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VOL. XIII.-NO. 31.
-f(ffr -F"?fi'T'-
Removal !
To the Farmers and Stockmen :
I will sell my entire stock of saddles and harness
at cost for the next 30
stock to move.
- In the
Desiro to announce to
try that they hiivo added to their slock a lull lino ol
tfURisn si-uisrGS.
Provide Everything the Family Need.
To Suit The Times.
3tar and. Horse Shoe
N 0,11 ..M ichi ganiSal t .
Eupion Oil
East Side of
'; Xj-CLDCLloerl
) Vinita. Indian Tcrritorv.
A complete stock of Builders' Material,
Cement, Limo. Lath, Doors, Windows,
Mouldings, Mixed Pnints, Wall Paper, Etc.
Yellow Pino Finishing Lumber Cypress Shingles a Specialty
Term. ! CASHr W L TROTT.
J The Beit Ehwt ft
tortheLcaitS'oDfy jMMWA
S VmL aW A. tRi OTCrOno
S nf KT"M,mkl Vat All
t nl' m- v I 1& T&crea
i . c 97 m iatd I 'aaa twit
if .?.?-. wa
m i& j-aanaaw wara rromti
M Sift?' JBhrTk. K$mL?B
-t vat fLBIWaiaalv? sBa.
r .r m&e vrwmmcmj n.Mi
1 . W fc i II ill " -v M
I eaaw-7-". vaapa
if I aavt? a3B "t
.ft S WErHlS IS Tim RPerAaefe- L
ii wz&3Tr.: gif6. k
1 ' lUUMk'A'iy. fxr Tl -ats.
A iaaVr 'CoajsaEaMaaaaav
For sale by C. HAYDEN, Chouteau, Ind. Ter.
, 1, ,
Has moved into the new Gray
Halsell building a few doors
south of the old stand .
Hardware and Furniture!
There is not
my stock in
Harvest Approaches...
1 1' TTnn tnr s-t - 1 1 i 1
y i juutao jjlu oiucii..
Kh to show you
days, as I have too much
& BRO.
Rock Bui ding,
their innny frionds In this coiin-
Tobacco- 40c per lb
..,.,uw, 1.55 per bb.
I5c per gal
Railway Track.
rlVb A KING.
Million People wear the
Douglas $3 and $4 Shoos
custom iboci la ttflo and fit.
Inn Qualities are uiuurpautd.
bolt value for tbe money.
or ahn-e nre eqnnllr atUfactory
prlc- are uniform ttampctl on tote.
to 3 mvM oTcr otber mk.
your dAlcr cAQQot tuppl jroa we can.
.84,93.60 CardoTBn.Frcncb
ilnnmcllrrl rolfnnd Kawaroo.
S3.0O Poitee 5MH. 3ioim.,
9U.ou ana 9c ngiungmens.
T&J. & I . O IKi)t' School Shtei
Ltaiii J, z.u. aitna i.a.
r your dfuer cannot tuppij
you, wrlta (or ctloiuo.
W. L. Douglas,
Drocklon! .tlaii.
the equal of
this country.
WM.r t .'.
Deering Binder
QVi a laWlraA-kaal AQ aiJSvJ "
mucus vv yiwiu
model of 18fi5.
New Goods! New Prices!
New Building!
& as?
John G.
In Dry Goods, Clothing,
Hats, Shoes, Groceries
He has everything the trace requires. Call
and make a Careful Inspection at
New Gray and Halsell Bldg,
Vinita, Ind. Ter.
General Insurance -Agent,
Fire, Tornado, Accident
and Plate Glass.
8225,000 in losses paid by our companies in tint Iudinn Territory.
Wrilo us for rules. Mch 11 U
Hardware, Implements and Machinery.
Lj-t --
12&Finc Line of Groceries in
Vj oKiTv LyeUlii.rt.
- -"Bifti- at any tlms a
-)S!-xr: .ne rn,),
HfijJ-V Rla.ra fre
A- irSjW " " H-
The Cosmopolitan,
Which was tho Most Widely Circulated Illustrated Monthly
Magazine In the World during 1894.
ghe jou In The CoSMorOUTAN 1536 page, with over 1300 illustrations
And jou can haeall f
this, both our local pa
per and Tiik Cosmotol
ITAN, (or only $2.50
a year much less than
)ou (onncrly paid for
Tiik CosMormiTAN
alone, when It was not so
good a magaiine as now.
