the dileet or an I one t lie coin
missioner of ed oral ion. When, jr i--snspectod
t hat frail In leu t rep irt a inc1
made by the teacher the director!,
shall make an in vesii.'nl ion ami upon
satisfactorv evidonrcof the same, shall
dischaige the teaeher.
ot solution
JllMilll.! I! JiKTKH,
Our ruM'ihliCrtli trieieU luet ft
p:rl.y a few i.n(;s altiee.
- Sittllldny W n lite bllle;.! dtiy Mukoen
hiM heen ainee tlie rprllitf ot IsMI.
--IJltito a lal'.-e, hitiidrtonie bulldiliK l to'ion:
efeeu-d un lite lUriell in-titule iri'-u'ets, tu
Ih lined a a Kl lltlltixitllll -
- the Unit or y. II. l.l,l,.s, rharged Willi
ellltien.lemellt , haw beeupled tloi tillentloli ol
the court a.-Vcial days it will wo lo tit" Jury
to-iietriow. Dohhti wad an a'iil tor tlie
Sinnttr howiiiK Machine (.'o , and le eliatfrt'il
with havlitg tailed lo iiccomit lor cileetlonn
made tiy liliu while repn-n' iiiIok the e.iiiipfiny.
'1 lie " tfiielielor eluti' 1 ia one of the itisll
tuitnna of our city, and Is eoinpoH.d d' Ihe
flower of our young (V) men. Hi n poll ol' tin
liieiuherNhip helure the elerthni II w leitrned
that one hlf were repiildie.niin and one hull
deiuoernu. An eleciion wicr i us ina le be
tween the two peril'- to Ihl- i-IIVet : 'flint 'he
li.sinK Hide nloiuld luriiUn a tid'Hi plipper nod
oil Saturdtty nijiht follow in too eh-ciien that
there would he a torch llltt procenton by tlie
i-liih to il le and drum music, the !nnsiis uiein.
hers to be dressed it) leutale sal h , the u lioiers
to appear in llieir usual ailire. Saiurdny
niht tlio eoiiddioiis ol tne bet eere coniplii-d
with and our cili.cii wlne-hMi'd this liovct
purnde, 't he e-intinuee of the lonere were In
eood tasio, nut ihodiy, but yet caleuluted lu
excite no liltle tun h-r llie pccCilor- .
The rittlficatluii ineetiiu i.iirley nlnt't
was litrtelj attended. Nearly every hurlo a
leaise end litany el tie' pru ate rt-hltl, nres ri
beiuitil.'lly dec... ratetl and itiillinittl v i II u rut n
litet) ihe anvil hri!tolo Ibeil etOule nlle
siitutc, litttdires .ti eitry slitet seet lurid
IltuneB liitay 'itWiiicl siol lill.-'l the iilniCbi.here
Willi milliottfi of Mi-trie and wild hurrahs liom
liiitHlredti of iteinoc.r.iiie thrtt ii . rent ihe nir.
.M.ehleu'a blind eullvtii.it lite crowd with
eltoictt st leetii'iiB, and Inon u Omtntvint 1
lilalltuni Ihe f tlhtu inir it'Olteuitil made en-
tlittftianllc, hic'eehe- i W . ,M ll;tm.iii, M . M.
Kdinbton, W T. II tteliliigs, C L Jiicl.aitn ,
II 1. on.-u, K I-.'tilioi;ti, til aetl Col il.
Il-.vv nilig ol Ivi.llnit I. liter III the evt-nto a
reee'-tlon watt leii.lere'l tin' uitU'irhle 1 lt- t ol.
It. I. Owen at tils lalnllal rcstdciit'e. l. n h
of the ebove nailieil gtttttlttintoi Were hnptv in
his remarks, huiI ht-btoke for the demeciulic
pnriy inueii loo'd lo the Ann rican peopie.
Verily, Mii-kegee tll-l tit rs df proutl on this
otu'attton ,
ttAMi, KOK NAI.I.', MM, Mlt.tVKll, STt(I.K
l'.aeh notlee, of the character llldleat-tl, not
eeeedoiK Ftlty Vortlt-, will he itiserlel (wo
weeks uiltler llus hejdtli!,' lor 1-illy cent- J
S I'ltAVKD Twelve mares, tiramleil II en
rit't sh'tultler, leu hnviitir t-.ie-l.ltii; untie
Colls VV 111 pay a ncneliius reltr-l. klitiitiie
or atitlresa Abe Ifai loan, Adiitl.l T lo-il
A SI ti A Y Aiiool M.iy I, IMC, a atrawbur
rv rt.an htirce (iiriinnal) l.'i Itmul hicli , 7 y.rtri
iilti. no brands, cone lo mv r-sitlenet- en Lit
tle creek, in the terrilory, H littlc-4 wm! ol
Ktltia, llrtiter ran Ititve wiiine bv prttviut?
properly ami pay our ell it ipr.-M Aildri-t-p ii . .
