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VOL. XX. NO. 62
Jbii uHt autt
In thcCherokeo Nation at Reported
by tlis Oklahoma Agricultural
Improves the flavor
and adds to the health
fulness of the food.
Superlative fn
Strength and Parity.
May bo Established Hero In
the Near Future by South
Omaha Capitalists.
If nrioi-o.l liw Vlniln Fnvnrnlilv Im-
presood IlepreBentallvos of the
J Company Who Ilayo Been
j Studying the Situation
, For Several Weeks.
Tho woekly bulletin ifcsuod by
the Oklahoma agricultural station
shows the following crop condi
(ions in tho Cbcrokeo nation:
Over tho northern portion hoi
and dry weather continued until
the 8th. when a heavy rain re
lieved tho droutby condition; late
corn Buflered soma damiRO. but
now will bavo eulllclo'nt moisture
to mature property; fall plowing Is
in progress; cotton is doing well;
haying continues in progrees;
threshing is about completed with
a light yield.
Over tho middle portion dry and
hot weather oontinuod until tho
8th, when a good rain occurred
and relieved condition; upland
corn damaged considerably, but
tho late corn will be beneQllod by
rains; cotton doing well, but rain
was opportune; plowing for wheat
is in progrers; fruit crop is not
very good; range is good and stock
is doing well.
Over the southern portion the
hot, dry weather has been hard on
corn and cotton; late corn was
badly fired and injured; cotton is
shedding considerably, and rust
damaged 1b opening rapidly, and
some few picking; grass is burning
and stock water becoming scarce;
(all potatoes about all planted, and
recent rains will benifil;hay mak
ing a fino yield; csne doing well;
gardens in poor condition; fruit un
Will Have to Explain to tho
Authorities Where They
Obtained Tholr Stock.
The East Side When Arrested and
Suspected af Bejng in. Unlaw
ful Possession of Tholr
The Entering Wedge For Self dovcrn
mentr Says Judge Lewis.
(iranjj Lodge Concluded Its Sesilon
At South npAlestp Frldoy.
Tho establishment of a largo
packing plant in Vlnlta Is moro
than n possibility of the very noar
Several weeks ago a party of
capitalists from South Omaha were
In tho city, and made an extensive
Investigation of lha water supply
and the possibilities of good drain
age. It wob rumored at tho llmo
that thev were seeking a location
for a packing plant, but they did
not enter into any discussion of
tho l llnr.e
1 The visitors remained hore for
' several days, and expressed them
selves ns very well pleceed with
the city, and intimated that Iftlo
treaty was ratified they would
-make further investigations of its
Today Mr. Oharles Buschman,
one of tli" party, stopped cfl hero
on his return from aylslt to south
ern points, where he has been
looking over the field In the other
In discussing tho plans of him
self and associates, Mr. Buschman
said that it was their intention to
eieot a packing plant at some point
In tho Territory, and that from
present indications Vinita would
bo selected, owing to its many ad.
vantages in tho wny ol location,
water, eta.
Mr. Huschman' Is enroule to
.pouth Omaha and said that anoth
er visit would be made to Vinita
by representatives of the company
within a fortnight, and that ho
thought Vinita at (hat time would
bo definitely decided upon as tho
-.most advantageous point at which
lo erect tho plant.
Will Be Introduced at Willie llaliell
Arrangements aro being made to
give tho students at Willie Halsoll
n thorough tifilitaiy training in
connection wilb their other studies.
A company of cadetB will be or
ganised as soon ac tho school opens
which will be increased to a bat
talion whon a sufficient number of
pupils are enrolled. All of the
raalo students over 15 years ol age
will be given the thorough physic
al and technical training of the sol
dier. An effort will ho made to obtain
the necessary guns from the war
department, and a great deal of
good la expected to result from tho
institution of military discipline
among tho studentB.
II, Leo Olotworthy will bo drill
A Necessary Precaution.
Don't neglect a oultl, It Is worto
than unpleasant. U Is dangerous. Ity
uitog Ono Minute dough Ouro you
can euro It at juc. Allays lollam
rnatlon, oleara tho bend, soothes and
H -. ttrcngtberts tho muepus tnomhrauo.
l ' Ouro oouulis, croup, throat and lung
troubles. Absolutely aafo. Actsliu
mediately. CbllUron llko It. A. W.
Foreman. dw
Bruno draCuudor will bur your
second band stoves uud furnlturo.
The 29th annual communication
of tho Grand Lodge A. F. and A.
