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VOL. XX. NO. 23
" " "" "TJSISSTJ'i' - ipumii hwiii ' tHlX?
,u i. i i ii ii iiiinmwOfciu i i mil linn iiiwimc i all IdlTti uitfTFTirr
The difference in
cost between an alum
baking powder and
the highest-class
cream of tartar bak
ing powder would not
amount for a family's
supply to one dollar
a year.
Dr. Prige's is the
standard cream of tar
tar baking powder. It
Ljnjakes the food de
licious and healthful.
Nora You cannot, If you
value Rood health, afford to
use cheap, low-grade, alum
baking powders. They arc
apt to spoil the food : they do
endanger the health. All
physicians will tell you thnt
alum in food Is deleterious.
Of all Doubtful Cases Will
Begin at Muskogee
February 11th.
Special Dispatch t& Dally Chieftain.
Muxkogee, I. T., Jan. 23, 11)02
Tbo United 8taten comuiipninn
to the five civiliznd tribes has do
olded to take up for final notion all
Cherokee doubtful caars, or per
sons who have applied to tho com
misBion for nnrol'crnt as citizens
of the Cherokee nntinn, and whose
..canes, hay heretofore clasBPd as
doubtful and their tinmen placed
on white or doubtful cards. Tlie.
first cases are set for hearing on
Ftbiuary 11th, and will continue
from day to day until all of this
clasB are disposed nf. Tho appli
canls aro bfing notified ol the
date their caBta are set for hearing
and a docket is being made up.
The dates for the final hearing of
the freedmen cases have not been
eet ob yet.
ncKlnley Memorial.
Subscriptions for tho McKinley
National Memorial, will be receiv
ed at Ibis office, and all amounts,
bo received, published an. I for-
warded to tho appointed custodian
of tho fund.
Tho purpose of tho MoKinley
National Memorial association un
der whoso auspices, the subscript
lions are being received, 1b to erect
and maintain a memorial to the
late president at Canton, Ohio.
Any surplus of funds will be de
voted lo the proposed memorial
at the National Capital
The memorial is to be, in tho
highest seusu, the sincere expres
or.-f all tho people of the coun
try of tliolr love for the martyred
Tuobo desiring to express their
esteem, of the eminent character
istics of the departed president,
through this agency can either
mall or leave subscriptions at thin
office, and they will ha promptly
acknowledged, through the col
uruns of the Daily and Weekly
Ohlof'ian, or any of tho following:
Judgo Joseph A Gill, I'ii.iy L.
Sopor, V. M. Mellette, Leader,
First National Bank, Vinita N
tlonal Dank, Cherokee National
Datik.Joeenli.il Duller, Father
Versaval atHaored Heart Institute,
V. 8 Dugger at Publio School,
Rev. Drowning at Willie Halsell
College, Auguut Bchlellcer, Ed.
Bhannahan, II. II. Lybrand and
T. A. Oliandlor at U. S. Clerk's
office, and forwarded at onc
to (be treasurer ol tho territorial
Pushing the Shawnee and Red Pork.
The Shawnee & Red Fork Rail
way and Coal company Is consid
ering a proposition fir sawing two
million feet of bridge Umber and
276,000 cross lies, to be used in
tho- conBirualion of sixty-eight
miles of railroad from Red Fork,
I. T., lo Shawnee, Ok. Tho tim
if-m, uor ' "" uu "uui iuihiu ieaseu
' hjJe totawtny in the Creek na
iHu tfP&(fribt of way. The
t.w ?ti fipe almost com
j -ted, i4 wfc grato 1
( axpulttl t-Ufi wxhj.
Of the Fako Stories as' to the
Government LeasingLand
of Indians.
Replies Through the Press to a
Flood of Letters Inquiring
About Reports of Whole
sale Indian Land
Indian Commissioner Jones lias
replied, in a public interview, to a
flood of inquires as to the reported
engaging by tho interior depart
tnenl in the real estate business
with the lands of the Indians at)
their listed oOerlngs,
Mr. Jones prefaced Ids expla
nation by the remark that, the
fake stories as to the government
leasing Indian lands, "made him
very tired."
