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Indian chieftain. (Vinita, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1882-1902, January 26, 1893, Image 2

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Indian Chieftain.
l.SO For TToar In Advataoo.
rnbllahedThnradaya hy
Tin CnmrtAin l'trianiiiKn Compact,
I). M. MAKKS, Editor.
X. E. MILFOKI), Mannjror.
Vinita, Ind. Tbkm Jan. 2G, 1803.
TnE amended permit law g(ics
into eflccl February 28lh.
The Kansas City Times sent n
Bpccial train to tlio Strip conven
tion nl Gullirin on tho 18th.
CoMi'Aiu.va small things to great,
our mass convention liold hero on
tho Mlh inst., was in boiiic respects
like tho big meeting nt Guthrie four
days later. A few drunken blow
hards wanted to run it but woro
promptly sat down on, and their
maudlin spoeches only drew out
unmitigated disgust.
It is not hard to understand why
tho politicians of this nation as n
rule aro opposed to statehood or
any chnngo in our present form of
government. Tho politicians
would bo much smaller men undor
a slato government, than thoy nro
now. But the politicians do not
represent public opinion to any
groat extent just now. For this
reason and no othor tho flvo tribes
will not knock at tho door of tho
union for admission at presont.
But thoro is a movement in that di
rection, despito tho hostility of tho
The Strip convention hold at
Quthrlo on tho 18th inst., winch
Was so widely advertised, was as
near a comploto success, taking in
to consideration tho object for
which it was callod, as a conven
tion could bo. Influential men
from Saint Louis, Kansas City,
Atchison, St.JJoscph, Leavenworth,
Topeka, Wichita, and every town
in Oklahoma and many in tho In
dian Territory, were there and took
an activo part. Governor Critten
den, of Missouri, made a speech in
which, among other things ho said:
" Let this convention speak in such
bold, unmistakablo languago that
thoy will hear us when we say we
aro in favor, not only of opening
tho Strip, but wo aro in favor of
opening up tho fivo nations of the
Indian Territory and attaching
them, if it becomes necessary, to
Oklahoma and making a stato here
that will be worthy of being associ
ated with Missouri and Kansas."
The Strip bill came up in the
sonato last Monday and was dis
cussed at length but not disposed
of. Senator Butler ably defended
Cherokee interests, holding that
our title to that country was as
good as that of tho United Stntob
to tho capitol building. Tho in
truders ho stated wero nothing but
trespassers and instead of their ro
ceiving tho sympathy of tho son
ate, it was due to tho Cherokees.
Piatt believed some, consideration
duo tho intruders. Ho was op
posed to tho bill becauso it made
no provision to pay any money on
tho land to bo purchased. Senator
Higgins gave notice that ho would
propose an amendement to pay
th o intruders $250,000 and add the
cost to the price of tho land to set
tlers. An amendment presented
by Senator Berry was agreed to,
providing for tho appointment of
a commission for tho extinguish
ment of national or tribal title to
The Preservation of Ohorokoo
' Autonomy.
IH .
h, 1893. )
January Uth
Ed. Chieftain: I have learned
who answered tho request of the
principal of tho Yinita public
school for window.glass, putty, a
joint of stovo-pipo and some fuel;
I expected tho history of this re
quest, if brought to light, would
rovcal tho amplitude of the pro
vision made for tho support of our
schools; I havo discovered the gold
mino from which this amply sup
ported echool system draws its sup
plies; it is tho salaries of the
toachors paid in 74 cent scrip
which aro taxed to keep our school
houses habitablo for their fow
shuddering tenants and it is such
schools supported by such expedi
ents which forms tho Chorokco
school system; it is no wonder that
the man who says this system is
good enough for him should con
coal his identity and blush to own
his namo,
Tho traditional aim of our Ameri
can school system is to prepare
futuro citizens to vote intelligently;
a school system which denies edu
cation to two. thirds of tho wliolo
population is not fulfilling this
duty; tnuoh less so when the re
maining third (with tho exception
of tho children in tho Seminaries
and tho Asylum) are supplied with
educational facilities miserably
Mid shamefully inadequate; your
eiiools aro having tho effect upon
- ' yww children which' badly organ
if4 schools everywhere havo a
nQ a dtoUlle moral tonp, and tho utter
ruin of all habits of order and in
diwtry; our modern god, Boodle,
1 raotu6tiraM called "spoils" has our
0o irtfeooU in IiIh, rcp, Let nuy one
who chooses call it imprudent, I
say that it in only tho lack of fit
words which could keep mo from
expressing tho contempt and abhor
rence I feci for this system which
robs children for tho sort of follows
who mako politics a trade and my
contompt for any man ovory man
who apologizes for or dofonds
this accursed spoils system.
