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VOL. XX. NO. 49
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leavener in
the world.
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sow sww ypwct t&,m vom.
Oil Pirates Have Started
Their Campaign Against
the Treaty,
With Renc-gado Gberokoes to Pay
for Voles Cast Against the
Treaty .-Working Prlncl-
pally Among the Full,
blood Element,
A boodle campaign against tho
pending treaty has been inaugrated
by the oil pirates in tho fullblood
'district, and Ibeir agents are con.
trading with Cherokee politicians
for the delivery of the fullblood
vote on AugUBt7.
That these land shark are fully
aware of the importance of defeat
ing the treaty, which would drive
them out of the country, is evj
dencad by the (cope of their plans
to defeat it.
With headquarter in Kanas
City, Mo,, they have sent their
guilts throughout tbo Nation seek
ing out the dlsreputabio politicians
who are always for sale.
These egentB have, in a measure,
been tuccetsful, and have em
ployed a number of theso rene
gades to deliver the fullblood vote
at a fixed price.
One of these ogents who has
been operating in Illinois district
has already made bis report as to
how many votes can be purchased
In bis district. Throughout the
Nation ibis campaign by purchase
is being quietly but thoroughly
conducted, with seemingly an un
limited corruption fund behind it.
It is definitely known wbero
these hirelings are working, and
one has openly boasted of having
signed contracts with a majority of
the fullbloods in his section to vote
Against the treaty.
JJnlefB some action is taken to
counteract this influence the
chances for tho ratification of the
treaty are greatly imperiled.
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District Attorney's Report.
District Attorney Pliny L. Sopcr
has completed his report for the llscal
year ending Junn 30th, 1602. Tbe re
port shows a remarkable pcrceutago
of convictions and elves a very good
Idea of tho amount of legal business
transacted by this ofttce. Tho report
gives tho following dau ro.ardlog tho
business transacted In tho northern
Number ot criminal prosecutions
terminated, July J, 1001 to and In
cludlrg June 30, 1002, 1103.
671 convictions wero obtained and
41 persona wero acquitted.
Number of criminal cases ponding
July 1,1002, 72fi.
Amount realized on lines, forfeit
ures ana ponattloi during tbo year
823 civil cases wero pcmUug July 1,
1001, Number pondlog July 1, 1002,
103, civil caoi terminated during
the year 820.
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blood by straining out impurities and
tones up tho wbolo syrteta. "Ourcs
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Shoenfelt Announces Appointment
to the force.
Col. J, Blair bhoenfrll has an
nounced the re organization of tho
Indian police aa folloni:
John 0. Weal, captain, Musko.
Alfred McOay, lieutenant, Mc
Alester. Joseph Ward, lieutenant, Coal
gate. Tho following were re-appointed
privates: John L. Drown, Vlan;
Thos. Williams, Muskogee; Frank
West, Muskogee; 0. W. Plumraer,
Leblgb; Dan Bryant, Talihlna;
Peter Paylubby. Caddoj J. IJatnp
Willis, Kingston; A. F. Chamber
lln,. Vinlta; W. M. Sunday, TuU
bb; Imy Boono, Eufaula; Lewis
Hardoge, Iloldenville; Samuel
Haynes, Okmulgee; Wm. II Cully
Association Formed to Provide a
Home for Indigent Confeder-
Ate Soldiers.
A3 a result of Ilia Confederate
re-union recently held at Ardmore
tbe Confederate Memorial Associ
ation has been Incorporated as a
stock company, for the purpose of
providing a home for the infirm
and indigent heroes of tho Confed
eracy It is a splendid move for the
more fortunate comrades of these
gallant veterans, and for the eons
and daughters of the Confederacy
to show their appreciation of the
sacrifices mado by tbem for the
Southland to subscribe for some
shares of this stock, which are
jilaeed at 2 00 Full particulars
ol tho plan for establishing the
homo can be obtained from Judge
John L, Gait, of Ardmore.