Continuing ho said;
'Thero is not a word of truth in
any of the reports that have been
printed. So far as the Indian
lands in Oklahoma and the Indian
territory aro concerned, this de
partment is nut making any leases.
Under our treaties and under the
provisions of tho Curtis act, the
leasos are made by the tribes, and
this department has only to ap
prove or reject them. Wo hive no
direct dealing wtththo leasees, and
their tins been no tfuublo in either
of tho territories."
Some of the Washington cor
recpoudeolB whom the chaplain of
the house of representatives
prayed for the other day, nre re
rpoiitible for a wn've ol indigna
uon that lias swt-p over the east
ern states recently, through re
ports thnt tho inleriordepartment
had taken the Indian lauds aud
was sub-leasing them.
Pictures of cow boys, sweeping
through the reservations, jbool
ing up tchools and roping straj
tquaws, found places in the pres
and thereby greatly enlightened
the readers on the conditions in
the ''Indian country."
The Indian territory suflered
proportionately in the accounts
Bent out of tho department's in
tended purpose to offer for lease
all of the Indian lands.
The original report, it is claimed
at the department, was Inspired
by Wyoming cattlemen, who had
been using tho Indian lands for
grazing purposes without paying
for the privilege, and who object
ed to the government collecting an
imposed tax The Washington
correspondents generalized the
leasing charge and the Indian ter
ritory was included in the horrify
ing picture of tho indignities
heaped upon.the Indian.
Sends Creek Llghthorie Afield In
Search ot (lore.
With Crazysnake hitting the
hand out route in Washington,
and room rent dpe, Ibe "space
pipers," have resureoled a bnnch
of his 8nakeleli relatives and
started them on tho warpath.
"Tho following dispatch from
Eufaula, is the preliminary, to a
hair elevating stunt, that will fill
the eastern papers, when its
author tuneB up to nis dope;
Tho light horseman of Lab To
Mloco, nre again riding the coun
try in armed hands west ol Eufau
la, notifying Creek Indians to dis
miss their white tonants, intimi
dating those Indians in the Snake
community who wIbIi to file on
their allotments, and resuming
their demands of a year ago as to
their independence of the regular
Creek government. Yesterday an
armeu unnu oi iignv iiumemeu, un
der tho leadership of Wa Ko Gee,
rode to the DjIj Mooro farm, six
teen mllea west of Eufaula, and
notified Dob Moore to dismiss IiIb
while tenants under threat of via
lence. Several white fauillloa be
came alarmed and lied, leaving
the farms untenanted.
Lan To Mlcco, the pretended
chief of the Snakes, returned two
weeks ago from Washington,
where hu soys be saw the Presi
dent and had a- talk with him. His
followers held a great council at
their capital, Hlokory Ground, a
week tgo, nnd following this pow
wow the light horse banda of the
Insurrectionary government bavo
resumed their altitude of last win
ter. Culmubbla Ilorjo, tho Crook In-
dlan says: "Tho Snake leaders
have been telling tho Indians that
we would nover get the deeds
to our land. The well disposed
Indians have been willing lo al
lotment and want their deeds.
Tho delay In issuing the deeds,
according to the treaty, have given
tbo dissatisfied Snakes a pre
text, and tho long and unreason
able delay has made many good
citizens vary bitter Tho nnnissu
ance of tho deeds has much to do
with the renowul of this Snake
Enter Two Hanks Out Pall to Oct
the Coin.
Details of the attempted safe
cracking, at Chelsea Monday night,
show the burglars to have been
amalrurs at tho game.
jfler forcing ontranoe into both
the Dank of Chelsea, and the First
National Dank, the raasnlvo vaults
offered loo much resistance for
them, and I hoy departed wilhout
obtaining or injuring either of the
banks property.
Ryser's store nnd restaurant wat
entered by means of a plnchbar
being Inserted between Iho shut
ter of tho door. The cash drawer
was demolished and' about 81 60
in pennies taken. The burglars
helped themselves to a lunch and
lelt the Iragments on the flour.
