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Indian Chieftain.
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Pnbirtheri Thnrariart
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MARKS, Miter.
X. E. XILFOXD, Manager.
VmtiA, Ind. Tkr., Ant. 11, 1895
The Indian Journal has n now
editor whoso editorials sound as
though written in tho Advocate
It is probablo tho infirmatios
of g o will cause oxSenntor Dawes
to retiro from the commission bear
ing his nnmo.
The Downings and the Nation
als aro holding each other up by
the tail, each trying to getaglanco
at the others platform.
The probabilities aro that Judgo
Springor will become a permanent
resident of Vinita this fall. Well,
u now, ho'll bo welcomo and no mis-tako.
0e of Iho auditors of tho treas
ury has decided that JudgesSpring
erand Kilgoro cannot rcceivo com
permnlion for their sorvices until
they huve been confirmbd by tho
It is said Constantino Buckley
Killcore's nnmo was tho cause of
his 8UCC08B in gottlng a judgeship
in this country. Tho president
thought maybe "Kill-goro" might
frighten tho Indinna.
A oood many people aro anxious
to know when the Delaware,Shaw
neo and Freodmcn payments will
be mado. Nothing has been dono
by tho department toward getting
the census ready, thus far.
A motio.v to substitute tho Wal
lace enrollment of 722 has beun
cntorod In tho court of claims in
the Fhawnee case, this number be
ing about eighty in excess of the
number returned in the judgment.
An exchange suggests that when
Mr. Cleveland spoke in favor of
home rule for the Indian Terri
tory, ho meant domestic home
rule, which is all right in its way,
but sometimes tho salary id not
Jeff McGiiek was staggering
'round town a day of two last
week like a man who might have
a new political party in his
pocket. If anybody in Delaware
district doubts Jeffs ability to hold
office, let hi ill offer Jefl one.
Now if Tom Crooks was only in
Judge Springer's place this coun
try would get a touch of high life.
However, Crooks is not to be lelt
out in tho cold; hois to be jailer
at Atoka, a place which ho will
doubtless fill with distinction.
Bill Doolin was again sur
rounded by deputy marshals in
Oklahoma last week. This must
bo getting monotonous, as the
samo thing has happened a score
of times. But then, he has been
killed several times for a charge.
It would reouiro a cood deal
of cheek for a citizen of this town
to inquire of tho city government
what it did with taxes and rev
enues collected last year. This,
of course, is nobody's busine8s(?)
i and tho tax-payer is making an
ass of himself in asking puch
a question.
The National party has under
taken the herculean task of mak
ing tho country believe that Bob
Ross is a better man for chief than
Sam Mayes is. The fact that
Mayes knows which end of a steer
has the horns on does not in any
way disqualify him for tho duties
of a chief, either.
Some of our citizens have what
we believe to bo an erroneous idea
of whero the court houso ought to
bo built, claiming that it should
be in the center of tho business
nortion ot tho city. In matters of
this kind it is unfortunate, how
over, that there should bo any dif
ference, and there is no one in
business in tho town who should
not receive due consideration. No
particular part of the city should
be built up at the oxpense of other
portions, though it is very prob.
able that the location of the court
will not effect any particular lo
calily to tho detriment of another.
Down in Arkaneaw the other
day the governor of tho state and a
member of tho legislature got into
a difficulty and stood up liko two
small boys and spat each othor out
of countenance, The dispatches
do not state whethor these gentle
men who so gallantly defendod
their honor wero chewers of the
"weed" or not, hut that each
wanted te make a cuspidor of the
other'nfce wotuld Indicate that
they had c-n han-d at least saliva
qottfh for purposes of pffenso and
Ufea. Kleliback, in all his
rM on H Indian and in his
Mblodfie of the bawdy house?,
Mr wlelfled so puny weapon
U a Ui ? f. The
Mfr avMonUy got madder
jmS aiaddar until M went lo his
hi.. iekt uid ','4rw" In true
teintiU. .!..