J Bulk so
so4a U tmfetUr to paokajfo ooda.
is the whole story
ot Imitation trad
tsarka .ad IbU.
H IttirtrtlO'PC Ce8",0MOr"11ot,-,P'Cksesoda never spoilt
1 U pCl ViyclCS. flour unlvmlly acknowMfted purest la the wtrM,
KMc onlj by CHURCH k CO., New York. Sold by grocers everywhere.
Write tor Mat and tttmrner iVoot of vaJuaftlo eoJp-irjrj
a aj
Calls Attention to above
Suggestive Heading.
& Co.,
TProtcot Your Eyes.
, Wfll. known Kje Ktrrrt of 60 K .Irrct '" Vork.in
OliTeSt. bt l)0l. Mo lit. aiiolnlnl A W forrnia
CfDt for bit crlrbrtlnl Jion-Lhincnblt flifct.clf. an
anil rrrry paK vurchatrd I. KUrnti-cJ.o that
chauaa la nH...ary (no naitrr how acralchrd
tiiry will fnrnl.h Ihn party with aiwa!rot
of chargr A W" I'orrrnan ha. a lull a.tort-
rornt ami hitltr. all who wl.h to lallary thm.lrrt of thr
frcal inprrinrlty nr thrae xia.ira ortr any ana an oinrra now
n ma, tooall anil examine thrm at tlie.torrof A V Fore.
nan. .nle aient Inr Vlnlta. I T
.lone atailnt aale.a llauptil !)aa-Ckiiittalilr."
Combination ! !
By Special
Arrangement I ! !
JOURNAL with tho
of the Magazines,
NO HOME i complete without the local roper
and one of the crcat illustrated montlfliet rep.
resenting the thought and talent of the world, Purr
lng one )ear the ablest authors, the clct erect artists,
v -
r .eepv r .
The llnkotn Hot Springs.
The Hot Springs of Arkansas
liuvo long been desorvedly popu
lar, for tho reason that there has
boon no other placo that has filled
the. requirements of both a health
and ti ploaAiiro resort. This state
Of affairs Iiiih changed. The Hot
spring of South Dakota h ivc, in
rccCnt yenm, been thrown t.pen to
the ptMiplo, mid because of their
di'liiililful fituntion and curative
(lUiilllii-i!, are becoming more pop
ular every day. Sltiuted as this
rreorl is. in the fanioiw Ilhick
Hills, in tho midst of beautiful
mountain cceuory, possessing that
peculiar balsa nic atmognlicro
which is in itself health giving,
will) waters Unit are pronounced
by experts cquallf not superior to
those of any other mineral springs
in the world, it will soon outrank
any other like resoit
The hotel accommodations arc
the bent liosti'lrlcB with all the
modern improvements and Con
veniences. Tho Evans holol,
built of pink sandstone, with
steam heat, electric lights, and
every room an outside one, is
easily the best conducted house be
tween Chicago and Denver. Fine
bath houses are connected with
the best hotels The rates of all
the hotels arp very reasonable
The surrounding country is more
than picturesque it is wonderful.
Tne marvelous "Wind Cave" Ihe
falls of Fall River; Battle Moun
tain, the old Indian battle ground;
Deadwood and tho gold fields; and
tho famous Bad Lands are all with
in driving distance. The mammoth
plunge bath at the springs is noted
as being one of the largest natator
iums in the world. So healthful
are the surroundings, and so many
tho conveniences of thjs "Carlsbad
of America," that it is rapidly be
coming tho "Mecca," not only for
invalids but for pcasure seekers as
well. The "Burlington Route"
reaches there in a day and a half
from St. Louis Pullman sleepers
and free chair cars on train Jho. IP
run to Lincoln, and from Lincoln
free chair cars and sleepers run
through to tho springs.
