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Indian chieftain. (Vinita, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1882-1902, April 24, 1902, Image 1

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( VOL. XX. NO. 3E(gf
1 uS
The difference in
cost between an alum
baking powder and
the highest-class
cream of tartar bak
ing powder would not
amount for a family's
supply to one dollar
a year.
Dr. Price's is the
standard cream of tar
tar baking powder. It
makes the food de
licious and healthful.
NoTn. You cannot, If you
value good health, nfloru to
use cheap, low-grade, alum
baking ponders. They arc
opt to spoil the food : they do
endanger the health. All
physicians will tell you that
alum in food is deleterious.
Four Cattlemen Settle an
Old-Time Feud With
Shot Guns.
J: ,
frhQjFlfiht Sjlnrjed and When the
sllail,hyl Vsa Fired all of
nls Were .
KUlid' or
A Ituil of.lnng ftanding between
Skidmore, tho OoIbroU cat
man, and a cattleman named May
field, came to n tragic ending near
Colllnsvllle Saturday afternoon,
when the men, each accompanied
by a friend, mot on the road and
engaged in a deeperato battle.
Skidmore woe (hot through tho
breast, Euelalning a mortal injury,
a tun ii named Phillips, who no
companied Mayfleld, was instant
Iv killed, and Mayfleld and tho
companion at Skidnioro were both
seriously wounded.
It yub late in (he afternoon
when Skultnore, accompanied by n
.cowboy, left Collinsvllle for
A lew miles west of town they
eucounttreU .Moyfuld and Phil
lips, awaiting them by the road
side. .AH of tho.men were heavl
ly armed and were apparently ex
pecting trouble.
.A8 Skidmore nprroached, May
fieUTruieedlhie shot gun, and firing
sent n charge of buckshot (earing
'through the right breast of Skid-
As the wounded man reeled
from the saddlo, ho turned his gun
on Phillips who was about to fire
at him and sent the contents of
his gun crashing through hit brain,
killing him instantly.
The companion of Skidmore and
Mayfleld turned their gunson each
othor simultaneously and both
twenf down seriously wounded. A
moment later, ond they fired again,
tboth shots taking effect.
Fearing troublo between the
men, a parly of trlends had fol
lowed (hem from (Jolllneville, and
Arrived on the sceno in time to
prevent tho wounded men from
finishing their desperate work.
Tho wounded men, and the
body of Phillips, wero taken into
Gollinsvllle and medical aid sum
Tho phyaloianB pronounced the
wound of Sktdmoro , fatal, and
both ol the other men aro In ft
.critical condition.
Tho trouble between the men
dates back to a comhiUsloner'a
trial, in whiob Skidmore testified
against Mayfleld, and their friends
havo ixpeoted trouble between
uem .
Ccnsfi Conquered Urltaln,
Malaria was cooqucrcd by Sim
mon's &ucr rurlller (tin box.) Pro
tected from moliture, duls nnd In
lccts, Olean tho complexion, cures
constlpatlun1 aids and corrects action
Of tho Hyer. w
" ' tRWFBi t li o r
Officials of the New -City Government Inaugu
rated Last Week.
With a business like simplicity
and celerity Ihe new city Officials
were Inaugurated lout week, and
assumed tho resporMhJllly of
making Vinlta a greater and belter
In his inaugural address Moyoi
Parker referred as follows to Ihe
vital questions coi fronting the
new administration:
1 recommend that steps bo taken
to ascertain the elmus of nrgolia
tlons'for tho purchaso of the prop
erly now occupied by our publio
Bchools, tho authority of the school
board in the pnmisep, nnd what
steps, if any, aro neceseay by this
council to acquire title to the
same The levy of tU mills
for school purposes should be
ample for the purposes of this de
partment. FINANCHi. .,
Either the finance committee, or
a special auditing committee
should be diueted to audit tho
books nn(Lrf!cnuntB of the "y
wltliUrtTrolIring olllclalH, ami a
statement mado and pub
lished at tho earliest possible day.
