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VOL. XX. NO. 41
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i- -
The difference in
cost between an alum
baking powder and
the highest-class
cream of tartar bak
ing powder would not
amount for a family's
supply to one dollar
a year.
,Dr. Price's is the
standard cream of tar;
tar baking powder. It
"makes" the food de-
licious and healthful.
Note. You cannot.
if you
value rood health, atlor
use cheap, low-grade, alum
baking powuers. incy arc
opt to spoil the food : they do
endanger the health. All
physicians will tell you that
alum in food is deleterious.
An Index To the Rapid
Development of the
Twin Territories.
To Meet the Ever Increaeing Do
mand and New Yards Are ,
Being Oprned In Every
Section of the Tor.
An index to tho tapid develop,
nient of Oklahoma and Indian ter
ritory cm bo obtained from the
tremendous boom experienced in
the lumber trade.
Marvelous as has been tbo pros
perity of the merchants, farmerB
and hankers in Oklahoma and tbo
Indian territory no other business
has reached tho magnitude in
sales and profits as has that of the
lumber dealers. Their returns
have been almost fabulous. The
founding of new towns, the im
provement of old ones and the
erection of new and more sub
stantial farm houses and barns
bave mede the demand for lumber
and building malarial so constant
aud far reaching that dealers bave
been unable to keep their yards
Lumber dealers have made for
tunes, and in large amounts and
In a snorter time than men en.
gsged in any other line ol bust
ueeB. Ono yard in in Indian ter
ritory town has cleared 1500 net a
wttk for the last four months. A
1 umberman who wss employed as
a clerk only a few years ago At a
email ealary has been clearing
from 3,000 to 65,000 annually
each on a line of more than eight
yards, He invested his pri fits in
a sawmill in a lumber region about
tw,o years ago, and bis profits from
the mill last year were $12,000.
Should he desire to do so, IiIb suc
cess in the Uat live years would
enable him lo retire from business
with a large fortune.
Asa rule, (be demand for lum.
ber In the last year has exceeded
the Bupply, Dejlera cannot ship
in lumber as fast as it is used,
When a new stock la received,
carpenters eelect tbo bett stock.
They return again and compete
for what they rejected, until final
ly the wholo stock, good and bad,
is consumed.
Tho Vinila yards have been
taxed to meet the demand lor
lumber lucid, nt to tho present
building boom.
Tno now yards will soon be
opened here and contractors and
builders expect to see them push
ol to execute the demands for
lumber which will be needed In
constructing tho numerous build
ings contracted Iqr this year.
J, 0, Starr caruo up from Muskogeo
to spend Sunday, lie ropotU the
work of I ho Dawes Commission In en
rolling Olicrokecs pruurenlnu rapidly,
the fulibloods are now onrolllrnr
their names.
Pennsylvania Senator Will
Lead a Forlorn Hopo of
Statehood Forces,
Of Measure Will Depend Upon
Success Which Attends Eflorla
Of Quay To Have It
Considered By The
A forelnm hope in tlm came nt
sta'ehood will be lead by Senator
Matthew Quay of Pennsylvania,
who will addrtss the senato in a
final tflurt to have them consider
tbr statehood bill at this session of
Mr. Quay insists there is large
majoiity in the senate favorable to
admlieion of tho territories and lie
dtclnrcB that there is no necessity
nor occasion for a postponement
of action until the next session.
That tho bill hag not been report
ed is due to-the opposition ol the
committee. Senator Deveridge
ai.d the otl.tr republican menu
bers, with the exception of Mr,
Quay. Tho democrats are all lor
statehood and have joined witb'
Mr. Quay in urging immediate ao1
lion. When the committee met
Mr. Quay renewed hjs motion that
tho bill be reported lo tho sunate
witb a recommendation that it be
passed. This motion was not
adopted, llin other 'republicans
voting against it and tho democrats
voting with Mr. Quay.