For further information, call on
any "Burlington Routo" agqnt, or
address. D O. Ives, Q. l and T
A., St. Louis, Mo. tf
When my little girt was one month old, she
had a scab forln on her (ace. It kept spread
ing until she was completely covered from
head to loot. Then she had boils. She had
forty on her head at one time, and more on
her body. When six months old she did not
weigh seven pounds, a pound and a halt less
thin at birth. Then her ilin started tq dry
up and R-t . had h muld not shut her eyea
(o sleep, but laid with t lem hall open. About
this time, at ths earnest request of friends, I
started using the '-lticcra Remedies, and
in tnt month iht uxtt ttmpUttly turtJ.
The doctor and drug bills were over cntkun
drtd ditUrs, the Cuticura bill was not more
(hanw iklUrt. My child (s now two years
old, strong, healthy and large as any chad ot
her age (see photo.) and It Is all owing to
CUTICVJU. ours with a Mother's Blessing,
335 Greenfield Avenue, Milwaukee, Wis.
Soli throughout th. woiU. Pmn DatXJ ahd
f AU about tin BI00J. Skin. Scalp, and Hair." ''"t
llaby Illenilshes, (ailing hair, and red, routh
handt prcrcntcd and cured by Cntlcnrm Soap,
The Ucst are the
Is the Best Fixed and the
Best Photographer in
the Territory.
He is Permanent Reliable,
Larrfnl attention (Ivan in drawing
upofaad laalnjr arknowledinirtiU
to aiaentlnn nf Dt'bDS, ilUUT
rOMIKlti: solicited. All boilneia atrlclly
rondttenllal and aatlalactlon guaranteed or no
charges M
Offlco at Adair, Ind. Tor.
I. 1?. BLcKlDSOE,
Herbert or
Cleveland, Ok. Ty.
AbJ RmI Estaio Agsqt.
8urTerlnit.-,nd locating of claims specialty.
Being ilr-wiy county surveyor of county Oil
gltca me a twa-folil advantage la locative
eUlniaaw, Wri m flltier as stove, or Yi
Chouteiu.lml. Ter.
"' ' Kr- i,
1 A llloodjr Deed Recalled.
FromJdilre W V Popa'a rtmlnlaeences or
"Karly Dajraln Arkauaat "
The special "Session of tho legis
lature ot 1837, which was held in
the.prcsent state house, was tho
occasion of one of tho bloodiest
crimes that ever stained tho tmnn
of Arkansas history tho killing of
j. j. nniiiriny uy Joiin Wilson,
speak- r, during the opnn session.
The fiifliuulty grew ut f (l ncnt.
eu discussion on a bill to Increase
tho bounty on wolf scalps, in
which a sarcislic lling was made
by Anthony at Wilson in regard
to Ills position as president of tho
Real hstato Rank.
Wilson was acquitted of killing
Anthony, and was returned to the
legislature from Piko county in
182, when, nnnthor tragody was
narrowly averted.
In the courso ofa debate on tho
subject of tho real estate banks,
ViUon stated that Dr. Lorenzo
Gibson, who took an activo part
in tho discunion in regard to a de
cision of the supremo court which
affected the banks, did not repre
sent tho sentiments of his constit
uency. It this reply, Dr. Gibson said:
"Tho member frqm Piko county
ought to bo tho last person in this
house to open his mouth on the
subject of the real estate bank."
Wilson moved uncasilv In hl
Contlnulni;, Dr. Gibson said:
"While tho member from I'iko
was sneakine 1 cast mv eves to n
dark and ominous snot on tho
floor near where he is now sittine.
and which is happily covered over
with a carpet, but into tho wood
of which the blood of a murdered
man has sunk so deep that nothing
but the toncuo of fire or tho tooth
of deoay can obliterate itjond I ex
pected to see tho ghost of tho mur
dered Anthony riso up and rebuke
into silence his murderer."
Wilson, wild-oyed and livid
with rage sprang to his feet, and
witkbowic knife drawn hp started
for the man who had so scalbinclv
denounced him Bnforo ho had
taken a stt-n, however, he was
seized and forced back into his
seat. Dr Gibsqn stepped into tho
aisle and said, with the utmost
coolness and without a tremor.
