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VOL. XX. NO. 39
" "IS. A --...
f Pare Grape Cream o! Tartar Mff
Highest Honors, World's Fair
Bold Modal, Midwinter Fair
Territory Politicians Laying
Their Wires for the
Plums Under Di
The Field by Lengths in tbo
Marehalahlp Race, While Mel-
lette and Huckleberry are
Running Fast for tbo
The interest of the territory pol
iticians is centered on tho raco be
ing made by Mellette nnd Huckle
berry for the United States attorn
eyship in the Western district.
It is generally conceded that if
a territory man is named for tho
marshal's oflice in tho Northern
district, W. H. Darrough will be
1 1)0 man.
Quy P. Cobb is the only other
candidal who dhows any strength
and he is lengths behind Darrough
who is exported '.o be returned an
easy winner.
The fight of the attorneyship in
top Western district, whero
flucUleberry imp developed con
alderabJe strength, parries an ele
ment of Uncertainly which niakos
It interesting
There ia an unknown equation
in the problem, in tho person f
Judge Charles Raymond, There
is not a politician in the territory
at present, who lias not entered
the guessing contest as to the ex
tent of Raymond's influence
Raymond is backing Huckle
berry and the political form art
ists are at sea as to wha,l influence
he can bring to bear.
Both candidates have enlisted a
strong ouUide influence, and a
merry fight it anticipated.
Melletto, in connection with the
endorsement of a number of the
enevilable senators, et al., claims
the endorsemmt of a sufficient
majority of the territory re
publicans to entitle him to the
In conlormity with the "Home
Rule" issue, tho several candi
dates are laying particular stress
on their homo endorsements,
Dotb candidates are confident,
and '.'.even money" is quoted on
t'b'e books of the wise ones an a
forecast of their chances,
Three New D ranch Roads to be Uullt
la the Territories.
The Mlfsourl, Kansas & Okla.
noma railroad has filed a mort
gage for five million dollars to be
used in the construction of three
lines pf railroad in Oklahoma,
covering a distance of 260 miles,
The Central Trust company of
New York is mortgagee and the
Missouri, Kansas & Texas railroad
company guarantor, Tho mort
gage is composed of first mort
gage, 5 per cent gold bondB of
$1,000 each, payable in forty years
nnd was authorized al a meeting
of the Missouri, Kansas & Texas
direptora in New York, January
14. The first of tbp new lines to
be built extends from (lulhrie to
BtevenB, I, T , the eicond from
Oklahoma City lo a point on line
No, 1, and the third from a point
on line No 1 in tho Osage nation
to Wybnrk, I. T.
Wants Others to Know.
"I Imvouied DoWltl's UttloKarly
Wscrs fur constipation and torpid
)yei' and they are all right. 1 am
Kind to cmlur.o (.hem fur I think
when we Cflnd a t'"oJ l,dng we
ought to let others know It," writes
Alfrod Ilolnr.e, Qulnry, Il. They
never grlpo or distress. Sure, safe
pills, for tale by A. V. Foreman. dw
Is Started by the Ayers and
Bennett Factions at
As Having Enlisted Under the
Ayers Uannor and Each Fac
tion Said to Have En
gaged a Newspaper
for tho Pending
It is reported from Muskogee
that tho Bennett mid Ayers fao
ilons of the republicans are pre
paring for n mighty newspaper
war. The fight will be waged lo
the very last column Ko. fac
tion Is stiiving to be "H" and
there lies been a dt finite line up
of tho forces.
It is reported that Wm. M.
Mellette is enlisted under the
Ayer's banner, and is backing the
anti-Bennett paper, the Musko
gee Republican.
That paper is supporting Mel
lette for tli9 United States attorn
eyship. The Phoenix, since it has beeu
exhumed from tho list of dead
ones, is the organ of the Oennnelt
wing. This will necessitate
Qulick changing his cuill and
wearing smoked glasses, so all
coons, white or black, will look
alike to him.
