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M3.y i "(' ffi ""SB!HBiPWWMsMsssssssssssssssssssssssss JBBKa'li
VOL. XX. NO. 22
A Pure Grape Gicam o! Taitat fCMiier
Hwltest Honors, World's Fair
i?M Pedal, Midwinter Fair
Valuable Records of Tho
Dawes Commission said to
Have been Stolen. '
Instituted to Ascertain how Land
Companies in Muskogeo Ob
tained PobsmbIoh or As.
sesBiiimt It-corda Per
taining lo Croek
In oonnrotini) with th exposure
ol tliu Irauiluluut methods of eev
oral Muskogee ooiuptinleB, in leas
ing lands in the Creole nation, the
discovery lias boon made, that u
complete reourd of tho assessments
ma fit hy tlie fj-Id f-irco ol the
Dawes CuiiiuitPSH'ii haye beei
stolen from their i-flices
It Ih alleged thai copies of the
stolen records, have burn traced
to the i dices of two of tho offend
ing conipitnit-H thai have cunie un
der he bun of I lie Interior depart
pent. lluiT they ottiamed pnsse
pint) ol Ihi-ui is n mystery, that the
members of tliu commie.
tSffiieWr.' wiMt Batt '
vnraant with the workings of the
company, thai the only fault with
tho exposure, contained in the
press dispatches, Was that it did
not probe deep enough.
It ih alleged that further invest!
nation would have exposed some
ninety nine year leases, that have
been discounted for cash. The
same facile pen, that has hereto
fore obtained the truth, with clev
er veibiegt; that has wr'lloii mo
mortals lor tribal council; and
lias drawn up contracts, of amaz
Ing elastic ly, Is recognized in the
l t lending editorials, that found
place, .in a dependant press.
The advantages accruing tj the
erritory from this increased Itn
iiigraiion, that it is alleged is be
ing allured itiis way, by the rich
(ir.nniBos of the company; tho to
oiol and commerpial (.landing of
the company ojllcere, etc, is offer
ed at a boom valuation. 'rhtn the
"gel away" that Is never absent,
when (hlh elusive genius Is direct
ing affairs, is displayed in the
wotd "oirelen "
This explanation of how the
fraudulent sections of their catchy
cltcuiars were created Is interest
It was "careless" construction
ol the sentences, that allowed
fraud to brnk in.
It wae o "pnrelero" substitu
tion of deceptive phrases, for the
straight tiulh, that brought them
under the ban ol the Interior de
pertinent. It is this tame ''caro
less" trant-grtEHion from the re
cicniztd paths ol right, that turn
bits some people into the penllen
limy, and others into "hiu.li social
liotitlt ns," pt tiding ther ultimate
The action of the department rs
lung delayed, but now jhat they
have awakened to the necessity
of placing proper safeguards
around the property Interests ol
the Crerks, some interesting de
velopments nrn expected.
Kansas Gity Southern Ex
press Held Up Near
By the Bandits Who, From Their
Bungling Actions, are Sup
posed lo Havo Been
Crude NovlceB at
. the Game,
Ringing Addresses Delivered at The
Court House Thursday Night.
bqse in itttematice at the state
d raoettnfj at the court houtfe
last night, enjoyed two most inter
records was bribed into violating eating addresses on tho perplexing
hut truat
Officer of ihe company w--re in
terviewed by Hon C R Brecken
rlilgo of tio dimtuierion, but re
fused to divulge any information
concerning how they come in pos
sesion of the stolen reoords.
On advice of their attorneys
they refused to he sworn by Mr.
llrtckeuridgtt, and definl the com
mimion (o force an explanation
from them.
Mr. Breckenridgo at once com
muuicated all ot the facts in the
tyse lo the Secretary of the Inter
lor, and it is anticipated that he
will rtcelve instructions from
uaBbfngton, to uso (fraalio meas
ures in locating the guilty-parties.
