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A Pare Grape Cream of Tartar Powder
Highest Honors, World's Fair
' Gold Medal, Midwinter Fair
Former Claremoro Stockman
Found on fho Streets
of Donver.
The Past Ton Years of Ilis Lite
la a Blank and He Can Giro
-vQnly a Partial Account
of His Wanderings.
Penniless and broken in health,
and with the past ten years of his
life n blank, George Nippers a ono
limo woalthy stockman of Clare
more, I. T , who disappeared ten
years ago, has been found wander
Ing aimlessly on the streets of
Denver. The circumstances sur
rounding the disappearance of
Nippers have always been veiled
in mystery.
Ten years ngo he was ono of the
most widely known stuck dealers
in the southwest. Mb credit with
the commission houses iu Kansas
Oily and 8t. Louis was almost
without limit. One day he left
for southern Texas to buy cattle
Several letters were received fium
juioi after his arrival there and he
purchased several herds of cattle.
Alter a time communication with
' him was lost. The authorities
were notlIid but after u lung and
tfriov uiling searcti he was given up
fie dead.
fWernl days ego M. D. Woodson
a former resident ol Claremore
met Nipper In Denver in a
wretched plight. A physical
wreck andin rags, he recognized
Woodson's face but could not' ro
call his name ond insisted that his
own name was Willinms. Wood
Aon wed certaiu of his identity
however and on questioning him
found thnt he was the long lost
man. Tho unfortunato man's
mind was nearly a blank concorn.
the paat leu years of his life, All
that he could remember was that
he had been picked up on the
streets of Houston in a paralyzed
condition and taken to a hospital.
How long he had been ill up to
the time he fell on the etroetshe
could not romember. Ho was
kept in the hospital for a long
time and when discharged his
mind was a blank. He had as
autued tho name of Williams and
had wandered over the country
subsisting on charity. Mr. Wood
son took charge of the unfortunate
vand on notifying some of Nippors'
old tlmo friends of bis plight, Mr.
Teece Chambers, a prominent re
rident of Claremore has left for
Denver and will provido for him.
He will probably be brought back
to Claremoro in hopes that the old
associations will restore his
W. E. Halsell in speaking of
Nippers this morning said that he
was a very popular man among
stockmen and wai liked by every
' one who came in contact with him,
Nippers is an Englishman and
when he disappeared it was
thought thnt he had returned to
Mr, HalBell met him in Ban An
tonio ehortly before be disappear
ed, All of the local slookmen re-
-member Nippers well and all
express sympathy at the great
misfortune which had overtaken
Travelkr From Afar,
Jarsaluy Tuxar and Jan Mahodil,
wo Bohemian newspaper men
who are making a tour of the world
on foot, wero here Thursday, Ills
nearly a year sluoe tho two globe
wnlketa left their home in Urange,
Bohemia, since whioh time they
havo traversed thousands ol miles.
The object of their mission Is to
see the world and gain infoimation
for those of tholv countrymen who
re thinking of emigrating.
At Halciitlno'.
It will bo to your Interest tu trade
at ray store tills month. Yours re
poctfully, (Mrs.) II. IUmsmtikb.
District Attorney Soper Arrested
Sam Charley and a Jar.
Bmn (. nrl'y, hii i.i1ii fr iin
(tie CI mi iiiKte iiclnlibiif him I. h j iu
nn (I a In rue valine, tvcti gulinml
in by DiHtrici Aliornoy Siper on
this morning's Ftitoii
Charloy was banding out pro
fanlty in chunks, which tho jag
made especially picl'uresquo.when
I lib district attorney, who was on
tho train, was appealed to and
made the arrest.
When the valise which was be
ing convoyed: by Charley was
opened here an assortment of
booze was found that would make
aljolnt keeper turn yellow. Every
brand from Kansas disturbance to
Arkansas twiBt was there In all
their uldry of golden labels.
unaney, announced t.iv ... was
to be used at tils .vdct..ig celebra
tion. Hii arrest ?v. lently pre
Vented a massacre.