The Pennsylvania senator said
that ho would address the senate
on tho general subject of statehood
and follow bis remarks by a re
quest that tbo statehood measure
bo laken Up and considered under
the unanimous conBent rule. If
this, bo dono the advocates of stale
hood say it may lead to a discus
sion out of which may develop an
agreement for the bill's considera
tion. The possibility of such an
agreement is very remo'te and it Is
the only basis for the belief that
the senate will pass the statehood
bill before adjournment.
Winning Fame as Basket Hall
ers at St. Louis.
The following froai the St. Louis
Ke public will be of interest to tho
friends of Miss Lorena Stapler and
Miss Tookah Turuor, who are
winning such flattering commen
dation. Forest Park University girls
playeU basket ball yesterday after
noon, aud that the Scarlets did
not win from their white Bisters is
not the fault ol Miss Lorena Sta
pler, captain, and Mies Tookah
Turner, Oherokee Indian maidens,
Miss Nem Shunwny, captain and
Mies Ada McConnel were the
bright and shining stars of the
Whites. Their team won by a
score of 20 to 8, but victory was
not obtained as easily as the score
indicates. Indlau girls haye long
been favorites in the annual bas
ket ball games at Forest Park Un
versity. Last year Miss Nell Starr,
a student from the Indian Terri
tory, who came to St. Louta to
preparo herself for teaching ber
Indian sisters and brothers, dis
tinguished herself not only as a
baskot ball player and leader in
the feminine alhlotio exereclses,
but in ber studies as well, Sev
eral -months after she left school
she died at ber home in tho Terri
tory. Like MIsb Starr, Misses
Stapler and Turner have stood
high in their classes, and yester
day they displayed the well-known
fleetneea of foot and agility of the
Told About Japan.
An Interesting so rvlco dedicated to
"Japan" was hold at tho Presbyterian
church last night. The. "America of
tho Orient" was lntercingly described
by Mrs. 0. E. Ijahtuan, who told of
tho marvelous advancemdnt ot tho Is
land Kmplro socially and practically,
and ot Iti wondnrful commercial
growth. An Intoroitltig fcatuie of
tbo scrvlco was tho recitation ot a
Japanese poom by Miss Edith Wilkin
son, who was gownd in a protty Jap
anese costume. Letters from Japan
ese Sunday tcliool scholars woro road
by six of tho Sunday school children
dressed In tho plcturcxiuo costume o(
tho Mlttado land. Mrs. J. S. Stubble
field told a number of interesting
anecdotal hluwratlng tho rapid ad
vancement tit Christianity In Japan,
which tho had obtained at the recont
meeting of tlio Southwest Missionary
board In St. Louis. Tho entire ser
vice was very Interesting, and was a
pleasing way to arouto lutcrcst In
missionary work.
Washington Dispatch Says Mellette
and Darrough Will De Appointed.
A dispatch from Washington
has the following anent the can
didaoy of Wm. M, Mellette for the
United States attorneyship in the
western district and that of Wm.
II. Darrough for United States
marshal in tho northern district.
"William M. Mellotteof Vinlta,
republican national committeeman
of Indian territory, will be the
United StaleB attorney for the
western district. On bis arrival
in the city ten days ago he com
menced an active canvass for ap
pointment. His candidaoy met
with lue cordial support ol many
of the foremost members of the
house and senate, with whom he
nan become personally very popu
lar. With tbo almost uunniraou
Indorsements of the republican
organization of tho territory, and
with the national support be was
able to command, it did not ro
quire many days for Attorney
General , Knox to concludo that
Mr. Mellette was a competent man
for the position. No one has ever
questioned his ability to fill the
office of United Slates attorney,
and with his strong political back
ing his appointment has become
an asEured fact, Tho nomination
will be send lo the senate about
Juno 1.
The new marshal for the north
orn district will bo Mr. W. H
Darrough, chairman of tho repub.
lican territorial committee, Mr.
Parrough, liko Mr. Mellette, has
never before held a federal office.
