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VOL. XX. NO. 34
I Fare fir&pe Cream ol Tarlai powder
Highest Honors, Wtrhft Fair
Gold Modal, Mldwlntw Fair
Residences Being Erected In
Unprecedented Numbers
This Spring.
In Addition to Those Now in
Course of Erection Will be
Built Before the Gioee
of Summer.
If t hero is an unemployed artisan
In Yinita, it is beoausebe does not
want to work.
In every section of the town
new residences are going up as if
by magic, and a email army of
workmen are taxed to the limit (f
their abilities to finish the work
within tho contracted time ao as
to commence the other building
contracts awaiting them.
A pleasing sight In connection
with this unprecedented building
boom, aro the curling columns of
smoke arising from chimneys of
the new dwellings baforn the mor
tar is dry.
As the workmen gather up their
tools to leave tho completod reel-
dances, a family enters to take up
their permanent abode in the
Qeeen Glty of tba territory.
It is estimated by the several
contractus in Vinita, that about
sixty new residences have- been
built since January 1st. Theae
comprise nearly ever stylo ol the
cottsge type. While the majority
of the new structures have been
erected in tho west and nortweBt
sections of the town, newly shingl
ed roofs and bright new paint, are
in evidence everywhere.
The coming summer will witness
a 'continuation of the good work
only on a much larger scale. It is
estimated that a hundred now
dwellings will be erected, a num.
ber of which will be very ornato
in design.
There is a good substantial rea'
son for this great impetus to the
building industry. The influx of
people from every section of the
country to Vinita, during the past
oix months has been remarkable.
They have come quietly and
taken up their residence without
attracting much attention, until
they engaged in some pursuit.
The lack of residence property,
soon became manifest under the
demand made by these new arriv
sis, and though new dwellings
l.ave been erected, continually,
the supply of desirable property
does not yet meet the demand.
The present activity is but a
forerunner of the future, and it is
safe to aay that Yinita will, within
the near futuro, exporienco a
municipal development unequalled
in the history of the country.
Conclude Their Seatlon at Oklahoma
City with Election of
The Grand diopter, Royal Arch
Maaona of Oklahoma and tho In.
dian territory have concluded their
session at Oklahoma Oily.
A proposition to separate the
jurisdictions of Ibe grand chapters
of Oklahoma and Indian territory
was defeated, An appropriation
of $500 was made for the Oklaho
ma City Orphan' home and char
ters for chapters were issued to
Qbawnee and Cheyenne. Guthrie
was selected for the next meeting
place. The following ofiloers
were elected:
Ira B, Kirkland, Muskogee,
grand high priest; II. J. Evans,
Muskogee, grand deputy high
priest; John Coyle, Rush Springs,
grand king: Eugeno Hamilton,
Chlckasha, grand scribe: Henry L
Jarboe, Cuickaaba, grand treiiur
or; Joseph A. Murrow, Atoka,
grand secretary; Iho Rev. A. V.
Frances, Muskogee, granil chap
lain; V. A. MoBrldn, Atoka, grand
leoturer; II. A. Palmer, Ardmore,
grand marshal; James G. Mo.
Knight, Wagonor, grand captain
of the host; William II. E-sox
South McAlesler, grand principal
sojourner; Eugeno A. Lillie,
Weatherford, Ok., grand royal
arch captain; Teague IUy.Gulbrle,
grand master of third veil; G. N.
MoKnight, Center, grand master
of second veil; Arthur A. Bagby,
Pawnee, grand master of first veil.
Provisions (or Sale ol Townsltcs
Raises a Row.
The non-citizen residents of the
Choctaw and Chickasaw nations
are opposing the supplemen
tary agreement recontly sent to
congress because of a provision
which provides for the sale of the
the lownsltes at publio auction.
No legislation in yoars has startled
people so much as thin treaty
which, if passed, will affect thou
sands who have bought right of
possession in these lownB and
orected permanent improvements
with a view of purchasing the lot
at an appraised value. The new
treaty gives the owner ol improve
ments no priority of rights. The
e fleet of the provision is already
being fell. All building In tho
towns has stopped. The railroads
will fight the treaty on account of
the townsito feature. The Choc
taw Indians will also oppose it on
the ground of the coal and asphalt
provision by which it is proposed
to sell the minos 1 1 publio auc
Start Afield Today for Their Work
Among the Fullbloods.
