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Baking Powder
Makes the bread
more healthful.
Safeguards the food
against alum.
Alum baking powder are (tie greatut
nuructrs to health of the present day.
.OV.t Mill, rOwPf rt MW TOW.
At Kaintas tlty Promises to Continue
Tahlequah Recognizes the
Profit in Keeping the Fed
eral Prisoners.
To Give the Government Use of
Cherokee National Pripon,
With all Auxiliary Build.
Ings at a Rental ol 81 00
per Annum.
Kansas City, Mo , July 10 Re.
ceipls of Southern cattle at the
Kansas City market continues to
exceed llio moat sanguine expecta
tions of the dealers and, consider
ing tho fact that little of tlio stuff
la good and leas first olars, priceB
keop up in a lurprieing way. On
Monday of this week tho receipts
were 230 cars, containing 0,170
cattle and 800 Calves, a total of
7,072 Tuesday's receipts were
upward of 2,000 hoad, with two
trains sidetracked on account of
St. Louis had about 0,000 head
Monday and upwards of 2,000 bead
Tuesday. LiBt week's arrivals of
Southern caltlo at the principal
Western markets, while not the
largest on record, wero very closo
to the record mark. Kansas City,
St. Louis and Chicago had 1,504
care, which is the heaviest receipts
for any week slnco September ol
1000, when 1,542 cars wero re
ceived. Last week's receipts were
680 oars greater than for the cor
responding week of laBtyear. The
top price paid last week for South
ern Btoors was tO 60 a hundred.
Most of the arrivals were of mod
erate quality and sold at from 84 00
to $6.50, although a number of
bunches sold above 80 00. In
For Election to Voto on
Treaty, Jssued by Chief
Tho following call for an election
to vote on tbo trontty. recently
passed by Congress has been issued
by Chief Buffllngton:
A cnmmitln unnuliliiir rT U
W. IlnatinP. J. R. KUlllnr ntld J. nulla nl llm ltavt. run nn Unn.l.r,
L. Worlhington, called on Marshal of Ibis we6kr, prices ruled Btrong,
Darrough last Thursday and sub.
milted a proposition from tho citi
xens of Tahlequah to provide a
plaoe for tho temporary confine
ment of the federal prisoners pend
ing the erection of a new federal
U it this place.
The proposition, which was in
writing, offered tbo uso of
the Cherokoo national prison
and all auxiliary buildings at a
rental of one dollar per annum.
The members of the committee
evidently appreciated tbo value ol
the jail. pay roll niJ other txpen.
ilitures Incident to iLo keeping of
thb prisoners, and made strenuous
nrguniojlfa for the accpiance of
A" plane ore now under coiifiid
erauoii for the erection ol a tern
porary structure here adaptable for
jail purposes, tho proposition was
pigeonholed. The prisoners bo
ions in Vinita and the orpnnBe in
cident to transporting them be
tween here and Tahlequah would
coon mako tho apparently gener
ous offer of Tahlequah a most ex
pensive proposition.
Tbo plans which will probably
be adopted call for a large addition
tc the present holdover and the
erection of a stockade. As soon
as the plans aro definitely deter
minod upon it will only take a few
days to put the building In condi
tion for tho reception of a large
number of prisoners.
conciderincr the nualilv of Ihn oder
ings. Packero srpfe anxious to get
butcher sluO, and t. number of
sales wero made at exceptionally
good figures. Tho top sales were
at $5 85, and the bulk was around
81 50. There has been an especl
ally good demand for Southern
culves, which have brought good
So far this season the Indian
territory has furnished the bulk cf
wio Euuinorn eijin m inis marKei,
although Okiahomc and Texas
have ointributed liberally,
RlRlitf .or Ctaliusriis fa Citizenship
. AlUiHtd In These Co-ej.
Interior Department Affirms De.
clson o( Dawes Commission
L In Citizenship Cases.
8eclM to tin Dally Cblertaln.
Muskogee, .1. T. Juljr 11, 1002.
The United SlateB commission to
tbo fiyo civilized tribes has juBt
been officlolly notified that the do
cieion of the commission, rejecting
' ,fhe following applications for en
rolltaent as citizens of the Chero
kee nation has been affirmed by
the secretary of tho interior:
Jane O, Dixon, et nl, Muskogee;
Barah M. Plain, Collinsrille; Jen
nle Gibbs, ot nl, Vinita; Maggie
Boone, et nl, Mannrd; Mandy
Owen, ot nl. Muscogee; Georgo H.
t Sherman, Fort Smith, Ark.; Daniel
j E. Oliver, et nl, Chelsea; John T.
