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Improves the flavor
and adds to the health
fulness of the food.
Superlative in
Strength and Parity,
Are Poured Into Hitchcock
by Members of Indian
Of theSecrefary in Ordering Eject'
tnentof Residents of Territory
Mercilossly Scored on ,
the Floor of the
The discussion of the clause in
the Indian Apprjpriation bill ab
rogating the power of the secre
tary of the interior, to remove at
will (rum the territory those reel.
dents who contest the payment of
tribal taxes, was the occasaion for
Several of the members of the com
rolttojMo-pay their respects to
Secretary Ilitchcook.
Despite the defense oflered by
Representative Curtis for the ar
bitrary action of the secretary, the
chief oi the interiur department,
was mercilessly scored.
His palpable violation of the
spirit of the law which empowered
him to remove objectionable
characters from the territory, was
scathingly denounced.
Tbfl following clause abrogating
his power wan then inserted in the
appropriation to remove intruder
'Provided, however, that it
shall hereafter ho unlawful to re
move or deport any person from
the Indian territory who is in law
ful possession uf any lots or par
eels of (and in any town or city in
tbo Indian territory which has
been designated as a lownsiie tin
d er exiBllng laws and treaties, and
, no part of this appropriation shall
'bo used for the deportation and re
movU of any person from Indian
When the bill came up in the
house the matter was reopened
and mombers of both parties took
tho-opportunity to refer to the un
warranted eclion of the secretary,
in oxcoeding the law, in no uncer
tain language.
The antipathy, which is general,
in tho west and southwest to Sec
retary Ilitchcook, lias occasioned
the renewal of the rumors that he
will resign from the cabinet and
President Roosevelt will offer the
portfolio of the interior depart
tnent to a Pacific coast man.
Ross Sliacklcfon! Sever Arteries In
Ills Wrist and la In Serious
A desperate attempt at self de
struction was made by Robb Bhaok
leford, United States deputy clerk,
In tho Brown Palaoe hotol at
Waaoner Wednesday. Tho unfor.
lunato man was found in his room
with the blood pouring from a
deep gash in his wrist, which had
severed the ariories. When found
ho wob unconscious and in a critt
cal condition, nnd tho selMnilioted
injury was (cared for a time to be
The causes leading to the de
plorable affair, are veiled in myd
ttry, as at no tlmu has he given
any evidence of his desperate in
tentions. His father, Judge
Bhookleford, and Pr. Fito were
summoned from Muskogee.
Ross Shacklefurd ha many
friends In Vluila and throughout
the territory who will sincerely
regret tha unfortunate ocourence,
Weather Report Shows Clim
atic Conditions In Cher
okee Nation the Best
Than for Many Years, But the
Eastern Part of the Territory
Suffered Lets Than Any
Other Seotlon.
Tho annual summary of ollmatlo
conditions in Oklahoma and the
Indian torrilory for 1001 has just
been issued by the United States
weather bureau hero. It shows
that the year was marked by tho
least precipitation on record since
tho opening of the bureau. As
compared with the normal condi
tions for the last ton yeara, tbn
avorago temperature was 1.1 de
graos above, while the average
precipitation was 8 17 Indies below
tbo normal.
The average temperature for
1001 was CO 8 degrees. Tho high
est annual temperaturo record
since tiie opening of the section
was G2 0 degroes in 1800, and tho
lowest G7.4 degrees in 1891.
"By seasons, the wintor (1000
1001) gave tho mean temperature
of 40.1 degrees, or 1 0 degree
above the seasonal normal; the
mean for the spring wob G8 -J de
grees, or 1.0 degrees below the
normal; the mean temperaturo fur
tbo summer was 82 5 degrees, or
2.7 degrees above the normal; for
the autumn it was 03 5 degrees, or
1.2 degrees above normal, The
highest local mean lomporature for
the year was p4 8 degrees ai Ryan;
the lowest, 51 8 degrees at Kenton.
The maximum trmporalure was
11C degrees at Wagoner on July 1G
the minimum was 15 degrees below
zerojat Kenton on December 14;
range for the year, 131 degreeB.
