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I Pare Grape Crean) of Tartar Powder
HIghost Honors, World's Falf
Ooi'l Medal, MidwInUr Fair
For Starving Fullbloods Re
sponded to Most Nobly
by Vinitans.
Fl" .'?r. v.
Wan Purchased Wilh The Fund
Collected and the Good Work
or Distributing Supplies
was Inaugurated on
Thursday LaBt.
Right nobly has Vlnita respond
ed to the call fur aid, which hue
come out of the hilla where, with
all tho heroic stoicism of their raco,
thousands of Indians are slrug
gling with gaunt hunger.
The committee appointed ot the
business men's meeting on lael
Thursday to collect a relief fund,
met with a most generous response
to their efforts, and next morning
two loads oi corn in charge of Dob
Tittle and John Britt, were din
patched on their mission of mercy.
The commlleo collyjtcdir.verdlj
hundred dollars the (irH div! and J
, .Jhp work ;offcolltcting addfuonal
funds and distributing ifieTnrc'eBt
Vary food suppllos wilt bs syetem
atically continued.
Thp distribution of supplies will
be conducted under the super
Vision of Sam Frazler, who will
be afsisted by several prominent
fullbloods in searching out thoeo
Tho purchasing of supplies will
j?B under the direction of a com.
'raittee composed of V. T. Wade
andO. M. Marrs.
. The necessity of additional con
tribUtions Ib most apparent. It
will be many dreary months be
fore the fields of corn, on which
.the fullbloods depend almost en
tirely for food, will be ready for
the harvester. During those
moptbs thev must be assisted or
abandoned to tho hideous tortures
pf ataryation.
Tho extent of the suffering
among the Indians in the hills,
which has been questioned by
some, has never as yet been ade
quately depicted, and never will
be The descriptions of their fear
ful condition, has come from their
white neighbors, who know that
fyen tiW (ierilieb tprlures of hun-
jjger' cauuot force a lament from
Within the bare walls of their
cabins they face starvation with
out flinching. Disdaining to beg,
they await tho inevitable end to
their sufferings with a fortitude
nnknown to anyother race,
Their cries for help would bo
beard and answered, yet they pre
fer to suffer and die, rather than
to surrender in weakness, to their
physical palnB,
Those who know them, through
Hying among them; who know
(heir condition, state that thtjr
suffering is absolutely IndeBorlb
able, and that unless assistance is
continued through tho winter they
will find their relief in death.
fc This will necessitate the ex
pendlture of a much larger amount
than is nnw In the hands of tho
relief committee to relieve thoeo
who are dependent upon Vlnita
for assistance,
Let every one abslst in some
Mabuto to carry this humane
(work through. Tho members of
(he ciunml'toe are, J. 0. Hall,
chairpiapi Mayor Sbanahan, W.
, P Thompson, P. 0. Oowan, W.T.
Wade, L. W. Bufllnglpn and D.M.
The work of relieving the full
bloods Is being pushed by the Re
Jlef committee, and on Friday last
ia car load of ourn was ordered
from kansaa Oily.
The Katy railroad generously
Dflored a one-third rate on the car,
wmcb will materially reduce the
Reports brought in stato that a
number of tho Indians, in their
weakened condition, are falling
viotimB to pneumonia.
They are poorly preparod,
through lock of clothing, to with
stand the cold weather, so the Re
lief committee last week ap
pointed a Ladles Auxiliary com
mitteu to collect cast off clothing,
which will be distributed among
Tho following ladioa were named
for the committee: Mrs. R M.
Swain, Mrs L.W Buffington, Mrs.
W. M. Mellette, Mrs. W.L Trbtt,
and M s S. J. Burns.
Anyone who has any old cloth
ing which they nro willing to do
nate aro requested to notify a
member of tho committee, or to
leave it at John Swain's store
Tho work of distributing the
food mpplira and clothing will be
under the euoervislon of a special
committee, and will go only to
hose drstitute.
It is nnw estimated, that there
are about CO families in the great
est want, and they will be imme
diately relieved, as soon as the
coin arrive.
Storiea of heroic self sacrifice
comes Irom tho scene of want with
their additional touch of pathos.
But one, is the oaso ol Mose
Ridge, who though knowing what
the end would be for biratelt and
family, has slaughtered his entire
herd of cattle and distributed the
meat among tho hungry ones.
Such heroic nctione, have open
the doors of heretofore prosperous
Indians to want, but as long as
their supplies lasted, they shared
it with their unfortunate brothers.