Another paper ia about to be
established lor the other wing,
when the mud will start to fly.
Tho democrats will rest easily
in the grand stand and tic 'em on.
The contagion of disaffection is
spreading to local republican
circles and the fight is attracting
a great deal of attention.
Bennett has many followers in
Vinita, and ho is quoted as the
party oraclo. While ho and W.
II. Darrough. are ostensibly on
friendly terms, Darrough does not
recognize him as being "it" by
thirty leagues. ..
The present rumpus will sow an
abundance of seed' for a future
crop of trouble which will make a
populist mix up 'look like a Hag
drill of the W. C T. U.
It will take a car load of harm
ony lotion to heal up the sores
which will be kept irritated by the
vitriolic quills which have been
dipped for (be fray.
It is on opportune timo fur the
democrats to got together and pre
pare for the inevitable line up
between the ptrties for the con
trol of the territory.
Refuse to Consolidates I tli the Okla
homa Organization.
The bankers of the Indian ter
ritory, in joint convention with
the bankers of Missouri Kansas
and Oklahoma, at Kansas City, re
jected yesterday the proposition
ol ine Oklahoma bankers assoola.
lion to consolidate tbo two organ
izations. The Indian territory associa
tion will conlinuo on friendly
terms with their Oklahoma neigh
bore, but will continue as separate
The question of making an efT
ort to hare rates for burglar in
surance reduced came up for die,
mission, A committee was ap
pointed to correspond with agents
of insmanco companies,
"The rates charged for burglar
lar insurance in the Indian terri
tory are exorbitant," said Kirhy
Purdpp of Tishomingo. "There
have been a number of cucpessful
bonk robberiee in the ntw country
and for that reason the insurance
companies are 'holding us up.'
The rates for tho burglar insur
ance are so high now I hat they are
prohibitory in most oases,"
The Indian territory' associa
tion elected the following officers
for the ensuing year: President,
W. M. Tomlln. Puroellj first vice
president, J. J pabbs, Munkoger-j
second vice president, D M liar
ley, Ilarlejvillej secretary, 12. D
Nun, IMT; irraHiier, F S. G
nut'g, S uth MrAlester. The fol
lowlrjr members of the exeu'ivn
ooromilteo were circled; J F.
Crilg, South MoAleeter; Kubj
Purdou, Tishomingo; D. N Fmk.
Moit women with, fcranla wmikiico
luffpr (I read fuly from pllei In addi
tion to their oilier pums. Tlioy muy
bo cured by using Tabler'a Buckeye
l'llo Ointment. 1'rlco Wo In bottles
76a In tubes, at Peoples drugstore. dw
Territorial Mcafrc Will be Called
up Before Adjournment.
Represonlatlvo Knox, ohairman
of tho committeo on territories,
before his departuro on & visit to
his homo in Massachusetts, this
week, gave the following inlerviow
in regard to the probable action of
congress on tho Moon bill, this
"I shall roturn to Washington in
about two weeks,-" f.id Mr. Knox,
"when I shall cal' up in the house
the bill Introduced by Representa
tive Moon of Tennessee, providing
a territorial form of government
for the Indian territory
"The committeo on territories
eomo timo ego, by a unanimous
vote, decided to report the bill
with a recommendation that it be
paosed, and I think its oonsidera
lion should no lunger bo dulayed.
I shall mako tho paint ilia1 as the
hnusu has taken favorable notion
for Oklahoma, New Mexico and
Ariz mo, something should also be
dune for the Indian torrid .y. I
do not look for any more opposi
tion to the Indian territory bill
than the statehood bill received."
