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Secretary Parker, of Com
mercial Club, Confers
With Inspector
That the Public Pleasure Grounds
Which Wero Cut Up Into
Lola Under Recent 8ur.
vey Will be lie-
VOL. XX. NO. 30
Secretary Parker, of tho flora
mercial, club, held an important
conference with Indian Inspector
J. George Wright, nf Muskogee
recently in regard to 'the park
at Vlnlta which had bern staked
off Into Iota under the recent stir
vey, and minors wer afloat thai
they would bo jumped. Mr.
Wright explained that under thf
Curtis Act there was no provls
ions made for parks, but if the
club thought tho Cherokee nation
would recognize them, he was per
fectly willing to make the reserva
tion, for he appreciated their value
both to tho city and to ownors of
lots adjacent.
Upon tho assurance from Mr
Parker and Ohlof Bufllngton,, who
was standing by, that tho Cliero.
keo nation would recognize the
parks, they were reserved.
It appears that whilo tho sur
veyors had ouf them into lots,
they were shown as parks on the
When poen about the matter
Mr. ParkeTflaid: "It is now the
intention ol tho club to push tho
improvement of both parks in ac
cordance wllir tho resolution ol
last meeting "
To this oiul lot ownora adjoin
ing and in thu neighborhood of
ouch park, nr? to be asked to con
tribute not more than fifteen cents
a front loot which, with contribu
lions from other citizens, will
raise enough money to put the
parkB in proper shape.
The commilteo on local im
provements will be oalled together
tomorrow, and it U thought thoy
will recommend a etonu basin at
the artesian well, and the im
mediate removalof the band stand;
also that a ono and a half or two
Inch pipe bo run from the woll
through tho iil'jy between the Hill
and Fruzeu buildings and behind
the court houne to Suuth park;
that it have two branches with
small pipes; one going to a small
l).iuin in tho Btreot, by Bidgott'tf,
and another to a similar basin at
tho oourl house corner.
It takes eomo Cherokee politi
clans a long limo to find out that
the Cherokee treasury is looked
and the key in Uncle Sam's
01 Congress Will Witness
Tho Sonato Fieht for
Win Pass tho House this Session,
Out Will not bo Passed In
Senate Until Congress
Convenes in December.
It seems lo be generally conced
ed now that tho statehood bills
will pass the house without any
serious opposition. All of the
democratic members are pledged
to the Ftmrinrl nf llm mtiinrn
-,., . , -. ....-..-..... ..,,.....
and no republican has ezpronsad leal atandpoint, nnd are disposed
any intention 01 mailing a lieni 10 aeier action until alter tne con
against any 01 mo DWI, unalr- greesionai
man Knox of the committee on
territories and tnombnra Hamilton
a re
of Michigan, Powers of Maine and that the political menace of
uusnman ot Washington, on the duceU republican majority in the
republican tide, have taken a deep senate has been removed.
interest in the statehood measures
and will strongly adyocate their so discovered what they believe to
adoption by the house. When the
omnibus statehood measuie haa
been reported it will be readily They claim that tho senators ob-
brought up for consideration.
it is not certain now that advo
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g place in in town where good seasonable merchandise is sold at lower
prices than the cheap racket stuff has formerly been sold for. We
! realize that the day of high prices have gone forever. Therefore every
! article inour store has been placed on sale at prices nearer to the cost
3 than goods have ever before been sold in Vinita.
In Millinery.
Wo lmvo absolutely the largest and
and most ttp-to-dato stock over brought
into tho Indian Torritory. Wo liavo hats
for all classos tho rich nnd poor, tho
swell drossors and modorato drossors.
In fact wo can suit tho taalo and nurso of
nil. Tho lady who fails to soo our olc
gant lino of Kastor hoadwoar will not
have soon the nowest and nobbiest croa
tions in spring millinory.
Ladies' Tailored
Wo havo a flno solcction of ladioa'
nian-tailorod Bkirts, designed nftor tho
latost inodols in tho recognized fashion
contors. In this lino wo havo somo real
bonutios that cn bo approbated only by
boingsoou. Wo also havo tho oxclusivo
agoncy for tho Promior Ladies Tailoring
Company, of Ohicngo, and can ehow you
ovor ono hundred designs and inodols,
and ovor ono hundred difForont eglors and
grades of cloth. In this lino wo can fur
nish tho gnrmont mado.to ordor at prices
ranging from $7.00 to $60, or wo can
soil you tho goods in tho piece.
In Hosiery.
Woshavo a fino assortmont of hot
iory for both ladios and gontlemon. In
this dopartmont, as in nil othora, wo
havo tho most up-to-dato goods at tho
most roasonablo pricos in tho oity.
