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Latost Goneornlng tlio Troublo Bo
twoon tho Two Oountrloo.
The .Ip Were Too Unity la WnklnR
Chinese Trnniport The letter Wat
Fixing the llrltlth Flag; Cnnne
of the Trouble.
War Clonds Gathering.
LoNnoJi, July 28. A dispatch ro-cr-lvcd
hero nt 11:50 a. m. to-elny from
Lloyds Agent ni Shanghai, Chtnn, con
firms tho announcement exclusively
cabled lo thq Associated press on Sat
urday last that war between China
nnd Japan has been declared and fight
ing Is said to have already begun.
Matthlcson A Co., Lloyds' nffcnts In
England, have received a cablo mes
sage which confirms tho announcement
that war has been declared between
Japan and China.
Tho cans- of tho declaration of war
is said to bo tho fact, as previously
announced by tho Associated press,
that tho Japancso attacked tho Chinese
transports convoying troops to Ccrca,
In this engagement at least ono Chinese
transport was sunk by a Japanese
Hut it wonld now seem that the
fighting between tho Chinese nnd Jap
ancso warships was much more, serious
than at first announced, for It is ru
mored in ontl-Chlncso circles that tho
Chinese havo already suffered very
heavy losses, nnd it Is bcliovo-1 that a
number of Chinese ships havo been
sunk by tho Japancso cruisers.
The Japanese Too Hasty.
Wabuisoto. July 31. It Is tho opin
ion of diplomats hero that the Japan
ese havo made a grave error in sinking
tho transport Kow
Shung, and ono that
is likely to cost
them much money
in reparation, be
sides tho humili
ation of an apol
ogy. Tho Kow
Shung was ono ol
tho lino of coasting
steamers belonging
to Hugh Mathtcson
fc Co., and trading
rair-noRorjArAX. oetween unincsc
ports. Tho vessel was under the Hrlt
ish flag when she was sunk. Al
though sho carried Chinese troops to
Corea, it Is stated hero sho did not In
bo doing violate tho law of neutrality,
for there had been no declaration of
war or open acknowledgment by cither
China or Japan thnt war prevails. The
vessel, therefore, was engaged in le
gitimate trnflle, nnd tho Japancso arc
likely to pay dearly for sinking her
and destroying tho lives of the ship's
An interesting explanation of tho
present attltudo of Japan toward China
was furnished by a diplomat of much
experience In Asiatic affairs. lie first
pointed out the fact that internal con
ditions in Japan aro and have been for
some, timo very much disturbed. There
has been great friction between the
mikado and his cabinet on ono side
and the parliament and the people,
on the other. This steadily in
creased until tho parliament actually
passed a resolution requesting tho
mikado to remove his cabinet and re
place it by other men more nearly in
accord with their ideas, which nro dis
tinctly reactionary and marked by re
sentment of tho presence of foreigners
in Japan and the extentlon of modern
civilizing systems. The emperor's an
swer camo quick nnd sharp In a decree
proroguing the parliament.
This added to the popular feeling of
dissatisfaction, the government became
alarmed, tho data of the election of
tho new parliament drew near and
some hc'.jJc measure were necessary
to prevent nn overwhelming defeat,
tho result of which might be to
turn Japan backwards In tho
march toward civilization and perhaps
overthrow tho emperor himself. The
JapanoMi relations to Corea growing
out of the obstacles to trade with that
country n 1th Its limitation on the fish
eries and upon tho numler of ports
open to Japanese trade were in a very
unsatisfactory state, nnd this, with a
state of domestic affairs, led tho Japan
ese government to adopt very vigorous
foreign policies in which it is quite
sure of popular support
John A. Murray, of Prohibitory Act I'atne,
Hurcumha hi Slexlco.
Topeka, Kan., July 30 John A.
Murray, Uie reputed author of tho pro
hibitory act which bears his name,
died yesterday forenoon of yollow
fever at Kueva Topeka, state of Oaxa
jca, Mex. lie was at tho head of a
colony of Kansas men who had ob
tained a largo grant of land on tho
I'apaleapau river and was engaged in
coffeo raising. How or where he con
tracted the dlseaso Is not stated In tho
brief dispatch to his family announc
ing his death. Ho left hero about two
w ecks ago.
Murray achieved notoriety In Kansas
ds n member of the legislature of 1897,
representing Sumner county. As chair
man of tho house committee on tem
perance he introduced tho famous Jlur
ray temperance measure which gave to
the state, tho present metropolitan sys
tem of police- for the lnrger cities.
Shot In III Cab.
DA:vir.l.K, 111., July SO. Several at
tempts havo been mado to shoot the
new engineers nn tho Chicago ,fc East
cm Illinois who took the places of
btrikcrs. The cabs have been fired in
to tho past week. Last night an engi
neer, whoso home Is at Oalosburg, but
whoso Identity the coroner's jury has
not yet discovered, was shot in his cab
at tho junction, dying shortly after
ward. Lender of Ti.neyt Tarrnri Ar.Vttrd.
Pbxveii, Co"-, July 31 Joseph Wil
son, who Is believed to bo tie leador of
the party who tarred and feathered
Ajt-dcn. Tarsncy nt Colorado Springs,
hus been arrested near Nevada, Mo. It
is reported that ho has mado a con
fession. Tlie A. W. Little Cate Continued.
Oi.athk, Kan., July 31. Upon nppll.
cation of tho state tho A. W. Llttlo
casu was this morning continued by
Judge Harris until tho September term
of court. It will not, however, bo tried
in September, but will bo set down for
an adjourned session probably In No
vember. Wisdom of the KIrphant.
It arpcars from trustworthy anec
dotes that tho Asiatic elephants it! a
few months of captivity acquire tho
rules of conduct which It Is necessary
to impose upon tnem. u no spccdincss
of this Intellectual subjugation may bo
judged from tho fact that, after a short
Verm of domestication, they will taken
willing and intelligent part in captur
ing their kindred of the wilderness,
showing in this work llttlo ornodls
oUton to rejoin tho wild herds. In
ttta cee of no other animal do wo find
Mytttl like such un immediate udhe
Am) iu tim ways of civilization. Wo
fci account for tUts emk-cnt pecul
iarity e th t elephant on tho supposi
lt Mm, wfctaja spvis to be thoroughly
lMtM4, ttut Um urcatrc has, oven Iu
Its wtW atat, - type of lutclllgonco
wl ,lrtUwW mum nearly like the of
Mil U Ux rw) widianj'jifcW
ifh i,i ---- -' m ' t
i I I t MwVnr UTHCkk;v , ,.. . . , ..-. jr. - I
Knnsn City T.tvo Stock.