Representative Scott Introduces Ter
ritory QUI In Congress.
A bill has been introduced in
congress by Representative Scott,
dividing the Indian territory into
counties and providing fur the es
tablishment of county seats and
the appointment of certain of
ficials. It creates twenty-eight
counties, to be known until other
wiee defiigiiatud by numbers from
1 up to 28. The county seats are to
be selected by the court of appeals
in the territory. The bill directs
that thero be appointed for each
county by tho judge of the district
in which the counties are located,
a recorder of deeds and a county
judge and also a commissioner for
the territory to be appointed by
tbo president, to bold office for
four years and be a member ol the
Dawes commission. A delegate
to reprebent tbo territory in the
house to bo elected by the people,
was aUo provided.
Electric Line flranted
Territory Traction Co.
The Indian Territory Traction
company, composed of Chicago
and South McAleater crrUalists,
has secured from the federal gov
ernment a permit to survey for an
electrio railway from South Mc
Aleater to McAlester, Krebs, Aid
erson, Cherryvale,IIartehorne and
Uaileyvillp. The lne will be
about forty miles in length, and
will connect the principal coal and
coko fields of the Indian territory.
When completed 80,000 people
will be connected with South Mc
Aleater. The survey is now be
ing made, and the franchise given
by South McAlester requires its
completion within one year from
March 2, 1902. This will be tho
first electrio railway in the two
New Territory Road.
The Denver, Kansas & Atlantio
railway company was granted a
territorial pharter today to build a
line having an estimated length of
almost 1,420 inlleu. Tho capital
stock is fixed at filleen million
dollars. The road will run from
Denver, and from Anthony, Has.,
to a junction near Marshall, Okla.
and from tbonce southeasterly to
Oklahoma Cily, through tbo Sem
nole, Chickasaw and Choctaw na
lions to the junction of Boggy
creek and Red river, thence to
Paris, Texas. A branch line will
run from Colgate, I. T., to South
McAloB'.er and Fort 8niUh, Ark.
Another branch will extend from
Stringtown, I. T.. to Antlers,
thenoo to Eiglotown, I, T., Tex
nrkani, Tex,, and New Orleans,
Lt. Another branch will extend
from Marshall to Guthrlo, Shaw,
noe and Tecurqseh, to a point
where the main lino oroBjea the
Bontb Canadian.
V ill bo Made by Statehood
hood Advocates to De
feat Flynn Bill.
Expected to Endoreo tbo Moasurri
but tho Partisans of Single
Statehood Will Combat
Its Passago in House
and Senate.
While it is admitted by the ad
vocates of single statehood for Ok
lahoma and tho Indian territory
that thu house committee on terri
lories will favorably report tho
Flynn bill February 21st, they
maintain that the fight against tho
obnoxious measure will be con
tinued to the end.
Mr. Flynn expresses conQ
denco on the pasrage of his hill,
which will annex the Indian terri
lory by piece meal to Oklahoma
as it Is ready for statehood II is
charged by the advocates of single
statehood that such a bill cannot
pass and that the Oklahoma dele
gate knows it cannot pass. The
fight between the cnt.ilicting inter
ests in the two territories has
grown bo bitter thai each will
take its contention before the
house, and, if defeated there, will
introduce the matter again in the
.A new bill has been prepered
for simultaneous introduction in
tho house and senate annexing
the Indian territory to Oklahoma
for governmental purposed, just an
Greer county was added. The
territory will be divided into coun
ties, each of which will have a pro
bate judge vested with both civil
and criminal jurisdiction. Under
ibis bill the laws enacted for Ok
lahoma instead of tbo laws of Ar
kansas, will be operative in the
Indian territory.
There is no reason to doubt that
had the poople of Oklahoma and
the Indian lerr'urv presented a
solid front in demanding sincle
statehood, an enabling act would
have been paesed at this seesinn
of congress. Not less that) six
statehood bills, each of which will
command support, are pending
Those republicans wbo do not
want to admit New Mexico and
Arizona fur tear they will be dem
ncratlo, and the demoo-ats like
Bailey, of Texas, who want a eep
arato state for tho Indian territory
because it will bo democratic,
have, between them, disheartened
all those who have sought to make
three new states out of the terri
Mas Been Completed by Commit
tee on Indian Affairs.
The Indian appropriation bill
has been completed by the com
mittee on Indian affairs and car
ries $8,814,000.