Five Additional Commissioner
Courts a Report Says, Will ba
It is repqrted on good authority
that a bill providing for the ap
pointment of five additional oom
missionors and constables for the
Indian territory will Boon bo in
troduced in both houses of con
gress. Three commissioners are
to be appointed by tho judge of
the western distriot and two by
the judge of the northern district
anil they are to be looaled at Wag
oner, Okmulgee, Spulpi, Nowata
and Pryor Creek. Under the law
at the present these aro tbo only
towns in tho western and northern
judicial district of tbo" Indian ter
ritory that have United SlateB dis
trict courtB and do not hivo United
States commissioners. ,2. '-
Business Sunshine. .
Cheerfulness counts for much in
an advertisement. One likes to
enter a place where the sunshine
of good feeling prevails. Funereal
advertisements may be well for an
undertaker, but all other busi
ness should avoid them. There
is a sea of difference between what
!b proper cheerfulness. While
life is a serious proposition, men
may lako it too Eerlously. They
aro truejBt to themselves and to
their generation who gladden and
brighten the places in whioh they
are seen. Thpso eloreB are best
patroniied where gentlo oourtesy
and native politeness abound, and
those advertisements are moat
read, easieet digested and attract
most buyers which are peivaded
with a spirt of bonbommie,
Printer's Ink.
Endorse Jloon Dill.
Tho Jr. 0. U. A. M. at their
South MoAlester meeting endorsed
tho Moon bill before adjourning,
and ordered a copy of tho resolu
tion forwarded to congress. Du.
rant was selected as the place of
meeting next year. Officers of the
council for the ensuing year were
elected and installed as follows:
William Noble, South MoAlester,
councilor; M. M. D. Reed, Krebs,
vice councilor; J. K. Brooks; Du
rant, treasurer; R, J, Hamilton,
South MoAlester, secretary; S.
Cbronister, Dow, conductor; 1.
Howe, AlderBon, warden; R. Mills,
Wilburton, inside sentinel; A. II
Scragge, Craig, outside sentinel;
F. II. Dunigan, Hartshoro, Chap
lain, Aoti)er Katy Extension.
A charter has been filed at
Guthrie by the Texas and Okla
homa railroad company for ninety
nine years and with 88,400,000
capital stook to build a Katy ex
tension from Oklahoma Ulty to
Ooalgtto, I, T.,a distanca of 105
miles, and lo acquire by purohase
tho outstanding bonds, amounting
tu $1,000,000, arid stock amount"
ing to 8350,000 of the DenUon and
Washita Valley Railway Company
whlch owns fourteen miles of road
between Coalgato and Lehigli, I
T, The total dittaioe of the Ka'
extensions in the territories is 800
miles, and the estimated value is
UWl Child, r Dead.
Bill Olillilera who was shot at
Tulsa, May 10.li by employees of
Howe's Gircu, died Saturlay.
Ohlldere attempted to du up the
show and found it a hard proposi
tion. His slayers have not been
A J, Michaels Arrested This
Morning for Soiling Li
quor at Wilson St,
Against tho Dives Which Have
Been Dispensing Intoxicants
and an Effort Will be
Made to Rid the Town
of JolntlstB.
A J Micbaeln, proprietor of the
Wilton street rosori, was anosted
by Deputy Marshal Jas. II. Wilk-
ergon Saturday oh a choree of
dispensing inlnxioants.
The grand jury at their recent
fesslnn, investigated the joint con
duced by Miohnels, and decided
that the concoction labeled "Ful
ler's Mead," which was being dis
pensed tboro was au inloxipant,
Two indictments were returned
againBt him, and his arrest fol
lowed this morning.
He was released under a 8500
bond, returnable at the next term
of court,
Tbo Wilson street pool room
has long been auepcclod of being
a "blind tiger."
Tho character of the majority of
Its patrons was considered suffi
cient evidence, that liquor was be
ing djepeneed. Qn election day
tho pjnoe wao'.closed by the officers
during the ovening. Michaels has
boon' repeatedly warped to fetop
selling th'i deadly efuLT, trhich has
bden aervt-.d to his thirsty patrons,
but evidently thought that he had
immunity from tho law.