The enrolling parties, who will
make the last eflort to obtain the
signatures of the fullbloods to the
Cherokee rolls, loll Muskogeo last
Thursday morning:
Tho parties have all been mido
up and in addition to those statod
taore will be with each party o
teamstor and two interpreters.
The personnel of the parly is as
Party No. 1 John 0. Uosson,
clerk in charge; W. W. Wallace,
clork; stenographer not yet se
lected. Party No, 2 W. II. Angell, in
charge; J. W. Lhuster, clerk; E,
0. Bagwell, stenographer.
Party No. 3 B. 0. Jones, in
charge; S. R. WalkingBtlck, clerk;
A. R. Church, stenographer.
Party No. 4 M. D. Green, in
'charge; Emmet Star, clerk; Wm.
Hutchinson, stenographer.
Minority Stockholders of Choctaw
Road flay Not Deposit Stock
The sale of the Choctaw, Okla
homa & Gulf railway to the Chi-
cago, Rock Island & PaclQo rail
way system does not meet with
the unanimous approval of tho
stockholders of the first named
company. A representative of the
majority stockholders has staled
that the large holders objected to
the deul on the ground that the
purchase price was too low, It
is aloo stated that the dissatisfied
stockholders would decline to de
posit their stock
A representative of tho majori
ty etockholaera confirmed the
statement that the Chicago, Rock
Island & Pacific company was the
purchaser and added that this was
tho first bona fide offer ever made
for the purchase nf the Chootaw,
Oklahoma & Gulf railroad,
I. 0. 0, F. SESSION,
Orand Lodge Electa Officers for
Ensuing Year.
The grand lodge I. 0, 0. F. in
Indian territory, in annual seBaiou
at Durant have elected the follow
ing officers; W. T. Gardner, grand
representative, Ardmore; W. J,
Burnett, grand master, Sapulpa;
J. A. Ruse, deputy grand master,
Chlckasha; Amos Parkinson,
grand warden, Wagoner; G. II.
Alexander, grand secretary, Mus
kogee; T. L. Waters, grand treas
urer, Eufaula; G. A. MoBrlde,
grand lodge trustee, Wagoner.
Tho grand lodge located the
orphans home at Ohecotah, and
that place was selected as the next
plaoe of meeting.
Katy Olflcera Re-Ukctcd.
At the meeting ol tbo M., K. &
T, railroad company at Parsons
yesterday, tbo board of directors
were ro-electod and thoy in turn
re-elected the old olHoers lor tho
ensuing yaar.
Soper's Carpet Bag Bill Of
fered To the People At
Any Old Price.
Whon Introduced By Quarles In
Tho Senato, but Still Contains
Provisions for Retention
OfSoper etal. At The
Pie Counter.
After becoming badly shop worn
In tho house of representatives tho
lion. P. Loland Soper has removed
the frayed out remnant of his
measure for tho perpetuation of
carpet baglsm in the Indian Terri
tory to the' United StateB senato,
There Senator Quarles has offered
it at a cut price without a murmur
from a taker.
How many times thn senator
visited tho senate thirst parlors,
boforo screwing his courage to the
slicking point, deponent eayeth
not. It must have been a severe
drain on the supply of the product
which made his native city famous
for surely friendship alone, could
never have nerved him to the
The carpot bag dream was
slightly amended before evon
Quarles would aisumo tho respon
sibility for its introduction in the
senate, It now provides for twenty
eight counties. The court of ap
peals is to designate county scats;
a recorder of deeds is to be elected
for four years: the district judge is
to appoint a county judge to Berve
four years, a deputy United States
marshal is to be ex-olilcio sheilff
of each counly, and each court is
to havo a clerk. Then cornea tho
appointment of a veritable Pooh.
Bab. This is the foature that the
ward of Cy Loland loves to linger
It is disguised under the com
mon appellation of "Attorney
General." The "attorney gene
ral" shall also bo presiding officer
of the Dawes commission, "Pur
veyor of the publio atmos
phere," Regulator of the publio
speech," "Censor of the preBB,"
etc., etc., etc.
The ono break in the succession
is tho failure to empower him to
appoint the "jury commission
ers," which leads to lbs belief
that Judge Springer's lesson has
not been forgotten.