The item for support of schools
is 9,24,7,020, for fqlQIling treaty
stipulations, $3,103,57. irne
Dawes commission is reduoed in
membership from four to three, as
its work will bo completed in two
Uefore tue bill was reported the
committee added 940,000 for on
exhibit at tho Louisiana Purchase
exposition at St. Louis,
Interior Department Flooded with
Complaints Against Illegal
Leasing Schemes.
Tbo epid.emio of fraudulent land
leasing tphomes, has eprpad from
Muskogee into Oklahoma.
This new Bwarm of land sharks
are operating on the samo lines, as
did the Indian Land and Trust
company of Muskogee, and the
Interior department has been
flooded with complaints, from bit
ter investors.
The long term leases of Creek
lands is the bait used to allure the
unwary home seeker.
The secretary of the interior is.
determined that the operation of
these companies Bhall be stopped.
Tho mobt recent complaint comes
from Nebrat-ka. Other complaints
have been received from nearly
every etate in the Union. One of
tbo compauios whjch addressed a
letter lo the Nebraska man who
leiwmes me oeparimtn.fu,sos eta
. twmglriBS h,eh. WW . &f
nanus of well known men in the
torrltory. It also gives a prorai
nont 8t. Louis bank as a roference.
This company claims to control
40,000 acres of land in tho Creek
litis thought that the depart
ment will invoke the assistance of
tho postal authorities, in prosecut
ing tho fraudulent operators, un
der tho postal laws.
For Intermarried Whites to Enter
Suit, aaya Hitchcock.
The abdonee ol any necessity for
tho institution of suits against tho
Cherokee nation by tho intermar
ried whites, has been Bhown by
Secretary Hitchcook In a commu
nidation to a congressional com
mittee, In reply to an inquiry
from tho committee the secretary
has reportod against the passage"
of a bill which permits thoso who
have intermarried into tho Cheru.
keo libo of Indians to sue for a
share in tho tribal moneys and
lauds. His reasons fur opposing
the measure are that a competent
tribunal for the adjudication of
all claimH under the five civjlited
tribes was created in tbo Dawes
commission That commission
has gone Inrward with tho work of
enrollment, and nothing in tho
law prevents them from giving
equal justice to this class of mem
bera of the tribe. He does not be
lieve this commission should be
interfered with in its work, nor
does he believo there should bo
any legislation which will return
these canes to tho court, as most
of them have already been passed
upon by tbe proper tribunals.
(lranting Ocneral Ulght-of-Way to
All Territory Roads Passes
the Senate.
Upon motion ol Senator Cock-
rell, tbe senate has passed the
bouse bill granting right-of-way
through Oklahoma and the Indian
territory to the Enid and Anadar
l-o railroad company. The hill
was amended to Include a general
righl-of way to all railroads desir
ing it.
The meaeure, as amended, is of
great importance to the two terri
tones, as tbe St. Louts and San
Francitob and Choctaw, Oklaho
ma and. Gulf railroads are under
stood to contemplate extensive
building there in the near future
Fire at Comanclie.
A diBastruua fire visited Coman
che late Tueeday night, and be
fore the flameB could bo controlled
had caused a loes estimated as fol
J. 0. MaBsey building at 85000,
with no insurance; Ktdd dry
goods company, Block 84000 to
85,0'-,Ol with 82500 insurance; At-
torney Carden, law office, loie 8250
no insurance; Ewing Telephone
company, lose 8760, no insurance;
Wilkersoo Wilkersnn, law office
loss estimated at 8 GOO, insurance
8300; Baker & Bartlett, physicians
l08H 8501), no insurance; Attn.ney
Perkins, law ollice, loes 8100, no
The Truth, of It.
"When a man dttiiouncs a news
paper as 'that rotten sheet,' he
gives notice that he has been
struok in a tender spot. Men who
say thev don't oare what a news
paper Bays about them that they
would rather have its opposition
than lie support, as many of them
do are the first ones topqueal and
cry out 'rotten sheet.' When any
man (no matter how high or low
he Ib) BayB 'I don'l care whal the
newspapers say, he is a liar as
well as a coward." Kingfisher
Tulsa Wants the Katy.
response to an quest from
the business men of Tulsa, Jlntop
Williams, locating engineer of the
M. K. &T. railroad, iB in that
town, in consultation with them,
in regard to running the Wybark
Guthrie extension of the road
through the town.