Tlio Btojep TPCords are of ines
limablo value, to the land sharks,
operating in th Creek nation.
They contain the government
assessment of every aero of land
in the Creek nation, Bv refer
ing to litem 'the oompanles,
niiorj nepotlatlng on of their
ninety nipe yenr Jtu-ses, can roadi
Jy ascertain the exoot aoreage that
the'noTder fa enliiltd to.
In obtoiuing possession of them
the comnanies. havo evldenceu
governmental problems confront
ing the Indian territory delivered
by Judge S. B. Bradford of Ard
moie and C. E Castle of Wagoner.
0. V. 0. Duncan acled as presid
ing officer. Thp meeting was in
theiature of an impromptu affair,
the arrangements not being made
until yesterday afternoon.
Judge fjradlord, who is enroule
to Washington to present the
claims of the territory for state
hood consented to stop over, aod
address tho cllizenB of Vinita on
this all important question. Mr.
OaBtlo, who is an ardent advocate
of statehood, and ono well equip
ped to discuss the question ac
companied Judge Bradford end
addressed the meeting. Both
speakers championed the single
statehood cause in forceful argu
ments, referring at length, in Ihe
course ol tueir remarks, 10 iue
taxation bugabon.
Judge Bradford, in the course of
IiIb address, indicated, that he
thought congress tbjs "Inter Wtld
extend tho territorial lines of Ok
lahoma around the Indian terri
tory, and that both territories
would at tho next congress, enter
The southbound express on the
Kansas City Southern railroad
wai held up by Beven men near
Iledland, about midnight Wednes
day. The train was flagged and
as it slowed down two men mount
ed tho engine, covering the en
gineer and Creman with revolvers.
Tho train porter was forced to un
couple the express car from the
main body of tho train, and the
engineer ordered to run a mile
down the road to a secluded spot,
where the englreer was detained
under gqard.
The local safe was rifled, but
nothing oi value was secured, The
messenger was unable to open the
through safe and no attempt was
made lo blow it open with dyna
mite. Tlio robbers, after rumaging
around the car, returned the mes
sengor's revolver, which they had
taken from hlno, and departed
empty handed. It is Bald by th
passnngers on the (rain that the
mall car was robbed of its regis
tered mail, but the railroad ol
uciala tale that the mail car was
not entered.
None of the robbers were masked
and as they went about their work
in a bungling manner, it is pro
sumtd they were novices. United
States marshals from Fort Smith
aro scouring Ihe territory in the
viglnlty of th,e holtj up and three
suspected men haye bept. arrested
They are miners and say they can
prove their innocence. Tho train
was delayed one hour.
At the general offices of thecom
pany the statement is given out
that the robbers Cot no money at
all. The company's private tele
grarpB ray that the (rain was (jag
ged, after tfblpb thp jpen, all
masked, compelled the train crew
to cut off the poaches and run tho
pxpre88 and baggage car qa)f a tnlle
down the track;. Thjs done they
compelled the express messenger
to open his door. The dispatches
'AflAr BnttRfvlncT ItiArriBAl van
that thero was nothing there o
value, they left."
Nothing is said in te report
about rifling the mail par.
Tho telegram states that the
leader of the pang seemed lo bo
about forty years of age and. that
the otherB were young men, No
one was hurt.
The Provisions of the Treaty Recent.
ly Passed by Council.
An acknowledgment has been
received from Senator Quarles, of
the receipt of the copy Of the
treaty lorwarded him, when it was
ascertained that the Dawes com
mission had pigeon holed tho in
strument, which was sent to them
for their approval.
In acknowledging, tho senator
says, that the bill meets with his
approval and that he will use
every effort to further its ratifica
tion by congress.
The original copy of tho meas
uro was sent to J. George Wright
by Chief Bufilnglon, nud alter
resting In the Indian Inspector's
office for several weeks it was for
warded to tho DaweB commission
for their approval, there it was
pigeon-holed with the "indefi
When Its fate was ascertained,
a copy was obtained and forward
ed to Senator Quarles, in an effort
to bring it to 4ho notice of con'
The letter of tho senator Indi
cates tbal tttiB objeot has been ac
enmpiished and that tho "Cliero
kee question" will receive an air
ing this winter.
