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VOL. XX. NO. .38
TKe difference in
cost between an alum
baking powder and
the highest-class
cream of tartar bak
ing powder would not
amount for a family's
supply to one dollar
a year.
Dr. Price's is the
standard cream of tar
tar baking powder. It
makes the . food de
licious and healthful.
Note. You cannot, II you
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npt to spoil the food : they do
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physicians will tell you that
alum in food is deleterious.
final Report
Of Grand Jury Returned tp
Court and Mombors aro
Being Cleared Daily From Crlru
inal Docket and the Civil
' Docket is Expected to be
Beached Within a
oeivlng Btolerr property
transferred to Muskogee.
Frank Lewie entored plea of not
guilty to charge of larceny and re
ceiving stolon property. Caso
transferred to Muskogee.
John Lowman plead guilty to
churge oi larceny and emhz and
was glvon two years in Ft. Leav
Boozier Saiiders plead not guilty
to charge of assault to kill and
case was continued.
Perry Remberton plead guilty to
charge of aggravated assault. As.
sessed 850 and costs and ono hour
in jail.
Mllo Brady plead guilty to tho
charge of introducing liquor. Sen
tence deferred.
at present
Came up for Consideration
in tho House of Repre
sentatives Yester
i day.
aud dendandod
term of court.
Tho caso of Jacob Brown and
Forty Four charged with murder
was transferred to Muskogeo.
Sanlord Ferryman plead guilty
to introducing and dispensing
liquor and was sentenced to 30
days Murkogeo jail and fined 810.
W. I. Slarkey will spend 00
days in Muskogee jail and pay 825
fine on his ploa of guilty to int
and dis'pliq.
Jack Poter a boy of sixteen plead
guilty to disponing liquor and
wsa1 orderod reloased on his per
sonal recognizance until tbo next
term of court.
Tom Henderson plead not
I guilty to larceny charge. Case
John Big pond and John Tiger transferred to Muskogee
Tho omnibus statehood bill was
called in the house of representa
lives one day laHt week. Not
more than one-fourth of the house
members wero in their seats, when
tho speaker called Mr.Hemingway
of Indiana to the chair to preside
over the house In committee of
the whale.
"But very little interest was man-
ifeBtod during tho explanation of
the bill, though some enthusiasm
was started by Cougreseroan McRae
of ArknnsaB who made an impas
sioned appeal for the relief of the
Indian territory.
The debate was opened by Mr.
Knox, chairman of the committee
on territories.
After calling attention to the
great wrong which bad been done
the terrilorioB through tbo ap
pointmenl of outsiders to ofilceB,
Mr, Knox said: "I am glad, as a
republican, that I am a member of
a party which has pledged itself to
homo rule for theBO territories and
that the republican party has
kopt its pledgee."
Mr. MoRea of Arkansas, at the
conclusion of Knox's speech, offer
ed an amondmentto I In bill which
added nil ot the Indian territory
to Oklahoma and made the two
territories one stale. Mr. McRea
is an impaseloued speaker. He
announced that he wanted it un
derstood he did not object to tho
admission of Oklahoma. He
thought Oklahoma was thoroughly
The grand jury re urned their
final report to tho court Saturday
afternoon and the members were
discharged. Tho eeetion of the
jury has been a remarkable ono,
and breaks the record in the
amount of work accomplished.
A total ol one hundred and ten
true b'lli wero returned during (he
week the jury was in session.
After organizing Monday, only
three cases were considered, but
during Ihe following five days, an
average of over 20 cases a day was
Assistant DlBtriot Attorney
Orrin L. Rider, who was Ibe legal
advietrol the jury, has received
many flattering commendations,
for his success in bringing their
labours to euch a speedy conclu
sion. Truo bills wero returned against
the following at the session of
court Saturday afternoon.
Addison Stewart, incest.
N. J. Paco and John Pace, mur
der. ' J. W. Harrod, int and dis'p llq.
Pratt Childers, laro and reo r p.
J. W. Harrod, charged. with in
troducing and dispensing liquor
entered a plea of guilty, and was
released under his present bond
until the next term of court.
The criminal docket is being
rapidly cleared and it is thought
that the big civil docket will be
reached within a week.
