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Preparations for the Carni
val and Street Fair Arc
4 Rolling Merily On.
Tho Undertaking Through tho
Hearty Co operation of tho
Merohants Program and
List of P.-izes Offered.
Tim preparations for the street
fair nud carnival, wliloh trill make
meny dyn in Vinlla September
10, 17 and 18, are well under way,
and the success of tho entertain
ment is praotioally assured. Tho
program and list of prizes ob ar
ranged is as tallow.:
First Day Sipt 10th.
Trade display and parade,
climbing greased pole, tight rope
walkii.g. hand concert, btUonn an-
I ceneionjshuWH afternoon and night,
Second Vy Kepi. itn.
Trades parade, crowning flower
girl quetn and flower pnrade, tight
rope walking, band concert, bal
Joon ascension, dipplay of live
pu.i Ai.(Wflrii products. Shows
i. i non and i.lgbt
Jliifni . -rpi. 8h,
'j , ,; t.nUif; Land concert,
1 1 Y.&faiau li&hl rono wn,kr
J rulgtaiy "v ,lock nnJ farm
' ,. onpr.w aiirriiuuu uu
i MiMMfloata in parade let.
priieMgod, 510; 8rd, fi.
DoruVii bdggy in ilower parade
ltt.ni t. (; 2nd, 810; 8rd, (6,
Bitt 4frLMDg team outside of
YisSha lt. prize, 810; 2nd, $5.
Betrt iHlgla- driver outside of
Vinita let. prize, 810; 2ud, 85.
Bulls over two years old First
prize, 010; second, 85.
Bulla one year and not over two
years old 1st prize, 87; 2nd, 83.
JJull calves under one year old
First prize, 85;'2nd, 82.50.
Fancy uoedlo work 1st. prize,
87.50; 2nd, 85; 8rd, 82.50.
Best bushel qf wheal lBt prize,
.JSB, 2oil, 81.
filial of oats I'irst prize, 82;
4 ftow VJ of CQrh First prize 82;
eetou. ft.
UkVw of pcacho6-Firet prize,
f2; aeoofid, 81.
11m f nl nf nn?iluaf?f pal ttvtvn
-VfiSdi w-
Kusltf) of potatoes FirBt prize,
52; second, 81.
Trio of chickens, two hens and
one cook First prize, 82; see, 81.
Loaf of homo-mado bread First
prize, 82; tocond, 81.
A gold waloh worth 825 will be
presented to the flower queen.
A 810 gold piece to IL'j success,
ful climber ot the greasy polo. Tho
money will be on top of pole.
drccts Hid Old Friends Alter Two
Year In the I'lillllplncs.
Or. Plnquard aftor an absence
of two years in tho Phillipines,
whero be was in ohargo of tho eye
oar and noso division of the 1st
IlesorvohoBpitul at Manila, paid n
flying visit to hia many friends
lioro today. Dr. Plnquard is now
etationed at Fort Leavenworth,
one of tho largest military posts In
the country, but yeaniB for a ro
turn to prlvato praotlco hero.
k In spraking of tho conditions in
ho Phlllinines. Dr. Plnnuard said
1 ! Ihat outside of the hostility of the
Af Akiotoe, tho islands" are praotioally
.'. ".nnldo,! nl Hint nil. 1 1 ,.., I. .,..,... t
1 Is being rapidly extended through
VeUt tho archipelago,
In speaking or tils futuro plans,
V Dr. Plnquard said that he intend
ed In tho near future to resume
ills praotlco hoio, He returned to
Leavenworth this morning moot
Jng Mrs. Plnquard at Kansas Oily,
Ligfet Biscuit
Delicious Cake
Dainty Pasitfies
Fine Puddings
Flaky Ctsts
Offered Free Tuition At the Universi
ty of Arkansas.
President Henry F. Harlzog, of
the University of Arkansaa haB
announced that students from the
Indian Territory will be admitted
to the university with free tuition.
In making tho announcement
President HurUig states that it is
not the object of the university to
come in competition with the col
leges in the territory but rather to
co-operate with them in taking
the student for a higher course
aftor they have completed their
preparatory studies.