Samples of the "mead" were
obtained and proved to bo but a
cheap grade of beor.
There are Bevera! other similar
jojnIn tho town and an active
crusaue win to started against
them. They aro being conducted
in flagrant violation of the law.and
their owners will hayj the ajterna
livo of closing them or taking a
trip on tho Leavenworth route.
Interesting Session Was Concluded
At Claremore Saturday.
The Indian Territory Press As
sociation held its annual meeting
at Claremoro on Friday and Sat
urday of last week. The meeting
was very well attended, though
the eouthern' portion of the terri
tory was not as well represented
us it should have been, there be
ing few from that section present.
Taken as a wholo the meeting was
onoof the bes( in the history of
the association. The hospitality
of the people ot Claremoro was
certainly ail that could be desired,
The association was never enter
tained quite so royally before and
this enterprising city ought hence
forth to be able to command the
press of the territory. The ban
quet Friday night wbb a model in
elegance and general arrangement,
Hotel Sequoyah, tho new hostlery
or rather one of the new hoBtlerles
of Claremore was thrown open to
tho visitors and many ladies and
gentlemen of the town turned out
lo assist and tako part in the fes
tivities. A more pleasant and cul
tured company would bo hard to
find anywhere.
Tho election of officers for the
ensuing year was as follows:
President, J. 0. B. Llndsey,
Wagoner Sayings.
Vice-president, J. Halo 8windler
Fairland Bee.
Second vice president, V. L.
Wright, Colllnsville News. '
Third vice president, 0. 0,
Sequoyah Hotel, Claremore,
Association was entertained,
Mussslman, Okmulgoo Democrat.
Treasurer, Mrs. Nora E. Smieor,
Atoka Citizen.
Secretary, K. W. Whitmore,
Checotah Enquirer.
Executivo committee: W. W,
Green, Bristow Record; Henry P.
Bobbins, South McAlestbr News;
A. E. Baker, Pauls Valley News.
Committee on Legislation: A. L,
Kates, Claremore Progress; B, F.
Jobe, Soutb MoAlester Capital; K.
W. Whitmore, Checotah En
President Wants Several ol the Pro
visions of tlic Indian Appropri
ation Bill Explained.
The Indian appropriation bill
has not received tho signaturo of
President RoosoTelt as yet. At a
conference at whioh Secretary
Hitchcock, Assistant Secretary
Ryan, Assistant Attorney Gen
eral Vnndervenler, of the Interior
department, and Senator Quarles
and Representative Curtis were
presuii, the prof ideal ttntfd, that
he wanted certain ol tho provis
ions of the bill explained.
A provision ol the bill extends
the privilege of making mineral
onirics on the Hpokane Indian
reservation, notwithstanding all
the allotments of their lands to
tho Indians have not been com
pleted. There w also considerable
discussion about other featufse of
the measure, notably tho Uintah
Indian reservation in Utah and of
Indian legislation in general, the
president making it plain to tho
officials that ho is an earnest
friend of the Indians and wants
their rights fully protectrd
Territory Charters.
Articles of incorporation have
been filed with Clerk Freeman o
the court of appeals at South Mo
Alester as follows:
Poteau Improvement Co., capi
talization $1Q,0G0j directors, W.
A. Welch, Jr., W. R. Rogers Ed
mund McKenna, M. E. Roeser, J.
L. Hale, E. E. Daniels, W. A.
Sapulpa Trust company, Sapul.
pa; capital Block 85,000; incorpor
ators Timmy Fife, josaph Bruner,
Wm. Sapulpa, Eli Hardridge,
Louis McGilbra.
Threatened to Kill HI Wile;
W. A. Henry, of Pryor Creek, at
tempted to solve bii domestic dlftlcul-
ties with a gun Saturday, and was
brought hero for safc-kccplng. The
weapon with which Henry threatened
to Bllcoco bis fray, was of uncertalu
Vintage, and If ho had pulled the
trigger they would probably have
taken up tbo long Journey
together. Commissioner Stanfleld
decided that Henry was too
foolish to bo at large, and bound htm
over for a hoarlng, June 13th, under a
f-1000 bond. The pistol will probably
be donated to soma museum of an
tiquities. A Vindication.