Tbero was no ecBsion of court
Monday owing to Judge Gill going
to South MoAIester to meal the
other judges to arrange the docket
for the next term of the court of
What be
did object to was the willingness
ot congress to leave the Indian
territory ns a foot ball, to be
kicked around by people who
knew nothing about tho conditions
that prevailed tbero. McRea con
tended that the proposed bill was
unfair to the Indian territory. He
insisted that it was an outrage to
penult Oklahoma to organize and
have lis affair a adjusted without
reference to the Indian territory,
and then finally force Indian terri
tory into statehood with tbe or
ganized state, Oklahoma bad only
ten population to the square mile,
while Indian territory bad twelve
Ho regretted to bear his political
friends assert that it waB better to
have two states, and thereby get
four new senators to oflset the
senators from some of the Bmbll
eastern states,. He thought in Ja
meaBuro of this kind congress
should arise abovo nartiBon null-
tics and attempt to leglBlato for the
best Interest of all the people.
Representative MoRae, was fol
lowed by soveral othor epeakors,
who advocated immediate state
hood lor the territories. The de
bate will bo resumed today and a
vote Is expected to be reachod
Botuo time this aflernoori. Tbe
preaonoo of seoral nl the repub
lican leadeis on the floor, leads to
In belief (bat the opposition will
take on important plaoe In to-days
The jury in Ibe case uf Wm.
Hern, charged with passing a rais
ed 810.00 note on tbe Crntralte
Mercantile Co r returnzd a verdict
of not guilty Thursday morning.
Ben Hester waived arraignment
and entered a plea of not guilty to
a cbargo of assault to kill.
The bond of Jesse Burr, charged
with larceny and receiving stolen
property was ordered forfeited on
non-appearance of the defendant.
Geo. 0 Collins withdrew his
plea oi not guilty and entered plea
of eulltv to introducing liquor and
waB released eubjtct to tho order
of 1he court on payment o 830 00
The grand jury roturned twenty,
nine true bills and ignored bills
ogainBt S. P. Taylor and Blue
W. II, Doherty was excused
from duty on the grand jury and
was replaced by Marma Daniels.
True bills have been returned
by grand the jury against the fol
lowing who are in custody;
Jim Gage, larceny.
Frank Lewis, larceny.
Jno. H. Lowman, lar and embz
Ned Island, Henry Island and
Joe Island, murder.
Boogy Sanders, assault to kill.
Ben Hester, assault to kill.
Isom Taylor, assault to kill.
Jacob Brown aud Forty Fouj,
Sanford Perryman, int anddls'p
W. O. Btarkey, int and dis'p
JacobPoler, int and dla'p llq.
Luclan Bufilnglon,. Int and
Willie Lilllehead, int and dis'p
W. H. Turner and Georgia Tur-
ner. laro and reo a p.
Leonard Oliver and Sam Moore
J, C. Johnson and Jasper Doolan
laro and reoB p.
Perry Pemberton, agg asslt.
plead guilty to disturbing peace
and were each sentenced to five
days in Muskogee jail and fined
85 and costs.
E. R, Tanner, who was short in
hla poetoffice accounts, was ro
loosed on paying tho deficit of
822G G8.
Joe Nipp, plead guilty to forni
cation and was sentenced to 89
days at Muskogee.
Bob Hendricks was allowed to
eland on his plea of guilty to dis
turbing tho peace.
Tho trial of Ned Island, Harry
Island and. Joe Island, charged
with murder was transferred to
At this morninc's session of
court Ed Wofiord paid a balance
of $40 80 due on his fine imposed
at last term of court for dielurbl ng
the peace, and was released.
Jop Underwood, plead not
guilty to charge of introducing and
diBpencing liquor.
Tube Smith charged with bur
glary will have bia hearing May
Wm Lynch was acquitted by a
jury on a charge of introducing
Boozier Sanders plead guilty to
assault and battery and was fined
825 and coats. Three 'charges of
assault to kill are still standing
against Boozier. P. H. Anderson
was fined 850 and costs for forcible
entrance on real estate.
Tbe grand jury returned time
bills ogainBt the following this
Boyd Stone, earring weapons
and aselt to kill.
Will WeBt, murder.