Must be Shed by. tho Indian,
Sajs Secretary Hitchcock.
Will he in Demand ou Ileeerva
tions, When -Civilized Lo As
sumes his Boiled Shirt
. and Attempts to Look
Single Statehood Press Association
Summarizes Territory Condi
The Bingte statehood press asso
cialion at their recent meeting
prepared a memorial for presenta
tton to congress.
The following eloquent plea-for
relief from tho eziating helnou
conditions, 1b incorporated in it:
"Your attention is called to the
deplorable oondilton of -15 000
white residents ol the Indian te
ritory, who are denied every guor
antee of the constitution of the
United Stale; who have fixed in
terests therein and have been al
lowed by the government of the
United StateB and with the sane
tlon of the tederal courts to make
these investments apd Bhould long
since have rensiveii some consid
oration at your hands. Their chil
dren are being allowed to grow lo
manhood and womanhood in ig
norance, and consequent crime, (or
want, ol school facilities. These
peopleQhave courts, which, owing
to their numerical insufficiency
and lack of jurisdiction, are in ef
fect an absolute denial of justice.
These people come of the best
Anglo-Saxon blqoij of tli'e states
and have been looking to oongress
for relief for many years."
Por Pederal Prisoners at fluskozee
Jail says Attorney Qeneral.
that thoy are only "careless" the union In Bingle statehood.
t .. .. . . .t. -1 r...l.. nn.trn.l li.fi nn llm n
In the information tjtey give to the
proBpeollytJ purchaser, but are re
markably careful as to their own
.personal iulormatlon.
The searching inquiry Instituted
by thucouimt'sitiii, todlsoover the
rarty ur parties In collusion, with
he coruiinnii,i Is eupepled to ra
suit in some sensational develop
At Sontb (IcAlester Results
tack on Homo o( Rey. 4.
jjntertalncd at Home ol Njr, and firs,
L. P. Parker, Jr., Last Night..
Judge Bradford left on the night
Katy for Washington where lie
will conduol an active campaign
against iho admission of Oklaho
ma to'statehoud without the In
diiui territory
Indian Appropriation.
The house oummllteo on Indian
affairs will meet qn Thursday of
next week to oomplelo and report
.i . . .i i.i i ih. ,..i.
Tho position of any Buspscleti the appropriation uu.. AUD ,...-
t iir . m i i n
nrn win o&ii tor nearly ""
person will nut influence the com
mission in pushing thuir inveBtl
gallon to a ooiioIuhIou.
The Indlun Land and Trust Co.
ol Mu-kngett has filed answer to
tho charges of tho Secretary of In
lerlor tinunt the Iraudtilept leasing
ol Creek lands through the editor
ial columns ol n subsidm-d press,
and by personal missionary work.
Thoy uffar the IcntmouUte ra-
cords of tin ooiupany'a officers,,
as proof infallible that no Bohemo,
with even a single twist, from
otraighl business prinoipleB oould
pmaiioto from Sljoh n suurce, ond
frioidunlally decry the Ignoranoo
of tho depart nent to those facte.
There are Ihosu rouldent In the
territory, who are Intlmatoly ac
qualnted with the officers of the
company, who nro not impressed
with thlH evidence of tho absence
of crooked work
II la charged by those "Wet con
dollars less than the approprla
tlon of laBt year. The reduction
Ir HnA larnelv to the fapt that
thousands of Indians haye lakon
their allotments diiring tho year
and haye ceased drawing annuities
from tho government.
Woodford In .ahe.
A disastrous flro, supposed to
have been of inoendiaty origin,
visited Woodford, a small town
tnrlhwestpf Ardmore, Wednesdoy
night and reduced Iho entire busl
ness section to ashes The loss is
HHiitnaled at 820.000.