In tho lifo and work of a politic
al party thoro is ifo thing upon
which so much stress is placod as
tho parly platform, Each party
watches tho other and walls im
patiently for tho platform. All
candidates nominated by a politic
al party aro expected to "stand"
on the platform, which documont
is supposed to reflect tho views
and foreshadow tho lino of public
policy to bo pursued by Iho party,
should it come into powor.
A platform has been called a
"trap to catch votos," with moro
or less truth. If there is anything
that is not promised tho country
in tho way of good government by
a political party in its platform, it
is duo to an oversight of its
authors. Writing a platform is
ono of the fino arts. Tho writer
must bo posted as to what a ma
jority of tho peoplo will tako kind
ly to, and must present it in a way
at onco attractive, especially the
parts that refer to tho great mass
es of common citizens that never
have and probably never will
know vory much about tho scienco
called political economy.
Tho platforms of tho Downing
and the National partios of this
nation for tho last twenty years
have stearod clear of new departures
and havo followed tho old beaten
track with studied sameness
Evory platform promises to hand
down unimpaired to all futuro
generations the common heritage
of lands and moneys. Each party
always reiterates the promiso to
faithfully and impartially adminis
ter tho laws, and no party over
fails to set forth the beauties of
economy in all tho branches of the
government. Each party watches
tho other like a hawk and is ready
t- p;tc!' into tho Slightest fault,
real or imaginary, in the platform
of the other, and each one is anx
ious for the other to bo mado pub
lic first. As an example of how
the leaders feel in tho matter the
following clipping from a strictly
party paper of last week's issue
will illustrate:
'The reported action of tho Na
tional convention in refusing to
Bublish their platform until the
ownings had. shown their hands
is a qiieer proceeding if true.
Suppose the Downing convention
pursues tho same tactics. How
will it be decided which will show
up first? A strong suspicion that
the Nationals might modify their
document after the Downing plat
form was made public, on tne part
of the latter, might bring about
this state of affairs. The situation
would indoed be interesting. The
action of tho National convention
iniclit be imputed to a lack of
confidence in itself or possibly a
lack of confidence in the people,
which would not popularize the
party if it wero known."
The euprerae court of the
United States lias at last promul
gated its decision in the income
tax case, and overthrows p rt of
the law as being unconstitu ml.
The decision dwells at length on
the difference between direct taxeb
and duties, and imports and ex
cue taxation. All taxes on rents
and municipal and state bonds
were declared illegal. Justice
Fields, after the decision was read
by tho" chief justice, entered the
following general dissent:
I am of the opinion that the
whole law of 18U4 is null and
void." He laid stress upon the
fact that the law did not exempt
judges of the United States courts
from payment of the tax. It was
not right, ho said, that the su
preme court should remain silent
and make no protest when many
United States judges drawing
small salaries would be affected
because of the law, and he called
attention to the letter once written
by Chief Justice Chase to the
treasury officials protesting against
the deduction ol an income tax
from the salaries of tho United
States judges. The opinion was
largely devoted to a review of the
provisions regarding rents, his con
clusions being in conformity to
thoso announced by tho chief jus
tice. Ho also attacked tho law on
account of tho lack of uniformity,
and dwelt upon its exemptions
and discriminations, which was,
ho said, class legislation. He de
voted especial attention lo the ex
emptions of savings banks, mutual
insurance companies, and build
ing and loan associations. He
quoted census figures to show the
extent of the operations of these
companies and said that if theso
facts were not convincing, con
gress could not be convinced,
'though one riie from the dead."
Ho took issue with thofo who con
tended that thoro could bo no le
gitimate limitation upon tho power
of congress,
It is very unfortunate that Cul
Itowe killed a man at Pryor Creek
JjBt week. From tho best reports
we get, we learn that ho was justi
fied and hope such is tho case,
while we greatly depluro the act.
Mr. Itowe js considered a man of
good repute and a wprtby citizen.
It was not the first time the victim
had been in trouble, as not long
ago ho stabbed a man at Fairland
without provocation. National,
Yes, It is unfortnato indeed;
not so unfortunate that the man
had to bo killed, an it wa) for so
good a men to haw to kill him,
It Is a very pathetic case and calls
for tho sympathy of everybody. It
takes a iiinnol great norvo to mm
' "Uer an (dipt,
- - . .... .