The University of Arkansas is a
state institution and ranks with
in tho south, in connection with
the university lhre U a mediual
and a law department at Little
The exceptional opportunities
offered territory students through
the liberality of Dr Hartzog will
no doubt he taken advantage of by
thqso seeking a higher education
Interior Department Affirms De.
clson of Dawes Commission
In Citizenship Cases.
Special to Hi nllr Cl.Ufulu
Mttakiue. J. T. July 11, 1002.
The United States commission to
the five ciylliieu tribes haB just
been officially notified that tho de
cision of tho oomniieeion rejecting
the following applications for en
rollmentus citizens of tho Choro
keo nation ha) been aflirmod by
the secretary of the interior:
Jessie Fallin, Bragg).
Beauford A. Wheeler, Ft. Smftb.
Dollle Ilarylson, Qibson.
Charlos, Edward and Jesse
Nancy Gunter, Siloam Springe.
John E. Bean, Texas.
Win. P. Randall, Falrland.
- Joshua B. Heady, Muskogee,
Elizabeth Uafl, Vinitn.
John Harper, Checotah,
Jas. R. Padgett, Stlllwell.
Phillip T. Johnson, Tahlequab.
3eo. T. Towry, Black Gum.
Fort Smith & Western Allowed
Cross the Katy Tracks.
Superintendent Sullivan, of the
Katy, who has been guarding the
disputed railroad crossing at
Crowder City, has received instruo
tiona from St, Louis to cut the
crossing for the Ft, Smith & West
ern road, an agreement having
been reached between the roads,
It is understood that the Ft.
Smith it Western accepted the
agreement offered by the Katy,
This finally Bellies the difficulty
which threatened to load to seri
ous trouble.
Fiendish Negro Decapitates Ills Wife
With An Axe.
After slashing his wife in a fear
ful manner with a butcher knile,
James Hope, a negro of Eufaula,
finished his fiendish work by de
capitating her with an axe. .
No othor molivo except the sat
isfaction of a devilish naturo is
glvon for tho commission of the
Tho murderer was arrosted and
la confined at MuBkogeo.
Octs Free Delivery.
Tho posloflioa department has
authorized the free delivery of
mall at Muskogoe, tho sorvloo to
begin December 1. Thoro will bo
two carriora and thtrloon lotter
You Know What You Aro Taking
When you take Grove's Tasteless
Cbltl Tonlo bocauio tho formula Is
plainly prluted on every bottle show
ni that It U simply Iron aud'quiulno
In a tastoless form, Ho cure, no pay
63o. w
Cliickasaw Cattle Men Ask
For a Restraining Order
Against Secrotary
Application has boon made in
the supremo court of the District
of Columbia for an injunction pre
venting Secretary Hitchcock and
other Interior department officials
from competing cattle owners to
nay the fee of twenty fivo cents
imposed by the Chickasaw nation
for each bead of stock not belong
ing to a member of tho tribe graz
ing on their lands, and restraining
tho officials from seizing the cattle
now grazing on the Indian lands
in violation t)i' tho act of the Chick
asaw legislaluro.
Jusllco Claybaugh granted a
temporary writ and ordered Secre
tary Hitchcock to appear Sentora
ber 10 and show why a permanent
injunction should not bo issued.
It is contended that Secretary
Hitchcock is only a ministerial of
ficer, and that be has no authority
to undertake the enforcement of a
law of the Chickasaw nation. The
petitioners are William G. Max
well and Philip S. Witherspoon,
of Gaiuosville, Tex ; Isaao II.
Harness, Thomas Peery, R. L.
Glover and Milton F. Ikard, of
Chickasha, I T ; C. M. Reyes, of
Kansas City, and J, B. Spragine,
of Ardmore, I. T.
The abovo named gentlemen al
lege that they represent many oth
er petitioners, and that the owners
ol more than 100,000 head of live
clock are interested in tho litiga
A. P. Chamberlln Appointed Deputy
Revenue Inspector for the Chero
kee Nation,
Arthur F. Chamberlln has been
appointed deputy revenue Inspeot
or for the Cherokee nation to sue
ocad W il L. Iivio, who resigned
tht j.r,dliun to accept the clerkebip
of lb Nowata court, ud who was
late, appointed internal revenue
collector for the Indian Territory.