It Is now aflfured that within a
few months, postihly within eixly
days, tho appraisement of lots in
the Cherokee nation will be in
progress I havo the assurance ol
those In authority that Vinita will
he the first appraised While im
provementH should nut be inaug
urated on an extensive ecale until
alter the appraisement and sale of
lots, when tho status of proi.erly
holders will be fixed, there ,uro
many things to which your niton
Hon- should he directed Immedi
ately. I recommend specifically,
that Wilson and Scraper streets
from the Frieco depot to Canadian
avenue, and Illinois .avenue from
tbe-Mr, K.,&T.K U.-Vlp Miller
street, bo immediately put
upon a grade, UBing the best ma
terial' obtainable for the purpoeo
If Joplin rock or gravel should be
selected, I am glad to state great
ly reduced rates may b secured
on Bhinments for the use of the!
city; and that other streets bo
placed upon a grade as rapidly as
the resources of tho city will per
mit. roClr-TAx
To carry on Ibis work it is es
sential that you have the support
of the people flnanciil support I
mean, and if each will do his duly,
it will be forthcoming Let them
respond by promptly paying their
poll tax to tho street commisefoner
or collector. Those who ore able
should be willing to pay St in cash,
because thoy may rest assured it
will be used to bring the largest
returns, and wo all have an in
terest in making it go os far as
postible Thoso who 'urnish their
labor,or that of substitutes, should
respond when tholr eervlces are
rtqulrrd. TboBe who refuso to do
either, vigorous measures ore rec
ommended, InlfiiB connection, I
recommend a resolution be passed
calling upon tho retiring street
commissioner to submit a f full re
port, without delay, showing what
sums were received by jura In pay
ment of th a tax. how they were
applied, who responded by furn
ishlng substitutes, at what places
work was dono, and who on de
mand, declined t, or have not
A grade and uniform width
should be established for side
walks throughout the city without
delay; to tho end that walks now
being builded, as well as others to
be made, may be uniform. Aftor
tbiB 1b done shade trees may be
Bet out along avenues, which will
add much to tho beauty and
worth for residence purposes. The
street committee should repair
and build crossings of Btreels and
urge upon properly holders to
construct walks of uniform and
durable material at onco. Noth
ing will help the looks of a town,
and increase the value of tholr
properly so muoh ai good side
walks. Places which now eeom
remoto from the business teotion
ol the city will become easily ao
cesslble, when this Is done. Good
sidewalks should he required of
railroads at all crossings.
Your attention is called to the
well, wbloh, at you aro aware, is
In a deplorable oonditon. Tula Is
a ioy fiom the last admlnlatra-
tidtf, and whils It is a very desir
able Improvement, in my judg
ment, arrangements should have
been made beforo it was under
taken, to put the well in proper
shape, with fundB at the.r ooin
mand. However, wo must take
hokf of it at onoe. I recommend
our hnrdwnre merchants and
plumbers be invited to submit
within one week, suggestions with
prices, for its Improvement, along
lines to be indicated by the street
and alley committee. I alio sug
gest tho advisability of piping a
portion of .the water to south
park, with two or three hydrants
or drinking founts Along the Hue.
Public parka are Hit grandest
institutions of municipal life.
When properly improved, pro
tooted nnd cared for, they booome
at onoe tho pride and joy of every
one, old and young. Tho Com
mcroial olub has in oonlemplation
the laying out of both North and
South parks with walks and drive
ways, planting of trees and other
jdirubber, and Bowing grass, the
expenso to be defrayed for the
preBint by those owning property
immediately adjacent to Ibem.and
suoh other publio spirited citizens
as will contribute I feel that this
movement should he indorsed and
encouraged by you, and that as
soon as practicable the city should
perform the duly and assume the
burden of caring for the placeB of
public amusement and recreation.