John Harris, carrying weapon.
Wm. Mayfield, carrying wea
Geo Wright, forgery.
Jas Goddafd and Charley Pit
houd, burglary.
Tom McGee, larceny.
A. Ward Murray, larceny.
Lacey Raincrow, int and dis'p
Wm. Beaver, int and dis'p liq.
Frank Setser, lntnd dis'p liq.
Jim Greet), int liq.
Will Green, int and dis'p liq.
Spencer Sorrell, murder.
Was not Reached on
Omnibus Statehood
Bill Yesterday.
Leonaod Oliver and Sam Mooro
plead guilty to larceny charge and
wero each sentenced to 15 months
in Ft. Leavenworth.
Tbo caso of J. C. Johnson and
Jasper Doolan, charged with
larceny was tranefessod to Muskogee.
Mllo Brady plean guilty to
liquor charges and was.released on
8500 bond, until next term of court.
Addison S'.ywart, adultery, In
ceBt, rape, carnal know fem. en
tered plea of not guilty.
At .thle morning's session of
court, Bert Gray was finned 8100
and costs on each of two indict
ments for conducting a gembling
Thos. H. Buford charged with
fence cutting filed a demurrer to
indictment. Demurrer confessed.
A. Reynold entered plea of not
guilty to killing a hog.
Buford Patrick entered plea of
not guilty to cbirgo of larceny and
Tho grand jury reported a true
bill ogainBt Pratt Childers on
charge of larceny and reo B p.
Court adjourned morning session
at 10 a.m.
WaB the Defense of "Political Ex
pediency" by Grosvonor of
Ohio, who said Politics
was tbo Paramount
Aro Sustained by tho Su
premo Court of the Dis
trict of Columbia.
The statehood battle wbb con
tinued in the house yesterday, ani
a vote will not be roacbed until
sometime today,
Tho house organization made a
determined opposition to the bill
and attempted to dofeat tho meas
ure through the insertion of an
amendment providing that one
state be formed out of Arizona and
New Mexico. Mr. Moon opened
tho fight with an eloquent plea for
tbo passsgo of tbe bill and was
followed by Mr. Grosvenor of
Ohio, in a speech remarkablo for
its honest confession tlint politics
alone was tbo queallon which in
spired his opposition.
Tbe speaker, practically con
tended that "political expediency"
was more to be considered than
the claims of justice. Delegates
Smith of Arizona and Flynn of
Oklahoma both attacked tbe posi
tion of Grosvenor, and carried tbe
house with them. They were fol
lowed bv Mr. Parker of New Jer
sey in opposition to the bill. Mr.
McReo, at the conclusion of Mr.
Patker's speech, called for bis
The supremo court of the Dis
trict of Columbia has refused the
petition of the Cherokeo nation
for an injunction restraining the
Secretary of tbo Interior from
granting a renewal of the leases
on oil lands to tho Cherokee Oil
and Gas Company.
Tho decision of the court is in
line with the recent decision nf
tho court of appeals in the Line
Wolf caso, that it is competent for
congress to provide for tho leasing
of Indian. lands, or other adminis
tration of their property interests.
Tho decision provides the open
ing wedge, for the horde of oil
pirates, who havo been awaiting
an opportunity to oontrol ono of
the most valuable assets of tho
nation. The land directly involv
ed approximates 12,000 acres.
The oil pirates attempted in the
first instance to obtain control of
about 0-1,000 acres, but later agreed
to accept the lesser acreage, which
contained their actual discoveries.
It was when tho department an
nounced their intention of renew
ing tho leases of tbo company to
tbe lands that Judge Springer ap
plied for the injunction which jbaB
been denied.
An appeal will be taken by the
i mi mm luwmmwmmmmmmmmmmnmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Screen Doors!
With Hardware
50c Each
House Organization go Down
to Defeat on, tho State-.
Will not be Made Until Short
Session, When Strength Suffi
cient to Pass Measure is
Expected to be Enlisted.
Are, After a Century's Preparation
Ready for Statehood, says
Rapid disposition was made of
a number of criminal cases at tho
afternoon session of tbe criminal
court yesterday.
V. 11. Gourd entered plea ol not
guilty to disposing of mortgaged
properly and case was continued.
