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Indian chieftain. [volume] (Vinita, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1882-1902, March 28, 1895, Image 1

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Removal !
TO the Farmers and Stockmen f
i win sen my entire stock ot saddles ana narness
at cost for the next 30 days, as I have too much
stock to move. I PP RADDPTT.
In the Rock Bui ding,
pcfliro to announce to their mnny friends In thin coun
try that they hnvo added to their clock a full lino of
prey goods.
xarEear x-xstjeo assss to
Provide Everything
To Suit The Times.
Star and Horse Shoe
No. 1. Michigan Salt.
t'Eupion Oil
East Side of
Vinita, Indian Territory.
A coinplelo Block of Buildors' Material,
Cement, Lime, Lath, Doors, Windows,
Mouldings, Mixed Paints, Wall Papor, Etc.
Yellow Pine Finishing Lumber Cypress Shingles a Specialty
Terms: CASH. T j, TROTT.
, The Sett Shoet dfc
terthaLeaitMosev ,-Uff
si1 iPvl1
n , X n
few Am- ,;'A1
waKi m. I WnnW
i3 aW-j W- Al 1 Wnti
fc BJ Si .jennnW I Ynnm
SiaKft WataWaWK. XHaa. '
f jk- arr Nkm
.. smj arn k.' sc
aUM- aafiaaB eW
a? bKl eaemmw sBk 8
n, HwaP2mQ
bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbBV?:...:. Ml UY?lfvnfl MbMW.
0 .
For sale by C. HAYDEN, Chouteau, nd. Ter.
, tT(!
' Has moved into the new Gray-
Halsell building a few doors
south of the old stand
Hardware and Furniture
There is not the equal of
my $toc in thi country,
Harvest Approaches...
The Deering; Binder
Has no equal. Shall be pleased
to &how you model of 1885,
& BRO,
the Family Need.
Tobacco, 40c per lb
1.55 per bb.
15c per gal
Railway Track.
fct3 CUAC f IT FOR
ty& OrlVk A KING.
Orer One MIIIUd People wear the
W. L. Douglas $3 and 4 Shoes
All ear sliors are eanllr eatltTacterr
Thr kIto tbe best value for tba money .
I ncr equal ciuunn wucf in mjim ua ui
Thf If vrearlDK quaJHlea uxuurpaMtd,
Tti srlcr axo uniform 4tAmicd on watt
rum ItMifj V4 "" "idvt niKC.es.
ii jam uif FJJ9- iuppij 7w we can.
.84,03. BO Pnrdov,Freneli
Enamelled Calrami Kaeiarea.
83.00 PoBwSlwk 3hIm..
52.DO MM) WZ WWUAflMat.
$2af$l.7D Beve'SehetlShwi
Mwr l, 1AU, M Lie.
If joar deale cannot npclv
joi wriie iwr wiimw
W. L. Douglas,
Brecktea, Mbm.
a a
New Goods!
New Building!
fe ass
John C. Gray....
In Dry Goods, Olothing,
Hats, Shoes, Groceries
He has everything the trade requires. Call
and ,rPa'e a Careful Inspection at
New Gray and Halsell Bldg,
Vinita, Ind. Ter.
General Insurance Agent,
Fire, Tornado, Accident
ftpd plate QlasH,
822.3,000 in losses paid by our companies in llio India)) Torritory.
Write us for rates. Mcli 14lf
Hardware, Implements and Machinery.
, , . . YBUlCfcBB
(WFine Line of Groceries in Connection. .
& "Vfl nv The Hf II. known
.n V Jl5wliPITpSt..8t
-ATMi WQiii genl for bit
K flKv ETctilitiri.
Sf klinytlina
y.T" he Unit,),
V (itiiri, rra or
m.nltnJ Invite
.. j.
r iyc
OWOp UftffcaWcW5
Qq VElBBBr t(A
ftk C QaH Im'ff'
8? rw Greatest
The Cosmopolitan,
Which iva thg n?t Widely Circulate CustrateiJ ftnnthly
Magazine In tho World during 1891.
gV rm In TllK CflSMflroMTA" I53
An )oii (in haicfflj
lli(, 1! tour oia i
rcr nl Tiik I osMQt),.
