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Highest Honors, World's Fair
Gold atrial, Midwinter Fair
A Storv of tho Galveston
Flood Which Affects Prom
inent South IMcAles
ter Family.
For Months for Hia Wife who Waa
In tho Great Flood L. W.
Bryan of South McAleator
Remarried. Ilia Wifa
Una Been Found
in Sanitarium.
telegram Irooa Fort Worth, Tex.,
stating that bis long lost vrifo who
was supposed to have been drown
ed at Galveston, waa in Fort
Investigation revealed thnt Mrs.
Bryan bad been picked up by tbo
militia, which was on duty at Gal-
Vffl'on following the Hod, in a
4tatn of whit Benned to bo h'ipe
I less insanity, and wax taken t'i n
sanitarium an F.irt Worth. She
couiu leu aosoiuieiy noimug nnuui
herself or her past, and tbero waa
no means of identification on her
A photograph was tent to the
authorities far and wide, but no
tidings as to tier identity ever
oime. The conclusion was reached
that ber relatives had all met
death in the same flood in which
she lost her mind,
Laet Sunday ehe regained ber
memory, tolu woo sue was anu
gave the address of her husband,
tie waa Immediately informed of
the whereabouts of bla wife.
Investlgilion on hia part re
vealed that tho woman was in-
deed his Grsl wife.
The ead story waa contained in
a letter to a Kansas City friend of
the family.
Campaign In Oklahoma Cen
ters on Disposition of
Indian Territory.
To Admit Territory to Statehood
With Oklahoma While the
Republicans Aro Favor-
able to a Piecemeal
the afluira of the Five Tribec, and
pursued it for ten years, will pur
sue it lo the end. In all proba
bility a territorial government will
be temporarily provided to sup
plant present chaotic conditions,
while the filial eettlemeno of the
estato la being consummated.
Libels on the Indian Territory Forci
bly Answered.
All Intermarried Whites
Must Appear in Person
Before Dawes Commission
Hexlco Will 5p:nd Money Liberally
In Exploiting Her Resurcee at
St. Louis.
Mow It Originated, Our Present Pol
icy and Need of l'ubllc!ntercst In
the Indian.
Interior Department AINrms Decision
ot Dawes Commission.
A atory replete with pathetic in
tercet oomee aa an echo from tbe
great Galveston flood, and affects
two of the moat prominent families
in South McAlester. After mourn
ing his wife who waa thought lo
have perished in tbe flood for
noarlv two voora. L. W. Bryan of
Bouth MoAteater, one of the most
widely known resldjntb or the ter
ritory remarried.
He has just received word that
his first wife ia alive in a Fort
Worth Sanitarium.
At tho time of the terrible- Ilia
aster at Galveston, Tex , hia wife
and daughter were vWlting in that
oily. People in tlio same building
who escaped before the flood be
came dangerous, reported that
Mrs. Bryan and tbe daughter were
in tho bul'ding when tbe great
rush of wa'er came and ihal there
could be little doubt ibat they
wore drowned
Mr. B'yan ia repurled to Imvti
spent $5 000 in Hie B'uruh fur his
wife and djughtor, bit nothing
cciuld be learned of them.
After iiiMithb had elapsed and
nothing ha I, been heard of the
wife and daughter, Mr. Bryan
married Mm Sidle Jmes of South
Sunday Mr Bryan received a
8 pec I at to Dally Clilottaln.
Muskogee, I. T., Oct. 15 -The
Commission (o the Five Civilized
Tribes baa received from the Soo-
retary of Interior official notices
that the decision of the Commis
sion rejecting tho following appli
cations for citizenship in the Cher
okee Nation have been affirmed by
the Beoretary of the Interim:
Betjumin F, Palmer, Obs'sea;
Ilarnage Bacon, et al, Texas; Bob
ert II. Crow, et al, Chelsea; Lee
II, Ilutobings, Texanns; Dady
Newport, Ratnnns; Hiram R Sni
der, Chelsea,
Nancy A, Ctpps, Manard; Alice
B. Tanner, Catoosa; Mosea M.
Bowen, Alton; Joshua B. Heady,
Watovaj John E Bean, Kllgore,
Texas; Phillip T. Johnson, Tahle
quab; Jameu R. Padgett, Stlllweil;
Charles Hicks et al, Gold Creek,
Nevada; Dollte Harvlaon, Glbion
Station; Jesso Fallen, Urngg';
Bfau'ord A. Wheeler, Fort Smlih,
Aikensan Nuncy Quitter, Siloam
Spiings, Ark.; William P. Ran
dull, Falrlantl; John Harper, Che.
ooltth; George II. Towry, Black
gum, Kliitbeth Half, Vinita.