For fift een years be has been an
energelio and vigorous worker for
the republican party, and because
of his ability as an organizer he
was selected as chairman of the
territorial committee. He not
only has the unanimous indorse
ment of the republican organiza
tion of the territory, and of almost
every man ofprominence residing
therein, but the enthusiastic sup
port of iLe Indiana delegation
he .iato oi his nativity. His
nomination will likewise be sent
to tbo senate shortly after June 1.
Personal Summons To Be Served
3000 Cherokecs.
The order issued by Judge Gill
at Muskogee relativo to the Cher
okees enrolling Is an important
The order fixes the date for all
to enroll at June 20. It la explicit
in detail and cites all who bave
not appeared before the Dawes
commission to appear before that
time. It also empowers the en
rolling parties to Bwear in a deputy
and to arreet thoso who havo re
fused to enroll. There are 5,500
names that Are on tho list as not
enrolled but since that timo the
enrolling parties in the field bave
put many names on the list and
Mr. Reuler, who has charge of tbo
Cberokeo division, estimates that
thera are something lesB than
8,000 who are not on the rolls. On
these a personal summons will be
served. Those who do not respond
will be arrested and brought to
Muskogee to show cause wby they
have refused the order of the
House Judiciary Committee Would
Pay Territory Marshals Qn
Pederal Scale,
The Houbo committee on jud
iary has made a favorable report
upon the bill which has been pass
ed by the Senate fixing tbe feee
for United States marshal in the
Indian Territory. It is designed
to correct one of the causoe of
much complaint in tbe territory
in the administration of justice
The Arkaneaw laws regulating the
fees of peace officers are made ap
plicable in tbe Indian Territory,
but are wholly inadequate, accord
ing to testimony.
Tbe bill provides that tbe fee
provisions of tho fedoral statutes
bo extende to include the Indian
Territory. Tho bill will probably
be passed without objection.
For Rent or Lease,
One ttood farm adjoining tbo town
of Pryor Greek, containing 425 acres
of gsod land1 75 acres in cultivation,
60 acres In pasture With house and
barn and a good wells ot water, 300
acres of good hay land, good fences on
all of farm. For further Information
write or seo Y. II. If cm, Pryor Greek.
Terms strictly cash, dw
Chronic proocblal troubles nod sum
tnnr rnnuha rnn hn nnliVlr rnlnlvrrt
and cured by Foley's Honor and Tar.lM dily as the most of us cart
Peoples drug store. dw
Plans Being Made For
Proper Observance of
the Glorious Fourth.
Will Be tho Occasion For tho Big.
gest Colebratlon In tho His-'
lory "of Vinita. If Present ,(
Plans Are Con-
Plant aro under consideration
for the celebration of the nation's
natal day in Vinita in a manner
that will eclipse any previous ef
fort to give a proper range to tbe
esgle'a vocal effort.
From sunrise to sunset he will
be given an opportunity to scream
as he never screamed before.
An outline of the plans under
consideration provide lor a re
union on that day of llfo surviving
members of Gen. Slandwalie'a
Cherokee brigade.
There are a number of the gal
lants who followed the stars and
bars under the leadership of thai
illustrious chieftain, still living
and coincident with tbe reunion
a permanent oamp will be organ
ized to perpetuate the history of
(be famous brigade.
It ie thought that tho colors
which were carried to victory on
so many bard fought -fields, are
in the possession of Colonel James
Bell, who was the senior colonel
in tho brigade.
If they can be obtained they
will be unfurled amid peace and
plenty, and all tbe old veterans
invited to rally around tbeir silken
A mammoth barbecue at tho fair
grounds in the aiternoon, with the
attepdapt music and eloquence is
also under consideration,
It Ib pointed out by .those inter
ested in tbe proposed celebration,
that Vinita owes it to her country
friends to provide an entertain
ment for them on the glorious
fourth, instead of compelling them
to seek an outlet for their patriot
ism at some other place.
The personnel ofthoBe who have
undertaken tbe proper celebration
of the day promises success, and
Vinita can preparo for a Fourth
of July, that will eclipse in thq
scopo and character of its celebra
tion anyone in itablstory.