But tho school systoms which
havo fulfilled (il any have) tho tra
ditional aim cannot adequately
meet tho demands of tho futuro.
California with its proud pro-cmi-nenco
over all our States is giving
only a tithe, a tenth, of what tho
immediate futuro shall demand;
tho wiser of our public men aro
studying how this demand is to bo
mot; uhcro tho money is coming
from is a question which discour
ages only tho weak and faint-hearted:
money is euro to bo found; one
thing Is cortain, namely, when the
spoils devil is chained much of the
monoy now wasted in governmental
extravaganco will bo applied to tho
bettor education of our young.
But why must schools become
moro costly? In a word, because
poverty with its attendant misorios
is increasing at as fast or faster
ratio than wealth or productive
ness; tho " Bitter Cry of Outcast
London " is tho bitter cry of ovory
contro of largo population. Lon
don and Glasgow aro becoming in
fested by as largo a population of
human rats, as of tho lowor species,
who sally forth from their holos
and dens with tho setting of tho
sun; both species livo by preying
upon human industry; both, alas I
aro an offense to the sight and aro
doomed to extinction as the price
of human progress. I hm more
concerned at tho present with the
cure than the causo of this poverty.
I know bettor, however, than to
givo credonco to tho fanatics and
ignoramusos who say that the
causes aro social; that financial sys
tems, for instance, havo anything
to do w itli their cause or cure. Tho
causo is individual, not social.
Adam fell before the gold or green
back question was thought of; the
fall from innocence to dopravity of
a million sons and daughters of
Adam within tho sound of tho great
bell in St. Paul's Cathedral ac
counts and more than accounts for
the woo of London's perishing and
dangerous classes; tho wonder is
that things aro no worse; that law
ia obeyed, that property is secure,
that no man, who Hants to keep it,
need lose honor nor woman virtue;
it is a wonder that the million or
so of human beings in London who
aro guided or restrained by no
moral principle, who havo no law
but fear, do not turn London into a
pueblo of howling maniacs feasting
on each others blood.
Tho cause belongs to the histori
an; the cure to the legislator. 1
shall describe tho part which I
think tho schools aro to have in the
great amelioration, but I shall en
deavor not to arrogato to them
moro importance than they actually
possoss. bchools alone can db
nothing; the fundamental condition
ol all amelioration is tho gospel of
tho New Testament; this is a state
ment which, liko somo others, I
would not ditcuss with nny man;
the man is lacking in proper intel
ligence or hopelessly blinded by
prejudice who supposes there is
betterment of human conditions
anywhere in the absence of an ac
tivo Christianity; but tho Christi
anity which will save society must
be ombodied in conduct, that is in
the individual life, and in politics;
that is in tho life of tho communi
ty; the iijcro utterance ot pious
sentiments in the ever narrowing
circlo of tho pulpit and tho prayer
meeting makes no devil quake; the
pillars of Satan's temple will not
fly from their foundations as long
as men counted respectable are
willing to soil their hands with the
smutch of boodle (unearned gain)
and soil their hearts with tho love
of it; tho willingness that others'
sons and daughters should be de
bauched as long as mino aro not,
will not protect my Bon or daughter
though I support a missionary and
make tho welkin nntr with inv
prayers; tho detoetablo creed em
bodied in tho motto, " Every man
for himself and the devil take tho
laggard and the weak," must bo
changed for the conviction that we
aro the keepers and guardians of
each other; there is no lasting sop
aration betweon individual and na
tional safety. Next to God, man
is the greatest fact in tho universe'
and the nation which does not pro
tect tho weakest human croaluro in
his natural rights will fall and
ought to fall. Victor Hugo, hero
and apostlo of this modern Chris
tian epirij in socioty has uttered
words I cannot forhoar quoting:
"Take heed of thlt (mail chllJ of earth, lie li
(treat) lie hath In him Uolmott hlghi
Children tieruro their mortal birth are light!
allre In the blue tkjr "
"When God ilemamla the tender thlugtof us
In the ahailowr where we ilecp
'Tho lent tia clothed about with winjrt He
flniUthem ragged babea that vriep "
A costlier school system is needed
to civo back to societv and to them.