1'hey also secured a box of cigars.
Massey & Harroll's store wax
not entered, but the lock was
ruined in trying to lorce it. The
tools for entering the bank were
taken from a tool chest which had
been broken open in P. G Drown
ing and Co.'s lumber yard.
Plunges to Ills Death from Third
Story Window of New York
Earl Edmundson, late second
lieutenant ol "Cumpany L,", Vol
unteer territorial Infantry, plunged
to hlB death from a third story
window of tho Continental Hotel
in New York, January 22th.
It is supposed that feeling ill,
the unfortunate man went to the
wiudow, in an attempt lo find re
lief in the fresh air, and losing his
balance fell to hie death.
The decedent was pruclicing law
in Muexogee at the outbreak ot
the Spanish American war and as
sisted ni organizing "Compauy L"
o." the regiment of volunteer in
fantry recruited in the territory,
in which command he was com
missioned a second lieutenant. He
failed to reach Cuba, being nBslgu
ed to duty in the southern camprf,
and at the conclusion of the war,
enterod the Phillipino service.
where he was commissioned a staff
captuin, and assigned as judge ad
vocato to tho province of Tamagua,
a very important position.
He was on furlough when he
met bib death.
To be greeted by 'the Electric
In connection with the improve
ments now being made by the
Eiectrio Light company, a cold
storage plant will be erected for
the storing of apples, meats and
other perishable articles.
The reorganization of the com
pany will take plaoo'within a lew
days, and. the capital stock will be
increased to (50,000.
The receipts from the additional
slock issue will be used in build
ing the contemplated improve
ments, Mr. Lahraan, of Stillwater, Ok.,
who recently acquired a large in
terest in tho plant-, is engaged in
putting all of the maohinery in
good order and has engaged as en
gineer, W.. Cr.Legg, a veteran elec
trio light man.
Work will begin on the storage
plant In the near future.
Hope for Train Robber.
A bill has been introduced in
congress making train robbery
punliihable by life imprisonment
or death. The recurrence of train
hold ups throughout tho country
has attracted tho attention of the
government to the necessity of in.'
siiiuting drastio measure to stamp
out this particular form of ciime,
and it is thought that the bill will
find passspo this winter.
Canning Factory Coming.
A stock compauy is about to bo
formed by Vinila capitalists re.
inforced by some outsldo parllo
for tho purpose of building an ox
tensive canning faclory, Tomatoes
will be one of the principal vegi
tables canned, and this locality is
especially suited to their growth.
First of tho House Hearings
on Statehood Occurred
01 the Dlelrois Prevailing Among
People of Indian Territory
Drawn by Judgo S. D,
D radf o rd of Ard-
The huuBo committee on terri
tories today gavo the first of a se
ries of bearings which will be held
in tho next two weeks on the bill
that have been introduced for the
admission of Oklahoma to state
hood. Mr. Knox of Massachusetts,
chairman of the committee, was
not present and in his absenco Mr.
Hamilton, of Michigan, presided.
Arguments were made by Sidney
Clarke, who favored the Flynn bill,
S. D. Bradford and ThomnB Doyle,
who favored the Stephens bill pro
viding single Btatehoodnnd Colo
nel Owen, who insisted upon in
dependence for Indian territory.
Mr. Clarke mado tbo opening arg
ument. He reviewed the memo
rials recently submitted to con
gress advocating tho Flynn bill,
gavo figures showing tho -growth
of the cities ol Oklahoma einco the
last census was taken and pointed
out that railroads were building in
all directions. He quoted eta
tis'ica to show that Oklahomajiad
fifiy two national banks and 147
territorial banks. Mr. Clarke pre
sented tho oft repeated argument
against the admitsion of tbo In
dian territory based upon the fact
Ihul there ore few taxable lands
and asserted that their difficulties
would not be overcome by the
Stephens bill.
