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VOL. XX. NO. 2
Pare Grepe Cream or Tartar PowtSff
Highest Honors, World's Fair
Qo!d Modal, Mldwlnb:' Fftfr
azy Snako and His Band
Sentenced to Fort Leav
en worth,
Under Suspended SonlO'co for
Previous Offense.) and S lupen
sion Is Withdrawn by
Judge Raymond owing
to Recent "Out.
' V . break."
The band of Snako Indiana, who
undor the irnderehip of tho no
torious Grazyenake have been
chasing themselves around the
Greek nation, for several weeks,
were sentenced by Judge Raymond
in the federal court at Muskogee
last week to two yearn each in the
penitentiary nt Fort Leavenworth.
The band has attained much no
torioty at lime?, through the
strenuous efforts of space writers,
hut are simply a poor mis'erablo
aggregation of discontented In
dians, whose pitiable efforts to
prevent tho settlement of their
county, have been dignified .by
tkVoame of "outbreaks." About
'' year ago afier'oneofthese blood
curdling "outbreaks," Ibo ten
men who wero sentenced yeator
day were brought before Judge
Thomas and sentenced to two
years eaoh in the penitentiary.
The Benlenoe was later suspend
ed and they wero releasod on pa
role pending their good behavionr.
When arranged yesterday Mar
shal Bennett ticked that that the
suspension be removed. Judge.
Raymond sustained the request
and they will now be removed to
Leavenworth to serve, their sen
tsnceB. The IndiatiB on whom the
sentence will fall are:
Ohitto Ilarjo, alias ''Crazy
Snake," alias "Wilson Jones."
Gilbert Johnson, a Seminole.
Oholka James.
Abrsm Mcintosh.
Lewis Mitchell.
Lewis Ilarjo, alias Lewis Yar
Squirrel, alias "CIo Ilarjo."
John Timothy.
Oeorge Simmons.
Little Tiger, aliaB"Cotcbochee."
Ohitto Ilarjo is the leader of thai
band, ana nas always opposeu
tbu settlement of the Creek coun
try, on the groundB that the gov
eminent bad broken faith with
the Creeks, And was violating its
treaty agreement in opening up
the country, '
Oklahoma Will be Allowed but Two
The sub. committee on the Ok
lahoma statehood bill,oonelstlng of
Messrs. Flynn, Powers and Moon
have completed their work and
are ready to report tomorrow to
the full committee. Tbo Flynn
bill, with but few cbauges, was
unanimously agreed upon. The
section permitting the addition ol
Indian territory, either by piece
meal or in whole, is just as con
talned in original bill. The prop
osition for a second constitutional
convention in the svent of failure
of the first one was stricken out.
Delegate Flynn tried strenuouuly
to secure three representatives in
congress, but was compelled to
accept two, in viow of the fact that
all tbo other districts were based
on the iaot oensila.
Couch Settled on Iter Minus,
"My daughter had a terrible cough
which settled on her lungs," say N.
Jackson, of Danville, 111. t'Wo tiled
a great many remedies without relief
until wo lijivo iter Foley' Honey and
Tar which cured her." Itotuso nub
statutes, Sul'l by Ppoplo'. Drug
Store. dw
From Washington and Says
Oklahoma Will Soon
bo a Stato
n - - -
Providing for Immediate State
hood for Oklahoma, he Says,
Will Find PaBsgo During
tho Short Session of
Ex Govornorn A. J Seay, ol
Oklahoma, who has just returned
borne (rum a six weeks' stay in
Washington, whcro ho went to
talk statehood for Oklahoma, be
lieves that Delegato Flynn's bill
will be passed i tho bouse at this
session of congress and that it
would pass tbo senate if the meas
ure could bo acted upon befoie ad
jurnment next summer. He is
confident that statehood will come
at the short session. Governor
Seay has always been opposed to
making Oklahoma and the Indian
territory into ono stato at the same
time. He is anxiouB that Oklaho
ma be given all tho advantages
that would arise in permitting her
to organize her state government
without any intervention on the
part of Indian territory.
