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r- - WMMi-toc'H-Mt-imWMil i-.WlsJaWtl
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IX .
rR. i,. DAOny,
Uiilce in New Rdtcllfl Building. Tele
pnono ioi. violin, Ind Tcr.
Rooms 9 and lo, New Halsgll Building,
Vihita. I. T.
Davenport ft Hull, Attorney at Uw,
Ilatik Uuildlnx, Claretnore. I. T
And Notary Public. Office In new Hal
jell building, Viniln. I. T. Will practice
In all the United Slate courts of the I. T.
MIAS. W. DAY, D. D. S3.,
Gold Crown and Bridge Work o Special
ty. Office over first National Hank
A.bno MIllA.'a
furniture Store
ifleonly Kxclaalve Eye, Har and No
Specialist in the Indian Territory .
Ityea treated
ed and glasses properly fitted
t.tfice at Drug Store
Hand and
Storage Rooms.
Oust Side
Gem Restaurant.
licit Plncc in the City
to Oct a Good Alcnl.
All hinds of meats, Fish and Gain
in season: Bhr.ri Orders a spec-
inliy birth oysters in any
fljle; miij thing yru may
want in the rating lino.
Good iiit-nU 20 cuts.
J5W5' Alio
U u 3
? A TW
CO CO "n r'snt '''P an "l6 n8r I'tclf.
Ualrn anil younKoi- cattle Q M
All It tRtl'-bmtiileil will. o left shoulder
orld j) l on rlctit alite. YounserMttlo
raaraej uuder ball crop rlgtituiHl uudrruli
1'i.stnres on Unck Cre.lt. near Adair
Ilea (quarters nte Mfarro at Military Cro.
ng or Cabin track. Hard principally cows
Kdua, Knn.
lion bi nod uini.
Uotd brand
In aahsr
liKfe-S:osd ol
INK creek, C.N
J. t OKAY,
JO Miles Nurthwcst of Vlnlta.
J O Rnnge on I'w
I'ttw Ork.
Cuttle of tils brand
old only tor slilp
nent. SIM reward or eon
Tlcllou of stoatlng
lilt brand
Postofflcr. Vlnlta, I. T,
Smooth ero In
and spill In ibe
omocattla It
-arloua olhm
Ilanxa on !
catt creek, ttm
miles a. c or Vl
nlta. iCX
E. D FltAYhEI.,
Vlnlta, I. T.
lion tnand
ttm. lianas
oa Itlar Cabin
creek, r miles
weil or llluo
aofcat Clllooftlil
brnt sold
tlou reword
or atsallng
Pcitonico Vlnlta, Ind. Tor.
Iltnf e on I.O
eustaudl.lt tie i;bln
rlxht idle
nna lilp Vh.
rlou a oar
marks Bnld
Fa. ..ud, Ind. Tor.
Roma bsTa
Imn. Stark. eroi
n it ipllt t S
right, Ulldai
alapa In lalt.
Itanir anntb
weat ot 1llue
Jacket. 1. T,
OF ST. ' OUI8.
IhuSt, Louis National
Stock Yards.
Loealtd at East St. Louis. HI.
UlreollJ opposite Iho oil- 01 lit. Jiul. Itujr
ra tor all doacrlptlon or IJ? Aloes alvrayi is
altandanea, and within tb iroan
iul Yiir.li la a IUef CannlM UomD
mnssr. wits
tia 01 in
a oaptclty for tlanibtlrlns: 8.10 basd
i ! ..
dsllr. and i'ork PacUai ratabllibnisnta htv
, oaf " o. 0. KNOX. Vice Vr.
a T JONES, Qe . Mg'r.
h. W. 1.UAKK, Ass't. Oon. Mgr.
dAMUKI, HUNT. Usn. fAgont (or Trxsi
tod Indian Territory,
wmmam" "s
I THJiVTsf iT t n
Casos Came Up For Rear
ing in the United States
Court Tuesday.