Mr. Bradford drew a graphic
picture of tho distress prevailing
among the people in the Inoiau
territory, alleging that there were
75,000 fechoul children growing up
in vice becaueo the officials have
no authority to build a school
house or make publio improve
ments. He asserted that the pub
lic lands in Oklahoma did noi
really belong to the territory , but
that the.r constituted a goverment
liuat eel oeldo for the education
and fostering of the territory'
Thomas H. Doyle, who was a
delegate to the Mnslfogeo conven
lion, presented an, argument in fa
vor of the Stephens bill, of which
he is the author.
After reviewing the provisions
uf tho Stephens bill which pro
vides for a complete form of ter
ritorial government, Mr. Doyle
concluded with tho following crit
icism of the opposition bills :
"The provisions of both the
Fairbanks and the Flynn bills are
manifestly unfair in their provis
Ions for the sale of publio lands
heretofore reserved and sought to
be granted, becaueo, under the
provisions of the law, which pro
vide for the leasing of the school
and other public lands reserved in
Oklahoma territory, these Undo
were leased and the lessees gener
ally placed valuablo .improve
ments upon tho lands, in the firm
belief that they would be given a
preference right to purohaso the
lands, as baa heretofore been the
rule iu regard lo various new
stales. Under the provisions of
the bills named it simply leaves
these lessees, probably one-eighth
of tbo rural population of Okla
homa, at the mercy of land specu
lators andsyudlcates.which will be
formed to purchase the lands when
sold to the higbeBl bidders. The
single statehood bill makes pro-
visions lor a preference right to
the lessees to purohase the lands
they have leased."
Th closing argument was made
by Col. Rob'l L Owen, president
of the Indian Land and Trust Co.,
of Muskugeo, and promoter of the
non-partisan Dulness and Profes
slonal Men's Doublo Statehood,
eto , leaeue. The colonel, sneak-
lug for himself, tho eleven mem
hers of his league, and the Indian
Land and Trust Co., said:
"We do not want statehood,"
he declared. "We will oppose
union with Oklahoma with the
ardor that fires the hreaata of na.
rrloia. The only sentiment la thai
Indian territory lavorabjeto efrnsTe
statehood is based upenflhe fear
that some bill udalu ba nsed
which wouWtnTtwlJf all publio
lands ttebajr(njafpeople no
voiw Ht tfif gJvernaent.,,
Aft"tji ,itjMrlng Will bo held to
mnrr.iw '
being Ploated by Clever Operators J
at Aluskogce.
Muskogee, I T., Jan. 24, 1002.
A number of forged cheoks have
been cashed in Muskogeo and
others aro still afloat. List night
Poterman it Reovea cashed a check
for tO.CO, drawn by the Oloyd
Lumber Co., and tho same night
Ed Durfey cashed a check for tho
same party drawn on the Musko
geo Roller Mill Co.
At obo'i place the check was
tendered in payment for some
small purchases and the parly
presenting them' received the dif
ference in oath. .When tho cheoks
"ore presented lo Iho First Na
tional bank they were pronounced
forgeries. Doth checks were made
payablo lo George Nugent. The
forgery is a piece of work lhat in
dicates that the operators are not
amateurs. Tho chirography In
that of a woman. Tho check on
tho Qloyd Lumber Co. bore the
signature of tho company with a
rubber ;btamp Hnd tho cashier's
slgnaturo written in it. Tbo same
parly presented the check at Dur
fey8 was In during the day and
priced tbo revolvers that were
stolen the same n oht. It is
thought that two of the forgers
live in tho Cherokee nation and
he other is from Texas. Lto iu
the afternoon Leon Drin casbod a
check for 81-1.00 nnd when he pre
sented it to the hank he found it
was a forced check. This oheck
was signed by Ernest Cook of the
Muskogee Roller Mills Co. and is
almost a duplioate of the other
two. Several arrests have been
made but the officers are not sure
they have the right parlies.
On July 1st, 190a, Against all Origin.
a! Applications.
Special dlapatch to Dally Cliicttaln.
