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; Pire Grepe Gieairt or Tartar PowJer
Highest Honorsi World's Fair
field Medal, Midwinter Fair
Most Equitabto Measure Yet
Offered lor Settlement of
Tribal Affairs.
Co Get a Settlement Which Will
Carry Title to the Allotments.
Who tho Principal Op
ponents to tiio Agree
uient Aro.
The Cherokees will vole on the
ratification of the Cherokee Agree
tnent bill recently passed by con
grots on the 7th day of August,
1002, and aa tho election draws
near tho contest nazes warmer.
Arrayed on one side aro the oil
men, some of the full bloods, and
excesslvo land holders, and on the
ether side leaser land holders and
.tho progressive element. Many of
tho largo land holders and full
bloods, however, are in favor of
the treaty. Tho report pf the
; United Slates surveyor shows that
7atlter taking out the reservations,
K'river bottoms and townslter, the
Cherokeea have 4,420,070 13 ncres
of classified lands which ia eubjeot
- Xa epliru' inaJa by tlie Coin
Vie wu i iu iv Dtvntawi
Tnt8 shows thai when the Cb"r
okee roll ia completed there will
cot be leu than 38,600 citizens en-
Willed to allotments in (hie land.
Tho roll may roach iorty thousand
people, thus it will be seen that
I by giving each citizen land equal
' in value to one hundred and ten
ceres of the average allotable land,
, there will be no surplus left after
a, (air division is made.
1 Tho Cherokee roll is in a fair
way to an early completion, and
the Cherokee lands are goingto be
Allotted at an early dato, according
to the Curtis Act, which gives the
cititen no specific number of acres
but provides that the lands shall
bo so allotted as to give each citi
zen bis fair and equal share, ac
cording to the value, with only a
surface title, in case the agreement
is not ratified at the coming eleo
tlon. In the event the agreement
is ratified, each citizen will receive
' bis fair and equal share, according
in iha value of the land, with a
clear title with no reservation
whatever, except a precautionary
, restriction intended lor the protec
' 5'on of tho full-blood citizens,
Section seventy two of tho treaty
is no incumbrance on the (itle
which the citizen reserves except
that ho is not permitted to sell his
land until after five years for a cer
tain amount, and twenty one years
for tho balance, On the other
band, under the Curtis Act, the
land cannot be sold at all, and no
title olber than a surface title will
beiiven the allottee.
Every objectionable feature
urged against the present agree
ment by the opposition is also con
ttined in the Curtis Act, while the
agreement contains additional
changes not contained in tho Cur
tis Act more favorable to the peo
pie. For example, in the Curtis
Act thero ia a reservation of min
crals in the allotments given each
citizen, whereas there Ib no such
reservation in the agreement, The
Cherokees have nothing to do ally
more with the property, Including
lands and moneys, they own aa a
nation, They cannot appropriate
one dollar for their own defense
without tbe consent of the preal-
.t.ntnf the United States. The
United BtateB permits the Cbero
keeo to bo stled but will not allow
iimm to annronrlale one dollar to
ftW:rlefend themselves. They are no
longer allowed ft ueirgauon m
Washington to represent them be
fore tbe deparlraonta and commit-
i ..nnnronr.. thlr monev is
r' ,..'.i ..in.nnt thntr consent. For
inB.ance.lhe president disapproved
tbe apt of tae Oborokoo legislature
appropriating money for the relief
of tbo destitute full-blood citizens
of the Nation, and yet without an
appropriation the secretary ot the
interior caused the money to be
paid out II the secretary of tho
interior can pay tho Ulierokeo
money out forjany purpose with
out an appropriation, bo can pay
it for all purposes be Bees fit. The
time has como when each Cbero.
keo Is anxioun to know what his
interest in tho estate is going to
be. No Cherokee today knowB how
to make future provisions for his
family undor tho present condi
lions; and If ono dies now his land
does not go to bin estate, but re
verts to the tribe as a nation.
