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VOL. XX. NO. 43
Candidacy of Wm. H. Dar-
rough for Marshalship
r of Tim Nnrthnrn
Marshal J. D. Turner Suggests Sotnj
Features for tlic Celebration.
lui urn Kia'i pi; F'lir thH Pino
Ami fci im-gy Recommends
l'h) AMiliilinent of The
IVrritoiy Candidate
To (lib Olllcu
Attorney Giuiueral Knox has ro-
cnmriif i.dfci I ho appointment 01
Wiu 11 Dirr ugh as marahnl of
dip uorthrni di-urict, in tho face
l the pnwer'ul ipposition which
mtiu brought to bear by Sena
or Burton, ol Kunsao. In recom-
muiidli'g the utipuliilinent of the
territory candidate Mr. Knox haB
gnorrd the Kansas contingent,
Hid has greatly strengthened the
)OBitition of Mr. Darrough. It is
eported thai no nomination frill
io made until tho Cuban reciproc
ly bill it dUptBid of in the sen.
The Cuban Miualion ie so much
n doubt that the bfcs of one re
lublican vote in the eenato might
nake dtmccratic help necessary
to pass it. Wl'h forty five repub-
lean voles necessary to pops a Cu
wan reciprocity bill through the
enate and ten republican senators
ut of a total filly five swearing
hey will die in the last ditch, the
apublicm Ptnator from Kanras is
a a position to lurce his recom-
aendittiuns through at this time
r make all sorts ol annoying trou
lo and disagreeable delays at the
Vbite House.
1 While there Is a strong element
f doubt bb to tho outcome' Mr.
)arrough'e chances for tho op
ointment aro still considered
ts favorable.
Vlilt the Territory on III
Wcitcrn Trip.
I It has been announced by Sec
htnry Cortclyou that l'reeiuent
lotevtlt will visit the territory
i IiIb western din end will stop
J. several (owns,
Wliile the itinerary of the trip
rliot been definitely arranged,
r. Cortelynti slated that the
lYeeident had ordered that the
rrilory be i eluded in the routo
5bis way to the southwest.
It is probablo that the preei.
ential train will go from St. Louis
f way -of the Missouri, Kansas &
exas road to San Antonio. The
mpleto Itinerary will be at-
nged upon the president's re-
irn from West Point.
(Delegate Dennis Flynn has
ied Mr. Itiosevelt to visit Okla.
noma, but tuo preaiuom saiu uo
aid not see bis way clear to do
lie called attention to (be
lit that be bad attended the first
mlon of the Rough Riders"
IklabomaCity two years ogo
idvled that ho would -accept
o Invitation had he not deoided
go by way ot tbo Indian terri
To the Public: Now that suf
ficient funds have been rahed to
put the celebration of the Fourth
of July by VinlU beyond a perad
venture, pormlt me to pay that as
a matlor course, everybody Is In
vltod to take part in tho parade
and tho entlro entertainment of
tlm day andhelpmakoltasucoasi'
All the va'ious interests of the
town should turn out itnd will he
expected to do eo. it sceint to be
tho consensus of opinion that tho
display should take the chape of
a "merchants parade" with ibiats.
Tne mayor and city council should
turn out In carriages with tho in
vlted speakers as their guests. Of
courso tho veterans will bo there,
and, I suggest, form in columns of
four, without regard to past allilll.
ntion. In ciae the Stand Wa'.lo
reunion is called It is needless lo
say that those men will he our
guests on that day and Bhnuld be
shown every consideration and in.
vited to tbo homes of our people,
A brigade of at least fifty bicycles
should bo formed, properly decor
ated, and appear in columns of
four. A very pleasing and unex.
peeled feature of a previous par
ade, was a large number of, little
boys in grotesque costumes I
hope it will be repeatjd. Another
pleasing featuro of a former occas
sion was tho appearance of a large
number of mounted men in col
umns of four. I would bo gratifi
ed to eeo at least fivo hundred so
appear in the coming parado and
special Invitations are hereby ex
tended to that number and as many
more as will take part, Ut those
who will come, arrivo in town not
later than 9:30 o'clock that morn,
ing report to mo. Let all those
with whom I have assigned or
tain duties, and shall Irom time to
timo, be pleased to remember that
they will be absolutely depended
on for their faithfuischarge,
Let tho cltiens generally make
a special effort to turn out in their
carriages, taalofully de&brtedjw.I
trust Professor Dusger, assisted by
Mr. Olotworthy, will get together
some hundred of the public school
children and drill them in singing
several patriotic airs to intersperse
the proposed program. I would
aleo bo pleased to assign them a
place in the parade, if desired.