ITAV for only (.2,60
a year much Ic than
)ou furmcrl pal J for
The Cosmopolitan
lone lien It w at not to
good a magazine as now, J
la told In abtautirully llluttrated. book entli
tied "lo California and llaok ' Atk O.T.
Nlcbolton.U I' A , Snta re noute.-jonekt,
K., foracopy lllafrr
l'trtonallr.eondnctrd weeklr nartlra liai
Chlctgi rttry Saturday eranlnK. and Hiniit
tltyoery Sunday noon fof I'aeiUo Cuatt, la
Santa r'e Houle. -SpfCltl agtnlt and porltrt
in a,,pnuanc. .'niiman louriai tirepara are
uted, (urnlthrd with all convtnlfnrrt forcom
fortable traveling Srcond.elait ticket! hon
ored. 9Vou hue been planning that Califor
nia trip rorteveral yeart. Why not $o
PQW. ani)akadvaniae of fbttii rtrt
. Sapta fe tool. U potllliely tile only
f line wfih ralmn Xbqrlit tnj ualaca
alteptrt. Chicago and Kaniat City to San
rranclico and Lot Annlra. dlllv wlthont
"Warning O ret or.
)n the United Mlalet eommltiloner'e court
utyinlta In the drit judicial dlvlilon or the
Indian Terrltorr
NimmciiiM, 1'iiit ft Co., plaintiff, )
ve I No 1503,
)' Hfl,'-l' diTrndanl. ) '
ftiputitniiinidi i- nnuitui h warneu 10
IpWtr In till, court w Win llilrty Uayt arid
ahtwerthe coinpFalnt of ilia plalntlk. Xune.
inaeher. i'laia A Co Itonr L. McCrLHk.
IsKAtl U 'H, CommlMlwer,
Smith A CoiDn(M. J M. unHiLTa.
,AUl vtor fUnlltT. Aty,fr 0R.via.t
bbbbbbH MMOMJAaU
New Prices!
aa? gig &&
Calls Attention to above
Suggestive Heading.
& Co.,
3?rotcc:t Your Eyes.
Ere ExuertofSOE. 1 .Ir.tt Stw Yotk.intl
f,oqi. Mo..n tiipolpjwl A. W. Vorfintn
Vttrbrilrd Kon.Ch.nn.bli SutiiUcIri and
hd fi.rrpilr nbrclnieii It nrhteed.io thai
clunxe It nfcettarr (no niMlir how tcratchrd
hj will farnltli thB parlr with a nw inlr ol
charg A w tor.nun hat Inll attort
all who with to tatltfr Ihoniitli.t of thr
great tup. rlntlty orthrt (Itiiri orrr any ami all othrrt now
In ate, to call anil e. xamlne them at the ttore of A. W. Forr
mtn. tnle airant fnr Vinita. I. T
o utaalit iiltu ttaaatd "5a.CaiieetlN"
Combination 1 1
By Special
Arrangement 1 1 1
IfTfDMAI ......
jx-v -- wnn tug 0j
the Magazines,
NO UOMU ronplrte without the local jujr
ami one nf tha great illunratcil iiionthllca rep.
resenting llic lliouclit nml tilent of the worM Put.
lug one cir UivaliUTt million, the clerernt artittt.
Ige. ull mer IS'Xj tllutra)iqns
Herbert or
Qleveland, Ok. Ty.
Asd RmI EjUU AgwiL
Surveying t-llocatlcgof cltlmt atpecltlly.
Ilelng deputy eouutr aurreyor of county Q It
glvea me a two-fold advantage In locating
claimant!. Write me either at above, or at
Choulttu.Ind Ter.