Not a businesA houo escaped
tola! destrti'otlon.
Ulaxe at Krebs
Tho oneru bouse and several
issldencsB, wero destroyed by fire
at Krebs Thursday. All ol the
aecrot society lodges of tho town
had thalr lodge rooms in the opera
house building and tholr Iobb Ib
The German club wbb delight
fully entertained by Mr. and Mrs.
L. f. Parkjer, J,r , at their heat;
tiful home tu tho west end Mon
day night.
Every member of the club was
nre8ent and the german was one
ot tho most pleaianl in tho his
tory of the club.
Among those who enjoyed tho
pretty affair, tere
Mr. nod Mrs Win. M Mellette,
Mr. and Mrs. P. L. Soper, Mr and
Mrs 1. 8. Davis, Mr. and Mrs.
W. P. Thompflon, Mr. and Mrs.
Jos II. Butler, Mr. and Mrs Ed
garBmith, Mrs Bowing JJaleell,,
Mrs A. Ji Bau,l, Misses Mabel
Mlllur.Maud M,iller,0trrie Qoody-
koonlz: Qrace Former, Janlo
Hall. Mesars Ji Crittenden, N
Crittenden, Vanoa Mo3paddon,
Cellar Walker, It II Lybrand.
The trouble occasioned at South
MoAleeter by several ministers
advocation tho annointment of
none save churoh attending teach
ers to the publlo sohools, assumed
a serioua phase Wednesday night
when the house of Rev J J. Lovell
was stoned by a crowd of hood
lun.8. 'Mrs. Lovetl was prostrated
through fright at tho vicious at
tack and suffered a severe hemor
rhage from its efftct.
The identity of thoso engaged in
the poword,ly qttapk. hag not been
ascertained by the authorities, who
have instituted a searching inves
tigation. Tho trouble over the schools haB
been growing in intensity for some
time. While tho position assume;!
by tho ministers on tho question ol
tniorpinK cuHrpu pueimaiivo un
the teaohurs does not receive the
endorsement of the cltlzsns gener
ally, the outbreak of hoodlumism
which culminated in tho attack of
Wednesday night Is severely con;
Cattmn Saudbseged.
Charles M. Suddanh, a promt
nent cattleman of RofT, was sand
bagged In Kansas City, Thtirs
day morning. The terrific blow
which Suddarih received on tlio
lieai, (aOed, to tinfot lilni tinoon
solous and bis crle3 for help
brought a policinan to tbo eoeno,
beloro tho thug bad obtained tbo
big roll of bills that the cattleman
had In his pocket, Ills assailant
esoaped, Suddartb Is one of tbo
heaviest operators on the Kansas
City market, ana s we.ll BflQWP.
to territory okttlewen.
Cabinet and Cablnet'doVni;.
Tlio irwlual recqiiBtruullqiml Mr.
Rqofivclt'ii Gablnct lipids a dtNQt and
timely luitrcii to nn article which tlio
Hon. Oharlea Emorymltb has Just
written for tho Saturday Kvcnlng
Voi, of PhlldQlphiu,
Oaliluou and Cabinet Making tt.Ua
how rosUleut chooso their oftloial
ndvlserst bow nlca nollticul cunilder-
atlous Influences their choice and re-
The Secretary of the Interior
haB issued an edict ordering all
Indians lo submit to an offiolal
hair out, and to forswear tho uso
of any oolored cosmetics, which do
not blend in pleasing harmony,
with Li's natural bluBh.
The decision of the Ssorotary
was reached after an exhaustive
study of the relative influences of
the missionaries and barbers.
He avers, that tho shears, have
never received proper recognition
as agents of civilization, and that
the only way to consumate
'he civilization of Lo, is to work
from "without" and not from
"within "
His reasoning ia interesting. He
says that while the Indian cannot
see the mystic evolution, tbal is
being wrought within him, through
the agency of the missionaries,
that the polished top of a baking
powdjr can, would put him in
touch, with Ihe improvement in
his pergonal annearanpe, wrough.
by tho barbers.