selves these ragged babes that
weep; society must for its own sako
givo them each a fair start in life;
tho wiser education will not
only aim to teach mon to under
stand; it will teach thorn to do:
education except in a fow favored
spots, among them Switzerland and
Piussia, has bcon addressed to tho
understanding; tho productive, tho
industrial faculties, boys and girls
havo been left to discover tho uso
of as thoy might. In Switzerland
and PriiHsia overy child is taught n
handicraft; is mado a producer;
with insignificant exceptions tho
vast idle class which forms tho rat
element of our population is com
posed of those who havo no handi
craft; their education which has
often taken tho better part ot their
lives, has given them no skill which
has market valuo; tluy full into tho
lower and meaner ranks of labor
whero precarious employment, ox
Imitating work, mfscrablo pay,
throw them into a condition of des
poration which is tho threshold
of ruin. School. taught handicraft
will revolutionize tho industrial
world; for it will put into work,
mind and conscience, tho want of
which makos so much of our work
useless when paid for; I can testify
from my exporionco in trying to
keep tho Academy property in ro
pair that tho saving of tlio wasto of
" botched " work by clumsy and
conscioncelcss workmen would bo
a vast addition to tho wealth of tho
world; it would bo enough lo doublo
tho numbor of men actually nt
work, increase their wages and pro
nioto tho general prosperity to an
extent nbw unthought of; moreover
tho responsibility of tho now and
better education (Iocs not end hero;
by a sumptuous but sensible luxury
of appointment our schools shall
familiarize all children, oven the
poorest, from tho very beginning
with tho refinements that dignify
and cnnoblo life; art, dignified in
tercourse, music, and noblo conver
sation in placo of tho scurrility and
profanity which forms tho hulk of
common speech, will no longer be
the cxclusivo possession of the
rich: indeed tho poorer child will
ho tho more fortunato since the in
iluences which impress him will be
arranged by responsible and capa
lilo persons and will not be subject
to tho caprices of individual taste;
the school will bo tho complement
of the home; like tho selection of
tuo child's books and pictures, in
moral training also, it is better thai
tho child should bo, part of- the
time, under the control of responsi
bio and capable persons oatsido tlio
homo and not entirely subject to
tlio caprices of individual taste; in
short, every natural right of which
tho child is deprived in his home
through poverty or ignorance
should and shall be in duo time
and with proper caution furnished
him in school; tho child belongs to
tho Stato as truly as to tho parent:
tho Stato will sec that ho shall
havo a school to attend if he wills
and that no circumstanco of birth
or surroundings shall deprive him
of what is necessary to mako him a
safe and useful member of society.
Such is an outline of tho plan
which tho school legislation of
future years will fill in; that such a
system, in nearly all its perfection,
in in vogue now in Washing
ton City is tho assuranco that
I am indulging in no empty dream;
agitators for a Stato socialism, have
tailed quito generally, I beliovo to
notice that our constitution in tax
ing tho rich for tho education of all
without distinction of class has es
tablished a most splendid and im
posing fabric of socialism upon our
commonwealth, and has put into
practical operation the only scheme
by which the gains of tho rich can
be appropriated lor tho benefit of
tho poor to tho real advantage of
tho poor.