From Three ot the Principal Towns
In Oklahoma,
Since tho recent row at Black
well, Okla., over the importation
of a family of negroes, two other
towns have instituted measures to
prevent negro immigration.
These towns are Lawton and
Norman, and notices havo been
posted on all tbe roads leading in
to tbeBe towns warning negroes
that tbeir prenco will not be tol
Tbo negro population in Okla
homa Ib lees than in any other
slate or territory in the union.
Statement Issued By the Dawcg Com
According to a statement by the
Dawes Commission the four prin
cipal nations of tbe Indian terri
tory have lands as follows:
First class land: Acres.
Creeks 12,410.09
Cherokee. 11,010 57
Cblckasaws 83,yo.7o
Gboctaws 1,005.54
Poorest grado land:
Creeks 59,51(121
Cherokcea 409,330.87
Cblckasaws 2,512.74
Oboctawe 514,200 21
Tuo classified lands are as fullowi-:
Creeks 3,072,813.10
Cberokcss 1,420,070.13
Cblckasaws 4,703,108.05
Cbtfctaws 0,050,013.00
Tbe Cberokess have la agricultural
land 2,675.430 acres.
Only Opposition To the Measure Is
Found With the Choctawai
Reports from tho Choctaw and
Chickasaw uallons indicate that
tbe pending treaty will be ratified.
The sentiment in tbe Chickasaw
country is unanimous in favor of
ratification and the only opposi
tion is found in tbo Cbootaw na
tion, where a bitter political fight
baa complicated matters some
Olxby As. a Raider.
During tho recent raid on JilnU In
Okuiulgeo Marshal Dennott found
that be was short on deputies While
Bcoutlnu for some ono available as a
possetuaubedlccovcred tuo ubiquit
ous Tarns llixby, who was Immediate
ly sworn In. llixby enacted tho depu
ty stunt in such a llulsbed manner
that Bennett offered him a permanent
Job. While the other deputies wero
HtterloR tho streets with broken bot
tles Ulxby manipulated a corKscrow
Iwoltbcr band with such speed that
ho spilled more booze than tho cnllro
bunch. DcDuott Is golnc to Iscml
some of his deputies to Washington
to acquire tbo corkscrow hablU
nika' Mectliie, Salt Lake Cty, Utah.
Round trip from Vinlta, 137.40
TlckoU on sale Aub 7lh, 8th and 0th.
for further Information foe Katy
For the Speedy Erection
tho New Federal
Mr. R. V. LaDow of the De.
partraent ol Justice, who baa been
in Vinita for the past week as the
representative of tho government,
in Iho selection of a site for tho
new federal jail, .has completed
his report, in which he recom
mends the location decided upon
at tho recent meeting of the Com
mercial Club.
While several other locations
have since been proposed, the
Couch and Haines and McCIelhnd
properties on Uio east side have
-definitely been determined upon
rta the moat advantageous Bite.
Tho only poBelblo delay to tho
speedy rtctjon of tho jail will re
bult from litigation with the
owners ot the property. It is
hoped that an amicable arrange
ment can. be, made, but in caso no
agreement can bo reached with the
properly owners, condemnation
proceeding's will be immediately
There is a certain amountof of
ficial red tapo to be unwound in
regard to the title, olc, but Mr.
LaDon expressed it as his opinion
(bat tho actual construction work
would commence in tbe near fu
ture if an arrangement is reached
with tbo properly owners,
Tho plans for the Bteel and iron
work aro in tbe hands of the de
partment officials, and .the build
ing can be ereoed very epeedily.
Mr. LaDow thinks that if no
contention as to the site results
that the Vinila jail will be the
first built of the four provided for
by congress.
As Probable Successor to Sherman as
Chairman of Indian Commission,
. Thp expected early retirement
from eongrers of Representative
James Sherman, of Slew York, to
accept an appointment as United
StateB circuit judgo of the northern
district of New York, has caused
much discussion as lojhls successor
aa chairman of the committee on
ludian affairs.