The survey has proceeded as
far north as Cowela, twenty-five
inilva-northwtBl of Muskogee, and
the Tulsa hustlers are making a
strong bid, to ;have it continued
via their town.
To Enroll Fullbloods.
The work or enrolling tho full
bloods will be undertaken by tbe
Dawes commission April 1st,
Detachments will be Bent out,
and stationed in the dlfierei.
towns nearest tho fullblood terri
tory, end every eflort made to In
duce them to enroll before in.i
tlmo limit expires, July let.
&&, tfHipAtlN,
To Dolivor tho Territory to
His Henchmen Raises a
Denounce his Government Scheme
as a Deliberato Attempt to
Rob the Peoplo of any
Voice in Thejr Gov
Tho plan for the government by
appointment, of the Indian terri
tory designed by Pliny Lelaud
Sopor, and introduced in congress
by Representative Scott, of Kan
shb, has raised a storm of indigna
tion throughout tho territory. Tho
opposition is in no way bounded
by party lines, but is general
arnniigiit all citiienB, who are op
posed to a centrailialion of power
in tho associates and henohmen of
Many republicans are outspoken
in their condemnation of the ob-Moxiou-
measure, and aB press dis-
pa'ches further diccloso the pro
visions of tbe echtme, the opposi
tion increases. ,
The empowering of the court of
appeals to name the county Beats
showo, in a measure, tho trend of
of the whole scheme.
An already autocratic judiciary
iB reinforced and intrenched, and
the voice of tbe people is most ef
fectually gagged.
After naming tbe connly seats
the several judges ore given
the appointive power, each nam
ing a recorder of deeds and a coun
ty judge for each county in his
There are to be twenty-eight
counties divided among the federal
A commissioner for the territory
la provided for, to bejippointed by
the president for a term of four
years, lie will qe a rq ember ol
the rj4we8 commission.
Tbe measure is stamped with
the mark of the politician, and it
is tbe consensus ol opinion among
all who have read the published
synopsis of the bill, to be a well
laid plan to perpetuate the very
conditiors thrjt the people of the
territory have been struggling
The one oflico to be filled by the
people is tho election oi a dele
gate to congress.
The proposed government is
practically consigned to the tender
mercies ol officials In whpae selec
tion tbe people have no voice.
01 the Oklahoma and Indian Territory
Children's Home Society,
To tbe People Friends ofChild
Saving Work The Oklahoma and
Indian Territory Children's Home
Boclely is incorporated under the
laws ol the territory of Oklahoma,
and is auxiliary to the National
Children's Homo society. Tba
parent society has headquarters in
Chicago, and is incorporated,
The work is to seek "home
less," neglected and destitute
children and to btcome their
friend and protector.
To find hopes for them in well
to do families and to place, them
thero, wisely, with the least pos
sible delay.
To minister in comforting assur
ance to parents living in fear of
leaving their children penniless
and horaeleta.
To make it possible for many
persons without children of their
own to adopt, without fear ol fu
ture interference, a child that may
be a blessing to their borne,! -
To protect society by guarantee
ing proper home-training and edu
cation to the unfortunate little
ones against its two greatest ene
mitB ignorance and vice ond
thus to improvo American citi
zenship. ,
We have no orphan's home, nor
do wq deern euph -expedient, ot
necessary to tho best interests of
the child. Our plan la to avoid
grouping children, Truly "tlit-re
is no place like home," "God
eetteth the solitary in families,'1
Psalm lxvilhO,
Tho results of the work are
gratifying to every considerate
person who becomes acquainted
with them.
Local advisory boardo, where
ever orKaolied, are doinRsood
twlf Jc
the children in their new homes
The treatment to which most of
tbeeo Jillle ones is accustomed in
their destitution, and which forces
so many into shameless and crira
inal Jlvee, is exchanged for kindly
homo culture, which develops
good men and women; secures to
them their ind.vidualily, as tbe
institutions cannot givotbem, and
the child has care and protection
until grown. For further Infor
mation writo, N B Wickham.Su
perlntendent, Guthrie, 0 T.
That Work ot Dawes Commission
Will be Completed In Two
The report of the committee on
on Indian affairs referring to tho
proposed reduction of the mem
bership of the Dawes commission
from four to three, stateB that the
work of tho commission is nro.
grossing rapidly, and that Mr.
Tarns Bixby, aoling chairman ol
the commission, believes that the
work can be ooraploled in two
years from next July. For the
coming fiscal year tho appropria
tion lor the commission is 8115
O00,as against 8324,000 for tbe
present year.