When tho time comes to tax tho
people of this Territory for the
erection of a school system, it will
havo no rich class of property
holders to tax; it must tax forty
cent whoat if tho people do not
dedicate tho strip money to this
noblo use; forty cent wheat, it is
very likely to remain; .our country
has too many "movers" who live
from hand to mouth and who rush
wheat upon the market and smash
prices, and leave tho country with
notes unpaid while the honest
farmer class is left face to face with
a ruined market, crops barely suf
ficing under these ruinous prices
for bread and seed, and the grim
shadow of accumulating interest
growing into a cloud which literally
blots out tho sun. Tiie building of
your school system will wait for
the moro convenient day which will
never come until your people will
find out that they can get along
without schools, liko some of the
uunappy communities mentioned
in a former nrticlo of mino on this
What has all this to do with the
preservation of the Ch trokeo auton
omy? A sentence in a recent is
sue of a Territory paper is worth
noting: " Wo must expect the
government to deal witli us as with
anv other civilized people." which
means among other things that if
the Ulicrokee government does not
protect every individual in tho en
joyment of his natural rights, tho
general government should and
Bhitll; the renters and others follow
ing lawful callings are a vast bene
fit to the nation; they represent
nearly all its productivo energy and
are therefore the source of nearly
all its wealth and therefore the in
gratitude of leaving their children
destitute of school privileges while
appropriating all their lubor is as
manifest as its impolicy; tho gen
eral government will not turn a
deaf ear to the bitter cry of theso
outcasts; the only reasonable pro
text now being made for taking
forciblo possession of Indian Ter
ritory and destroying its autono
mies is that men are not protected
in their natural rights. A liberal
policy of school legislation founded
on the ii.como ot tlio strip money
would secure, from a generous peo
ple liko the Americans, two dollars
per aero as easily as two cents: it
would arouso tho nearly dis
couraged philanthropy of the east
ern States to tho rescuo of tho
Cherokee autonomy and give tho
lattor a new lease of lifo. I havo
been flattered with the titlo of Dic
tator of tho Chcrokeo nation; this
is abouf as intelligent a criticism as
has been printed of my plans for
the educational betterment of tho
niaa-ivtlVai mlftltloi finnnarnlnn li t u
criticism 1 havo this to say that if
i wero dictator lor a wtillo 1 would
wager my head that thcro would bo
a Cherokee Nation hero thirty
years from now; tho boodlors who
want to divido tho strip money
daro not avow their main reason
for that division, but thoy acknowl
edge it to each other, hamely that
tho Nation is going to Hades any
way and " wo might as well pocket
this plunder ivhilo there is a
chanco." No doubt tho Chorokco
Autonomy is In great peril: $500
per capita is an immense brlbo and
among thoso who call for a division
aro many morconaries who are will
ing for tho sako of tho boodlo to
tend the Cherokee Nation to the
abodo of tho Ucparlod or tho
damned and thoy caro not which,
Switzerland and Prussia havo
school systoms in which ovory
child is mado a producer; thoro is
a iiotablo nbsenco of Swiss and
Prussian immigrants in tho annnls
of American crimo and pauporism.
I do not think that a Prussian lib
erality of education is too good for
a Cherokee; I havo a high estimate
of tho Chorokecs; if I had not I
would hardly havo spent overy dol
lar in my possession and oix of tho
lipnl vnrtrn nf mv lid. in tl. ., nv.,.1 i,.
educato their children. Tho Btory
ui i.eyucn in liointnd is lull ot sug
gostivenoss to tho Cherokees at tho
present time: it is no wonder that
tho peoplo whoso deeds nro record
ed in this story aro now counted as
tho most prosperous and contested
peoplo inhabiting tho earth. In
157a, pent up within tho walls of
their burgh tho bravo citizons of
Leyden woro withstanding tho slogo
of Spanish Philip, who was deter
mined to bring all Europe under
tho joint control of himsoll nml tho
Popo. Tho towns-peoplo woro
ablo to communicate with tho
Prince of Or.mgo outsido only by
means of carrier pigeons; a cordon
of GO forts surrounded tho town and
SUCCrPsfllllv held thn Itomil.t In nml
their defender nt bay; many woro
uio uuuris mauo mr nuerty oy tho
OraVO DCOIlln. hut nil nrnf.wl fnllln
till the courage and fortiludo of tho
citizens woro put to the last tost;
overy man becamo a hero and every
woman an nrntnr! ml tin tmnni
dogs, weeds, nettles, roots, wero
cntcn; uio carrier pigeons brought
tho message to thn frinmla niitjiili.
" When wo havo nothing olso to
eai we win eai our loll hands and
fight with our right;" onco a fam
ished mob ran thrniiirli th RtrnnU
crying, " Give us bread or surren-
ucr, uihi me ourgomastermayor)
said. " If mv bnilv is nl nnv inn In
you tear it to pieces and eat it; I
win not, surrender; " tho dauntless
Dutcll cut their dikns nml lot lt,o
sea in upon tho land, ruining tho
inuor oi centuries; still the
enemy hjjld his ground; but at last
thouch the sea did not (Infant tin.