Itit-unrdattii, l'.tlna, Kan. lo l.'i
s niA vh i on S i oi.tiN - taru bay ruat'e, bald
race, white feel, I, oris liittdit It'iili, -t ycttls
nld.d.-irk bay. Jietivv built iitsie, II It.-oi-i
intrli, veals old . attd Iter dark hty yeariinu
coll yittre.i have C -1 on hot and ehiiitldcr.
t-ull not bran led 'lfcn tl.,llt;rs reward llev.
I. Hue, VniUn. I T
A ii v one who will take up an. I keep hir me
tar jite nie in lol into hoi lea lour to the recov
ery of Ihe follow tittj: di'MO'ibed loires. Wtil lie
litertitlv rewaid.dt itin briiHit, nnhr.tktoi
mitres. U ttanilii hinh. branded en it-tl
tleh. one KMX. the older ltl One hrovth
in ire. hraieu I nil lell shoutiti-r h . H tinmls
lerh. Iirok e lo ride hut not very .-ntle. lute
iiohri'l en bav, net liianded.a rear tin roiht
knee, I.'. liMrol- Itleli Itiinire I'r en i to s ye- rs
old I li.-v strav etl front litv pi-ice, .'i inili-s
westni' Afloo Hint 'i mil. a e;t,. id liihh'a
raiuli. K t in; ( it a w foiio. A rto n , I I.
NOllCKls hereby given Ihat Mary
Daniels has been sppoinlfd iidiiiin
iHtratnx ol the estateol J. C. Daniels,
All persona- having claims against
I he est ate of .1, V. Daniels, deceased,
llie reouesleil to present them to the
uituiinisl latrix, properly authenlic:,.t
ed, wiHiin one year from ihe dato nf
her loiters of administration. Their
failure to do so may preclude them
liom any lienellt in the estate.
II It) Maiiy DaniKi.s, Administratrix.
Cheap Hates for a Winter Trip.
Via the Santa re route to Texas,
New Mexico, Arizona, California, Utah
and (Mil Mexico, lire offered) by the
s-nnta re.
I u-keis now on sale good until June
1st., with stilliiiienl transit limit tu
cncli direction lo enable passengers
to stop oil at all points en route. List
of destinations include Corpus Christl
id rami, fialveston, Houston, Lain
passas, I. ucliport, San Antonio, City
of Mexico, Monterey, phoenix, Press
Springs, tirand Canon of Colorado,
i.oh Angeles, Sun Diego, San rran
Cisco, Suit I, ake and Portland.
New Mexico is noted aa having one
of the most ttUHble climates in the
world; sudden changes being almost
wholly ii u know n. 1 1 is a most desira
ble place, either for tlie business man,
pleasure seeker, or the invalid, while
it is the haven lor the emigrant. Nil
portion ol Ihe I nited Slates can com
pare with the fertile valleys of its
1 1 v i f, and the production of the Held,
tho market garden, the orchard and
I he vi neyar.l.
For full particulars regard i OK the
country, nues, slop-overs, etc., etc.,
call on or address nearest Santa Fe
agent or lieo. T. Nicholson, U. P. & T
A., an I W ,1. lilaek, A. i. P. A T. A
Topcliii, Ktins.
"0. K." MARKET!
do you like
our Styles?
, " f f f
i ' I, vV
.-,1.1., ii, ... it. LJWl't..J W ' U
J. A. ULEN, Proprietor,
Vleat and Ice,
' Kit 1 1: it. iiKsui.t i utss.
A . AMI A. M.
At a sp'-ciul iie'ctitiK ol V tuiiii ho 1k
A. F. A A M. , on Noyeiiiiter luh. A .
the following ri solitli.'ii-i wi re a lnp'.c
WiltUMAS, It lias phtiei Ihe S
Areitllecl to call our betovi-i! I;i.ilh.r
I In tni) non, i rem labor lo r. 1 1 . siniii ot
- No
Il I-
Proposed Change in the Primary
School Law.