It not the title of a new tong, nor don
It tefer to the backward action of that
much maligned animal, the mule
It la a pbrate Dtd by the Inhabitant)
of Oklahcua to iletlgnate the apprach.
Ing opening of the fruitful acrraof Ibt
Klrkapoo Indian tecarvirlon, '
, Ifjou with to dndout all about the
ICIekanoo landa. aa thaaa b.lnnlnv tn
the Wichita and Cowtnciie ttlbrt
wneeacMtan, wneai ann Iran will
Mr haiialvUllk U.'V, MMiblaOn,
Jt:.A .iaaUV RouV,T4pela Kit ',
Literally on Fire with Eczema from
Head to Feet. Screaming
and Clawing all the Time.
Added to thU were Abiceate nad
Suppuration. Local Doctors
and ncmedlcs without Relief.
BoUrely Cured by CUTICURA. Korr
Stout and Hearty.
Out little baby, alraott 21 year
taked with tome form of Eczema v
Vm about three) monthi old. Her II
old. vraa
llttia hiVl
wnen ana
waa one aolld red from tbe
olct of her feet to the crown
of ber bead, and the teemed
to be literally afl re. terrain
In and cUwfns all the time.
When the waa about five
monthi old, there waa added
to her affliction, almceatee
and aupnuratlon. We tried
thn local it, D.'t, and tome
other remedle without any
r.ll.f. I ti.H ., AtaiMir.
able abont the Cuncoaa Rancom, and one of
our nelfthbora had oted thm, claiming that
tbey were aa eooil at claimed. I conclnded to
try them, and after the uae of three or four
boiee of Cuticvra, and about one and one half
bottlee of the Coticcba Kxaoltkyt, wlta the
CtmccRA Boar, our little one It now entirely
cured, and It ttout and hearty. Vour Ctrncjrai
jvkxuies arv ail ana more loan you claim them
iPbejr lalwant4Tar;m)dptatflinyrrieufl
and oelbbptt for our excellent remedle.
P, it.
IHWHl tw viUfta!
Kotblni; can b more encouragta; to die
courpel parenta than tha remarkable cure
dally effected among Infanta and children by
the CuncnnA IIevkdIe. Caret In childhood
mean a lifetime of freedom from torturing.
dUflguring, humiliating humora.
Bold throuahout the world. Price, Cuntxmi,
-''UowtoCoreBkloPU.MM," malUd frit,
PLKB, blaekheadt, red, tooth, chapped, and
vm ..ui cuitu vj vnaviu ooar.
Back ache, kidney paint,
weakneet, and muacular
paint relieved In ona
minute by the Cut I rant
ArjU-raln "rVeit
Local Railroad Time Tablet.
Ex. St L toSinutpa
aecommodBtlunl t"
I aiiatMc. DM-AHi
IMam, I
Ham IIJ.Jm
St. Loult expreti
4W.IV- ?r.r
Accomni.aatlon I . . I 4.intn
Through coacbea from St Louie to Sapulpa,
Nil I Vritlbuled-Coiinecttall'arli.Tex ,
with U C s r aud r.il' ior polo It In
Texai. Connectt at Wichita. Kan , with A
I. rtS. F ror imlntt In Clierokee !trp and
Oklahoma Coiinealt at llurrton, hair , with
A 1.A3". f foriioinlYln'haniaa'tllaal'nll.
inanl'alace sleeiler and llrcl nlngClialr Car
(tratt ireej Jo WIslilU and Huron, Kan,,
I'ullmtn llnffet Drawing Uoonj hlttper and
Itecllnlng chair Car (tvatt free) to Ualvcttoii.