Tbe appropriation bill provides
that, heirs of deceased allottees
may sell their lands. It also pro
videa that tbe judge of the United
States court for the Indian terri
tory shall maidoal Muskogee, and
that in addition lo tho present
places of holding court, sessions
shall be held at Okmulgee, in the
Creek nation, and at Saliiaw. in
the Cherokee country. The meas
ure also provides that it shall be
unlawful for tbe Indians to deport
any person who is in lawful pos
session of properly on any town
site in the Indian territory This
section was introduced to nut an
end to the eivctment of citizens
who have refused to pay tba tribal
permit taxes in Indian torrltory
Coqimlttee; Under the Re-organ lza
tion Announced.
Tbo followl if- 1 a list, of tbonOl
cluls and com nil lice 9 under the re
oritanlzHloii of the Commercial club:
President, E. N. ItaiclllI, Vice
President, W. II. DjrrouBb: iTrea-,
urcr, W. II. Martin; Secretary, L. P.
Parker, Jr.
Hoarder Director and Advl-ory
Hoard Joseph II. Duller, Oliver Uag-
by, W. T. Wa1cf W. It. Ha.lg-tt, P.
R. Junes, J. II. Arter, W. P. Thomp
son, W U. Doloy. E. C. Stretch. J. T.
rtatclicr. L. Hut-by.
Finance Committee- Jos.H .Butler,
W. T. Wade, C. Walker.
Transportation and IUto I. T.
Ratcliff, J. W. Sander. P. I Kelley.
Immigration and Trado Extctuloti
J. II. Arter, L. K McUufflu, Wru.
UhjClns, P. S. 11 Amos, II. Lee Clot
worthy. Athletic and Gymnasium (Now)
P. It. JnticO. W. Day, Loul Bagby,
II. E. Uldenhour. S. E. Wullen,
Road and Highways V. T. Wado
B. P. Fuuk, L. W. Mark, F. G.
Cowan, I. Sbanahan.
Entertainment W. P. Thompson,
C. D. Meredlto, W. II. Coley.
Health L. liaBby, J. P. Lcdbetter,
L. P. Parker, Jr.
Plrc-W. U. Coley, J. T. Guuter,
II. E. Rlitcnhour.
Local Improvomonts (New) E. 0.
Stretch, John Guuter, Jut. P. Scott.
Canning Factory (Special) Q. V.
Miller, W. P. Tdomp'on, D. M. Marr.
City Well (-peclaU-L. F. ParkorJ
Jr., Sam R. I'wrcc. J. M. Darrouuh,
Ed. Leo, S. E Wullen.
It is desired by the oOlclaU of Ilio
club, that eucu'tuuitoltieo will meet
at ltan unco a week to consider any
quostlons within Its province.
State oOu to, City of Toikdo, )
Prank J. Cueuey uiuket oath thai
hotseuur pariutrot tho tirrn of F.
J, Cheney & Co , duin uusir.w In the
city ot Tuledo, county and state afore
said, and that said firm will pay the
sum of One Hundred Dollars for each
a d every gate of Catarrh that cannot
bo cured by thouof Hail'i Otrtarrli
CUro., FltANK J. CtlERNBY.
Sworn to before mo unri suucrtbed
In my presence, J.bl Oth day ot De
cember, A. D. 1880.
Seal A. W. Glkaon,
Notary t'unllc.
Uall'aCatarrhiCure Is Ukeq intern
ally, und acta directly an tho blood
and mucous surface' of tho system
Send Tor toUlnvn.lnl8, free.
J,, P. ClikNv & Co., Toledo, O.
Sold by Drutf(i8t, 75c.
Hairs Family Pills are tho bcit.
(lore-rtcClure Nuptials.
' At tho homo at Mr. and Mrs. 0.
D NftVllle, Friday, J. Jonathan
Qore, Jr., and Mis Jeutila McCiur,
vrore united In uiarrlano by Rcv.C. L.
Drowuloi;. Tho ceremony wan prlrato
only a few relative and friends bo-
lng present. Mr-and Mrs. Core will
make their home In Vlnita.
Mother can can safely gluo Foley's
Uouey ant tar ta thole children for
cough, and fold", for It contains no
oplatcj-or pokHinn, l'eonliw driu
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Dooa a Safe Qonoral
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VOL. XX. NO. 26
" c acft! i
Qy? ..
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i r
"4 fc
i f -
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- t
V ' ".''
c,"- -

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