Men's Hats.
Wo havo a fino lino of rami's lints. Wo
havo a lint for $1.50 that othor stores in
fawn soil for $2.25 and $2.50. Wo will
givo you ft rogulm $2.00 haf; for $1.25.
Don't fall to soo this lino boforoyou buy.
Iloro is whoro wo can savo you
money. Wo havo tho largos t and most
comploto lino to bo found in tho city. In
fact wo nro ovorstockod in this lino, and
ovory pioco has boon marked dangorous
ly noar tho cost lino.
Our storo is so full of bargains that
wo might continuo along this lino until
wo had filled this ontiro papor, and then
not havo told ono hnlf our story ; thoro
fore, wo will contont oursolyns by quot
ing a fow extraordinary low pricos :
Ltulios triminod hats 50c to $-10.00.
Ladios fit root hats 25c to $10.00.
High grado mon's hats 1.25 to 1.50.
Kmbroidorios por yard 3c to 80c.
Ladies tailorod Bkirts 1.00 to 50.00.
Ladjos fino hoso 8 to -10c.
Gonts hoso 5 to 30c.
Ladios vests 5 to 18c.
Gents undonvoar 30c.
Ludics dress shields 8 to 25c.
Fancy to wo Is 7 to 80c
Ladies handkorchiofs 5 to 25c.
Gonts handkorchiofs 3 to 25c.
Gonts suspondors 10 to50o
Ladios Now Contury hoso supportors 25o
Ladios fancy gartors 18c.
Gonts gartors 5c.
Jmbroidorios, lacos and appliques 3cto$3
radios belts 10c to 1. 00.
)oad Nocklacos 5 to 30c.
'onrl sot sido combs' 25c.
oarl sot pompadour combs 15.
'. sTow Vnssor tuck combs 85o.
Crystal cropo papor, por roll, 10c.
Bos pnpors 0 to 25c.
Envelopes, 25 for 5c.
Coll buggy washors, por coil, 5c.
Childrons gardon sots, 3 pieces, loc.
18 inch mont plattor 48c.
14 inch meat plattor 21c,
lint rnoks lOo.
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Drossing combs 5 to 25o.
Finishing brmds, porploco, -lc.
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Combinntion wntor bottles fountain syr-
ingo 1.50. J
Hand brushos .Jc.
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Stow pans Id (o -Go.
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Tho abovo is only a fow of our many
bargains whoroin wo savo you monoy.
Como and soo for yoursolf.
cates of statehood will press con
slderatlon of the bill in (he senate
at tho preBont session. The work
for the bill has been confined al
most entirely to (ho house, and
there is eomo disposition among
tho friends of tho mr-arurolo allow
It to remain in 'lie senate as un
finished business until tho ad
journed Bession of congress, which
will convonoin December.
There are several reasons in
support ol this plan ol action,
and not the IraBt of theBe is the
political reason. Much of the sen
ate opposition, so far as it has
been expressed, has been boced
upon the fear that the territories,
if admitted, might supply six
democratic senators for the next
Congress. Delegate Rodney of
New Mexico nnd Dolegate Flynn
of Oklahoma, both insist that
their territories are safely repub
lican and promise to remain so.
Some of the republican senators
aro inclined to consider the admis
sion of the territories from a polil
By Dawes Commission An
nouncing Itinerary of tho
Enrolling Parties.O
Action that Resulted In Yesterday's
Democratic Primary.
elections this fall. If
tho territories return ronub'ican
lelegates it will be considered
That Will be Offered to Cherokee
Citizens to Enroll Before the
Holla are Finally Closed
on the First Day of "
July, 1002.
Advocates ol statehood have al-
be another reason (or senate on.
position to statehood legislation
ieot to having six members of that
body added who would nil be in
favor of national irrigation legisla
tion. This may seem inconsistent in
viow of the fact that the senate
passed the irrigation bill without
Statehood workers claim that
the senate is counting unon the
the house to kill the irrigation bill
If thin ia not accomplished anoth
er objection lo statehood legisla
tion would be removed.
So thoroughly ere the Matehood
advocates (onvincid Dial iIih fate
of their Mil Is linked I'lt Uih ac
tion of congrim mi iipgHiton tla
they are disputed u wait until
that ILOJ-llrn huri liven dispOriril til
by tho Imme befura taking any mo
tion in tho senate on the state
hood measure
Chlckasaws Impressed With Neces.
slty ot Winding Up Tribal Affairs.
