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VOL. XX. NO. I 9
"KUr GddlUlNAL UAKUb.-f
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lice in New K.KlIff Bulldlm-. Tele-
ioUKV' in! Tcr.
' " 8. B.W ' .1 iRT.
P&T.Hm T f.AW.
Uve,nr ' i , Hainan Building,
air- ' - i r.
,.nt)o' I i.i lttornev at Law.
if Hani i , in n, Uureniorc. I. T
" u )KN t,Y,
i Office in new Hal
1'iun, I.T. Will practice"
' States courts of the I. T,
AY, D. D. S.,
Jd v-iovmaiid Bridge Work a Special
uuice over first National unan
He .ily Occlusive Rye, Bar and Nose
hpci-Miift in tli Indian re ' ' r
ddt f v P'iJjS
t -J ZJkU
J ..
' ' fcWil
f; (TLt '1 aad gUalM properly fitted
, Ch'e it IJfi Store
jL-fe -4-----sea
ri 9
ram ......
Hand and
wm Kepair
Storage Rooms. Oast Side
and Furniture Repairing
carpets laid? If to don't fail to call on
Initio Graffiinder,
lha i a -xp t in all these lines Leave
d j at Sim R, I'rnzec & Co. I'lionc 1B0
U u 3 R
ri n rilit lifp und side near bck.
air. i and yo inn ri attle QM
1 l'ttU uraoji a wiih on leiisnouwier
tall in . cm right aidtt Youn-tir ajtltlo
Er aunt uilf ro-j rljlil and uudfrbll
It iur
Pni'nr s oa U U (-:. near Adair
n'Jiiutrt riniratfarm at Military Oron
k or tl(n Ireck Herd principally cowt
1 V7, H. NOBLES,
rT. Udna, Kan.
ilnrie brand m.
Uoni urnl I
nmlarhal t nrnli!
In ftih ir HvVt
rtancthetJ oil
1.1 creek, C.N.
ft,' "5 J.
Northwest of Vinlta.
, J C ItiinRO nn law-
rair ureK.
Cattle o( tils bra ud
aold only tor sb Ip
racnt. SIM reward or con
viction ot tteulluit
b-t brand
'l'ostonicr Vlnita.I.T.
Smooth crop In
and tpllt In the
Some cattle Ir.
vtrloiu other
lirtnclt AmarVi.
Ilange on IO.
eutlerrek, fnm
inllee s.e. of VI.
vmna, 1. T.
1,1 m'ic
or niuo
ici in
u I'isiiiiii'O vuina, iim. ior
lUnge on Lo
cuit and Lit
tle Cabin
rlRlit aide
and Id p. Va
rious oar
jnurks. Bold
M '
i-g ouiy iuraui(i'
Fa. -nd, Ind Tor.
Bnme have
me. tlnm.oroi
and split is
light, undt-i
lope In lolt.
Ilange toutli
wtil of llln
laeaet.I. T.
iu St. Louis National
tck Yards.
iHcdalBasta Louis, ill
buotltelheelly of HI. Iwjuu II u
ueieripiion 01 i.ne oiook iwt. b
B .Mil nlll It, ll.a .in.n.l. tuf II A
hu Deef tanning t'orupanr. wl'fc
(uriltnabUrlng 3.oouiradorotkit
rr& reaineeioinraens nai
ir IkUKhi-rinfr lmi.'Pfi(r.dlf
i v u fli. vice -fr(
II 0 . Va r
M"i -rMr rl -.. a. t i - a ai-fc.
lVvjkO, iH.Ai't 0n,
Has a Supposedly Murdered
Man Turned Up In.
