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VOL. XX. NO. 18
The difference in
cost between an alum
baking powder and
the highest-class
cream of tartar bak
ing powder would not
amount for a family's
supply to one dollar
a year.
Dr. Price's is the
standard cream of tar
tar baking powder. It
makes the food de-'
licious and healthful.
Note. You cannot, I!
value cood health, nflon
uJe cheap, low-grade, alum
biking powders. They arc
opt to spoil the food : they do
endanger the health. All
physicians wilt tell you that
alum in food Is deleterious.
-U U 3 R
CO 00 On rUHblp ami aide near bick.
(Jalvos and voupffn cittln CTM
All it lallr-branOcd will. 01 left shoulder
or tldo () Is 011 rliht side. Younrer cattle
maraud under naif crop right and uodrrbll
PaUorci on Koclc Cro.k. near Adair
Ileadnuartcriaraatrarm.at Military Uros
Ipj ofUublaUrcek Herd principally cow.
Bfjtia, JC&n.
Hnrta brand tame.
Iload brand f
In each -ar 5
It a lira head oil
Hlft-creak, O.K.
10 Miles Northwest, of Vlnlta.
J 0 Jtango on I'aw
I'aw Creole.
Cattle of lit brand
aold only for ibtp
munt. SIM reward or con
viction of ttealloc
tali brand
n. a, TAYLon,
Postotllcr Vlnltn. I.T.
Smooth cran In
Hid arlh In thf
Some cattle Ir
virion olhei
branda A mark.
Hangs on Io.
cu.t creak, rnm
mllea i.e. of Vl
nlta. E. D. KHAYBER,
ltoria brand
am., Itanne
on III Unbln
ert.k.7 mile
wait orilluo-
Cattle of thla
braid aold
air for ahli
m.at. IIM reward
or 'itaalmr
hi. brand
viQiia, 1. x.
V stofflco Vlnlta, Intl. Tor.
ILn-; on I.o
cuat nod Llt
tl. Cabin
rlnlit aide
and btp. Va
rloua oar
marks. Bold
only for ship
ment. WM. HOWBLL.
Falrland, Ind. Tor.
Rome hare
asm ..?.
aiue. Mara.croi
and split la
right, undei
ilopeln lell.
Uance aonlr
WMt of Ulna
Jacket, I. T,
Ihu St. Louis National
Stock Yards.
Ulf.ellr opposite the city of St. Luols. Day
O. (1. KNOX, Vice Vre.
10. T.JOBiU
L, W.lvUANK, All'!. U00, Mr.
UUEL HUNT. Oen. -Agent for Trial
"" .. iMI&n Titr.ltnrv
n?Eoos' I
1 Cherry
Quick, Sure, PJcasant.
tas not Naucate.
All Drugglsta.
iitendtne., and within the ironads or the
Stoek Yards Is a Deef Cannln Company, with
a capacity for slsatntlrlof 8.030 bead of osttl.
l.lly. and Pork raeklnRettabllshm.ntshST'
.rl lOr Sll UB.OIII'tluu vi bit. utvv- -wp
Fullbloods are Given Equal Representation With
Progressive Element.
Providing for Allotment as , Passed
National Council.
The personnel of the rftlega
tion to Washington to urge the
passage of the nllutmen' hill was
announced by Chief JJuflington
yesterday afternoon and the mem
hers ob named wero confirmed be
before adjournment by the senate.
The' following pro Uioki ap
pointed :
Jamkh M. Kkyks.
Wolfk Coon.
RkDniun Smith.
