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1sbHt "lU'tt Sr-rr bibibibibibibK
The Finest Cake
Is made with Royal Bak
ing Powder. Always light,
sweet, pure & wholesome.
To Actual Settlers Is Now
Beins Advocated By
Territory Railroads.
pa Guaranteeing Full Protection To
the Fullbloods. Congress
Will Ho Asked to Grant
All Competents Pull
The agitation for full title to al
lotments with all necessary pro
tectlon granted the full bloods and
incompetents, wluoli has been go
ing on in the territory for some
timo ia evidently growing in
It has becomo known that the
four great railroad systems which
have Interests in the Indian Terri
tory will endeavor to induce con
gross to grant permission to the
Indloni to cell a portion of their
lands to aolual settlers at once in.
eload of compelling them to wait
until 1600. These companies are
well aware that under tho present
conditions the development of the
country will practically be at e
standstill until euoli a onnoeeBlon
is secured. The towns through
out the territory havb, without a
doubt, reached a point at which
there will be a check to tlie.r
growth, and with the towns at a
standstill the business ol the ays
.terns will sutler. ThU would mean
a great Iobb to them during the
next four j rara and no one la more
aware of this fact than they are
They will ask and receive the as
sistance of the large manufacture
Ing corporations throughout the
Boots, Shoes and
Rubbers for Fall and
Winter Wear.
There has never been a time since we began
business that we offered such a large invoice. We
have recently made some large purchases of boots
and shoes that should interest every wearer of
shoes who buy goods in Vinita. This was a pur
chase of over iooo pairs of boots and shoes for
men, boys, ladies, misses and children. We made
this purchase for spot cash atpriccslthat arc far be
low their actual value.
Ladies' best values
strong and' serviceable, worth 1.25, go at 88c.
Women s lace shoes, good style and good
wearers, worth 1.50, our price per pair q8c.
$1 OK Women's lace shoes, actual value 1.75
1 i,U nir nnir. our nrice 1.21:.
per pair, our price 1.25.
PQ- Child's school button shoes, strong a
v vv viceablc, worth goc
00r Miss' school shoes,
1. 00 per pair, our
Boys' Creedmore
our price 88c.
Boys' Creole shoes, strong and serviceable
worth 1.00 anywhere, our price 83c.
1 1f Men's heavy working shoes, best value
vj I 1 I J we have ever shown, the kind that other
stores sell for 1 .50 per pair, our price $1 . 10.
In men's and boys' fine shoes, and ladies and
misses, and children's fine shoes we have anything
you may wish.
Badgett-Sanders Mercantile Co.
country aa well na the eastern
trunk lines, all of which are inili
rectly Inlorested in the problems
which now confront the Inilinn
Territory route. With such a
powerful combination bringing
their combinod eflorts to bear up.
1 on congress we may look for some
thing to he dono which will mill
Bate and b"U tbe-condition"
wuicu are uuw jiruvu-jj ouuu n
detriment to the development of
this country.
Chartered Which Will Enter
Cherokee Nation.
The Oklahoma Central nnd St.
Louis Railroad company has been
chartered with a capital etock of
815,000,000, and with an estimated
length ot 61X) miles.
Philadelphia capital is eaid to
be backing tho line, and all etock
Is said to be subscribed by a Gat03
Lambert-Mitchell syndicate,
Tho line is to run from 1 Reno,
Okla., where it connects with the
Choctaw and Rock Island, through
Guthrie, to Joplin, Mo.; then
northeast to Jeflerson City or St.
Louis, crossing tho Kansas City
lino nlthe Rook Island at VerBaite,
Mo, Tho charter was secured by
W. 8 McUaul, of Kansas City,
who stated that 150 miles of right
of way had been secured in Mis
souri, and that the work of con
struction will enraraenoe immedi
ately on that end of the line, the
contract going to tho United States
construction ojtnpany.
The road will enter the Chero
kee Nation at its northeast corner
and out the C-Bngo Nation In twain.
In this manner it ontors praolio
ally unoovered territory, opens
the mineral fields of Camden,
Hlckoiy, Miller and Morgan coun.
ties in Miesojrl, and the rich mln
oral fields oi tho Indian countries
Mercantile Co.
we have ever shown,
nd ser-
per pair, our price 59c.
made for service, worth
price 83c.
shoes worth 1 25 per pair,
Now Have Additional De
partment Orders to Con
tend Against.