The total annual precipitation
was 22.78 inches. The greatest,
89.45 inches, was in 1898, tho low
est, 22 78 inches, in 1001. The
groatcst annual precipitation,
locally, was 38.21 at Tablequah,
and tho'leaBt, 12 55 at Beaver.
Precipitation fell heavi3tover the
Cherokee and Choctaw nations, and
lightest over Beaver county. The
greatest monthly precipitation was
12 15 inches at .Mangum in May,
and tbo least was no rainfall at
Woodward In Juno, November and
December. Tb,t greatest amount
of precipitation in twenty-four con
secutive hours was 5.71 inches at
Poarch on May 15 and 10,
By seasons, the winter (1900
1001) months gave a total of 2 01
inches, or 2 52 below tho normal;
the spring, 0-87 inches, or 0 41 be
low the normal; the summer, 5 44
inches, or 4 10 below, and autumn,
4,89 inches, or 1.88 inches below
the normal.
The averosrc total snowfall for
the year was 4 4 Inches. The
greatest anuual fall was 10 iriches
at Guthrie. The prevailing wind
was from the south. Trie average
number oi clear days was 215, 59
per cent; partly cloudy dayB, 77,
12 por cent; cloudy days, 73,21 per
cent; days with .01 inch preclpita.
tlon, 48, 13 per cent.
A map of the total precipitation
in Oklahoma and Indian territory
sbowR that tbe rainfall grew
heavier as the oastern line of
Indian territory wob approached,
andlighter.toward the Panhandle
Sees Stormy Weather Ahead lor
Statehood Craft.
In summing up the story of his
reoeni. troubles in Washlncton in
connection with statehood legisla
tion, Jndge Bradford, of Ard-
more, io quoted bd eaylngf
"In my opinion, there will bo
no states created this session, Ok
lahoma could havo beon mado a
stato had they accopted our propo
sition. We are liable, and in my
opinion, will get some sort of or
ganization at a territory. The
problem is to find how to givo us
a territorial form of government
without interfering with tho
chances of single statehood,
"There is a settled condition,
especially in the senate, that the
two measures be made one, Ok
lahoma held back and the terri
tory advanced, will be the result
of the seealou'e legislation on the
Rebuttal and Supplemental Testi
mony to be Heard April I to May
31, igoa, Inclusive.
Tho commission to the five civ
ilized tribes will conlinuo in ses
sion at Muskogee, I. T., from
April 1, to MbvSI, Inclusivo, for the
purpoeo of hearing rebuttal and
supplemental to-timony witn re
spect to tho enrollment of Gbero
keo freedmen.
Notice is hereby given to all
freedmen listed as doubtful claim
ants that-after May 21, 1902, their
cases tf ill bo considered as com
pleted, and will bo finally de
elded by the commission and re.
ported to the secretary of the in
terior for his approval.
Native Cherokecs, freodmorj, or
claimants by adoption who have
not already appeared can apply
for enrollment u iiil July 1, 1902
Tarns Bixby, T. B. Needles, C.
R. Breckinridge, Commissioners.
mil Introduced to dive Laborers
Lien on Railroads (or Wages.-
Congressman pinsmoro of Ar
kansas, has introduced a bill in
the house providing for the pro
tection of the laboring man Jin the
Indian territory and giving him a
lien on railroads for wages due
him. Tho bill provides that the
laborer must file bis .bill within
ninety days after bis work is com
pleted with tho elerk ol the Uni
ted Slatrs court. These liens must
be paid off by tbo railroad com
pany pro rata and they nro to
have preference over all other
fluskogeo Drug Stores and Meat
Markets Will be Closed on
In response to a petition circu
lated by ladles of Muckogeo all of
tho druggists and proprietors of
meat markets have agreed to close
their stores on Sundays.
The drug stores will shut their
doors at 10:30 a. m. and remain
closed until 3 p. m.
The meat markets will close at
9 p. m. and remain closed the
remainder of the day.
The exampie of Muskogee is one
which should be followed by every
town in tho territory.
Lawton Price-Winner Succumbs
Attack o( Fever.