"Let the murderer come, ho will
not find mo an Anthony." The
scene' at that moment was beyond
the pow-er of words to describe. I
was present on the floor and now
almost hear the "click," .'click,"
as pistols were cocked and tne
friends of Dr. Gibson leaped over
the lobby rails and surrounded
hitn. -Members junTped "upon
their dosks shouting and nourish
ing weapons of various descrip
tions, while cries of "order,"
"order," rent the air. Finally by
the united e (Toils of " the
speaker and the doar keeper we
had no sergeant at-arms in those
days and some of the cooler heads
order was roatored and the two be
hngerents were summoned to the
bar of the house and reprimanded.
Strange to say nothing lurthor
came of the matter.
The Cl'QctaW'C'lilclinsawSiilt.
Within a few days the attorney-
general will notify the Wichita and
affiliated bands ot Indians that tho
Chcclnws and Chickasaws have
brought suit against them to recov
er the title to nil that part of their
reservations which have been ced
ed to the United States over and
above the part required for allot
ments. 1 no Indian appropriation
bill outlined tho procedure to bo
followed in tho settlement of this
controversy and, it is a common re
port that tho molhods provided
wcro fashioned by the Chickasaw
and Choctaw lobby itself. Tho In
dians were allowed ninety days in
which to file their petition in
the court of claims, but did not
avail themselves of their full priv
ilege. In accordanco with tho act, !
petition states tho facts upon
which tlip Chickasaws and Choc
taws rely. It sots forth that thoy
have all tho equi'ablo title to tho
reservation. As congress places
tho value of tho land at 81.25 per
rcre, this amount, it is claimed.all
belongs to them and the Wichitus
occupying tho lands have no in
tercsttn the lands, after thoy take
their allotments and abandon tho
reservation. It is claimed that
the Wichitas wore allowed to move
on to tho reservations which form
erly belonged to the Chickasaws
and Choctaws, to remain on it as
lotlg as they should desire, but
once abandoning for uny reason,
tho lands wero to revert to the
Chickasaws and Choctaws.
Under the act tho attorney -general
is dirocted to appear fur the
United States, which is made -de
fendant with tho Indians. Tho
Wichitas, within sixty days aficr
receiving tho notice from the nttor-roy-ceneral,
must filo their answer
stating tho tacts upon which thoy
roiy lor compensation, railing
such answer they will bo barred.
The court is directed to recoivo
and consider as evidence in the
suit everything which shall be
deemed by it necessary to aid in
determining the nuestiuu present
ed and tending to shed light on the
claim rights and equities of tne
parties. Klthnr of tho parties have
the right of appeal to the supreme
The lo-uX WQcurcil tho inser
tion of a otirtlfaiYQVor, vhioh
goes far to jfuwredit tho presump
tion that Ike phhAtitls are bring
ing tho notion Inf good faith. It
it Ike phi
notion If
provides Jhftt. the lobby may at
anytime titft tlu rendition of
final judatitit,, tie the judge's
hands nil fttou his mouth and i-o
out or cartnpV bargain with the
cqmmisi i)rs. the result being
Bupipcv ui5i tenon oi congress
Indian Treaty Right.
Tho principal objection urged
against legislation for tho improve
ment of tho late disgraceful
condition of things in the Indian
Territory was that the Indians have
certain treaty rights which stand
in the way of any arbitrary Inter
ference on the part of tho United
Stales. It is true that tho treaties
under which tho different tribes
wero removed to their nresen -on.
ervalinim provide that thoy shall
be allowed to make and administer
their own laws, subject to tho con
stitution of tho United Stalot-; and
it is well known that their lands
aro hold by virtuo of patonts
granted to oach tribe. But this
right of self-government has been
so exercised aa to defeut its orig
inal purpose;and tho lands intend
ed to be occupied by all tho mem.
hers of tho various tribes havo
been allowed to posi into the hands
of a few cunning and unscrupulous
speculators, mostly white men who
have married Indian women. It
is officially certified that loss than
500 persons havo secured posses
sion of nino-tenths of the ngricul.