M. was concluded at South Mc
Aloster last Friday afternoon with
tho election of tho following of
ficers: Royal Jonathan Allen of Dun
can, grand master.
Phillip D. L. Brewer, 8outb Mc
Alester, deputy grand master.
William 0. Burton, of Muldrow,
grand senior warden.
R. W. Choate, of Marietta,
grand junior warden.
Leodmond Bennett, re-olectod
grand treasurer.
Joseph S. Murrow, re elocted
grand secretary.
Benjamino Q. Martin, of Dixie,
grand lecturer.
D. Ilayden Linehaugb, of Ato
ka, grand orator
William Franklin Parker, cus.
J. Q. Forkner, grand chaplain.
Dr. J. 8. McAIester, grand mar
shal. W. S. flail, grand bible bearer.
J. M. RobortB, grand Pursuivant
John Connoly, grand senior
Edward Burney, grand junior
James W. Boozman, grand sen
ior steward.
H. L. Muldrow, grand junior
Qeotge W. Cotton, grand tyler.
On Masonlo law and usage
John Coyle, II 0 Nash, Silas
Appeals ond Grievances Wm
Oostlgan, R L March, J D Sea-mans.
Charter and "Dispensations P
B Arthur, W R Scott, S S Cobb.
Secretary and Treasurer's books
0 L Long, A II Palmer. II W
Education 0 0 Ayere, R M
Countermain, Wm L Curtis.
Correspondence T 0 Hum
phry. Transportation Leo E Bennett.
Trustee for Orphan's Home
fund W F Parker.
District Deputy Grand Masters
Ohorokeo district, 0 II IlawklnB
MuBkogee district, J B Morrow;
Chootaw district, Theodore D
Bmith; OhlckaBaw district, Henry
L Long.
Tishomingo was seleoted as tho
meeting place next year, ,
What Is considered by lhoau
thorlties as being an important ar
rost was made by Deputy JCily'
Marshal Chandler Thursday afior
noon, when hogathered iptwo
men who were industriously at
tempting to dispoeo of a stock of
shoes on tbe'East elder. - '
The prisoners, who gsve their
names as George Cook" andzLee
Thompson, were locked up in the
city jail and,wjll bo put through a
sweating process.
Tho evidence against them Is
considered stjfUclent to hold them
on, and an tflbrt will be mado to
locato lhoowncrs of tho shoes
which they are suspected of having
The suspects bad been success
ful in disposing of several pairs of
shoes beloro tboy discovered that
they were under the surveillance
of the marshal. When they made
this discdvory they immediately
attempted to hide tho remainder
of their stock in a weed patch, but
wero discovered in the act.
They then entered a strenoun
denial of ever having seen a pair
of shoes.
It was ascertained later that the
pair had alsodispoted of a number
of shirts of lbe''Red Cross"brand
The shoe slock was composed
entirely of ladies shoes manufac
tured by tho Brown Shoe Co., of
St. Louis.
It is suspected that the men are
members of the gang of thioves
who have been operating at points
south of here.
A number of stores have been
broken Into recently and Block
stolen, and it is thought that the
articles found in possession of the
prisoners will bo identified by
some of tho merchants who have
suffered from tho gangs depredations.
Judgo Yancey Lewis, dean of
the law department or the Stato
University of Texas, in an inter
view at Ardmore, gavo the follow
ing forceful roasonB why the terri
tory should unlto in an' effort to
obtain n delcgato to congress. Judge
Lewis in reply to a question as to
how tho territory could best ob
tain remedial legislation said:
Hie man who runs a race
strips to tho hldo. The man who
achieves success has a single pur
pose Tho man who shoolB to kill
aims a Blnglo shot. In my opin
ion tho peoplo of tho territory
should concentrate their efforts to
tho solo end of obtaining a delo
gate in congress. By united en
deavor, this could probably be ac
complished. When once repre
sentation is obtained all things
will bo easy. In the first place, It
is the unwritten law ofusagoin
congress to leave local matters to
the congressman or delegate from
the particular district or territory.
