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o j ; .-"uuMt,
VOL. XX. NO. 44
Senator Quay Will Push The
Omnibus Measure
Tli rough tho Up-
Per House.
Ib For It, As la .Also Tho Solid
Detnocratio Votu In the
Senate 1'roepeclB
Senator Quay his infused new
life iota rr.'.:luiui legislation' He
JW Sme" f""1' 'rom R COIIf plOUOUB
victory n i.i oirn itaio anu nae
taken up ihe fight for the admis
sion of xPVabotnA, New Mexioo
and Anxona with energy nnd de
lermintlion. Those who ae fam
iliar wilh the methods of the Penn
sylvania,) declare he would never
.. have undertaken the right uoleaa
he thought lie could win. It is as
serted tliHba hat ten more votes
than '.he firay Ave necessary to
over.id, the nn,t, committee oa
tornlvrM'S. Uvei if he does not-
ing more than get 'be bill out 0
the hands of an unfriendly 001.
uiitiee and upon the senate oal4lM
dnr f r early cr.iideraiii) at UMr
hurt Mptis, dietiuat aturfeifb
Wjjl hi !jr uV y ,
Mr Qboj, fowftfr -.' rtWHipi
bill Will be ptm-rd at I, b . e&ioi
of coi)j;reif an'l ihn dl d) h UJm
the territories are rcjtii lly wiin
dent. The bill bus the M i Jh of
President Boost vch an J ptMstic
ally the col democratic' v & in
behind it. In addlton, rrfJiHUijans
from tlif wenlrni 8'Hee yUHPM
uieni i'i eland flrm llli
itlc, ol cutinte, letiiid
luyvniifiil. Qua;, !
who b 'kn r.u li
U',fe9U Ha pit Jgf d
Vr - ttooiwvel
d wbfn (4i
tion met at Hsrritbu
for him iu 1W-1. Mr. IWi
popular in all the leitilainfl.
Cjusy htliirea be can carry-!!
them in l'JU-1 if they are adjM l
to statehood, and nine e
votes would be aMued the
Quay did not consult wit
republican steerio , uinra
, or any member of . hefore 1
Bie to rwl
5 '
J 10B Ml'
'jWitoaUif Ida lattlon. Th n
tmblican stearin eomnitUce b .'
already decided to aitTetraok U
statehood hill and Quay alone. f
tho republican membership ot!
committee on terriloriea vo'e.F'
report. Beveridge, of Inliir
a1,aUm.,i f ll.a nAtrtmthAn '
UIIHIIUtHIl U) IIV uuiuguiiv ,
though n close friend of Prei
Roosevelt, decided to titftnd
the steering oumtnittee li
idgn protested that he wjh hi li
nf admitting the tirritoriii
' etaletiooil but eonfidfred th p
ent an inopportune lime
Quay ban bis own ideas he
rffML ' I gtMd. polllioa fir
uJJaEPIfe k uid hn informed
,you?fifRl ;0stKr from India;
that a defeat bt-'ore (he oommlt
iTotild not be accepted by hi or
final. The members of the Ji
ing committee are indi
They complain that too mm
islatiou has already been e
through democratic votes nn
it is timo lo oall a halt. Q
the contrary, when he want
u thing, would just as soon
plish it with deraoeratioas
lican voles. If Qaay inwead of
Aldricb had been leading the sen
itp fight for reciprocity, he would
not havo been, detent id by sixtoon
Insurgents when he could have
got thirty-two democratic votes for
the asking.
Revenue InsptcHaKTCobb will Lino
Up ClilclasgwXatttcnicn.