While the present agreement is
not perfect, it is far ahead ol the
Curtis Act, and the best tbe Cher
okees will ever get; and if it ia de
feated their rolations with tho gov
ernment will become further
strained, and it is doubtful if their
petitions and appeals will receive
favorable consideration; but if, on
tho olber hand, Iho agreement is
ratified, thero will be an excellent
chance for a supplemental agree
ment which will cover all tho de
feols of the preEent arrangement,
and greatly help the Cherokee
people. If the present agreement
isdefeated the Cherokees willnotbe
in a position to receivo recognition
by the commission or by tho au
thorities at Washington.
Tbo Cherokee land office will be
opened in tbo Cherokee Nation
early in the year, or during the
next winter, and If the treaty is de
feated there will bo a rush to the
land office by the pilifcens in de
fense to receive their surface titles
In order to protect themselves
against others who might file on
them if they are left unclaimed.
In tbe Choclnw Nation the gor
ernmenl has permitted six thous
and Choclaws, and as many more
as dt sire it, to apply for citlz-n
ship in tbe Choctaw Nation, who
wero residents of Mississippi, and
if congress has power to do this it
can permit the tforth Carolina
Cherokees to apply for olliienship
in the Chbrokee Nation, and again
open the ( rokee sritizensb'inrttll.
L TU Ch rotv ffhou m "
work for the raiifieatton ol ibts
agreement, and thus vote himself
h title to bis home which, in case
of death, will descend to bis heirs.
Windy" Smith Sought Eicape and
Found Lead.
Rock Island Officials Say
They Aro Considering
An Offer.
The rumors as to the absorp
tion of tbe Frisco system by the
Rock Island were given an official
character yesterday when W. II.
Moore of the latter road admitted
that tho purohase of tbo Frisco
was boing considered. Mr. Moore
"Tbe agreemonl with the owners
ol the 'Frisco line, of course, Is
tentative and conditional upon tbe
Rock Island's acceptance of the
terms. We know what tho Frisco
folkB want, and it is simply up to
us to accept or doclind, there be
ing no friction whatever, and the
questinnjresolves itself into only
the one point, as to whether we,
of tbo Rock Island, can make the
Frisco line more proflt?blo than
taking advantage of Jwo opportun
ities for extending our systom
through the southwest to the
Pacific coast."
Unanimity of Sentiment In Pavor of
the Treaty.
Bill 8mllb, commonly known as
"Windy" Smith, had his prelimi
nary hoaring at Chelsea yesterday
on a charge of killing a range steer
and disposing of its bide. Tbe
ovidence was considered sufficient
to commit "Windy" on, and be
was taken to the station to be re
turned to Violin. Before the train
arrived "Windy" disappeared.
Jamea Barker, of Chelsea, bor
rowed a eun and Btarted on bis
trail. Overtaking the rapidly
traveling "Windy" be essayed to
arrest him. To this "Windy" ob
jected, and was promptly punctured.
Smith was brought to Vlnita and
this morning Drs. B. F. Fortner,
Oliver Bagby and Louie Bagby
gavo him modlcat attention. He
was shot three times by Barker,
one ball shattering his forearm,
one penetrating straight through
bis left leg, and tho other ripped a
hole through his left tblgb.
He will recover.
Tho following comments from
the current issues of Indian Terri
tory papers reflects tbe sentiment
of the reading publio in regard to
the treaty, showing a unanimity o
sentiment in favor of ratification:
While some Cherokees are con
scientious and eincero in their op
position to the treaty, there are
others who oppose it aa they al
ways have and always will oppose
anything looking toward a change.
Same of the excessive land holders
and cattlemen are opposed to it
becauao Its ratification would force
them to relinquish their excessive
holdings, but there is another
class, tbe most disgusting, set ol
the lot, who oppose the treaty be-
oauae they hope to gratlfvn uoliti
... , ..-j "ana Ir wining tfr
orifice their people to do it.
This last named get are now busy
Bincine tho sous of a siren and
would, if they could, bind their
fellowman hand and foo. But the
intelligent Cherokees seos the in
evitable; tbe thing for him to do
ia to reap from it tho greatest good.