He jthinks that the average
brave after a few operations on
bis hirsute adornment, would be
come so enamored of hitmelf, that
he would boon forget the joys of
tho festivo warpath.
Tito Secretary, however, has a
ubsequent course, in his scheme
of civilit.atlon, that be thinks will
assure its success.
Following the army of baibera)
will be a legion of manicurists
and masseuses. iJl of the soil
primeval, that haB rested Becure,
under the neglectednails, attached
lo Lo'b digila, trill be removed, U.
skilled qperato.a, and his wind
roughened cheeks, will respond to
the velvety touch of tho masseuse.
This, it is averred, will result in
L.o blowing in all of his coin on
boiled shirts and tnilet water in
stead of gunpowder and fire water.
Ail post mortem danceB are like
wise prohibited, and tho spirit of
the departed bravo mu,si amble
over tho divide without the custo
mary eend off from friends.
Any Indian who can show Irish
itneago is exempt irqm. this pro
vision. The following are excerpts from
the order sent to the agents at the
several reservations.
"The wearing of long halt by the
male population of your agency is
not in keening with the advance.
menl they re making, or will
soon he expected to mako in civil
isation, The wearing of short hair
by the males will be a great step
in advance, and will certainly
hasten tbeir progress, toward civil-
''Tliu return male student far
too frequently goeB back to tbo
reservation and fallH into the old
custom of letting his hair grow
long. Ho also paints profusely
and adonis all tho old habits and
customs which his edition in
our industrial boIiqqH has tried to
Tho fault lieB villi the condi
tions found on the reservations.
These conditions are verv often,
duo lo tbo policy o,I tha govern
ment toward the Indian, and are
often perpetuated by the agents
not caring to take the Initiative in
fastenhiQ any new policy on biB
administration of the affairs of tbo
Short grain salads, nlll'not grace
tho boards at the MuskogoJ jail,
when the chow gong sounds, and
George Findlay of Kansas, will
not act as bead waller, says IrW at
torney general of the Untied
Slates. As that official, is enlitl ed
lo the say, Findlay will stay heme
this winter, and feed himself.
After examining tho contract,
offtired by Findlay, the attorney
general decided that the govern
ment did not need a contractor to
feed its prisoners, and called the
deal off
Arrangements will be made
whereby the government will sup
ply the rations, and one of the jail
officials delegated to look after
their dispensing.
Por Murderers of Oklahoma Deputy
The outlaws who killed Deputy
Marshals Smith and Beck near
Anadarko several days ago, have
been traced by tho pursuing of
ficers into the Chickasaw nation,
and a force of territorial marshals
have joined in the chase.
Governor Ferguson, of Oklaho
ma, haB offered a rnward of 8500
each, for the arrest of the men,
and a divided force of three hun
dred men are on their trail.
It is Buspec'td that the mur
derers are m jbers of the Craven
gang, and tbal Cravens himself, is
now leading them in their flight.