Representative CbarleB Curtis,
of Kansas, is the second ranking
member of the committee, and his
friends are claiming that he ia the
logical successor to the chairman
ship, Curtis is especially well informed
concerning Indian affairs, and it !b
tbe cbnsensus of 0 inion in Wash
ington that ho will be named for
the chairmanship.
State or Onto, Citt or Toledo, I ..
Lucas County t jH
Fiuhk J. Cheney makes oath that
bo Is tbo senior partner ot tbe firm ot
F. J. Chenet & Co., doing business
In tho City of Toledo County and
State aforesaid, and that said drm
will pay the suraof ONEHUNDRED
DOLLARS for each caso of Catarrh
that cannot bo cured by tbe use ot
Hall's Oat-hrii Cuiyt.
Sworn to before mo and subscribed
In my presence, this 0th day of Dec
ember A. D, I8J0.
seal A. W. GLEASON,
Notarv Public
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Victor PecdlPR Prisoners.
Grant Victor mado bis Initial at
tempt Monday to llculo the pal
ates of tho prlsoocrs Its tho holdover.
Ho has obtained a framobulldlog Just
north of tbo court houso for uso as a
kitchen, over which ono William Tell
presides as chef. William Is not a de
scendant ot tbo celebrated puncturer
of apples, but Is alleged to bo a won
der with a frying pan. Victor Is using
"Undo Jim" Wilkinson's offlco as u
temporary commissary bulldlnf, and
from tbo quality ot tho flour, otc,
stored there It looks ai though tbo
prisoners will havt no causo for com
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Mrs, Mluorva Smith, ot Danvlllo,
111., writes, "I bad 'bronchitis for
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utod Folsy'js Honoy and Tar
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Talilequtli Preparing for the Opening
of the Ozark & Cherokee Rail
road. It has been officially announced
that the Ozark' & Cherokee Cen
tral railroad will be formally
opened nt Tahlequah on August
-lib, and tho. people of that thriv
ing little city and surrounding
country will celebrate tho coming
of tho railroad in grand style the
following day, August 6th, The
railroad celebration committee
cordially invites the people of
neighboring towns to be in attend
ance, and are now busy making
elaborate .preparations to enter
tain their visitors. Among tbo
features of the day will be ad
dresses from prominent speakers,
music by the Fayetlevillo and
Tahlequah bands, cattle roping,
broncho riding, full blood Indian
cornstalk shooting, old-time In
dian ball gamto, baseball, and other
amusements. Fully five thousand
visitors aro expected to be present
and tho affair promises to be one
of tho largest ever celebrated, in
Indian Territory. Excursion rates
will be made on tbe .Frisco and
KansaB City (Southern for this' oc
casion. The 0?srk fe Cherokee
Central will make a rale of 11 for
the round trip from FayotteviUe to
Territory Shipments Bring Fair
Prices at St. Louis.
. Tho following conalgnmcnte and
saleB of territory cattle are reported
from St. Louts for tho past week:
Baldridge Bros., Wagoner, 195
steers, 097 lbs, 84.00; 48 steere,
958 lbs, $4.00.
Weir & Stewart, Chelsea, 21
stoers, 1172 lbs, M.Q0.
Graves & Dougherty, Catoosa,
40 tteerB, 1014 lbs, $4.00.
A. H. Edwards, Brialow, CO
stesrs, 919 lbs, (3.90.
N. B. Moore, Okmulgee, 26
steers, 880 lbs, $8.86; 20 steers.900
lbs, $3.80.
B. Smith, Okmulgto, 25 sloerB,
990 lbs, $4.00.
Spaulding & Hayes, Sapulpa,189
cows, 726 lbs, $2.80.
MoWhorter Bros., Okmulgee,.82
calves, 88 00 each.
J, A. MayeB, Oobelata, 97 cows,
805 lbs, $3.10.
E. Yeager, Troy,. 16 steers, 803
lbs, $3.06.