ItevMiuaHolleotor Guy P, Oohb
JeJl Mukoge Wednesday for the
CldikiteaWiiAtion, where ho will
.oi:..t a'Ucof twenty-five cents a
.itMiH cattle introduced In
, Hie GbidtcMaw nation by 11011
.t Hii'' hero are oue baff mil-
;! 1,1 ' -a, i.f cattlo r-ubjeot to the
,x '. x'Wiuon have objected
UvV'1 ," l,tevloU8 i'enr8 ,le
, 'j y Ueged the money
( (0hod tho nutlonal treit-
ftp 1 will now be paid
At!fYv-1it Muskogee, It will
' hrd VkB to collect tho
er ,, Cttr An,(m who refuse to
' H1 fcV tclr oallle rui. out.
The Atarshalshlp Conteat Narrowed
Down to tlievlniln
Tho Kansas Olty Journal today
baa tho following Washington
special with refe'ronce to the mar.
ehalsbip of tho northorn district.
The president has concluded not
to Appoint eithor Lieutenant Gov
ernor Blchtcr or J. II. Tomlinaon,
of Kansas, to tho position of Un
ited States marshal for tho North
em district of tho Indian Terri
tory. This statement is mads on
the highest authority and com
pletely reverses the situation nb it
appeared a few dAys ogo, when
everything indicated that. Mr.
Richter would be tho lucky man.
Tho president has promised to
let Mr. Burton name the candi
date, and t was supposed to hold
good when Mr. Burton withdrew
his support of Mr. Tomlinson and
indorsod Mr. Richter. However
li is on that account that the presi
dent has decided to appoint
of ihm Cftnd,dttle8 He
nothing against Richter and
no doubt would have appointed
I'Tiad his nomination been ttn. :
by oouipliaatlons. But
the p'residenl.is anxioui to avoid
Idqlionaliem and hnj therulore de
tenninod to select some ono else.
Whether the plaoe will go to' a
Kansan U not known, but it is
wholly nnlikely, as neither Rich.
ter nor Tomlinson iaonjeclioiiHble
and one or the other would have
been appointed if the precidrnt
intended to name a Kansas man
for tho place.
This leaves only W. H.
Darrougb, of Viuita, I, T., in the
race at present, and while bo is
more likely than any one else
view to be appointed, it is mtld to
be by no mianri certain. All that
id known oQioially at the present
writing is that neither of the Kan-
aana heretofore considered will be
veleoted. .
Liquor Shall Not lie Sold.
No, wo want no money obtained
from licensing any intoxiuating
lrinks. Wo do not want even pool
rooms if their refreshment stands
are to Include intoxicants.
, It la a matter for serious rogret
that any of our officials should at
flhv ttmn lflnlf Hint il.-rrAa nf flimtl.
3ty, or sense of honor which tho
f1..l.lP m ..! ... -1. 1 1. 1 -I l.l
intuitu, nu nuuuut uillliltoil, Bliuuiu
be able to fin' 'u thorn,
Some people may find material
for rmutement in the rehearsing
f the particulars of a "sprco"
nd more pleasure in participating
a me same, uur seuto nl nunior
as not been cultivated along that
Jine. We tolerate no such conduct
n men who havo accepted the
ilghest confidences of the people.
We will not be satisfied in being
h good as MtiBkogeo or any othor
,town. VInita la tho key cl)y to
tho territory and can be a model
jity by tho strict enforcement of
our present prohibitory law and
Mho poisesslon of officials of digni
liy, honor and morality, Tho oyes
)f the peoplelook to them. Our
ohildren take note of their aouduct
and model tbelr lives altorrtboai.
Therefore It becomes tho votora'
duly to select and keep only the
best men for the best in on are
none too good for our children's
heroes. M. 0, S.
Statu ok Ohio, City ok Toludo,
Lucas Countv . f ss
I'ltANK J. Chunky makes oath that
bo Is tho senior partner of tho firm of
V. J. Chunk y & Co., doing business
In tho Olty of Toledo Couoty and
State aforesaid, and that said .firm
will pay tho BumDf OKISHUNDRBP
DOLLARS for each caso of Oatarrh
thatoannotbeeuird br the uto of
Hall's Catauuii Cunx.