Next Sunday
Christian pasBovcr kept in com
memoration of tho resurrection ol
Christ. Tho English name is
probably derivod from that of tho
Tcutonlo goddess of 8prlgn,Ostera,
whoso festival occurred about tho
samo timo as tho celebration of
Easter. In tho early days of tho
church tho timo when Easter
should como becamo a question
and was tho causo of somo serious
diflcrcnco, and was finally sottled
at the council of Nico, in the year
325. Tho rulo was then adopted
that holds good to tho present
timo, which makes Easter Sunday
to bo tho first Sunday after tho full
moon which happens upon or noxt
after tho 21st of March. This
sacred day is celebrated in all
parts of tho Christain world with
great solomnity and devotion, and
in tho making of presents us well.
The custom of giving colored eggs
to tho children is an old ono an
well as a curious ono, but as lo its
origin or meaning wo aro some
what at sea. Astronomers say
that tho relative position of tho
earth to tho sun, moon and planets,
and of the whole solar system, is
on next Sunday, the same as at
tho time ol tho crucifixion, and
and that it is so for the first time
since that event.
Thkhe is considerable talk,
among thoso who nre supposed to
know in regard to a special scsdon
of the Cherokee council, and a ma
jority serm to bo in favur of it.
Tho chief matter that requires
attention is tho disposition of thuJ
appraised intruder improvements
made before August 11, 1880. If
the nation expects tho government
to remove these peoplo it should
lose no time in settling with them.
And then there is a bulunco of
something liko $150,000 aet aside
to pay for theso improvements
under net of March 3rd, 1803, that
could be devoted to other uses,
such as paying off tho public debt,
or replenishing the school fund.
If an extra session is had it would
be eminently proper to provide
some means of taxation to meet
constantly increasing expenses of
the nation.
of Mann; Sinners Tho
Heck Case.
The police committo investiga
tion had a very peculiar ending.
The entire testimony was directed
against Chief of Police Surratt and
he resigned. The council refused
to adopt the report of the commit
tee nnd at the election the next
day, Mayor Hoffman was reelected
Wednesday many petitions were
circulated in behalf of Surratt and
late that afternoon he was reap
While the prisoners were being
taken back to jail, one day last
week, Dooley Bcngo made a break
for liberty but was captured after
a short race. The prisoners had
planned to make a break on the
road and Dooley was to mako the
first rush. No ono followed him
because he was the only ono in the
plot that was not handcultcu.
The five prisoners convicted of
murder will be sentenced this
The criminal docket of the U.
S. court for the February term has
been called and very little crimin
al business will bo transacted un
til May term.
Henry Buffigton, larceny; sen
tenced to five years in the peni
tentiary at Albany, N. Y.
Taylor Mackey, assault; three
James Kendrick, assault; threo
Thomas Morrell, robbery and
larceny of money of the United
Stales; eleven years.
Columbus Itowe, same; thirteen
Jack Calloway, larceny; jail ten
Charles Moneypenny, larceny;
eight years.
Ben Miller, larceny; four years.
Will Mitchell, larceny; ninety
dnys in jail.
James and Ed Keeton, man
slaughter; eight years and $500
Clyde Barber and Dooley Benge,
robbery; two years.
Joe kinnie, larceny;three years.
John Lancaster, larceny; three
Jack Phillips,larceny;two years.
Thomas Mannix, stealing from
tho mails; fifteen months.
Lafayette Hudson, conspiracy;
two years.
Jack Lake, introducing; one
hour in jail and fined 815.
in thecaso ot John il. lieck, a
motion for new trial was filed
Thursday and is still pending.
The same is ctatus of the Sain
Still assault case.
Monday tho U. S. supreme court
reversed thp conviction of Alexan
der Allen, a negro hoy who shot a
white boy in a tight, In which the
Jailer used a willow stick. Judge
Parker told the jury that unless
the slick was considered a deadly
weapon tlip theory of self-defense
could not hold, and upon this tho
supremo court revorsod him.
flewsjr NoJes
Gathered From
(Jlifl Jackson, U. S. atlorney,
going to ue marrieu.