'1 he iippoinlmeiits ol Wolfe
Uoon and Rtdhirri Smith to places
on (ho deir-KBlion wero made in
he interest of hnrmony, the full
iiiiiiiue ciHiming a.i rquai repre
riitalion with the progressive el
niifiit. It ie undtrsiood that these
two members are, in a measure,
opposed to the bill, but are ex
peeled to change their views after
xrrival in Washington
Thf following is an ofliclal copy
ol tho allotment hill as it passed
the national oouncil:
Memorial of tho National council
of the Chcrokco nation request
ing the individualization of tho
lands and disbursements of
moneys of the Ohcrokeo trlbo of
Indians, according to tho twen
tieth artlclo of tho treaty of July
10, 1800, in lieu of tho manner
and method of allotment, as is
provided for, in tho act of Con
gress, npproved Juno 23, 1808,
entitled, "An act for tho pro
tection of tho people of tho In
dian terrltoly, and for other pur
poses," commonly known as the
"CurtiB Act" and through a
delegation to be provided for
and appointed.
Sco. 1. That, conditioned as
hereinafter sot forth cxcrolslng
tho right of tho national council
of tho Chcrokco nation as set
forth In tho 20th artlclo of tho
treaty of 1800, between the gov
ernment of tho United States and
tho Chcrokco nation, (ho re
quest bo and tho samo is hereby
mado tlint tho country reserved to
tho Chcrokccs, (tho lands belong
ing to tho Chcrokco trlbo of In
dians In tho Indian Territory)
shall bo allotted among them at
tho expense of tho United States,
according to tho survey already
completed by tho United States;
.provided however, that this re-
jJtfBt for allotment Is made only
with the understanding that such
allotment shall bo mado under
tho conditions and in tho manner
as follows, to wit.
That all lands belonging to tho
Chcrokco tribe of Indians, In the
Indian Territory, except ob arc
herein expressly reserved, shall
bo appraised at their true values,
considering tho naturo and fer
tility of tho soil, looation and
valuo of samo, excluding Im
provements placed by allotteo on
lands solcctcd by him.
See 2. All appralsmcnts shall bo
mado uudcr tho direction of tho
Soorotary of the Interior and shall
bo completed and finally approv
ed before September 1, 1002 or
as soon thereafter as practicable,
under no circumstances later than
November 1, 1002. When sold
appraisement shall havo boon
completed and finally approved
by tho Secretary of tho Interior a
full detailed report of samo shall
be furnished tho prluolpal chief
for tho Information of tho Chcro
kco nation and peqplo.
Soo. 3. The total valuo of thn
divisible lands shall be determin
ed and the per capita share of
each benodolary ascertained be
fore beginning allotment of lands,
Sco. 4. Tho measure for the
cqulllzatlon of allotments shall bo
tho average or per oapita sharo of
tho total valuation of tho lands.
Seo, 5. AH lands of the Chcro
kio nation, as herciu provided,
shall bo allotted under tho direc
tion of tho Secretary of tho In
terior to tho members of the tribe
entitled to sharo therein so as to
glvo to each bo entitled an equal
tjhuraln the whole, in valuo, as
nearly ns may bo, cud to conform
to (ha survey lines as noarly as
may be, All funds of the tribe
ttnd all moneys accruing to tho
trlfco under tho provisions of this
plan of distribution shall bo paid,
under the direction of tho Scoro-
tyry of tho Intorior. direct to caoh
Individual entitled to sharo there-
n, as soon after tho allotment of
the lands as practicable. . ,-L
(36. Ait v&M&t
by the
lng betweon members as to thoirl
right to select particular tracts of
land shall bo determined by tho
Secretary of the Interior.
Sec. 7 Any member having in
his possession lands in actual
cultivation in excess of his per
capita sharo for himself, for his
wlfo If entitled in her own right,
and for each of his minor child
ren shall on or beforo thn first day
upon which allotments shrill begin
select therefrom allotments for
himself and tho members of his
family aforesaid, which said al
lotments ho may hold and no
more; and If ho havo law
ful improvements upon tho ex
cess ho may dispoBO of samo if ho
so desires to any citizen who may
thereupon select landB bo as to In
clude such Improvements, but
after tho expiration of said timo
tiny citizen may tako any lands
not already selected by another.
Seo. 8 Each citizen may re
civo his full prorata share of
lands In a single allotment and if
for any reason separate tracts ol
land shall be allotted to a citizen
ho shall receive thorn all at the
same time and all shall be in
cluded in one deed.