Svurn to before me and subscribed
In my preenco, this Olh day of Dec
ember A. D. 1830, '
Hotorv Public.
Halls Catarrh Ouro Is taken Intern
ally und ucts directly on the blood
aud mucous surfaces of lbo syiteui.
Send for testimonials free
Address, V. J. Cbonoy A Co.,
Toledo, O.
Bold by nil rtrtiucsU, 78c,
Hails I'Ainily pills uro tho bent.
Many Difficulties Lie In the Way Of
Speedy Settlement.
Anenl Indian Territory condi
(lone a Washington dlf patch says
Many persons from tho Indian
territory now in Washington are
uniting in a memoriet to congress
to enact eomo legislation for their
roliof. They will ask for a form
of local government anil represen
tation in congrees. Because of
conflicting interests congroiB has
taken no aotion in Indian territory
affaire and whatever proposition
has been proposed has been op
posed by eomo powerful influence
from the territory. Tho confused
congressmen havo delayed action
until it probably is too late to ac
complish anything at this session.
A beginning of some kind will
bavo to bo made if remedial legis
lation is secured at tho short term
and for that purpose tho proposed
irtrmorla) will servo for a basis. It
is rgreed by tho members of the
Indian affaire committee that re
presentation in congrees is neces
sary abovo all other thirgs. The
difficulty lies in the difference of
onfriHin ai?it the 'format 4H
government. The dirjbaaqB
are emphasized in tho Moon bill
which organizes the' Indian terri
tory into a territory such as Okla
homa and New Mexico. The Eoott
bill provides for lees complicated
machinery which would not be so
expensive. If, however, a repre
tentative in congress could be ee
cured, jhe needs of tho territory
could be satisfactorily explained
and the conflicting influences have
promised lowoik together to ac
oomplish this.
Marshal Bennett says (.rime Is Ram.
pant In Indian Territory.
"About the only kind of crimes
that show a diminution in the In
dian Territory are train robberies
and raids on banks," said United
Slates Marshal Benett, of Musko
geo, at the Normandie,
"Crime is as rampant today in
other lines as I have ever known
it, Und my thirty deputies are
kept lorever on tho alert to appre
hend violators of the law. There
isn't a day in the year that we
have not from 30 to 60 men charg
ed with murder in the penitenti
ary. The train robbing business
was discontinued because it got
too hazardous and not from any
advance in morality on the part
of the territory's tough citizens.
"The most efleclivo way we
have in keeping the criminals
down to a minimum of evil work
is to break up their gangs. Where
evor we hear of their concentra
tion officers Are sent to disperse
them. They scatter on the ap
proaoli of tho deputies and singly
have not the nerve to carry out
sohemeB of looting.
"Another factor in tho break
ing up of the gangs is tho improv
ed, modern rifle, In the old days
one or two outlaws could fortify
themselves in a hut and stand off
a company of Boldiers. Thoy can't
do that any longer. With the new
kind of gun the representative of
the law carries tho wbIIb of n log
cabin aro no protection to the ruf
fians, for tho bullets from a Win
chester will rlddlo them And de
stroy everything hidden behind
them at a dietanco novor dreamed
of when tho bad man terrorized
the frontier." Washington Post.
Tho Curtis Dili.
A Washington dispatch has the
following: "The subcommitto of
tho house committee on Indian af
fairs, consisting of Mr. CurtiB, Mr.