The ratification of the treaty at
Ibis auspicious timo will Increase
tbe value ol his holdings, develop
the resources of his country and
place him on an equal looting with
the citizens of the states. Arrow.
Will Have to Hunt Some
Other Drink in tho Cen
tral District.
Against the Sale of All Alleged
KomedleBoWhlch Inebriate.
Wilkins Says They are
8lmply "Rot-Gut"
Reserve Agents Named for New
nanclal Institutions.
The Seventh National bank of
New Yor'", and tbo FlrBt National
bank of Chicago have been desig
nated as reserve agents for tbe
First National bank of Roff, Indian
The comptroller of currenoy has
approved tbe application to organ
ize tbe First National bank of
Spokogee, Indian Territory, with
a capital of $25,000. J. P. Jioyle,
of Watonvllle, I. T., J II. Maxle,
Jr., J. II, Maxle, 8r.. J, II Shlve
and William Johnston are the in
corporators, Tho Interstate Nationel bank
of Kansas City, Kansas, baa been
designated as reserve agent for tbe
First National bank of Ohiokashs,
Indian Territory.
Ceasar Conquered Urltaln,
Mulatia was couquored by Simmons'
Liver purlQer (tin box.) Protected
from mo'slU'O, oust ana insects,
Clears the complexion, euros constipa
tion, olds and corrects action ot the
liver. . w
Mrs. MoHalrn, Miss Annlo Ohand -ler,
Mr- Johu Chandler and Mr. H. M.
Smith wpro amooK thooxcurjlonlsts
to Oklahoma City Sunday
Let us if you please point out
two sections of each bill. The
Curtis act provides that if after
you take your allotment, you
should die tbe next day your
children will not get the lands,
but will go back to tbe nation. In
tho allotment bill your family
gets what you leave. In the Cur
tis act if, coal or any mineral la
found on your allotment, others
can lease It and dig under your
very door, and you would be pow
erless to prevent them. Tbe al
lotment bill gives you all mineral
found on you land. Which is the
better? 'Cherokeo Advocate.
Vote for the treaty and lets have
IhU thing settled. Does not every
citizen in these parts want to know
where and what his allotment is
One hundred and ten acres is the
average allotment and it gives you
almoBt every acre coming to you
with barely enough reserve for
publio purposes. The non-citizen
is ready to pay for bis rights in
the town or movo out. If you
fail to' ratify this what oan be ex
pected of congrees? Colllnsvllle
Down in tbe central district the
drinkers of Peruna, embalming
fluid and red ink aro in trouble.
All of tho joy a of hearing tea talk
from a boa constrictor, or seeing
red monkeys and purple hippopol
amil playing ping-pong are threat
District Attorney Wilkin? Is re
sponsible for this deplorable state
of affaire, and tbo following com
munication oxplains tbe "how and
Hon. D. V. Hackctt,
U- S. Marshal, Central Dlst., I. T.
Sir: "I am reliably Informed that
In many of tho towns of this district,
Including South McAlcster, Intoxicat
ing elder Is being sold, snl lam alsu
credibly Informed tbat In the alleys
and back streets of this city and many
other town, cmply Peruna bottles
can bo seen by tho cart load, and It Is
charged that a degree of drunkeness
results not heretofore notlcable. 1
think we have succeeded admirably
heretofore In suppressing tbo liquor
trafllc In this direction, although they
hare burdened us with all kind of
stuff, such as Lone Star tonic, Roch
ester tonc, NIxcy.Tln-Topancl Regal,
all of which we bavo succeeded In run
ning out of our district: but now tbey
coma with intoxicating rider, Peruna,
Wild Cherry titters and Good-Cheer
tonic. All of this stuff, except elder,
Is sold by certain druggists, and no
man, In my opinion, can fell these so
called medlclccs and not know tbat
they arc simply "rot-gut" wlilflry.and
we Intend to pr3ecut said druggist
for (oiling these tonic, and Peruna,
pa whisky. In tact. nc. man ha any
more rt jbt to sell- l'cuna ibao any
other whisky, becauso it is mean
whisky and every man knows It who
tclU It.