Kansas Crrr, July St.-Cnttlo receipts,
slnco Saturday, 8,611, calrcs, 374, shipped
Saturday, 5 61a. Tho steer market wit dull
and steady to !V lower; W, bulls nnd
Calve steady: feeders, scllro and strong)
Texas rattle 10B.IV lower. Tho following aro
representative sales
tmtftstn nsitr am rxront pitkviis.
l MUtlSO 85 . . . . I DTI (I 41
19 I4M 440 SO I.278 4 87!l
re ijsi) 4jn i7 1 4W tn
!W 11(1 4 SO 19 .... 1.4(3 4 SI
M 10 4.M V I,i9 4M
ir u 417M 2) ixa 4 15
SI.. .. 1.4 tT 4 10 18 .... 1-W 4 IS
41 I4H SK0 4 .. .. 1,149 3.T1
cows amd imrEns.
It m M.P0 l tw)!.M
1 tt S.I0 5 (NO 2M
i wo a 7 m M
4 sts i nw t-a
s eu i.m io rw is
S IJI0 180 Oil) ITS
I ixnn i.rs i i,w itj
1 61') ltt S W) 1.M
3 W3 IJW I S10 1W
STOcKms Ann rtr.vtu.
ei uui Mto so i.Mfam
40 Wl S15!i -' Oil 3. IS
41 fflB M (SIS S.40
si TOO im i ms aw
W V (3.00 i PMMM
60 wlnt 10 S.PS 94 (Nt 2.00
it ,. . ti3 2.40 Im en &40
28... . M 2.10 I 78 Ml 2.30
Illspd- -- 7mUU18 7M $120
2 VK 2.1S 29 7() 2.00
2S 737 1 SO 83 IS I I
20 703 1.75 I 4 mix . 812 IM
Hojs Receipts since Saturduv, 7,074. shipped
Raturday, l.Cia The market wns dull tad 10S
20o lower The top was (I SO and bulk of sales
II 7034 75. otcalnit S.1.00 for top and II 8S4J)4 tt'i
for hulk of anlcs Saturday. The (Viewing are
representative sales.
79 215 JIM 77 221 l 7S M
82 328 4 75 m 310 4 05 07
S4 197 4 75 73 269 4 72 Vt It
TO 2S.1 4 70 SO 214 4 70 St
85. 203 4 70 S3 Stl 4 70 M
78 3 4.70 SO 229 4 70 00
74 319 4 70 70 218 4 70 S
73 211 4 70 81 223 4 70 78
73 182 4 87U 62 200 4 87)4 72
71 191 4 07U 8 III IM CI
93 168 4 00 60 192 4 80 7
8 113 4 60 b ItS 4 30 18
321 1171
215 4 75
201 4 72i
201 4 70
211 4 70
SM 4 70
318 4 70
191 4 70
213 47i
9) 4fll
123 4 60
131 4.00
193 XM
Sheep Ilccotpts since Satnrday, 331 , ahlppcd
Saturday, 4 2M. There were not enough sheep
to make a market The feeling was dull and
weak Tho following are representative sales:
I lamb M II 10
Horses and Mules Itecclpu slnco Saturday,
13, no shipments Thero was Utile business la
tho ho a market.
Chicago I.lrr Stock.
Chicago, July 31 Hogs Iteeelpts, nol0;
official Saturday, 14.531 shipments Saturday,
6.930, left over, about 2,000 quality only fair,
market demoralised, prlees 25c lower Sales
ranged ntUS.vyi.10 for light; HOoaiTS for
rough packing, fl.75O.V03 for mixed, II 08
6.10 for heavy packing and shipping lots, pigs
II 3544 00.
Caltlo Receipts, 35.001: offlelal Saturday. 1,
231. shipments Saturday, 372, market dull,
price 10 J20o lower.
Sheep Receipts, 12000, offlelal Saturday, 2,
018: shipments Saturday, 623, market dull,
prices 10c lower.
ICnnsss City nraln.
Kansas City, July 31 Fewer buyers than
usual wanted wheat to-day but there few were
free buyers and the offerings on 'change wero
sold out early about 4c adranee over Satur
day's prices. The feeling nt the close was
stronger still. Probably fully halt the enr lota
reported In the receipts were delivered to fill
sales "to nrrhe." RccelTcrs expect much
smaller receipts soon
Receipts of wheat to-day were 190 oars; a year
ago, 103 cars.
Quotations for oar lots by sample on track at
Kansas City were nominally as follows N'a
S bard. 4to N'o. 3 hard, 4tHe. N'a I
hard, 404lo. rejected, 40a, No. 2 red. 4IMe;
No. 3 red 4(c N'o. 4 red, 40H. rcti-eted 30&
Corn was In good demand and some sales
were up He. Ht cry thing was sold early and
the feeling at tho close was llrm.
Receipts of corn to-day, 73 cars: a year ago,
87 cars.
No. 2 mixed sold at 38!4a.13c. according to
billing, Kansas City. No. 3 mixed. Mo. No.
4, 37c. No. 2 white. 4!KUKo. Na 3 white,
41 No. 2 white was quoted nominally at 60s
Memphis. No. 2 mixed. 40c Memphis.
Oats sold readily and the market was very
Receipts of oats to-day, 22 cars, a year ago.
No. 2 mixed oaN, 4 cars 27Hc. 8 cars 27o . No. 3
mixed. 4 cars 28Kc 1 car 28c; No. 4 oats, nomi
nally 25c. No. 2 white oats, nominally at 30o;
No. 3 white. noi-jiHy, 23c.
Hay Reeolpts, 43 cars; market firm. Tim
othy, choice W COgO.W. No. 1, H.H, tow
grade, 5.m7.00. faney prairie. HOia&ftO,
cholco, tASoaaOO, prime, fL504A.O). loir
grades. (3.0031 oa
Chicago (Jrnln and rrorltltins.
