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VOL. XX. NO. 40
Improves the flavor
and adds to the hcalth
fulncss of the food.
Soperlatftre in
Strength and Parity.
Chief Buffington Denies That
Chorokeo Schools Havo
Any Place In Politics,
Bearing tho Chlol'a Signature la
Forwarded To the Secretary
of Interior in Reply To
the Charge? of Col.
A letter bearing the signature of
Chief Buffington and carrying the
indelible stamp of on "inspired"
epistle has be'en forwarded to the
Secretary of tho Interior denying
the charges of political corruption,
in the management of the national
echoole, mado by Col. Frank
In his roport pertaining to the
establishment of a public school
system in the territory Col.
Churchill scored the Cherokee pol
iticians for using the schools to
subserve their political interests.
There were no goraniuras or other
flora in the colonel's remarks as
Another Railroad Into Vinita
Said to bo Under Consideration.
To bo at tho Head of tho Promot
ing Company and, Plans
for Construction Work
Under Con
tbe following quotation from hid
report shows: "Through inter
views with numerous Cherokee
citizens, this phase of tbe subject
iiAs Jnrariably presented itself
that the politicians of the Oboro
kee nation are determined to re
tain control of their schools as
long b possible, and for political
purposes rather than in the hope
of improving their condition or
lessening the cost of their sup
port." The reply to this charge after re
fer ring to the publication in the
presB of the above says:
"These charges, if actually
made by your subordinates, ore
of such grave character that I can
not pfl8 them by without some
action or in vestieation. But be-
ine in tbe nature of funeral ao
cusatlons against a certain class of
Cherokee peole, I realise the im
nortanco and impossibility of pro
e'eeding in the premises with any
certainty of arriving at results
without your help. I know thai
many teachers have been appoint
ed to positions in our schools who
are near relatives of leading men
of Ibis nation, hut they are our
best teachers, fully capable In
every particular, and our laws
give them the preference. Judging
from tieae extracts oi this pur
ported report of Mr. Churchill
nor; being printed in tho presses
of the country, tbe impression
goos abroad that our teaoherB are
incompetent and only hold ap
pointments because of their rela
tionship to Bomo "leading polill
clam," and that wo are fast retro
grading. While this purported
report does not say bo in terms
speclfio, it is intended to and does
create such impression."
The."Imponlbility of proceed
log In the premises" has long been
evident to the citizens of tbe
Cherokee, itton, and the Chief or
tho author was bitting around the
nail at that stage of tbe epistle.
After referring at length to tbe
purity of the management of tbe
echoois the letter closes with a
general denial of tbe charges and
the announcement by the Chief,
that if auohcondltlons do exist
without his knowledge, that hu is
yearning for an opportunity to be
' come reformed and the Cherokee
politician, reads, smiles and looks
Thero have been numerous ru
mors ailoal recently of the Inten
tion of a coterie of territory cap!
talists to build another railroad
whioh would penolrate tho rich
est sections of the Cherokeo na
tion, It is reported now that
John Bayless, of Claremoro la
at the bead of tbe promoting com
pany, and has aisociated with him
a number of eastern capitalists.
The proposed line, it is said, will
begin at a point on tho Kansas
City Southern railroad in Missou
ri, near the town of Noel, and run
nlng west by way of Cayuga.cross
ing tbe St. Louis & San Francisco
at Grove, thence running wost,
crossing Grand river at Carey's
ferry, and thence running south
of the Horse creek bills, and en
tering.Vinlta at tbe eoulbenst cor
ner of town, crossing the main
Una of the Katy and Frisco here;
thence west by Hoyden to Nowa
ta, crossing the Iron Mountain at
that place, and tho rich Verdigris
bottom country to Bartlesville,
where it crosses the new Oklaho
ma branch of the Kaly, and also a
branch of the Santa Fe railroad,
and from that point it wan con
templated that the road will run
west into Oklahoma, not far from
the Kansas state line. This riad
would tap the richest agricultural
country in the Indian territory. In
the country east of tho Grand
river the new road would be a
rival of the Frisco. In the Horse
creek valley the new line would
get all the hauling, and west of
hero it would penetrate the rich
coal fields of tbe Oherokee nation,
and thence on through the rich
agricultural landd of the Verdigris
and the rich country lying west
watd toward Oklahoma.