Spaniards it furnished tho means
oi uoing so; the I'rmco of Orange
drovo n fleet of transport boats
through tho Spanish lines, brought
ioou to uio lamisneii nurghors and
bv Ullitincr forces with tlinan within
tho rhy repelled the bosicgers and
ultimately ireeu Holland. With a
nation as with a man indeed charac
ter, not money, is fouuno or mis
fortune. But the story is yet to
corao; the raising of the siege found
the peoplo in tho extreme ofmisery ;
thcircostly dikes dismantled; their
lands overflowed; every head of
their horses and cattlo killed and
oaten together with tho seed for
their crops. William offered thorn
in recognition of their extraordin
ary bravery a remission of their
taxes for a number of years or a
university to bo founded in their
town; they despised tho lucre and
took tho university. The rosult of
this choico is a splendid history in
itself; I will cito but ono incident:
A Dutch youth walked to Leyden,
too poor to afford any other mt-'ans
of conveyance; ho was taken in as
a student of tho university; in due
time he became a profossor and one
of tho world's great philosopher
theologians Jacobus Arminius,
whoso theology lies at the basis of
Methodism and but for whom tho
vastly beneficent influence of
Methodism might yot bo unfolt in
tho world, I think it quite possiblo
that there may bo an Arminius in
somo obscuro cabin in Indian Ter
ritory; the Cherokee people will
not consign their brightest youth
unknown and unhonorod to their
native dust; tho Cherokoos aro as
good as tho Dutch and I look for
the coming days to prove it.
John McCakthv,
Principal Worcostor Academy.
Jcdoe John Maiitin was elected
senator of Kansas yesterday.
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Froo noollning Chair Cars.
Only Ono Chango of Cars to
Tho Atlantis or Pacific Coasts
Nebraska, Colorado,
Tho Black Hills,
A. O. 33A.-WE3,
General 1'uii, Auent. Ht. Louis, Mo.
Found-Span of Mules.
i to to atalan, waro Itfl at my liltca naar Viol
a, J, T .... . .
Iieaorlplloni una bay mara mala, 7 yrara
oli, Hit hanilahlgli.branilail Hon leftafiool.
Uari Ilia ottiar U a brown mul, 7 yeara old,
I a me balghl and bramlad Ta (ooqnaetaU)
AfTin-tr. r, u, Aawwwc.
trr mi SSjl (.rtTiy &k
ttt 1HI -14 JM
9 -
fl Ht Moss -
Also the Immense
Stock of . . .
v . 1 i OF "-;
Pryor Creek,
V?Z OflO Of the Most Seasona
$LO,VVV ble g0Qds bQUgM in
the Best Markets of the country,
125 gjW.fjrttrU
Must Absolutely be sold at a groat
sacrifice in the next 90 days.
Grandest opportunity for br -gains
the Cherokee people ever saw.
Wo have lately received or have In transit:
Two car loads of Royal Patent Flour.
One car load High Patent Flour.
Two car loads Barbed Wire and Wire Nails.
One car load Salt.
One car load Crockery.
One car load Wagons and Agricultural Implements
Three car loads Lumber.
One car load Shingles.
Everything goes at a reduced price.
And bring your Fat Hogs, Wheat, Corn.
Oats, Furs, etc., to the best market
in the Country.
' John G. Hogan,
Dealer in Everything. Pnyor Creak, LT.
M. L. & W. M.
"Q-e:raL TDr-CL
Drugs, Paints, Oils, Wall Paper, Etc.,
In Southwest Missouri, ticnil tliotn an oiJcr for anything In the
nuovQ lino ami it wi!l reccivo prompt attention. Prescriptions
carefully flllcil with mrcst chugs. 1118, West Side Cherokee Avcuuo.
cty'isfa &.cJeck o
Xj"CL3x"be3:I Xj"vjL2n-"bexI
Vinita, Indian Territory.
A completo stock of BuildorH1 Mntorinl,
Cement, Limo, Latli, Doors, Window.
Mouldings, Mixed 1'iuiiU, W1 1 Paper, Etc,
Yollow Pine Finishing Lumber Cypress Shingles a Specialty
Terms: CASH. W. L. TROTT.
at . .
Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots,
In fact everything usually
kopt in a ... .
General Store.
Pricos in keeping with tho times. ::
Call and see Tlios, W. Smith, Manager.
Postoffice Building, Fairland, I. T.
Depot Lunch Stand,
. . . and . . .
Short Order Restaurant.
Finest Place in the City to take your M.eals,
., ,
Oysters Cooked to suit you. m)
OH.UU Best 5q Cigar in the City.
bacK DiariKui uu&auo
are again in the saddle and
the best and most valuable
labor of the country rpust go.
F.RiiRva1 MfiretoM
Ind. Ter.
.t VNiSi'
n.-. ex.' y 7, flY fraytf rv, -Jr.
OI!ern n well eclcctcU stock of
bhoes and Uothing,

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