Jim Gage entered plea of not
guilty to charge ol larceny and re-
Saturday. '
Tho following cases were dis
posed of at the session of tbe Fed
eral court yesterday afternoon:
CharleB Keys and Bill Blue
plead guilty to disturbing tbe
peace and were fined 820.
Will Weil entered plea of not
guilty to charge of murder and.the
oase was transferred to Muskogee.
The bond of John Harris, under
indictment for carrying weapon
was ordered forfeited on non-appearance
of defendant.
Geo. Wright entered ploa of
guilty to charge of forgeqr and will
aojourn at Ft, Leavenworth for
the next two years,
James Goddard plead guilty to
charge of burglary and was sen
tenced to MuBkogeo jail for 00
Tom McGee plead guilty to
charge of larceny and was given a
year and a dayin Leavenworth,
A, Ward Murray plead guilty to
petit larceny and was sentenced to
Muskogee jail for 00 days with an
accompanying fine of S20.
Laoy Raincrow plead guilty to
introducing and dionenslng liquor
and wbb given sixty daya in Mus
kogee jail and fined 825.
Wm. Beaver plead guilty to dis
pensing liquor and will spend tbe
next sixty daya in Muskogee jail
and part with 825.
Jim Green plead guilty to dis
pensing Jiquor, sentenced CO
days in Muskogee jail and
fined 825,
Will Green plead qullty to in
troducing end dispensing liquor
and waa sentenced to Ft. Smith
jail for four months and fined 8100.
W. H. Turner and Georgia Tur
ner pload not qullty to ohargo of
laro and reo a p and case ordered
Isom Taylor entered plea of not
guilty to charge of assault to kill
Without even bo much as a
formal roll call, tho omnibus state
hood bill, admitting Oklahoma,
New Mexico and Arizona, passed
the house yesterday. Not a vote
was caat against tho bill, which
Speaker Henderson had opposed
from the very beginning of the
sosBion. The last effort of the re
publican house leaders to debate
tbe bill waB an Ignominious defeat
for the oligarchy. Grosvenor of
Ohio made a speech Thursday af
ternoon in which ho declared that
the plank in tho republican na
tional platform favoring the ad
mission of Oklahoma, Arizona and
New Mexico as states was "Quig
ged" through. Ho had reference
to Eli Quigg of New York, and
followed with the statement that
not one delegate in ten in the
Philadelphia convention knew
anything about it. Overstreet of
Indiana oflered at tbe cIobo of
Thursday's session an amend
ment combining New Mexico and
Arizona as one state, and about
this amendment tho opposition
took its stand.
An effort to get a republican
conference failed and when the
vote was finally taken only twenty-eight
republicans voted for
tbe amendment intended to com
plicate tho situation and defeat
the omnibus bill.
This defeat settled the fato oi
the bill and further effort wbb
made by the house organization to
appose its paeasgo, Tbe bill will
go to the Senato and rest peacea
bly with th Benete committee on
territories until the short session
of Congtesc, Friends of (ho meas
ure will not Beek to havo it re
ported at tills soeelon, but claim
they will havo sufficient strength
to force a report and its passage at
Its short session. .
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amendment introduced yesterday
Tho amendment offered by McRae
included tbe Indian territory as
part of tun stato of Oklahoma and
"That tbe inhabitants of all
that part oTlhe'UuUed States con
stituting the territory of Oklaho
ma and tbe Indian territory,
namely, that eeetion of the coun
try bounded on the north by the
Btates of Colorado and Kansas, on
the cast br tbe states of Arkansas
and Missouri, on tbe south by the
stale of Texas, and on the west by
tho state of Texas and tbe terri
tory of New Mexico, may become
the Btate of Oklahoma aB herein
after 'provided. Provided, that
nolbingvin this act shall be con
strued to impair any right now
pertaining to any Indian tribe or
tribes in Bald territory under tbe
laws, agreements or treaties of the
United StateB, or to affect the
authority of tbe government ot tbe
United States to mako any regula
tions or to make any law respect
ing said Indians or their lands
which it would have been compe
tent to mako or enact if tblB act
bad not been passed."