Address A. V. Atkins, Watova, I. T.
Dental Kotioe.
Dr. L. O. Kllis, dentist, of South
west City, will be at
Tulsa, Nov. 14 to ID;
Catoosa, Nov. I!) to 2.'!;
Clarcmore, Nov. o to 27;
Chelsea, Nov. 17 to Dec. 2;
Vinita, Dec. 3 to 17.
lielow is published a bill proposing
a change in the primary school law. A
discussion of its merits and demerits
is invited. What the Cherokee peo
pie want is inly or a hundred more
schools opened up without additional
expense to our treasury. This bill
proposes the plan to do it. Our school
fund is a common one. Every child
Las an equal interest in it, but under
our present system there are from one
to two thousand childien growing up
in ignorance, w ho do cot get the ben
efit of a cent of their school money.
This is unjust. Ilecause a child does
not live near one of the one hundred
established schools is no reason why
its money should be taken aud given
to another. There are many children
iu our nation who have grown up by
a public school, while otners, and a
great many others, who were entitled
to Hie same benefits, have never had
auy. it is the duty of our government,
if It can, to remedy this evil. This
bill proposes a remedy. If there is
ten dollars a year due every child, let
him have it in schooling, if he ill go;
il only five le! him have that. By al
lowing the non-citizen children to go
we can open up fifty or a hundred new
schools, they paying Hie extra expense.
Vtrv truly,
J. W. Dcncas.
Be it enacted by the Na-
in relation
Section 1.
tional council, That Iroin and alter the
present term of the primary schools
there shall be due every citizen child,
over six and under eighteen years of
age, who attends one of the public
schools, the sum of one dollar and
twenty live cents per month, based
upon a daily average, the name to be
paid the teacher by warraot upon his
or her sworn statement lo the correct
ness of the report before any officer au
thorized to administer an oath, which
report must also be approved by a ma
jority of tlie board of dnectors aod by
the commissioner of education,
Sec. 2. The childien of non-citizens,
legally resident in tbe Cherokee c-
S .1 .
L-re. be il
Kfsolve-1. That e cht-rlsh hi m.-uinry a
ait honest mail, an upi tr'hl ctt te.i and en ex
emplary member ol our ll'aleritily. vt it. ire
Itltt was well wtuliiy ol cinulal mil .
While He leel l hit we shall utis
him in our a-socta' nois, we how in
humble Mliit;isMtt:i lo litti ol.-t tl -lit I e u ''ilitil
Sim tloelil all lltiiws ut-it," h'.'lievtn w -shall
a.uaiii t:reet liini ' in llt.ii letupie not
llistle Willi liaa Is, et-Tun! 111 the henv ens "
itesolved. Thai we let. tier otir Iteaitlcl
sympathy lo bis bereaved litmlle in Mti- Iniiir
nf their sorrow atttl tlulresa. and thai a copy
of these resol tit -"tin I.. tu I It is I, t-d ti,.-.H
Kest.l veil lurtle r, I lea a eopv i-f itn-se r.
olulions be spread opoil the Ililnul.-s ill the
lode ami also J'Ubllstieti in Ihe liie.il pap.-rs.
A . M . I l.lMtsl Alttt,
1 mis . I . K t t.n i ,
II. F. Fob i st.tt, -
Cotiio, Ittce.
W'iikhhas, It has plea..-. 1 Cut. in the lit--pensalioii
of His prov Idence to lake Inert our
ranks one el our youtiKe&l, In lueniiieiidiip,
yet trnoft most eiilhiiMiit ic and bravest
knights, Itru. S.J. I liotnti-.o. ,
ha it ICS si il.v so, That we ri-alie Ihat we
have sustained an il reparable !os, and Unit
we bow to lite will ol ail all-wi-e and just
lied Whose lo'ery f l-ilatloli la because el" love
ate) lor mercy ''a sttkk .
1 hat we most sincerely express our sym
pathy lor the absent bruilier, sad our sympa
thy fr lus nereavetl family
'that we laud the ueneroaltv, virtue and
nobilitvol ti I f ii who lies hern Ink en from us.
anil that we roiumeiid his lite an.l chttracter
to the brolherhitod.