tural and grazing lands of tho
of tho country. Tho titles remain
in tho tribes ae tribes, but for all
practical purposes, tho ownership
is vested in theao monopolists, and
the Indians in general are deprived
of tho advantages which Icglti
imatoly belong to them. In short,
the condition of tho treaties have
not been obserted by the tribal
authorities, and thus the rights
dependent upon tho3e conditions
havo been forfeited
It is proposed to m.a,ko a chango
for the better in this situation by
causing justice to bo dono to all
the mombers of tho different tribes,
and at the same time providing
protection for the 300,000 white
men who have been permitted to
sottlo in tho country. As the case
now stands, tho patrimony of a
large majority qf the Indians has
been taken away from them with
the consent and complicity of tho
tribalgovernmenls.and an oligarchy
has been established where there
should bo equality of rights and
privileges. Tho treaties upon
which so much stress is laid wero
certainly not designed to bring
about such a result; and tho fact
that such a result hasbeen allowed
to ensue by ono party to the oom
pact absolves tho other from tho
obligation of literal adherence to
its original terms. In other words,
tho question is not ono that turns
upon tho technical construction of
treaties, but upon the application
of'fundumcntal piinciples andlTthV
performance of plain and practical
duties. It is notorious that the
Indian country has becomo the
rendezvous of all kinds of crimi
nals, and tha.t corruption prevails
in thp management of the affairs
of all the so-called "nations" with
which treaties have been made.
These circumstances justify tho
United States in takinir stens to
secure to both Indians and whites
the rights to which they are justly
entitled, and to promote the in
terests of civilization by abolish
ing the ogoncies and appliances
which have proved to bo so raiser
ably disappointing in that relation.
iD'tlam and Income Tax.
Inquiry at the treasury depart
ment in regard to tho liability of
Indians for income tax has elicited
tho following information in a let
ter from the aoting commissioner:
"gir-In roply to your letter of
tho 2lst inst., in which you in
quire: "1 Is it tho purpose of tho
United States authorities to apply
tho income tax law to Indians liv
ing in their unsurveyed reserva
tions, under the community sys
tem and deriving income from In
dian farming and grazing lands?"
" '2. Will that law be annliod
to similar incomes of white por
sons who have becomo citizens ot
any of these tribes of Indians un
der treaty, by adoption or inter
marriage?' "lou aro advised as follows:
"I. Indians continuing their
tribal relations, living under tho
community system on reservations
and deriving income from Indian
farming anugrazing lands, aro not
subject to tho provisions ol the in-
como tax law.
"2. Whilo persons living upon
Indian reservations or within tho
Indian Territory, whether under
treaty or adoption, or intermar
riage, or otherwise, are subject to
the provisions of tho income tax
law and should make terms and
pay tax in conformity therewith
Description of Cfarlat.
In an ancient manusoript sent
by Pubous, presidont of Judea, to
tho Roman senate more than a
thousand yoars ago, the interesting
ucscripuuii is saui to appear:
"There lives at this time in Ju
dea a man of singular character
whoso name is Jesus Christ. The
barbarians esteem him as a pro
phet, but his followers adore him
as art immedinto offspring of God.
Ho is endowed with suou unparul
lelcd virtues as to be able to call
baok tho dead from their craves
and to heal every sort of disoaso
with a word or touch. His nerson
is tall and elegantly shaped. His
uspeci is niiuuuio ami rovereneu.
His hoir ilows in those boautilul
shades which no united colors, can
match, falling in graceful curls be
low tho ears, agreeably touching
on ins snouiuers anu parting on
the crown of his hend ik the
head-dress of the sect CfcJtod, Nm-.
arltos. His forehead la smooth
And Ida cheeks without a spot.Mve
that n( lovely rd. Hit nose and
his month are formed with ' ex.
JquisUd symmetry. HU brd u
thick and suited for the hair of his
head reaching a little below his
his chin nhd partod in the middle
liko a fork, flis'oyes are -bright,
clear and eerono. He rebukw
with majesty and counsels with
pursuasfve language His whole
address, whether in word or deed,
uemg iegnni, gravo anucuaracier
istiqof.ro exalted a being. No
man iias ever seen him laugh, hut
all Judea has seen him weop; and
so persuasive is his (ears that the
multitudes are unable te restrain
theirs from mingling With his. He
Is very modest, tempcrato and
wiso. Whatever this phenomenon
may bo in the end, ho; now ecems
to bo n man of airango beaut) and
divino perfection in every way sur
passing tho children of men." -Ex
Stirrer of tho Indian Tcrrltery.