Theeo aro only intended as a few
suggestions, moro will likely be
made lator on. Many influences
aro at work to make it a great day
for Vinita, but nothing can be
done without the untiring effort ol
our entire people. Lot us get to
Jno. B. Tuiineu,
Marshal of the day.
Bettor Roports of Probablo
Wheat Yield Coming in
From tho Country.
Has Delayed Corn Cultivation
But There Is Hvery Prospect
Of a Good Crop. Big Oat
Crop in Sight.
Endorsed the Moon UIII at Their
South McAlsster Meeting.
Hoard Has Recommended
Four Appointments.
A meeting of the school-board
as held last night for tho purpose
selecting tho teaobeis for the
ibllo school. A largo number of
inllcationB hod been filed with
e board and the consideration ol
em was not concluded-. Another
teeting will be held tomorrow
eninK when the board will so-
it a principal, assistant prlnci
I BHU lunuuoi tut mo tuunu
For tho other positions the
hard has recommended tbo ap.
ointment of Miss Lyons, Miss
Inimlo Byrd and. Mrs. Athey.
enrietta French was recommend
yar (be position of teacher in
,e colored echnol.
Horse Burned to Death,
tohn Urltt kind the misfortune lo
15 'valuutilo horeo Saturday In a
Lcullor manner. While burulnii
lomo rubbish at J. S. Davenport i
.oop ot hl horses became
Fahtoncdanu runnini Into tho tiro
Id down and wai so sovcroiy burned
Jlmd to bo killed.
u Job lot ladles and mlrso' slipper
Wallon Si wllcon's worth f and
IJfl ner pair closluii at Olo per pr. w
Tho annual meeting of tho In
dian Territory Bar Association
was concluded at South McAlester
with tho election of the following
President C. L, Jackeon, Mus.
Vice-president, Central district
J. A. Hale, South McAlester.
Vice president, Soulbern die
triot Job. Humphrey, Ardmoro,
Vice president Northorn district
W. P. Thompson, Vinita.
Vice-president, Western dis
trict P. 0. West, Muskogee.
Council S- Guerrler, South
MoAleslerjJ. F. Sharp, Purcell;
W. A. Ledhelter, Ardtnore; Y. W.
Hastings, Tahlequab; J. S. Daven
port, Vinita; W. 0. Jackson, Mus.
kogee; R. L. Williams, Duranl;
Benj. Martin, Jr., Muskogee,
Executive committee E, B.
Laweon, Nowalo; W. T. Fears,
Eufaula; D. II. Linebaugh, Atoka;
J. W. Hocker, Purcell.
Tho association before adjourn
ing strongly indorsed tbo Moon
bill providing for a territorial
form of government.
Held (or Slander.
Jaracs McQuerry churned with crim
inal slander In having ropeatcd cer
tain rumor about tho mental condi
tion of J. II. Uarrlco, was bound ever
to tho federal court by Commissioner
Stantleld ycktcrduy under a 9300 bond
Tllouifoiidaiit admitted that ho had
ropeatcd a tory which had been told
him, to tho effect that during a period
of mental derangement Curilco bad
desecrated come knivos In tho Carscl
owoy neighborhood. It was shown
that tbo ropsri was false and that Mr.
Carrlcohad no connection with the
vandalUm and Is a man ot sterling
Reports from tho country con
tiguous to Vinita d' ring tho past
week Indicates that the wheat
crop which was reported so badly
damaged by chinch bugs and rust
will be much larger than at first
Several who have just rclurned
from extended inspection tours
report the wboat yield in most
sections to be very fair, and the
prospects oxcellent for an unus
ually largo oat crop,
Corn is reporlad to be doing
finely in the surrounding country
with evory prospect for a good
The government bulletin for the
Cherokeo nation Irbs follows:
Over the northern portion
wheat harvest commenced on the
3rd, but is being greatly delayed
by rain; considerable damage to
crops reported from oveiflow, rust
and bugs; oats sro making a rank
growth; grass large and will make
a large crop of hay; corn cultiva
tion retarded, but making good
growth; stock, fruit, and garden!
doing well.
Over the middle portion wheat
harvest is in progress with pros
pects of a half crop; much damage
from bugs reported; corn doing
well, but weedy; oats and grass in
fine condition; ootlon looking well
but j'heeding cultivation; with
ground iu good condition.