Representative members of the
Chickasaw tribo of Indians, who
favor immediate allotment of tribal
lands, hut who are opposed lo the
provieion in the Indian appropria
lion bill which specifies that 'their
proportional share shall be 320
acrei.met at Ardmore yesterday for
tne purprso of electing delegates
to the convention to be held at
Atoka, March 18'ti Geo. Criner
was unanimously eUciedclairman
of tho meeting nnd J. S. Mullen
ff-crelary. A committee on reso
lutions was a pointed as follows
F. F. Fox, J. S. Mullen, Captain
A. Nichula, V A. Beard and Capl.
A Holdcn. Chairman CiiuerV
name was added to the o inrainee
Drlrgilt-a were el.cted an lot
lows to the Atoka oiuveutlou:
Qeorgh Crinor, Cpt. A. Ntchole,
F 1. FOX. C J. Hill nimrlmi
Ward, J E. McCarthy, G. J
Humphrey, Cal, Siewari, J. 8.
Mullen, F. A Banner, ami G. II,
Tire Moon bill was diecusml,
but the delegation coco uninsttuct-
ed on the proposition of a terri
torial form ol government. Res-
olulinns were passed protecting
against the rider on the Indian
appropriation bill, which limits
tbo holding of land to Q20 acres,
Resolutions were adopted favor
ing early closing of rolls, immedi
ate allotment ol tribal land and
additional torn-silo work. The
prtvailing r-Uotlo condition whkh
is aflectin thetribe'. interest has "' ,
i .. , ., ., . Cherok
Uy Committee on Territories to Pre.
sent Ills Dill.
The following is the itinerary
of, the enrolling partiss lobe sent
out by the Dawes commission In a
final effort to enroll all Cherokee
citizens before tho tolls are Anally
clnBed July Int.
Four parties will be sent out,
end all Ihote who refuse to enroll
will lese their right as citizens :
Piity No. 1.
McLain, from April 14 to April
18, incluivo.
Fawn, from April 21 to April 25,
Btarvilla, from April 28 to May
2, inclusive.
Campbell, from May 6 lo May
9, inclusive. .
McKey, from May 12 to May 23,
Cookson, from May 26 to June
G, inclusive.
GarGeld, from June 0 to June
20, inclusive.
Pahty No. 2.
Gans, from April H lo April 18,
Remey, from April 21 to ADrll
25, inclusive.
Swimmer, from April 28 lo May
9 inclusive
iMaiMe, Irem May 12loMay 10,
Uiuich Irom MaylOlo May 23,
Flint from May 2G lo June 6,
WbuIiIIIbu, fiom June 9 to June
20, Inclusive.
Party No. 3.
Melvin, from April 14 lo Anrll
18, inclusive.
Moodys, from April 21 to Mav
2, lncluMive,
Whitemtre, lrom May 5 to May
9, inclusive.
Goingnake Court House, from
May 12 to May 23, inclusive.
Kansas, from May 2G lo June G,
Rose, from June 9 to June 13,
Peggs, from June 10 lo June 20.
Pamy No. 4.
Salina.from April 14 to April
18, inclusive.
8pavinaw, from Anr.l 2i to Mav
2, inclusive.
Needmore, from May 6 to May
9, inclusive.
Z-na, lrom May 12 to May 23.
ChHrlos Thoinpdun'd Precinct,
Delaware district, from Mv 26 to
June G. inclusive.
Chnle.au, 'torn June 9 to Juuo
13, inclusive.
Catoosa, from June 1G to June
27, inclusive.
i'ne eecretary of the interior
has ordered that no application
Inr enrollment as Cherokee citi
zhiis phall be received after Julv
1, 1002
rim nbovo appointments are
the laat that-wlll be made in the
Cherokee nation, and all citizens
by blood are notified to present
themselves a,t one of the appoint
menls mentioned and make ap
plication to havo themselves and
families placed upon the roll.
Special attention is called to the
iuci mai mo roil now belnR pre
kee nation, and that when
iiujuroecu lilt) inulBDB IUM an 1 ii i n ii . . .11.. .
organization is needed for mntnal 'a,dl roU la fln?U : Wmri c tall anything about the sttua
protection nnd" to this end a con- by U'e BereUry of lho lnte,ir llon or know wbJ "eda to se
At a meeting of the city execu
tive committee of tho democratic
parly Thursday afternoon, tbo
following call was issued for pri
maries to be held March 10th:
"Be. It resolved. That n demo
cratic primary bo held in lho tonn
ol Vlniln Irom 8 a, m. to G p. m.,
March 19.h, 1902, for the purpoio
t'f nominatins candidates for tho
following offices:
One Mayor.
Ono Recorder.
Five Aldermen.
One City Marshal.
Ono City Altornoy.
One City Assessor.
Ono City Troasurer.