Missouri. I
Qrantl River Was Draeotl JSt the
Uoly'of KtlwfBril Rolierlfbn
Who YWtfKl? W
'boveretl Very Mi
Tliree yunrn ago puttie ol men
woru drngglng Grnnd River In
liupea ofnolvlng the myetery eur
rounding the dienppearance of litl,
RubertRnu, u oung MicHourian
who had tliDappoared nuHf Fair
land. Tliursday lie was recog
nized on tlio streetd of M nrshfleld,
Mo., by an acquaintance and hur
riedly loft the town fur parts un
known. Tho disappearance of Roberteon
created u grenl BeiiBation in this
section at Die- time. He had left
Niangua for liis home at Fairland,
and was suppoeed to have been
murdered near Grand River.
Ills team was found tangled up
in a (hicketand the entire country
ride joined in the search for his
supposed murderer.
Ills father, Jaa. Robertson, wan
in Vinita several timeB during the
succeeding mouths endeavoring to
iliid some clue.
It is now thought thai it was
simply a caso of desertion of his
young wile and a hitler leeling lies
been engendered in his home town
against him. This preecure near
his old homo is attributed to a de
sire ou his part to try and effect a
reconciliation with his deserted
When hu disappeared he was
supposed to have had several bun
dred dollars in ojbIi on his person.
This fact strengthened the murder
theory. No cause for his action
in leaving can be found. Both he
and his wife came from leading
Webster county families.
Pawnees Oat Uufgalo Heat Pipe
Dreamers do the Rest.
A reign of terror exists in Okla
homa, where the Pawnees aro re
parted to be oiling their mocca
sins for a light fantastic on the
festive warpath Scalps are being
rivited to anxious craniums, and
tho "chunk" of the ramrod is
iieard in the black tubes of the
family fowling piece,
A special hot from the copper,
slates dial the painted demons are
not in j great force ns at first re
potted, A correspondent who has count
ed (ho tepees of their camp, is au
thority for the statement that
there are not more than 718,000
bucks, squaws and papooses.
Tho cause lttuing to the out
break which promises to be the
bloodiest since Crazy Snake rode
riot through headed columns of
nonpariol, can be traced to the
death ol Pawnee Bill's big buffa
lo bull in a railroad wreok some
time ago. This innocent animal
had lis hump, that it had bun
wearing for three yoars, bumped
out of position by a freight air,
and subsequently died ol shame
Its oaraass waa given to the braves
and proved "bad medicine "
They dreamed of returning herds
of slinggy bisons mid decided to
give them 100m, by removing the
whi ley on llio tomahawk route.
A special meeting of the cabinet
was oalled yesterday; and It is re
potted that tho Philippines will
bs abandoned, and the entire mil
itary foroe nf tho nation, massed
noar Washington, to repoi tho
threateiied invasion.
Another Delaware Claim.
An Indian claim dating back to
1803 has hoen tiled, against tho
United States by the descendants
nf the Delaware Indiana living In
tho vicinity of Philadelphia. The
nlsuuaiitB seek a recognition of
their rights to share in tho present
lunds and funds belonging to the
Dslawares and in the profits that
huvu licorued for nearly a hundred
years from the sale or tho original
land, ceded to ibe government by
the "walking treaty" uf J803. By
that treaty the Turtle tr'.ba of the
Dejawarca curd as muoh land sr
n mint nnulil ii-hV.ji'h. In it t tvn il.ivu'
covered tome eighty-six miles of
country and loft tho Turtle tibe
with out a homo. The prosenl no
tlon is brought in tho name- of tho
"Society of the Descendants of
Delaware Indians," who number
,188 persons, and claim to bs the
lineal drcendanls of the original
tribe. Under the operation of the
troaty with tho United States in
1803 tho Delawares wore removed
to tiie West. The present claim
ants are descendants of the Dela
wares who did not join their tribe
in tho Weetorn movement. Thoir
claims aggregate (3,000,000. The
Indian departmt.. has not takon
any action upon tho case
Soon to bo Urected at Ullferent
Points In the Territory.
Preparations are being made by
the department ol jiHtico to carry
out the act of emigre's providing
for the erection of new federal jails
at Muakugee, South MoAlester and
Ardmuri?, I. T. While the act did
not directly stipulate that tho 890,
COO appropriated must bo divided
equally botweon tho three towim,
the department is not disposed to
make anv invidious distinction bo
twoen the townB in tho distribu
tion of this appropriation.