The local officers are watching
me siuqso with interest, and are
hoping that tho gang will attempt
lo bj-eak back toward their old
haunts in the Ojage nation, when
they will take a hand in tho round
JANUARY 1,1902 " lju
Prjgiiitiira fncoraeM 38t,8B3 69
InterSt,...,;. ,.v 27.070 03
$1) 2,876 62
Death claims.... w-.j.i. Jllf.Titf'fo
Dividends to policyholders im 36
Surrender value and 6thcr
payment to policy holders '22,57 17
Commission to agents 00,072 73
Salaries and expenses of gen
cral aod spoclal agentI
compensation of odlcers
and clerks 47,42130
Medical examiners fees and
Inspection of risks 0,403 30
Taxes aod department fees 5 fiOl 00
Kent, advorLUIng.prliitlnfr,
postage and all other ex
penses 21,00230
Total ..313,3S4 87
Excess of Incomo overdls
bunomcoti 09,40005
0412,876 52
I'lnt mortgage loan on
real estate 1152,176 00
Cash loans to policy holdrs
on policies assigned (as
security) 18,31083
Premiums deferred and in
process of collection ( re-
icrvc thereon charged In
liabilities) 62,01810
Interest accrued (not due)
ornmartgagorSisv 0,155 45
IqtSVajt omftor I tenia (duo
lift 88faWuTjl tSjOIO, 78) 2,778 63
Casli on fiaWaod jn banks 3S.132 02
Airather fosofc,.... ..--. iiti 10.201 lj
Tolley reserve (actbarle'4j 5tU,523 10
All oTu,cr Haullttlos-... IffiplJ
Total ..430;3l$3j
Surplus to policy holders
ub.rc all liabilities (net-"
uarlci 4 per ccnty Ifft'tl- '-S
Xt5l7,OV 1
Gain In Interest Income $ M
Gain In surplus (actuaries 4 percent) 21,01
Gain In admitted assets - 100.01
Gain In amount on deposit with state 102 2,
Gain In Insurance In force 037,76
Excess or Incomo over disbursements W.40 '"
Surplu a policy holders (actuaries 4 por cent) 180.71 "1
Amount on deposit with state for the protection of policy holders 503,4V t
Total assets 017,05 let
I'ukl policy boldont In death claims dividends, surrender values,
to date , 1,04j,&S ij
Insurance In force 11,358,70'' !
Reported Burled In Arkansas Causes
rqnslderable Excitement
This corapauy has invested in first niortgggp.jQ.ang p.i re
ostato $452,175.00 ; cash loans on policies assJERRlMttOjSW.c
total 500,485.85. It has novor foreclosed a nroago, ha nj
past duo and not a dollar of past duo intorest.xm"mortgagc tcet
itios, and has novor lost a dollar on its invested funds.
l?or furthor information relating to policy contracts or prem
ium ratea apply to
JOSEPH P. SCOTT, Gen. Agent, Vinita, I.T
N. B. Reliable and energetic agents wanted in the territory.
"Indian dances and so called In
dlan feasts should be prohibited
In tniuiv cases these dunces and
feasts aro simply subterfuges to
All the "divining rods" in Mar
ion county. Ark., are being work
ed over-time in an effort to locate
A vaBCEum of money reported to
have been secreted in that locality
by the Uhetokers during their
journoy fro pa the southern states.
The rods have been "bobbing"
with remarkable persistency when
ever Ihey reached the banks of the
Buffalo river, and a number of
the oldest cltlienB have entered
water for the first lime in pursuit
of ihe elusive millions. A few tons
of assorted junk, worth seven
cents, Arkansas value, havo Lccn
fished ou.l &ll the eoin is still at
Territory dame Lt.
Senator Jos, V. Quarles, than
whom there U no more capable
defender of the territory's interest,
will present before congress tho
game law, recently drawn by a
committee ol attorneys, having
for its object the protection of ter
ritory game. In a letter addrcsaed
to lion. C. L..Tack&onl of Musko
gee, M.r. Quarles says:
"deferring to your eBteomod fa
vorof recent dale with inclosures
as stated I beg to say that I shall
be pleased to introduce in the sen
ate the game bill which has been
prepared by the committee of tbo
Indian Territory Bar association.
I will direct the attention of the
committee on Indian affaiiB to the
proposed legislation, aud do what
I can to assist you."
To Facilitate Enrollment,
The Dawes Commission, com
mencing April 1st, will divine
their foroes in an effort to com
plele the enrollment of Cherokees,
One division will remain in
Muskogee all su.m.m.er, hearing the
douh.tfn.1 cases, while a field force
will Ue aent out to enroll the full
blooda, This arrangement, it is
thought, will greatly facilitate the
completion of the rolls,
Deafness Canot bo Cured
by local applications as tboy cannot
reach tho diseased portion ot tho ear.