One Street Commissioner.
One City Collector.
"Further notice of lho place of
of holding said primary to be
givon later.
"Be it further retolved, That at
the eomo lime and place there
shall bo elected five democrats
who shall be lho executivo com
mittee of said democratic party
in the town of Vinita for one year
or until their successors are cho
' On motion Ihe following
amed gentlemen are selected
to act as judges of said primary:
Oapt. W. G. Noims, L. W. Buf-
fington, R. L. McClure: and the
following named gentlemen are
selected as clerks: Henry Bal
lard and Vanco McSnadden
Should any gentleman so eelectod
rail or reiune to act this committee
will fill tho vacancy."
"Edoau Smith."
"O. O. Benny."
"T. M. BumxoTON."
"L P. IsnELi.."
Plynn la Opposed to Any Clianeo In
- ; "" ""
In an interview on the nossihil
Uy ol alatehnod for Oklahoma at
this fession oj congress. Senator
Harris, of Kantian, bus defined the
position of Delegate Flynn as fol
"Both the democrats and the
republicans are divided on the
question of double or singlo state
hood. I am in favor myself of
singlo statehood, although I would
not oppose giving Oklahoma state
hood, as I believe in giving the
people as rapidly as possible the
right lo form a government of
their own. Mr. Flynn is abso
lutely opposed lo single statehood;
indeed, I am not sure ho favors
anything being dono. The repub
iicans have absolute and com
plete power in both houses of con
gress, and if, as this article soys.
they are willing to pass this meiiw
ure they can do it any time. All
Mr. Flynn has to do is to get hia
own party lo support lUe measure
A great many democrats will vote
lor it, hut oven without them the
republicans can pis it. IV
HialeiuHiu that Uih meneure Ik Ii
the hand ot IIih demooraU is uu-
true, inasmuch a a the republican'
nave nbixilute control of botl
houses. Any man ought to see
this at it glance."
Unaccountable Delay In Qcttlnz
Deeds to llielrjLands.
There hnvo been forwarded to
the secretary of tho interior from
Muskogee ihe names ol 9018
Creek Indiana and 4054 Creek
freedmen. It ia estimated there
are 10,000 Creek Indians in the
Creek nation, and 000 Creek
freedmen, therefore, only 82 of
the former and 40 of the latter
lmvo not made their selections.
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J. O. IlAtX. V-Pres. W.P Pnn o..t.
t. n.n....: ...I.. ,'i.; "immki -
4. uuiiji.il, nsjuiani vanier
First National Bank,
Oldest and Strongest National Bank in the Cherokee Nation.
..7. "" "''WW, E.B.FXAYSER, A. L. ClUCHtLL. EM
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231 tO ilNr,
... .... .Don't W two extnenflnwhtnVmtorr
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i . . -- nnwunmnttomn.
Soar iuaiM. iiiw tto 1
pared ia the laat and only roll that The homestead selections have
mil be made of tbo cillsens of the been made and everything done
according to the law, but no one
Opposite Harris Building.
vention will be held neit Tuesday per8" WU09e n"a ,,oe8 ,,ot ftP
at Atoka' pear thereon will be entitled to
rifiUia or Denelila of Uherokee clt.
In a-idition to the appointmenla
above given, the commission will
oontinue to receive applicotionB
from all classes of claimants for
enrollment at Muskoeee. I. T..
uaiil July 1, 1002,
0, It. BnECKiniupais,
T, J). Needles,
Tams JJixby,
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Chairman Knox of the home
commilteo on territories was au
thorised by the commilteo yester
day to introduce an omnibus bill
providing for the admisiion to
Btatehood of New Mexico, Okla
homa and Arizona, Mr. Moan was
authorised to present the commit
tee bill giving vthe Indian territory
a territorial form of government
end changing tlje-nameof Urrl
lory to Jefferson, i
President. Vice-President. Caihtt
.. Jbe Cherokee National Bank,.,
uinifa, !nd. Ter,
QAJPITAX 25,000.00,
tollir. TUm. T. Wlmer. . S;
L.P. I'n.L.i. J.
. N. lUtollff
f-.. P't KIJT.
Every Courtey Extended that is Consistent with 5oOnd banking
Interest Paid on Time CertlGcate ot Deposit
lections are beius withheld.
l be attorney ceneral lied that
rolls must bo approved before the
deeds would be issued, and in
structions were forwarded to the
Dawes commission to send the
portion'! of rolls alone as fast as
completed. This has been dope
for months past, hy not one al
lotment baa vet beon rolurned an.
proved, The Dawes commission
can glvo no information that will
clear Ihe matter,
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S rv
I store, rjw

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