Hooper & Davis, Ochelata, 243
steers, 851 lbs, $3 CO.
J. V. Gibson, Wngoner,78 steers,
854 lbs, $3 80.
Nayler & Jones, Lilealta, 240
calves, $7.50 each.
M. O. Welch, Iloldenville, 70
mixed, 591 lbs, $2 65.
J. E. Pugh, Iloldenville, 40
steers, 670 lbs, $2.55.
R. A- Riddles, Caddo,'78 sloofs.
878 lbB, $3.80.
. R. M. Love, Purn 1, 310 sleers,
878 lbs, S3 25.
Wise Politicians.
Tho student ot politics can una a
raro fleld for observation at, tbo
United States courthouse almost any
day. Probably no where la tbe great
length and breadth ot this land can so
many finished politicians bo found.
Thcro Is one official who can control
tbo votes, provided ho has the price,'
ot tbo Inmates of thrco negro shanties
over on the cast aide. Ilia counsel Is
considered especially valuable and be
knows It. When ho buttonholes a
man, ho dees It 'n a manner that no
ooo would cvpr guess that ho was a
really and truly politician. They
would think bo was simply going to
touch his victim for tbo prlco of a plag
ot tobacco. Of ouro there aro somo
sUirs of unusual brilliancy In this oooe-
tellutlon. There Is ono who can recite
tho Jury lists for tbo last few ycais
backwards. Tboro Is another wbo
can at any tlmo glvo tbe market price
ot votes, When tho bunch .happen to
meet around tho marshals or Commis
sioner's ofllccs therolaa concentration
ot wisdom, which is astounding. It
Is strango that the Republican Na
tional Commute has overlooked this
galaxy, of talent but in tlmo they
may be appreciated.
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Umlnent Veternarlan.
Dr. David D. Morgan, tho cmlnmv
veternarlau Is at tho Rilnea ilvry
stable. What Dr. Morgan don't know
about tho diseases of tbe horse U loru
nut. Ho U as far removed frow tu
common street fakir as tbo east t
from tho west.
Little Says Members of Con
gress Aro Ignorant in
Regard to Territory,
In an interview at South McAl
ister, Representative John S. Lit
tle, one of tho best informed men
on Territory affaira in congress,
discussed the necessity of educat
ing tho eastern members as fol
lows: "What is absolutely necessary
for this territory to do is to odu.
oate congress on Indian Territory
matters. While it is often repeat
ed, it is true, that tho avorage east
ern member of congress baB no
clear conception of the wonderful
country belonging to the five civil
ised" tribes. Often wo hear tbem
refer to (he "Indian reservation"
with such application that tbeir
ignorance is clearly indicated. I
know that enlightonment is neces.
saty. You must get together and
make a united pull for self govern
ment, catch the members of the
eeuale committeo on territories
while thoy aro on their Oklahoma
lour this summer, and ebovf them
tho trply wonderful resources of
Ibis country. I shall alwrya fight
to preserve Indian Territory from
being cut up, for 1 reallzo her capa
bilities and needs, and can see
enough of ber future lo impress
me wflh the injustice of any plan
that would tend to lessen her im
portance. "My advice to Indian Territory
would be; JCeep up your fight for
recognition, regardless of what is
going on around you; unite on sell
government and most arduously
push every plan that will enlighten
congress on your condition and de
sire I"
In discussing' the legislative
measures affecting tbe Territory,
Mr. Little said: . .
"I believe that the omnibus
statehood bill can be passed in tbo
senate with easo. There' is a pos
sibility, however, of the senate
amending lbe bill so that Indian
Territory may be included in Ok
lahoma's admission. Or, again, '.if
the bill is passed it may bo detri
mental to Indian Territory's fu
ture, in bb mucb-as a provision in
tbo omnibus measure allows tho
addition of any part of Indian Ter
ritory lo Oklahoma. If this method
is adopted aud such portions of
the present Indian Territory added
to Oklahoma aa to insure a repub
lican elate, tbe remaining portion
of ibis territory will bo too small
and cut up to get recognition of
any kind."