After referring to the efforts of
the single statehood delegates in a
Mtat vein, the governor deliverod
the following boquel to his com
patriot, Dennis Fiynn:
"Flynn told me positively that
he would, not even permit .his
name to be used by bis fritnds
and I believe he is sincerely op
posed to making tbo race. It is
another question whethur the
nomination will be forced upon
him. Flynn Is tired and is rank
ling undor tho abuse that has been
heapod upon him by bis enemies
If you saw how be workB end how
little commendation be gola for
what he does you would not blame
him. It 'I were In his place I
would feel like quiting the job as
soon as possible. I do not believe
that Flynn, with his future pros
pects, can afford to retire at this
time. Conditions change too
Bwiftly in Oklahoma, no mar. can
get out of the harness with nssur
ance that lin can strike the tame
pace a few yeara later."
on K. W. Whltmore, of the
Cltecotah Enquirer.
During a dispute over the settl
ing of some accounts Wednesday
morning, K. W. Whltmore, editor
of the Checotah Enquirer, was
stabbed and seriously wounded by
G. F. Crane, of that place.
The weapon used was a sharp
paper outler and tho instrument
entered the groin and penetrated
almost to (he backbone. Medical
assistance was summoned and at
a late hour last night Mr. Whit
more was reported resting uiriy
well, but the full extent of his in
juries bad not been ascertained.
Crane states that Whitmore's
brother, who was present, allemp
od to draw a gun on him, and that
he seized the paper cutter in self
defense. Witnesses of the affair charact
erize It aa a murderous nBsault
without justification.
Crane was urrer.UJ shortly after
the affray and removed to Eufaula,
the nearcBt town having a court
commissioner, where he will
bo held pending the outcome of
his victims Injuries."
Reorganized as The Uadgett-Sandors
Mercantile Co.
The W. R. Badgett Meroantlle
Company has been reorganized
under the name the Badgelt-San
ders Mercantile Company, and
articles of incorporation for the
new firm have been applied for at
South McAleeter. Tho capital
stock of the new company is (25,
The reorganization la along co
operative lines, the employees of
the firm all being made stock
holders. This plan to make thoso
In charge of the several depart
ments jointly Interested Is inline
with the progressive business
principles which made (he W. R,
Badgott Mercantile a. one ol the
strongest business institutions of
Vinila. The officers ol the com
pany are. President, W, R. Bad
gitl; Vioe Pres., J. W. Banders;
Secretary, Lewis T. Martin; Treas
ure, B. F. Ellis.
The directorate of (the company
will consist of the above named
officers and R. I Blakeney, T. H.
Badgett, Jno. N. By.d,Jr. and
Tbos. W. Rldgway.
The broad and generous polloy
which inspired the change and
whioh will give each omployee a
personal interest in the firms sue
cess 88 well as a division or ine
profits, is sure to result in the
new firm rapidly pushing forward
to even a higher position in the
business community than was oo
cupied by its predecessor.
Responds Quickly and Weil to Ap
peal tor Relief.
A check for $33.50 was received
at the Chieftnln office on Satur
day from Geo, W. Siegel of Kinni
Bon, representing the contribution
of that town to tho fund for tho
relief of the suffering fullbloods
Learning of the pitiable condi
tions of tho Indians through the
columns of the Chieftain, Mr
Siegel and Mr, P. B. Kinulsuii
circulated a subscription paper in
the little town and the following
gentlemen quickly responded:.
PBKlnnicon .....$ 5.00
GWBlogel 500
Art Barker , 5 00
ifFitzgerald 500
WH Fields 2.50
SKHurst 250
M Holderman 5 00
WO Mayfield 260
WHBrown 1.00
Total, ..633 50
Tho generous response ehowt
Kinnieon, wjiile not Urge in pop
ulation, to be very big in heart.
dood Flow of tilth Qrade Lubricant
Developed at Depth) of 400
A good iiow of high grade oil has
been developed in one of the Wag
oner Gas, Qil and Mineral Com
pany's wells at a depth of 400
While the well is not a gusher,
the flow is sufficiently strong to
send property values upward with
a jump, and to create a feeling (of
elation among the promoters.
Committee Fall to Agree on
position of Public Land.
Tho houao committee on terri
tories took up the bills for tho ad
mission of Oklahoma, New Mexico
and Arizona on Friday. The sub
committee in charge of these bills
reported that a controversy had
arisen over the provisions relating
to public lands and that an agree
ment had not been reached. The
committee decided to meet again
Saturday and endeavor to 'agree
upon provisions that will barmon
Izs all of the elements Interested.