Mr, Lloyd of Missouri raised
the point of order that the amend
ment was not germane, but was
overruled. Tbe Bereeant-al-armB
brought into tbe house and placed
on an cbbbI a map, showing the
boundaries ot Oklahoma and tha
Indian territory. Mr. MoRae got
in front of tbe big easel and point-
od to tbe map after the manner of
a school teacher with a chart. The
Indian territory was marked in
red, and in impassioned language
the apeaker wanted to know what
excuse tho committee had to offer
for admitting all the territory in
the United States aB states except
this particular territory.
Mr. Lloyd replied to MoRae.
He waa aware, ho eaid, that the
people of the Indian territory wero
sadly in .need of some form of
government. All that any friend
of tho Indian territory could right
fully ask, tho speaker was ready
to grant. The committee on ter
ritories had carefully considered
tho situation and had agreed to
favorably report the Moon bill,
which would give the Indian ter
ritory a territorial form of govern
ment. Arizona aa a territory had
served ite prbbationary period.
New Mexico bad served Its proba
tionary period, and so had Okla
homa, but tbe Indian territory
never had any government except
that of the Indian tribes, and wae
not yet ready for statehood,
The McRae amendment wbb lost
by a vote of 130 to Go", and the dis
cussion cf the bill by sections waa
taken up, and waa in progrees
when adjournment was taken.
During tho course of his epeacb
on l Pbillipine question, Sena
tor Burton of Kanees, made the
following reference to the political
prospects of the Indian territory:
"I do not know bow long it will
take to civilize the Phillipines. It
bas taken a cenlury to bring the
people of the five civilized tribes
of ,tbo Indian torritory up to tbe
standard of citizenship, but tbey
are now ready for it. Their terri
tory will soon be admitted as a
territory or aa a part of a Btate.
Tbe people of tbe Indian territory
are a splendid class of Americans
and many of them are equipped
for eervico in congress or in any
other position of responsibility."
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flfivnn nmnv. Prf. T. O. TI vr.r V.Vtm. W. V. Vntt.rtm. PmIiI-t. w
W. h. CHArit v?r, Assistant Cashier
First National Bank,
SygPLUS,Jfr,ooo. $
'CAPITAL, $100,000.
Oldeitf and Strongest National Sank in the Cherokee Nation,
Does a Saf o QonoraCEianklnff Business.
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Uinifa, Ind. Ter.
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Every Courtesy Extended that Is Consistent with Sound Banking
Interest Paid on Time Certificates ot Deposit.
Foley' Ilonoy and Tar contains no
opiates and can safely bo given to
children. dw
The following grand officers
were elected at tbe Ohecotah meet
ing of the grand lodgo of Knights
af Pythias yesterday:
G. 0. J, B. Morrow, Ohecotah.
G. V, 0. J?. W. Malloy, Harts-
G. P.-Dr. M. W. Murry, Po
leau. G. K. of R. & 6.W. L. Chap-
man, Vinita,
G. M of E. Jerry McKenna,
G. M. of F. W. W. (.Biscuit)
Robs, Tahiequab.
G. I. G. PeteT. Lone, Dun
G. 0. G. D. II. Linebaugb,
Tbe meeting was one of tbe
most successful over held by the
order in the tsrrilory. The next
meeting will be held at Olaremore.
Tho Younu People's Society of
Christian Bndoaver of the Presby
terian churou wilt hold a business
meeting at the eburali at 730 this
To Record Deeds.
W, E. Rowsey received a tele
gram from Tom Smith who
is supposed to be doing a stunt at
lobbying in Washington, stating
that be haa a promise from Sena
tor Jones and from Congressman
Curtis that they will introduce in
tbe house and eenato today a bill
providing for the recording of all
instruments bearing an the trans
fer of real property in tbe Indian
territory. This is a bill that will,
fit beoomes a law, be a good
thlnsc for the Territory. For a
lone time bankers and buoineBB
men have felt tho necessity of
some law that will cover tho point
and provide for a uniform BVBtem
of recording all instruments that
havo to do with title to real estate,
Muskogee Times.
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you want done cult and, see me.
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Motto Not the cheapest but the BJT work at all fine.
36 S. Wilson St.
August Schliecler,
jewcter ana upiKwut

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