Lacoy, Mr. Stevens and Mr. Lit
tie, at a meeting Saturday decided
to report to the house favorably
tho bill Introduced Friday by Mr,
Curtis, providrng Ofor tho allot
ment of the lands of the Oherokeo
nation, Mr. Curtis will mako an
effort to get this blH through early
iu the weok. Ah lifting boeu in
troduoed by representatives of the
Indiana and also by (bo interior
department, it is likely that tho
house will pats it without serious
The Statehood Bill Will Go
Over to tho Next
Says The Advocates of The Omni.
bus Measure Democrats
Will Carry All Tha
Senator Beveridge, of Indiana,
asserts that Senator Quay did not
know, when he threatened to bring
tho omnibus statehood bill before
tho senate over the protests of the
committee on territories, that the
commilteo had promised to report
the bill favorably the first week irr
tbo short session. x
"If he bad known this," declared
Senator Bevoridgo, "he would nev
er havo announced his intention of
bringing the question to an issue. "
Advootes of statehooa still pin
their faith to Senator Quay. If the
Pennsylvania senator does not
nruao nia mnunn ninnriatt Manam
,..0 u.b wu..u.. UUuj, wtui.u.
Bate, of Teoneeee, will. In the
meanwhilo tho republican iteerin
committee is trying to whip the
rtnublicans into line and Bide
traok the bill by legislative man-
Stivers. Ail pi this has so provqk
edgQelegate Rodney to wt&tb that
be di dared he would resign if the
republicans defeated the bill.
"The democrats would wipe us
ofl the face of the earth in New
Mexico if the republicans sidetrack
our bill at tble time," deolared
Mr. Ridney excitedly to tho corre
spondent for the Btar. "New
Mexico has at twenty one differ
ent congressional sessions been
knocking for admission. Our bill
has got through one branch of con
gress or the other at overy session.
Democrats promised us Blatehood
in Cleveland's administration and
did not give it to us. As a result
the republicans swept New Mexi
co at the following election.
That's the way it will be this time
only tho republicans will be de
Mr. Fly nn and Mr. Bodneyheld
a loDg conference with Senator
Quay after tho senate adjourned
Thursday, and it waa agreed lo
press the issue home on the re
publcan senators from the western
states. Members of the republi
can steering committee declare the
bill is dead beyond hopo of resur
rection. ' Senator Beveridge,
chairman of the committee on ter
ritorles, said to Senator Quay: "To
go on with your contention
now would be neither good man
agement nor good politics. You
aro likely to alienate senators who
would be with you next winter,
it is not a time to take up the new
bill in the laBt days of the session,
when the programme of legislation
is all in sight and everyone is anx
ious for adjournment. The debate
would necessarily be prolonged
and thero ere grave doubts as to
whethor it would be good party
management to throw these states
Into tho next campaign on such
short notice.
Providing Court Towns With
Commissioner Tacked On,
Deficiency Dill.
Judge Huckleberry, of Salllsaw,
received a privato advice from
Washington yesterday to the effect
that the bill providing for the ap
pointment of United States com
missioners in the court towns
wherein they were not provided
tor by tho bill dividing thodlstriot.
bad been tacked on the Deficiency
bill and that in all probability it
will pass at this session. Tho bill
provides for the appointment of
three addilional commissioners in
the western district and four in the
northern district. The townB in
the western district provided for
are Sapulpa, Okmulgee and Wag
oner. In the northen district are
Miami, Nowata, Pryor Greek and
Westville. Muskogeo Times,
Annual 5abbatli School Convention.
Tho annual Sabbath school conven
tion will be held at the John D.
Marker pluco on the Hollo ferry road
8 miles southeast of Vinita. on tho
second Sunday In July. All Sunday
schools lu that locality and thoso In
terested tn the work aro Invited to
couio with well tilled baskets.
Foley's honey ana Tar
cures colds, prevents pneumonia.
Three Cornered i'ostofflce Fight At
W. M. Mellette, national repub
lican committeeman for the Indian
territory, who is in Washington,
notified tho Nowata Republican
club Thursday that M. 0. Bowers
would be retired as postmaster and
the club was'lnslructed to indorso
another candidate. It has been a
three-cornerod fight between
Bowors, L. T. Kinkoad and Joseph
Titsworlh. Bowers received tho
indorsement of the Republican
club and, according to an establish
ed rule, in territory politios, it
was claimed that the Poalofllce do
parlmont would not go baok of
the indorse .ent. The new turn
in the matter establishes a prece
dent that will enter into other con
tests in tho torritory. A new can
didate will be endorsed June 28.