" i Armstrong, et nl, Tahlequah; Ella
Helpeustino, et al, Nowata; Mary
f B. Robs, et al, Turley; Jeplha K.
tjWebb, Poteau; Minerva E. Owens
et nl, Renge; Hiram D. Webb, el
J? al, Poteau.
'J "" Appraisement ol Tulsa.
The townsile commissioners are
at Tulsn returning lists of appraise
ment lor the oity. Residence lots
rango from 850 to 81.000. and busl
neaa lots from 8100 to 81,250. The
approximate value of the townsile
,ib Sl-JG.IXX). Complaint is made
because the valuation Is considered
xceaaive. It Is said to be hlgbor
llian any oljier town in the Orouk
n.'n. Satexcopting Muskogoo.
'.'Qftflll Your Mnuili
AiidateifflfMlpe. Ouoalliaui'S LaXa-
tlVC rJIlUTtitraUictS Coniiilnn nil Mm
Doio alwayjrady. l)oo always tho
samo. No otije-r-nu jigy. w
Tills week Jbdlty "pill aduilttod
O. B. Skldmoro aid the qUior partici
pants In the Culmsvllle looting of
fair to ball. Tito fcaVmflxoil at
"l-VW, -
Special to Dally Cluofialn
Muskogee, I. T'July 12. 1002.
The United States commission
to the ilvo civilized tribes today
decided tbat tho following persona
who hove heretofore been listed
for enrollment on Cherokee
Doubtlul cards were entitled to be
enrolled as citizens of the Chero
kee nation:
Noah Reece, Braces.
James P Petty et al, ena.
Clara II Corden et al. While
Tennie Sanders, Sallisaw.
Esther Gilbert, Coffoy ville, Kas.
Huey M Walkingetick, Boone
ville, Mo.
Ilenry Hayes et nl, Ochelata.
Stephen Foreman ot nl, Locust
William R Kotte et al, Musko
Kate Lord, Tulsa.
Myrtle Patton, Chouleau.
Oceola Allen, Pryor Creek.
Ezekiel Parris et al. Claremore.
Thomas Stealer et al, Claremore.
James R Doberty et nl, CoIIIlb-
Minnlo Buchnor, Foyll.
William H Parris et al, Foyii.
Joseph E'Feland, Claremore.
Dick Drowning, Barron.
John Carver et al, Muskogee.
Martin Ripor ot al, Guanas.
William JohnBon, Fort Leaven
worth, Kansas,
Daniel Orail et al, Wagoner.
Aea Headrick, Stilwell.
Sarah A Bean, Stilwell.
Mige I Brackett, Dutch Mills,
Royal W Way bourn, Chouteau,
Applicants for Enrollment Are Clas
sified By Dawes Commission,.
Special to Dully CbUfuln.
Muskogee, I. T., July 12, 1002.
The United States Commission
to the Five Civilized Tribes has
beard applications for enrollment
as citizens ol the Cherokee Nation
up to dale of closing tho Chorokee
rolls and classified the applications
as follows;
Straight Cherokee 80447
Doubtful Oherokees '.. 8172
Rejeotod Cherokee 787
Straight Delawares 1023
Doubtful Delawaros 15
Memorandum Casus 1208
Straight Cherokee Freedroen 3217
Doubtful Cherokee Freedmen 2800
Rejected Freed men 804
Injunction Froedmen Case?. . 08
Cherokee citlrens, all olnesoa
on straight cards 84717
To tho Olorks of tho Several Die
(ricis, and Membora ol National
Wheroas, a measure was passed
by tbo congress of the United
Btalea and approved by the presi
dent theroof, on the first day of
July, 1002, entitled: "An act to
provide for the allotment of the
lands of the Oherokeo nation, for
tho disposition of 'lownslten there.
in, and for other purposes, "which
contains the following provisions:
"This act ehnll not take effect
or be of any validity until ratlfiod
by a majority of tho whole number
of volts caBt by the legal voters of
the Cherokee nation In the man
ner following: Tho principal chief
ebnl), within ten days after tho
passage of this act by congress,
mako ppblic proclamation that tbo
same shall be votod upon at a
special election to be held for that
purpose within thirty days thore
after, on a certain data thoreln
named, and ho shall appoint such
officers and mako such other pro
visions as may be necessary for
holding such election. The votes
cast at such election shall be forth
with duly eertified as required by
Oherokeo law, and tho votes shall
bo counted by the Cherokee nation
al council, if then in session, and
if not In session the principal chief
Bhall conveno an extraordinary
session for the purpose, in the
presence of a member of the com
mieslun to the five civilized tribes,
and said member and the princi
pal chief shall jointly mako certifi
cato thereof and proclamation of
the remit."