I am happy to announce that
tho fondest hopes of our citizens
with reference to local railroad ter
minals are'in fair prospect o real
ization. Vica President Allen of
qf.the M.JC & T. after an inter
view on tho subject, announced at
St. Lonls 041, Saturday thttt that
cdmpany jvnuhlji$jpljiT vritlu. tho.
i'iiouu uuiuimiiy, uh-huuu ss ar
rangements oould be perfected, to
construct a joint passenger sta'ion
at Vinita, that would anticipate
the growth of the city in its pro-
Lpjntions, five to ten years. Sub
sequently favorable responses
were received from certain of the
Frioo officials President Yoakum
is now in Europe, but it will be
reoallnd ho expensed himself
favorably on this point to a com
mittee of our citizens headed, by
Dr. B. F. Former laet year. This
is- an improvement, the value of
which cannot bo oyer estimated
and 'convenience to our citizens
nnd the traveling publio of- the
highest iniportnnce.
That stops bo taken to encour
age tho iiro depai Intent, "find ar
rangements be made at once fur
attaching tho engine recently pur
chased to the various artesian
wells, and otherwise making pro
visions for its effective tiso.
Tho heated term is now apprach
Ing, and I recommend tho sani
tnry oommitttos inj conjunction
with. tho board of health make a
careful investigation and ascertain
whether tho ordinances with re
ference to health and sanitation
are being carefully observed if not
that warnings be given, and upon
non-oompliunce, reoommendpro8
editions. Sl'MNKLINCI STltKBTS
Tho expanseof sprinkling the
down lawn streets ia a burdensome
one to our merchants and business
men, apjl is one not equally dis
tributed. I reoommend tbiB sub
Jeclor your consideration, and
would suggest that experiments
bo made by the use of tho firo hose
attached to tho well, and a sprlnk-
ling-nozzle to ascertain whether or
not the busyportlon of the city can
not be sprinkled more economi
cally, and possibly at the expense
of the oily,
That negotiations be entered in
to with the proper authorities to
secure, if puHaible the right to use
the U. S. jail at th'a place for the
confinement of persona committed
by the municipal authorities.
IK 0 EN Kit A L.
It is my purpose to onforoe the
ordinances strictly and, to permit
no diatiirbauces within the city
limlto on the Sabbath day. We
have reason to be proid of tho en
forcement of the law by tho United
States and local authorities with
refureuoe to traffic carried on by
joints," and tho sale of drinks as
substitutes for Intoxicating liquors.
With tho co-operation of the Un
ited States'no suoh places will be
pormittod to do business during
our administration if it oan possi
bly bo preventod.
In oonaltiBion, ponrilt me to re
mind vou that, the burdens veu
liave asaumsd will require much
of your Itmti, and most careful
consideration. By accepting the
trust imposed you have impliedly
agreed to givo both, and the inter
est of the city should take preced
ence over those of privatoconcern.
Wo should attend all meetings of
this body, when it 1b possiblo to do
ho, promptly and diligently per
form the woik assigned to us.
Wo should encourage immlgra
tlon and investment of outside
capital by every legitime: means.
Give to the vietlor u hearty wel
come, and onoournge them to join
with us in making Vinita a mag
nificent and pr perous oily.
Will Porce Advocates of Statehood
Hill Into Antagonizing Other
Friends of the statehood bill
havo beoome convinced that
Speaker Henderson has evolved a
clever scheme to keep Oklahoma,'
New Mexloo and Arizona out of
tho Uhion. For the third llrao,
friends of statehood appealed to
tho speaker yesterday to name
a day for considering tho state
hood bill. They received no sat
isfaction. Some lime ago the
speaker informed Mr. Knox,ohair
man of the committee, that a day
would be fixed bf the committeo
on rules. But the day has never
come. Friends of the bill are now
Inclined to think that the speakers
objecWls to force tho atatehood ad
vooales to antagonize other legis
lative interests.
The omnibus statehood bill is a
privileged mensuro nnd can be
called up at any time on n majori
ly vole qf tho houje.. If the state.
hood bill Is cailod up with a rule
tbo friends of whatever measure it
hbB displaced will bsoome indig
nant and try to get satisfaction by
defeating it
t. i - u ' i ;.,... ,J
nftha Mil l.nira .,nl,l ..,.1 .,. .. I
'czir" of the house that the ad.
mission of three new states to the
Union was ol more national im
portance than other measures
pending Up to this time the
speaker alone has absolutely pre
sented any consideration of tho
bill by ooogress.