When They Can Indulge,
JudgoJohn L MoAtee, in the
Comanche county district court
has held that persons could not be
prosecuted for selling liquor to In
dians who are prisoners of war
and not in charge of an Indian
agent. 8everal whisky Jpeddlers
who are under arrest for selling
whiskey to the Gerobimo Apaches
were ordered released, It is a
penal offense in Oklahoma for any
person to Boll liquor to an Indian
who la in charge, of an Indian
A Woman' Words of Praise.
Neostio Halls, Kam., Nov, 13, 1000.
Popsln Syrup Co., Montlccllo, III.
Dear Sirs: For almost fifteen years
I suffered from Indigestion, and last
winter thought I would die, when my
doctor, Dr. A- J. Llcurancp of this
place, atlvlf cd rao to try Dr. Caldwell's
Syrup Pepsin, wblnh I did, and two
bottles cured roc. It not only relieved
me, but ll cured too so that I lmvo
not boon troubled since. If any ono
should offer mo 1500 for the good
Syrup Pcpiln has dono mo I would
uot think of taking It. No ono can
tcko your medicine without being
convinced of Its nioro than wonderful
cures. I recommend It to all my
friends as a luxatlvo and stomacU
rcaody. Yours with gratitude, Mrs,
J. Mouqan. Sold by Pcoplo's Drug
store dw
The caso againrt Leo Gralftchargcf
with shooting a dog, tho property of
Ben Sanders, resulted In a buns Jury
lu tho commissioners court Friday.
Are you sick? If so Invcstl.ajo the
moritaor iieruino. It Is a concou
tratcd medlclno, the dose Is omall.ytt
It quickly produces tbo niost Brattfy
lug results, digestion Improves,
lips and cheeks loso their pallor, the
cyo becomes bright and the stop clas
tic Price, 50 cents, at Pcoplo's drug
store. dw
Dawes Commission Returns
Judgmont in Numerous
Citizenship Cases.
To Secretary of Interior of Those
Whom tho Commission Hold
Are Not Entitled to En
rollment as Citizsns
of Cborokoe Na
tion. Special to Dally Clilcftala.
Muskogee, I. T., March 1, 1002.
The Dawes Commission has
formally rejected the following
applications for enrollment as cit
izens of the Cherokee nation and
forwarded the list to the secretary
of tho interior for bis approval.
The decisions and judgments in
these cases were made aa of date
February 14, 1002:
Benjamin J Bitterton
Wesley Sbafer
Porter J Bond et al
Lizzie Cannon
Ella Alberty
Vada Russell
Charles P Hunter
Lem E Collins
Henry HarlesB
James Odel
Asariah 0 Collins
Stephen Bruner
Adellng Abel
Alfred D W Stewart
Martha A Huntir
Edward E Krumpe
Eva Hall
Edgar T Stevenson.
Mary Wbitesett
George B Curtis
Annio Nelson
Buford L Summerbill
David Goff
James D Jackson
Andrew J Jeremiah
Annie Pdmberton
Joseph H Boyd
Charles G Barnelt
Samuel H Rogers
Ida Morton
Eila Seaboldt
Henry Wallera
Allen F Jimison
Fannie Thompson
Mary J Miller
William A Hall
William L Lester
Ella Benge
Alice A Davis
James M Pierce
Sadie Thornton
J N McBroom
Nettie Fool."
William E Fitworth
Richard D Oantrell
John Clark
Robert E Fisher
George W Griffin
PaltleGriggB elal
Ellen West
Delia Baldridge
Edgar RRutherlord
James M Bootright
George A Lacey.
Missouri Williams
Julia Terrell
Fannie J Crane
Daniel A LaBarge
Ferdinand Farmer
William Parsons
Jennie Backbone
William Parkin fr
Myrtle Ewers
John M Pace
Nathan II Housley
Luoy Thompson
George B Fell
Thomas E Grlder
Lula Roberts
Ida II Herod
Mix P Hall
Henderson Berry
Robert Jlaus
Martha Jones
Walter M F Shipley
Lula Barger
Fred L L.ngley
Carrie B Countryman
Mary Matney
Ellen O'Flelds
James W Skincer
George II Warron
Vanda MpOollougb
Charles Bsnell
Annie B Hall
Eva Elliott
Lula B White
William H Stuoart
Blanche Mooro
Alia Budder
Minnie DonCarlos
Buroh 0 Burnott
Fred L Montgomery
Bertha, Donnelly
George W Gibony " .