First on Docket, With Seventy-
Throo Indictments, and Will
bt Followed by Homing
ul Indictments Against
James ISeatty.
In the United States court Tubs
day morning the Marion Holder
man excessive land holding oases
were called for trial, nnd the result
ing legal battle is being watched
with intense interest by the resi
dents of Iho Cherokee nation.
The Curtis act, it is anticipated,
will ho Die ground on which the
battle will be fought, and tbal
flastio instrument will bo vigor,
usly attacked by the attorneys
for tho defense.
The indlolments against Holder,
man, wtilrh number 78, charge
him with holding approximately
10,000 acres of the national lands
in violation of Soolions 1G and 17
of the Curtis aot.
His aores extend from a point
southwest of Chotopa, Kan., and
two miles west ol the M., K & T.
tracks, wostward for several miles
with the Kansas lino, bis northern
No denial of tho faot of the land
holding is expected from the de
fense, but tho issue will be mot by
an attack on tho legality of tho
provisions of tho Curtis act,
charged with having been vie
Those nectioiiB read as follow:
tieo. 10. That it shall be unlaw
ful for any person, after the pass
age of tiiie Act, (xcpl as herein
after provided, toKjittim, demand,
or receive, lor his own use oi lor
the use of onyottu else, auy royalty
on oil, coal, asphalt, or other mln
era!, or on any timber or lumber,
or uny other kind of property
wlialroevcr, or nny rents on any
lands or property belonging loany
one of said tribes orna'.ions in said
Torrilory, or for anyone to pay lo
any individual any such royalty or
rents or any consideration therefor
whatsoever; and all royalties and
rent:) hereafter poyable to the tribe
shall bo paid, under fcuch rules
and regulalions as may be pre
scribed by the Secretary of the In
terior, into the Treasury of Iho
United States to tho credit
of tho tribo to which they
belong: Provided, That where
any citizen shall be in possession
of only suoh amount of agricultu
ral or grazing lands as would be
liis just and reasonable shnro of
the lands of his nation or tribe and
that to which his wife and minor
children are entitled, ho may con
tinuo to use tho same or receive
the rents thereon until allotment
has been made, to him: Provided,
further, That nothing herein oon
tained shall impair tho rights of
any member of a Irlbi to dispose
o any timber contained on his,
bor, or their allotment.
Sec. 17. That It shall be unlaw
ful for any citizen to inoloee or In
any manner, by, himself or through
another, directly or indirectly, to
hold possession of any groater
amount of land or other properly
belonging lo any auoh nation or
tribe than thai which would be his
ap proximate share of the lands
belonging to such nation or tribe,
and that ol Ills wife and hie minor
children as per allotment herein
provided; and any person found in
such posaerslon of lands or other
property in excess of his abo.ro and
that of his family, aB aforesaid, or
having the same in any manner
inclosed, at the tfxplratlon of nine
month" after the passage of this
l Sm2B
Hlghsat Hmws. WetW Fair
Sold UiU)t SWwtow F
! Act, shall bo deemed guilty of a
The penally Imposed for viola,
lion of thesb sections is a penally
of 8100 for each day of excess
holding, after nine months from
the inflage'of the not
I lit) hearing Monday will he in
I lie nature of n t et case, and the de
dsion, if fuvorable to the govern
ment, will reslili in the prosecu
tion of all parties holding more
than their estimated share of
Two Alen Crushed to Death at South
A horrible accident thel re
sulted in fatal injury to two men,
occurred at the Union station,
South McAlesler, Thursday night.
An east bound freight on tho
Choctaw was Blandlue on tho tunc
tion while a north bound Katy
fright wen f witching. In some
in ".in or the Katy crew failed to
boo tho Choctaw across the right
of.way and backed into tho train
with u terrible crash. A Choctaw
coal oar which was standing just
in front ol the dopot was eent
crashing into tho structure.