That Ins name an I place lie held sacred lu
our ranks
That & e 'py of tttepe rtoolutiona he spread
upon the rectirtls ol the lo.l;.;e, anil a copy be
sent to the faintly of our ilect-atc.i br. .liter
with whom ww sympathise so deeply, and lo
the press for piiltliealiou.
With tlie keenest a pprecl al ion of the loss
we have met, and Willi heartlell swiipalhy
for all who have felt the stinir of iletoii. we,
your committee, do most respectluby submit
tlie above aa our report
ii. M Mahks.
M K. Mn Koitri.
Mai a Lasiu v. Se'v,
IT.thl MOttK inns.
Claremnre Is on the boom.
Spei eer r-levens lias been quite sick.
Mra. Itilly Campbell is visiting friends al
Mr. Fred l.uniar stopped over iu our town
"Kverybotly'a John" tonka awful tired
ami Innely.
Mr. and Sirs. Watt Mayes spent fr-atur-ilay
In town.
The democrats of this place have had a
general rejoieinir over l,rover
Mra. M. D. Woodaon has K'ne lo .spring
field, Mo., to be absent a week
Aunt Sallie Kell passed thr.aiKh here en
route for Tahiequah the ottier day.
John Dare was rip from Tryor Creek vis
iting friends and relatives recently.
I'rof. WiliTams came up from W aironer
to spend Sunday. I w onder w itat for?
Mrs. Toole, Mrs. san.nels and Mrs. Ilen-y
came in from Chelsea as micsta or Mrs Wood
aon a few days aiuce.
J. C. Coleman, from Tahletjuaii, has pur
chased a lot next door to the poslorhce and
will erect a store bouse soon.
SOILS FK1 M.lll.
I)r Garetson ia moving into Ida new resi
dence ttua week .
Mr. Ilrock commence i work on hia store
building- Monday.
Adair went democsatic. What is tlie mat
ter with the republicans?
Mrs. Cunimiiig r.-reived quite a lot of rtii'
llnery goods from St. Louis last a e k
Mrs Hawkins, from near fl.g Cabin, was
vssiting her si-ter. Mrs skinner, rstur lay.
Ihe young folks went cut riding Satur
tay; all reported having a good time, as lhy
always do.
rrnfessnr T liompson has been erT:pi..)"u to
teach the Pleasant Orov e scitrKil in Ihe I lark
nil Kendall neighborhood.
The many friends of S, B Itoera will be
grieved to hear of his aerions illness with thai
dreaded disease, contain) turn .
Postmaster Hall U felling ar.tl painting
his rooms an.l baa iiivee-l in a sewisg ma
chine 'botf , that looks su-pirh-ns
llieeventoltltesejS'tnwas aso.-iat gsr ti
ering ont at the residence c.f Ju le tlsrk
! Triday nicht in bon-.r of Mis Dnnrsn atei
Miss l.o-lie If all. of ir.ila I r.o n-n-it prat-e
cannot be gn en Mes I.lie and M.ss Lydta
for the msnrer in winch they entertained
Ihelr many friends. i
.Many old a ildieis, win) run mete. I
ehr tin-.' tlian hot-t while in llie seivice
have since been permanently cured ol
it by I'hauihi'i Iain's Colic, Cholera
and ' Diarrhoea loniedy. 1-nr sale by
P. Sliaiiahan, Viniia, iitso K. M. Allen,
Nowata, di uggists. nov
!' ,'!! len's A I el: ii
The be t salve in do wiy'M f-- Vf.it..
J'e'i.ises, Soles, I'l' isi-, Salt, Plic!i:.i
Fever sores, Tetter.!, Chai j-ed llan.ls
Ciiilloains, Corns, and all Skin Frui
tions, iiml positively cureiy t'lles, or nf
pav retjitircl. It is gu tir.tn i eed to gtvt
h-rfect. satisfaction or inoney refutidcl
f i ice 2i cents per box. 'or sa! by W
;. Pattou t Ca.
A ("reai l.lvcr aleilicine.
1 i'. ti nun 's Improved Liver I'ti-S are
a sine curt., for sick headache, bilious
complaints, ilys epsi a .i inlii st o.ii.eoj,
tivi ncss, torpid liver, etc. T'-cs.' piiU
in.iiire peif-ct digestion,! 'oi r-'et tie: liv
er uiitl stomach, reoti t
pn n iy nu I i p I jell I he I
I le- skiii i le.ir. 1 l ev ins
goo I nptet 1 1 e and i n i
strengthen Ihe entire
I heir Ionic action. They
pill lor a dose and I.ever gi ipe ot sicken
Sol. I at 2-') cts. a box by Dr. A. U . l-ore-man.