"I, therefore, call your attention to
tbeso matters, and give publicity to
this correspondence, In order that tbe
public may fully understand that the
onlccrs In this district, from the high
est to the lowest, intend to stand to
gether In suppressing thli evil; and If
Dubllc sentiment will sllmulato our
jurists In tbe future aftit has In tbo
past, to fearlessly do their duty,tbere
w)ll bo 'music In tbo air.'"
Very respectfully,
J. H. Wilkins,
U. S. Attorney.
South McAletter. July 29, 1002.
If the crusade extends to the
northern district, many lrrldescent
smiles will be missed on the atreeta
of Vinlta.
Arkansas Seriously Discuss
ing tho Absorption of flic
Indian Territory.
In (ho Territory Looks Good To
the Poor Old Neighbor and
Some Stronuous Courting
Is Promised,
"Il's'all very well for Abraham
Hot It's protty tough on Mary Ann."
Just what inspired tho poet to
break into song with the foregoing
couplet is obscured in the myater-
los of rag-time literature, bnt if be
lived in this day and hour it would
be crodited to tho wooing that is
being indulged in by Arkansas.
For Borne reason sentiment baB
never been associated with our
eastern neighbor. The mention
of Arkansas has "always brought
visions of pin? forests, some rocks,
razor backs and "white mule."
But now it has aeeumed the guise
of a young Lockinvar coming from
the wrong direction, to win the
queen of the southwest. It may
be however the dowry of taxable
proporty which inspired the fol
lowing dream made public in tbe
Arkansas Democrat.
"The citizens of Arkansas take
kindly to the proposition to annex
the Indian territory. Many were
not aware thalfJO.OOQ natives of Ar
kansas have eeieoted the territory
as their future home. Among
mete ou.uuu citizens mere are
some of the best men in the coun
try, and all are desirous of ad
Dealers in High Grade Furniture.
Day Telephone 168.
Stock complete and up-to-date.
Coffins and caskets.
Funeral Directors.
' Night Telephone 224.
First pnbllilitil In llio Vinlta Indian Chief
tain. July S3. lDtt
Notice of Special Election.
Notice is hereby given that a special
election by the quallficit voter of the In
corporated town of Vinlta, Indian ter
ritory, has keen called by the Mayor and
council of said town and will be
held in the cou'ife't 00m and JIayor'a
office of tald tow on the twenty-fifth
day of Augurt 10 ! , between the hours
of 8 a. m. and suuet the same i.ay for
Hie following purpose:
To vote on the proposition of authoriz
ing the iaauancc of.bomls of said Incor
porated Town of Vinlta in the mm of
twelve thousand dollar and to borrow
money thereon to be used for the build
ing of schoolhou;ec: the terms and con
ditions of said bonds are more particular
ly set forth in the Resolutions of the
Council of the Incorporated town
of Vinlta, adopted on the 21stdayof
July 1 OS and hereby published at length
as a part 01 this notice.
Instead ot Selling the Frisco fie Uuys
Another Road, Winning Chicago
Interior Department Affirms Oe.
clson lot Dawes Commission
In Citizenship Cases.
Byeclal to th Pally Chieftain.
' Muskogoe, I. T. July 11, 1002.
The United States commission to
the five clvllizea tribes baa just
been odloially notified tbat the de-
cleion of the commission rejecting
the following applications for en
rollment as citizens ol tbe Chero
kee nation has been permed by
the secretary of the interior:
Charles V Horn et al, Rhea's
Mill, ToxaB.
William B Qomfort, Vinlta.
Robert D Ralston, Neodmore.
Jamea II Flippln, Claremore.
Bamuel F, Bargor et al, Fair-land.
Nanoy J Elliott, Chouteau,
Ruth E Marllu ot al, Pryor
While semi-official rumors were
being circulated ob to tbe proposed
absorption of tbe Frisco system by
tbe Rock Island, President Yoa
kum was preparing a coup where
by the Chicago and Eastern Illi
nois would become a Frisco prop
erty. The completion of the deal
baa now been announced.