lnterest be included this claim now
amount? to about (4,600,000,
The claim is one about which
there Ib a wide divergence of opin
ion. It has been sustained by tho
interior office accountants and re
ferred to tbo attorney general, who
reported that in his opinion it had
been fully adjusted and settled by
the treaty of 184C It was referred
by the senate to the court of claims
in 1001, which made a finding of
factB last April, but declined to
express an opinion whether tho
sum named was Improperly
obarged to the ireaty fund and
whother interest should be allow
ed thereon on the ground that
there ore questions of law. Tbe
secretary concludes that no bill
providing for the payment of this
claim ought to command tht) ap
proval of congress or the execu
tive, and suggests the prompt en
actment of a law conferring upon
the court of claims full jurisdic
tion and authority to adjudicate
tho claim, subject loan appeal to
tho supremo court. He has there
fore submitted the draft of a bill
covering the questions ami con
taining safeguarda for the protec
tion of the Indian and tho govern
Erection ot Jie New Jails to Com
mence After July ist.
President Roosevelt Firm in Ills
Stand Against Opening Spokane
, The holding up of tin Indian
appropriation bill by President
Roosevelt has placed Senator
Turner and several of hie associ
ates In a very bad light.
The president has served notice
on cotgress that he will not algn
the bill until a joint resolution is
passed postponing tho opening of
the Spokane reservation.
It Ib alleged'tbatSenatorTurner
and others represented that the
provisions of a previous bill pro
viding for the allotment of the
lands had been carried out. As
soon as tbo appropriation bill
passed tbe reservation wbb flooded
with prospectors who took up tbe
land under the mineral provisions,
shutting out the Indians, t few of
whom only had received their al
lotments. Tho senate has passed a joint
resolution postponing the open
ing until December and a similar
resolution has beon introduced In
the bouse by Representative
As soon as it is passed tbe pres
ident will sign the bill.
The department of justice is
preparing to proceed Immediately
after tho first ot July with the con
struction of the now jails in In
dian territory, which are to be
located at Muekogee, South Mc
Aleiter, Ardmore and Vinlla.
Four years ago congress author
ized the construction of threo jails
In Indian territory, leaving their
location to tbo discretion of the
attorney general. Attorney gen
eral McKenna locatod the jails at
South McAlestcr, Ardmore and
MuBkogeo. The appropria
tion authorized for the construc
tion of the three jails was $60,000.
Owing to tho inadequacy of the
amount authorized by congress,
ana too mammy oi ine govern
ment to procure titles to tbo land
work on the jails was indefinitely
postponed. In tho Indian ap
propriation bill an additional
amount ia authorized of 840,000,
with Vinita added to the list of
towns where jails are to be lo
cated. The department has construed
the language of the new appropri
ation to mean that the 810,000 re
cently appropriated and the $00,
000 heretofore appropriated is to
be lumped together and divided
equally among the four towns, thus
giving each town for its jail
Increasing Their Yard Facil
ities To Meet Big In
crease In Business,
Are Being Rapidly Luld On Both
of the Present TrnokB
Accomodate the Cars
Consigned to This
permanent ob they are, come with
in n proper construction of that
sootlon. Respectfully,
L. F. Parkeh, Jk , Mayor.
-.. (I
The congestion of traffic inoident
to the great inoreose of the ship
ping business to mid from Vinita
has resulted In the Frisoo system
putting on army of men At work
laying new side tracks in their
yarda here.
On both sides ol their tracks
long lines of rails aro being rapid
ly laid to acoomadato the oars
loaded with freight whioh ia con
signed to this place. On Ms work
alono, over 100 men aro employed
and tbe improvements will oost
about 87,000.
At present tbo tracks aro totally
inadequate to accomodate tho oars
and day and night switch engines
are industriously engaged in an
attempt to meko room for tbe
trainB which come puffing in at
short intervals. A lew miles west
a work train is dumping ballast
and a large forco of men are en
gaged in improving tho road bod.