The remnant is typically Soper
esque, It demands the earth and will
get about the same consideration
from congroes as its author will
from tho people of tho territory.
Night Watchman Captures a Burglar
at Purcell.
A night watchman saw three
burglars at work in Blanohard's
dry goods store at Purcell Thurs
day morning. He went in at the
back door and captured one of the
men. Ono of the others ran out
and the other jumped through a
plato glass window. Several shots
were fired, but nono took efleot.
Officers are on the trail of the
burglars with bloodhounds.
They had entered twu otbor
The work of the gang was simi
lar to that of the burglar recently
captured in the Darrough Hard
ware store and who later oscapod
from the holdover. It is possible
that the much wanted Mr, John
son is in the toila again.
On Frisco
Has Ueen
The proposed fast mail service
on the Frisco system, has been in
definitely postponed owing to the
decision of the railroad company
that they could not oporate 'the
service without loss,
In response to petitions from
numerous points for the establish
ment of the service, postofDce de
partment wired to tho officials of
the "FrUoo" and received a reply
that the plans for an early morn
ing train out of St, Loula would
depend largely upon tho attitude
ot the government in the matter
of apodal compensation; that tho
train would not pay from a pas
songer standpoint, and the com
pany could not afford to run it un
lesB tho department could assist u
(P m( Afvw Yll TiitJuMi
" - ' i
Three prominent flguici In tho battle
from the present political conditions.
some way. The department re
plied that the government had no
fund from which to pay for special
facilitles;that it stood ready to pay
lor suoh car space as was neces
sary from the date tho train start
ed, and to pay for the increased
weight (carried from tho com
mencement of the regular contract
term. This information was com
municated to Vice-President Win
chell, of tho Frlco, who decided
that his company would not start
the train at this time.
Conclude Their Conclave at South
flcAlester with Election of
The Grand Commandry of tho
Knights Templar of the Indian
Territory concluded their eighth
annual conclave at South MeAlea
tor, with the election of the fol
lowing officers.
D M flailey, South MoAleBter,
eminent grand commander.
H J Evans, Muskogee, grand
D M Williams, South McAlesler
Y E deputy grand commander.
A N Francis, Muskogee, grand
captain general.
W F Bowman, Ardmore, grand
senior werden.
Frank Smith, South McAlesler,
grand junior warden.
Grant EvanB, Muskogee, grand
Q B Kirkland, Muskogoe, grand
J S Murrow, Atoka, grand re
corder. Ardmore was BelecUd as the
place for the next meeting, the
second Tuesday in April, 1003.
Chccotah'a Representative at I. O. 0.
P. Seaslon Mad tho Coin.
The Grand Lodge I. 0. 0. F. at
their Durant session, selected
Ohecotah as tho place lo build
their widows and orphans home.
The contest narrowed down to
Durant and Cbecotah and when
Cbecotah's representatives pre
sented a certified check lor (5,500
and a deed to tho land necessary
for the eite, the vote which fol
lowed gave ber (he institution by
a good majority.
Tho home will be built by the
Odd Fellows at a cost of 85,500.
Within Kb walls the protecting
wing of the I. 0. 0. F. in Indian
territory will shield the widows
and children of departed members,
Secretary Hitchcock has Directed
Immediate Distribution of
Secretary Hitchcock has direct
ed that $25,000 of the proceoda de
rive! from the Bale of townslte
property in the Choctaw nation
be made immediately availabe for
relieving tho distress "prevailing
among the Ohootaw Indians, The
money will be distributed by gov
ernor Dukes and Mr. Shoenfelt,
the agent.
A Chattanooga Druggist's Statement.
Robt. J. Mlllor, Proprietor of tbo
Road House, Drug Store ot Chattanoo
ga, Tcnn,, writes. "Thero Is tnoro
merit In Foley's Honey and Tar than
In any other cough syrup, The calls,
for It multiply wonderfully and we
sell mure ot It than all other cough
syrups combined." For Sale at
I People's Drug Store. dw
of the Indian Territory for relief
Mayor-Elect Parker Tells St
Louis People About the
Queen City.
The Coming City Administration
Has in Rogard to the Im
provement of Streets and
Tells of Our Great
Natural Advan
tages. Mayor-elect Luman F. Parker,
Jr., was in St. Louis on businetB
pertaining to proposed municipal
improvements here, and has given
the following interview to a rep
resentative of the Globe-Democrat
in regard to tho advantages of the
Queen City of the territory:
"Vinita is certain to become one
of tho big towns of the territory.
