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Indian chieftain. (Vinita, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1882-1902, July 24, 1902, Image 1

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VOL. XX. NO. 48
Begins S
ATURDAY. July 26, C
in day. August 9th.
A Two Weeks Carnival of Matchless Bargains in Dry (xoocte, Clothing, Furnishings, Hats and Shoes. Everything of a
seasonable nature will be closed without any reference to its original cost. Its our aim to sell out everything of a seasonable
nature during this sale. We need both the money we have in the goods and the space they accupy for fall merchandise.
We thoroughly understand that in order to move the goods at this time, the prices must be made low. Low prices will be
the feature of this sale. We want every man, woman and child that comes to Vinita to visit our store during this sale. We
have more good things to show you than you ever saw in any store in Vinita.
lien's and Boy's
We have lots of money in clothing and as we
need the money more than we do the clothing
we will exchange some clothing for money in a
way that will be much to the advantage of the
person with the money. Clothing of all kinds for
all kinds of men and boys at closing out prices,
prices that will close out every item listed here.
Ask to see our advertised clothing. They arc
the biggest clothing sensations of the season.
We have a number of different styles of laund
ered negligee shirts a few of a kind which we are
very anxious to close out. The styles arc alright
in every particular. They have been our best
sellers at 50 and 75c each. We have them all in
one lotat one price. Every shirt is a bargain.
Your choice of this lot for
1 lot negligee shirts worth 25 and 35c, your
choice of this Jot for 1 9 C.
Wc have about 500 tecks and strings were
good at 25 and 35c. Your choice of the lot for
We have made underwear prices so low that
the stock will go quick. Come early if you want
the best bargains.
Good Balgriggan underwear plain and fancy
wortn 65 and 75c per suit., Clearing sale price,
per suit. , 48C.
"Good seamless nuxed sdx per pair? ' ,4-C,
Good quality seamless black sox3 pr for 25C
1 lot-odd coats and vests from suits that sold
from 5.00 to 10.00. Your choice of these coats
and vests for 2.48
1 lot odd coats and vests from suits that sold
from 12.50 to 15.00. Your choice of this lot for
Odd lot mens suits worth 3.50 to 4.50 per suit.
Your choice of these suits for 1.98.
Odd lot mens suits worth 5.00 to 7.00 per suit
Odd lot men's suits worth 5.00 to 7.00 per
suit, your choice of this lot per suit
Odd lot of men's 6.50, 7.50 and 8.00 suits.your
choice of this lot, per suit
Odd lot of light colored suits for men, special
values for 7.00 to 10.00 per suit, your choice of the
lot per suit
One lot Schloss Bros', fine iailor-made suits
.in4ight colors nothing better anywhere for 12.50
to 15.00 per suit. Your choice of this lot per suit
Anything else we have in men's -seasonable
suits at a big discount. -
Odd lot of boys' suits, 10 to 19. These suits
originally sold for 2.50 to 3.50 per suit, your choice
of the lot for
One lot boys' knee p'ants suits, age 6 to 15
sizes. Your choice of this lot for 48c, worth 75c
to 1.60 per suit anywhere.
One odd lot boys' knee pants suits worth 1.75
to 2.00. 'Your choice of this lot for
Boys' vestee suits worth 1.25, to close out at
88c per suit.
'A big odd lot of men's pants, 1.25 to. 1.75 sel
lers, your choice for 89c.
Odd lot men's pants 1.50 to 2.00 sellers, your
choice for 1,29 a pair.
Odd lot of Strictly high grade pants, 2.50 to
3.00 sellers, your choice for 1,79,
Men's and Boys' Hats.
Odd Lots Very Cheap.
One lot of men's hats, wide and moder brjms,
good goods and good styles. Have been ready
sellers at 1.50 and 2.00, your choice of the lot for
Small lot of men's and boys' hats, regular So
and 75c sellers, to close at 41c.
Men's and Boys' Shoes.
Prices right, quality right, styLes right, Our
clearing sale prices on 2hoes will be entirely in
favor of the buyer. Wc are anxjous to close out
all summer shoes and all odd lots of shoes of
every description. We are making prices a little
lower than you ever saw them in in this city.
Good work shoe for men worth 1.25, clearing
sale price 85C.
1 lot mens satin calf shoes both plain and cap
toe regular 1.25 and 1.50 sellers. Your choice of
this lot for 98C.
Dry Goods Department.
Soasonablo Dry Goods slaughter. Evory itom or n soa
sonablo nnturo in our dry goods dopnrtmont will bo pricco so
that thoy will novor kick. .
Wash Dress Goods.
Good lawns whilo thoy Inst,
por yard 2c, only 10 yards to
each customor
Good quality lawns and ba
tistes, woro good valuos at 8J
and 10c por yard, clearing salo
prlco por yard Be.