Have Won Mention on-llonor Roll
of Female Seminary,
The following ! the honor roll
at tho Femalo seminary for the
past month:
Seniors Bulah Edmonson, 05;
Lola Ward. 95; Olara Tyler, 97;
Genobia Ward, 9G.
Juqjors AJaud MoSpadden, 97;
Lizzlo MoSpadden, 95; Suste Scott,
95; Viotorla Foreman, 95.
Sophmores Amanda Morgan,
Freshmen Mamie Butler, 90;
Lola Garrett, 97; Mina Johnson,
95; Annabel Price, 96: Ethel
Scales, 96; Beeslo SkfUmore, 98;
Martha Wallace, 07.
Sixth Grade Edith Stover, 97;
Fannie Holland, 90; Eertha Pat
rick, 95
Fifth Grade Clyde Horn, 90;
Fannie Ridge, 03; Florence Payne,
97; Rachel Ratlifi, 97; Nola Mon
roe, 97; Ruth Golt.OG; Rosie Lun
dy, 96, Allie Johnston, 95; Hope
Bowman, 05; Susie Piorae.OS, Liz
zie Frailer, 95; Birdie Satlle, 05;
Alloo Snell, 95.
Primary School Llllie Bssvert,
97; Teatsle Uoye, 95; Oynthia
Downing, 9f; Oojra Flejds, 95; Ju
lia Mellon, 95; Alma Mayfleld,
95; Sarah Runyon, 95; t'elia
Welch, 95J
List of Those Who Will Complete
Their Course This Year.
The graduates from the semin
aries this year will be as follows:
Female seminary Olara Tyler,
Luoy Starr, Surah Ballard, SubIo
Sevier, Lizzie Ross, Byrd Faulk
uer, Goldle Barker, Lola Ward,
Mary Ridor, Qenobla Ward Bu
lah Edmonson.
Male Semindry Geo.W.FleldB,
Willto Soolt, Ohas. S. Monroe, G.
Owon Grant, Dennis MoNalr,
Olyde Freeman, I'rancla W, Oay
wood. The clnea honors were won
by Willie Scott, Owen Grant.
Notice to Cherokee emigrants
I will remain In Pryor Oriole, I. T.,
olio month more with tho Emigrant
Vay-ruill qf 1857 It Is protlUblo fo
ull emigrants to loavo tliolr status.
It costs uothlnjr to look unless you do
That Washington Dispatch
Quoting Him" as Op-
pospd to Division
Was False.
As Published, In Tolo, Though
He Stales- That he is Op-
poeed to Any Legislation
Except Statehood for
Au alleged interview with
Win. M. Mellette by their Well
ington correspondent, in which bo
was quoted aa being opposed to
the division of the Northern Ju
dicial district, and as expressing
an endorsement of the present car
petbag regime in tbo territory, was
published in tbeArdmorelte Wed
U"itay. The purported interview raised
a storm of indignation though the
general sentiment was to defer
judgment until Mr. Mellette was
given an opportunity to explain!
On his return from Washington
Friday morning Mr. Mellette
denied having given the interview
and was especially forceful in hie
denihl of bolbg opposed to a di
vision of tho Northern district In
regard to the other sentiments ex
pressed in the alleged inter
view', Mr. Mellette stated that he
was opposed to any territorial leg
islation, as he considered it would
jeopardize the chances for state-
hood, and thought that the pres
ent regime should continue until
such time as the territory could
obtain statehood.
The', interview as published,
after noting the presence of Mr.