The first building upon which
work will be commenced will bo
the jail at Muskogee. It is expected
that title to a site will bo secured
within the next few days. Plans
for the jail at that city have already
been perfeclod and tho government
will call for bids within the next
two weeks. The planB approved
for the jail at MuBkogee contem
plate a building with thirty steel
cages, each capable of holding two
persons. As the average number
of persons at tho Muskogee jail is
approximately 120 throughout the
ontiro ye Vit is apparent that the
ail II '( I
ontiro ye Vit
"bull perU t
resorted L ii
must necessarily ue
rVid the groater number
of ptisoners corraled in that struc
ture. W. C. T. U. PETITION.
Tells Congress of the Unquenchable
Thirst of Lo.
Tho following petition is being
circulated throughout tli9teriitory
for signers by the W. G. T. U.,
and will b) lorwarded to o ingress
after the holidays:
To tho House ol Represeuta
lives of the United Stater Indian
Territory, November, 1001 We,
the citjzena of the Indian Terri
lory, both Indians and whites, do
hereby pray you not to favor any
measure that will imperil the pro
hibitory laws relating to intoxi
cating liquors now existing in the
Indian Territory, for tho follow
ing reasons, nurnely: Because it
is well known that tho Indian
race has a poculiar and moat pow
erful appotite for intoxicating li
quors; that there is but a rem
nant of fullblooda about 40,000
in Indian Territorry; that "free
whiskey" would be the means ot
their being robbed of their lands
and rapidly exterminated; that, as
these lands ate the last they can
ever own, it would be a crime for
tho government to allow its Indian
children to be subjected to the do
moralizing influences of "free
whiskey," which will rob them of
thoir landed heritage, so sacredly
pledged to them by treaty with
Ibe Untied Stales government, and
which will destroy them very
speedily, both bodies and souls.
DIE Blaze at Chlckaslia.
A disastrous fire visited Chicka
sba late Christmas night, totally
destroying several of the largest
busiuocs houses. Tlioloasos were:
Works, Prltcheti& May, loss $12,.
OCX), insurance, 811,000; W. W.
Horn, loss on stock, 88,000, -on
building, 81 000, insurance, 80,250;
Odd Fellows, 81.000, Insurance,
8300; Knifehts of Pythias, no in-
uranco, loss 8500; Woodmen, Iosb
8500. The new First National and
Bank oJOhickasha'buildlnga were
each damaged about 81,000,
HcAlester Uulldlng Mopped.
Acting on an untar received
from the secretary of the Interior,
government offloials have stnppod
all building and Improvement ope
rations at South MoAlester, I. T
until a schedule of values of ell
property has beon prepared by the
lownslte committee. A former
Burvey schedule was found to be
false and the secretary of the in
terior too hand.
(low to Succeed In Business,
Keopyour hvpr; in guod condltlpu
by uslntr Simmons" L'.vqr PuriUor ttln
box.) It correct Constipation, curco
lntlUcUUn, lilliomie9, stops Mead
ncUe,KcU vour heart in the xtf
To bo Re-organized In Near
Future by Earnest Char
ity Workers.
Of Organized and Intelligent Caro
of Those in Dlatrnss Revives
Interest in This Splen
did Organ Izo
tlon. The need of a regularly organ
ized charities association in Vini
ta has become ao manifest ol late
that an encouraging amount of in
terest has been reviived in the re
lief union, and an effort will be
made to thoroughly reorganize
that splendid association immedi
ately after the holidays.
The relief union wob organized
for tho relief ol all worthy cases of
distress, by a number of charita
bly disposed citizens in Sept. 1808.
Each member contributed twenty-five
cents a month and the ag
gregate of these unmlssed pit
lances kept a working balance in
the treasury for a number of
months. Many cases of distress,
some containing tho tearful ma
terial for the creation of another
Jean Valjean, wero relieved.