A largo of lino lawns and ha
tistoS our rogulnr 12ic lino. Wo
moan-to mako a comploto oloan
up on this lino, to do so wo
hav.9 fixed tho prico at 7o por
Hero is tho bost wash dross
goods doal you ovor saw in Vi
nita ; this lot is composed of all
our lino wash dross goods of
avQry description, priinroso ba
tistes, olomatis and shamrock
dimitios, tissuo ginghams and
pongco foulards ; thoso goods
soil in rogulor way at from 15c
to 25c por yard, your ohoico of
tho lot por yard 10c.
Striokly high grado wash
dross goods this soason's work,
Mado to retail at 25c to 35o por
yard, consists of Windsor papil-
lon, arauinn iaco mull, your
choico of this lot for 10c por yd.
Staple Dry Goods.
Stundard calicoes, short Ion
gths, por yard 3c, whilo thoy
All regular stook standard
oaligoos at -io por yard whilo
thoy last.
Our eolobrnted ontorpriso EE
shooting, is cheap at 5o por yd.
all our proeont stock goas in this
salo at 1-1 yards for 50c; no
moro than this amount to ono
You should tako advuntago
of theso low prices dn wido
shootings, thoy may not appoar
again in six months, u-i un
bloachcd shooting, good quality
soils at 20c por yard, clearing
salo prico por yard 15c.
Granitabloacood 0-4 sheeting
worth 25c por yard, clearing
salo prico por yard 17c.
Popprill 10-1 bleached shoot
ing, 0 no of tho wido known
brands of shooting, soils at 30c
por yard. Clearing salo prlco
Table Linen.
Rod Damask, good width
and pood quality, worth 25c
por yard, closing salo prico por
yard 10c,
Extra wido turkoy rod dam
ask, rogular 30o quality, clear
ing salo jinco Tic.
Good quality bloached dam
ask, 50o quality cloaring.salo
prico por yard 33c.
Cotton towols por pair Go.
Blenched cotton towlos tho
15c kind, por pair 0c.
Extra largo bloachod towols,
tho 25c kind, per pair 10c.
Good Turkish towols, wero
cheap at 25c, cloafing salo prico
lOo por yard.
Good cotton crash por yard
3c, whilo it lasts.
During this salo we will al
low 20 nor cont off on all straw
mattines. Now is the timo to
bny mattings .
Romombor tho good things
go first. If you wont the good
things visit us oarly in the salo.
1 lot cood norcalo shirt waists
worth 50o, closing salo prico
Hot shirt waists, rogular C5o
sollors, clearing Balo prico oaoh
1 lot fino whito and pojealo
ohoico for -10c oaoh.
1 lot fino white waists, trim
mod with tucks and insertions.
Thoy aro aheap at i.00. Your
choico of this lot for G9c.
Trimmed Hats.
Wo havo somo vory ohoico
trimmed hats loft in' our millin
ery dopartment. Wo havo thorn
marked at very roasonablo
prices, but in order-to mako a
"clean sweep" of all summor
hate we will givo a discount of
60 por cent, making thorn cost
you just ums-HAiji' tnoir
marked price.
you can't do bettor than buy
thorn of us. Wo aro largo hand
lors of country produco and our
pricos aro always liboral.
Largo honoy-comb towols 8c. waists, rogular 76c sollors, your
Grocery Dept.
Koop your oyo on ou grocory
dopartment. It's tho most roli-
ablo grocery storo in this coun
try. Wo oarry tho bost of ovory
thing at at prices as low as its
possiblo to mako thorn. Wo
mako a spooialty of camp sup
plios. If you aro running a hay
camp and uood supplios for it,
Ladies' and
Children's Shoes.
In Ladios', missos' and child
ren's shoos and slippor is whoro
wo shino. Wo havo tho roputn-
tion of giving tho bost valuos in
this dopartmont of any doalor
in this country. Its our aim to
always buy tho bost. For tho
pricos wo ask, wo aro sure thoro
aro no hotter shoos to bo had
auy whoro than ours. Now whon
wo mako a reduction ranging
from 25 to 40 por cent, you aro
doing just that much bettor by
buying of us than you would if
bought olsowhoro.
50c to i.oo, any pair in the lot for
Lot No 2 consists of Ladies ox
fords and misses' and children's
shoes and slippers. This lot is
made up from our regular spring
stock, iust a few oairs of each kind
prices have been from 1.25 to
1.50 per yair. Your choice ot tli'S
lot for qSc.
Lot No 3. This lot contains what
wc have left of our fine slippers
ana oxiords. uoods that sold from
1.75 to 3.00, your choice for 1.48
One lot ladies' Fiuc hand turned
tan shoes that sold for 3.50 to 4,00
per pair, your choice of this lot
for 1.69.
Wo want to impross on our
friends and customers tho im
portance of attending this salo
at tho beginning of it. Wo mako
thoso pricos on tho stook on
hand. Whon tho prosont sup
ply of any articlo is exhausted
wo will havo no moro of that
particular articlo honco the
T r ftXf tAMDe(i' nf Tiit'A? a4
children's shoes and oxfords.- necessity of nttonding this salo
these goods have been selling from oarly.
Keep in mind, that this is a SPOT CASH SALE. We Can't afford to make these prices otherwise.
Badgett'Sanders Mercantile Company.
1) d'

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