Mellette in, Washington, read as
"The only thing wo need .par-
""' '" " " "J "' lb'"lluul
said Mr. Mellettee, "is authority
from tho national congresB to elect
a delegate to the boueo of repre
sentatives, to look after our in
terests. The trouble has been that
ooogress has not been fully advised
In regard to our needs. People
come on here from the territory,
bdvooato variouB schemes and
without careful investigation con
gress enacts them into a law. The
result is that we are constantly
kept In a chaotic condition, never
k no wing-exactly whero we are.
"At presont congress is creating
a new judicial district in Indian
territory. Whilo I am not oppos
ing this legislation, it eeema to
me that it is wholly unnecessary.
Tho district attorney in tho North
ern district, and the United States
marshals- have no difficulty in
handling tbo business coming be
foto their respective offices, and
Ihe department is entirely satis
fied with their work. It seems to
me that if the present officers can
diBoharge all of the duties re
quired of them in the present ju
dicial district, that it is merely a
waste of money to create two die
trlcts out of (bo territory embraced
in tho prasent district. But there
are ambitious men throughout the
oouniry wuo woutu like to Berve
Unolo Sam In a remunerative of
floe, even in the Indian territory,
and as a result they havo ap
pealed to thel senators and rep
resentatives, with, the result that
a new judicial district is to be
provided for the purpose of taking
oara of them.
"Personally I am opposed to any
territorial legislation by this con
gress. Wo are prospering in the
territory under the present gov
ernment, which is exclusively
unoTer the control of the courts.
We havo good judges, and things
are proceeding smoothly. The
Dawes commission is making
rapid strides toward the complo
Hon of tbo work of dividing up
the Indian lands. To create a
territorial form of government at
tbia timo would merely tend to
oonfuso matters' and result in n
backward movement, from which
we would not recover for poBBibly
two years. L want to see the work
of progress and development pro
coed unmolested. Aside from
permitting us to send a represen
tative to congress to lo k after our
interests, and possibly the crea
tion of a syetom for the collection
of taxes for the maintenance of a
publio school system, tho lesa leg
islating congress does the bettor
off tho people will be.
"If thoy will let us alone, la
three or four years' llmo we will
be in a oondllion for statehood. I
want to see statehood with Okla
homa, for I do not believe that
either territory is sufficiently largo
in area to maintain, without ex
orbitant taxation, etate form of
government. In four years tho
lands of the Indians will all have
been allotted, and tho work of tho
Dawes commission onnoluded; the
Indian nations will have beoome
extinct, muoh land will be pros
perous arid ready to join Oklahoma
in tho establishment and mainton- A
nnco of a etato form of govern
ment without any burden to our
Has Been Submitted to Con
gress by the Secretary
of the Interior.
A bill has been submitted to
congress by Secretary of the Inter
lor Hilcbcook, providing for the
allotment of the lands and final
adjudication of tho affairs of the
Cherokee nation.
Accompanying the bill, which is
practically the memorial in a mod
ified form, which was passed by
the last council, is a recommenda
tion that the bill be passed with
out a provision for submitting it
to the the nation for ratification.
The passage of tbo bill ia urged by
the eeoretary to enablo the depart
ment to speedialy adjqdioate the
affairs of the tribe.
The important features of the
bill proposed by Mr. Hitchcock
are as follows:
The-landa shall be appraised at
their true value, without reference
to their location or to improve
ments thereon. Tb appraise
ment will be made by the Dawes
-' Each Cherokee will be entitled
to an allotment of 100 acres of
average Value. Forty ncr" d a!
lotment shall be designated as a
homestead, which shall not be
alienable for a period of twenty,
ono years. A separate dejdshjilll
be fssneii to ffio nSmeVTea'd. ''
After tho allotments have been
made, tbe surplus lands shall be
sold at auction, and the funds de
rived therefrom apportioned, per
capita, to the members of the
tribe. Tiie portion of tbe allot
ment, In excess of the homstead,
may be sold by the allotee, one-
fourth of tho aoreogo in one year,
one-fourth in three years and toe
balanco in five years.
Excess holdings by members of
the tribe is prohibited, and the al
loleea are guaranteed peaceful and
undisputed possession of their al
lotments. . Excess allotments are
strictly prohibited.