A Sure Cura for Pilos.
Itching piles ate known by moisture
like pers pi rat ion , chum ng in leu se itch
ing when wa'in. This form us well
us bliu I, blee.nim or pro! leliti j, yield
si oiii-B in Dr. i.osanko's pile remedy,
which acts diiei tly on parts attccled,
s!ts,, Inn o iiintji's, allays ilelnng atnl
ellects a perinaiient cure, l-ifty cents.
Druggists or mail. Circulars free. Dr.
lios i,io, :',.',) Anli st, I'liiliiilelphia,
Pa. Sold by Dr. A. W. ro'cinan.
For lame back I here is nothing bet
ter than to sal tu ales fl an nil clot h with
Chaniberiai ti s Pain ti.ilm and bind it
on the ailei ted parts. Fry it ami you
will be surprised at tin- prompt relief
it sllortls. Iho same t real nun t will
I lie l.oivcls,
"I :,i.d make
to piotlip'e a
(.urate and
itV.sL in by
leu une one
Beef, Bologna,
Pork, Sausage
A Nil
Dry and Salt Meatsj
Of EVcrj Descriptiorv.
Haven't Seen
them Yet.
call ami seo
li Hirer a iiioiiient. 15 v nil lneans tlici
and it.sk to see their .til and winter styes of
Ladies' and
Gentlemen's Wear.
I . 11 8
Atiox, Indian Tkh.
Ollice first door uorth ol Aftou Hotel.
0.YS k JJl'MIVIIi:AIr"
t ' LA KkMOHK, J Nil, J'liB.
ieits made both in town ami
try, day or night.
Co ii ri
ll1 20
I'll Y.sif :ians vt r una E0XS,
new Pat ton building, up
Ollice up stairs in Uaymoud litillillng. II
dt m e between the lo cliurehea, al the
t rnicee place.
'J' s and other Uectal troubles I specially.
esl -
They consist nf
fnlnii's, (lesic
with tlio
iind nt tlie
many new and i levant
tied hy the inanufnct uiera
a of iidni iiin the rHoii
same time, furnish tho
wearer with it fine lotikitiff, well littii
unit (Inrable jarmeiU.
It is not necessary, vie think, to tnunii rate
the in.iny nrlieles which we have but
when we say Ln lies' niitl ( ! cut leiucn 's
weur.it ini'iins nil it implies, l'ay at
teiitioii to tliii tact;
8 27
We buy the Best
and sell the Cheapest.
"Those Shoes;
they look so Neat,"
Is applicable to the Shoes which we
sell. Made by manufacturers: whoso
very name is a fjnarantoe, they fit well
look well and wear well,
It pays to buy
tlie best.
We soli the
SklMM- K
PDflPCDIEO I1's'1 aluI "-'ledU), new
and larc'e stock
Dandle 1- Jour, .Meal, Uran and
ritu.il' at wholesale ami retail.
Skinner & Ratcliff,
Vinita, Intl. Ter.
Vinita, . I. T.
Call.H pnnniitly attended to nighl
or day.
yy. wiiiKH, jWiww
The Eye, Ear, Catarrh and Throat
Specialist. Ten days treut-
ineiit free.
Ollice over postollii e, Vinita, I. T.
FiiisT Division, Ixu. Tek,
Vinita, hid. '1 er.
iiinililssioiter'a iurieilleiio. ...-,i.
ecupicti by tue Indian tnbi a
nu atieucy, ami all that
country eastol the nine-
.lie t reek country,
takes deposilioiia.
inorinaiies, etc.
said C
ov.'r uie eoiiittrv
in tit" tuupaiv liiilniii
pari ol tne ijn-rokee eo
jy .ixiii meridian, mid all the
is - Olllt'lit ItoLurv li It bile-
ackuttv It tlenielil ol il Is
" ;oy luainsiipt! naa ail tlio powers of
. . , t'cini court in criminal eae-
oi.enuoiy, except suiulaya. AUoasdepulj
Clerk, IHhilea imrr ll.u..u.. elJ
vie" vttllllit.-hii.jir ol
tor uie imiian It
. ... ... in i cuuri in criminal eae-
siiii'iion tu the anioiiiit-fif $ino ji, civil
louri held at Mnila, Ind. Ter., and
(i. i;i;i.i.,
the Court of Ciaiina
I llAlitlts II . Mason,
I iiited states ( onuiilsaluner,
i irai Uiviaon ind. ler.