Tho importance of Vinita as a
shipping point was recognized by
tho Frisco officials sometime ago
and a jobbing rate was givsn the
local shippers. Tho resulting
business has been more than was
anticipated and tbe yards have
been congested with freight oars
for several months.
Tho Improvements now being
mado were Inspected today by
Carl Gray, superintendent of
transportation, Mr. Hammond,
superintendent maintenance of
way, and Georgo Schleir, division
superintendent. The officials
weio well pleased with the work
which haB beon accomplished un
der tho direction of Road Master
SbanaUan, and it will be pushod
rapidly to completion.
Is Hitchcock's Criticism ol Bills At
fectlng Five Civilized Trlbta.
Dynayor Parker As To What Con
stitute Improvements.
Mayo Parker ban received tho
following letter from J. George
Wright, In reply:
Muskogee, I. T., May 24, 1902.
Mr I., r. frkl it , Msjor.
Vinita, Indian Territory.
Sir: I havaytiur letter of tho
28rd inBtant asking information
ooneermng the matter of what will
be considered as improvements
within the meaning of tho term
used by seotion ICofthe act of
Congrose approved June 28, 1303,
providing for the disposition of
townstlea in the Cherokeo Nation.
Replying thereto you are re
sptctfully advised that whore lota
are improved with a well, oislern,
barn, sheds, etc, and where such
lots are held in connection with
other more valuably Improved
property, and used and occupied
in good faith, 4lie tonneite com
minion will undoubtedly eohedule
the lots so improved to the owners
In oaeft where lots were of littlo
value until they had been graded
and filled up, and such grading
has necessitated tho outlay of con
siderable money, such case will
b6 given especial consideration by
the commission, and if good faith
is shown and tho grading has been
to such an extent as to permanent
ly enhanoe the value of the lot,
the same will probably alao be
considered by tbe commission as
an improvement.
Shade and fruit trcea which have
been planted in good faith, pro
perly cared for and have attained
such an age and are in auoh a con
dition as to be permanent and
materially enbanco the value of
the lots upon which thoy are
grown, would also be considered
by the commission.
While the above gives you tho
general rules followed, Btill no
arbitrary or fixed regulations can
be followed or advanco decisions
rendered. Each case must be
carefully considered by the town
site oommiesion whon tbe appraise
ments are made, having in view
at that timo the facts and circum
stance and particularly the good
faith of tho claimants. Very re
spectfully, J. Ubohcib Wright,
U. S. Indian Inspector for Indian
11. Drew Injured In a Runaway
Saturday Afternoon.
Dealers in High Grade Furniture.
Stock complete and up-to-date.
Coffins and caskets.
Funeral Directors.
Night Telephone 203.
Day Telephone 168.
Indian Appropriation Bill
Still Without Signature
of President.
P'rmilting'a Grab of Indian Lant'B
Not ail Corrected and tbe
President is Hostile.
Senators are Implicated.
The Secretary of the Interior,
Mr. Hitchcock, has notified the
house and senate Indian commit
tees ol his disapproval of bills now
boforo the committees, affecting
Indiana in tho Indian territory.
Hitchcock Ib particularly opposed
to the bill providing for the pre
liminary allotment of lands for
the Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw
and Creek Indians. The opposi
tion of the Secretary 1b baaed up
on his statement that the measure
is unnecessary and would, if en-
aated into law, interfere with the
work of tho Dawes commission
now trying to cIobb the allotment
of the lands for the Five Civilized
Tribes. Mr. Hitchcock has also
expresBod his objection to the bill
proposing the opening of mineral
lands on Indian reservations to
entry and development.
Indian Policeman Will Retire
Prom the Service,
Saya Hitchcock Should Be Empower
ed to Adjudicate the Cherokee
Secretary Hitohcook has for
warded to congroa'a bis opinion on
the bill providing for the payment
of the award of the Interior de.
partmenl in favor of the CheraKees.