Now, tlierriurr, I, T. M Buffing
ton, principal chief of the Cher-'
krt i ailiin. in ciiiiurmi'v to the
preceding pruVMiiu of the act of
congress nfurrrald, dp ittpe tlii,
my proclamation, directing and
ordering tbat a special election be
hold at the various voting precincts
in the severs! districts of the Cher
okee nation on the 7ib day of Au
gust, 1002, for the purpose of vot
ing upon.iue ratification or reieo
tion of the not of concrete before
mentioned, and said election shall
bo held and conducted, in all re
spects, us provided In the laws of
Cherokee nation,"Relating to Elec
tion, " and published in the com
piled laws of g02, in so far as the
same may be applicable to an eleo
tion of this character. All persons
who are qualified voters under the
laws of tho Cherokee cation, and
nono others, will be entitled to
volo at said epeolal election.
The lull text of the act of eon.
grees aforesaid has been printed in
the Cherokeo Advocate. In ih
Chorokee and English language,
and a copy of said act in both Ian
guages is hereto attached and made
a part of this proclamation to the
enu mat the legal voters of this
nation may be fully advised as to
itR provisions in order that they
may Intelligently vote thereon.
In the further compliance with
the provisions of this act, and the
authority vested in me. I do pro
claim that on the morning of (be
Ilth day of August, 1002, the
members of the senate aiuloouncll
from each district of the Cherokeo
nation shall assemble in national
council at the seat of government
of said nation, to meet in extraor
dlnnry session, for the purpose of
counting the votes cast at said
special election, in the presence ol
a member of tho Dawes commis
sion, and to transact such other
DueineBB bb may be properly pre
And by the authority in me
vested by tbo law nnd constitution
of the Cherokeo' nation, I hereby
leauo my proclamation to the clerk
of Canadian district, Cherokee na-
tion, promulgating the serenth
day of August, 1002, as a day upon
Which a special election shall be
held for the election of one senator
to fill the vacanoy caused by the
death of the Honorable Honry C.
tiowery, and the management.
certificates and returnB of auch
eleolion shall be made as provided
by tho compiled code of this nation
of 1602, tho voting to bo dono at
the various products of said. dis.
trtot under the direction
trol of the same elect
who may be appointed m I
the special election t
'.that day lor the pur.
upon tbo ratification ol the act of
congress before mentioned,
In testimony whereof, Ihereun
f beat,! lo Bel my 'iant' flnt
f and cause tho seal of
tbo Cherokee Nation to be affixed,
at Tahleauab. Indian Territory.
on this tbo ninth day of July, A.
D 1002.
Attest: Principal Chief
i. T. PARKS,
Executive Secretary.
, JULY 17, 1902. 77Hf
VOL. XX. NO. 47
(fiu i. ..'.vr-1
Who Are The Croakers
Editor Chloftaln:
Mr. Haslincs deolared in his
fourth of July orallon at VinJla
that the Cherokeo questions would
have been a matter of easy settle,
ment had it not been for tho ob
structive noise kept up by "a few
croakers." His whole speech wan
painfully out of pecord with Ihe
spirit and meaning of tho occasion
but that unoonso'ous offence we
choerfully condono, well remem
boring how natural it is for the
unripeness of inexperienced ambi
tion lo overstep tbo proper bounds
of proprioty.
But who aro these troublesome
"croakore?" Gracious! How nc
curalely history is repeating Itself!
When the American coloniain
wero complaining so respectfully
of 'the injustice prnotlced upon
them by tho Jiomo goyernmenl
there was a little dump of fellowi
generally wealthy merchants and
royal office holders, who stood In
with tbo king; they were used as
tools In Iho hands of parliament
for running down tho brave buck
BKlna of the now world and ex
torting revenue out of them for the
support of the crown. They lived
under tbo fosteilng hand of the
all snfflcient power on the other
side of the water, andhavinir swal
lowed down their own consciences
they were at easo in their nnlnn.
did possessions and had nothlne
to fear. Thev were a nroml nv
race of parasites that clnnc (n
America only for the means whnm
wltli lo fill Iheir coffers. We do
not recall how llfeygot tho name;
but ihiy were called "Tories."