Mr. Chamberlln has assumed
his nev duties and will proceed
today to the Kansas line to inves
tigate reported evasions of the hay
Frisco Is Building Branch Road to
Tho Interior town oi Sulphur, I.
T., tho delightful watering place
popularly known as the White
Sulphur Springs, will shortly be
reached by tho Frisoo line.
Johnson Brothers, contractors,
have secured the contract from the
Frisco for tho Immediate construc
tion of a nine-mile spur from Hick,
ory, I. T., to Sulphur. A large
forco is at work and the road will
be rushed to completion.
Sulphur Is located in the Chick
asaw nation, nine miles from
Hickory, on the Red River divis
ion of the Frisco lino, and about
ten miles from Davis, I. T.. on
tho Santa Fe. Tho reputation of
tho springs, both for the curative
properties of tboir waters and tho
beauty oi their surroundings, dates
back to a very remote period in
Indian hUlory. Although horeto
fore very hard to reach, Sulphur
has yearly been visited by thous
ands. The nine mile spur will
greatly onhance property in and
about tho resort and attract thous
ands of people annually to the
The Frisco is also building a
new line up the Arkansas river.
Eight car loads of rcrspers were
unloaded at Tulsa, I. T., this
week, and immedlato conBlruotion
commenced on the new road bed.
This new line passes through Key
stone, Basin, Jennings and Enid,
Okla., snd connects with the Fris
co at Oklahoma City,
(letting Civilized,
What is recorded as the first in
stance of an Indian raising a gov
ernment check la reported from
Oklahoma, where Bert Jeekaun
mah, a fullblood Comancho, is
oharged with having elevated a
840 check to one for 8330, This
industrious Indian, it is stated,
has been given a thorough educa
tion at the government's expense
and has proven himself an excep
tionally apt pupil, in besoming
acquainted with tho modus ope
randi to employ in finding easy
If you want to H your property
and want to sell It quickly list It with
tbo Ylolta Heal Estate Aucacy.
Government Reminds Cattle
men That There is Only
One Curo For Texas
Is Thoroughly Understood and
That Heavy Losses Can Be
Invariably Avoided by
Following Slmplo In-
Tho heavy loesei recently bus
lained by cattlemen through their
herds becoming Infected with Tex
as fever has caused the bureau of
animal Industry to issue u bulletin
in proof ol tho "tick theory" of
the origin of the disease, and tho
simple treatment necessary to pre
vent the spread of tho disease. The
following ore excerpts from the
"No one ever saw an outbreak
of Texas fever without the preB
ence of licks. The old theories in
regard to Texas fever have been
completely dlsproven. At one
time somo claimed that bacteria
wbre the cause of the disease, but
all of these theories have been die
proven by experimenting with tho
tick. Tho fever can be given to
euecpptible cattle by placing young
ticks on them, or tho dlseaso can
be transmitted by inoculating, cat
tle with blond from a southern
animal. Alter oattle have become
infeoted with the disease the in
fiction ri mnirs in the blood for an
indefinite. length of lime, probably
during the life ol the animal.
"While the tick is the carrier of
the disease the fever ia caused by
a Email organism that is intro
duced into tho animal by the tick
This small organism, which ia the
actual cause of the disease pro
ceesee In the animal, Uvea in and
destroys the blood corpuscles.
Tbi action on the bW-' it the
cause of tbe extreme weakness ol
the sick animal, well as the
noticeable obanaes seen in tbe
post mortem examination of Texas
fever cases. Tb9 disease a fleets
the blood more than any other
part of the body.
'(While there ia no specific rem
edy for Texab fever in the way of
a cure, there is no disease so easily
stopped or with which one can
work with any more assurance of
bucccsb if it is handled in the right
way. If there are no ticks on the
cattle there will be no fevor, and if
tho disease is among the cattle it
will slop as soon as the cattle are
thoroughly cleansed of ticks. To
counterapt tbe high fever accom
panying the disease il is necessary
to give something to reduco the
fever and keep the bowels open.