In the next place, tho avorngo
member bos been bo long Impor
tuned and harrasscd, witb; refer
ence to affairs in the Indian terri
tory, that he will be only too glad
to relieve himself by placing re
sponsibility oisewhero. In my
view, it matters littlo ns reard&
the particular needs of the terri
tory, whether tho dolegatobo de
mocrat or republican. Whatever
his politics, ho will be answerable
not to n department head, but to
the pooplo. He must make their
intoreBta hia interests. Ho must
s enk from their standpoint, and
not from tho standpoint of tho bu-
roau. Lei the great eBBenllal
principle of government based jan
representation he vindicated,
Then laws affecting the most vital
interests of this country will not
longer be enacted in ignorance or
be shaped by secret and sinister
influences. Tbon administrative
agencies sent out to do will cease
to be tho soul source of light aa to
what should bo done. Then the
executivo of laws will not bavo
controlling influence In passing
taws. Then policiesln accord with
the interests and deeireB of the
peoplo may be consistently press
ed with regard to future progress
and welfare,
What Will Constitute tho Ra
tio, of Land to Grade an
Interesting Question,
Allowed Under Each Grado a Sub-joot-'of
General Discussion
One of tho Approximate
Estimates Compiled.
What will constitute an allot
ment under tho provisions of the
treaty recently ralifiid is the all
absorbing topio of discussion
among the citizens of the Chero
kee nation.
Tue treaty provides for each al
lotment "110 acres of average al-
lolablo land."
What constitutes avorngo land,
or lh' ratio between the average
lands and the other grades, has
not as yet been determined.
The following estimate compiled
by ono who has made a close study
of the question is interesting:
Carries the Largest and most Complete stock of Furniture.
New goods bought for CASH arriving daily Which will be sold at prices
Coffins and caskets.
Funeral Directors.
Day Telephone 168.
. Night Telephone 224.
L. W. Marks as Chairman of an Im
portant Doard of Referees.
OlaM 1 Total No. Acre Acroa Itoc'd
1 11.C4G G'J 1-2
2 , 1,023 67 3-4
3a ' 743,839 74
8b 231,000 81
la 213,003 00
4b; 800,207 100
5a 312,655 110
51 084,918 135
6a"; 414,800 1G0
Gb 5,673 180
7a, 7,700 203
7b 014,302 232
8a . 15,660 270
8b 150,394 320
9a 12,062 400
9bt 11,142 5.42
10a, ?20,34l 813 ,
10b' 460,330 1020
Pure and Swjetare tho Skin, Scalp,
and Hair of Infants Purified
and Beautified by
Uinifa Real Esiaf? flg?ncy
(D. M. Alarrs & Company.)
Town and farm property sold on commission. List
your property with us; we place it before thousands of
prospective purchasers every week free of charge.
We have the only record of the Cherokee town lot
sales. If you want to buy or sell, call on us.
- It la very probable that the
above estimates will be very olose
to tho ratio which will be made by
the Dawes commission.
As To An Indian's Right Tq
Raised n Oklahoma.
L. W. Marks was notified Friday
of his appointment by the presi
dent na chairman of the board of
referoes to determine the damages
0' the individual occupants on the
proposed lino of the St. Louis,
Oklahoma & Southern railroad in
the Creek, Chickasaw and Semi
nole nations.
All damages Incident to the lo
cation and-construotion of the road
will be assessed by the board.
The position to which Mr.Marks
has been appointed is a very im
portant one. Tho board -consists
of one representatlYO of the gov
ernment, pne of tho railroad and
ono for ecoh of the nations through
whose territory the road passes.
Charles Gibson, of Eulala, will
represent the Creok nation; R. T.
Walker, of Stonewall the Chlcka
BSWB, and Thos. Factor, of Sasak
wa,,the Seminolen.
The representative of the rail
road has not beon appointed as
Negro Ordered Boys Out of a Field
'and They Respond With Shot
Matters of Importance Taken
Under Consideration.
TheecBslon of tho National coun
cil called to canvass tho returns
from tho treaty election was con
cluded Irrii? $ business of
Importance ynhfsfpsacled except
that for whJihlhe session wob
called. 4 ?A,js
An epprprMTp' was made
tq nut a new" ThfT'on tho oapltol
building, fc "'f
, Sluulo barut $0 at Leo llarctt's
The marshal's office at Musko
goo has been notified of a killing
at Oaktaha, in which a negro was
shot and killed by the threo boob
ot Green Ralelght, a prominent
The boys had been (reed by cat
tlo, and the negro ordered them to
come down and loave the field,
Fearing tho cattlo, the boys re
fused to comply and the negro fired
on them,
uuo uoys, Being armed, re
turned tho firo, killing tho nogro
No arrests have been made as
Consumption Threatened,
"I was troubled vtlti a hacking
eout'U for a year and 1 thought I had
consumption," says 0. Uouer, 211
MaploSt., Ob8inpaln, 111. "I tried
a great many remedies and I was un
der tho caro ot physicians for several
months. I used ono bottlo of Foloy's
Honey and Tar. It cured me, and I
havonotbeon troubled soco." Sold
by People's drujr store, dw
In view of tho approaching
election in Oklahoma the Indian
vote is attracting (he attention of
tho politicians. While the Demo
crats claim that they can control
the larger part of the Indian vote
through the Influence of the cattle
men, who are mostly demooralB,
yet It is a well known fact that
the majority of the fullblood In
dians are influenced by the party
in power ai waBUington. ab a
conscquenco some of the demo
cratio leaders are considering the
challenging of the Indians right to
vote under the third qualification
of BUffrago au printed In the laws
ol 1800.