July 31 Openedjlllgh'at Low at Closing
Wh't . July .. 61H MH MH eii
t-epl . ml Wl 5 4114
Dee. . . 5'( 679, t ST(
Corn July.... uU N H "X
bept. .. 41 48K -Itti ,
May. . 4tii U 42 46l
Oats July M 32 31 11
Sept... 9BK n )( SHX
Way.... atK 34 M II
Pork July.... It SO It CO 12 60 lt 0
Sept!;'.; It It'aMS 'it' 60 12 4
Lard -July.... SM OIK) W 6W
.Sept... AM 6MV. 8 90 8(!.
Ribs July.... 870 0 70 8 as 670
Aug ' "
Sept.... 8 82M 8 65 C57S 8 KHj
' St. Louis liraliu
St.Lomv July 31 Receipts, wheat. 211,(81
bu.; last year, 133,S2tu.. corn. 1.3.900 bu., hut
year. 179,910 bu.; oats, 50 J 10 bu., last year,
33,030 bu.: Sour, 8 810 bbU, Shipments, wheat,
200 bu.; corn, 86,83 bu.. oats, I9 478bu. rye,
bu.; flour, 5,SM bbK IVheat-Oash. We;
August, 43'jo: September, 0v, December,
WKo. Corn Cash, 4J',i. August, 43e, bup
tember, 41c. Oits-Cmih.a'.c, Augut, 29oj
September, 29.Sc.
ICausas City Produce.
Kaksas Crrr. July 31 Eggs Receipts,
light, supply small, the market It qultoocllta
and Tcry firm, strictly fresh, te: original, 6a.
Butter, receipts, lighter, market Arm: extra
fancy separator, 15c. fanoy, 14c, fair 13o;
dairy, fancy, firm, lie, fair, 12a, choice coun
try, firm, 12913c, choice packing, firm. 10c
Poultry Receipts, light, market quiet, hens,
weak, 8c, good large springs, weak, 8e;
roosters, I5e Turkeys Receipts, light not
wanted, gobblers, weak, 6o per lb , hens, 6o
per lb. Ducks, dull. 8c per lb Geeeo, not
wanted, dull, 4c poor, unsalable Pigeons,
not wanted. 75o per doz. Oreen Fruits Dlaek
berries, act ho, llrm, II 85&2JM per com,
Plums, M&COo per H bu. box. wiM goose,
IJO3.03 per bu. Texas peaches, poor
plentiful; 20gSSc pet H bu. box, good, oMVse;
faney, fl.OO&l.M. 75o per basket.
Apples, plentiful, poor quality: almost
worthless and unsalable. 351330 per ba.;
choice, COjlOOo. Watermelons, actlye, JiO)
15.00 per 100. II 6032.00 per doc Cantaloupes,
market glutted, 6(5o per dot. Vegetables
Cabbage, plentiful, 60 per owt.; IStlOj per
doz. Cauliflower, small, 403.W0, large, 76a
per dot. Potatoes, plentiful, steady, )o.
IHeil Soon After 3Iarrlage.
IiOSDos, July 38. Word has hoen ro
eolved of the death at Carlsbad to-day
of Vltoountofcs llarin(,r, whoso marriage
took place at l'aris rcoontly. On tho
day following tho wedding tho vis
count 08 caught a chill, whloh (lovul
opod into a serious illness.
Tho stoainor Castor and ths bark
Ernst collided oft Sandjrato, Vag. Tho
Castor was badly injured, and sank
within a few minutes nf tor the vessels
came together. Thieo passengers and
n crew of thlrty-slx men were landed
at rollcstone.
In Clilcago 2,500 men went to work
at the Illinois Hteel Co.'s plant on tho
30th. The works havo been closed
down slnco the strike began. Ono
thousand moro workmen will bo given
employment by tho company beforo
tho end of the week.
A terrific cyclono visited Watonga,
county scat of Ulalno county, Ok., de
stroying many buildings, ruining crops
nnd Injuting a pi oat many persons.
Tho town was badly wrecked,
fourteen people wero drowned in a
ferryboat accident near Warsaw, I'o
laud. Ulooruy lor-bodlligs.
"Are you much benefited by your trip
to tho hot springs?" asked Ullhooly of
an Austin hypochondriuc, who goes off
every summer for his health.
"I don't think I am benefited much.
I am benefited a llttlo by tho hot
springe, but there is so little improve
ment in my health each year that I
will dlo of old ago before I gel my
health back again." Texas Sittings.
Mmpsuil TfuiHluaitM fur t'oryresi.
IIUTOHWOXr Kan., July .IS.-The
people'! party of tho Seventh congre
tlouul din trie t met In Uili city to-day
il&i. utt"'isiy innmlmitr.rt Jerry
Found In the Sea nnd In Ponds ns 'Well as
nn Land.
In tho sea there nro plenty of spiders.
They nro found crawling upon sea
weeds along tho shore. Their bodies
nro very small and their legs long and
threadlike. There is n species of
arachnid thnt lives under tho water In 1
fresh ponds. It makes its home In nn
empty shell of a water snal), closing
with 11 web of varnished silk to keep
tho wnter out. Other amiatlo spiders
spread silken 111 nine tits under wntcr to
entrap Insects. In Now Zealand there
is n blnclc spider with n red spot on its
stomach, which is supposed to have a
blto falnl to huninn beings. Tho snmo
anlmnl has a similar reputation else
where though undeservedly. It is
found In this conntry.
All spiders nro venomous, but none
of them nro deadly. Tho spider of 111
reputo nboro mi tloncd Is aflllctcd
with constitutional hydrophobia. It
will go into n lit If touched w ith water,
though other speoioa will drink eager
ly if n drop of that fluid is offered on n
straw. A severe spider blto produces
symptoms like those of lock-jaw. In
the tropics llvo great hairy spiders,
Some of them weigh half a pound, ulth
a spread of legs wldo enough to cover
a ton pinto. Most of them spin no
webs, but llg a hole In ' ground,
line it with silk nnd lit 1 rith a trap
door so nr fully mado ns to' hinge,
bevel edge and spring thnt lt Is almost
impossible to find tho opening. In some
cases they actually plant seeds on tho
dainty portal for the purpose of con
cealing It with growing plants.