They wore iraftorti ilm Ami.
can rause. They wrfeatwars .
olainiiair ihn nUdomif'minn.iiain
and demanding an immediate eel
Ucmpnt wjth Ihn mother country.
This, th,y maintained, onuld h.
easily bad but for the iiiUjence in
"a few croakers." who mudlousli
misled tho people and Infl.unn.i
their minds with hatred of th
king. They called Washington.
Adams and Jefferson J'proakera"
meaning self seeking obstruction
Ists. "
But how did it come ou.7' In
the end these fellowB bad to Uy
acroBS the sjas or take upon
American soil a befitting back
Whc IB it DOW in tbo nroannl
disturbed caditlon of our Chero
kee affairs tbatare loudest in re
commending conosBsIon, and do
mandlng a speedy aeltlement with
SO litlln rpfrnr.l In lam.i.9 u'u-
but tho jolly fat fellows that are
swimming In their affluence, who
aro baBking In the sunshine of
sovereign approval, who hnve
nothing to lose by a settlement
and much to gain, who have al
lowed themselves to be hribed by
their own love of lucre to turn
their backs upon Iheir countrymen
and conEort withgrasplng corpor
ations, sordid syndicates, foreign
born political parlies and corrupt
lobbies, for tho purpose, in one
or another of fleecing their own
people out of their rightful Inheri
Just let tho townsito clause be
striken out of the! Curtis law.
atrike out Iho mineral provision,
lei all the church reservations
elldo, let the plan of allotment be
absolutely devoid of favoritism.
let (be POOr have s fnlr nlmnon
with the rich, the weak with the
mighty, the slmplo with the cun
nlng; then tell us. If vou can aur
noise, who would be the
"oroakcra". Methinka vou would
in that case, see a mighty array of
great men, wise men, pure men,
holy men a creat malorltv nl firni
claea men of all kinds go "croak.
ing- over into tho camp of Dave
Muekrat and Wolf Coon, and
oroak, and croak, and croak.
Chief Bufflngton Announces
August 7th as Date for
Voto on Treaty.
A call has been lasimd hv c.hi
Bufllnglon for an election on Aug.
7tb, at which lime tho treaty re.
cently passed by congress will bo
submitted to the clll-.nn nf ih
Cherokee Nation for ratification.
A proclamation convening the
national council. Aueuii 11th ..
issued concurrently.
From present indications the
treaty will be ratified by an over
wneimtng majority, as the only
erlous opposition which has de
veloped has come from thn largo
land holders whoso motives are
purely selfish.
no appo ntment nf fll,..i,i a
Shelton as clerk i" Dn1Bwr.-i ,iia!
trlct Ib also announced.
Dealers in High Grade Furniture.
Stock complete and up-to-date.
Coffins and caskets.
huiieral Directors.
Night Telephone 224.
Day TeIephonelfie58.
Shows Strong Sentiment For An
nexation In Creek Nation.
Ylce-Presldent. Cashier
Cherokee National Doard of Educa
tion Announces Appointments
and Assignments.
Rolf in Ashea.
The business section of the town
of Roff Is in ashea as a result of
disastrous firo which started late
Wednesday niaht. Fifteen l.nal
ness homos and the Roff hotel
wero totally destroyed. Enttm.tnri
- ':.'. " ---
l08a,.fWW rf caonotxBv.
V'Bjdy of Mils great medicine. "Em
uf j. vwpio urup Sfcoro. (ly
Spring chickens at
w. l.i-i'.'T J.IIWWU
tw I
LHflkW ... jflR - ;j St- xt1
BssssssssssssBsflJI. taxtf'ysmaa&!mtrnNm- . atissMk m-, M, ,BM)-t," Jptejsg
The following appointments
and ossicnmeDts of teachera rmv
been announced bv tho Uherokn
National Board of Education)
L M Logan, principal.
R L Mitchell, 1st assistant.
R R EubankB, 2nd assistant.
W T Scott, 3rd assistant.
R Rachel Cox. Areola. Mo.. 4th
Mrs. L M Logan, fith assistant.