Irxat, via l'arlt and llallat
.No 2. Vettlbuled-Connectt at St Loult
Urand union Station with all hnea for the
eatt, nortb and toulheatt. Hit I'ullmtn llul
let Drawing lloom Sleeperand Itecllnlng Chair
Care (teatt free) to St ,op.l
No a. CopRCCIt at ironltt lot puinti In In
dian Territory via fceoiho Connectt at Ilurr
on, Kan , wltb A 1 4 3 V for point. In
Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada. Idaho,
Montana, a.hlngton. New and Old MmIco,
Arl(onaaniCllorna llat lleaflnlng Uialr
Cart (tratt Tree to l'arlt. Trxat, llurrton,
Kan , and Anthony. Kan , Tollman Pti.ee
Sleeper to Vureka Sprlngt. Ark., via Sella
man and K S Ity. l'ullm.n Drawing Itoom
Sleep.rtoliorrtun.Kan llat throuru I'ull
mtn Slrenera Uurrtou, Kan , to 1'oeblo. Den
ver, LI rato, Lo. Anaelet, Sap Diego and
San r-ranplictf 8 f VBH r
No 4 Connect, at St Loult Urand Union
Station with all line, for the eatt, nortb and
.oathr.it Hit I'nllintn l'alace Drawing
Room Sleepo rt and tollnng Chair Cft(teatt
free) lout Luuli,
Tt rongh tlckett on tale to all polntt.
For further Inlormttlon call ou or addrett
II. K WaiKxn, Agent
aotico south
No I, U K r. Kxprete
No 1. Hannibal St. L AT. Kx
4 07 am
S'tip m
No A7,r-relghtandAecommodatlon
Vo lf uTSrZ .?fTT.?XV
No.t, Tex. St. L. ft Hannibal Ex .
1 l!am
10.19 am
iio w, ireigin ami accommodation
The Suntlar hours of the nnatnfflrn
will hereafter be 0.30 lo 10.30 a. m;2
IU U 1. IU.
II G.Church aouth II D.Oreathontetiaitori
aM)tbicliiDla.Hu,We.ro. meachlngat li
m.ui auuiptm prayer meeting every nw
aeiday even ng ',ommunlon aervlce every
Pretbv'Ci-ftn Church S A. Caldwell. I'tt-
tori preaching, Sundaya at II a. m and 7 p.
log Tburtday nlghta.
I ounaay acnooiaiiva. m prayer !
congregational Church Itev A w iiithop,
,iattori aervloca every Sunday at II a m and
7pm i Sunday School at ID a. m.i Chrltllan
Endeavor Society, 4 m. Trayer meeting
very Wedneeday evening.
Ilaptltt chnrch Iltv A Carlln, pattor
Preachln at 11 a. m. aad 7 40 1 m Sunday
tcliool lo a. m I'rajer meeting Wednetday
W C T U Meett every Weilnetday at 4
'clock, p in t
nf I', Meeta every luctday evening
in ineir cattle nan at 40 lining
knlghtaln good Handing Invited
E. 11 ilDiu. C C.
E M Landrum, K of It. and 8.
Jrihlrn In Matonlo Hall the drat and
J third Saturday night In each month.
N OuvkKOiaaT, tV.U.
T JI nurrixnTOH, See.
?M&, 1 t' .ineett q Matonlo ball on
ItZlWSF Monday night of each week at
aaAI- 7 su o'clock
J. F MuctiUM , N CI.
J I 8t0Tr, Sec'y
rCUITV CII.MTEII, (I K. ., roettt in Ma
ioiiId ball Oral and thlM rburtdar In each
mcntli it T'W o'clock p. m
UanaciA M. Swaik, W. M.
am. oiufli, oco'j
ond and fourth Thnrtdaya In each month In
.turns nan
W W. WD, c. o
J S DavaxrouT, Clerk.
'f he Uest are the
Is the Best Fixed and the
Best Photographer in
the Territory.
Ho i Permanent j Reliable
Sfoqi'y 3?qblic.
Carelul attention given In drawing
upbf aad taking aoknowltdgmenli
lo execution of DKKDa, MOKT
0UE3, CONTKAUT-San,(iUfal
rONDKlCKiollclted All baalam tKitlr
MiAdeallal ind aatUfaoflaa gaaranleed, or 1
Ofrt) t AtUlr, ftd. T.r.