From Krebs Under Very Suspicious
Pur somo lime Ibe people ol
Krebs havo been agitated over the
disappearance of Rev. J. P. Smith,
pastor of the Methodist church at
that place. He left a month ago
and was to be gone but two Sun
days. Out he has not returned,
and there aro signs that bo never
will return. And tbero is an in
dlgnant husband at Alderson
whose wife disappeared at the
same time, and whom he dues nol
expect to see again. Tho latter
has secured pictures of Smith and
sent them to various places in
Texas, with the hope that officers
may find tho former clergyman
and bring him to punishment if be
deserve it.
Before leaving, Smith drow 8435
of his wife's money out of bank,
which she did not diicover until
ha bad been absent fur several
The Alderson woman disap
peured at tho same time and as no
word has yet been received from
either of tberu il is euppoted that
they left tbge'lbTr:
Dr. Palmore lias Returned From a
Trip Through Alaska.
Dr. W. B. Palmore, editor ol the
St. Louis Christian Advocate, who
ia well known in Vinita, has just
returned from a remarkable trip
to Alaska. His juurnoy was re
markable from the faot that he
traveled 18,000 miles in sixty
days, through a country where
railroads and other means of con
veyance are practically unknown.
Dr. Palmoro did not expect to
go farther north than tho glacier
region when he left St. Louis July
1, but when ho reached Skaguay
he found that he could crop? White
Horse pass on tho new railroad,
whioh has just been completed,
and make connections with a boat
on the upper Yukon. Having gone
thUB far ho decided to take a jour
ney on the river, and traveled over
2,500 miles into tho interior, as far
as Fort Yukon, which is within
the Artio circle.
"People who have never vielted
the polar regions of Alaska can
have no conception of the vaBtness
of the country which lies in the
interior," aald Dr. Palmore. "On
my trip down the Yukon I passed
through miles and miles of land
whoro no human being probably
bad ever sot foot, I have visited
every country in tho world with
the exception of Australia, and I
never enjoyed a trip more than I
did this one."
Crowder City Joins In the Crusade
Against (iamblers.
Acting under instructions from
Marshal Bennett, Deputy Wilson
has raided the dives at Orowder
City, and made a bonfire of all the
gambling paraphernalia caplurod.
A Blot machine valued at 8125
was smashed with eledgo hammers
and tho furniture wreoked.
Tho dives at Thurman and Riv
erslde were also raided. All of the
gamblers ca-plured were assessed
C0, each, and costs.
dradlng Sulphur intension.
Sub-contraotord for grading on
the extension of the Arkansas and
Chootaw Railroad into Ardmore
have complolod their work and
tho grading camps and outfits
havo beon moved to Sulphur, I.
T,, to grade tho oxleneion of the
Frlsoo into Sulphur from BculJIn.
Pqq'v forget Frazce'i when at tho
Street Pair, if
Wm, M. Mellette Leads tho
Vanguard of the Pie Bri
gade to Shelter.
Of Regular Salary Looks Good to
William, el el, and Their
Dopo Book Quotes Teddy
tho Favorite.
Win. M. Melletlo, United States
prosecuting attorney for the West
ern district, republican nationtl
committeeman for the Indian Ter
ritory, friond of the world and co
laborer in the royal society for the
preservation of "pie," elo , etc,
etc., is seeking new honors, The
ubiquitous William his conaulto(LJ -
his dream book, and has discov
ered that the most probable way
that the jeans of the faithful can
bo rlvlted to their seats at the pie
counter is to salaam and swear al
legiance to Teddy.
Speaking for himsolf, the pie
ciowd and those on tho wailing
list, be has thus announced blm
self in a signed communication to
th pie press:
"The people of the United
States want the president elected
to succeed himself, and so far as I
can see now thero is scarcely a
possibility ol any other result in
tho coming campaign. The past
year has developed a great many
exceedingly strong and devoted
supporters of President Roosevelt,
Tho republican masses have al
ways been ready to fight under bis
banner. Ho Is not strong became
there is no other available candl
date, for that ie not true, but hie
popularity seems to be of ibe per
sonal and positive kind. His
friends are 'lor him' regardless ol
any or all othir combinations that
can be made, and they want to
fight for him.
"With the president as a csndi
dite, tho next campaign will not
be a defensive one. His record on
questions of publio concern will
not furnish any ammunitiun for
tho enemy. He has positive
strength with every element of the
republican party, end he is becom
ing moro popular each day.
"So fat as I have heard, the re
publicans of tho Indian Territory
aro all enthusiastic Roosevelt men,
and I should be very much sur
prised to learn of any different
opinion on this Bubject."