Tho work was conducted with,
out display. Children were
clothed and cared for; destitute
faml'ies were given transportation
to ti.u homes of friends; the sick
were nursed and provided with
ntrereary medicines. Wherever
there was distress there tho work
of the association alone' could bo
seen. Gradually the contributing
tnembeiw lost inlerexl and lb en
lire work devolved uptn the earn
est few.
The receipts dwindled and the
treasury wob soon depleted.
With an Increased number of
oases that humanity said should
not be abandoned to their pitiable
suffering, these fow workers have
attempted to relieve them all, out
of their own means.
The work has been hard, yet at
great personal sacrifice, tho cries
for help have not gone unheard,
and though necessarily limited
through lack of funds, those few
workers have relieved much suf
fering. An effort is now to be made to
reorganize the association with a
sufficient number ot members to
insui'o receipts adequato to the
needs of the association in Its
Tho small duea, while never
missed by tbo giver, will save
many unfortunates the suffering
that has come to them through no
fault of theirs Each case will
be personally investigated to pre
vent imposture, and the work will
be conducted in an intelligent and
unemotional manner.
The exact needs of those destl
lute will be ascertained and no
slipshod asBistanccr will mar the
efficacy of tho work.
Meetings will be oalled at sever
al of the churches, and members
of the association will call on and
enroll all who are willing to join
in this splendid work.
Tho necessity of such an organ
ization needs no comment, the ue
sire to assume Borne part of the re
spondibilty and expense should
be with aJK
Exciting Wolf Chase.
With n large gray wolf selling a
dangerous pace, a number of young
people of Chouteau enjoyed an ex
citing ohaso Christmas day. Tho
sport was arranged in honor of
Mies Grace Verity, of Chouteau,
whowaB home for the holidays,
from Hardin College, Tho game
was killed near Wagoner after a
hard cross country ridu. Those
who followed the hounds were:
Mr. and Mrs. Waller, of Vinlla,
Mr. and Mrs. J. H Veilly, Misses
Grace Verity, Lona Hayden, Ma
Ilayden, Lizzie Keyos, Messrs.
Jim Crawford, of Kansas City,
John Nix, Dennis Keyed. The
wolf was a splendid specimen oi
his speclos and made the "kill" a
hard one.
Important Postal Ruling.
The poslofiioo officials at WbbIi.
ington have just ruled that a sub
scriptiou to any publication entered
on second olaB matter must be dis
coutlnued when tho time for which
ithasu paid in advance has
a .
meritorious publications, and is
directed against those spurious
concerns which caro nothing about
thqlr subscriptions, but rely for
their profit on fake advertising
The country weeklies which per
mit their subscribers to "lako the
paper" very ofton for years with
out'a settlement, may have some
mlsaivlnrs nhnnt llm riillntr lull ti
j n - -"61 "
cannot hurt them. Tlioso papers
which nro established and oro
worthy of patronage will continue
to tiold their supporters and it will
be belter for tho subscribers to
keep paid up. Persons who have
boen accustomed to taking their
county papers will not quit,, and
jiujftfahers will speedily reollze the
benefits of prompter payments.
The-mall service is lumbered up
with a vast amount of second-class
matter wliloh makes a large de
mand on its facilities, and tho or
der just issued by the postoflice
department will help the situation
quito appreciably. K. C. Star.
Returned to Dawes Commis
sion For Their Approval
Thi allotment bill recently
passed by the national council has
beon forwarded from Washington
to J. George Wright, who will sub
mit it today to the DaweB Commis
sion for their approval.
Chief Baffinglon went to Musko
gee Monday to urge tho Com
mission's approval.
Ulg Error In Report of Funds Sent
Chief Uuftlngton.
Instead of having drawn S250.-
000 from tha bulging pockets ot
royalty payers during the past
yaar, $ reported by Indian Com-
mf-rtmwn Jef to Chief During,
ton, the Oberokre naliou.drew only
an extra cipher frnm tbo careless
touch of nno of the typewriters
in the commissioner's office and
the fund dwindled with it remov
al to 825,453.20.