7 f
Appolntmoutof Mftrahala and At
torneys Mlssourlnns Turnod
Down In tho Dlatrlbutlon-An
Impromptu Indignation Mooting
A Wnaliinglon tllsjmtoii of 21st
to tho Globc-Doinournt tells of tliy
nppointtnent ofonicprs for our now
courts) nntl of incidents related
thereto, as follow
Appointments to tlie Indian Ter
ritory court oHicc8 were nntioun
ced nl the white Iioupc ns follows:
Wm. M Snrii.Gor. of IIIinnl
jutlgoofthe United States court
- . . .0 -
01 the northern district of the In
dian Territory,
Constantino Buckley Kilgoro, or
Tcxa, judye of tne vouthern dis-
tticLol the Indian Torritory.
To bo Marshal' of the United
States: Samuel Rutherford of tho
Indian Territory, for the northern
district of the Indian Territory:
Lucien L Stono, of tho Indian
rPnrilf,, f,.v flm .iitillim... .t..S.
of the Iiitlinn Territory.
To be attorneys of tho United
States, James V. Walker, lor the
central district of the Indian Ter
ritory; Andnw C. Cruce, of the
Indian Territory, "ortho southern
district of tho Indian Territory.
The two Indian Territory judge
ships are newly created ollices pj
established by an act of Ijjp Inst con
gress and framed for tlio purpose
of checking in a measuro tho
great spread and growth of lawless
ness and crime in the Indian Ter
ritory, which had become n refuiro
of robbers and outlaws.
Tho new judges are well k.navn
ex-congressmen, Mr, Sprlnoer
having served in tho house of
representatives formauy years and
taken a prominent part in debates
ns one of the democratic leaders.
Ho was chairman of the banking
and currency committee in the
last congress, and of the ways and
means committee in the preceding
congress. lip has always kept up
his. legal reading and hns beep
council before ,hp United States
supreme court in mnnv cases dur
ing his congressional career. Soon
alter his defeat for congress in the
landslide) oi the last election ho
was tendercd4 f,he supreme court
practice of one of tho principal crnn
ger roads, and had its acceptance un
der advisement for some time. Ho
owns a house in Washington and
is ntiriy weij-io-uo.
Judge Kilgorc served in the last
four concrcsscs and attracted n
great deal of uttpntion by reason
of his vigorous personality and
frequent objections to various bills
He is a Georgian by birth and is
00 years of age. Ho served in the
late wnr una his courage, it Is be
lieved, will make him useful in
dealing with the lawless element
who must be tried in the Indian
Territory courts,
Indian delegates and candidates
held an impromptu Indignation
meeting tl Is evening at thn hotol
where thf most do congrogutc.and
denounced the court appointments.
The Rev. Mr. Duncan was the
most vigorous talker.
"Tho l")awos commission," ho
said, "hns dnc'arcd.th.at wp aie fit
forcitjzenfchip, but, it seems, wo
are not lit for ollices,"
The Indians had several candi
dates among them Augustus E.
Ivey, of Tahlequiih, superintend
ent of public schools ol the Cher
okco nation. They raado a special
plea to tho president to give
them recognition uy appointing
some 01 the court olnccrs trom
members of tho tribes Not one
of their candidates. wa,3 accepted.
Severn of the appointees are put
down. 8 a thp hidan Territory,
but the Indians say they aro not
citizens and nro only residents by
sullrnnce, and should be accredit
ed to the states from which they
recently came.
Barring this criticism of the In
dians., tho appointeos aro regarded
aa unobjectionable. Samuel M
Rutherford, who is made marshal
of the northern district, was until
recently a citizen of Arkansas. IJo
is a nephew of px-Scnntor I)utler,of
South Carolina,, who took great in
terest in his candidacy. Tho can
didates for mnrshaUhip were put
through a liltlo civil service" ex
amination by tho attornoy.geuer
al beforo the slate was raado up.