Belts in one or two pound doses,
repented il necessary, will he ef
fective. Any physic, as raw lln
seed oil or lard, may bo used.
Green feed, euch aa corn, la good
to keep cattlo In condition. At
tbe first indication of fever the
cattle should be given all the green
feed they want, and everyone gone
over carefully to remove all of tbe
ticks. This is where so many fall
in handling tbe disease. The sick
animal should be doctored, but at
the same time tho well ones should
bo gone over and tbe ticks re
moved. In this way the diseaco
may be stopped. Any of tho oila
thoroughly applied will kill tho
ticks, but it must be well applied,
especially to the under parts of
the body, inside the thighs, sides
of the neck and -chest, The large
ticks may be removed by band,
but young ticks aro too small to be
found among the hair, consequent
ly they must be killed by applying
some of tbo oils.
Oklahoma Said To Have Absorbed
Territory Town Under New
It Is reported that tbe Socretary
of tho Interior haB approved Ihe
Johnson & Kidder survey ol the
disputed meridian of - longltudo
which was supposed to traverse
Caddo county, Oklahoma.
Tho new eurvoy establishes the
meridian four miles east of the
enstllneof Caddo county whioh
would bring Chickasha within tho
Unea of the Oklahoma county.
rue omsona oi umckasba aa a
consequence aro engaging In a
guessing oonlestaa to where "thoy
are at."
Voting booths uro pluccd over town
for your convenience Vote for tho
flower qucou,
Of tho Dawes Commission
Shows Much Important
Work Accomplished.
In tbe Several Nations Shows tbo
Dissolution of Tribal Govern
ment to be Near at Hand
Report on OberokeeB.
The report of tbe Dawes Com
mission for the year ending June
SO, 1002, has been published by
tbo Interior department, Tho
most important feature of it is a
summary of the work done by the
commleeion in dissolving tbe tribal
relations of the five civilized
Supplementary to tbe report is
a statement from Tarns Blxby, act
ing chairman of the commission,
in-which he expresses tho belief
that final work of the commission
is now in condition (o be concluded
within a very few yoars. Nearly
all of the obstao'es have been re
moved by legislation or by treaties
with tho Indians. He believes
that tbe supplemental treaties
adopted by he last congress will
enablo tho commission to e fleet
the installation of new political
and tocial conditions, and of the
land tenures oommon to tbo states
and leriitorieH, in place of tbe
tribal relations now existing.
Toe ptogieFB made in the enroll
mnt l Chcrokete is set nut at
lrnejih in ihe report. An elabo
rate review is given of the difficul
ties encountered in enrolling tbe
fullbloods, but tbe accompanying
data shows that, despite these ob
stacles, the commission succeeded
n enrolling 6,500 of the fullblood
mpi&bere of the tribe.
The land possessions of the fivo
civilized tribes are given by the
commission as follows: Creeka,
8,072,813 acres; Semtaolee, 8&$,8-4
i cui nhioir..Wi.. -ffyfii i1 yg jBh" "
taw., i,ou,U43; m roxeae, 4,4su,-
070. The report shows, also, that
on these landa there are more than
one billion feet of merchantable
Thero are 140 towns in the fivo
nations, apportioned as follows!
CherokeeB, 25; Creeks, 25; Choc
taws, 44, and ChlckaBawB, 52, and
the townailes embrace 50,278 acres.
Tho railroads constructed, or in
course of construction by nations,
show approximately as follows:
Choctaw -nation, 7S0 miles; Chero
kee nation, 615 miles; Cblckaeaw
nation, CSO miles: Creek
400 miles: Seminole nation,
miles, a total of 2,400 miles.
Referring to the opposition to
enrollment that has existed in the
territory for some years, the con
clusion says:
"Tho enactment of legislation
and tbe confirmation of agreements
has enabled tbe commission to
make marked progress in remedy
ing objectionable political and so
cial conditions that have prevailed
in the Indian territory for years.
Whilo more or less Irritation is yet
noticeable in some quarters, mat
ters generally are rapidly aisum
ing tha desired status. A healthy,
vigorous current of business has
taken tho place of thq congested,
feverish conditions of the country
which have until very recently
County UrRanlzation ot the A.