Seo 0. When any citizen shall
select his allotment as herein pro
vided he shall receive a certificate
therefor and the Secretary of the
Intorior shall theroupun put him
in immediate and unestrlcted pos
xeesionof the same.
Sec. 10 Etch allotment of land
shall be non-taxable for twenty
one years, or until title passes
from the allottee, such condition
to be stipulated In the deed, and
shall be free from incumbrance by
any debt or obligation contracted
prior to the date of the deed.
Seo. 11. Allotments to minors
may bo eolected by the guardain,
or by the father or mother, in the
order named, and shall not he sold
during their minority. Allot
ments may be selected for prison
era and convicts and aged and in
turn persona by their duly np
pointed agents and for incompe
tenia .by guardians, curators or
other suitable persons akin to
them, but it shall be tho duly of
the Secretary of tho Interior to
Bee that a noli selections are made
for the best interests of such par
ties. Seo 12. The Delaware Indians
who ar' citizens of the Cherokee
nation shall take lands and sharp
in the funds of the trlbo as their
rights may be determined by the
court of claims or by the supreme
court if appealed in the suit insti
tuled therein by the Delaware In
dlana against tho Cherokee nation
and now pending when the said
suit shall be finally decided, and
no allotment of lands hereunder
shall be made until said suit has
been decided. When final judg
menl has boon rendered iu said
bull lands shall be allotted to said
Delaware Indians in conformity
with the tortus of tho judgment
and their individual rights there
under. The said suit shall be ad
vitnced on the dockets of the curt
of claims and of the supreme court
II appeal is taken, and shall be do
termiued (it the earliest time prao
Seo. 18. To tho lown of Fort
Gibson shall bo added 320 acres
heretofore inoluded in the old
military reservation Including tho
buildings on the samo. The said
820 acres shall be surveyed and
platted and laid out into town
lots, with necessary streets and
alloys, the samo as other (owns,
the survey, appraisement and sale
of lots shall be mado under rules
and regulations to be prescribed
by tho Secretary ol the Interior,
All towns as laid off and surveyed
and platted Into town lots, streets
and alleys, by authority of the
Cherokee nation shall remain as
plaited at the present time; pro.
vided. however, there may be
added to any (own by extending
th original survey, making said
additional survey conform (o the,
original survey as to etreels.alloys
etc, such additional territory as
may bo required fur its nrMni
no sdg and rsasoiaMtifflianiiiiiiirvtf
!. JP"i"i ' " "r jr;i !"- 5f
Seo, 14, All towns in tho Choro
kee nation having a prosent popu
lation of 200 or more shall bo sur
veyed, laid out and appraised
under tho provisions ol an act of
congress entitled "an act making
appropriations for the current and
contingent expenses ol the Indian
department and for fulfilling
treaty stipulations with various
Indian tribes fur the fisoal year
ending June SO, 1001, and for other
purposes," approved May 31,
1000, which said provisions aro as
follow: That the Secretary of
the Interior is hereby authorized,
under rules and regulations to be
prescribed by him, In survey, lay
out and plat into town lots, streets
alleys and parks, tho sites of such
towns and villages in tho Choctaw,
Chickasaw, Creek and Cherokeo
nations, as may at that timo have
a population of 200 or more, in
such manner as will beet subserve
tho then present needs and reason
ablo prospective growth of such
towns. The woit of surveying,
laying out and platting such town
Riles shall be done by competent
surveyors, who shall .prepare five
coplos ol the plat of each town sito
whir'1 when the survey is approved
by the Secretary of the Interior,
shall bo filed as follows: One in
the ofilcd of the commissioner of
Indian aflairs, one with the prin
cipal cbiel oi the nation, one with
the clerk of tho court witbin the
territorial jurisdiction of which
the lown is located, one with the
commission to tho five civilized
tribes, and one with the town
authorities, if there be such.
Where in his judgment the best
interests of the public service re
quire, the Secretary of thn Interior
may ercure the surveying, laying
out and platting of towu sites in
any of said nations by contract.