Has Bejn the Life Work With Dr.
S. Curry, the Archaeologist.
Dr. . S. Ourry, of Christy, Mo.,
who bai been in our city for two
weeks, is a scientist and arcbaolo
gist of great ability, He has de
livered three lectures in our little.
city, and thoy have revealed tho
man as a deep thinker, and a
thoroughly Informed man on
many branches. Ho seems to havo
all ages, all nations, and all peo
ples in bis mental grasp.
To geologists, astronomers, his
torians and theologians be be
comes a Blimulstlng tonio to
thought on new lines. He has a
way of making a statement start
ling and novel to most of bearers,
and following it up witb truth
after truth, and confirmation after
confirmation until tbe most skep
tical are foroed to admit tbo reas
onableness and truth of his de
ducllons. 'In one of bis lectures he made
referenoe to the glaciers and Jtheir
cause, to tbe periodical cataclysms
of our earth and tbeir cause; be
also referred lo tbe buried cities
of America, and explained that
ibetr lines ol variation from our
meridian lino determines tbe lines
of their erection.
Ho also gave a very interesting
account of the manner in whioh
be obtained some of hia informa
tion from some old Indian chiefs,
uo uas spent many years among
the Indiana as a missionary, and
waa adopted into one oi tbe In
dian tribes years ago. Hia In
dian numo is Ah-yah be-dwa-we
deug, (ever pleading voice), al
ways a friend to the Indian, and
tbey to him, their relation Iibb al
ways, proved vary happy,
He has visited nineteen etatoB
and territories of our country, and
two provinces of Oana'da in his ret
searches, and can read tbe hiero
glyphics of the pre. historic races
Itead the modern oaVtoor,, He can
locale rfoOrds of pre historic raoea
all over America, and has looated a
number of mines, iho old shafts of
whioh have been found, and tho
rolnos are now being worked.
He has In his possession roiny
peculiar records. He stolen that
the Indian territory contains num
erous recordi, tomo aro near Un
ryetta, Afton, Chelsea and UolTey
rille, and many other places.
He has labored entirely for
many years at bis own oxpenso
and now has his findings and con
clusions almost ready for publica
tion in book form.
Dr. Ourry has a quiol humor
which is manifested in both his
lectures and his books.
' Many havo been puzslod that he
should have undertaken to print
his books liiniBell, but the faot
that there is no publising com
"pany who oan read pre-bislorio
hieroglyphics, aud the amount ol
explanation neoessary would have
been so great, it was argument
enough for him to undertake the
work himself, and .overy detail
will be under his personal super
vision. Ho has made (t plain lo many
that America ib the great field ,for
researah, that we have many Pom
peii's of our own, and that Ameri
can people have groat pans for
pride in tbe possession of wonder
ful antiquities.
There are two ve Important
matters which, Drrf Curjry wiahae
to accomplighl,lbai(fii.lis lo get
his books before the. world, the
Other is to gut flip appo(ntment of
a commission! of competent per
sons, whose duly it sbalbetq fie
euro all records or oopies of. rec
ords which ars slid undestroyed.
In recent years many valuablo
records have been destroyed, aud
their historical vidua forever gone.
This commission certainly ought
to be fc cured, anil as soon as pos
Bible. Dr. Curry is tho only man
probably, in tho world, who
known yet whero the undiscovered
records may be found.
From the repeated dlecdveries
made through' bis direction
there is no doubt whatever but
that he Is in possession of the
necessary information. :
Set Back for Statehood. .
The senate opmmiltea on , terri
tories bave decided by a. formal
vote against fixing any. time for
the consideration of tho omnibus
statehood bill providing for the
admieaion of Oklahoma, New
Mexioo and Arizona into the
union. This ia accepted as a final
Indication that no further action
will be taken on .the, measure at
this session pf congress.
Relief Parly No. i.