The bill appropriates (1,111,281.70
with interest at 5 per cent from
Juno 12, 1838, and directs the
secretary of the treasury to mako
per capita payment thereof to tho
Eastern Cherokee Indians in ac
cordance with the ninth article of
the treaty of 1840. This aum wan
incurred In the removal of tho
Kaslsro fjberokees to tho Indian
territory -and wb improperly
charged to the 85,000,000 fund
dented by the treaty of 1833, If
Captain Jack Ellia has forwarded
hie resignation as captain of tbe
Indian police, to Washington, A
desire to engage in other pursuits
ia given as tho reason of eIb res
ignation, Captain Ellis entered the ranks
of tbe Indian police in 1380, and
rapidly won his way to the high
est position in the force,
His record Ib without a blemish,
and many regreta have been ex
pressed at his determination to
roBlgo. Ilia resignation Is to take
effect July 1st,
MUi Nannie Chandler entertained
a number of young pqoplo Thursday
evening in honor of MIMattlo Hall
otMlainl. Tho evening was spent with
muilo and Kauies after which dainty
refreshments we to served. Tho young
people departed at a late hour Imvint
spent a most enjoyable evening.
The uncertainty as to what tun
etitule the improvements neces
sary to hold town lolshas prompt
ed Mayor Parker to request an
opinion of Indian Inspector J.
George Wright, who ia thorough-
I ly conversant with the rulings of
the Interior department on the
the subject. Mayor Parker's let
ter was as follows:
Vinita, May 23d. 1002.
Hon. J. GeorR Wright,
UnltcJ States ludlsnlmptctor
MntUogi., Indian Territory.
Bin At the request of many
citizens I wrlto to inquire whether
there has been formulated any
rules or regulations, or rfny de
cision rendored by the depart
ment ot tbe interior, or yourofllee
respecting the scope and meaning
ol tbe word improvements as
used in the third paragraph of seo
tion IS, of tbe act of June 28th,
For instance, a great many
property holders here have upon
their lot shade trees, or fruit trees
in bearing, permanent aidowalke,
and pavements, woll, cistern, one,
or two-room houses, lots graded
up and sowed in lawn grasses, etc.,
etc, each and every one of whom
is dosirous of holding his iot and
complying with the law m it is
construed by those obarged with
the duty of enforcing It.
If within tho law, they should
not bo required to go to unneces
sary expense, and thoy feel the
word "improvement" should be
given n liberal construction,
limited only by Jhe proviso,
or exceptions in the sections re
ferred to, and not restricted to
hoiiBos alone, but to all character
of permanent and useful improve
ments. They are not advised of
tbe position ot tbe department or
yourself on this question, and
ainoe It haa been stated that ap
praisement of lots in tho Chero
kee nation will soon begin, an
early reply would be appreciated.
Again, suppose one lot la occu
pied by a residence and tho ad
joining, or in tho rear isitnpravod
by barns, abed and other neces
sary auiuouteR, will the connec
tion of thero improvements with
While attempting to oontrol a
team of runaway horses Saturday
afternoon, W. H. Drew was
thrown fiom a buggy sustaining
serious injuries. Tho accident oc
curred near Bob Taylor's farm
where tbo team becoming frighten
ed dashed madly down tbe road.
Mr, Drew attempted to hold the
frenzied animals and meeting
another team, made a desperate
attemlp to avoid a collision,
The buggy oareened as the
horses loft the road and Mr. Drew
was thrown violently to the
ground sustaining severo lacera
tions on tbe head and face. He
wm uncwnsoiouB when picked up,
and was brought hero for medical
attention. It was several hours
before he regained oonBolouenesa.
Territory Pharmacists.
The Indian Territory Pharma
oeutloal awooiation has concluded
its eighth annual aeselon-at Chooo
tah. The new officers elected were
N. G. Haaoook, president, Musko
gee; A. A. Savage, first vice presi
dent, Hartshorn; A. B. Breeding,
second vloe president, Adair; Hv
D. Kinsley, ssoretary and treas
urer, CheooUh. Tho next meet
ing will be held In Oklahoma City
a joint meotlng with the Oklahoma
Tho presenco of several pro
visions in tbe Indian Appropria
tion bill, which were framed to
cover gigantic steals of Indian
lands, has resulted in the with
holding of tbe president's slgna
lure from the measure.