James R. Wood, who drew tbe
first ohoice of olaims in the gov
ernment land lottery at Lawton
last Boptember, has succumbed to
an ulUck of fever at Hot Springs.
While his stretcher was being
placed on the train which waa to
convey him homo, the cara jarred,
which in hie weakened condition
caused a nervous collapse and
he expired almost instantly.
Wood was reported dead once
before, while ill at Lawton, from
tho protracted fever, which has
finally caused his death.
Ross Shackleford Is in an Improved
Though still in a very serloua
condition, strong hopes aro onter
tained by the physicians in attend
ance on Ross Shockleford that he
will recover. The continues most
of the time in a comatose condi
tion, though occasionally ho re
gains consciousness. No explana
tion ol how he received tho wound
that came so near to ending his
life has as yet been given by him.
Uhwo at Lawton.
The explosion of gasoline stove
at Lawton on Friday started a fire
which caused tho following dam
age, before the flames were con
trolled: Broe, hardware 8400;
JoneB, building and stooc $1,500;
L. Deggener, buildings 82,500;
Maroh Ilroa., hardware 85,000; tbe
Daily Racket 83,009; Reagan sa
loon 82,500.
Statehood Dills.
Tho house Oommitteo on terrl
tories, at a meeting yesterday, di
rected the sub-committee In charge
of the Oklahoma, New Mexloo and
Arizona statehood btlla to prepare
a favorable report on the bills and
submit them at a meeting of the
oommitteo to bo hold next week.
Another Road Chartered.
A territorial charter has been
issued to the Omaha, Kansas &
Qulf railroad to construct a line
from Wiohtla, Kansas, through
Pawhueka and Sapulpa to South
MoAleater, a distance of 225 miles,
To Romovo tho Instruction
Clause From tho Dele
gation Bill.
That as Council Has Not Been
O III t 1 1 j informed by Gov
ernment in the Matter no
Action Can be Token
by Them.
3pecl to Dfcllr Olileftaln.
Tablequah, I. T., March 8, 1902
The committee on foreign rela
tions reported through their
chairman. Senator Mayr, recom
monding that no action bo taken
in the matter of tho instructions
of tho delegation, inasmuch as the
matter had never been acted on by
the government officials at Wash
ington, andjia there was no of
fioial information before the sen-
ato that the Delegation bill bed
ever reached the president's desk.
Tho report of the committee
was adopted.
Senator England, chairman of
the ways and means committee,
reported a bill which provides for
the paying out of the $30,000 roy
ally fund, or any part thereof, lor
the relief of tho destitute.
The bill provides that tho pay
ments shall be made in warrants.
A. ccmmitlce of twofrom each dis
trict will investigate and report
all cases of destitution to the
Chiof who is to Issue warrants to
them. Tho members of the com
mittee aro to receive $2.00 per
diem, the work not to exceod
thirty days.
Council Obeys the 'Dictates of the Gang of
To be Mado in Warrants Allowing the Gane to Plunder
'The payments to be made In
Cherokee National warrants."
r.xcerpl Irom bill approprlelloE money
for relief at dcttltpte fullbloodi.
When Prometheus lay chained,
helpleBB, to the rocks of Mount
Caucasus, it waa the hooked beak
ol the vulturo alono that assailed
him. Safe from the kingly eagle;
unharmed by the prowling beasts'
ol tho field, he fell a nrev to the
coward bird, that hovers only in
the shadow of helplessness.
In tho Spavlnaw hills, hundreds
of starving women and children,
hundreds of suffering men, weak
ed by hunger, lay Prometheus
like, in their helplessness. Shack
led by ignorance and want, they
can only raise their voices in sup
plication for deliverance.
Thero voices have been heard
and tho vultures are now circlinc
around them. Human vultures
a genus which shames in coward
ice and cruelty, even their feath
ered prototype,
Tho shame of their presence
resta with tho national council,
which Iibb abandoned, in iaot de
livered the helpless ones unto
their tne-oy.