Tbe Sale of Allotments of Deceased
Indians Which Are Expected
to Efleclually Check the
Operations of Land
Additional safeguards against
the wiles of Ihe land speculator
have been placed around tbo allot
ments of deceafrd Indians in tbe
form of a new set nf rules govern
ing the sale of latide, which have
jupt been promulgated by the Sec
retary of the Interior.
The last Congress passed a bill
authorizing tho noire of deceased
Indian allottees to sell their lands
without awaiting the expiration of
the twenty one year period pre
scribed lor living Indians, It was
soon dieouvercd that agents for
syndicates were working among
the Indians and eecurlng their sig
natures to deeds to theee lands for
a nominal consideration. The de
partment issued a set of regulations
prescribing the manner in which
the lands shoul I bo sold. These
were found intuffioient to check
the tchemes and new regulations
have just been sent out.
Under the new regulations, such
land, wbeu offered fcr sale, shall
be appraised by tbe Indian agent,
or other authorized person. Then
publio notice ehr.ll be given for
ninety days, describing the land
to be sold.
At the expiration of tbe adver
tised timo the agent will receive
staled bids for the land and will
sell It to tho highest responsible
bidder, alwayB providing that tbe
amount bid shall not be less than
tho fixed appraiaed value. The
final conveyance of the lands shall
bo made only after the salo has
been approved by tbe interior do
The money considerations shall
In no case be paid by tbe purchas
er to tbo Indians, but must ba de
posited with an authorized bank
and paid to the Indian only upon
the order of the Secretary of the
lie Thoroughly Advertised
Through Central Bureau.
Details of the formation of the
Central Bureau, through which the
Southwestern railroads will ad
vertise tho country they traverse,
for the purpose of inducing immi
gration and development, will be
worked out at a meeting in Chica.
go next Tuesday or Wednesday by
tho committee composed of Bryan
Snyder, passenger traffic manager
of the Frisco; II. 0. Townsend,
general passenger agent of the
Missouri Pacific; John Sebastian,
passenger trafOo manager of tbe
Rock Island and George T. Nlch
oleon, passenger traffio manager
of the Santa Fe.
Almost all of the railroads of
the Southwest are enthusiastically
in favor of the formation of the
bureau, and promise their moral
and financial support to the joint
agent, who will be appointed at
the Chicago meeting, The action
of this committee will be ratified
at a general meeting to follow,
which probably will be held at Ihe
headquarters of the Southwestern
Passenger Bureau in St, Louis.
The resources of Indian Terri
tory, Oklahoma, Arkansas and
Texas will be especially bxplolied.
Lone Wolf
Now Wants
a Ticket To
Old Lone Wolf, Ihe Comanche
insurgent, ia in Washington with
a grievance. He is tired of the
guardianship of Uncle Sam and
wants to bo allowod to take his
band of followers and move to Old
Mexico, providing this govern
ment will purobaso a traot of
2,000,000 acres of land near Chi.
huahua. The lands to which Lono
Wolf and his band are entitled,
Under their allotments, aie the
best in Oklahoma and the epecu
lators are evidently trying to ef
fect a trade by which the Indians
will be sent to arid regions of
Mexico and their Oklahoma lands
placed on the market for specula
tive purposes, Officiate of the In
dian bureau will waste no time
with Mr. Lone Wolf or his pro
position. The department has no
authority to undertake such a
uteen & uooa iniDleiiicnt (Jo. are
ninklou special prices on bungles, fori
the next 30 days, w '
gmmntt 1 i' Ti'i jfeTKi'.DJ'" 0 m .: '.
Crcatfng Now Rules and Reg
ulations For the Chero
kee National Schools,
Superintendent J. D. Benedict,,
of tho Territory schools, has issued
the following rules and regulation
which have been npprovod by tho
Secretary of tho Interior:
Seo. 1. Tha, so far as practica
ble the rules ol the Indian school
service, 18G8, and the regulations
concerning education in tbe Indian
Territory, heretofore promulgated
by the Secretary, shall apply in
tho government of the Cherokee
Seo. 2. All teachers in the board
irg schools shall he examined and
appointed by the Cherokee board
ol education and the tUDervlsor of
rohools lor the Cherokee Nation.