The deal covers tbe payment ot
8250 for each sharo of common and
$150 a thare for preferred stock, to
be paid Tor in Block certificates,
according to a reliable statement.
These certiuoatea aro based on a
Chicago and Eastern Illinois capi
talization of 818,000,000. The
Block baa been deposited with a
trust company, tho name of which
has not been officially elated.
These certificates are guaranteed
bv the Frisco, paying 6 per cent
on the preferred and about 10 per
cent on tbo common, enough of
which will be issued to pay about
4 per cent.
The deal gives the Frisco a die
tinct advantage over any road ope
rating in tbe southwest.
vanclng the territory to tbo plane
of greatness to which her natural
resources recommend her. They
would bo delighted to have tbe
torritory annexed to Arkansas
The aame is true of white citizens
ff&Sgliis tbat If annexed to 0kla
noma they would have to over
come many difficulties which have
long since been passed in Arkan
sas. It 1b always best for a now
territory to be annexed to an old
state, In this particular case Ark
ansae baa tbe advantage of all
others for the reason that her laws
are already in force in the terri
tory. The people are educated to
their observance and are familiar
with our instilutiona. It is easy
therefore to realiza what an ad
vantage it would be to these peo
ple to be annexed to Arkansas.
Nor would this state have a great
er population than she could easily
manage. With tbe territory an-
nexed, Arkansas would still be
smaller in area thin many other
state. At present Arkansas has
a population of 1,311,000, while
the tenitory has a population of
302,000, including Indians. We
should have a total of 1,703,000
or less than 2,000,000 population
if we had the territory. Arkansas
has a gross area of 52,850 square
miles, while the territory has only
an area of 32,400 square miles. Add
the two together and we should
have an area of 85,250 square
mileB, which is less than Montana
with 14G.0S0 square mileB, Nevada
with 110,700 square miles, Wyom
ing with 0,890 square miles,
Oregon with 97,030 square mllea,
and two-thirds less than Texas
with 205,780 Bquare miles. Ark
ansaa would then be about the
size of Kansas and Minnesota. It
ought to be unnecessary to Bay
that the Indian territory should be
come a part of Arkansas. Indeed,
there ia a part of this country tbat
was originally detached from this
atate and it should coma back to
us aB a matter of simple justice.
Our delegation in congress should
have no difficulty In- jeolalmlng
their own, Let us make the effort
and the results may repay ub twofold."
"Whereas, it is necessary that the In
corporated town of Vlnita should ar
range for buildings for school purposes;
Whereas, under the authority of the
Act of ConjrcM approved Slay 10, 1002
incorporated towns having a population
of two thousand or more are authorized
to issue bonds and borrow money there
on to be used for such purposes: and,
Whereas, a census of the Incorporated
Town of Vinita has been taken by W. C.
Cli amber! in, a suitable person duly an
pointed for that purpose on the ISth day
ot June 1002 by tbe Honorable Joseph A.
Gill, Judge of the United States court in
and for the northern district of the In
dian territory, wiose sworn return to
aid judge ihoi the number 0 inhabi
tants of th' Istoecuofafd Towasrf YiniU
... .. a V . . . I IflM
u nc iq mmmsn mu -mnn .-.. t - aiui
Whereat,, the total valuation ot use
taxable property in the Incorporated
town of Vfnlta as shown by the aes
tnent for the yar 1002 for the purpose of
taxation is one million eighty thousand
dollars: and,
Whereas, Twelve Thousand Dollars
will bcenipleandsuukientfor the build
ing of school houses in the incorporated
town of Vinita; and,
Whereas, the interest on Twelve Thou
sand Dollars at live per centum per an
num could and would bo more than li
quidated by a tax of five mills upon the
dollar of the valuation of taxaoie proper
ty in the incorporated town of Vinlta as
aforesaid; and.