Territory Alines Closed Pending
Wage Agreement.
Tho coal mines at Lehigh, Coal
gate and Midway, in tho Choctaw
Nation, which have been employ
Ing members of the United Mine
Workers' Union of America, are
tied up on account ol a striko ol
the union men for an advance ol
wages. The scale agreed to be
tween the miners and operatore
last year was GO cents a ion. This
scale expired on Septembor 1 of
this year and the miners asked for
an inoreaee of fivo cents on the
ton, which the oporitors reftiBod
to pay, and the miners walked
out, tying up tho mines until such
time as a new scbodulo can be
The mineB affected are those ol
tho McDougall company, Perry
Broa. and tho Midway Coal com
pany. About 500 men aro on
By Weil
Digger Near
While digging a well near Du
rant, Thomas Lilly unearthed a
bible which was about one fourth
petrified. The remainder though
old and decayed could be read,
Near where the bible was found
a large tooth of a supposedly pre
hiatorio animal was dieoovered.
'Ilia alleged by those who know
Durant, that bibles and prehistorlo
animals departed from that neigh
borhood concurrently.
Engineer Killed and Fireman Fatally
Injured on Katy,
Two freight traiiiB on the Katy
met in a head-on collision near
Atoka yesterday morning, killing
one of the euglnegis ami fatally
injuring a fireman, ' && .
Trafilo was blocked on the road
for several hours. K '
fl A N M E R SA ive
Cloaranco of tho Criminal
Docket Is Rapidly Near-
ing Completion.
Disposed of Each Day Severe
Sentences Imposed on Larcen
ists, Record of Cases
Heard During First
(Thursday, 8ept. 11 4th Day.)
When court oponed this morn
ing the largest crowd since tho
term comraoncod was in attond
Yesterday afternoon waa taken
up largely with tho imposing of
Tom Monsghan waa arraigned
on charge of disturbing the peace
and plead guilty. Sentence de
Houston Wogoner plead guilty
to larceny and was sentenced to 15
monlliB in Leavenworth.
Thos. McAfoo plead guilty to
larceny and was consigned to
Leavenworth for five years.
Joo Carson plead guilty to lar
ceny and drew three yeara in
Jos. Whirley etolo a 820 bill
from Mrs. J. U. Trott and was sent
to the reform school at Washing
ton for fivo years.
John Sapeucker, charged with
introducing and selling, waa re
leased on bonda.
Tho jury disagreed in tho trial
ofT. M. Jackson, charged with
disturbing the peace, and were dis
Heree Lee plead guilty to. two
liquor charges. Senlcnco deferred.
The trial of Wm. Greathouse,
charged with assault to kill, was
transferred to Nowata.
Clifl Stewart was assessed 85 00
and costs for disturbing the peace
near Big Cabin.
8. Kelly, charged with intro
ducing, plead guilty and was re
manded to jail to figure out howl
long a penitentiary aontenco he
wanted. Tho court gave him the
privilege of naming his term.
The charge ngainetHy Landrum
ol introducing was nolle proceed.
Tho trial of M. P. Millor, Wm.
Foley and S. S. Goes charged with
false imprisonment was continued.
The charge against W. J. Os
born of distuiblng peace wa& nolle
In (he absenco of complainant
Robt Anlen under bonds to keep
peace was discharged.
The grand jury ignored bills
agalnet tho following:
John Johnson and Andy Cross
land forgery.
Tour Rutledge lore and receiv
ing stolen property.
(Fridoy, Sept. 12-5th Doy.)
The trial of George Mayes,
charged with assault to kill Ran
dolph Ballard attracted a large
crowd to the federal court this
Owing to the feeling which has
been aroused between the friends
of the two men, great difficulty
waa experienced in impaneling a
jury when the case was called for
trial yesterday afternoon. One
after another of thoso summoned,
stated that they had formed an
opinion frrm tho widespread dis
cussion of tho trouble and were as
a conBequencp excused,
8hortly after a Jury waa finally
obtained court adjourned and the
bearing of teetimony waa not com
menced until this morning. The
ofloir which has led to the present
prosecution occurred last winter,
in the corridor ot the court house
near the Commissioner's office,
A jury in the Commissioner's
court had just acquitted Mayes on
a charge of malicious mischief,
preferred by Ballard, and (he par
ties had repaired to the corridor.