Persons capable of becoming
qualified electors are:
"First, citizens of the United
Stales; eocond, persons of foreign
birth who shall bavo complied
with the provisions of the laws of
the United States on the subject
of naturalization; third, civilized
persons of Indian descent not
members oi any tribe."
The DemoorAts claim that tho
Indians in Southwestern Okla.
noma aro still members of their
tribe, which is disputed for the
reason that each Indian has taken
his land in severalty, and has
been mado a citizen of the United
States by act of Congress.
MILLIONS cm CcncunA 'Joap, m
ltfrdtry Concciu. OumtKST, (or
(reserving, parlf jinj, and bctutlfy
fntlioiktn, for cleansing tha scalp, and
tho (topping ot falling Iiair, for iofttnlng,
whitening, and soothing rod, rough, and
ore hand, for baby rashee, hchlngi, and
chaflngi, and for all purpose ot tho toilet,
bath, and nunory. Millions of Women
use Ctmcriu Boxv in baths for annoying
Irritations and inflammations, for too freo
or oflenslvo ponptfation, In washes for
nlctratlTO weaknesses, and for many tan
atiro, antUcpUo purposes which readily
suggest themselves to women.
Comnloto Trcatmont. SI.
CUTICCUA BoipfJi. t,torlcanoUiesVlaot
Intetnil Revenue Collector For the
Indian Territory,
W. R. Irvin, recently appointed
clerk of the United StateB court at
Nowata, will resign that position
to accept an appointment bb inter
nal revenue collector for the In-
iand Territory.
Tho new appointment came from
Jsb. K. 8lrapson, collector for the
district of Kansas, Oklahoma and
Indian Territory.
Heretofore, Oklahoma and the
Indian Territory have been in one
sub district, but a recent order of
the treasury department created a
separate jurisdiction for tho Tetri
ory. Mr. Irvin was until recently
deputy inspector for the Cherokee
nation under Guy V. Cobb. He
resigned that position to become
clerk of tho Nowata court,' and will
now reeign tho clerkship to become
inspector at $2,000 a year.
It is stated that Tom Hunter,
ex clerk of the Wagoner court will
succeed Mr. Irvin as clerk of the
Nowata court.
cruiu anil tcale ami toftcn Uio jMckescd
ttantlr alur ltrtjlnc nl maamnvauon.
oootho ami hear, and urmcuiu KtuLTSsT
Tills (zjc), to xk' aa cieaiuo tho M004.
CmrsnA. hiltx)i? nui (ciioeoiat
if Wri
To caust) questioning.
Wo want quofitions nsk
v exl about our crockory
. t and glassware Noth
, ing will suit us bettor
and nothing will suit
you bottor than our an
swers. The pricos will .
suit, so will tho goods.
If you llko to look at good crockery, good glass
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cont and it is a bettor show than you havo ofton paid
for sooing. Don't bring your ppekot book for toar you
might bo tempted to buy. Just como and look first.
Call and Sec us, or Ring 66.
Successors to E. N. Rntcllff flercantlle Co.
CO. i;
isJ bBBMi mm. In nw-op vUU, cooUla.
Ibj W i(m, prlc n.
M4 Omtknt U. nM. Mh Dnti r-M.
Ck.rtnlavM , U1 ft.. UrMi i JIU.4.
ur.lx.ruu. rert.Din cata, flt-"
I'm 1M.U4, . ""
Are Collecting Toll From Travelers In
the Chickasaw Country.
An Explanation Given Why
Dr. VancoTook HisLilo-
A gang of outlaws who are ope
rating in the Chickasaw country
Are employing tho mothods of the
old'llme "road agent" in finding
spending money.
Near tho town of Chickasaw ton
vehicles, occupied by from one to
six personB, were held up in one
day, and about $100 in money and
jewelry realized.
A posse of marshals will attempt
to make the game interesting.
Tho flight of timo is most convniantlx-rgoordod into Upmo
by a good clock. I havo thorn in all sizes and "many "Styles.
Good Nicklo alarm olooks only 98c.