Pilot Grayson was appointed
jonstuble at fcufaula,
Colo Starr succpedsT-BIfBm8en
as postmaster atfiroyo.
Joe MpCreary has bunded the
keys of tho Coficyville posfofllce
pypr to Charles, A. WfU, !
I f t Wi
The law firm of Shadcelfird,
Shepard, Grovo & Shackolford has
The (axablo property oi Tnhlc
quah is put down by tho. assessor
at 8500,000.
Secretnry Smith intends to
spend a week or two in Oklahoma
this summer.
Tho annual encampment, G. A.
It., Indian Territory, occurs at
Muskogee, April 24th.
The appointment of Silas Arm
strong as office doputy marshal at
Miami, was n capitol ono.
Markhnm is the nnmo of a now
postofllco at O. D. Markham'B
store, east of Pryor Crook.
Nineteen Mormon families pass
ed through Eulauln recently,
bound for northern Arkansas.
Work has been begun at Parsons
on a now depot and general ollico
building by tho M., K. & T. com
pany. Leliaclta station, on tho M , K,
it T., was opened for business
last week, the caltlo trade having
"Tulsa Jack" Helped rob a Hock
Island train near Hcnncssy. O. T.,
a few days sinco and Saturday was
killed in resisting capture.
The dead body of Wm. H.Smith
n Delaware, was found near his
homo in tho vicinity of Nowata.
Heart diseaso was presumed to bo
tho cause.
Tho appointment of Walter
Jnckson, postmaster at Wagoner,
to be commissioner at Vian, has
precipitated a scramble for tho
Uunabout Askwater, on trial at
Tahleqiiah for murder,got off with
a hung jury. A man with a name
liko that is liable to bo hung on
suspicion. ,
Hon. W. M. Harrison, grand
chancellor, Knights of Pythias,
Indian Territory, has been ap
pointed commissioner nt Cameron,
in'Judgo Stuart's district.
Cofleyville can almost hear the
"All Aboard!" of tho conductor
on tht proposed Kansas, Oklaho
ma Central & Southwestern. It is
a road that will ono day be uilt.
Tho horse nnd addle ridden by
G rat Dalton tho dny of tho Coffey
villo raid liavn been sold by John
Kloehr to a man at Moran who
runs a menagerie and relic show.
There is a story afloat of n vol
cano in tho mountains of the Choc
taw nation. When run down il
will probably bo found that tho
"eruption" is from a smokestack
of a primative"whito mule" moon
shino distillery.
A boy born unto Mr.nnd Mrs.C.F.
Gravitt, of Clareinoro weighing
about ten pounds nnd well devel
oped, with tho exception that each
hand has six fingers. Mr. Gravitt
informs us that he will have the
outside little lingers amputated.
The Coffeyvillo Journal is au
thority for the statement that
"Vigilance committees nre bn'mg
formed all over tho territory
for the protection of life nnd prop
erty The good citizens of thnt
section of country havo at last con
cluded to wipe out the bloodthirsty
Muskogee has "wheels in her
head" on tho subject of railroads.
Someone has filed a charter for a
road to Enid, with the secretary of
Oklahoma (cost 81 25; nnd tho
road has already become n cer
tainty from that ttand point. The
construction of a road from Ft.
Smith is also anticipated.
Judco Kilcore has arrived at his
post of duty in the Indian Terri
tory and been hospitably received.
The proceedings started off with a
banquet and overybody knows
what a banquet in tho southwest
means. If there aro no more ban
quets the judgo will open court
next Tuesday. K. u. btar.
During the strong wind of Fri
day week, a man by tho name ot
Speigle was caught under a falling
limb in the bottom near Fort
Gibson and crushed to death. The
body was not discovered until
Saturday, and it was yot warm,
showing that he had died a linger
ing death. Spciglo was a non
citizen farmer from Texas, and
leaves a family.
Two residents of the Indian Ter
ritory, Joel M. Bryan and Joel h:
Baugh, and Samuel W. Peel wero
sued by Chas.A.Mnxwcll and Geo.
S, Chase of New York City for an
accounting from Mr. Bryan for
certain claims of North C'aiolinn
Cherokee Indians. The plaintiffs
say tlioy collected 820,001) for tlie
Indians in threo years, but that
Bryan is trying to defraud them of
their commissions Ex.