The gentle cow looked sadly round,
Her face suffused with shame;
"For all the ills which now abound,"
Quoth she,, "I'm not to.blame.
"Good butter of mi honest huj,
Uullt by a rustle d,Vie,
The factory may hide from view,
But I am not to blame."
"The milk takes on au azure tint,
Its taste belies its name;
The cream is but a passing hint,
But I auuiotto blame."
"And when I am set forth ns beef
The prices they proclaim
Bee Dines a source of general grief;
But I am not to blame."
"For I have simply done my best
And tried no crooked game,
And human beings did thejest,
.And lam not to blame."
Washington Post.
Don't despair because you bavo a
weak constitution. Tho vitalising
prlnolplo OC Herblno will assuredly
strengthen It. In oyery drop of Her.
bine tbcro Is lire, Tboro Is a stimulat
ing, regenerating power, uccqualed In
tho wholo rSngo of medicinal prepara
tions. Price GO cents. For salo at
Peoples' Drug Store. s dw
J. O. Hall returned from Toxas last
where the Iudiau Territory Press
Do loli
Examine the sanitary bed lounge with
removable mattress,
Day Telephone i6&.
Gallant Soldier Gives Up His
Life at San Isldro,
By tho Cftaipil"! i 1 '.it, 1, s,n
outubed ii fie I) . lit Cluu .t-
in the Philippine Irltinl'
Hisbplendil Military
Tho sad Intelligence waj re
ceived of the death of Cap
fain R. 0,Day nt Ban Isldro, a
provincial town on tho Itland of
Luzon. Ilia death resulted after
a short illnecg from an siTeotton of
the Innge.
The campaign in Cuba during
which be vbb severely wounded,
hnd so undit rained his vigorous
constitution, that he fell an easy
prny to the deadly climate of the
k At the outbreak of the Spanish
American war, he was one of the
first to enlist for servioe in the
Rough Riders, and was commis
sioned second lieutenant of Troop
Ilia soldierly qualities won him
rapid recognition from bis aupe
rlor ofUcea, wlyje Ijiytjndlyitnan.
ly nature made him tho idol of the
enlisted men.
At San Juan Hill he fought his
platoon most effectively until
wounded, and for his gallantry
was promoted lo tho troop cap
tainoy, on the death of Captain
Oapron. '
After returning from Cuba he
was appointed a first lieutenant in
(lie regular eervioe, and was as
signed to duty in the Philippine
At the time of his death he was
treasurer of (be province of Neuva
Ecija, a most important office.
The most sincere regret at the
untimely ending of c career so full
of promiea, is rAp.atsed by all who
ever were associated with the gal
lant soldier.
His mother is a resident of Col
orado Springs, and the body will
probably be eent there for burial.
Crap Prospects,
John Weaver ha; Just returned
from a -100 mile trip, west and south
of here. He reports that corn pros
pects aro unusually cood, but that
not over a one-halt wheat crop will be
harvested, On his own farm the
wheat has been killed, supposedly by
hcsslan fly or grubs. During his trip,
he covered a larye territory below
Talala, and Inspected the country
along the Verdigris aud says thut
but few Hold show a.ny promjiM ot a
Cood wheat crop.
Culldren vrno are weak, fretful or
troublesome should be Riven a few
doses ot Whites Cream Vermifuge.
They will then beeomu strong,
boalthy and aottve, have rosy cheeks,
bright eyes, will be happy and laugh
ing all tho day lorn;. Price, VL ceiiju,
For sale at Peonies' Drat; Store, d w
Negro Gamblers Arrested.