Tho examination consisted of but
0110 question. It was in regard to
tho suppression of the train rob
bers. Mr. Rutherford is a slen
der man, with. a. rod mustuohe and
! pair of eyes which fascinate He
told tho allomey.gcnoral that if ho
waa marshal of the northern dis
trict it would not harbor any rob
bers, and he Baid it In uuoh a way
that Mr. Olnay was convinced be
had tho right man.
Lucien L. Stowe, appointed mar
shal of the southern district, is
virtually a Toxan, and was sup
ported by tho Texas influences.
Ho also hart weluml him the oRl.
cers of tho present court, having
sorved as deputy to McAllser
Andrew 0. Cruco, one of the dis
trict attorneys, is train Tennessee,
and had the indorsement of the
whole delegation of that slate.
James v, Walker, the other dis-
trict attorney, ts a sftn pi ox-ona.
tor Walter, of Arknnsna, and live
Ht KayetteyRlo. A
It will b,e noted that in the
grand uinribition. ol Iu,dtn Ter
rtory court ofticpa td-day Mlinour
iins not nothing,
I "I took nv ftrt hpw of l9bicc-o
somn years ngo and it inado mo
frightfully sick," said Ben Lofty,
ette to night. ''I have just taken
my first tasto of oflico seeking, and
tho eUeot is tho same," ho added
Lafavctto was backed by tho
wholo Missouri delegation, except
Tarsnev. for IrinrolinTnf llm nrvrll..
cm district. Ex-Concressman It.
I 0. Wilson came on horo from
PlattO COIintV rtilll rllrl nil l.n
could for Lafayette. Senator Vest
went to tho wh'to house for tho
llrnt time in months, ostensibly lo
say a good word for Lafayette. It
was all of no use.
Another Missourian was sick
when tho appointments were made
known today. George, tho Kan
sas City lawyer, felt very confident
that lie WOUld lis mndn liulrrn nf
southern district, He had influ
ences, which he did not reveal, but
wmen no thought would bo irro-
Sistible. A third MiNSnurinn wlin
seemed al ono time to have one of
the mnreliul. hips in his grasp was
Pat Byrne, of Kansas City. He is
Vico nresideift. of thn linnL- nl. Mna.
cogeo, and was backed by U L
uwen, uarvoy animon ana many
other prominent dcinocrtt,ta in the
fOUlhwcst. Tuxns and Arknnnn
gotwq appointments niiecoin tho
i.totui,iiuii luies'jtiri was ig
nored. GEN, BLACK ri.KASKD.
"I am delighted to learn ol Mr.
Springer's nppoiiitmoTH1' sid
Gen. John C. Block. United Sintp
district aUorney, a Chicago, "and
cnsiacr tl mo Happiest one mado
by rresident Cleveland durinir his
current term. There is not a man
in tho United Stnteft n well vnrunrt
in territorial law as Mr. Sprincer.
HO Was not onlv f. mnnihor nf ihn
committee on tetrilorlos for twen
ty years, but he further IohI nnnn.
portunlty in perfecting his know!.
euge 01 1110 taw as appitoa to ter
ritorial manors. His recognition
by the administration in n tnhnin
to a life of labor and activity in
tho nation's service, and nvnrv
man who served with ini anil,
learned to appreciate, him will feel
just as I d.'
The Cherokee Seottons of the
Indian BUI.
Tho following extracts nr l,L-in
from the various appropriation
biHs, relating lo Indian affairs,
psssed by congress at its last ses-
For tho n.tvmnnl. nf Ilia
first installment due on the fourth
day of March, eighteen hnnHrB,1
and ninety-five to tho Cherokee
nation, unuer t.110 provisions of the
Act o.f March third, eighteen hun
dred andnlnetv.thren. fnr llm m,r.
chase of tho "Cherokee Outrhi.n
the sum of ono million six hun
dred and sixty thousand dollars:
Provided. That said sum tdml! ln
subject to the payment of tho Dol-
awaro anu onawnco .Indians and
iho Cherokee free dm en ns nmviil.