Wanted to Uu A medium slwd
dilvlng animal for family uie, marc
preferred. Or the UM ot ono for cuie
and feel. Qco. IUvxIns
At Chief rain otll-c
Old pat cm fur sale ut tbo Chief' i'n
Tbe paramount issue in the
campaign now being waged in
Oklahoma is whether Indian Ter
ritory shall be admitted to state
hood with that territory or
whether it shall bo annexed piece
meal at an Indefinite date. The
democrats are pledged to the im
mediate admission aa a single state
of both leril'nrios while tho re
publican ring is atanding on tho
Omnibus bill, which provides for
the later addition of tbe Indian
Sidney Clark an ex democrat,
who has found thelter in the re
publican fold has in a speech at
Kingfisher, given the following
reasons why he thinks single atate
hood at present Is impracticable,
"This plan to ultimately unite
the two territories Into a single
elate is regarded by the present
congrete aa a happy solution of
tho question, and as the only pos
sible way to accomplish lint re
mit. Since our application for
statehood waa first presented to
congress, up to this hour, there
has been no change in tho situa
tion, either in oongreaa or so far
aa tbe Indian Territory ia con
cerned. The work of the Dawes
Commission, whether satisfactory
or unsatisfactory to use, will last
for some years, anu the agree
ments recently made with the In
dlan iribea extending tribal gov
ernment until 19C6, willbeeucred
ly observed. The work on nana
ia tbo divlsbn and final settlement
of a vaet eBtale a landed property
almost rqual in area to the great
stato of Indiana and the solution
of tho most complex educational,
social mid governmental problem
that have ever vexed tbe govern
ment ul the United Stales,
We are, therefore, confronted,
with a condition and not a theory,
We nro powerleta to change the
situation. It la a domain in whiob
tho national oongress ia aupieme.
We uny prntHSt locally, but in tbe
luture hs in the past, our protests
will be reapeCully hoatd and
promp'ly rjCHd Congress hav
The extent to which the renub
licana havo been driven in Okla
homa in their present campaign is
evidenced by Ibe malicious libels
they have circulated regarding the
social, political and commercial
conditions in the Indian Territory.
Alter these lies were refuted
thoy discovered that that there
was no taxable property in Indian
Territory. In replying to this last
charge tbo Oklahoman says;
"Tbe fact ot the business ia, aa
ehown by tbe official reports, that
the Indian Territory has $60,000,-
000 in taxable property now, while
Oklahoma has 872,000,000.
"Under tho provisions of tbe
new treaties already ratified, a
great majority ot the lands in the
Indian Territory will soon become
subject to taxation. Only 40 acres
per capita for tbe Indians will not
be taxable for twenty-nne years.
That ia a very small part of the
territory. There is more land in
Oklahoma today which ia not sub
ject to taxation.
"All the Kiana, Comanche and
Apache country is not subject to
taxation for four yeara longer.
"All tho Indian allotments in
Oklahoma are not subject to taxa
tion. All of the great Osage res
ervation ia not taxable, and ia not
even allotted.
"All of tho Ponca, Otoe and Mia
eouri lands are not taxable Many
homesteads in all parts of Okla
hoiua aro not yot taxable.
The lands in Oklahoma which
are not taxable embrace one fourth
oi Us present area. They contain
one-fourth of Its population.
"By tho lime these lands in
Oklahoma become taxable, nearly
all tho landa in the Indian Terri
tory will beoomo taxable, under
existing aota of congress."
8pccUl lo Dally Chleflln.
Muekogeo, I. T., Oct. 9. Tbe
Commission lo the Five Civilized
Tribes has made an order that all
intermarried citizena of tbe Chero
kee Nation must appear before the
commission beforo October 31,
1002, and show cause why they
should bo enrolled as cilizenB of
tbe Cherokee Nation. No affida
vits will be accepted, and the ap
plicant must appear in person, ex
cept that tho huBband may appear
for the wife, and vice versa.
Tbo applicants are required to
relate their family hiBtory and tell
about former marriasea and di
vorces; and if they were either pre
viously married they must show
that thoy were free lo contract the
marriago with a citizen of the
Cherokee Nation in order to ac
quire by such marriage tbe rights
of a citizen, by intermarriage, of
tbe Cherokee Nation.
There are about two thousand
intermarried whites on the regu
lar Cherokee roll, and about one
thousand on tbe doubtful and re
jected carda. These people aro
flocking lo Muskogee by droves,
and the Cherokee enrollment di
vision Ib taxed to its full capacity
to keep up with the work.