"Ilerealler the work of the re
spective town site commissions
provided for in the agreement with
the Chootaw and Chickasaw tribes
ratified in section 20, act of June
28, 1803, entitled "an act for the
protection ol the people of the In
dian Territory, and for other pur
poses, shall begin as to any town
site immediately upon the approv
al of the Burvey by the Secretary
pf tho Intorior and not before.
"The secretary of the Interior
may in bis discretion appoint a
tiwneite commission consisting of
three members for each of the
Creek and Cherokeo nations, at
Inaat one of whom shall be a citi
zen of tho tribe and shall bo an
pointed upon the nomination of
the principal chief ol tho tribe.
Each commission, under the super
vision of the Secretary of the Into
rior, shall appraise and Bell for
the benefit ol the tribe the town
lots in the nation ior which it is
appointed, aciing in conformity
with the p ravisinns oi any then
existing act of congresB or agree
ment with' the tribe approved by
Congress. The agreement of any
two members of the commission
as to the true value of any lot shall
constitute a determination thereof,
subject to the approval of tho Sec
rutr.ry of the Interior, and if no
two members are able to agree the
matter shall be determined by such
"Where In his judgment the
public interests will be thereby
Bubeervcd, the Secretary of the In
torinr may appoint in the Chootaw,
Chickasaw, Creek or Cherokeo
nation a separate town site com
mission for any town, in which
event as to that town such local
commission may exercise the same
authority and perform the same
duties which would otherwise de
volve upon the commission for
that nation. Every i-uch local
commission shall be appointed1 in
the manner provided In the act
approved Juno 28, 1308, entitled
'an act for the protection of the
people of the Indian Territory and
for other purposes.'
The Secretary of the Interior.
where In bis judgment the public
interests will bo thereby subserv
ed, may permit the authorities of
any town In any of said nations,
a't tho expense of the town, to sur
vey, lay out, plat tho alto there
of, Bubject to his supervision and
approval, as In othor instances.
"As aoon as tho plat of any
town slto la approved, tho propor
commtosion snail, with all reason
able dispatoh and within a limited
timo, to bo prescribed by tho
Beorotnry of tho, Interlor,prooecd
to make tho appraisement of tho
lots aud Improvements, If any,
thereon, and aftor tho approval
thereof by the Secretary of tho
intorior, snail, under tho super
vision of such secretary, prooeed
td-lho disposition and sale of the
lqta In conformity with any then
exlstlnj Act of. Qantoaa or ajfrea
trittiUiiy lle) upptdved by
jCUmgrdwu !.Hf.th ifMtj mux-
missions shall not comploto such
appraisement and salo within tho
time limited by tho Secretary of
tho Intorior, they shall recclvo no
pay for such additional timo as
may bo taken by them, unless tho
Secretary of the Interior for (good
cause shown shall expressly direct
"Tho Secretary of tho Interior
may, for good cause, remove any
member from any town-site com
mission, tribal or local, In any of
said nations, and may fill the
vacanoy thereby mado or any
vacancy othcrwlso occurring In
like manner as thoplaco was orig
inally filled,
"It shall not bo required that
tho townslta limits established In
tho course of tho platting and dis
posing of town lots and tho cor
porate limits of tho town, If In
corporated, shall bo Identical or
ooextenslve, but suoh townslto
limits and corporate limits shall bo
so established as to best subserve
tho then present needs and tho
reasonable prospective growth of
tho town, as tho same shall appear
at the timo when such limits aro
respectively established. Provid
ed further that tho exterior limits
of tho townelto shall bo designated
and fixed at the earliest practicable
timo and under rules and regula
tions prescribed by tho Secretary
of tho Interior.
