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Moon Bill Will Open up the
Way for Ultimate Stato-
The Measure and a Strong Oppo.
alllon has Developed to Grant
ing Oklahoma Statehood
Without the Indian
Territory Being
The scheme devtaed by Dennis
Flynn, to defeat the Oklahoma
statehood measure, while appar
ently working for it, is alleged to
be, in his opposition to an al
lianco of interests with the Indian
It ifl charged that he knew that
congress would not grant Oklaho
ma statehood without the territory
bofoielhe introduction of h!a bill.
While the provisions of his bill
are accepted as having killed Ok
'lahoma's chances for etatouood, it
baa turned tho attention of con
gross to the necessity of enacting
legislation for the relief of the ter
ritory. Of the several measures propos
ed the Moon bill meela with the
most fayor and stands a strong
. chance of passage.
As the first fight for relief was
made by the advocatea of single
statehood, it would he but a logi
cal sequence to find them in line
for this territorial measure, whioh
is but the first step toward ulti
mate statehood.
Borne, however, are opposed to
It, aa tbey fear that it will prevent
the final obtaining of single slate
hood. This fallacy la well answered, in
the following from the pen of an
Indian citizen who has been fol
lowing closely the trend of pro
noBed legislation affecting the
"Instead of making it more dif
ficult to secure single statehood,
the Monn bill will be the greatest
means of securing it. It will, in
giving an cpporlunlty to establish
counties and county seats, to elect
a delegate to congress, to provide
for county school?, a territorial
legls lature, a judiciary and many
other important changes, hasten
the timo for congress to bestow
upon ua tho rights of statehood
along with Oklahoma. There is
no necessity for the Indian terri
I pn Gr$e Cream 0! Tutu Powder
1 mwwww
tory to refuse the benefits which
tho Moon bill offers in order to be
absolutely certain of statehood
with Oklahoma in throe or lour
years from now.
Many who are fighting the bill
aro doing so for the reason that it
contains a provision fur the terri
lorial legislature. Their objections
are rather queer, in tho face of the
fact that they nro working fn tho
interest of a statehood bill which
embraces a legislative feature.
Why a legislature under a terri
torial form of government Ib ob
jected to and a legislature under a
Btale form of government Ib favor
ed, I am at a Iosb to understand.
If a legislature can be maintained
under statehood it can be main
tained under territorial govern
ment. To say that it can't col
vlcts ono of dealing in Absurdities.
Between Advocates at Statehood
and Speaker Henderson.
Deepito tho pronounced opposi
lion of .Speaker Henderson to the
bills for the admission of terri
tories to statehood, Chairman
Knox of tho territories committee
will press the omnibus bill and
make a fight for il on the floo..
Speaker Henderson informed the
members of the committee he
would have no rule submitted fav
oring debate on tho bill or fixing a
time for a vote. The speaker was
notified that the friends of state
hood for Oklahoma, New Mexico
and Arizona did not regard a rule
aa necessary; that the bill waa
privileged and could be called up
at any time ita friends sskeil for
it The difference between Chair
man Knox and tho speaker has
become pronounoed oince the
statehood hills have been up for
consideration. Twice there have
been sharp rebukes administered
by the speaker.
Tho unanimous report of thp
committee submitting the state
hood bills so angered the Bpeaker
that he at once sought Mr. Knox.
"I understand," he aald to the
chairman of the committee, "that
your committee has voted to ra
port the statehood bill."
"It has," was tho reply.
"That," roared the speaker,
"was precisely what I put you on
that committee not to do."
The speaker's displeasure has
also been directed at other repub
licans on the committee.
Brutal Murderer of an Bx-Confed.
erate Soldier Thought to be
In Tolls,
Three negroes, John Piaher.
Frank Jones and John Logan havo
been arrested at South MoAlester,
charged with the murder of Peter
lvey, the aged butcher, who was
murdered at that place Sunday
morning, and bis building burned
to hide tho orlme.
Oi one of them waa found the
watch of the dead man. Another
had his revolver. Ivey waa an ex
Uoafedorate soldier and his old
comrades aro working to bring the
murdererd to justice,
The negroes first slugged tho old
man, robbed the place and Bet fire
to the building after putting the
body on a bed of bay. Several
frame buildings adjoining were
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Bill to Compel Proper Protection In
Coal Mine.
The coal mine disasters which
have become of such frequont oo
curreuco of late in the territory,
have resulted in the passage by
tho bouse of a bill regulating tbo
protection to bn given tho miners
while at work.
Tbo bill aa amended by the sen
ale, reada as follows:
"That the owners or managers
of ever coal mine at a depth of 100
feet or more shall provide an ode
quate amount of ventilation of not
less than eighty.tbree and ono
third cubio feet of air per second,
or 5,000 cubio feet per minute for
every fifty men at work in said
mine, and in like proportion for a
greater number, which air shall by
proper appliances or machinery
be forced through such mine to
the face of eacli and every work
ing place, so as to dilute and
render harmless end expel thero
from the noxious or poisonous
gases. The violation of this act
shall constitute a misdemeanor
and any person convicted of euch
violation nliall pay a fine of not
exceeding 8500."