Mies Etta J Rider, principal.
Lillian Alexander, 1st assistant.
Minta Foreman, 2nd assistant.
Flora Lindsay, 3rd assistant.
L D Starr, 4tb assistant.
Rosana Homage, 5th assistant.
Cherrio Adair nnd Charlotte
Archer, music. r
W P Thorn, principal.
Bruce Garrett, 1st assistant.
S W Woodall, 2nd assistant.
Eugenie Thompson, 8rd a 1 til 8
Martha L Morgan. hh assistant.
Cherrle EjJmondson, music.
Ulmmle Byrd, Anna E Lyons,
Lizzie K Athey, Vinita.-
Moggie ParkB, Choleeo.
Nora Matheeon, Oatale.
Birdlo Harris, West Point.
Leola J Justice, Oulsgah.
Susie Phlllipe, Joiophino Ho
ward, Nowata.
Joanna Dunoan, Adair.
Lucinda B-llard. Browninir
Jananna Ballard, Pryor Creek.
Clara E Tyler, Tnvey.
Jennie Rose, P aw Paw,
E O Alberty, Cora Hloks, Clare
.Jennie Barnes, JubIIcb.
Waller Fox, Sugar Mound.
Senora Gray, Payne.
Geo W FieldB, Wbito Qak.
K Pearl Drew, CollinsvilJe.
Golda Barker, Rogers.
Zella Linton, Talala.
Corrlnno Alberty, Hickory
W H Yann, Qoobo feck.
Abble Wononsr. Llehtninir
Emma Winfield, Brushy Creek
Charley Mocroe. Mitchell
Laura Patrick, Minnehaha.
Anna Parris, 0quah.
Sadie B Binders, Honey Creek.
Eugenia Eubanks, Grove,
Nora Victor. Victory
John E Builer, Eutopla.
Gean Finloy, Blue Jacket.
Lizzie Lynch, Deltwaretown.
Join Chandler, Aurora.
Willie Troll, Aflon.
Frank Cawood, Ketchum.
Maud Ward, Fairland.
Lola Ward, Olympus.
Flossie Carselowry, Hickory
Qenobia Ward, Success.
Bark Clevoland, Dawes.
Levi Grills, Mose Ridee.
Mrs DoraBlackwell, Moore.
Florence Ross, Oceola.
J F Thompson, Wyckllflo,
Bula Edmondsou, Ced.r Ulufl.
Eli Toney, Spavhaw.
LuoUe Archer, Arcadia.
Alllo Paok, Rowe.
Nora Bradley, Elm.
Lovlo G Davis, Lynch'a Prnirlo.
Juliette Smith, Unity. x
Tho mass COnvnntinn hat.1 .1
Sapulpa to organize an annexation
league bnving for its pnrpose the
annexalion of the Creek nation to
Oklahoma undor the Qrganio Act
has concluded ItaeesBion.
A permanent organization was
formed with offlcerB as follows:
President, Orlando Swain, Ok
mulgce; vice president, W. P.
Root, Sapulpa; secretary, W. W.
Green, Bristow: correanonrllnrr
secretary, F. F. Lamb, Okmulgee;
..ooDuinr, ix. a, ttolman, we-tumka.
An executive committ.B .n
poinlod by the president in mm.
posed of: A. R. Inery, Tulsa;
Wobsler Wilder, Sapulpa, and R.
H. Jennots, Okmulgeo.
Acommltteo on publicity was
appointed to prepare an addreso
setting forth the arguments for an
nexation, which will be sent to
every papor in the Creek nation.
Another mooting of the organ!
...The Cherokee Nalional Bank...
ulnlfa, Ind. Ter.
OAPIT-AL 825,000.00.
U V. r.rkcr. Jr W ft. MSica,K: FroJ L KclI.T.
E. N. notelllT. ThM. T. Wlmer. ,. k. Ucaumri. uc'"'
Every Courtwy Extended that Is Consistent with Sound Banking
i Interest Paid on Time Certificates ot Deposit.
zalion will be held at
August 11.
Colonel Roy Hoffman nf nh.nj.
ler was present. In his addresa
was embodied a welcome frnm ih
peoplo of Oklahoma to tho people
of the Creek nation to join with
them and form one stale to he ad
milled into the Union next Dec
ember. C. E. Castle of Wagoner
TtteMJCww of the annexation
ttorvosMit (JfrpCTids upon tbe ao
uon oltho Creek Qoipioil. Yea
terday'a convention demonetrates
that strong prrsjurv will be
brought to or upon the council
to vote for annexation.