Muskogee, I. T., Jan. 26. The
-Secretary of tbo Interior baa fixed
July 1, 19C2, na a date for closing
the Cherokee rolls against all
orig'nal applications for enroll-.
ment. After lhat date no original
application can be made for en
rnllment and no baby born after
that d te can be onrolled. No full
blood who refuses to enroll will be
allowed to enroll after that date.
Tho next year will doubtless be
put in by tho Dawes commlsrfon
in hearing testimony in doubtful
oa8eB and in reviewing the caeeB
and pparing '.1 e rolls for sub
mission to the secretary.
Tbo bearing of doubtful oases is
expected to drag ou, with the reg-
ulation slowness, as no date has
been fixed for the exDiration
of the time, when taking testi
mony will be discontinued.
Tbo reorganization bill, Intro
duced by Congressman Curtis, it
la thought here, is the only romedy
for the interminable drawing out
ol those cases.
At Failure
of Bandits to Attempt
There aro groups of disgusted
deputy marshals, from Denlson,
Texas, to Muskogee lament
ing the failure of a gang ol
outlaws lo hold up the north and
south bound Katy trains Thurs
day night.
Tho ufilolals of Ibe oompany re
ceived a tip that the uortb bound
(rain would be held up near Che
ootah, and had prepared an elab
orate onterlainment. The deputy
marshals were billed as the
Supt. Sulllvau of Deniaon, was
In obargo, and had a special or
chestra of twenty Winchesters,
thai promised lively rausio
The southbound train carried
another company, hut both per
tormunct8 were called oft for lack
of a bouse.
Store Looter
Is in the
Muskogee, I. T Jan. 21, 1902.
Depuvy Marshal Dud Kell ar.
reBted Wra. Wade in the railroad
yards at this place last night
on n charge of ' burglary. Wade
was trying to sell a knife, and on
account of bis suspioiouB actions
the marshal arreeted him, aud ho
admitted lhat he ' had burglarized
PtUky'a hardware storo the night
ftfKgj'and has been landed In jail,
aurltjnpllcattjd some other per
noun and Charley Corn has since
been arrested. Wade is a youth
In yer.rs and the oflicera say he
has already served eevoral sen
tences for crimes he
To Union of Oklahoma and
Indian Territory in
Has his Inning Deforo House
Commilteo on Territories and
Presents Oklahoma''
Claim for a Solitaire
The dosing argument in the
statehood hearings before the
house committee on territories was
delivered Friday by Delegate
flynn ol Oklahoma, who advoca
ted immediate and separate state
hood for Oklahoma.
After reciting statistics as to
Oklahoma's population. area.
finances, etc, Mr. Flynn, said:
"My purpose is to advocate the
measure I have introduced, pro
vlding for the admission ot Okla
homa exclusive of the Indian ter
ritory, I represent the peo-
plo of Oklahoma and I am en
deavoring to protect their 'inter
ests, I shall oppose, in and out of
seaBon, any proposition to admit
the Indian territory. I would nut
be fair lo my people If they were
oompelled to bear the expenses of
the Indian ter.itory in a govern
ment for bolh.
"Congress has always been
kind to Oklahoma. I have had
the h-mor to represent the terri
tory in congress when It was un
der the control of first ono and
then the other of the great politi
cal parties. We have never ap
pealed to congress in vaiu- 1 do
not expect lo do bo tbia lime. In
view ol the tapid settlement and
development of Oklahoma, it was
recognized very early that, if any
land was to be reserved for the
future state, it would have to be
reserved as each seotion of Indian
land was opened to settlement;
otherwise it would be too late
when the territory was admitted
for congress to make a grant
for school purposes ns in most
other cases when new states were
admitted. We have had lands re
served at different times, and with
the consent of congress have
Ieaied them, for the benefit of the
various educational inslitutions.
"In 103Q the amount received
from such leases was, in
;ound numbers $177,000, and in
1001 it was 6218 000. We have re
ceived sinco 1801, as the net pro
ceeds from leueing the lauds,
61,016.857. There are in Okla
noma today subject to homestead
entry more than four million acres
of land.