Territory Railroads.
ContraclB have been let for the
construction of nearly 1,400 miles
of railroad In Oklahoma and In
dian territory, with work already
started on the larger part of the
mileage. Tho live projects aggro
gate GOO milxa additional.
All of the great systems operat
ing in tho territory aro'purchasinp
and constructing connecting lines,
in the great bl.! to got the rich
carrying trade of this section.
Under Frisco Control.
The Frisco baa gained control of
more valuable property in Okla
homa and Indian territory by se
curing the ronto of the Arkansas
Valley and Western, which was
surveyed to run from Sapulpa, I,
T to Enid, Okla., a distance of
125 miles. At Enid this line will
connect with tho Dlackwell, Enid
and Southwestern, rccatly pur
chased by the Frisco. Surveyors
of the latter have supplanted those
of tho former owners in the Cimar
ron river bottoms.
A Chattanooga Druggist's Statement.
Itobt. J. Miller, Proprietor of tbo
Read IIous"o Drug Sloro ot Chattanoo
ga, Tcnn., writes; "Thero U mora
merit In Foley's Honey and Tar than
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To Pay tho Nez Percet.
Congressman Sutherland ofUtah
has Introduced a bill providing for1
the payment of 8350,827 to the
Nez Purees Indiana, in settlement
of the lands Bold by them in Okla
homa to the United States govern
mont for the ubb and benefit of the
Oherokoe tribe. Tbo lands were
surrendered to the Uherokeea In
Chronic Bronchitis Cured.
"For ten years I bud chronic .bron
chitis bo bad that at times I could
not spyak obovo a whisper," writes
Mr. Joseph Coftman, of Montraorencl,
Inp. I tried all remedies avatlublo,
but with no success, Fortunately my
employer suggested that I try Foley's
Honey and Tar, lis effect was almost
miraculous, nod 1 am now curedfof
the disease. On my recommendation
many people have used Tolcy'a Honey
and Tar, and always with satisfac
tion, lior eale by Peoples drag store,
An Adjudication of Tribal Af
fairs With tho Govern
la Not Definitely Settled but ie
Referred to Congress With
the Contentions of Both
Sides, for Adjudica
tion. Chief Portor, representing the
Creek Indians, tho Dawes comrala
elon and the interior department,
have reached an agreement con
cerning the allotment ol the Creek
lands. There are certain features
of the agreement to which the
Creeks elill object, and where
these diflerencea lie congress will
decide. Tho secretary of the in
terior baa submitted the objec
tions of tho Creek Indians along
with the agreement. If congress
should incorporate into tbe agree
ment the contentions of Cbief
Porter, it will become part of the
treaty, otherwise the treaty as
presented by bo interior depart
mentwill be ratified. With the
Creek treaty practically disposed
of, tho Cherokeea are the only
tribe now standing in the way of
alloting all the lands of tho Indian
Tho principal matter about
which there ia a disagreement
with the Creeks concerns the ap
praisement and distribution of
lands among the members of tbe
tribe. The existing agreement
ratified by the act of March 14,
1001, requires that all the landa
be appraised at their true value,
excluding Improvements, and that
tbey be allotted among the mem
here ot tho tribe ao aa to give each
an equal share of (be whole. One
hundred and Bixty acres, of the
value of 8050 an acre, ia declared
a standard allotment. Those re
ceiving lands in excess of that
value aro required to make reatitu
tion in money nf the excess, and
thoae receiving landa of less value
than 86 50 an acre are tn bo given
other lands of sufficient acieace
and value, or aro to receive a suf
ficient amount of money to bring
their allotments up to tho required
What ia now proposed by Gov.
Porter and bia associates ia that
this existing plan of distributing
the landa ahall be changed to the
extent of relieving those who re
oolvod lands worth mora than
80,50 an ucrbj from making any
restitution to tho tribe of the ex
cess. If their position ia adopted
by congress the result will be that
an Indian receiving 1G0 acres,
worth 825 an acre, may retain all
ofit without making any paymont
upon the excess; while one receiv
ing an allotment worth H an aoro
will receive in other land or In
money unly a sufficient amount to
make his allotmont ol 100 acres
worth 80 50 an acre to him. The
ufleers of tho iuterior department
objeal to this proponed change,
and Insist, that it la neither suit
ablo nor possible pf accomplish
rneqt. an j also that in reality U U
not a distribution of the land upon
a basis of either value or acreage
The time fixed for the dissolu
tion of tho Crook and other tribal
governments in the Indian terri
tory is 1000 and it la beliovod that
tho provisions of the proposed
Creek agreement respecting the de
tails of making allotments and
settling the aflaira of the tribe are
euch aa to readily enable the
tribal government to go out of ex
lstence at the time contemplated
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Farmer City, III., Dec. 20. 1000.