8 IS
LA iri'AVc,
Vinita, I. T.
Practice in circuit and district courts
of Delaware, umi (Jooweescoonee, and
supreme court of (Jlierokee nation.
Next to Trott's
Lumber Yttrd.
Vinita, i. t.
P. D,
. Henry
lias just received anew and
Inine invoice of
Dry Goods, Boots,
( ' I II A. S
onocs, riuis ol
Which, in s l.litioii to what
he a'ready hail upon tbe
thelves, v'ives linn one of the
most complete stocks of
ponds in the Cherokee -Nation
Prices Low Down
for Cash.
Keep a General Stock of Goods,
Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots, Shoes, Hats
Also a Full Assortment of
j O.V.n IIAX 0KE and F. M. SMITH,
Attonieys-Af-Law, lieneinl Collet'tion
iitid Loan Agents.
Will practice in the U. H. Court.
, Visit, - . Ind. Tkb.
Jonathan Lore is alto V s Commissioner and
Coiiimi.-i,,u, r ol lieeiU for the stales ol Kan
sas, . Missouri . . rkaeeas ami Texas.
o . W. lieiiife. II W. C. Shellon.
T.vin.iajr aii, . Ind. Tku.
Will jtr.ict ice in courts of
kee Nation.
the Cbero-10-23
O. W. f!
M. Ktlmiatoo.
p.VSt 0, II AKIUSOX ic tll.MISTO.N,
SI l siviioKK,
IN II. Thlt.
p rat-lice in tie I". S Courts of tnu
ierrttorv. and the Ktb-rsl ,.,.iirt.
adjoining states.
A ts-pae
W. T. T7. a
Cor. sth and V sta
book Tree, Atttlreea
ERALD, Att'y-at-I.aw,
Washliuttou, I). C.
r-y-Will pay liinhest
:'otls (or tildes."
cute rheunial ism.
Sliaiiahan, Vinita,
Nowata, drolls! s.
hor sal"
ais.i P. ,M
bv P.
. Allen,
I r.
rci !l i in 1! li i: li T l i. ' 1 ill lee. I.
i iiol i- - i itan o !.. iii : . . 1 1 i j ol j
. finiiid just nulla Ii'i.-itJ in i)r.
S .,-v 1). -tun ry 'nPCt n itmjitiou,.
s a o 1 ' ' i ' 1 ; y.tii l.avi.i I'ever
i tins 'l. lit totiti If I fi Me, on.i
t wi l coitvii.c ' yt .1 that it I. as woii
!tll ctii'l.l i t'.e"s in a 1 ti is -u-es of
oat, cttest liini lot os. r.u'h bott'o
ti iiarit.'i d to iio ai I mat is cluiiued
tu ntey re'iiiiee I. 'I'l ial bottles fi'oi
W. t'. l'.iUiui A t'o.'s ili'iij storo.
Ve hot tics .") c -tits and $1. i
Saved fin m Heath b) Onions.
There h ts no doubt iteioi more ii ves of
children saved from dent Ii in croup or
hooping coti.'h by tlie use of onions
than any other known remedy, our
niot heis use to make pool I ices of t hem,
or syrup, which was always etbetua!
in breaking up n coii''li or col l. Dr.
(iillin s Onion f yrup is uncle by enm
binint; a tew simple reni" lies it h 1 1
which make it more illeetive as a
medicine ami destroys the taste ami
odor nf t be onion, HV. tvild by Dr. A.
W. ioreman. drujist.
Ile.ervln Piiilniv
'V" lesiio te say lo on- citi7ons ttinl
to yt a'S we blue K en sel.ii: Dr.
K i jo's New Ii'movi ry f' r et.iivnnie'ion,
I r. Kintr's Now lie l'ilis. leui'len's
Arriit" s-al'.-e and Pi -etcic Hitters, and
if that s-11 as
n such univer
satistaetion. Wo no pot hesitate to
C'lariarx;-" tin -m every time, arid wo
etatitl readv'lti ri tiii tl t1 e piirebae pric!
never liandltsi reun." i
well or that lisvo cit
Lumber Yards
Supplied with complete
Stock of
Building n Material !
.-. i.VCI.fDlNG ..