Over the toutben portion wheat j
ia being larvenled with yield
slightly below average; potatoes
are yielding .about a half crop;
corn and cotton are doing well,
with a fino prospect, and are be
ing cultivated; rango grass is only
la fair condition owing to drouth,
but cattle aro doing well; oats
light and maturing rapidly; gar
dens good; fruit of fair prospect.
The Uusy Press.
The publio is insistent in its de.
mands. It expects tho newspaper
to be a pack-horse, n dray team,
a ditch digger, a gas inspector, a
water tester, a special policeman,
a detective bureau a dog chaser, a
sidowalk fixer,a cow findor, a thief
catcher, a businees maker, a city
pusher, a house seller, a payment
inspector, a sewer director, a pock-
elbook findor, alost article hunter,
council regulator, fraud discoverer
panic preventer, obituary preach
er, chief tally pourer at weddings
and social functions, sporting
mascot, fish liar, big egg prevari
cator, Bnako st ry expander, judge
on earliest gardens, business
boomer, husband finder, sweet
heart securer, and school inspec
tor, and general allround handy
man for the community. In fact
it thero is a single thing of import
ance to human life and human
happiness that doesn't go through
tho newspaper it has nover yet
been discovered. It touches every
feature of human eridoavor from
the cradlo to the grave. It SJillss
with.thoso who smile and weeps
with those who mourn, It is
everywhere all tho time tho most
busy, tho most useful of all publio
agencies, It makes mistakes, All
human agencios do. Sometimes it
is dishonest. But it stands out so
in the glare of the aro light of pub
licity that It can but hall succeed
if dishonot and then only for a
short time. Ad&ian Michigan
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r ""t.BMSiv
Call Issued (or Meeting o( the Terri
torial Executive Committee,
The pipe of peace will bo circu
lated at a meeting of the TerrU
torial Executive Commilteo to be
held at Iloldenville June 25.
The call for the meeting has been
issued by J. M. Hall, chairman of
theWolvcrlon committee, and P.D.
Brewer, chairman of the Marcum
committee, and an eflort will be
made lo eottle tho differences of
tho factions. The following is the
call being sent out.
Dear Sir There nlll be a meet.
Ins of tho Territorial Democratic
ExecutiveComrqitlee at Holden
villa IT., on Wednesday, June 25
luuz, at Hi o'clocK a. m., to con.
eider tho matter of selecting a na
tional committeeman for tho dem
ocratic party or the Indian Terri
tory, and an executivo committee
lo serve till thu next regular con
vention is called to cmeider such
other matters na may properly
come bclore the meeting.
You aro respectfully advised
that this meeting is called lo fur
ther the eflorts now being mads to
unlto tho democracy, and that
both tbo Wolverton aud Marcum
committees will be in session at
that timo and place for that pur
pose. It has been thought wise by the
chairman of both committees tojre.
commend that a full attendance be
had if poBBlblo, and that if a mem
bo; he unable to attend the meet
ing he give his proxy to Bome re
eponeiblo person from his own
town and authorize him to act for
him and la his stead, and that
membors refrain irom giving their
proxies to other members of the
committee. It is further recom
mended that where representation
can not be had as above thl? proxy
eh ould bo sent to the chairman of
the commilteo to which tho party
belongs to bo cast as directed by
a majority of members of that
committee present at the meeting,
You'vo koI tbo roul UiIiik when you
Ret Hunts Llyhti'liiii Oil for Dunn
llrulirs, OuU and Sprains. Tlio toosl
pcnotmtlnK and healing llnlaiont
known. Quararitrod. l'rlce 23 and
60 ccnti. w
The Advertising riedluni.
The advertiser who doos not
adopt and maintain a system by
which ho oau determtno with roa
sonable accuracy tho advertising
media which brings in prolltable
returns Is llkoly to wasto much
money in publicity. The same
man is sure to adapt every poBii
bio safeguard against imposition
In the purchase oi goods ho offers
for sale. He looks alter expenses
of rent, olork biro, gas bills, in
surance, etc, and equal inlellig.
once is demanded in stopping the
leaks in advertising. I'rlntsra
Ink. -.
Gasoline stoves all size; coal oil
btoves nil sue at E j Leo's.