The mission of spiders In the world
Is doubtlesi to keep down tho flies,
which would otherwise swarm over tho
earth. Only tho females spin webs;
the mnles aro about one-twentieth the
sUo of tho females, the sole purpose of
their existence bolng that of reproduc
tion. fiplders nro very fond of tho music of
stringed Instruments, because to their
cars It resembles the busting of captive
files. Their greatest enemies nro
wasps, which paralyze them by sting
ing them. Then tho wasp plants tho
spider In a hole, Jays an egg bcsldo her
and covers her up. The young wasp
grub, on being hatched, feeds .on tho
lody of tho spider. On a warm autumn
day tho air Is sometimes full of spiders'
webs. Certain species of arachnids at
tach threads to the ground nnd permit
tho brcero to blow them away. Thus
they remain for days suspended high in
tho air and miles away from their an
ohorngo. The arrival of a moist spell
ofwenthe? sometimes produeos a rain
of spiders' webs, causing great aston
ishment. Spiders are feeble creatures,
their poison affording llttlo protection
against the attacks of Inject foes. Like
huninn beings, they have unprotected
bodies, nnd no natural weapons worth
mentioning. Their survival in creation
Is due to the exercise of superior intel
ligence. Itoston Transcript.
More I.lvrs I.ost on the Frontier Than by
line hide In the Crimean War.
l'rof. R. V. Kogbaum, who lectured
In this city recently, says: "On my
journeys to Europo I have had some in
teresting experiences with tho armies
there. I have seen and studied
the English, German, Austrian
and Trench armies, and hope to see the
liusslan and others some day. I havo
an oxeellont opinion of the American
regular. lie is a thorough soldier from
the top dowtt This includes both
the otllcer and enlisted man. Ho be
lieves in discipline, and he has
endurance, pluck, intelligence, grit
and the ability to adapt himself to
circumstances. Until two years ago
the regular troops in our western states
had leen fighting continuously. Cnpt.
Charles King Informs me that since the l
close of the civil war more officers havo
been killed In frontier lighting with the
Indians than were lost by the English
hi the enliro Crimean war. I have mado
marches with our regulars and havo
endured the hardships of that life. On
several occasions the men had small
frontier fights with the Indians while I
was with thorn, but never nny serious
battles. Mnrchlng and scouting is the
hardest work of the soldier. The Amer
ican soldier is a very intelligent fellow.
On a march, no matter what obstaolo is
presented, he always overcomes lt. An
enlisted man sometimes modestly sug
gests n means, and if it is good the ofll
ccrs use It.
"The most warlako people of the
world aro the peoplo of this country.
Some people might take me to task for
this statement, but it is true. Tho
Americans are not a military people,
they aro not quarrelsome, and they do
not want to hurt anybody, but they
will not let anybody hurt them. Thoy
have a warlike spirit and resent an at
tack quickly. Tills Is demonstrated
whenever we have a little brush with
any small nation. In all parts of the
country men Immediately send word
volunteering their services In enlisting
regiments." Clovelnnd Plain Dealer.
They Ilon't.
Little Clarence Pa, what Is a lieutenant-governor
elected for?
Mr. Culllpers To succeed tho gov
ernor In case of death.
Clarence Why, pa, I didn't know thnt
anybody ever died while holdjng oBlcel
flood Uildenee.
Wlckwlre Mudge U always talking
about how good and obedient he was
whon ho was a boy. Do you suppose
he Is tolling tho truth?
Yobsloy I shouldn't wonder If he Is.
lie doesn't know how to swim." -Indianapolis
"Shallow seems to be a groat uth
lote." Dumbly "I never have 6eon
any evidence of it." Didn't you no
tice that ho laughed without nny ef
fort at ono of your stories?" I titer
Ocean. Los Angles, Cnl., was shaken by an
OHrthnaake on the SDth. It was de
scribed ns a short shook, but not doing
damage. At Santa Jlonloo and San
Pedro u tidal wave was looked for by
the timorous, but no Indication of ono
srus noticeable.
Mimical Orl.lu of NUti.
How many of tho readers of this de
partment of the Republic know that
tho original "kicker" In the metaphor
ical sense is mentioned in the Old Testa
ment, and that an expression used by
Jesus Himself is responsible for our
slang phrase: "What's It to you?" In
tho ilrst book of feamuei, second chap
ter and SOth verse, "a man of God" says
to Ell. "Whoroforc kick ye at my sac
rifice and nt mlno offering?" The pro
totype of tho vecond phrnso alluded to
above is found in tho answer which
Jesus gave l'etor as recorded In the last
chapter of fit. John, 2!d verso: "If I
will thnt ho tarry till I come, what la
that to thee?" St, Louis Republic.
htatlstlr nn Tobacco User.
A icnni kent at Yale for elirht wars
shows that npusmokcrs are 20 percent.
taller, 25 per cent, heavier and have CO
por cent, moro lung capacity than
mokera. An Amherst graduating
claw recently showed a still greater
difference tliei nonsirokors hnvinff
gained 24 per cent, in weight nd,37
per pent in height over tha smokeri,
anil alsq exceeding them in luiigca-
Hog Diseases.
1 i 1
(Patont Applied Ft
I have a inre pn Tenure of all diMSirs to
which liojrs ar anlil l'i" tint n in" ly in
time and don't wall till vonr hogs am nick
will ward on" dlnessn If uaril In time, this
remedy Is s snr preventive of llogt holers It
will produce extra pounds or Hirk and will
leave your hogs In excellent condition Satis
faction guaranteed, gee wrapper lor direc
tions Address ordsrs to JulMnS
RTFGI FR lnfseturer
1 I U LL.il J and Proprietor,
CoiToyville, - Kansas.
Serenity of Teluper hii Inalcntlnn of (lood
Worry Is n baneful curse nnd source
of untold evils, lt scams the faco with
lines nnd furrows, nnd lins n mit de
pressing effect upon thnt hypor-sensl-ttvo
orgm, the stomach, whloh nt buch
times becomes n most unwilling nnd
laggard servant Indeed, it is safe to
say that unless encouraged by n cheer
ful temper nnd bright, or at least hope
ful, thoughts, tho stomach will play
trunntor sulk nnd do no work which
It can shirk. Tho physiological
explanation of this is tho close
alliance of tho great symrmthetlo
nerves, which are worse than
tho telegraph for carrying bad news;
the worry and anxiety which depress J
the brain produce simultaneously n
scml-paralysis of the nerves of the
stomach, gartric juice will not flow
und presto, there is indigestion. Ono
sign of mental health Is serenity of
temper nnd a self-control that enables
us to bear with equnnlmlty nnd un
ruffled temper the potty trials and Jars
of life, especially those arising from
contact with scolding, irnsoible, Irri
tating folk. It is well to remember at
such times that these unfortunate aro
their own cnomtos, nnd a cultivation of
the art of not hearing will help us very
much. It is a very useful art nil
through life and well worth some trou
blo to acquire Demorost's.