Conductor J. 0. Jackson and a
boy named Walter Beavers were
loaning against the depot and were
caught betweon lbs coal car and
tho building. Beavers was near
the corner of tho depot. while Jack-
eon was standing directly In front
of the operator's window on the
Choctaw side of the station. Both
were buried beneath tho wreckage.
Axes were used to chop away the
oar in order to draw the mangltd
men from their pinioned position.
Jackson'H rightjog was mashed
entirely off mar Iho knee and bo
foro bo could bo removed tho stub
bled profueely, covering tho build
ing and wreckage with his life
Both of BeaVore legs wero cut
entirely off and his right arm
broken. The men were fli.ally ex
triuated from b debris and car.
lied into tho waiting room whero
medical aid did ali it could to les
sen their tuiTerings. About 0
o'olock thb two unfortunates wero
removed to All Saints' Hospital.
- Neither one of the men can sur
vivo their injuries.
Flames Wipe Out Valuable Business
A fire that started late WedneB
day night at Duma was not got
ten under control until Ibe follow
ing business houses had beon seri
ously damaged: Elael it Ander
son, brick building, lose 83,000;
W. G. Clarke & W. M. Daniels,
building, 83,000, insured; Phillips
Lawrence building, 83 OOO.insured;
Mrs. A. G Meyers, two buildings
83,000; R. E. Newell, building,
83,000; W. H. Eltchle.drugs, 8200;
G. W. Mason, drugs, 8JJ0; Hugh
Johnson, dammre to building 8200;
Niokol Store, $150; L D. Horton,
loss on building 820O M. C. Wade,
loss on building 8100; S. M. Brown,
loss on drug stock, 81500, insured;
postofllce, 8500, insured; Durant
Drug Co., damage, 8200, insured;
J D. Jones, loss on stock, 8250;
Cart, England & Co., 8100; Robin
Bon, Roes & Co., 83,500; Looney,
Lawrenco & Tucker, 8500, insured;
Hightower Son, 8500; Wells &
Co., 83,000; J. B. Chandler, bujld.
Ing damaged 8125; T. G. Goodrlng,
book store, 8100; Woodmen of the
World, 8200; Prootor, Wann &
Howe, meal market; E. O. Butler,
confectioner, 8300; E. W. Mo-
Naughton, 8100; Paul Se'.der, dam
age to building, -J100; Judge Stan
ford, dry goods, loss on Block, 81,
03, building 8500; Katy Flyer
barber Bhop, 8100; P. M. Pirtle,
damage lo building, 8500, insured
Flynn and Teddy,
Delegate Flynn, of Oklahoma,
had a long conference with Presi
dent Roosevelt yesterday in re
lation lo Oklahoma mullets. This
is the first opportunity Mr. Flynn
has had for an extended discus
sion of mailers pertaining to the
politics of tho territory and tho
question of siatebnod. President
Roosevelt displayed a dip .inter
est in oil matterV TB con
ucolion with the affairs "fjiiP tor
rilory and listened to Mr.fjynn'd
representations concerning life po
littcal situation. This sUtfljoad
question was discussed at length.
After the conference Mr. Fjynn
expressed his complete satisfac
tion with the preBidenlUf RMsUioo
on political affairs In jifu$ry
and his plana for tho MftjHlfetiBii
of patronage, T t
House Committeo Will Meet
January 7th to Consider
Pending Measures.
Tribal Relations Introduced by
Commissioner of Indian Af
fairs Heartily Approved
by all tho Members of
the Commtttee.
The house committee on Indin'n
affairs will meet January 7 to con
elder tho measures affecting the
several tribes, pending before con
Tho committee will he in dally
session until it has disposed of a
number of measures that have been
tho subject of conference during
the recess. Iho appropriation bill
is nearly completed and will be in
troduced early in tho session.
All of the members of the com
mittt-o are warm in their approval
of tho proposition of Mr. Jones,
commissioner of Indian affaire, to
speedily dissolve iho tribal rel?
lions of the Indians mid to place
the individual Indians on their re
sources, stopping their annuities
and rolievlng tho government of
their care.