Grand Chancellor Harrison has
succeeded in securing reduced
rates on the railroads on account
of the grand lodge Knights ofPyth
ias which convenes at Atoka the
first Tuesday in May. The M..K.
& T. have agreed to give a rate of
ono and one-fifth, on the certificate
plan, the Gulf, Colorado & Santa
l'e, one and one-third and tho
Choctaw, Oklahoma & Gulf ono
nnd ono-unrd. i nis win insuro n
largo attendance,
The dead bodies of n man and
woman were found on Dlu creok
last week. Tho man's f head was
beaten out of all recognition and a
bloody club lay near by, but there
were no marks of violence upon
tho body of the woman. Nothing
was found to show who tho un
fortunatos were, 'ind tho murderer
left no clew by which he might bo'
Sunday week, at Bartlesvillo,
John Ortncr and several others
were standing in front of a storo
when T. J. Thornton, Orton's
brother in-law, began firing at
them with a Winchester. All save
Orton escaped. Ho was shot down
and died in five rninutps, but noU
until ho had drawn a pletoi and
fired twice at Thornton, though
apparently without effect. Thorn
ton then got into his buggy nnd
drove off jwith Win. .Pardon
Thornton used to liyo in the vi
cinity of Coffeyvillo. and at ono
I time kept a whliky joint there,
delegate, who is an Indian by very
romoto descent, was head rantor at
n moiling of imaginary aborigines
in Washington, to denounco tho
court appointments. It harrowed
his soul, it seems, that tho presi
dent had no jobs for tho citizens ol
tlio tribes, nnont which ho deliver
ed himsolf of this biting sarcasm:
"Tho Dawes commission has do
clarcd that wo aro fit for citizen
ship, but it seems wo are not fit
for ofllcos." It will strike the
nverngo American citizen that a
foreigner lias a mastddonio gall in
applying for a federal ofllco. When
the Indian becomes naturalized
politically as ho is by nativity, ho
can ask lor a placo in tho govern
ment servico with entire proprioly.
Citizenship is certainly a neces
sary precedent of office-holding.
Tho bogus red men of tho Preach
er Duncan typo aro fit for citizen
ship, but not for ofllco until thoy
becomo citizens. It is singular
that thoy should want to hold
ollico in a government to which
thoy claim noallcgionco and which
they affect to regard as foreign.
Ardmoro Herald.
Tho retirement of Senator Dawes
from tho Indian Territory commis
sion would be an ovent to bo re
gretted. Mi. Dawes is a man of
honor, and so, in any dealings
with tlio Indian, has tho valuo
which attaches to rarity, and ho
bas given Iho Indian question
years of consideration. In days
past ho lias been counted as a
philanthropist, but Mr. Dawes has,
in ndditlon to this, tho attribute of
good senso and knows tho Indian
as ho is. Tho retirement of Mr.
Dawes, it is said, would be fol
lowed by tho dissolution of tho
"Dawes commission" and tho ap
pointment of a now committee.
This, too, would bo n calamity.
Tho work should be finished by
thoso who have begun it. Changes
mean delay, nnd there should bo
no dolny in breaking up tho Indian
rulo or misrule in tho territory.
K. C. Star.
. Chelsea Jottings.
Chelsea was blessed with a fine
rnin this week.
Z. Harlow, of Olaremore, was in
our city this week.
Doctors report a great deal of
sickness and vicinity.
George Ilearl has sold his res
taurant to Joe Johnson.
Tho railroad is going to ropair
its tressles in this vicinity.
il. E. Don Carlos, of Vinita,
spent Thurday in our town.
D. M. Wheeler, of Vinita, has
been hero selling his tripoli filters.
Thoro is lo be a union church
built seven .miles north of this
There aro lo bo two moro vic
tims rido tho K. P. goat Thursday
The Masons are adding a story
to P. Henry's storo building. They
expect lo occupy il about tho loth.
Mrs. Arthur, who hai been con
fined to her bed for somo months
past, is now steadily regaining hor
James Eagan, of Vinita, a Kan
sas City salesman, was hero Mon
day looking alter the welfare of
his firm.