Whereas, the said incorporated town
of Vinita is free from any debt obliga
tion or liability of any kind whatsoever,
Council of the Incorporated town of Vi
nita that for the purpose of building
school houses within and for the incor
porated town of Vinita, the sunt of
Twelve Thousand Dollars should be ex
pended and in order to procare said sum
ft is necessary that the Incorporated
town of Vinlta issue bonds for that pur-
pose; therefore,
due, and also piovide for the payment
and discharge of the principal thereof
within twenty years front the date of
contracting the same.
That the Iwcntv-fifth day of August
1002 be and the same is designated and
set apart as a day upon which tbe ques
tion of issuance of the bonds as hereto
fore specified shall be voted upon by the
qualified voters of the said incorporated
town of Vinlta,
And I)c It I'urther Resolved, that the
notice of said election shall be signel by
the Mayor and Kecorder of the incorpor
ated town of Vinita specifying the time
and place of holding said election and
setting forth in full this resolution: safd
notice to be published in some news
paper of general circulation published in
the incorporated town of Vinita for a
period of four consecutive weeks prior to
said twenty-live day of August 1002
Ami lie It Further Resolved, that the
election shall be held on said day be
tween the hours of 8 a. 111. and sunset
of the same day it the place de-ignated,
and conducted by election officers con
sisting of judges and clerks appointed by
the Judge of the United States court (or
the northern district of the Indian terri
tory. The qualified voters of the incor
porated town of Vinita shall vote at said
election by ballot, upon which said bal
lot shall be printed the following words;
"Shall the incorporated town of Vinita
issue bonds and borrow money thereon
in the sum of twelve thousand dollars to
be used for the building of school houses
in said Incorporated town?"' "Yes" or
By Shampoos with
The election sliaH be conducted in the
manner prescribed by law and tbe votes
shall be counted, canvassed and returned
to the council of the incorporated
town of Vinita in the same manner as
the votes He counted, canvassed anc re
turned in the general town election.
h i Pakkbr, Jr., Muyor
I hereby certify that the above and
foregoing resolution was passed and
adopted by the council of tile in
corporated town of Vinita at their regu
lar meeting held July 21, 1002.
A. 1'. CHAMlinRU.N, Recorder.
In witness whereof the Mayor and R-ca-Irr
of thr inoorporated innrn A Vwi
U have 4ul ukii: ' O.U 1. -, ,n thair
ofteial cafsacity, ttrt 1W day of Juty
- m
Ttih ilgnttnre Is on etery box o( tbe genuine
Laxauvc Dromu'ujiuiu: xmcm
lb. remedy tbat mm n cold in one day
And light dressings with CUTICURA,
purest of emollient skin euro. This
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removes emits, tola, and dandruff,
soothes irritated, itching surfaces, tim
ulales the fuir follicles, supplies the roots
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scalp when all else fails.
Millions Use
Ctnioriu. soxr, aiUtc4 by Ctrrrctnu
01XTME3T, for preferring, purifying, and
beautifying tbo sitn, fur cleansing tho
scalp of crnsU, scales, ami dandruff and the
stopping of falling hair, for softening, whlien.
lag, and 10 VM.g red, roagli, and sore bands,
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SOArlnthofor-" of baths for annoying Irtltv.
nous. Inflammations, and chaflngs, or too frtO
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many tanallvt, anUtepUe (urpotes which
inaaMly sunrt.t Ihtm.m otHilu
Complete Humour Cure, .$!.'
- Ovrsotnu Soaj- -.), tpfjajiasj ste f
Ait (200, to ooot aod cIssmis tho t
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and Mllburn
Be It Further Resolved, by the council
of the incorporated town of Vinita, that
under and in accordance with the Act of
Congress above referreuto, tne roiiowing
proposition be submitted to the legal
voters of the Incorporated town ot Vim-
tn be bv tuem voted upon, on the
twenty-fifth day of August 1W02: to wiU
"Shall bonds of the incorporated town
of Vinita be issued to be used for the
purpose of building school houses with
in, and for the use of the inhabitants of.
tne incorporaieu mm. . .....-,
bonds to be '.issued In the principal sum
of twelve uiousanu uonars in uchuiu mo
tions to suit purchaser and to be num
bered from one upward, and to be known
as the Tubllc School Building Bonds of
the incorporated town of Vlnita.