This solution will greatly elm.
plify Ihe problem of government
in Iho Indian territory, as it will
open lands for ealo and taxation
and make possible internal im
provrments'lhal must now be car
ried out only at the expense of tho
government. It Is proposed lo
continue tho Indian schools fot a
period of ten or twenty years, but
to extend no lurthoraid to or guar
dianship oyer tho Indiana as rap.
idly as tbiir tribal relations are
The committed will also framn
spmo legtdlniioi) dealing jyiyi lhe
Dawes commission The exact
nature of thib will nut be deter
mined ur.lil after the committees
of bath the senate and house have
held a further conference with Mr.
Hitchcock, secretary of the inte
rior. Thp sentiment of a majority
of the members ol the committees
is in favor of the dissolution of the
Dawes c mmiesion and the placing
of its work in tho hands of a bureau
to be established in connection
with the Indian department. Mr.
Hitchcock has recommended a
different policy and, in deference
to his recommendations, no action
will be taken until tho matter has
been fully discuss d. Pending ac
lion by congress the secretary will
withhold his deciSBion on the re
quest of tho Creek council that the
Dawes commission bo ignored in
framing a supplemental treaty be.
tween the Creeks and the United
States government.
No Alore Territory Positions Until
Hitchcock Retire.
There is trouble between Senator
Burton and Secretary Hitchcook
and the Seoretary holds the cards.
As a consequence the Kansas sen
ator has notified the faithful that
no favors will be dealt out of the
Hitchcook pack.
Tho following lament has been
received from him by a Topeka
"I can do nothing more in the
way of getting my friendB positions
In the Indian eervice or tho land
depattmento until Secretary
Hitchcock is removed from the
oibinet, I do not know how eoou
that will be and. my hands are
tied In the meantime."
The trouble between Burton and
Hitchcock Is three years old, and
is not mellowing with ago.
The delay, pending the retire
mentofthe secretary, imposes &
cruel Injury upon those Konsans
whom It is the duty of the terri
tory to support. A petition will
probably be cirouluted iu the
name of humanity, asking that
they bo nllowtd to take their
p.aoe nt the "pie oounler."
AlcAleatcr Trolley Line.
It is confidently expected that
the government will grant the In
dian Territory Traction company
a permit to traverse Indian soil
between South McAlesler and the
various wine" and towns, this
Indian Cnmmlaalnnftr
18 tflYsf w&F
that event work will bo com
mencH at once on the much
talkei of electro street railway.
The company feol confident ot so
curing Mr Hitchcock's approval
at an rally dale.
All Improvements flust Hereafter be
The Choclaw Townslte Commie,
sioners have received a new order
from the department of the in
terior which provides for their
giving of approximate value of all
improvements on avety lot
scheduled. Ii Includes all Im
provemenlB, even specifying tho
ago of fruit trees, and whether or
not they aro bearing.
The receipt of the order neces
sitates the oommlsston going over
the schedule of Antlers, Howe and
Cameron again as they have just
finished the preliminary work and
sere ready to disposo of Iho
town lots.
All towns not scheduled will be
acted upon under the new order.
At rtuskogee on Account of Scarlet
Fever Opldemlc.
The Board nf Health of MuBko
gee has issued an order suspend
ing church services and all other
public gatherings, pending the
abatement of the scarlet fever epi
demio. Dr. Rogers, ot the Board
of Health, has issuod a statement
that the rigid quarantine is en
forced only as a precautionary
measure and that he thinks the
mudictl officers can soon stamp
out the epidemic.
Single State Scribes.
A call has been issued by the
Single State Presa association for
a meeting of all editors and pub
Ushers of Oklahoma and Indian
territory, at Oklahoma-Citv. Jan
uary Mth. The meeting is called
for the purposo of completing the
organization of the association.
iho association will in no way in
lerfere with the preis associations
of the Iwo tcrritoriee, but its one
purposo is to unito ihe naners fa
voring single otatehood. in a strong
working organisation.