"Upon tho recommendation of
tho commission to tho five civilized
tribes tho Secretary of tho Interior
Is hereby authorized at any timo
beforo allotment to set asldo and
reserve from allotment any lands
In tho Choctaw, Chickasaw, Creek
or Cherokeo nations, not exceed
ing ono hundred and sixty acres
In any ono tract, at such stations,
ag aro or shall bo established in
conformity with law on tho line
of any railroad which shall bo
constructed or be in process of
construction In or through cither
of said nations prior to tho allot
ment of tho lands therein, and
this irrcspcctlvo of tno population
of such townslto at tho time. Such
townslto shall be surveyed, laid
out, and platted, and tho lands
therein disposed of for tho benefit
of tho tribe In tho manner herein
prescribed for othor townsltcs.
Provided further, that whenever
any tract of land shall bo sot aside
as herein provided which Is occu
pied by a member of tho tribe
such occupant shall bo fully com
pensated for his Improvements
thereon under such rules and
regulations as may bo prescribed
by tho Secretary of tho Interior.
Provided, that hereafter tho Sec
retary of tho Interior may, when
ever tho chief cxccutlvo or prin
cipal chief of said nation falls or
refuses to appoint a townslto com
missioner for any town or to fill
any vacanoy caused by tho neg
lect or refusal of tho townslto
commissioner appointed by the
chief executive or principal chief
of said nation to qualify or act, In
his discretion appoint a commis
sioner to fill tho vacanoy thus
Seo. 15. Any citizen in right
ful possession of any town lot
which has been Improved as re
quired by tribal laws, the right of
occupancy of whLh has been
acquired under tribal laws, shall
havo tho right to purchase such
lot by paying ono-half of tho ap
praised valuo thereof.
Sec 10. Any citizen In right
ful possession of any town lot
having Improvements thereon
other than temporary buildings,
fencing and tillage, tho occupanoy
of which haa not bcon acquired
under tribal 1 awa shall have tho
right to purchase samo by paying
one-half tho appraised value
thereof. Provided, that any othor
person In peaceful possession of
any town lot having improvements
thereon other than temporary
buildings, fenolng and tillage, the
occupanoy of whloh has not been
acquired under tribal lawa, shall
havo tho right to purchase such
lot by paying the appralssd valuo
SE.C. 17. Any citizen iu right
ful possession of any town lot not
having improvements thereon, the
ocoupanoy of which has been
acquired undor tribal laws, shall
havo tho right to purohaso such
lot by paying two thlrdB -tho ap
praised valuo thereof.
Seo, 18. Whon the appraise
ment of any town lot so Improved
Is made and approved the com
mission shall notify tho claimant
thereof of 0io amount of appraise
ment, and ho shall, within sixty
days thereafter, make payment of
ten per centum of the amount due
for the lot, and four months there
after ho shall pay fifteen per
centum addltioual, and tho re
mainder of the purchase money
ho shall pay In three equal an
nual. Installments without interest;
but if tho owner of any such Jot
fall to purchase samo after making
the first and second payments
saW, ttve lot an4 lHrrwHUiHW
,fcH h flft pttbJ- nuotlo t
tho highest bidder, under tho
direction of tho townslto commis
sion, at a prlco not less than, their
appraised valuo; and tho pur
chaser shall pay tho purchase
prlco to tho owner of tho Improve
ments, less tho appraised value of i
tho lot.
Sec. 10. All town lots having
thereon Improvements other than
temporary buildings, fencing and
Ullage, tho salo or disposition of
which is not herein otherwise
specifically provided for, shall bo
sold within twclvo months after
appraisement, under direction of
tho Secretary of the Interior, after
duo advertisement, to tho highest
bidder, at not less than their ap
praised valuo.
Sec. 20. Any cltlzon occupy
ing more than four aorcs of un
platted lands, whloh may be laid
out in town lots In any town, and
which aro to bo sold at public
auction, as above, shall havo tho
right to select, in a body, and re
tain a sufficient number of such
In: ; their appraised value as
may bo equal to tho standard al
lotmcnt, herein fixed to bo
taken In lieu of his allot
ment and In addition thereto
ho may purchaso ono fourth of
tho remaining lots, to bo selected
in a body, into which such land
has been divided, by paying two
thirds of their appraised value
Seo. 21. If any citizen havo
lands In any towns, occupied and
used by him ns a home, ho may
purchaso the lots Into which such
lands may be platted Ly paying
ono half their appraised valuo,
not, however, exceeding four
acre but his right shall not ex
tent to persons who tako their al
lotments ort of unplatted lands as
herein provided.