ed by tho tenth section of Baid actj
10 oe avaiiame immediately o.rter
March fourth, cichteen hundred
and ninety-fivo.
orlftoaurvpy of the lands in
tho Indian Territory two hundred
thousand dollars, or so much
thereof as mav be necessarv. (n lm
immediately availablo: Provided,
tnai mo secretary 01 me interior
may, in his discretion, direct that
the survovs heroin nuthnriind. nr
any part of them, in tho Indian
Territory, shall be made under the
supervision of the director of the
geolgoical survey, by suoh persons
ts may uo enipioyou uy or under
him ior that purpoBo. And such
surveys fihall bo executed under
instructions to be issued by the
secretary of tho interior, and sub
divisional surveys shall be execut
ed titular thn rpptnnrmlnr util.m
as now provided by faw; Provided
itiriuer, mai wupn any surveys
shall have been mndn and nlnia
and field notes thereof nrnnnrpil
they 8hall be approved and oortl-
neu 10 Dy mo aircciqr ol the geo
logical survey, and two copies
thereof shaR bu returned, ono for
filing in tho Indian office and one
in the general land office; and such
surveys, field notes and plats shall
have the sarao legal force and ef
fect as heretofore given to tho acts
of surveyors-general: Provided
uitiiu,, uu, uiuvuaiui DU1U our
voys to be mado under tho super
vision of tho director of tho geo
logical survey, shall not exceed
the rates now ostiblidhed by law;
and that whenever such surveys
aro executed as herein provided
by the director of the geological
survey, all laws inconsistent with
tho provisions tarouf are declared
jo uetmnerawvo as respeois such
loprovidofor tho oxpenBcs of
tho five commissioners appointed
to take a census of the Old Settler
Chorokee84 two thousand dullors,
in addition lo the sum of
live thousand dollar an.
propriated for such purpose by aot
of congress approved Aumwt if
teeftth. eiehtnen buudriul
and ninely-fow, the same to be
qcuuetsa rropj the amount award
ed to said Indians by judgment of
tho court ot claims, dated Jiwe
sixth, eighteen hundred and nin,
ty.throe, arAd reimbursed lo the
Uniled States
The tccretary of the interior is
hereby authorized ml derated to
Mttpend action wndr the prodig
ious of the rtct of congrewe approv
ed March th thlrdt eigbtn bun
dred and ninetybfee i.!T B. ,
nrtilfraff h MNemtiH with IV
QbefOetM Mtou of Uwcerbttr nine,
tewoth.eigblwen hundred and nioe-tr-one,
u to the aolual removal
trouUhe Cherokee, oountry ot per
ou deeignaud by the authwiiiea
aa intruders, until ihu epraieei of
the valiae oi the Ituuruvvtuenis of
VOL. XII.. --NO. 30.
such persons shall have been eon
plelcd and approved by the secre
tary ot tho interior and submitted
by him to congress and tha remov
al of such intruders shall not be
mado earlier than January first,
eighteen hundred and ninety-six:
Provided. That wliMinvor inv In.
truder shall have been paid oi
tondorcd tho appraised value of
his Improvements, if he does not
immediately surrender possession
of tho same lo tho authorities of
the Cherokee nation he shall have
lo pay therefor at the rate usual in
the country, but this provision
shall not bo construed to extend
Iho lime fnr tho removal of intrud
ers according to the foregoing
agreement bevond thn first ilav nf
January, eighteen hundred and
I hat tho accounts of money due
the Cherokco nation under any of
ihn trnfillna mnil. In ll.n ......