Wolcott for Interior Department.
A Washington report names ex
Senator Wolcott, of Colorado, as
Secretary Hitchcock's successor.
It Is stated that the president has
accomplished a reconciliation be
twoen Walcott and hit wife, who
is separated from him, and that be
has offered him tho portfolio of
Iho interior department. The Wol
cott family troubles, which wore
of a sensational character, it Is
Eaiu, Iidb heretofore prevented the
entrance of the ex-senator into tbo
Adair Items.
MiBB Stella Powell and sinter
from Siloam Snrines. Ark., ara
visiting their grand parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Brock.
Pearl and May Sappington, of
weicn, are tho guests of Mrs. Bob
Elmer Faulkner and family from
Leadville, Colorado, aro visiting
his Bister, Mrs. John Archer.
Robort and Edgar Langley are
here from Pryor Creek.
Miss Bettie Jonos and Charley
Collins spent Tuesday in Chelsea.
Misi Maggie Adams has just re
turned from Muskogee.
MlesOlHe Alfred is down from
Mrs, J. W. Skinner is home
from Oklahoma.
Happv Jack.
Adair Notes.
D. S. Oumlngs is in Muskogee
on business.
Mrs. Hernery and Allie Alferd
were guests of Mrs. Vandewort
J. M. Taylor and wife are "top
ping at the White Hall for a few
Mrs. John Warren attended the
wedding of her grandfather, J. 0.
Gray and Mrs. Taylor, at Chelsea
last week.
Payion Fugerson is still very ill
at J. F. Warren's.
'Baby" Smith is recovering
from an altaox of ecarlet fever. No
other creed are reported.
Miss Alice Coales and Mark
Breeding were married at the
bride'ri mother's, on Sunday, Junu
(try 5, 1002, Rev. Rueael officiating.
Mrs. Hatfield-and sister, Mrs,
Qoad, have returned from a visit
to their old home In Missouri.
Jim Cuminga is' out of the storo
atid Dave hs moved the stock in
to the hardware department.
Tne Adair sports beat Pryor
Uffjk hunting tauirday. Adair
ven hundred rabbltn.
JANUARY 9, 1902."
Will Test Adaptability of Ar
tesian Water for Steam
ing Purposes,
In the Territory Causes Complaint
and Test of Artesian
Water Will be Made
With View to
its Use.
The engineering department of
the Frisco road are cointr to make
an exhaustive test of tbe adaptab
bjllty of Vinita artesian water for
steaming purposes. The recent
freeze up along tbe line, and the
large amount oi sediment contain
ed in tbe creek waters has at
tracted their attention to Vlnitn'n
inexhaustible supply of overflow
ing pure water.
Complaints were made by some
engineers that tho water was too
gaseous except for use in station
ery boilers. Thoy olaimed that
iho natural "rocking" of the en
glno kept it boiling, making the
feeding of tho boilers a hard taBk.
They further Btaled iu their re
ports that if the artesian water was
used alone that this "boiling" was
not bo noticeable, but when it was
mixed with the creek waters con
taining minerals in large quanti
ties it was difficult to uso.
The test will not only includo a
thorough analysis of the water but
it will be run through a two tank
system to see if the water will lose
its gaeeous properties when al
lowed to Bland a reasonable
length of time.
If tho testa prove satisfactory
the company will build a large
water Blation here, and it is inti
mated, will follow with other im
prornments. The use ol creek water .In both
Ibe locomotives and stationer? en
gines of the company In tho terri
tory Is very costly, owintr to its
damaging effects on tbe boilers,
ana the absence of all corrosive
minerals In tbe artesian water.it la
stated, will influence the company
in the location of some oontem
plated improvements. The
value of the artesian water for
use in stationery boilers has been
demonstrated at tht electric light
plant, where, after two years use,
tbe engineers have pronounced it
freo Irom all damaging sediment.