Mineral lauds shall be segrega
ted from the allotments and .sold
at publio auction, the proceeds to-
be divided among the members of.
tbe tribe.
The tribal relations of the Cher
okeea shall be dissolved on March
4, 1906.
Allotments may be rented for a
period not exceeding five years.
Delaware Indians shall be entit
led to share in the allotments of
land and distribution of tbe funds
of tbe Cherokee, as their rights
may be determined by the court of
claims, or by tho United Slates
Supreme court; Pending tho de
cision of these rights the Dawes
commission is Instruoted to Bet
aside 157,600 acres of laud for the
The usual reservations for
schools, townsitea, oimetories and
othor publio purposes are made,
The roll of citizens will bo made
as of July 1, 1902, and all peraonB
then living, as members ol thojtribo
eball be, entitled to enrollment.
No application for enrollment shall
he received after August 31, 1902,
and no white person who has in
termarried with a Cherokee eincp
Deoember 16, 1S05, shall be ontit
to enrollment or participation in
the distribution of tbe property of
tho Cherokeea.
Oovemnient Obtains Injunction In
the Celebrated Crowder City
Judgo W. II. II Ulayton ol the
central district has enjoined Dr.
W. E. Orowder, founder of the
town of Orowder Oily, from the
furthor sale of lots.holding that
an Indian cannot sell any part of
his allotment Judge Clayton, in
the decision, said that, whilo an
Indian could not sell his land ub
lots, yet he could In any other
way, which, la ooiiHtrued to mean
that If by leasing he could procura
a town cf two hundred inhabitants
he could compel tho government
to plat Ihe town, under tho Atoka
With Hardware rl
I i.
I r Y
5U0 EHH El l
"MP -W 9IWIb9HH , s
We want your trade; we're after it.
Oliver lUnnv. Pri-i. I. O. rTAtr..
.- . -- - - -
w. u. viiAr;iAN, Assistant lasmerj
First National Bank,
CAPJl,ALt $100,000.
t-i-rie-8ni1 WW)
uoob a aaro uonorni;uanKinff uuilnosa. .
...The Cherokee National Bank...
Ulnita, Ind. Ter.
CAPITAL 25,000.00.
L.K. Fatter Jr W H. Dorrouuli
E. N. Uatclltr. TLoi. T.
every Courtesy Extended that is Consistent with Sound Banking
Interest Taiil ou Time Certificates ol Deposit.
Mkviy w.''Vi'b --tyn
now woma you
Answer this ImportantQuestion?
Assume tho Vinita National Bank would gunrnntooto
plnco to your crodit .
to Lo paid to your family in tho event of your - doath at
any timo, oxneting only on your part tfio payment of a tax
(for oxample, at tho ago of. thirty, amounting to 3.1 por
cont.) and this only for tvfcnty years, receiving in person
if thon living, a return IN OASII exceeding fifty per cent,
of all tcixoa paid, the
guarantee still holding good. Although tax payments
havo cuasod you still receive an annual cash dividend.
Would You Pay Th Tax ?
The Kansas Mutual Life
Insurance Company
Issues such guarantees, and the Inhikakik, Dkpaht
ikvt of the state verifies ijp contracts.
Full information as to exact coat at your age will be
ohoorfully furnished on applieation to
JOS." P. SCOTT, Agent,
"1847" Rogers Bros'
Knives, Forks and Spoons, nnd many pieces ol Sterling
WUen you wautauyUtlng in tbia line ot any article f Jwlry call
and we what I have
' ' 11 "
Pine and cojupltcalcjl wqtcu rcptrim
cheapest hut
26 S. Wllsou St.
V.PrM W. T Pitttrt n.i.i...
- --- '--------.-.., .V.. -.
Cashr 1
W It. ifcO ro. Bred I. Keltij.
Wtmer. L. K. McOuOln.
vinua, i. j,, 4
a a tptcuiUy.
e BUST work at ail turn.
$&& ii"riT f li 1
ttemmitmm&mv ill
August Schliecker,
Jeweler and Optician

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