It already has electric lights,
wholesale houses, newspapers
colleges and other improvements,
and the streets are to be graded
and improved with Joplln white
gravel at once. Arteeian water
has been brought in within the last
year, and thero nro now twelve
wells in the towu, of an average
capacity of 100,000 gallonB pei
day. These wells not only sup
ply tho town with water, but have
Riven rise to a unique feature of
municipal life, namely, publio
bathhouses. These aro owned in
partnership by several families
and are a great convenience The
water is soft and very fine for the
skin. The wells are about 800leet
deep. The water has sulphur in
it and malarial and similar dis
eases have decreased 75 per cent
since its discovery.
"The CherokeeR, who have
failed to ratify the treaty with the
United StateB government for the
allotment of their lands, will have
the lands allotted to them without
a treaty, beginning July 1. Prepa
rations for the allotment are now
under way, and the Indians, mean
ing by that the '1000 fullbloods and
82,000 mixed bloods, are generally
reconciled to it. Each citizen ol
tho nation will receive eighty
acres of land.
"The resources of that country,
in farming and grazing lands,
gas, coal, timber ana minerals are
almost unlimited and will ba de
veloped with a rush ae boon as
titles aro assured. Fifty years or
progress will be compressed into
five, from the present outlook."
No Distribution of Funds Until
rollmenti Is Completed,
The secretary of the interior has
decided that under existing condi
tions he can not comply with the
request of the Ohootaw Indians for
relief. Tho OhootawB now have
about 600,000 in tholr fund, which
tbey wish to havo distributed. The
secretary holds that the fund can
uot be divided per capita until the
enrollment of tho tribe has been
Foley's Kidney Cure makes kidneys
ntA Marfrln.!. ! Ttnnlr. rlAlau fair.
lag. For Bale at.Pcople'a Drug SKWdi! land.
Plan for Territorial Form of
Government as Outlined
in Moon Bill.
For tho Consideration of tho Bill
at tho Earliest Possible Mo
ment, and its PaSBago is
Confidently Expected
(This &3slon.
Washington, D. 0., April M,-l
Hon.W. B. Knox, chairman of
the committee on territories of
the house of representatives has
secured the consent of Speaker
Henderson lo allow tho Moon bill
to como up for consideration at
tho earliest possible moment. Tho
bill is properly a privileged one;
yet its advocates deem it best to
solicit the co-operation of tho pre
siding officer of tho house. This
point being gained, it only re
mains for a day lo bo set when
congress will lake definite action
giving to the people of the Indian
territory a territorial form of gov
ernment, under the name of the
Territory of Jefferson. There will
be no substantial change in the
bill as reported by the committee
unless it might be to strike out
tbo clause designating the site of
the capilol.
Chairman Knox in discussing
the prospects for statehood of Ar
izona, New Mexico and Oklaho
ma said: "The committee on ter
ritories in rendering a unanimous
report lavorlng statehood were
actuated entirely by the justice of
their mutual claims. I am glad to
say that no element of partlsanism
entered into our deliberations.
They are entltitled to statehood
and congress would bo derelict in
its duty should It not accord these
people the right to govern their
own affairs. I anticipate no se
rious opposition in tho boose. I
believe the popular branch
of congress will do Its full duty.
What the Benate will do, no one
can prophesy.
"The situation in the Indian
territory is an entirely different
problem. The conditions existing
thero aro diflerent; the Indian
treaties preclude the possibility of
statehood at this time, but a terri
torial lorm of government Ib abso
lutely necessary for the protection
of life and property. When the
Indian problemB aro satisfac
torily adjusted, the Indian terri
tory will have the right to demand
statehood, and congress, Ibolieve,
wtfl accord it.
"To deny a territorial form of
government to these people would
be an aot that neither justice or
conscience could sanction. The
claims and representations of the
people of the territory as present
ed to our committee by Mr. Sam
Powell wero bo clear and convinc
ing that opposition to his reason
able demands would border on the
plane of absurdity."