Sco. 22. Tho purchaser of any
unimproved town lot sold at pub
lic auction shall pay twonty-fivo
per centum of tho purohaso monoy
at tho timo of tho sale, and within-
four months thereafter ho shall
pay twenty-five per centum ad
ditional, and the remainder of tho
purchaso monoy ho shall pay in
two equal annual installments,
without Interest.
Sec. 20. It tho purchaser of
any town lot fall to make pay
ment of any sum when duo, the
8am c shall thereafter bear six per
centum Interest por annum until
Sco. 24. The purchaser of any
town lot, may at any time, pay
the full amount of purchaso
money, and ho shall thereupon
receive title therefor.
Sco. 25. All town lots or parts
of lots, not exceeding fifty by one
hundred and fifty feet la elzo,
upon which church houses and
parsonages havo been erected,
and which aro occupied as such
at tho timo of appraisement, shall
bo conveyed gratuitously to the
churches to which such improve
ments belong, and if such
churches havo Inclosed other ad
joining lots actually necessary for
their use, they may purchase tho
Bame by paying ono half of tho
appraised value thereof.
Sco. 20. All town lots purchas
ed by citizens under provisions of
this agreement shall bo free Izzrn
Incumbrance by any debt con
tracted prior to tho date of tho
deed therefor, except forlmprove
meats thereon, or for money bor
rowed to pay tho purchaso price
to the nation.
Sec. 27. Any citizen having
the right of occupancy of an un
improved residence lot In any
town at the dato of this agreement
aud owning no other lot or land
therein, shall havo tho right to
purohaso such a lot by paying
one-half of tho appraised valuo
Sco. 28. Any person whomso
ever may bid for and purchase
any lot sold at publlo auction as
herein provided.
Sco. 20. No taxes shall bo as
sessed by any town government
against any town lot remaining
unsold, but taxes may bo assessed
against any town lot sold as hero
in provided and tho samo shall
constitute a lien upon tho Inter
est of the purchaser therein after
nny payment haa been mado, and
if forfelturo of any lot bo mado
all taxes assessed against such lot
shall bo paid out of any money
paid thereon by the purchaser.
Seo. 30. Tho town authorities
may select and locate, subject to
tho approval of tho Secretary of
the Interior, a cemetery within
aultablo distance from each town,
to embraco such number of acres
as may be deemed necessary far
suoh purposes, and tho lowdsito
commission shall appraise the
samo at Its true value, and tho
town may purchase same by poy-
lne 8U0h Valuo: and If hnv nltlrnn
Kayo Improvements theroon, other
than fencing and tillage,, they
shall bo appraised by said com
mission, andpaldfor by the town
Th Utwn shUwIUw shall 4i-
I pen o? te lot In ucl .,jicii y
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OAJPIT-AX. 5,000.00.
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A library of classic and popular loctmros, fifteir dinner speeches,
'occasional1 nddrosses, rominlscencos, repartee, anndedote,
and story, sumptuously published in ton volumes,.
Thomas Brackett Reed, - - - Editor Jn Chktf
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Hiteryllerg, alaid Kverctt Hale, JobaB, Gordon, t,oreno Sawa, Cfcam
Clark. Georire McLean Uarrxtr. Jonathan v rvil!v'. w-OhLw iIZElfl
Dole, Jas. a. Jfaud, Utlwiu M- Br,TrUBWn A PWetv Chwk iteiitii.
fcy iX j t(Q word's nxo promiuCufc statfesmrn, wat-.r
1 1st' AUCors and dinolmnti nrA pdntnl mnm m ti- ..
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26 South Wilson Street
for Christmas?
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