Relief Party No. 1 will dis
tribute - money to tbo destitute
Cherokee fullbTooda as follows: -
White Oak, June 3, 1902.
Catooeu, June 4, 1002.
Bartlesville, Juno G, 1902.
Those actually destitute should
be present at tho above places.and
present their claims to participate
in tho relief fund.
Wm. S. Invi.v, Paymaster,
riemOrlal Vayt
Once indfe tbe matron and the
maid, the veteran and the verdant
youth, wend their way to tho city
of tbe dead and make the mouud
marked beds of tbe nation's Bleep,
ing patriots beautiful and fragrant
with Soral offering of ofiecllon
and gratitude.
Peace to the ashes of those who
bave fought in the wars that are
past, and lo their survivors wiB
dom aud strength to win victories
in the future, whether they bo
triumphs of arniB qr triumphs of
peace. Commoner.
drove of the Soldier Dead Strewn
Willi Flower.
Despite the threatening weather
a large number of valorous and
tbeir friends, journeyed to tbo
cemetery Friday morning and paid
tribute lo tbo memory of .the sold,
elr do&d,
The memorial address way de
livered by J. H. Dixon of Big Ca.
jin, at the conclusion of which
ranks woro broken and those, pres
ent scattered in. little grqupjs
throughout the cemetery search
ing out tho graves ol friends and
loved ones. All of tbe Boldier
graves were decorated with ap
propriate ceremony by the
Tbe concluding memorial ex
ercises aro being conducted in the
court bouse this afternoon.
F.W.Btrout saysabgueU of town
dogs attacked Ills cows Iti his pasture
Saturday nttomouu lacerating somo
of thorn badly. It U about time this
nuisance was stopped bjr killing these
vagabond curs.
N. L.
Day Telephone 168.
Territory Streams on tne Rampage
In Various Sections.
The heavy rains rocenlly have
put a number of territory streams
oat of their banks and consider
able damage Is being done in va
rious fieollons,
Tbo main street of Pauls Valley
Ib two feet under water, owing to
Hush Croek oveiflowing, and
neighboring towns are being rap
ldiy inuudated. Tbo Arkansas
and Verdigris are rapidly rising,
and it is feared that a great
amount, of damage will result. Res.
id.enW along tho water courses are
stoking shelter on, the uplands.
Territory Postmasters Will Receive
. Lar'gbr Checks Hereafter.
Tbfl'followinE Increases in sala-
rleabf ler'rfl'ory postmasters have
been arino'fmced by the post office
Ardmore fr..m 82,200 to 82,300,
AtokaSl.000 to 1,200, Caddo 81,000
1 08 1,3000, Checotah 81.200 to
81,500, Chlckasha 81,900 to
82,300, Clarera'ore 81,300 to 81,500,
Coalgato 81,200 to 81,400, Duncan
SljSOO to 81,500, Durant 81,600 to
81J300, ' Harlshorno 81,400 (0
81,500, Leghlgh 81,100 to 81,200,
Miami 81,300 to 81,600, Muskogee
82,000 to 82,300, PaulB Valley
81,500 to 81,000, South MoAleBter
88,000 to -82,300, Tahlequah
81,100 to 81,200, Tulsa 1,400 lo
81,500, Vinita ,81,800 lo 81,000,
Wagoner 81,000 to 81,700.
Written In Cherokee end Signed by
Sixteen Pullbloods.
Thursday there was filed In
the Indian agents office, and will
become a part ol the permanent
record, thereof, a peculiar instru
ment. It is a petition lo tbo gov
ernment relative to the disburse
ment of some fund lor the relief of
certain citizens who aro .in need.
Tbo document is written on a page
torn from a common counter day
book. It Is written in Cherokee
and Is signed by sixteen fullblood
Indians in their native language.
The document passed into tbe
bands of tbe revenue inspector
and an interpretor bad to be sc
oured to read it. It will be copied
in English and acted upon. Then
the original and the copy will be
filed witb the other records of the
office. Muskogeo Times.
Church War Brewing.