Cljlef Durflncton Announces Appoint-
menis lor tlio Several Districts.
1i.Difa Real Esfaf? Mmy
(D. M. Marrs & Company.)
,,Jown a?d f?r,?1 PrPerty sold on commission. List
your nrooertv with nc . nun ,-f u..r- u....Jj7.J
prospective purchasers every week free of charge.
, VVe have the only record of the Cherokee town lot
sales. Jf you want to buy or sell, call on us.
Synodical Female College
Fulton, .Mo.
The following appointments, of
election oUlcora have been made
by Chief Bufllnjton:
Coosweetooowee, W. II. Frye
Flint, J. B. Lynch; Canadian, Wm!
McLain; Delaware, C. 8. Shelton;
Golngsnake, T. B Alberty; Saline,
T. B. Downing; Sequoyah, Geo.
W. Bethel; Tahlequah, Rota Dan
iels; Illinois, S. 8. Sanders.. These
persons will. In turn, annolnt th
olerks and Judges for each nrecinci
in their respective districta and
have charge of the returns.
J. R. Uarrett and 0. W. A't.-rty Mke
This old .school in the cultured town of.
Fulton is a magnificent place toveducate a'
young: woman.
It offers a comfortable and attractive home ""
where young girls arc carefully educated and
,Apply at this office for catalogue and
ev-J- M- SPENCER, " j !
- Fulton, Mo.y ; j 4
Your Lawn
.(... . .
? - 'Sj- 'fs '
7m and
Lake Mooro a Commissioner.
Lnko Mooro. at one time editor
of the Fairland Bee an i recently a
J"honmfir" at WarIaiVh li.a l.a.n
Cowan nndlappoinied bv Jtu)g8 0 w Ray
monu lo be united Stales commia
elonorat Holdenvillo,
An exchange of poelliona has
been made at Tahlequah whereby
J. It. Garrett becomea oxecutivo
secretary and B. W. Alberty, until
recently executivo secretary, buc.
ceeda Mr. Garrett as superintend.
ent ol the male seminary. Bolh
officials have aesun-ed their new
Jail Notes
The followlntr prisoners wero
orjuuhl U bv denutv iunrhu voatar.
day and todiy; Atlen AldldRc, from
Goosopeok Uond, oliarnod with agBra-
vatoa aauit.
Polar Thomas, from ncarPaw-naw.
cuaru'ou witu atfault to kill.
uco. faanflara. and Pdlly Sanders,
nogroof, Qharecd with a serious of
Whllo Jailer Wilkinson has been
ablo to eoparaio tbo whllo and the
notfro prlsonors, yot there Is only ono
room whero women can bo confined.
At present this room is occonicd hr
a whits woman and a ncurcss. Every
cirort is i)oinn made to obtain a tem
porary location for thq Jail, whero
adeqtiato accommodations can bo had
for tho prlsonors, and from present
indications such a structure will soon
bo obtained on tho east sido.
Vou Know What You Aro Taklnjr
When you take Grove's Tasteless
Oblll Tonic boiKtuto tho formula Is
plainly printed on every bottlo show
log that It js simply Iron ahd quinine
In a taatclc-33 form. No curd, no na?
SOo. w
FOR SALE- Two tetter
Joi, one troke to ftU and
water work, the other oolv
pirlly broken. Alo young high-bred
ttill hound, WiU lrde for cow or pony, '
Go. HlirRitve,5Vlnlt,I,T.
Will need the very best of care.
Keep the grass green and velvety.
It will be a positive pleasure if you are
provided with our jj$
Good Lawn and
Garden Tools.
Darrough Hardware Co.
Break Onen anv Bunch.
Break open any bunch of shingles you
buy from us, and if you don't find them
!ust ?s we represent them best shingles
for the money no matter what kind or
grade you buybring them in and get your
money back.l hat's the way we do business.
o Wc handle the celebrated Washington ml cedar aud
tsouthcTii cypress sjiitigles. If theri were better and
longer lasting sliiugles thau these, we would certainly
carry them lu stock. But these are the best shingles
made, so when you get shingles her you will be dead
sure you're getting the best. Everything hi the lumber
aud uuikhntr line n richt nricnn
I" P. Q, Browning & Company.

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