Kighiy-four intermarried whites
tun. the gauntlet of tbe Dawes com
mission yesterday and wont north
on the delayed Kaly train.
Appraisement Ucgun.
Tho towntlto uprraltlnf; corutuU
Moii benau work at Its unices In the
Hill bulldlni; Mondajmortilntr.AfurcQ
of olcrks ore busy recording applica
tions of lot owners. The work It pro
Kresslnu rapidly, and Clerk McOuIn
remarked Monday ihattho workot ap-
praueinont In the Cherokee Nation,
whoro lota had been purchased from
the nation, would proceed much more
rnpldly than In tlio other nations
whero no such puruhabo hud Leon
made. The settling of contcsti occu
pied much i.'f tho commission's time
Rcalgned the Ministry,
Iltv. John h. Bray surprised his
coucrceatlunat the morning service
Sunday by announcing bit resigna
tion ot the pastorate ot the church
and his determination to icavo the
rnlidttry ot tho church- Ho stated
frankly that this action was on ac
count of his not being In accord with
tho policy of tho Methodist church
and that ho was no longer an Itinerant
Methodist rjtcachcr. llov. Bray came
to tho Vinita church a year ago from
Virginia and Is regarded as ono of
tho strongest men In the Indian Mis
sion conference. A mau ot broad and
liberal vlows, a lino pulpit orator and
withal a cultured Christian gentleman.
Ready for the Otrdlron,
Tho root ball squads at Willie Hal
sell havo put In "iomo consistent work
tho past few week und tbo team has
practically been decide I on. Tho
lino up will show a comparatively
Unlit but fabt team. A ohallengo has
lieon Issued to all territorial cullego
teams and tho Initial game will toon
bo announced.
St. Louis, Oct. 15 Albino R.
Nuncio, commissioner-general to
tbo World's Fair from Mexico haa
arrived in the city. He brings
with him plana for the Mexican
National Pavilion to bo ereoted at
the World's Fail, aa well as accu
rate eatimatea made by sub-chiefs
regarding the apace needed in the
department exhibit buildings of
the exposition. Mr. Nuncio
brought with hia several alternate
eketchea ot buildings from which
the director of work selected tbe
one most available.
The! Mexican Pavilion will be
built on the University portion of
the World's Fair grounda immedi
ately north of tbe French pavilion.
Tbe buildirg will.lbo square in
plan, 60x72 feet. The second floor
shows alcoval cloisters and tbe
corners of tbe building ehow
square turrets to be crowned with
red roofs. The interior contains
a lolty state nail wulcn .extends
through two' floors.
Mexico has made no formal ap
propriation forian txblbitbut the
plan contemplates) tbe expendi
ture of at least (500,000.
Mexico propoeea to bring to the
World's Fair a band of fifty piecea
selected for its excellence, a com
petition now being in progress in
Mexioo between the.Artilery band,
Engineers' band and tbe Presi
dent's band. (Mexico will also
bring a company of, Rurales num
bering one hundred to the Fair.
Mr. Nuncio carried drawings ot
the facades'toiboinetalled within
the department buildings, among
them a beautifulone to be put be
fore the manufaoiuresdisplay.
"Mexico," Eaya Mr, Nuncio,
"will use a total of 81,940 square
feet in exhibit apace."
The Drexcls Were Here.
Mother Catharine Dreiel and Miss
Josephine Drexel ut Philadelphia
visited the Sasrcd Heart Institute In
this city remaining over Sunday. Aa
ia generally known by our pcoplo the
Drexela furnished the money for tho
founding an t maintenance ot Ibis ex
cellent school, but this was their Urt
visit, Tho Iadlos expressed them
selves aa being highly pleased with
tbe school and tho surrouodlog gen
erally. They departed fur tho west
over tho Frisco Monday afternoon.
Doautlful Complexions
Are spoiled by uilngany kind of
preparation that tills tho pores or
the skin. Tho boat way to tecuro a
clear complexion, frco from fallow
note, pimples, blotches, ota, Is to
keep the live Iu good order. An oc
casional dose of Heroine will cleanse
the biwols, regulate tbo liver, anil ro
The twentie'h annual Lako Mo
honk conference of Friends of the
Indian will hn held, on the invita
tion nf Albert K. Stiley, at Mohonk
Lake, N. Y., October 22, 23 and
Tho Indian problem in the
United StateB Ib one ol long stand
ing. It has existed since colonial
times, and many Indian ware bear
witnesa to the fact that It waa of
grave concern to our forefathers.