The Kitchen of it Queen.
The kitchen of tho empress of Aus
tria Is one of tho complctest In tha
world. New methods of preparing or
serving food are adopted only at her
suggestion. Cooking devices which
have become Inconvenlentorantiquated
nrc abolished only at her suggestion.
Changes in tho personnel of the estab
lishment nro made, for the most part,
only In obcdlcnco to hor orders. Tho
kitchen in which tho food for the bluest
blood of Austria Is cooked is a huge
one, with nil the arrangements at each
end for preparing fish, flesh and fowl
for the table Fifty chickens can bo
cooked nt once on the big, whirling
spits. The broiling and baking and
frying occupy a small regiment of
servants. Twenty-five male oooks
spit, season and stuff the moots. As
many women cooks prepare the vege
tables, the puddings and tho salads.
A dozen or more boys carry the birds,
fish and joints from the kitchen to tho
carving-room, whore long linos of
carvers slice ovcrything lnld beforo
them. House-Furnlshlng Review.
The Ollllrultle of Tuct.'
"It's hard to please everybody," said
tho man witli tho mild disposition. '"I
was doing my best to be agreeable to
the man who sat iu the same seat with
! mo in tho street oar this morning. I
saw that he had grief in his heart, and
so ns to bo suro of not recalling any
thing unpleasant I just talked about
tho weather."
"Thnt was certainly n safe topic."
"That's what I thought. I com
mented on tho raildneoa of May, tho
delicious und unexpected coolness of
the weather, and was growing posi
tively eloquent when I noticed that he
had gotten gloomier than an under-
Inbnrse' 4 -) T u nn -.n -Lu-.lil -a nn In
a momont he said, as ho ohoked back a
rdv 'Mtator Wrtn't vnn -tn- tfcnt !-,!
of talk and switch off onto baseball, or
something? I'm in the drug store busi
ness, and May is the month we count
on for the soda fountain to pay our
running expenses for tho whole sum
mer'" Washington Star.
I'oolln. Illrds with String.
Those people who can not view tho
multitude of blossoms on their eherry
trees with unmixed delight, owing to
thoughts of hungry robins later In tho
season, may like to try a plan recom
mended for tho discomfiture of these too
aggressive songsters. This is to put n
spool of the coarsest white thread on a
long polo so that it will wind off when
walking with It around the tree, and
with it make a sort of netted shield for
tho cherries. These numerous cross
strotched strings, fastened on the outer
margin of the twigs, frighten off tho
birds. Their outenee suspects a trap. 1
If Im 4t,n fine. ..MfUMHuvf ill ,IhIm attt.
nrmi In n anrnlltlno tinrn flelfl: A num
W of lines of string, stretched around
nnd across a oorn field, scare away tho
ounnlng nnd auspicious blaok maraud -
era. Lewis ton Journal.
Alntnlnlum In l.lthoj;rni)liy.
The latest application of aluminium
is to lithography The stone used for
lithographing is found in Ilavarla, and
as the supply Is diminishing Its cost la
increasing. Moreover, it Is very brit
tle, and, being rigid, can only Im used
on flat surfaces. We read tliat under a
recently patented process aluminium
plate, weighing from two pounds to
ten pounds, nnd costing from twenty
shillings to forty shillings, do the work
equally well, and that, being flexible,
they can be molded Into form for cylin
der presses. It is also reported that
aluminium plates aro taking the place
of steel tor engraving purposes. In
vention. A substitution of oainels as work
ing animals for horses and oxen liau
been going on for a few year past In
several provlucos of Russia, and thoy
aro now common on many largo ostutca
and on smaller properties. They per
form all the work in farming for
which horses and oxen are used, as
well as being efllciont In transporta
tion. A camel market has grown up at
Orenburg, and tha animals bring sixty
or seventy roubles, or about thirty-live
dollars, delivered at Kiev.
A peculiar and fatal dlseaso is re
ported among horses In West Australia,
which has mystified the veterinary au
thorities. Tho svmntoms nre drmvsU
nessand hot running water from tho
eyes, followed by white, watery ills
charge from the nosti Us. Death gen
erally ensues within three r fotlr day
J from tho first attack.
"You nrc certain she is nn ex
perienced dressmaker, are you?" She
"Yes, Indeed I had to g t Ore yards
moro than the pattern called for the
flrst dress she made." -Inter Ocean.
The true hero is tho one who ha
STwmTTfrwiw .
w cwrf w io rurht Kan
i --" TTini T-iiii-Tir i
Buy None But the Genuine!
3.000 Merchants Sell Hawkcs'
2,1X10 of tlioin handled oilier spec
taeloH without ruicccss. showing
tho areut popularity of IIAWKES'
SI'jfcTACLKS ovur nil others
His Opticni I'lnnt mid Fnctory
is nnu of tho most complete in tho
United States. Kuttiblinhod 23
yours ngo. Ties fninoiiB glussos
are lilted to tho eye nt
A. W. Foreman'
Vinlta, I.T.
An lUtraanllDnry Tnle nf n Modem l'ntl
dmr' Wlfo nnd n Modern Tlmon.
A plnl.i wooden colli n (wrlton tho St.
Petersburg correspondent) was iately
conveyed, in n shaky old hearso, to i'o
poor people's section of tho Volkova
cemetery, In this olty. There was no
priest to recite the last prayers, no
mourners to shed n tear over the rela
tive or friend who had passed nun;
the grave-diggers lowered tho wooden
box, hurriedly shoveled In the earth,
stamped on the grave and nil was otr.
A dog or n rabbit might havo been thus
put out of sight. And yot all St. Peters
burg Is now talking about the lifeless
inmate of that plain, frail colltn. Tor ho
was one a well-known manufacturer, n
millionaire, n power In the capital of
Ilunatn, who scattered, money to tho
right und to the left, doing many n
generous deed, never known or long
since forgotten and now there Is none
so poor to do him reverence. His pov
erty and misery were of his own choos
ing; ingratitude drove htm to Imitate
Tlmon of Athens, nnd to turn his lrack
upon mankind.