The Reason Why.
Editor Cloonan of tho Muskogee
Republican has wondered why the
papers oi the territory have not
been very enthusiastic over the
suggestion that tho noxt press as
sociation is to be held at Musko
gee. Perhaps he may see one rea
son after reflecting on the contem
ptuous spirit shown by the follow.
ing itoms clipped from a single
column of Mr. Cloon&n'-e paper
.. .. .
,8i wnnte. "Tliero la a new a.
r00m reajdenco going up In Wago-
ner Sapulpa is a very good
town, so her newspapers say, if it
wore not for tho fact that thore are
so many of her citizens get drunk
every Saturday night If Vi-
nita and Wagoner do not keep
their weather eyo open
Ureett will eventually ou
them In regard to population ami
the number of new houses goo&kganU,&ifrton, to be named "Catup
up. tho past week thero have
been an addition made to the sec
tion crew on the Katy, and the
station agent has had a new hen
house and other outhouses 'added
to bis already comfortable quarters
The Katy -'flyer' stops at
South McAlester, Vinita and Wag
oner because there are railroad
crossings there Eufaula nowa
papers are proud of the fact that
they aro in the Indian territory,
that is all they have to be proud
of About three months ago
'wo were in Viuita. Since that
time thero has bsen two tents
ereoled i that crowing little
'burg It is said that there
are three timoa as many people
burled in tbo graveyard at Okmul
gee as there are living in the city."
South McAlester News.
Delaware! In Council.
E. 0. Adams, accompanied by
his wifo and Miss O'Bryon, arriv
ed in Dewey Sunday direct from
Washington City.
A large number of Dslawares as.
eembled Monday and Tuesday at
Bartles Hall where thoy heard Mr.
Adams on various matters.
Mr. Adams (Dick, as he is well
known) is the attorney with John
Bullotte for the Delaware Indians
in their suit against the Cherokee
Nation for 157,000 acres of land
purchased by tbo registered Dela
wares in their own right and dis
tinct from an equal right in lands
and monies with the Cherokees.
The'matter has been in the court
of claims four years but has been
submitted by both Bides, and the
attorneys for the Delawares feel
assured that they have made a
good case.
Mr. Adams presented a proposi-
tion to the Indians in council that
thoy incorporate ab a body which
would enable them to obtain reoo
nition and protect thomsolveB and
their rights in a manner similar to
Indian tribes and bands in tho
state of New York.
TueBday a beef was slaughtered,
roasted and eaten by (ho crowd.
Tho Indiana are cautious and are
considering the proposition of Mr.
Adams and will determine in a
very short time the reault. Dewey
A Real Friend.
"1 suffered from djepcpsla and In
digestion for fifteen years,' says W.
T. Stusdovant of Merry Oaks, N. a
"After I had tried many doctors and
medicines to no avail one of my
friends persuaded mo to try Kcdol. It
Biivo Iniruodlato relief. I cau eat al
most auvtbing I want now and my
dlnoston Is good. I cheerfully rooom
uiond Kodoi." Don'b try -to euro
stomach troublp by dieting. That
only fui titer weakens tbo system.
You need wholesomo, strcnijUionlni;
food. Kodulonabloiyouto assimilate
what you oat by digesting It without
tbo stomach's aid. A. W. Fore
man. ; tiw
St. Louis and eturn$'2,75. Chicago
and return WHO. Tickets on salo
Juno IStb, 17th, Slat and 21th, limit
ed Sent 15th. II. Q. Lkwis,
Au uQcondllloual guarantee goes
N. L.
Day Telephone '168.
Survivors of Noted Cherokee
Fighter's Brigade Will
Hold Reunion At
Will Organize a Permanent Camp
Namod for Intrepid Cherokee
Indian General. Fitting
Last Tribulo lo a Brave
1 y Soldier.