Nellie Thomps m
Jda MoAffrty
Annie Miller
John H Payton
Jake Halsey
Liney Fields
Rebecca J McCrary
Vernon W Scott
TbomaB W Beets
Robert A Davidson
John A Masterson
Addison A Buxton
John E Smith
John Hawkins
John B Gray
Hannah Fiippin
James E Simmons
James Harmon
Sophia Blevens
Mabel M Walker
Edna Lunday
Bertha Williams
James Davis
Ltura B Smith
Delia Summers
David F Canlrell
Laura E Goddard
James L Mayfield
Eva Coats
Bessio A Sloan
Ezeklal Eaton
Little Bluejaokot
Michael Kuhn
Charles 1 Wilkerson
WilllamS Bryant
Bulah McCullough.
.James II Wimer
Minnie B Clark
Eva A Coats
Stella M Martin
Henry Wakefield
Serena 0 Maxwell
Stella Daniels
William A Hanley
Frank Oorban
Alexander Boone
Mary A Tyner
Susie Henson
James W Giflord
John Hunt
Annie Ynung
John F Bice
James Stockton
Thode L Dances
Enos W Parsons
Isabel Anderson
James Winkler
Claude Crawford
Robert E Berry
Hattie Drum
Minnie Wbiteturkey
Myrtle Martin
Richard E Oanington
Lambert T Kinkhead
Lucy Ewers
Lizxiu Palons
Maggie N Keen
Xdgar A McClure
Ben Hall
Marion Daniels
Elizabeth Daniels
Henry Zelgar
Addie J Martin
Luella Dawson
Ida L Patton
William Courts
Alvin C McCormio
John IJ Patton
Hattie Oubb
Carrie Davis
John G 8pickerman
Minnie Allen
Lula Gilbert
William W Finite
Isaac N Strickland
William B Wallace, Sr
Melvln A McMaln
Vina Bible
Mary Shufeldt
Harry B Strother
Leo V. While
Mattie B Phillips
Dora F Warren
Samuel W Thurman
Birdie M Thompson
William M Poison
John G Smith
Lizzie Smith
Williaji O B iyd
Granville Terbett
Lillie Brown
Waller B Young
Annie Sanders
John Rivet
Hattie Henson
Lydia Coffee
Mary L Carter
James B Kay
Maggie J Holland
Ellen Denton
Silas V Busby
Arthur J Ruhr
Harvy B Wvche
Harcus B Rich
John L Coruor
John 0 McCutcban
Charles J Limb
Minnie M Ward
William J Smith
Elisha A Crutchfieid
Mary Muloara
Jane Davie
John J Hilton
L Granville Stevons
Ada Whlsenhunt
Bummer Burton
William Patlon
Marv I Llpe
Andrew J Haney
L,udella franks
Cade Jones
Robert L Hlgglne
f .
(Continued or page 2.) '
Providing; For a Territorial
Form of Government Fav
orably Reported.
Unanimous in Us Recommenda
tion that the People of the
Territory be Given a Voice
-In Their (Govern
The members of the house com
mittee on territories after consid
ering tho several measures provid
ing for tho government of the In
dian territory, which have been
referred to them, have unanimous-'
ly decided upon the Moun bill,
and will report that measure
favorably to the bouse.
The bill provides for a governor
to be appointed by the president,
to serve four years lo be not loss
than 30 years of age and a citizen
of the territory. There also shall
bo a secretary appointed by the
president, to serve four years. The
legislature shall consist of a coun
cil and house of representatives.
Each houso shall be the judge of
elections and qualifications of its
own members. No member of tho
legislature shall, during the term
for which he is elected, be ap
pointed or elected to any office of
the Territory of Jefferson.
No person holding office in or
under or by the authority of the
government ol the United Slates
or of the territory of Jefferson
shall be eligible to the election to
the legislature or to hold tbo pos
ilion of a member of the same
while holding said office. The
senate and house are to choose
their respective officers. The
members of the legislature shall
receive compensation at the rate
of H per day, and 10 cents mile
Tba senate or council shall be
composed of fifteen members and
serve two years. Vacancies shall
be filled at special elections.
Tbo territory shall be divided
into four senatorial distriots as
follows; F.rst district, Chickasaw
nation; Second district, Choctaw
nation; Third district, Creek and
Seminole; Fourth district, Chero
kee nation and Quapaw agsnoy.