In the cry height of his prosperity
lie fell ill, and his recovery was de
spaired nf He made n will iu fnvor of
his wife, who wus then no longer
young, and of his children, vhom he
adored. He survived the crisis of his
timl'ady nnd was able to move nbout,
but his death was bellevod to be only n
matter of months. The doctors sent
him to n watering-place for the sum
mer soason, not expecting him to re
turn alive, and his wife and children
shared the conviction of the physicians.
Appointing a young man, who wan
bound to him by the strongest ties of
gratitude, to lie director of tho works,
he left St. Petersburg alone.
At first he became muoh worse, ns
everybody expected, then ho rapidly
improved, in consequence of which ho
stayed on longer than Itad been his in
tention. At the end of slv months ho
returned home as hale and hearty as
ever, eagerto enjoy life w ith his family.
Hut he found no family there. His wlfo
had played the role of Potiphar'sspouso
In hut absence, but the young director
proved no Jol-ph The guilty patrlived
together openly, and succeeded In.tttrn
log the children ugHlnst their fntli-r.
At first the woman hail expected his
death, and merely anticipated as she
thought the course of action sho would
in that case pursuo Then, flnding she
had gone too far to retreat, she simply
demanded u large yearly allowance for
herself, her paramour and the children.
It was a terriblo blow for S , but
he aoted with prompt decision, nnd,
without uttering n word of complaint
or reproach, first of all he dis
missed the director. Then, calling
the bookkeeper Into his room,
he said "Now, look hero. You
know what lias taken place, but
you don't know how lt ha affected me.
The 'pair' counted on my death and
were disappointed. They now reckon
nn my riches, and I wish them to be
disappointed still more. As long as I
jnsxess anything I must make them nn i
allowance. Therefore. I want to pos-
seas nothing. If I squander my money
they will apply to the court to have i
me declared non comix mentis, nnd
trustees will be appointed to look after
' owyUiing, and that, of course. Is not
Wnai 1 WHlll iOW listen. 1 am tile
sole owner of the works, etc., nnd I can
do what I like with my own, and I want
you to exert yourself to bring every
thing to rack and ruin, so thnt sudden
ly the whole concern will burst and
leave nothing but dust behind. Mind
now, nothing must bo loft. Enrich
yourself, let the eashlors enrich them
selves; don't forget the workmon. Do
just what you like I will second you;
but let tho end 1m as I desire." And
the bookkeeper went and carried out
his omplnyer's instructions conscien
tiously. The manufacturer, seeing how thingSj
were going, rubbed his hands with de
light and paid his wlfo tho covenanted
allowance. At the end of the two
years came the crash -a complete
crash, the very fragments of which
could not be gathered up by his family1
lie fore the matter lieenme public in
called a meeting of his cashiers, boolf
keeper, foreman and hi, wife and till;
i nrcn,
The latter were convinced that.
I "bJe1 w t "" "" th" "",W
I "" r lie luid more than onia
. tnen w umlemtana us inuat.
muyHigi iKc tivuryMiiiig;, 1 wun
nothing now."
He opened the meeting by asking lis
oashlera for their reports They de
clared the works to lie so heavily In
debt that It would be criminal to hiep
them going any longer on crallt.
"Very well, go at once to the ooi t,"
lie said to his bookkeeper, "and reidrt
my iusolvency." His wife aad chlltWi
protoHtcjd loudly and indignantly.
They would make thing ooininercldly
right again If lie would ily
give them the works. Hut lie
waa Inexorable; the bookkwpcr
went, and six months itter
everything was sold for a song. 'Ilien.
addiesslng his family, he said: '.Vow
time is some for us to separate. My
dear wife can seek comfort witi her
iinotHcial spouse; you, dearest ohli Iron,
can take refuge under tho wlnrn of
your loving mother. As for mt "
Here be called hl servant. "Is cry
thing ready?" "Bverytbing." "Uund
them here, 'file i-ervunt gave him n
pair of top lioots. un old overcqit nnd
a shabby hat. ''Where Is the W4lIot?"
"Here, master.'' "And tho staff?"
"Here, please.'' He flung tha wallet
over hi shoulders, took the stalf in his
hand, mado the sign of tho cJksm und
kissed tho old servant.
Then, without a word of farewell for
his wife or children, ho loft U houso
forever. Many years have paeied slnco
then, and through them nil H re
mained faithful to the role of tho "si-
Jent heggr.M
Ills wife died n misery
long ago. A short time ago tie former
millionaire himself found reit nt last
in th poor man's grave, unwept,
nnhonorednay, unnoticed. London
The first virtue! to ro train the
tongue. He npprouches n arcst the
gods v. ho knows how to be ntcnt, even
though ho Is in the right - (a to.
Tho Vlrlit l'roduca and 'lent innrr
kot hnva begun tlllvoringK.') (or thtK
it muthj 1 1111111111,,. ,&, vnn.nrn. 1 m
If eo
-Shortest, cjalclcest
nnd Ilcst
Tfirongli t'nr Line
To WA-illlHUTo:,
hew ions,
TIs (lie Itrnnltrul
"atieimndoMti Vnt-
ley Itotile,"
Trains leaveMftrnplili
Von-rne andfiv-sfMo
after arrival of trains
(row the West and
Southwest, running to
nronnnsetlng Ip Ukion
Dsh.ti, (or all prtnt In
Ibe Xest and Southeast.
The Memphis nnd
Charleston Railroad
and the KastTenn , Va
A On llr , bava earned
tbe reputation they
bare of firing the
Quickest Time, Hrst
Through t!ar service
and an the latest and
llnst Aeeosamedatlona
It-Is the lTlndr-l
Thoronghfare to the
Bur.uncr Resorts In Ibe
ammtr and Winter
Resort In the Winter. I
Passengers by this
rente ernes tbe New
8tel Bridie at Mem
phis and will avoid tedi
ous Parry Tranafsn
arnvH the Mlaslsslppl
Hirer, nn tuary by aay
other gateway sooth of i
M. Ionia. I
The Most Ponulnr
Itunlp to
Solid Vestltmledi
Trains sTlllt livery
natty het-recit
hi. Avucrrx.tr:
An-Tl,.VBt int will aire luformsttMi relaUve
to. and JI tltta by tbeTVnralar tinea or any ds
slrrd lafermadon will be cheerfully given by tbe
jliihtltri fllj-esinea'-istfa' f if
Isll, t errenntiu4 it nrM. o
V.tl J.tlr. Wrf r. t. IM. SMaM, SXllsfcTMi.
c. A DU-wN DI.Ww tm Aret, !, !