Miss Delia Short expects to leave
hero Thursday for Vinita, Ills.,
to visit her sister, Mrs. W. M.
Fogler, for tho summer.
Mr. Chiwson, ot Bluejacket,
moves his paper here, tho Report
er, and has the hearty co-operation
of all our business men.
Jimmy Kell has returned from
the Willio Halsell college Could
not stand to see tho grass so green
and ho not on the range.
In digging a well at Dan Rogers'
place it was necessary to do some
blasting. In some way a blasting
cap got into tho house and was
thrown into tlie etove witii somo
paper by Mr. Itogera' fivo year
old daughter. Tho cap exploded
and a pieco struck tho child abovo
the right eye causing aserious, and
for a timo it was feared, fatal
I'rjor Creek .Notes.
New fences all over town and
shade trees in abundance.
J. J. Haydenhas recovered from
tho "grip," and is again at his
Nick Sanders mado a trip (o
Gooseneck last week and purchased
n farm.
J. M. Riley has just completed
a neat addition to his storo room
occupied by II. L. Baugh.
John Plmris has had a new glass
front put in his building and had
It fitted up for a meat market,
Mrs. C. II. Carty, who has been
visiting her daughter, Mrs. J. J.
Haydeu, left lor her .home at
Mnyevillo, Ark., last Thursday.
Wo doubt if thero is a hand
somer building In tho Cherokee
nation than tho two story stone
building on Main street which is
nt-aring completion.
W. F. Woodward is back from
his first vacation in nine years and
his familiar Binilo is onco moro
"heard" behind Iho couutor at J.
C. Hogan's mammoth store.
"Cul" Rowe, who killed young
Bozemun, March 29th,was brought
in Saturday by J. M. Riley. He
had previously surrendered to
Heck Bruner who took him to Ft.
Smith Monday.
School is nrogiboilng nicely 'un
der the edicient management of
Dr. Th6mas Tonoy, Iho president.
Pryor Creek has ono of tho best
school buildings in tho Cherokee
nution of which we aro justly
Our thriving llttlo city continues
to improve While thero aro only
three or four buildings being
erected now. several others nro
contemplated in tho near futuro,
ono of which is a largo brick bus
iness houso on Main street
tihort form iiiorlKue notei, harlne
(hiddenjall lliq "Ijlmlln'retttiroi of a
full chattel mortgage, (or tale at this
olflcej CO cents for 2$ by mall People
will sign ttietn bon a phattel rnort
gage will scare thein out at (h dis
trict. All other bUokiatig iu stock,
Fairland Fancies.
R. R. Holt will movo into his
now houso in a few dayB.
Geo. W. Edeiis, aocompanlcd by
his brother-in-law, has gono out
west to look up a placo.
J. R. Wise, of Miami, was in
town Monday; says things aro
alivo on tho upper Neosho.
It is needless for mo to nssuro
you our town is not pleased with
tho distribution of tho commis
sioner courts.
Dr. Ford is talking of going on a
hunt. Well, doctor, tho Daltons
and Cooks aro all oxtinct, but re
member that tho snakes nro
dangerous this limn of tho year.
Movers como in by tho whole
sale; Nobraskn, Kansas, Missouri
nnd Arkansas still empty their
surplus upon us. It sooms liko
somo peoplo aro bigger fools than
Wo aro nearly all dono planting
corn here; wheat looks fair, oats
fino. Tho prlco of corn has caus
ed n larger area to bo planted in
this part of tho district than last
It R. Holt, Win. Crolzer and
Judgo Donald aro planning a fish
ing party on Grand river. Thoy
fish mostly with liquid bait and ft
is rumored that Dow Flint and
Frank Connor will call frequently
at the camp.
The Indian Territory, not to
bo outdono in tho way of attrac
tions by any other section of tho
union, has trotted out a real burn
ing, belching volcano down in tho
Choctaw country.
Corsica lius a l'hocnlilai
meaning "wooden IslnmK"
Formosa Is a Portuguese word slg
nllylng "bcnutlful country."
Tin wonl Ilornco Is of native origin,
signifying "the land."