I'ho house shall consist of thirty
three members with qualifications
ihu same aa those for the council.
For the purpose ol representa
tion in tbo house, the territory is
divided into six districts as fol
lows: First Chickasaw Nation;
Second, Choctaw nation; Third,
Creek nation; Fourth, Seminole;
Fifth, Cherokee nation; Sixth,
Quapaw Indian Agoucy.
The first regular session of the
legislature shall be held on the
second Monday in January, 1003,
and biennlallr thereafter, In Suutb
MoAleater. Appropriations shall
be made biennially by the legisla
ture. The bill was but slightly
amended and ia expected to pas
tbo House without serious opposi
tion. Tha passage nf the Indian
territory bill will make improba
ble any legislation concerning
statehood for the territories.
Hold Primaries and Select Delegates
to Convention.
Tba democrats of Muekogee held
their primaries Friday night to
elect delegates to the convention
which was held in that oity Satur
day night. Tho delegates wore
instructed as lo how thoy, should
vote, which insured the nomina
tion of the following city tickat:
Mayor, II. B, Spauldlng.
Recorder, I. f. MoMurray.
Oity Attorney, Eck E. Urook.
City Treasurer, W. T. Wisdom
Oily Marshal, Win. Herring.
Street Oommiesloner, Jaolc Hoi
Counollmen 6.W. Duncan, W
W. Brinks, D. II. Middleton, J.
L. Dabbu, N. A. Gibson, J. B.
Blakemore, N. F, Hancock, W. O.
The big negro, Saflgo, to whom
the republicans of Muskogee dance
attendance, will now diotate the
ticket which will enter (he field
affainst the above mentioned
WW U'll'llt-MI'PPwt
To Cm b Cold in One Say
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tab
ir L. All riruifuWti refund the aiouor
it It filli to cure, E. W. QrovoNi siunn
turo Is on sacn bo, w
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Ouvbk. Bacby. Prea. J. O. ilAix.
W. L. Chai-X y,
First National Bank,
CAPITAL. Sioo.ooo.
. Oldest and Strongest National Bank in the Cherokee Nation. fcMifi
" ' " DIRECTORS. j
"; . '
Does a Safe aeneral.Dtmklnsr Bualnosa.
Tbmt n ftwt. .v.
cunimuaiiuimi. dm wita h ftemj. art. our lowat wiwMnl 'ntea. Oor intern of
mtintrv Waotiotfllhaiamaral4tiAMit.......,M w!?.- ' " J .. .ii',:r.T:l.'".,,w
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for Ton en turero ltd oUr turn )alpmiU.
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hara tha catalogue bjr
jla.aauDnnr IMntaira
Columbus. 0
IwuroMurx(HaifT ion
BMpwnl Iran CUambbs.
st. Unit. Ho.,
rrua to
Look Out - Date I-
Next Month at
TH08. T.
...The Cherokee
li.F. Cirker. Jr
W. II. Darrousb.
ItatclllT. Tbos. T.
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A, f I"
- ftftftHtKiPir I!!
jMlav1 .! "- .V Kb
V. V. Pnittipa. CashliT.
Assistant Cashier
SURPLUS, tiO,ooa.
MvtAf . t.
no ounr dnkrtul tf.ow. With VriOTporrhS
Ttrr w? utafactorr, tcu retain UMTttUc'
Wt eio lio w w tuc
inmti. '
tow t
, piurtoai.etr.. tut h.T I
tliclr high end. Boat
prmtaf ; will UxLir cad
70a (or future use.
.ru. .
P.O. Box 772.
P.O. 801 B4.
so. mi awu Ktran a
Bocrr JiaraeM. ftica lta
Dearer offlco.
. mS
National Bank... -fe 5
Inrl Tan flaKl! W
iim, "... W
W U. ilco Jorge
Fred L Keller.
is Consistent with Sound Banking
Certificates ol Deposit.
a specialty
iT work at all time.
August Schiiecker,
Jw4a and OpikUm '"
, B
lf ijtw
hail 'a,
hi T
- irc ..
CaihxioJ, H
?y 1
, I,J i'
Cl i!:
rA -- WT-" I"
AirM i-trinr .
lUtam rm omaqmmmmitmiutmmM
my " ?,.t-TTM
::- asiJ1

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