U. W nrfts. -a. Is.. A Til. ip. Caunll Ttaa.
Missoirl, Kansas & Texas
Is tha dire t lint tlireagh Central Ulaeoarl.
Boithcattetn Kansas and the Indian Territory
to Ttiat thsnee on to dseti water oa the
Mexican Qilf.
TTaathtflrst rtllread ever built tale tkels
dlan Trritorr and was the Brit to erees tht
bsidir nto Tstas and pash on throngh tbi
thrlrini towns of tha stale lo salt water Tat
K ATYIs alnays the Ural to gtt oat or tbe old
rut anl ImproT Its facilities for litndllnir
psiMnyirt and freight As Ibe early settlers
moved from old teg eablni to tbe more enm
fortabli modernised bosses, 10 hat the KATY
adraneid aad caOTed ber paiitngera out ol
rollmin Into
TETxior Palaoo DloopingCara
Flmit sleeping car terries In the world.
Anohcr advaaaa Is tha Introduction of th
A-IDIC.X LXFlir.SM COlirAM to do the es
prcit Jntlnen of this company The above
exprs company covers More from tbe Atlan
tic to he Oalf.and none steads blghti than It.
From Ilinnlbal, above St Loalt and Kansai
City, tn.llontton, Texas, th hesd of title
watet, oter Its own rails, and raatea tbreajla
Drnloa, Bhtrajtn, IlalU. t't. Worts,
Taishttcble, Windier, Waee, Tc-lf,
lieltoa. Taller, Gslasr llle, nWlttta,
Dsstrop, Uckaart,Hai Xirett, La
Uringt, Hosslen as4 alrm(ea,
Itins throtah SJlW JLWrTOXTZO
irr)ir to '
Am affords comforts and eonrsnUacts to Its
pat on HnequIed by any ether Soolbweatera
Llni Any pron wishing to visit
or h nrndastlve plains and prairie of MIS
ihiuld by all mssn tak th
XXiaoovuri, SCutMi Si Tmmm R7
Ai It Is th motdlrt.bt eejslpped and rant
siova, poluu VSituovT Ciiasos br dlrtet
einnecllon lt laad la Hatoa Depot fr all
pints North, Tisit aad t
Freo Reclining Chair Caro
On all tbrongh train for fe'lkef Informa
tion as to rate, roatet, ma,, time table,
ileeidsgear reservailona, te., osll eaorad
Irett year nesrit tlektt agent.
Cotld Through Trains
rrom Kantas Ciy ,s Ohicago,
Omaha, Lincoln,
Sf. Joseph, Dsnvsr,
St. Paul and Minneapolis,
. . WITH
Plnlnir Cars,
Vestilmled iirawlna: Hosn lepl-i Cwa
Iteellnlna; 1 lilr Our (St Pv).
Threugh Sleeping Cars From
VU Mlasourt Ksaaa - Tu XsUway sal
Chios go, Hurllogton h qubwy K-
Onljr One Ohangte ef Oare to
Trains Daily Ketween ST. LOUI9, 8T.
Olaeplna Car 8t. Louie te Otnaha.
D. 0. ivns, U. C. ORR,
O'n. I'sm. A rut A'gt. At.q 1'm. A'gt
TbroDeh Boole
Omaha, Puablo s Donvor,
r&llmtn S7's fttcpis. Ciri eiA T:$
- IlsJIy Detwsea
H H ninMtiili flrKr
1 j I ffiS Br
o. v. itoocno,
Claietnore, Ind. Ter.
Hem kTS
JH oatia
lsiss eat
IMti Sort
tnnlsl bar
" s- ssfsj-tsr" tni
W , 4X At-' v si. .
P. O. Vinlta, Indian Territory,
7ea jrrsirre, .
tgM, everbl
m. t . HI
rsnatd IBM
rn J-, II a
.4, li era blp
p,n r-. jii .,. '
. Trill rsj M M rard fr eoetlett ay ei
bio attalleg aa aslasl Is tkl brand.
Chelsea, I. T.
strip aerec n
"ifa'ki Crop off tk
rlgkt, esdtrtlep la
Ik ten tar
ntng roar stile
nl of Cb tits. W-M
Four Mile, I. T.
If :T
IUnp en Tour Mfl
Ilea aoutheaet d
Cke'om, Kan. Mark
lt la rigbt r-
rse brand. U a lets
abouldar. Ho eattti
told uotpt for M
mass. l
B. H. MATE3,
l'ryor Creek, I. T.
' 0 vi 1 1 0 w
I fjrk and on-
I derbll In ont
I eariovertiopt
In th othti
All ealtle art
I brandi 8 A
I and noteb on
I D Kane
Alt 7 heart
on 111 aid A
n on lfi lw
A few branded J V E on tide
l'ryor Creek, I. T.
Swallow fatk and
nnderbltln rlfht ar.
nniteisiea in lers
Rsnf on Pryor
Vinlta, I. T.
same Rang
on Big Cabin
creek, 7 roiltt
wtof Hlnt
Jtektt. Oottloortl.il
brand told
only lortblp.
j.00 reward
fo oonvletlon
for Healing
til brand
fiartlosvllle, I.T.
Adnir, I. T.
Orcrblt A tin
derblt In rlahti
iwi lion-fork I
nndrrblt la lb
lert ear
Horses brand
ed AH (connect -ed)
on tbe l.ft
llingtoa l'ry
or I reek.
It -as
Wagoner, I. T.
JO 00
Ilanire be
tween II Ik
creek and Ver
dlgrlt Also
In paitnre 2
miles west of
urnnu- J,y
" 'lr
Ihe left ear
Ooodya Uluir, I. T.
Some cattle have C J
alio) mark, crop Luti
earj, ipllt in rigiittliait
originally umlerblt In
Rango at month of
Dig ertek
Hone brand C A on
29 mch 03
on right hip A thigh
, Inola, I. T.
right tld Left rtr
rrnkbedt nmltrblt In
i!oge 10 mllet tonth
or uinwtti
Dee 13 l
Koukh-vost City, Mo.