The fsecd dies Into n now life, nnd
so docs tnnn. O. Mncdonnld.
Manitoba commemorate) tho Manl-
tou orgrcat spirit of tho Indian.
Candlci wero first used symbolical
ly 0:1 tho nltars of churches In the
fourth century.
Ilclnochlstnn was thus called bo
ccuso tho licloochcs wero tho dominant
trlbo In Its -lvir valleys and plains. ,
Demosthenes, when preparing for
a great oratorical olTort, llvud for
tCTcrnl (lays on dried figs nnd wine.
Sweden was so named because. It
was conquered nnd Inhabited by tho
Swedl, or Suedl, a trlbo of valiant
rernamb'ico, when translated Into
English, means tho ".Mouth of Hell."
The allusion Is to tho tcmpcstuous.surf
that continually renders tho neighbor
hood dangerous to tho sailor.
Tho llaldwln locomotive works nro
still experimenting w 1th n locomotive
to use oil ns fuol. It Is hardly probable
that such nn nrtlclo will come Into gen
eral use, ns it would require one-third
of tho total production of tho United
Stntcs to sir ily tho locomotives on tho
1'cnnsylvnni.i lines.
.1 ud go 1'arker. of tho Now York su
premo court, has decided that tho rail
road commissioners can use passes Is
sued by tho secretary of state, and that
the new constitution docs not prohibit
the legislature from providing that
passes may bo Issued to stnto olllclals
when traveling on olllclnl business.
Tho Itcv. Thomas McIC llrown, of
Xcw York Is probably tho "most no
man Protestant" In this country. Ills
church Is a vino covered building, with
n bird's nest of a rectory noxt door.
Tnther llrown wears the black soutano
and cassock which characterize tho
Catholic priest, and h'- services as far
ns cercim nlals go nro Identical with
that of Catholic churches.
A Sound l.lTf-r Makes a Well Man.
Are J on I Minus, constipated or
troubled with Jminillce, sick hendnctiR,
lisil tsflein mouth, foul breath, coat
rd tongue, iljfpepsla, indigestion, hot
dry skin, pain In luck and between
Iho shoulders, chlls anil fever, etc. It
jou hare any of thesi symptoms, your
liver Is out of order, and your blood Is
slowly being poisoned, because your
liver does not act propoily. Heroine
will cure any disorder of the liver,
stomach or bowel'. It bas no equal
aa a liver medicine. Price 75 cents.
Free trial bottles at P. Bbanahan's.
Health Restored
No Strength nor Energy
"8Teral years us my Mvxl wm In
bad condition in) irm nil run ilown,
ami my pemrnl liriilih my much lm-
E' eil. ily lisuili were cnwrnl vllli
e srrs illwli.srKlnp nl' the time. I
mistrrnitth iinrn.i ipy unliiiy feel
Iiiri were irlicral I I ill rx retro. At
liisl. I coniineui'cil lul Inc Ay- r' SoMa
larlll.i ami noon until ul n Inuci for tlio
better My avi"" rcim-unl ami wild
It, renew cl itrructli I imnimccil by
these results. I k pi on Inl lug thoHsr
spsrllta. till 1 hail usnl alt IhiiIIi . nml
BiyhentfiwairetirK'l "-A A Towxs,
prop. IlirrU lloute, Thompson. N. Dak,
Avar's JS
o o o p o tpjBfio, P..?.P.s.P..0.P.r ,Pi.? P." "
Administratrix' Notice.
Nollc.lt lnr.by lTn that Hi. onil.r.liDrit
ha. bren .ppolnldl aJmlnlitralrlx op In. ..
tat.uf U.orjt. Con.y, ttae.aaed All iiartl.
hating elalm. analn.l itl.l eat at. or li.lnf In.
tloblnl 10 Ib.ntat., will pl.aitapp.tr (or art
iirrn.ni ai ooct cilia i I opbt.
ai-Bt Ailralnl.liatrli
I.talil In abraalllully lllntlratxl book .oil
tied "lo California and Hack " Atk U T
Nlcliolton, U I A , Banl. '. Itonl.. iopaki,
Kaa, for copy It la fr..