In addition to the "roving
blanket lease" on the mineral de
posits in the noilh part ol tho
Uintah reservation, embracing
one and a half million acres,
the president points out the
amendment covering the disposal
of tho Colvillo Indian reservation
landB, in tho state of Washington,
is in such shape that the lands
would be thrown open to a mob of
whito speculators, who would
rush in and tako them as Boon as
the bill was signed, and thus the
Indians would have no land at all.
It appears that the Spokane In
dians have not had their lands al
lotted and have made no selection,
yet two congrersional committees
and the house and eenato have de
liberately passed a bill to throw
tho lands of these Indians, the
wards of tho government, open to
all comers. This Ib directly in
lino with much legislation by con
gress in the last lew years and re
cent decisions of tbe federal courts
all tending to tho one conclusion,
that an Indian title is not to be re
garded and that, practically, the
the Indians have no rights white
men are bound to respect. A res
olution has been rushed through
the bouRo straightening out the
Colvillo reservation tangle, and
the president haa been insisting
that a similar resolution correct
the Uintah grab.
Members of the two Indian com
mittees Bay the president will ap
prove the bill, if necessary, with
out waiting until tbe features ob
jectionable to him are corrected,
but will Bign it In hope for the
beBt. In other words, their prop
osition Ib that he shall sign tbe
bill as it stands, taking their ob
sutance that joint resolutions will
be passed by tho house and senate
correcting the paragraphs which
bo haB pointed out to be defective.
The time limit expires on tbe
bill tomorrow, when it will be
come a lr.r unless vetoed by the
president, but it ia thought that he
will sign the bill and trust to oun
greea to remedy the objectionable
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...The Cherokee National Bank..,
Ulnila, I rid. Ter.
OAJPITATi 25,000.00. .
. J.llleOMiji. Fred I. Kellay.
o. T. Wlmer. L.K. Mcdumn.
Every Courtejy Extended that Is Consistent with Sound Banking
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First National Bank,
SUXrZUS, $jo,ooo.
Oldest and Strongest National Bank In Ui Cherokee Nation.
Doon a Saf o QonorjUIBanklnjr Business., A
. 'sBU'fe'eyivv evu9Ari
CAPITAL, Sioo.ooo.
tho main ooe, indopeneibla atuljto lee
New Territory Corporations.
At South MoAlester articles of
incorporation were filed by the
Ohlokasha Investment company,
capitalisation 824,000, J. W.
Speaker, J. II. Clarke, J. II, Grif
fin, M. M. Iieavor, incorporators;
also to the Slate Bank ol MoDer-
uiot, oapltaliaatlon $15,000, A. B.
Dunlap, l T. Miller, H. Dunlap,
W.J. Smith, incorporators and by
the Choska Trading company,
capitalisation 440,000, O.W. Turn
er, W. 8. Ilsreha, Hay Harshn,
Charges Acalnat Jonos.
The eenate oommitteeon Indian
affairs will meet this afternoon to
begin the investigation of the
oharges against Mr. W. A. Jones,
the oommlssloner of Indian affairs,
by Y. V. Wade, of Wade, N. D.
The investigation was demanded
by Commissioner Jones, In. re
sponse to the ohsrse that ho WuS
Inlorsaud in certain land3 whioh
the Indian oflloe was attempting
The Criterion for June.
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tbe notaulo features of Mils Issue, and
thuro area largo number ot especially
noteworthy puums. Prominent in the
line ot (lotion U tho closing iustall
moot ot Tho KIdh Mooso ot tbe
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No one who haa road this story can
tall to appreciate the writer's mas
tery ot animal uiotho, tho rplrlt of
out-duor freedom, and the freihness
and alluremout ot tho forest. Alible
Carter Goodloe'a, The Ed go of tbo
World, Is also in this number brought
to a dramatic and thrlllluK cud. Re
collections of William Cullcn Bryant
U tho sixth paper In Gen. James
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uenonat rgMtoltcenoe ot great
American. Those who have read tbe
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