Eight-day clock, striko and alarm $8.50.
Handsome Porcolain clocks, 8-day, $8.50,
"Whon you want a clock or anything in tha jowlory lino call
and soo what I havo. .
Fine and complicated watch repairing a specialty.
Motto Not the cheapest but the BEST work'at all times.
August Schliecker,
26 S. Wilson St. Jeweler and Optician
iE&&'fohc(i$& til
Tbe New
In Creek Nation Will Commence As
Soon As Proper Forms Are
As Shown Dy Appropriation
Passed liy Council.
Two appropriation bills passed
at the recent eeBslou of the na
tional counoil show the expense
to tho nation incident to the
treaty election.
One of theao covering tho ac
tu&l expenses of the election car
ried an expenditure of $1805.05.
The other covering the expense of
tbe special session ol the council
carries $2,805.45.
Theaa appropriations together
with tbe one providing for tho re
roofing of the capital at an ex
pense of $500 completed the total
ot expenditures whloh aggregates
$5,171,10 qr about $1,000 (or eaob
day tho council was in session.
Shoo repalrjntr at Leo Uarrott's,
At Checotah last Sunday morn
ing Dr. A. J. Vacce, jr., a young
pbysUiau with excellent pros
peals, blew his brtins out with a
Tho causes leading to his tragio
end were at tho lime shrouded in
Tho solution of tho myetery, it
is now thought, was the following
notation on tho crimical docket of
the Muskogee court: "5997, Dr.
A. J, Vance, jr., violating section
3224, R. 8., U.S."
Tho records shew that the young
physician wan indicted at the last
session of the grand jury for soil
ing liquor. The fear of the die
grace threatened at the approach
ing term of oourt may or may not
have influenced the unfortunate
in taking his own life, but the clr-
cuuiBtancea surrounding his death
leaves it as the only solution,
It Needs a Tonic.
There aro tlmoi when your liver
nuods a tonla Don't ylvo purgatives
that gripe nod weaken. DoWltVs
Little Early llltert expel all polsou
from tho system and act as tonlo to
lUe livor. W. Scott, 631 Highland
ava, Milton, Ta., says: "I havo car
ried Do"Yltt's Lltllo Early Ulsers
with tuo for tovcrul years and would
not ho without thorn." Small and
easy to take. Purely vegetable. Tboy
uovetgrlpQ or distress,
Tho Creek treaty has been pro
claimed a law by tbe president and
as soon bb uuiei rorter receives
ofilolal notification of tho faot he
will begin signing deeds to Indivi
dual allotments.
Several thousand of these deeds
wero already made out, but on ac
count of a olause in the supple
mental treaty they will have to be
changed. An entire new issue of
85,000 deeds have been ordered by
tho Dawos commission. Each
deed must pass tbe approval of
the Secretary of the Interior.
Wants- Damages For Injuries Sus
tained on Sunday Excursion.
Lurpber Yard
Of Bripsoi? & Pa.ttersoi?...
Is now open for business, with a
splendid assortment, pilpng and
short leaf yellow pine buildiHg
lumber' 7.
Sash, Doors, Sand, Lime, Cement and
Acme Plaster. All lumber and sash
house specialties. We challenge com
parison on our builders stocks.
Our material Is right. Our prices are
right. No trouble to figure your bills
and estimates. We are here for busi
ness, and our health is first class.
N.B. For knot hole and splinters go
elsewhere. We don't sell 'em.
Location. West Illinois st.,0pp. Treabyteriau Church.
Lumber Co.... i
Throueh his attorney. W. II.
Kornegay, a suit haa been filed
by Roea Blevina against the M. K.
ii T. railroad company asking
damageB to the extent of 86000 for
J tho injuries sustained by Dlevius
on tho Joplin excursion, Sunday,
July 17.
It la alleged by Dlevius that
while asleep one of tbe excursion
lata inflicted a Bovero knlfa wound
on him. aa a consequence of the
railway company not offering tbe
proper protection to its psBsen
gers from tho crowd of hoodlums
who had taken posBeesloa ol the
train. ,
Heaven Help Us
In our troubles, hut use Hunt's cure
A. W. Fore- for ttcb, totter, rlnu-worni. lulling
dw piles and eczema. Guaranteed, w
A Ml line of building ma-jg
terial. (It is the right kind.
Say! are you "on to" the
ill j 1 Q
Desil plastering maieriai rg
being discovered every
year. Masons tell us that
"Acme" is the best now
'Catch on?"
m use.
BAR WWwflflWf! ftflfWi
f ; ,
o .
- -li.u

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