There Is ouly ouo way tq euro dcaf
ncj, anil that Is by constitutional
remedies. Deafcas Is caused hy an
mQamcd cundltiofl of the mucous lln
,ing of, tho Styiktachlita Tube. When
this tube Is InQamod you havo a rum
nnmn n.'tiv Pm T. o. ITat.t- V.Vre. Vf. V. PuiLUM. Cashier. L
W... . W-. . J.w. .. .--- . j ... , ... .
First National Bank,
CAPITAL, $100,000.
SURPLUS, fjo,ooo.
Oldest and Strongest National Bank in the Cherokee Nation.
....M - ... V3...HMaH I ......
- -' "
Thanking my fr?ends for their kind pafrj)n:
through 1901
I ttnnn r mpfif n ronfitltl
1 . "r f
ot their patronage in iO'?'
1, -n.
fly Groceries Are Fres
n.nd of tho best quality.
Feed in stock sold as cheap af posaiWe
ii JBtfjlff r
i "Vu
Wishing you a hnppy aud prosperous now your,
I am yours rospcctfully,
..REPARING.. We guarantee to give satisfaction.
In tho NEW wo havo a boautiful lino of watchos we
would ho ploasod to havo you call and examine- Tho
pricos will ploaso you. It will pay you to look at our
many bargains.
I Proscriptions carofully compounded.
duceto lowoii tonus tho number 0(1
...... lint. In Nfll.ll.l df A J
Oiiqu ih.0. inot iiipoytant oonclust
lOdJ reached hy Mr- Snjllb Is that
molt proldeuti havo followed ono" of
two methods In forming their ottlclal
famlllos: that of Mr. Lincoln and hi
predecessors, who surroundnd them
selves with parly loaders und former
presidential canlidatcs, and that of
Mr. McKinloy, who appointed stromj,
hroad-uauired men. leuardldss at lire'
vrous Dolltlcal" nrcutnlnonuo. This koooweo district. One at Whlto Oak,
ttlolo will appeal" In an early Issue of one at Roger,- and another at Collins
The Saturday Evening Post. villi).
cover degrading acts and inmor&l tiling stmud or Imperfect hearlotr, and
purposes. .ou aro . qtrecteu to
ise yovr best efforts in the sup
pression o these evils."
New Tribal Schools.
I). E. 'Ward qf tho Cliorokeo ljoard
of Education spent last Thursday
In Ylnlin Mtb frletils and Incldout
uly looking after tho IntoroHs of the
national tchools Ir this kcaioiv Of
tho eleven now whools allowed by tho
lt. Ksstuii of the council, Mr. Ward
li,i Vjoated three or tueurin uwec
when It Is cnilroly closed, Deafness Is
the result, and unless the intlamatlon
can bo taken out and thi tubo re-
torod to it normal condition, hear-
in will bo destroyed f.ireveri nine
cases out often are caused by Catarrh,
hloh l ivitUltm tuitaalnQamed con
dUIoftot a mucous surfaces.
YqwII1 kIo One Hundred Dollars
forunycaso ot Dcafnoss (caused by
catarrh) that cannon bo cured by
Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for clrcu
lars, free.
F.J.OllHNE? & CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by all druuguts, 75s.
Hall'a Fttftilly H aro tho bt-
The essential thing about bujlnga, watch Is to
KNOW that It U o uood one. The least experienced
buyer can buy here aud lie sare that the watch is a goKl one and just
as 1 tell you it is. Watctfetf 'arc reliable fitae keepers. I have them
In many grade at prices from $7.00 tO $50,00.
Ladles Watches from $6.00 to $43.00.
When you want anything lu the jewelry Une-wall andsee what t have
l'Jue and complicated watch repairing a ptelty. -MottoNot
the cheapest but the BUST work at olUiirw.
August Schliecker,
26 S. Wilson St. Jewekr nl 0feM
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