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Pepsin. 1 procured a 10c bottle at
"Hud's" pruu Storoaud gave the con
tents to tbe baby according to direc
tions, after which thero was r de
cided Improvement In his condition.
Iluvobcen giving him Dr. Caldwell's
Syrup Pepsin fur about a month with
very satisfactory results, his stomach
and bowels being In a good healthy
condition and his former weight re
gained. Very truly yours.
Allik Jackson.
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Citizenship Cases.
Practically all of the contest
cases of the Chorokeea have been
heard and finally disposed of and
next week will be taken up tbe
cases ol the freedmen. There are
something like 1300 of these caaea
and it will probably fake aa long
to dispose of tbem as it did the
Cherokee doubtfula. The Chero
kee attorneys made a record ol
1275 cases in less than two months
and it ia believed the freedmen
CJsea will be finished in a short
The Oreat Dismal Swamp
Or Virginia Is a breeding ground of
malaria germs. So Is low, wet or
niarhy ground everywhere. These
germs cause weakness, chills and fe
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Another Frisco Wreck.
The, Frisco new fast train suffered
another wreck yosterday east of
Springfield. Roadmastcr, T. U. Par
sous, who was riding In tbe cab, was
killtd. Tbo wrecked cars aro tho
finest and uowost owned by the com
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Tbo deed to the lot on which tho
Fite-Ro-vsoy building stands was re
turned from the secretary of tbo In
terior, approved, yosterday. Tho
same day a deod was filed transfer
Ing tho property from E. L. Ha'.soll
to Messrs. Flto Uowsey, the consid
eration being 126,000, Muskngco
Pneumonia is Robbed of its Terrors
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tbe racking cough and heals and
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Sale of the Spring
Strong Opposition to Ratification of
Creek Agreement.
Opponents of tbe Creek agree
ment aay that tbe clause relating
to the maximum valuation of SO. 50
an acre ia a great fraud. Ono
fifth of the leBteea, it ia claimed,
hold land worth S25 to 8100 an
acre, and four-fifths hold land the
average value of which ia from 82
to 84. The secretary acknowl
edges that the agreement is a great
injustico and yet acquiesces. An
agent of the Indian Rights associ
ation pronounces it a great fraud
on four-fiftba of tbe Indiana,
who are not able to protect them
selves. Tho facts will be presented
to the senate and house commit
On Body omurdered Alan Contained
Description of tils Slayer.
John Love, a negro, has been
arreeted at Ardmore for the mur
der of Alfred GraveB, who was
found dead in a ravine near Homer.
Love la held without bail to await
the action of the grand jury. The
evidence showed that Graves bad
been struck upon the head with a
blunt instrument and bia throat
cut. The strongest evidence
against Love waa a note found in
thn old man's pocket, giving a
description of Lovo and Btating
that the negro was following him.
After Seventy-five Years
A visit to tbe old borne Is ono of the
most delightful experiences ot old
age. In New England more aodmure
has been uado each jcar of feeling
for tlie old homestead, and It Is only
natural that tbo "old homo" paper,
Tbe Youth's Companion, should par
llclpate In this rcoewal ot "old home"
Last week tbo publishers of Tho
Youth's Companion enjoyed a visit
from one ot their sevcuty-flve-ycur
subscribers, Mr. It. W. 1'eabooy ot
Chicago, now Dim y-ono years old, who
had bcrt spending a few weeks In
Ncw,Eiigland. Ho Is one of tho few
subscribers on record who has taken
Tbo Youth's Companion continuously
since its first Issue, April 1;, 1827.
The letter In which bo sent his
original subscription was ono of tbo
first ho ever wrote Tarnuub young
manhood, maturity and old -ace,
through tlmos of np-r and times ot
peace, In Now England and n tbo
West, through all tho last seventy
five years ot his life, his ono constant
companion has been tbo old Youth's
Tho urowth ot Tbo Companion
Itself from tho first small four-page
Issues to the great fatally paper ot tbo
present Is merely typical of the urowth
ot the country during Mr. Peabody's
lifetime. Tho wonderful triumphs ot
steam and electricity; tbe great D.
vontlons that made the nineteenth
century what It was, nearly all
occorred in tho period through which
Mr. Poabody and Tho Youth's Com
panion bavo passed slue by side.
Tne regard Mr. Peabody holds for
tho paper Is nat becauso ot Us age.
but becauso tbe paper although tbe
same la purpose In Its last issuo as la
that ot seventy-livo years ago, has
kept paco with a'l tho extraordinary
devcfP,iiUientsft.theso threo genera
tions, and Instead of growing old has
grown young n enterprise, la origi
nality; nnd In the ability to know and
supply tho literary wants ot tho
American family.
Nearly every person needs a tonic
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Uinifa, Ind. Ter.
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L. V. Parker. Jr
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w ii. barroaxb.
Thoj. T.
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VOL. XX. NO. 3
VttA L Kellsy.
w ic ucuxrg
Consistent with Sound Banking
Certificates ot Deposit.
mi'i. wKam mh u.
- rr wr lUctory, tou can ictara tb Ytbkij
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