A number ef negro gamblers were
rounded up by deputy nianhaU Sat-1
urday aim will uo irieu at tue next
term ot federal court. The dlvos con
ducted In the uegro quarter on the
east sldo have caused tbo 0 Ulcers a
great deal ot annoyance and a strung
effort will bo made to get couvlctlons
In tho prosent Instance.
A Revelation.
It you will mako Icquiry It will bo
a rovelutlon 10 you huw many suc
cumb to kldrw or Mmliler trouble In
ono form or another. If tho patient
Is not boyond medical aid, I'oley'
Kidney Cure will cure. It never dis
appoints, dw
Troy Anltison aticl 11 Ui JesileTlt
tlo were married Wcdnetduy ovening
at the homo of Mrs. Ann Shveliau.
A Lesson In llenltti,
JlUUIUiy K in VJ unci mo iiiiiiuii-
tio from two ui ,i, u d unv tneyl
lo tins i! 11O' 1 no 1 tu 1 iiiiiHiuie.
Foley' ICtdwev c ic make sound
kidneys and will intwiy euro'ull
forms of kidney and bUdder dlteute
It strengthen the whole fcytm dw
Ilnrt Chamllor Issued a marrhgc
llccnio Imt week tu C li. Jut
upd Dcasio White, both of IJitf Cabin.
N?ed a Nice' Loto
Ever See a
Thcii. 'I lie about umpu-stecn million lnuse flies
! i.vl m a little while, and every mother's son of them,
intN'uiKhtcrs top, will be trying to make your house
tlicr home for the summer Better fool 'em with n com
lilue iet of of our new screens We'll make 'em to you
du up enough so' you can afford it. We have screens
at soc apiece and up with hardware ten styles see 'cm
and make your own sdection. Yes, we'll make you low
est prices on all kinds of building material, too.
We want your trade, we're after It.
...The Cherokee National Bank,..
Ulnifa, Ind. Ter.
OAPIT.AT, S25,000.00.
b..Farkr.Jr W. n.Trroairh.
, uiti.nMMHiii. uw. .. iWWVl. A4. h. JUCUUU1D
Every Cpurtesy Extended that Is Consistent with Sound Banking
fnUrwt Paid on Time Certificates of Deposit
At Mrs. Balentines
I am well pleased with the trade I am
havingf. I want to please my friends
and customers, so I have my groceries
fresh at all times., I have Mr. Jordons
son delivering for me and can fill all
orders promptly. Am always pleased .
to have my friends call and see me.
phone no. 9 firs. H. Baleiitine
(IllVlln IHeiH- 1'rM T n TTatt
... . ..H., . ... j, w, .....,,
W. U. utArUAX, Assistant CosUIer
First National Bank,
ClPf'JAL, foo.eoo,
----W" , j
Oldest and Strongest National
Does a Safe aenurai:BanklnK Business. a
Plain and Ornamental Engraving;
Promptly Executed.
When you have any work in the above liu.ea.that
you want done call and see me.
Fate nnd complicated wwtch repalria a specialty.
-Not the cheapest bat the
a6 S. Wilson St.
Uinifa Real Eslat? ftgcy
(D. 1YI. Alarrs & Company.)
Town and farm property sold on commission. List
your property with us; we place it before thousands of
- '..-I If t
prospective purchaser every week free of charge.
pecttve purchaser every week tree ot charge,
We have the only record of the Cherokee town lot
sales. If you want to buy
Night Telephone 203.
House Fly?
Vice-President, Cashier
W ifcAJcOjorge. Fred L Kelltr.
V.PrM XV f PiiiT.iM r-ooV,!...
, - . . ,..-, MMU.V.. .
SURPLUS, fx,ooo.
Bank in the Cherokee Nation.
IlltST work at all time.
August Schliecker,
Jeweler and uptician
or sell, call oil us. n
of all kinds promptly and proiHJiU
done ai thin office. Prices always
fasten! witfx material and work.

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