1817, 1819. 1B25, 183U, 1835 1336,
to-io, 1000; iooa ana any laws
passed by tho congress of tVie
United States for tho purpose of
carrying saidlrcatios,orany of Ihcm
into effect, prepared in accordance
with tho provisions ol the act of
March third, eighteen hundred
and ninety-threo, and reported to
congress in houscexecntivo docu-v
ment cumbered ono hundred and
eighty two, fifty-third congress,
third session, be roforred to Ihe
utlorney-gencral, and he is hcroby
authorized, and directed to review
the conclusion of law reached by
tho department of the interior in
said account and report his con
clusions thereon tn mnertu al iic.
next regular session: Provided. he
may, 11 he deems such action ad
visable, refer said account to the
auditor for the interior ilnnartment
for a restatement thereof in accord
ance with tho conclusions of law
readied by him: which aeeetmt,
when made bv thn nnrtiln (nv tha.
interior department, shall be
transmitted, to the comptroller of
the treasury for consideration
both UDOn the law nnd thn Tala
ond by him, when completed.
transmitted to tho attorney-general
for report to congress at its next
regular sesion. ns above provided
Provided fuslher, That in
making; such review and restate-,
mont there shall be no computa
tion for interest.
The Dakota Bot Sprtora.
The Hot Springs of Arkansas
have long been deservedly nonn-
lar, for the reason that theie has
been no other place that has filled
the requirements of both a health
and a plcasuro resort. This state
of affairs has changed. The. Hot
Springs of South Dakota have, is,
recent years, been thrown open tt
the people, and becauso of their
delightful situation and curative
qualities, are becoming more nop.
Ular every day. Situated as this l
resort is, in the famous Black
Hills, in tho midsA of beautiful
mountain scenery, possessing Ibat
peculiar balsa tiio atmosphere
Which ts in itself health giving,
with waters that are pronounced
by experts equal if not superior to
thoao of any other mineral springs
in tho world, it will soon outrank,
any other like resort.
The hotel accommodations are
tho best hostelr'tes with all the
modern improvements and con
veniences. The Evans hotel,
built of pink sandstone, with
steam heat, electric lights, and
oyery room nn outside one, ia
easily the best conducted house be.
tween Chicago and Denver. Fine
bath houses aro connected witb
the best hotels. The rate3 of all
the hotels arc very reasonable.
The surrounding country is more
than picturesque it is wonderful.
Tno marvelous "Wind Cave""; the
falls of Fall Rivor; Battle Mom.
lain, the old Indian battle ground;
Deadwood and the gold fields; and
the famous Bad Lands are all with
in driving distance. The mammoth
plunge bath at tho springs irf noted
as being one of the largest natator
iums in tho world. So healthful
are tho surroundings, and so any
the conveniences of this "Carlsbad;
of America," that it is rapidly be
coming the "Mecca," not only fe
invalids but for peasuro seekers a
well. Tho "Burlington Rolo"
reaches there in a day and a half
from St. Louis. Pullman sleepers
and frco chair cars orr train No. 15
run lo Lincoln, and from Lincoln
free chair cars and sleepers rut)
through to tho springs.
For further information, call on
any "Burlington Route" agent, oc
flddress. D. 0, Ivee, G. P. and T.
A. St. Louis, Mo. tf
The Downing ac a rale! are.
the moat advanced type of cWo-
sees, ine party einiwacee saan
oi the best thinkers of the tin I in 11.
and represents the more vrit3
and correct intemie. Neitjter
oflho partita are juet what Um
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fnn.. ... ....... Z- L ... 1
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out of the uwwbet w pfrok th tkm
that beet coven Mm getks Madtv
The Qherokee tutfe U heavily la"
debt ad He pr gaiiki. -J, m
needa t its head i a tirmiUi vW1
will utvlnU 14 turn tor ifMaeMaa.
nesi and pMitu paper aaete on Um
mope plane. Sua Mayei Um
IwBings, i a euoeeaafal nirffiHiL.
and bM maoikied well hi wW
Mn, wW, oo.pi,dywltk m.
EwJ WHty ii.d inWgtity.po-ii- t
well for th Oawwoke. natlos it
m elected ohief. Mr. Kexw, at
the Na(orel, i tn kmwim
nd a deep thinker , be Mt.MM o
aum. outmaaeea mm aa an .
eiw m an laiigit),
touve IkMiMier.-
Col. AotMH
a. mil

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