It is a matter of history how tbe
Indiana were giadually forced
Westward by the extension of
white civilization, until the great
West wbb invaded by our people
and tbe Red Men could retroat no
lurther, and were finally brought
together end confined on certain
tracta of land known aa "reserva
tiona," with Ibe establishment of
which the United States became
responsible lor tbe welfare of the
entire race.
On the retervation the Indian,
deprived of hia hunling grounda,
led a life of idleneae, supported by
the government, subject to no laws
eave those of bis own making,
maintaining his tribal Ufa and cus
toms, and frequently giving ex
pression lo hia savage nature in
the Indian outbreaks which have
made so many terrible chapters in
the history of the Weat. The
Many eviN of this "reservation
system" soon became apparent,
and for nearly a generation tbe In
dian Bureau has been actively en
laged in the tremendous tusk, still
far from completion, of perfecting
a policy which vhall b in harmony
with modern clviiizitiou.'
It has gradually come to be
recognized Unit tribal life on reser
vations is detrimental both to the
Indians and to the country; that
the tribe aa a unit muit eventual
ly disappear; and that ita mem
bsrs must ha saved by absorption
into tho government aa citizens.
Tha task, then, that confronts the
Indian bureau in purauanoaot this
polioy la, first, to educate the In
dian according to hia peer; second
to give him n home, and place
within his reach '.he meana of
earning an honest living for him
Bell and bis family; third to make
him a citizen of the United States;
and fourth, in time, to throw him
upon hia own resources subject to
all the privileges and restrictions
oi cmzoneiup. urattlylng pro
gresa has already been made in
this direction. With the ecreen
oi euuoaitun, Indian revolts are
beco nlng rare and It is hoped
thousand Indians have been given
homes and have beoomo self-sup
porting citizena. But tbe work ie
a a'upendous one and will require
many years for completion. Great
difficulties are yet to be overcome,
and the Indian service Oedds tbe
encouragement and support oi the
entire couutry.
The Indian bureau must from
time to time have assistance from
congress; and congress can only
act effectively as tbe represents
live of an interested public. The
American people must be made
to feel that their government is re
sponsible for tbe welf aro of a quar
ter of a million Indians, more than
half of whom are still unable tu
read or fpeak English intelligent
ly, and one-sixth of whom still re
tain their savnge dress and many
of their savage customs. To arouse
and wisely direct this much need
ed public interect Is one of tbe
chief aimB of the Lake Mohonk
Conference which is about to meat.
Young Ladls at Tuskahoma Indian
School Don't Like Bill of Fare
of That Institution.
ing entered li.to a policy in settling I in tho other tribes.
Mack Landrum and wife, at Table
Iquab, are rejoicing over tho advent or establish a clear, healthy complexion, have ceased all together; and with
a nlco girl baby. 60o at People' drug store. dw I In twenty five years over sixty
Special to Dally Chieftain.
Muskogee, I. T Oct. 15. The
Tuskahoma Indian school, located
near the capital of the Creek Na
tion, ia in tbe throes of violent
trouble. One hundred and twenty
young ladies have rebelled against
tbe food given tbem by tbe man-
agement of the school, and the in
dications are that tbe school will
have to euspund for tbe year.
The man who has the contract
to teed the pupils has it clinohed
for a year, and the girls claim they
get for breakfast oat meal, corn
bread and molasses; for dinner,
corn bread, syrup and occaaionally
a little meat, and for supper light
bread, rice and a glass of water.
Tbe Creek council, now in ses
sion, is powerless to remedy the
matter, and it is expected that tin
students will leave the school, as
tbey claim that they are not only
poorly fed but improperly olothed.
Natural Anxiety.
Mothers regard approaching winter
with uneasiness, children take cold to
easily. No dlseate costs more little
llvei than croup. It'i attack U to
audden that the sufferer la often be
yond human aid bofure tbe doctor ar
rives. Such cases yield readily to
One Mluuto Cough Cure. Liquifies
the mucus, allays loflamuutloD, re
moves danger. Absolutely safe. Acta
Immediately. Cures coughs, colds,
grip, bronchitis, aU throat and lung
trouble, V.&. McMahon, Hampton,
Qa.; "A bid cold rendered roe voice
less Just before an oratorical cosfit.
I Intended to withdraw but took One
Minute Cough Cure. It restored my
voice in time to win tbe medal." A,
W. Foreman. dw
Plctuiea rrarued at Bruno Qraffua-der',
WBiUmWi Wjiw wM
--K----n-?i &
iW Wi Hi ii (i . iw I

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