President Ratcliff, of tbe Com
mercial club, on request, sent the
eaaiplet, of the water for the chem
ical analysis to St. Louis this aft
ernoon. Tbe results of the anal-
yeis and the praotical test will be
awaited with interest, as it is ex
pected to demonstrate, beyond all
doubt, tbe great value of the wo
ter for all purposes.
Uarertt Not aullty.
Pbillin Barrett, the ntnnn.
grapher, of Ardmore, held by Iho
authorities oi that clly pending In
vestigation of the death of Mrs.
A Emhart. has been released from
custody. Mrs. Embart was found
in Barrett's back yard and the
police, it is said, aliened that Bar
rett had assaulted her. The au
lopey showed that Mrs Emhnri
died a natural death and that Bar
rett was in no wise connected with
what was supposed to be murder
A "Too A.uct." Campaign
The CbickaBho full blood Indlar b
are waging a hot campaign for tbe
election of William L. Boyd to
succeed Governor D. M. Johnson.
Their complaints are summarized
by them as follows; "Too much
unnecessary appropriations; too
many lees lor attorneys; too much
supplementary treatmenj; and too
much Oklahoma and Indian Ter
rltory into one 8tate." They claim
tq tear a scheme lo keep tbe full-
bloods from tbelr BhaVe of the
lands and money.
drove Point Cleanings.
Mr. Lane is going to move this
week tu a farm near Centrolla.
Mies Lucy Belew Is home from
Kansas Clly on a visit.
Mr. J.-F. Tennanl Is coina to
move on the Prather farm east ot
Vlnlta, tblsfvek.
Air. J. u. lieiew Ib going lo Can
ada Boon.
Mr. Pay ton will move on tbe
Hawkins farm Boon. R . J,
Pueuaionia and LaUrlppe
Gqukus cured quickly cared by Fo
ley's Honey and Tar. Refuse substi
tute. Peopled Drug Store, dw
Yet it is the hardest friend a man ever
had to keep. If you can use some good
common lumber just now, we can save
you quite a bit". This is just the thing: for
putting up sheds and such, so if you want
some of it, get here before it all goes.
And any time you need lumber or
building material lime, cement, plaster,
paints, oils, etcand want your money's
worth, here is the place to get it.
l.rf H.H .-lilf ltil4tiX i-iU-Mi.--.'-. I
rttjHri-sja-h-rsa, itir.i wrmkmbirrm ism
KK liave lnno. tw
My nae tueni
26 S. Wilson St.
e wm.m
T--.-1 Iff it Jf Mill
-src ' wr '. 7sw
Thanking my friends for their kind patronage
1 , ''", ' " - ' sa- 11 -
through 1901, I hope to merit a continu
ance of their patronage in 1902.
fly Groceries Are Fresh
and of the best quality. Feed In stock sold as cheap as possible
Wislnug you it happy ami prosperous noyryonv,
I am yours rospoctfully,
Ming Frost
Handsome, durable, economical in
fuel, and lasts
new arrivals the
dress for 1901 and
new arrivalsthe
VOL. XX. NO. 201
Elgin Watches
- pn rnnii!r..1 tli ,.fi1.1a atn-i.t-.l
(JM M lime keepers. They are nlwaya reliable. I
in an grauesat prices from 17 L yjo
Other watches from 84 to $Io. When you want
anything in tbe jewelry line call and see wlur
1 have I'ine and complicated watch rtpoinni;
a specialty. SIotU Not tbe cheapest but Uie
BUST work at all Hate.
August Schliecker,
Jeweler and Optician
of all kinds promptly and property
done at this office, Prices alwa- tt
consistent with material aod work
is on the way. Are you
ready to withstand his
chilly blasts? , See us
at once for :::::: :
50 years. S- th )(
old I
old Una In a nw -. '
-1 A t .'
,4) ! $ !&, ' !
aaraiim Slsi fc..sftfll
. y, t?ti& al
mfc I
" - iW"
0, t
" Mtt
arVkosw ,

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