There has been Borne opposition
lo tbo bill as presented to the
house. It has eminated from those
who happen to bo political benlf-
Iciarles under tho existing order of
things. Their efforts have been
devoid of potency. Thn unani
mous report of the committee is
the best evidence that representa
tions were groundless, and un
worthy of consideration.
Book Island Coerced the Choctaw
by Threats of Paralleling.
A representative of the majority
stockholders of the Choctaw
road has given the following ex
planation ot the causes leading to
the sale.
The deoislon to sell was simply
a oholce of two pressing alterna
tives. The majority stockholders
had either to sell at tho price of.
ferod or to ratao a large amount of
money for the extension of tbo
road to Albuquerque, with tho
knowledge that they were to meet
In the future much sharper compe
tition than In the past. The rail-
nay which has now purchased had
given formal notice that it propos
ed to construct a large parallel and
competing mileage should their
offer of purchase ba rejected.
A deal Is now under way, by
which the U$plaw Northern, an
Important feeder of the 00. & 0,
will be absorbed by tbo Rock Is-
With -Hardw
tpAftdV, 0,..
We want your trade; we're after it.
The Bctt Commercial Variety foe
J 00 Kicffer Trees, 2-ycars, strictly first class, 5 to 6 ft. $15.
fOO Kfeffer Trees, 1-year, strictly first class, 3 to 5 ft. $10.00
AH other nursery stock sold direct to planters at lowest possible
prices for high grade goods. Send for list.
...The Cherokee National Bank...
Uinila, Ind. Ter.
O.AJPIT.AX, 25,000.00.'
L. V. ratltor. Jr W. It, Carrounu. W. U. McOsorgt. Kred L Keller.;
E.N. Katcltff. Thos. T. Wtmer. L.K. UcOuffln.
Every Courtesy Extended that Is Consistent with Sound Banking
Interest Paid on Time Certificates ol Deposit.
Dont rT two extra
rarrlicea and nutmi Deal with tho factor.,
KUuidlrrrttocuumereUeaTlusinouanaordoUaratocarTlai burera In nm comer or tie
conntrr v Quote the aarae ratee to jroutbuwe would alio tba larsaei waolmate Jobber and wo
onvr you an assortment to chouM from inch ai so other dealer can mow Wua eVery nurcbai
w lw toe tiroadrat (naraatee. lfltlanotla trerr way aatutactorr, tou can return L vehicle
MM and wa WWW ' cnarjw twin aja, Wttaaalao ' " "mue
Save two
Ton on barons and ctbtr bona equipment
lie ror oar tree illuitratedCAtalosnainwhtchw!
deacriboihabantra,iarreja, nbKton.etc .tnat haral
made our factory famoua for ihttir hurii MAm. D.nt
wail until your neej la
MM m .uv MUUV.U, VJ WW IV. lUlUrV UPC.
So. ton nnn7 TMretauo
wltn leatbrf quarter top.
Snlnmesl Iron CdumMia,
Columbus, 0
StUult, Mo..
Wrlta lo
nritfuo ninnv Pnu T f . TTiTT..
V. L. CiiArMAN, Assistant CasUierJ
First National Bank,
CAPITAL, Sjoo.ooo.
Oldest and Strongest National Bank in the Cherokee Nation.
Does a Safe QenerallBanktnar Business.
F uar.wvnwvi,sv,sy smi'.'w;
What the Eye sees ia telegraphed to the Braiu. The
relationship of the eye aud brain ore very close. If you.
stram the nerves or muscle of the eye the brain is inade
to feel and suffer. Headaches due lo Errors of Refractiou
can be promptly and permanently relieved with th(j..tisc of
properly fitted glasses.
When in need of Spectncl&i or Eyeglasses call and we
uie Should the services of a physician be required I will
frankly tell you. so. 1
Spectuclea $i,co aud upwards.
6 S. Wilson St. Jeweler i 0tk;lin
Fruit Grower in tie West and South
Vice-President. Cathzie
rtroflta when von ha 9
uet one lowe-t whniM-ij. .. nn ... .
tnoro vreealnx; wrlta lo-6ay and
P.O. Box 772.
P.O. Bo 64.
KatUIMrWleAtran I
Durar lianxaa, Vnn XM I
ncartat office.
V.Prra. W. P. PHTTTtM. Cashier.
SURPLUS, fio.ooo.
B.B.fRArSSR, A. L. CJtttCmU., X.ff.
I i
P !
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