It. T.
A. Is Now Complete.
Tho meeting ol tho A. II. T. A.
at tbe court houoe Saturday after
noon was attended by delegates
from nearly every lodge in this
F. S. 13. AmoB delivered a hap
py address of welcome, which was
responded to in lellcltous ad.
dresses by temporary chairman M.
South andlSlate President Horn.
After discussing matters pertain
ing to the order, tho organisation
was perfected by tho election of
tbo following gentUmen as perma
nent oOlcers: President, T, J,
Uambill, Bluejacket; vice-president,
J. B, ilallum, Alton; secre
tary, J. F, Kenworthy, Woodloy;
treasurer, A. A. Morgan, Welch;
execullvo oommilloe, T. J. Vanh,
Pryor Croek; F. J. King, Big Cab
in; Tom Pyatt, Afton.
The next meeting of tho order
will bo held here November 21.
Stops the Cough a.td Works
off tho
L&xatlvo Brouio Qululne Tablets
cure a cold lo one day. No cure, no
pay. Price 23 cents, w
Carries the Largest and most Complete stock of Furniture.
. New goods bought for CASH arriving daily which will be sold at prices
Day Telephone 168.
Complete External and Internal
Treatment, One Dollar.
The set, consisting of Cuticura.
Soap, to cleanse the skin of crusts
and scales, and
soften thethick
ened cuticle,
Cuticura Oint
ment,to instant
ly allay itching,
irritation, and
and soothe and
heal, and Cuti
cura Resolvent
Pills, to cool and
cleanse the
blood, and expel
humour eermr.
A Single Set, price $f, is often
sufficient to cure the most tortur
ing, disfiguring skin, scalp, and
blood humours, rashes, itchings,
and irritations, with loss of hair,
when all else fails.
Soir, at'letcu or Ctmcciu
OixTMtirr, the gnat Hn cure, far prvienr.
, pnrtfi
1 ma cufv, lur iirvtcrr
iKauUtyiog Ihe .kin, for
li-E, (mmlag. aw, ijvumijiu. uiv ..lutiut
rlmuttm; tho lp ot cruiu, teak, and dan-
(trull, d! tho itopplntr or filllofr hair, (or
lottenlng, nhltcnlnir, aixl toothing rcl, rough,
ami Mra hsnd.. for Laur nihM. ltetilDn.
ami ebaOnga, ami (or all I
Uie purpotef ol tho
toiiti, oau, ana nurterr- si. mom oi n omen
uio ctmctiBA soap in the form of bath, for
aniwTin- Trntt'-!. mnnmmttinn., ai x
eortnU.n. nr loi fire or o0 nlvi- -rf4r-atlon.
tn tliv foi . ft wn.he fur iU,rauVQ
wcakneMft- in 1 jrmam muM'- unil4icfcl
purpoM'tvhlrli "juVy .uh-h UiweTfl
k-oncn, o.;x i Uxnrttitn.
fClioo" atloat rr nrw tj.wM. o-lnor-lew.eoonomloil.HUUmto
(or the celeUra.tct
liquid CrmCTmAlIBKiLtnyr.U uetl Mfer.ll
?tMr blood ptulflcn and huiiour earci. rut
1 la 6ke rUla, M dosw, price, 35c
BUi3rojfcMtt&vort6 ftAir.t.OrmiiwT.SOc.
rilu-IM. IJnUDriI-M,CrtiTliMMfl..LM-4h-
rtMkDllilllMdiUl,ili, ririh lSTTfK
pus Cai. Cull-., m! l'fj, JjeMss.U.i. A.
Checotah Deputy Drops Two
Bystanders Before Get
ting His Man.