There Is trouble abroad In negro
llantlst circles, which from present
Indication will necessitate tho Inter
ference ot tbe city authorities. Like
unto the oelobratod case of "too
much Johnson", In the proscnt In
stance It Is a caso ot too many par
sons. The regular shepherd of tho
Hook Is ono Hart, who has held tbo
center ot tbe stago In several trials
divided between the commissioner's
and tbe mayor's court. Tho arrival
of one Laecy, a missionary, precipi
tated tbe truuble, when certain
members ot tho oongrcgatlon accept
ed It as an opportuno time to oust
Hart from the pastorate. It la alleg
ed that rocks woro jubitltuted for
hymnals whou tbe congregation as
sembled and that trouble was nar
rowly avorted- Hart was hauled up
In the mayors court and assessed 9
fur being loo strenuous, asterday,
fearing a repetition ot tho trouble,
Mayor Parker ordered tbo church
clored. After promising to abide by
the mayors o;der ono faction opened
tho church lasbt night aud held ser
service It Is claimed by them that
Q. S. White had given them permis
sion to do EO,though where that oill
olal obtained his authority no one
except blunelf knows. The presence
ot onicers prevented any trouble.
Mayor Parker was Incensed when he
found that tbo authority or the city
hud been overridden and gave orders
today to tbo ulty utllcera to arrost
nnvntiQ wbo aitomuts to enter tho
dhuroh tonight. The row will prob
ably, end In court.
If you have ktduoy or bladder trou
ble and do not use PolejM Kidney
euro, you will luva only yourself to
blame for results, as It positively curo3
ad forms ot ktduoy or bladder diseases.
I Peoples drug store. dw
in High Grade Furniture.
Stock complete arid
Coffins and caskets.
Funeral Directors.
IffnslV uLsLsLsLsLsLsLsLsLsLsLsLmi
L)Tfu l4bOHHMHl
iMtnnwfmnwi fm.Zimm
-.- ... ..-... VHIi
PaMtttf vtaiirssissUitkiUU,' TOtVt1U
1' toucK'sysrEEftRANaE'q
Jtr Hkmr
Darrough Hardware Go.
The GreenRood
Implement Company.
We are selling the Staver, also the
Emmerson & Fisher buggy, and lots of
Mitchell and South Bend wagons. They
are going fast. We have just what you
need in the McCormick mower and .binder,
the old reliable, just what you have been
wanting. Prices reasonable. Give us a
call. We can please you.
...The Cherokee National Bank...
Ulnita, Ind. Ter.
CXA-PIT-AX 25,000.00.
L. F. Tatker. Jr Wtl. Carroufb
W. ir. Carrouib. W . It. SlcO Sorga.
1 ikVMU. - wva ! 11 w S4IJUUUIU,
Every Cour'tcy Extended that is Consistent with Sound
Interest Faid on Time Certificates ot Deposit
. Oliver Baciiv, Tres, J. O. IU,
First National Bank,
CAPITAL, ftoo.ooo.
Oldest and Strongest National
) Uooa a saro General
Elgin Watches
,t Jtwciro
aud see v
Pine and
36 S. Wilson St.
up - to - date.
Night Telephone 224.
A Belter Range
Is not made,
A handsome,
White Enamel I
Lining to
Oven DoorS
Oven Range.
Vice-President. Cashier
w H. afcQsows. Fred V K,lt.r.
V-Pres. W. P. Puir.ur-3, Cashier.
Bank in the Cherokee Nation.
Banking Business.
bave long been considered the best time
keepeers. They are always reliable. I
have them In all grades, from
7.00 to $50.00.
Other Wutches lrom $3 to $io,
A. watch that keepa good time, only $1.
you want a watch or any kind call
nuii a j
t have.
watch repairing a
Motto Not the cheapest but tbe BKST work
at all times.
August Schliecker,
Jeweler and Optician
of alt kinds promptly and. properlj
,done at thus office. Prices alwnyt
consistent with material aud work.

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