When the council convened at
Tablequah with tho expressed de
termination to deliver these peo
pie, the presence of these vultures
who have been preying on the
unoroicea people lor years, gave
rise to misgivings. Their power
waB known and feared,
That the fears were well ground
ed, the aotion oi the oouncil in
making tho money, that was in
tended to relieve those people
from want, payable in warrants,
too plainly shows. It iBUlmply
releasing, unrestrained, those be.
tags who have been walling to
pounce upon tho unfortunates.
uumantiy to mem la but a con
dition, to he avoided when strong,
to be preyed upon when weak.
Already they have prepared to
grasp tho money Intended to put
food into the mouths of hungry,
suffering humanity," Already they
have laid their plana to snatch tbe
very bread from the mouths ol
women and children. '
Jtt Indecent baste, they did not
In Larceny Cases Left to Discretion
of the Court.
Hereafter the federal judges in
Indian territory will possess dis
cretionary power In. passing sen
tense upon individuals convicted
of larceny. Heretofore, under the
Arkansas oode, whioh has been
plaued over Indian territory, tho
minimum punishment for a lar
ceny offense has been a sontonco
to tho penitentiary lor a period of
not less than five years nor more
than fifteen years.
Recently tbe attention of Sena
tor Hoar, chairman of (he judi
ciary committee of tho senate, was
called to the severity ol tho pun
ishment meted out to individuals
convicted of larosny, by a letter
irom wib attorney general, in which
a change In the existing tawa was
recommended. As a result Sena
tor Hoar drafted an nmnmi.
ment to the act of congress passed
on May 3rd, 1800, to cover the de
fects In tho existing law complain
ed of as follows:
"Provided, That in all cases
where punishment prescribed by
tbe laws of Arkansas is adopted by
Section 33, the court eball not be
oompelled thereby to impose tbe
minimum punishment established
therein, but may, in its discretion
Impose a less punishment by way
f fino or imprisonment,! or both,
sb justice may require"
Lone Wolfe's Last Howl.
The court of appeals has dis
missed the injunction proceedings
instituted by Deloe K. Lonewoire,
chief, and other of tho Kiowa, Co
manche and Apache tribes against
Secretary Hitdbcock to prevent
the sale and Allotment of their
lands in Indian territory. This
will probably bo tbe last bowl
from the ubiquitous Wolfe, as he
has quit kicking and gone into
the Unfortunates, '
wait authority from the council,
to go forth to plunder belore pre
paring their schemes to divert tbe
warrants to their own pockets.
Of all the status that have black
ened the history of Cherokee gov
ernment, uono are more deserving
of the obloquy and condemnation
of mankind, than the passage of
the act, turning an unfortunate
and helpless people over. to the
tender mercies of such beings.
The money will never reach
those for whom it was Intended.
It will be a fortunate Indian
who receives ono-fourth of tho
faco value of any warrant he may
draw. The whole scheme, Ib
Bimply a cruel excuse lor a gigant
ic steal, and it is to be hoped that
the government mav yet interfere
to prevent itsconeumation.
It is a sad but tiuo commentary
upon the destiny of tho Indians,
that his plea for deliverance from
his own people, be directed to
the alien white.
Innocence Abroad.
Judge Uosea Townsend con
ducts a strenuous court and Ib very
jealous of its atrenuoslty.
A mild eyed resident of Duncan
who had been summoned to serve
as a juror, Btrolled into the court
the other day and announced his
presence for duty.
Tbe court eyed him for a mo
ment and then unbotomed the fol
"Sir," said the court, address
ing he of the mild eyos, "I per
ceive by your demeanor that you
are not inured to the surroundings
of this court: your Innocent face
bespeaks a Boft heart; the ming
ling with the attorneys and tho
rest of tho motley crew, is liable
to contaminate rou; you are ex
cused and you an advised to hit
the first, train out, and return in
nooent to the bosom of your fami
ly." The innocent hit the train.