Of Sam
Baker, tbo Murderer of
Qentry, Who Escaped
4W is Haded By a
A despt rate street Tight at Che
cotah, Saturday evening between
Sam Baker, a notorious desperado
and Deputy United StateB Mar
shal Frank Jonea following an. at
tempt of tho marshal to arrest
Baker, resulted in Baker receiving
a mortal wound and two bystand
ers being struck down by flying
George D. Howard, t no of the
unfortunates, received a bullet in
his abdomen which will result in
hia death. An Indian named Fox
received the other wild shot from
the deputy's revolver but will re
cover. There was an old feud existing
between tbe marshal and Baker,
because of provious attempts to
arrest the latter for cettiug drunk
and disturbing the peace. Baker,
who is a relative of tho famous
feudist Bakers of Kentucky and a
relative of Frank and Jeise James
ia identified with the Brooks Rid-
die feud of tho Creek nation, from
which has rcBiiltod the deaths
of fifty or more men in the last
ten years. Baker la a brother-in-law
of Brooke, both marrying In
dian women. Two years ago It
was thought the best way to com
promise with this man ot crimes
waa to niako him an ollicer of tbo
law. Ha was for thirty days a
deputy United States marshal, but
tho effect waa not what was hoped
for and he waa removed.
Fifteen months ago Baker mur
dered Boh Qentry, a respected clt-ir-en
of Checotah. He was given a
preliminary beaming and for soma
reason he waa released, Doctors
Coffins and caskets.
Funeral Directors.
HUNDREDS of people go throagh life wtlAoul any exact dtt
eenimtnt of beauty, whereat correrfly tiled gktuts would make
Me world new to them. Correctly filled glasus rtihre the eye to
the optical condition of one that it perfect, and do thit in a pure
ly mechanical manner so that no injury can remit. ShovUyou
need glasses, I am prepared to gt your eyes with pivper glasses.
Should ihe services of a physician orotnllslbe required I will
promptly tell you so.
August ScbHecKer,
5. Wilson 5t.
Bringing Out the
We want to make it
That we will give
at the somejjrice,
a lower price than
We believe first, in
that monev can buv.
- ...
price as low asjpossible for that kn
ber. And still we
prices than our.
If you leaye our yard dissatisfied, it's your
own fault, because we do our level best to
please every customer who buys building
material here even to giving him the best
stock and the lowest prices.
If that won't satisfy you what will? Any
way, be sure and see us before buying; not
P. G. Mi k Co.
VInila. Indian Territory,
aay he can not recover. He in
sists, however, thut ho Ib not go
ing to die, and that he will yet
live to mete out his idea of justice
lo his enemies. Whon tbe deputy
came up lo Baker to arreBt bim,
Baker started lo draw his six
shooter, bat it hung in some way.
Tbe marshal leveled a cooked re
volver in his face. Baker reaohed
out with hia other hand and do
llberately brushed the revolver
aside aa the deputy pulled the
trigger, and Mr. Howard received
tbe fatal shot. In like manner,
John Fox, the Indian, waa shot in
tho arm, but the officer finally hit
his man.
Ozark &. Chcrokeo Central Will Soon
Cnter the Capital,
Tho Ozark & Cherokee Central
railroad company has completed
the work of laying steel to a point
seven miles weat of Tahlequab and
will reach the next station, known
as Melvlp, this week. Tha grade
camps aro now scattered between
Melvln and Fort Gibson. All
freights now go to Tahlequab ovor
the Osark. Tho regular pabaenger
train will be put on today and the
railway mail service extended
soon aa tbe department can get
it. The line will bn completed
Okmulgee and tralna runuing
November 1, 1902.
ploy's Kidney Cure
tuakca Kidneys and bladder rlpttt.
Suld by Peoples' drua itoro.
Night Telephone 224.
as strong- as we know
you better Lumber
or-equal grades at
giving the
and then in
- - - xy,
defy you to
find lower
The Most Direct
Route from cither north
or south, to the Famous
Health R c s ort and
Springs of
is via the
Descriptive literaturclcouce'rniug
this delightful resort furnished
upon appication to
ru39cii(;ci iiuiii, lcjiui mucin,
Saint Louis.
Best Meal In the City 35c
D ffl
Short Orders a Specialty.
Pint Door E al R.tcllU'a
There.! scarcely av condition of Ul
health Uiatia not benefited by tbe oocm
lonsd uc of a R-I-V-A-N-8 TabiUfc Vot
sale by drnggtsts, 1 he five-cnt paekitt
Is enough for an otdloary occ1on, Tb
family bottle, 0 ccttU, contain a sup.
ply for var. v( 4'H

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