Mr. Little is a strong advocate
of tbe Moone bill and will be one
of the leaders in Iho fight for the
passage of that measure at the
short session.
Passed the Council and the Progress
ive" Element Is Rejoicing.
Tho progressive element in the
Creek nation won a signal victory
Saturday, nben the supplemental
agreement passed tho hrjuse of
warriors by a vote of 75 to 10.
The measure had recently been
passed by tho house of kings by a
mudh Btnallerlmajorlty.
Tbo agreement will novf go to
the president for approval, and
tbe end of the tribal troubles of the
Creek nation is in eight.
Ulg Osage Payment.
A per capita payment was made to
tho Osago annuitants Monday. There
was f305,000 distributed, car.V mem
ber ot tho tribe receiving $214.33. Tbo
traders will receive tbe larger amount
of tbe payment.
Vacation Days.
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children aro living fairly out ot doors.
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tbem. You need only tu guard
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With Knives ar.d rWfOtr,-
ers Clubbed' with Guns
on Katy" Excursion,
Used by Crowd of Drunken Hood.
luma Who Captured Train
Soon After It Left Joplin.
Officials Impotent,
as Usual.
With knives and guns a crowd
of drunken hoodlums captured the
Katy excursion train shortly after
it left Joplin Sunday afternoon,
and that murder was not commit
ted is not the fault of those who
engaged in the riot which followed.
It was a repetition, only of a
mure serious character, of the
ecenes which have marked every
Sunday excursion from the Terri
tory. As usual, Vinila supplied her
quota ot hoodlums, wbo are re
ported as having taken an active
part in the disgraceful row.
Tho railroad officials and officers
of tbe law were apparently impo.
tent, and though some arrests were
made the gang of thugs controlled
the train.
The first disorder occurred at
Joplin, where a crowd estimated
at 1,500 people were jammed and
crowded around the station. Fight
ing started among a crowd of
drunks and soon became general.
The Joplin officers made a num
ber of arrests, including several of
the Vinita gang, among whom was
the negro Rote who has figured in
disorders heretofore. Someone
who was evidently searching for
tbe jugular vein of Rosa Blevlns
miBsod that important organ, but
managed lo gash his neck in a se
rious manner.
On the Iraiu the fighting contin
ued, and five men wero reported
eorlously injured by stab wounds.
One, who was hacked about tbe
head, left tbe train here for medi
cal attention aud was eewed up by
Dr. Louis Bagby,
The most seriously Injured tuan
was taken south by ftienda, hla
wounds being of such a character
that a fatal termination is not im
probable. Deputy Iko QilBlrap, who was
ono of the guards, arrested one of
the rioters, who ia Btlll too drunk
to give his name or place of resi
dence. ,
The entire aOalr. as described by
eye witnesses, was a series of wild
druken raixupa betweon the regu
lar gangs of hoodlums who patron-
izo. Iho Sunday excursions, and
whom tho railroad people seemed
Utterly unable to ooutrol.
I TT ,
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If you want to keep fat, slick horses fix their teeth.
How to know when your horses' teeth are not right. lie will turn his head to
one side while chewing, will spill food from his mouth and slobber; have swelling
or lumps on tbe jaw or running sores on the jaw. All big head or big jaw conies
front bad teelh Tossing the head, Gghting the bit, champing the teeth, lolllug
tbe tomrue. starts suddenly, stopping short, shying, drivinc sideways, lunging
and running away ore some of tbe bad habits caused by tbe mouth being out Of
condition, with colic, Indigestion and hide bound.
Cere all these habits and prevent and cure ad these diseases by putting the
teeth in perfect order. It is not the amount of food a horse'eats that makes him
fat. but the amount of food be digests I successfully operate ou old stallions,
rldglings and colts. I hate with me the Twentieth Century Horse Book for wle,
Kvery farmer should hive one. Remember all IJXAMINATIONS FRltlS at my
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