You Know What Yon are Taking
When you tako Crove's Tasteless Oh 111
Tonla becausa tho formula U plainly
printed on every bottle, showing that
It U simply lrun and quinine in a
tastelesa form. No cute, no pay, (0
cent. w
Blocks tho Way to a Liberal
Form of Territorial Gov
Ol the Moon Bill Vf..ch Will
Pass Through the Lower
Branch of Congress With
Very Few Amend
For the first time since (he com
mencement of the agitation two
years ago for the creation of a ter
ritorial form of government for tho
Indian territory thero are indica
tions that this movement will
reach fruition. Certain it is now
that tho Moon bill, creating a ter
ritorial form of government for In
dian territory will be reported fa
vorably to tho house in the same
omnibus bill that will provide
Btatehood for Oklahoma, Arizona
and Now Mexico.
Unless tho senate emasculates
tbe bill as agreed upon by tbe
house, giving to Indian territory a
territorial form of government, the
law, when enacted, will be typi
cally democratic not democratic
in the sense of American politic?,
but domocratlo by reason ofits ad
horonce to the principles of local
self government. To the people
under tbe presont bill, will be left
the decision nnd solution of all the
problems pertaining to the crea
tion of a territorial government.
They will establish their own
counticB, locate their county Beats,
make theip own Uwb, and manage
tnelr own atlalra, so far as is pos
siblo under a territorial form ol
The location of the counties and
county seats, under the hill, is
left to the territorial legislature.
An effort was made to have tbe
committee divide the tertitory up
into -counties and leave tbe selec
tion oi tbe county seats to the peo
pie of each county for decision at
an election to behold. It was op
parent, however, that if the com
aiitteo entered into the considera
tion of this question it would en
danger the passage ol tbe bill,
owning to tbo conflicting interests
involved, and the obelinalo con
testa that would turely arise be
tween towna desiring to be county
seats. In order to avoid any con
troversy oi this character tbo
question was left to the territorial
leglislature for decision.
From present indications tbe
bill will pass the house with but
few if any ameLdments.
Thinks Moon Dill Will Find Passage
This Session.
Capt. J, II. Maxey.of Sbawuee,
who has been in Washington la
borincr in the interest of the Moon
bill, has returned home, strong in
his faith, that the bill will find
passage at this sossion of congress.
In speaking of the outlook Oapt.
Maxey Bald:
"I am confident that tho Moon
bill will become a law and will
pass with a slight amendment, if
any. There ia overy reason to be
Hove that the sonate will follow
in the footsteps of tho house and
pass the b.ll. It is now being
printed and will likely be intra
duced in tbe house Monday.
Alum Baking Powder.
Thero aro so many baking powders
about, most of which are represented
to bo made from cream of tartar, that
tho following list of po dors In which
chomlsts havo found alum, will bo of
K. O., contains alum, manufactured
by Jaques Manufacturing Co., Chi
caco. Calumet, contains alum, manufac
tured by Calumet flaking Powder
Co., Chicago.
Shepard's, contains alum, Slicpard
llaklnvr 1'owder Co., St. Luuls.
Kitchen Queon, contains alum, man
ufactured by Dallas Coffee and Splco
Mills, Dallas.
The tiousokcer should bear In tulnd
that alum makes a cheap banking
powder. It cons hut two cents a
yound. whllo cream of tartar costs
tolrty. Tbo quality of tho powder, Is.
therefore, usually Indicated by the
Children ufton Inherit teeble dlges-
tivo power and collo of a mora or
loss tovoro character results, when
food is taken which Is nt all difficult
to digest. White' Cream Vermifuge
acts as a general and permanent
tonic. Price, 25u, at People' drui
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36JS. WiisonJSt.
VOL. XX. NO. 29
urn i minium iiii TiiiwmiiiiMHijl
IK, 5
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Mafl BtamtTf
V-Pres. W. P. Pmuirs, Cashier.
Assistant Cashier
rroflu when too bcr
would glr oVlmm wul?loEffr Sd 2
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mount cauioguelawtilcu wo 1
tamjt. phrtoiu. etc. that ban f
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jou foe futni nae.
Boibt llaiw,11la faM
Vice-President. Oashtie
Vred& Keller
L. K. UcQulHq
August Schlkcker.
JkwtW mi Qfikkm
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