A report containing this correct
ed amount of funds due the nation
on collection of royalties has been
recieved by national treasurer.Joe
M. LaHay, from A. U. Tonner, as.
sis:ant commissioner of Indian af
fairs. in it Mr. Tonner explains that
tho first report waB in error. The
communication was in response lo
an inquiry from Treasurer LaHay,
as lo whoro tbo extra thousands
came trom, and solves the mys
tery ot the nation's tudden rich
neei. x
Will Recommend That the Dawet
Commission be Discharged.
The increasing dissatisfaction
with tho work of the Dawes com
mission has so influenced tbo
members ol congress, interested in
Indian affairs thai tho Indian com
mittees of both the house and son
ate will recommend that tho Dawes
commission be discharged, and
that i he work now in the hands of
that body bo placed in the hands
ol one man, who shall have such
assiatauoe na is needed, and who
shall report direct to the commis
sioner of Iii'Iiau affairs and the
seoretary of tho interior. Tills ac
tion, in the opinion of the mem
bers of the commlltee.iB necessary
in order to aeouro a speedy con
clusion ot tho work of tho commis
sion, and to prevent a recurrence
of the conflicts that havo occurred
botween tbo Dawes commission
and Ibe other branches of tho In.
dlan aervice.
Murder at Hounds.
During a drunken brawl noir
Mounds last Saturday Henry Lily,
(mad, a full blood Euchoo Indian,
clubbed another Indian named
Candy Hquirea to death, dragged
tho mutilated body ol his victim
to a nearby fence and hung It up
on a pos'.. The murderer was ar
rested oy n party ol Indiana and
was taken to Mounds awaiting the
ariival of a United States deputy
marshal from Olareraoro.
Many a brliilit and happy liotiie
hoUl bus beon thrown Into sadnos be
cause of tbo death ofaloed otio from
a neglected cold. Ballard' Ilore
. bound Syrup U tho groat euro for
Roughs, colds and uHm pulmonary all.
rooiiu, Prlco 25 ar.d 6Qo- at Vco-
npj'urusjtoro Uw
l)r. Ol'ver Hau'tty run
Curtis Introduces Bill Au
thorizing Heirs to Sell
Lands of Allottees.
In Oklahoma to Settlement, and
Would Remove an Annoying
Feature ol tho System of
Alloting Land (if In
dians, Congressman Ourllo, of Kansas,
will present a bill as soon as oin
gress re aesembles that is designed
lo lighten the work ol Itio Indian
office and lo solve a problem that
is growing more complicated naoh
year. 1 he hill will provide that
the adult heirs of any deceased In
dian lo whom lands had beon al
lotted may eell tho land. Under
tho existing laws the lands are
held in trust and tho leasing pro
ceeds divided each year.
The complications arising under
this system have led Mr. Hitch,
cock, secretary of the interior, to
recommend to congrees the pass
age of a law authorizing tho sale
of tho lands of this character bo
longing to the Ponca, Pawneo,
Otoe and Tonkawa Indians in Ok
lahoma. Mr. Cuitls will offer a
bill making the authority general,
affecting the lands of deceased al
lotteej wherever situated.'
The passage of tho bill recom
mended by Mr. Hitchcock would
al once opon up over 81,000 acres
of fine fanning land in Oklahoma
to settlement, and would greatly
slmplyly the work of tho Indian
bureau in caring for these heirs.
Under the proposed plan the land
would be sold and the monay de
posited wlUi thi, gqvt rqiBftol for
the benefit ol the I sirs of the de
ceased allottees. The adoption of
the bill which Mr. Curtis will in',
troduco would open many thous
ands ol aores of land lo settle
ment or for sale lo settlers.