Lumber, Sash. Doors,
Cement, Lime, Hair.
Estimates Cheerfully Furnished.
Can Save money for any
man in the Indian Territory
aihvho intends building a
house. .,,
A Lumbei! Yard!
In connection, fully supplied with all
building material.
Iit.l. Tor,
Has the largest and lu st
line of . .
if satis'ncSor v rot-nlts do not loHow-ti eir i T i , II
ii-e. i b,-e t in, iii. s ave eon their I , Jh fiTtll fiT3 fi M C I
tu at popul. ritv piii'.-lv on their nu-r- jtl IU lUcll CI U I lO 1
i!s. V. C. I'atf.tii A: Co., druiists. 1, 1 . -r !
An honest e!e tells bis story in
plain but unnii.-t.ikat lo lantroaje f.r
tbe beiti tit ej tl.e piibiie. "tine of
my children t ok a severe cold an,' not
diet' otip. I traveller te;,ioonliii of
Cbsmbci Iain's I 'ii;li i.'emetty, and in
live uiinntes after 1 nave lierone more, i
l!y this time she Its 1 t, c oii'h up the i
tatlierinir in her throat. Then she
went to sleep and slept pond for fifteen
mmites. then she got tip and vomi
ted, then f he went back to bid ami I
adept good for the remainder of the j
niuht. She (..t the crniitv the :
set untl nisfht sal I gsve her the :
a imp renie.lv w it h Ihe same c etl rp.
n!t. I w i i te t h is because I thought
ttn-re ni'tit .p some one in the s.tti.e
need an.l not kn'nr the true merits of
Ih's wonderful medicine.'' Cliari.a ,1,.
1 iiot.tpwcn, 1'ea Moines. bwa. 3iani(
-ti rt nt b-it ties for a vie by 1'. ? ban ah a it.
Vinita. also K. M. Allen, Ncwgta.i
drxiggnts. bcv?.
Li s at -tl in
init.i. 1
Patronize the Photog
rapher that is reliable,
prompt and makes the
finest finished photo
graphs made in the In
dian Territory. 6tf
t. 8. tlavenport
W. II korneay.
oi:m:(;at k luVEsronT,
Attf rnpys at I. aw and c ollection
' nts.
vivirv. i 1
rut-tipf in nil tut 1' ,
.'iin It rntiTT , ,.
' it nt !m 4 oj Ifct ion 1(!
r( l'if h.r"ta nut-on.
,r "'I rUI I iinn of th" In I an Trrftnry
nj more? Tm;Uc i roii'tfy. ocl-l(
Hrts fnr
Cooking & Heating- Stoves.
CHARTER OAK Stoves Lead Them All.
IMPLEMENTS of every descript
ion, from a shingle nail to a reaper.
II1S F rRNTITKE is the finest
ever lir'Hiuiit to Adair. .
1SAUI1 WIRE sold so cheap that
you cannot help Inlying. . .
i.riacEi.L.a.xTEo-rja jics.
Cii(oirnft! ftrara or filmi cun he abtmrbM an1
p'trulvxi a ihtvi h nutortHi, v iihoat tho knile
r rink. liwa'MNi e.vea or lll ea bo our.d br
tur liumr f reuimenl. "We prove It,' linn
ilrt'tU ( un i... e j. Oar l..uiruf pami.birt.
il.'iii.'ln atnifiil for Xyt ' fiw. lH)n't mim it
KoiytxeOfivtiUts iu "luit avjt,"aieu l,li,,V.
Saddles, Harness and Collars Now on Hand.
ADAIR, - mo. TER.
Patrcnize Home Industry !
Htty your
Trees, Vines, Shrubbery,
Plants, Etc. t::s
Vinita Nurseries.
Those wishing (0 plant this fall
should place (heir orders now so as
to insure early attention at dig
ging time. Write for prica list.
Vinita Nursery Co.,
Vinita, I. T.
Vinita, Indian Territory,
l en
Davis Apple
rees a
Have just been
Come and See
While ii
the Stock
is Complete.
Through Trains
From Kansas City to
Chicago, Omaha, Lincoln,
St. Joseph, Denver,
St. Pauls .Minneapolis,
Pullman Palace Sleeping Cars.
Free Rechning Chair Cars
OIy One Chiino of Cars to
The Atlantic cr Pacific Coasts
Nebraska, Colorado,
The Black Hills,
General Pass. -Agent. St. I.O'lis, Mo.

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