A moment later thero were sounds
of a scuflle which was Boon follow
ed by a general m'ixup.
It is alleged that Mnyee was the
agcressorand used a knifo on Bal
lard, Tho trial is expected to be
concluded this afternoon,
Tho grand jury Ignored a bill
against John Countryman, charged
with introducing liquor.
William Wright, a native of
England was granted naturaliza
tion papora by Judgo Gill,
Earl Holt charged with tho mur
der of Jim Holland at Westville
some time ago, filed a motion far
The grand jury returned true
bills ngeinet the iqilovring.
Tom Horual. introducing and
dispensing, four counts.
Sam Duval, introducing and
dispensing, four counts.
Will Russell and Grace Alien,
Tare Young, larceny and em
bezzlement. Henry White, larc. and reo.
stolen properly.
Will Tolbort and Pleas Tolbort,
larc. and rec. stolen properly.
vjuu. onooas, asBOUii to Kill.
Mobo Leo and John Alcorn, as
aault to kill.
Jesse Melvin, introducing and
dispensing, three counts.
(8alurdsy, Sept. 13-0th Day.)
When court convened this morn
ing the jury in the Ballard-Mayes
aBtault oase informed tho Court
that tboy could not agree. After
being questioned by the Court
they wero sent back to continue
tbelr deliberations.
Tom Hornal, charged with in
troducing and selling, entered a
plea of not guilty and took a trans
fer to Sallisaw.
Sam Duval, charged with Intro
duoing and selling, plead guilty.
Will Russell when arraigned on
a oharge of robbery entered plea
ol guilty, but changed bis mind
later and ontered plea of nol guilty.
A transfer was taken to Nowata,
Tarl Young plead guilty to
charge of larceny and was given
18 months in Leavenworth.
Henry White plead guilty to
larcony and receiving stolen prop
erty and was consigned to Leaven
worth for five years.
Will Talbert and PleaB Talberl
plead not guilty to charge of lar
ceny and receiving stolen prop
efty and their trial was eel for
September 18.
Goorge Snooks, charged with
assault to kill, Dlead not guilty
and took a transfer to Claremore.
Ed. Bobbin plead uot guilty to
assault and battery charge and
transfer was taken to Claremore,
Muso Leo and John Alcorn,
charged with assault to kill, plead
nut guilty and took a transfer to
Jesse Melvin plead guilty to in
troducing and dispensing and was
sentenced to Leavenworth for fif
tosfc months end fined S1GQ.
The grand jury Ignored a bill
agaliiBt Lee Harp, charged with
Judge Gill read the riot act loTom
Monaghan and assessed him 850
and oos Is for disturbing the peace.
U e informed Monsghan that if he
created any further disturbance, or
indulged in any Sunday excur
sions he would send him to Leav
eenworth under a suspended sen
tence. He specified that the fine
should bo paid weekly out of
money oarned by Monaghan, and
made his grandfather, who has al
way b interceded for the young
man, promise not to pay a cent of
it. It is a caso of pen or work with
Ed Rodman and Austin Cowan,
two boye, plead guilty to burglary
and larceny and were sentenced to
the reform school al Boonville for
18 months.
Tho jury in tho Ballard Mayes
asbault case returned n verdict of
ni.t guilty.
The trial of W.F.Boling.charged
with assault to kill, is being heard
this afternoon.
Checotali Neighborhood Uecomtae
Famous for Killing.
Tho third killing within threo
weeks in tho neighborhood of
Checotah it reportod. Bud Dennis
a negro who lives about five miles
east of that town indulged in some
practioe with a Winchester, ueinc
John B. WhltBon, Geo. Whitson
and Willie Adair as his targets.
lho sport was made exciting
through the fact that George
Whitson and Willie Adair were
armed. They took a whirl at the
game and Dennis was killed by
the first shot. Whilo all tho par
ties were arrested and taken to
Muskogee, it Ib .the consensus of
opinion that Dennis wbb looking
for trouble and found it.
, Property Is Soldi
I lui'o bought tho cast part or Mr J.
Key' farm, also a pleco ot timber and
prtlrt land north of her farm. I am
going fo tnko my nllotmont iliero and
wtru any party from taking it.
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