"In behalf of all IhoBe who
have assisted in making our com
monwealth, a commonwealth
whose tinanoial record is spotless,
whose ability la unquestioned,
whose training has been absolute
ly and purely like that of hor
frienda in other sections of the na
tion, I ask why should they, be
cause tbey saw fit (0 cross tha im
aginary elate line, be deprived of
the lull rights and benefits of cili
xenehip? You ask why do they
want statehood? la the man who
left your district only a few short
months ago less capable, or less
entitled to nil of the privileges of
citizenship because hn went to Ok
lahoma to help build up the coun
try? Is he any the leas fit becaubo
of his residence thero to exercise
the rights ol a full (lodged Ameri
can citizen than he was when he
left New England, or the South
ern stales, or tbo Middle 6tntes
or tho Western Btatea."
Col. Havens and Judge Durford
followed Mr. Flynn In similar arg
ument advocating the piecemeal
attachment of the territory to ila
heavenlv twin.
The oommftteo will tako the
several arguments under consider
ation before reporting a bill to cor
rect (be existing political condi
tions of the two territories.
No Katy Hands.
Tbo report that the M. K. & T
road, contemplated the issuance
of 910,000,000 extension bonds, for
conetruciiun of a brauoh road in
the Indian territory, has heon offi
cially denied. The new road
confouudid with tup Katy, is
the Missouri, Kansaa and Olcla.
horaa railroad, which will extend
from Stevens southwest totiuthrio.
Katy officials arV interested in
has com-J the oumoany, hut 'it in an Inde
pendent corporation.
sJANUARY 1, 19025
Premium Income 1331,80360
Interest 27,070 03
f 112,875 62
Doath claims f 116,067 35
Dividend to polloy holders 21,837 25
Surrender value and other
payment lo policy holders 22.U67 17
Commission to ago tits 00,072 73
Salaries and expenses of gen
cral aod special agenti
compensation of offlccrs
and clsrks 17,421 39
Medical exiimlneri foes nnd
Inspection of risks 0,403 30
Taxen aud department, fees ' fl.G&l 00
Kent, advortllng,prlullo(f,
postaKeaml all other ex
pense 2I.W2 30
Total ..313.M67
Excess ot Income ovtrdls
uuromonti 00,40005
WI2.875 82
Gain In Interest Income.
Gain Iu surplus (actuaries 4 percent) -
Gain In admitted aseeU
Guln In amount 00 deposit with state.
Gain In Insurance In force '....,
Excess of Income over disbursements 4 J
Surplus to policy holders (actturlos 4 per q,qjit).
Amount on deposit with state for the protection ot policy hol r.
Total assets -; ,
Paid pollry holder In death claims,
to date
Insurance In force
This coiupnny has invostoil
ostnto 1-152,175.00 ; onsh loans
total 500.485.85. It has navor
past duo nnd not a dollar of past
ltios, and has novor lost a dollar on its mvestod fund
For further information relating to policy contra ' Tjr
ium ratos apply to t K
JOSEPH P. SCOTT. Gen-Aircnt. Vmua.1
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First mortgage loans oil
roalcstalo C4f2,17600
Cash loans tp polio? holtlra
on policies assigned (as
security) 48,3108
Premiums deferred and tn
processor collection (re
serve thercou chart!' In
liabilities) - - W.1
Iolorost HtMrucd (not 1 ,
on mortgages ,i
Interest on otor Itcmajlln
$418 83, aceruod le.wtflJ)
Cash on hand and In rtnka
All other assets J5
Total tW
Policy reserve (actuar 94)911
All other liabilities.
Surplus to pollry h
above all liabilities
uarlosl percent).
dividends surrender values,'
in first mortcaco lonttOn.
on policies nsslunod 8ft
forcclosori n. m Or teat , kits
duo intorost on mori :go si"
nconts vrantod in thf territory.
i t
'Tis not m
wand success.'
mortals t
We do better Vtf
"Ififf "
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