The principal sum of said bonds to be
. . . . . . ! .lata rt
Isparhcccher l Troubled With the
National Delegates.
Tho nationals ot Coowccscoowco
district have named J. G. Scbrlmalicr,
W. E. Sandrr. John Franklin, It. M.
Duck and Geo. Pumpkin at delegates
tn tho convention to be held at
Tucker's Spring noxt Monday.
Dishonest Servant.
Win. Hughes, a negro, who until
recently has been ornploycd aa a ser
vant by W. I'. Thompson, plead
guilty Iu tbo Commissioner's court
Monday rooming to mo larceny 01 a
revolver and some wealing apparel,
the property of Mr. Thompson. He
was committed for the action of tho
grand Jury.
Marshal Dennett baa reoelved a
telegram from ex-oblef Ispar.
heeohor elating that he was -in
trouble and asking assistance,
Nino mounted men were dls-
patohed to bis assistance, It is
thought that a band of Boake In I j,lr Bnj Mrs, Benjamin Chouteau
dlans are oauslng their old enemy hue the happy parcuta ot a new sou,
trOUblS, I WHO amYCO. wunuay murum.
id in twenty years from tue uate ot
issue, in lawful money 01 uie uiim
States, and from the date of their issu
ance to bear interest in like lawful
money of the United States, said interest
payable semi annually at the rate ot
per centum per annum according to the
bid which shall be accepted by the coun
cil of the incorporated town of Vinlta,
not to exceeu iivepcr umiu 1 u'i
and the advertisement for bids for said
bonds shall state that burners are request
ed to make proposals for four, four and
one-half, and five per cent bond, prefer
ence being given to the oiler bearing the
lowest rate of interest against the pre
mium ottered lor Donas uaving iiiguw
rate of interest; said bonds to be signed
by the Mayor ana countersigneu nyut
Treasurer of this municipality, in their
official capacity, ana unuer scni m iu
Liv rnnnons attached theftto
for interest accruing upon each bond atid
each coupon shall be signed by the Mayor
aud countersigned by the Treasurer hi
their official capasity and attached to each
bond as to readily permit the removal of
said coupous without mutilating the
Said bouds shall be sold by tne
council of the incorporated town of Vi
nlta by an advertisement lor aeaieu u
....1. n.n nti.l tn such manner as the
said couueit may deem to be to the best
interest of said tewn with the right to
reject any una an uius, proviucu imirav,
that the said council shall not uell
or dlspos? of said bonds or any of them
at less than their par value.
That before the indebtuess contem
t....i t.u il,l rrnlutian is incurred pro
vision wilt be made by the council
of the Incorporated town of Vinlta by
nr.tin,itiri Which shall be IrrcpealaUlc,
rn. ... onmialtiK sufficient to pay tbe
Interest on said bonds as the same falls
n v r. t. TTT W T Titttt t!M Phler. T
UUVHR UAOUY, Ilea. J. u, ui,i, -.v. 'i. '- " ----
W. I.. CHAl'MAjr, Assistam.v.asuier
First National Bank,
CAPI1AL, Sioo.ooo. &ZZ2S2.
",'W'.'M'nfVMW'Vvw .
Oldest and Strongest National Bank in tne cnero;ee auon.
OLIVER BAGBY, B. F. FOR1NEK, E.B.FRAYSSX. l.tlfloimu, ..
RA TCUFF. W. A. GR illAit, . O. HALL, C. W. CLAKA, tr. a, n-wi-
Dooa a Sato Qqner.al Danklns business.
. S.SSkVt.,f',S'AW lSWS1
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by a good clock. I liavo thorn in all sfras nud many Btyloa.
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Handsomo Porcolain clocks, 8-day, $8.50,
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Pine and complicated watch repairing a specialty
Motto Not the cheapest but the BEST work at all times.
August Schlieckfcr,
Jeweler and Optician
36 S. Wilson St.
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i '-
V" t M

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