Following is a copy of the bill
which Mr. Hitohoook has recom
mended for passage:
"That the adult ho'ri of any de
ceased Ponca, Pawnee, Otoe or
Tonkawa Indian, to whom a trust
patent was issued for lands allot,
ted him in Oklahoma, may eell
and convey the lands inherited
from fuch decedent, and if there
be both adult and minor heirs of
such inherited lands, then such
minora may join a Bale thereof by
a guardian duly appointed by the
proper court, upon an order of
such court made upon petition
filed by such guardian, all convey
ances made under this act to be
subject to the approval of tho sec
retary of the interior, under such
rules and regulations as he may
The bill to bo offered by Mr.
Curtis makps the proposition gen
oral, instead of oonfining it to tho
four tribes named in Mr. Hitch
cock's bill.
Evicted Citizens Who Return Can
Not be Criminally Prosecuted.
In tho United Slates oourt at
Ardmore attorneys for tho nonoili
zen merchants, who were recently
indlctad for having returned to the
territory after having been evicted,
filed a demurrer to tho indictments
nn the ground that they oonslilu
ted no criminal oflensa. Judge
Townsend sustained tho demurrer
on the ground that the penalty of
81,000 provided by law oould not
bo collected by criminal proceed
ings. It is said that District At
torney W. B. Johnson will advise
the department of justice of Judge
Townsend'a decision and ask for
further instructions. In a recent
ruling of Judge Townsend ho held
that tribal taxeB could be collected,
and his decision does not afloat
the tax. The parties who returned
after being evicted wore regarded
as Intruders, and the noverumeut
sought to inflict a penalty of 81000
by criminal proceedings.
Tho lady who had to leave the do
nation party the other nty utneforo It
was over wlU ploiso cull it our druu
storo and gel a bottlo of Dr. Cald
well's Syrup VepMa. Sba has indi
gestion or the, would not have taken
sUkandlfsho l4d taken U. C.tid
well's yyrun ftNHMa viwwejttlrr
Imvotmd yilcsHoa. tlbi and n
bottles fctl"' H tJ t Ji
I fjsaaa
M Mrs. Balentine's
Holida C.oK .11 1
godUtitsgs) U tat
fancy and plain. Ha n; unl breakfast ha i
speciulty. Genuine honey .kept in stock. Coconl
t)1ah.i nrr n.. i... .... ... jl. A
"iou v.ctiec iiuc, jura ii) 11, 20c per pouna.
Fine country sorghum, 35c per gallon. Egg?
wanted will pay 25c per dozen. Lota of toilet
and laundrv soaps ou hand.
Will be Very Glad to
fegg23 m IS II
Handsome, durable, economical in
fuel, and lasts 50 years. See the
new arrivals the old line in a new
dress for 1901 and 1902. , -'
fUlil HuilTOu
A library of classic and popular lectures, after dinuor spooohca,
"occasional" addresses, rominisconcos, repartee, nunocdoto,
and story, sumptuously published in ton volumes.
Thomas Brackett Reed, - - - Editor in Chief
Wlcrv Berg. Edward KverettHnle,
V www w vw w 4AWt.ll jievtvie
uaiK, lieorg xuci.oau uarper, jouauaii r. uoiuvar, Hainan Haskell
Dole, Jas, U. fond, HUwin M. ISacou, Truman A. DrAVessec, Clark Howell,
Over 400 of tho word's xnost prominent statesmen, orators, jur
ists, autors and dipolmatti aro contributors to this work.
Address U. H. KIRK, (Jen, Agent, South McAlester ,f T.
J Ouver Basiiv, 1'res.O J. O, Ham,
First National Bank,
tAPIlAL $100,000.
QiRECTOrr' ji'
m !V? $.( 1 1 u r ftfv r'l
. fc'M. ,-r" .-i di'Wai
unty of I
Lota of Christiuaa
Have my Friends Patronage.
more coming. Plenty
is on the way. Are you
ready to withstand his
chilly blasts?" See us
at once for :::::::
John 15. Gordon, loftiwoaaarii, CUamn
V-riw," W. P. Shua-ps, eW.
' If
; - j

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