Tho survey of tho Indian Terri
tary and tho marking ot it off into
quartorsections for tho purpose of
allotment to the Indians, through
whose countries tho survey will be
mado is about to bo begun by the
Geological survey. The chief to
pographer tins been planning this
work for somo timo and will visit
tho fieldduring tho coming seasoh.
About 150 men will bo engaged in
the work, the advance guard, num
bering threo, having just gone to
the Territory. VThe survey will
begin at tho point where tho In
dian base hue crosses tho east line
of tho Chickasaw reservation in
latitude 34 12. The first party
nuw urjruiuzing win extend anu
mark out this base line for about
50 miles eastward. A second party
wncn tins nas oeen accomplished,
will run a north and south line
from a point on the cast line of
range 8, and this line will be
made a principal meridian, even
tually to bo extended to the north
line of the Ureek country and to
the south boundary of tho Choctaw
nation. From a point 24 milts
east of this principal meridian
there will he a guide moridian run.
and from a point 21 miles north
and south of the base line correc
tion lines will be marked out by a
third party
This work will cut the. country
up into areas of 24 miles each way
and the next step to bo taken by
several surveying parties will bo
the outlining of townships which
will then be divided into sections
and quaiter sections. The differ
ent surveying parties will bo
organized as fast as they can go to
OncoMVhlch Is n "Marriage ef 7fl
And 10.
Didn't the wind blow, though?
Lots of corn put in last week;
now if it rains times will just hum.
R. R. Holt has bought the
house on the west side of Ma-fa
street no occupied by D. JJ DnVle
as a restaurant, and is fitting-ituji
for a store and will soon i chango
B. F Lamar, Hfn ry Kcifer and
Sam Nidiffer have baughlhe largo
farm of 350 acros just 'south of
Fairland from John J. Smith and
will lay out n part of it in town
loU in a sh6rt tim.
Married, at Neosho, March 25th,
Win. Swinnoy.o'f Fairland. to Miss
Zonie Taylor, of Southwest City.
We extend congratulations to Mr.
Sivinney anu his fair young brido.
Poople say that Jas. R.Lamar and
the city marshal aro no respecters
of persons. They and hishonor,
Mayor (J. U. J ami's, do business up
in stylo, and without favor or at
fection. J. M. Dixon has got the appoint
ment as agent far the Piano Manu
facturing Co.
K. B. West is in town on n visit
to his son, Kinch, Jr ; reports
tilings in good shape in the vicin
ity of Catoosa.
L. C. Goodney and his son,
Clyde, of Baxter Springs, were in
town this week buying cattle.
Carroll Moore shipped soveral
loads of cattle to Kansas City lost
wcok and sold for 5 cents a pound.
This rather pays.
Wo got a shori look at Judge
Springor as ho passed through
Fairland; all who saw him aro
woll pleased with his appearance
and domoanor. Wo are of the
opinion that ho will be a decided
improvement on the judiciary of
the Territory.
A. A. Holt, from near Miami,
was in town Friday; is getting
ready to plant corn.
Capt. Bakor tells us that some
parties are going to commence
work on tho mining leases, of P. L.
Walker, 0. W. Edens and Ed,
Lundy, in the near future. Wish
them the best of luck; they will
mine-for lead, zinc and oil,
Times are getting better here all
the time. We sell at least SO per
cent more goods than a yearafo.
Jlldeo Piirknr plvna It aa lif.
oniii.Jii that, under tho provision
ot the Territory court bill, the U.
d. courts oi jj-i, smtin arnt l'art,
which have heretofore had concur
rent jurisdiction in whisky cm,
aro now powerless, so far as intro
ducing whisky is concerned. Tt-jr
still retain .jurisdiction ever ih
crimo of aellmg, IhH for Introduc
ing the courta t oUh McAliaUr,
Muaongee and Ardwwi will han
d4 the otmW. In tii ottivr r
tywets the JurtadlcUos of tho fort
Bwlth anil PgtrN court is un
chngi.Kle vtor
The ? Bevfavs;
has ehjac
to InditMi Rfti
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