Postmasters Organizing,
The postmasters of the Indian
Territorymel at Muskokee lastFrl
day to effect a territorial organlzs.
tlon. William Noble, ol South
MoAleBter, was elected president;
David Hedfield, of Ardmore, vice
president: J, II. Ugles, of Harts.
home, secretary, and II. T. Estes
of Muskogee, troaeurer. The or
ganization will inoludo an execu
tivo committee of one member
from each of the Ave civilized trib
os and local organizations in each
of tho judicial dsslrlols of tho ter
ritory. Wnllcn & Wilson liavo a largo lino
ot wrappers worth 91.23 which they
are closing at 80 cents. w
Oat harvest, has begun.
Fifteen Years Ago.
I wandered to a grog shop, Tom;
I stood besido tbo bar, and drank
bowl of lemonade and emokad a
rack cigar; the same old kegs and
jugs were there, the ones we usefl to
know when wo were on tho rounu
up, Tom, some fifteen years ago.
The barkeeper is a nsw one, Tom,
the one who used to sell, corrosive
tanglefoot to us, is stalking now
in H alifax; the new one has a
new glass front, hie hair is comb
ed quite low; he looks just like
tho one we knew, Bomo fifteen
years ago. Old Soake came up
and called for booze, and dudelets
staggered in and burned the lin
ings from their throats with fine
old Holland gin, and women stood
on outside the door, their iaceB
seamed with woe, and wtpt just
as they UBed to weep, some fifteen
year ago. I asked about our old
time friends, those cheerful sport
y men, and some were in tte pen;
and one the one we liked best
the hangman laid bim low; the
world is much the. same dear, Tom,
as fifteen years ago. I aBked a.
bout that Btately chap, whom pride
marked for its own, be UBed to say
that he could drink or let tho Bluff
alone: he perished of the James
H. Jam; out in the cold and snow;
ab, few survlvo who used to howl
some fifteen yeara ago. New
crowds line up against the bar and
call for crimson ink; new hands
aro trembling as thoy pour the
stuff they shouldn't drink, but
Btlll the same old watchword rings:
'This round's on me you knowl'
The same old cry of doom we
'beard some fifteen years ago, I
windered to the cburh yard, Tom,
and there I saw tho graves of those
who used to drown themselves in
red fermented waves; and there
were women sleeping there where
grass and daisies grew, who wept
and died of broken hearts, some
fifteen year ago. And there were
graves where children have slept
for many a year, forgetful of the
woe that marked their short, sad
journey hore, and 'neath a fine
tall monument in peace there Holh
low, the man who used sell the
booze, some utleen veers ago.
N. L. ESTLIN&OO. ---
Dealers in High Grade Furniture.
Day Telephone 168.
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The Senate Committee Decided To
Take up Heasurc at Next
The Senate committee on terri
tories decided Saturday to lake up
for consideration early in tbo next
session of congress the omnibus
statehood bill, admitting into the
Union the territories ol Oklaho
ma, New Mexico vnd Arizona.
The decission was reached upon a
tnotiou of Senator Nelsoi. adopted
by a Btrict party vote, the repbub
llcans voting in the affirmative and
the democrats in the negative
This vote was preceded by two
votes on motions made by demo
cratic members looking to the con
sideration of the bill at the pre
sent session. The first of these
was to take up the question next
Wednesday, This was made by
Senator Bate, and was voted down
the republicans voting unanimous
ly in the negative and the demo
crats in (he affirmative. A mo
tion by 8enator Baily to report
the bill Saturday met with a
similar fate on a party vote. The
democrats opposed Senator Nel
son's motion upon the ground that
its adoption would preclude the
possibility of considering the bill
during this session
Representation Provided In a Senate
Dili (or the Indian Country.
$10.00 Reward.
For return ot erne sorrel mare 4 years
Old, star in forehead, ttM snip oujnose,
aud branded heart r one "on hip".
Also one bay horse, same brand, S years
old, l'or return of the above animals to
my barn at Pryor Creek, or Information
leading to their recovery the above re
ward will be paid. JOHN CtWD,
wit Pryor Crook.
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Fresh uatas at DalAe'Bt
Senator Beverldge, chairman "of
the senate committee on terri
tories, introduced in the eenato
Saturday a bill rrovldlng for dele
gate representation in congress for
the Indian territory. It provides
for tho election in November of a
delegate who shall represent the
territory in tho house for the re
mainder of the present congress
and the n.ext congress. All citi
zens who have been bona fido red
Idents of the territory since Sep
tember 1, 1001, are df'iared by
the bill clUzena with UvMgut lo
;pPtnof A'njrlct
Tbe 5t. Louis
".-At'rr"'1 Globs-Democrat
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