I'.rionilly. conilnct.il wt.kly partlra lem.
Chicago T.iy HalarJiy .rtnlni, tnj Kan.aa
City .r.ryHanday noon for 1'aeiflo Cot.t, tit
Danlt Itout. Special tenia mil porl.ra
In tlt.nilanr I'nllintD tonrlit tlr.p.rt it.
med, farnl. bail with til conxnlcnc.t foreora
forl.l. lrtlnr. Sccond-clt.. tlckttt hon
ored (-v Ton hi
Jnli trip I
f now, nnd.
f Bantt f.
roo hi, bt.n punning tbti ualiror-
lora.rrrai y.aia, noynoia-o
KM nlirapl.fi ofch.ap ralrat
llonl. It PoiTllT. r tut onlr
Una with Pullman lonrlat anil nalaea
U.ptn. Chicago tod Ktutu City to Bin
FrtnoUpo nnd IfOf Atfilrt, dally without
White Goods, India Linens,
Victoria Lawns, Nainsooks, ipos,and
Dimities, and British Lawns,
. All at very low prices.
gowns and waists. We have it in all the delicate
shades. It is very apparent that this is to be the fabric
for the spring and summer season
"eof CHINA
For Shirt Waists, are receiving com
ments from every lady visiting the store.
Ladies' Ready-Made Percale Shirt Waists, laun-
dried' Collars and Cuffs, in all colors and
sizes, from 50c. up.
The Ideal garment.
- ....Ladies Ready-Made Duck Suits
Eton Jacket, latest styles, well made,
perfect fit guaranteed. $2.00 per suit.
Prices Alway Right.
Ouviiit Haqiiv,
First National Bank,
SECURITY is the Foundation of Banking.
Burglar-Proof Safe,
a Time Lock.
Electric Alarm.
Insurance Against Robbery.
Liability of Stockholders.
A. Pyramid
"Your X-Susuncu.s Solicited.
S. S. Cobb, Oliver Bagby,
K. N. Kutclili, M. B. Mllford, W. A. Graham,
J. 0. Hall. V. E. Halsell,
WE wish to announce to our friends, and to the pub
lic generally, that we are now open and ready forx bus
iness. The old Patton stock which we purchased
recently is about closed out and we have just finished
opening one of the finest and best assorted stocks of"
Dry Goods,
Gent's Furnishing Goods,
Shoes, Clothing, Groceries,
That was over brought to this town. Our stock may not ba eo largo
as somo claim to havo, but wo havo tho assortment and the
prices and wo intend to keep constantly on hand lor tho inspection
of our patrons the noiycst and most stylish things that tho market af
fords at as low prices as aro consistent with fair dealing. Wo havo all
of tho latest and nicest things in Ladies' Dress Goods and trimmings
to match and would especially Invite them to visit our
Store. Wo do not quote prices hero, it coils money. Come in and
t'xamino our stock, you will find everything marked in plain figures.
Wo have no loaders In our rtirc. Do you know what a leader is? If
you don't know wo will tell you, A leader is some litllo orliclo that
a merchant will givo for lees than it cost, and then go for you on some
thins you don't know tho mine of, Wo intend to conduct our bus'.
fliers on tho old and timo honored principles of live and let live. ..
Vm..llll1 An mm .l.,,.t.lA. A t..... n,..1.. f..M ... 1.-1 - . I
1 uui iiiuu nun vi unutumi vim imjr nuuiio iium un nn uncap an yuu can,
and wo cuarnnteo lo all thoir money's worth. Wo havo endeavored
lo establish a uniformity in our prices Hut will guarantco to us Bafety
in our business and lo our natrons entire Mlislarlion, This is a
family store; come In and brlnr the children and
make yourselves at home,
Patton's Old Stand.
Have you seen it?
The very latest
crinkle fabric for
dress goods,
11. u. lUUK,
SURPLUS "riSS4 $25,000.00.
of Security!
13. F. Fortnor, G.W.Beck,
E. B. Frnyaer, H. C. Cook.
S. S. COBB.. )
l Y,
j T
( X-
Mut A
or(U i
f- ,k - !- aft

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