Smooth rron In etch
r. nndtrbll In right.
ntng iionna Bprmcr
rrlrl-.8 rnll.i tail of
IMlen't terry
llre I - tndi O on
left Jaw aad Ihlah,
Horn entile branded
en lift hip.
T. HRKMAN, Clir-topn, Knn.
Dtttia 11
Parlor and Bedroom Furnituro
Largttl tteek In tonthern Kinu,
riaalictl Embalmirt Telegraph ordtnat
Unded I'Veraptlr
tt cm Dlrlomn for licniitr.
fcirrnytlt imI liruj'tir fc.iver
bn lottlOlrLiuitit peoiI
flu) t once fur our com pkie
rtalofuriuf vrry klntlbf
vrlilrltji &ittpairt.BUutK.uk
of iMtlmouUI-. thrtr Aru frt.
Located st East St. Louis, III,
Directly orpedt Hi etty of HI I.onli liny.
trt for H dererlplionuf l.lreotnek alvrara In
atttrdtne and stlttiln Hi ground of ins
blrk Yards li Jlftf lannlng Lemptny, -lib
acspt iyrr ili'ighierlng I Mi head ofcatll
dally anil l'uik t'ackingl.titbtliluiitnli bar
acapaelly fr ulaughltringU (u hogt dally,
TBMBBI-TO--M&f oaitriieni
YBfBiS&mMKSmma biron Ull
nlafeHK JRt kip. KM
la-WBg-WMWaRggy told sire j
- am-- W& ' sklo-
IW a mt
. lilWsf-Bftteil H ItaogttTa-
MiWia-i-i-MW " iiii"" ,. ,
"rtir kso
-T-is--BBiwVfl----k'4 brsVs'Hav9
ssnrB'iiiaffcjfft -1. ' --a'-"t
gBBtr-WW" 1 1 "
flfcsil!-B-5-M$J -f--BsW' n ''.ft-iVai'
Xily all lle right horn lipped 1111 I Ei -&-.
9rs-Bgs-Ws: KfB
FtinU kmMK jrMrhAHfi&
"i'Vnti. Bit.
Ret eccupjfng msre tpM Wi M
rtl folle-Inr. irin In bttrtea at H.M
par roar. Vht rerdM t ew etrataf
targe er (mall herd k ttnt lt fit t
k4rcrllM the brands.
- i""" " ' ' ' 1
D. I. DEWv,
Claremore, Ind. Tar.
H JHtbMe.
YarUut mar-.
Vlnlla, Indian Territory.
AUUIIivaii uiiumi
nste en Cnrl ereek.
of Ibtft of thtit
vinus, 1. 1.
Oreu eff lb It ft r,
aadtrblt In right.
Hint ntrlk aad till
of Vlnlla.
Mont brand) O T
n laonliltr,
Vinlta, Ind. Ter.
Brand on blp or tld..
Crop lilt, crop and on
aer naiterop ngrx.
Goody 1 lilutT, Ind. Ter.
acme nrtnaen A en
left shonlder - on
ildt X en hip. ItCng
ineitertts. ayriovt
Edna, Kansan.
ITori brand an
Ba4 radiii
Is wk ta. f;
Chouteau, Ind. Ter.
Clrcl ea ntck, tlthtr I U vlirM sldti lft
Wdtl O M ' or I jrwM t.
ftp Oe-yljea rti r ' f MlMM
tn left tlioalder cr tnlgh Haag ea Uiata
tad rryer trttat -
Pottoiilce Vinlta, I. T.
Pftnesi tTeSj-s
left ear aad rof.
a4 tUI u tkt
Ira cmtU ta
ntHll lbl
Vnadt a marks.
lt a I
eost rk, feel
Bile a ef VlJ
Uta. sm
P O. Vinltis Ind Ter.
lo Boron brn3-4
,-j fmaH tIp'tr o la
r.U sTHCl (.
'It V - 1 1 1 rt 1
A3 river, tvtlrt
.is wl ol CbeXws.
Pryor Creek, Ind. Tor.
Borne ateer bracdod
atrip aewt th dos.
Oow branded LAD
Crop nd aplit tach ear
Raag Mar l'ryor
erk. 1041
w, w. isiLLaa,
Vinlta, LT.
Chelioa, Ind. Ter.
Mar",i Twttptitala
Raitt Rrtk
Otlaltawltek. -.
Miami, I.T.
Either hip Itanga
on low LTeek. nil
Ktoiho lllter.
Hark Crop right,
omuii Itft '
Horn braadtd
Falrland, Ind, Ter.
.''mi h a v
and tDlIt il
srk. r
Tight, nndtr
loit In Itft
litng toath
Wjtl ef Ilia.
Jioktt, lad.Ttt.
w. p. nmao,
Nowotn, I. T.
Aito lend
both lupt -
on ihnnliltr
Crop, oter
bit andnndsr-
bit lift crop
and over bit
llira li
tba erois 1 on
lri )irinliiir
Marki8iiailowTnrkandiinder-!,,n' J,0h
bit leti tmnoth crop loll. If ereek nyai
Catiltiold only for ihlpment Kowata ftbW
nnrtli)8ville. I. T
BU on right tlittiiom
13a htvt lb bar J
on right in) -h-ont
bt erois Varl
Our old brandt ind
markt Utnxton Iht
-eMiJiltof (Jtntyrlt.
iron lionblt er.ik.
atin M
i'ostutllco at Cliclscn, Intl. Ter,
l lota f roil off If fl ran
urcrbl In light
Alto JO nil till) ix
tide '
MfflMMStWl ni3
tJ" vnl
?& imfiM
.... . u??
VBMk-JL. v" fag
f-' L.ttiiiTrflE-
1 Wftt&M jJm
j thIlfl9u-sa
iawiBwffi Y sJL3ki
JrvWrtfclTir-i it ii
right fl'la. V. v;
liana ill mllet Heit
kmbI1' ' ' lE'W -
1 r- v rK. m
BNl,H.ORII U0.t y
r-":,, " "! ' " -W' '' -" ' i.U . u ' "7CSU T ' i A
t sen (ur comrraso.
oridieltet. r
ir 1" " . ... . j. MtAiMLT . .. . i&. .- . v .. - j .,, . uaimma it , ' sir
" pEI

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