The long talked of reunion of
General Stand Watie'e brigade
will be effected at Vinita July 4,
The grizzled veterans who followed
Jibe fortunes of the last cause un
ci ei this inlrpid leader will as-
pfigmbiynirt a IbAt day and or
Stand Wane?" ' Wt. Jmea M
Bell, one of the oldest and beet
known OberokeeB living and colo
nel under Stand Watie through
out the civil war bas taken the
lead and has issued tho following
notice and oiionlar 'etter:
7V the Survivors qfSlanJ Watte' s Bri-
adt, C. S. .:
You are cordially lovltcd and circ
estly rtqva-ted to be pre tent in Vini
ta, I. T., nn Fildar, July tho 4th,
IfeOS, at the l-"ourtb of July celebra
tion to be obtcrred In said city. In
addition to the festivities of Hie oc
casion It is deilred that we meet aud
organize a permanent rarup to bo
named alter our gallant leader, Camp
Stand Watte and that we take the In
itiatory 6teps towards this organiza
tion at Vinita, I. T., on tbli day. Do
not fall to attend.
Jambs M. Dili.,
Late Colonel, Stand V a tie's Brigade,
O.S. A.
Vinita, I. T., June Id, 1002.
To Ike Survivors of Stand Watie' s Dri-
gatle, C. S.A
Greeting: You and each of your
family aud friends are cordially in
Yltod and earnestly requestod to bo
presont In VlnlU, I. T., on Friday,
July tho 4th, 1802. At this time and
piece it Is d 05 1 red to organize a per
manent camp of tho survivors of the
old Stand Wat It's Urlyadoto bo call
ed Curup Stand Watie Arrangements
have bcon made to entertain you and
give you a place on the program of
the day and la overy way lo mako you
comfortable and your visit and meet
ing together pleasant. It Is but fitting
that we meet and organize ourselves
and keep our organization alive as
lnn a3 we survive; It Is but fitting
that we hallow the sacred memories
of tbe past; that wo cherish the naino
and memory of our valiant leador,
Stand Watie; that we erect this living
monument u his chivalry and cour
age, and pay to mm tue tribute ac
cord ad by all nations, and by every
gratefull peopls throughout tbe au
nals of history to tbo noble and heroic
dead. Oomo and meet with us. A
little while and we will be numbered
with the Camp on yonder side, a few
more years and we will pass forevor
tram the scone of'aetloo, from the
dream and memory of battlos.
Sincerely and faithfully yours,.
JAMBS 21. iir.L,
Late Colonel Stand Watlo's Brigade.
PnusTON S. Davis, Secretary.
Death of Mrs. Ulcliard Morrison.
.At Qlitlsou, Sunday morning at
throe o'clock the soul of a loving wlfo
was onllod to its destiny. Like a child
llrod at play and laying down to rost,
she entered lutci a sleep tbat meant to
her eternal rest. Ilor Illness was of
short duration. Her dangerous con
dition was known to the family and
frlunds but oven this did not lesson
tbe shock caused by the news of her
death. Mr. Morrison, (nee Miss
lone Harlan) has a hast of
friends In Vlntta, where she tormorly
llvod, and everywhere throughout the
territory, who will reeolvo tho news
with sadness. We mourn -tho loss of
our older luvod ones but It soems so
sad tbat a young life so full of oppor
tunities should end on lbo throibold
of its usefulness. Our only reonuclla
Hon Is In the fullh that "Ho docth
all things well." Sbo leaves a bus
band, four sisters, two brothers and
her father to whom wo extend our
sincere sympathy. The funeral oc
cured Sunday afternoon at 0 lock
Rev. Belcbu c . ndw ting tbo services.
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For SaleMianAs Good As Mew
1-8 n. T- IJpiuteHorao portable gtuojlne e"u;n)
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YVt' driving outfit
Night Telephone 254.
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Banking bu-ih.m
Katvws City,
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