All boarding school superintend
ents and othtr necessary employes
in the boarding schools and orphan
acylum shall be appointed by the
Cherokee board of education and
tho eupervieorcf ichoote for the
Cherokee Nation, and uo person
shall be employed who te not com
petent to perform the dutien of the
position to which he or sbo may
be appointed. In tha appointmeut
of superintendents, teachers, and
tther Bcbool employes, preference
ball be given to Cherokee citizens,
where they are competent to pass
(lho neceeeary examinations, and
otherwise duly qualified and euit-
able for such positions.
Sec. 3. That tbe tuperintendent
of schools in tho Indian Territory
(hall have Ibe right to disapprove
any appointment aaabove,for good
cause; and he may remove any
school employee for incompetency,
immorality, or other just cause,
after due investioation, subject.
however, to an appeal to the lion-
orablo Secretary of tbe Interior.
Seo. 4. The salaries of the su
perintendents, teachers, and other
employes shall be fixed by tbe Sec
retary of tbe Interior.
Sec. 5. Tbe superintendent of
each boarding school and the or-
lphan asylum under the Cherokee
board of education and the super
visor of echoote shall purchase at
the loweet obtainable price Buch
provisions as shall be necessary
for the maintenance ot tbe school
of which he is superintendent, and
Incur suoh expenses as may be
necessary for tbe care and main
tenance of the Bchool and property,
and shall keep a complete and ac
curate account ol all purchases and
expenditures, provided, that tbe
Cberokeo board of education and
the supervisor oi schools for tbe
Cherokee Nation may take bids lor
furnishing the neceeeary provie
ions for (aid schools, and shall
award the contract for furnishing
such provisions to the loweat re
sponsible bidder.
Seo. G. That at the end of each
month, and within ten days there
after, tbe superintendent of each
boarding school and of the orphan
aejlum shall Bubmlt an itemiied
report to the Chtrokee board oi
education and the eurervisor of
schools, showing in detail the ar
ticles purchased, and other expen
dilurea made by bim fur such
school and the prices thereof. The
Cherokee board of education and
the supervisor ot schools ahall
carefully examlno Buch report and
shall issue a joint requisition upon,
the principal chief of the Cherokee
Nation for warrants in favor of all
parties for whom proper claims
are presented, and said claims and
requisitions shall be approved by
the superintendent of schools in
the Indian Territory, and shall be
returned to tbe ofilco of the board
of education who will filo the ap
proved claims and tranrmlt the ap
proved requisition to the princi
pal chief whioh shall be his vouch
er for the issuance of such warrant
in payment of eaid indebtedness.
The principal cblof shall transmit
Buch warrants as soon as issued
direotly to the Untied StateB In
dian agent for the Union agency,
who bhall compare them with tbe
requisition, and if found correct ha
Bhall immediately pay tbe same.
Seo. 7. Tbe supervisor of
schools ahall file with the Indian
agent for the Union agenoy dupli
cate copies of all requisitions issued
at the time of the filing of original
requisitions with the prlnolpal
chief of the Cherokee Nation.
Seo. 8, Upon certification of tbe
superintendent of each boarding
school and the orphan asylum that
services huva beeu rendered by
himself, teachers and other em
ployes o hia echool, they shall he
paid monthly in manner prescribed
in sections Q and 7.
Seo. 0, Teachers of primary
rnaja,! uJUKt'S
sohoote shall within fifteen days
after tbo close of each torm submit
a sworn report in accordance with
blanks provided for such purpose.
Suoh sworn reports ahall bo exam
ined by tbe board of education and
school supervisor, and in the set
tlement thereof be treated like
other olaims or accounts aa speci
fied in sec'.iona C and 7.
Seo. 10. The supervisor of
schoola and the Cherokee board of
education Shrill purobaso such
books and tupplles m may be
needed for the Cherokee (schools,
untried tu tho direction of tbe su
praintendent of schools in the In
din Territory.
6ec. 11. Tho superintendent of
ichoote in th- Indian Territory
ihall prepare and formultite ruleo,
tnI regulations fix'ng tha dutien'
i f tho various employcei in the
( Jberokee schools, which shall net
t lxo flect until approved by the
S-i-crotary of tho Interior.
St-c. 12. Whenever tho Chero
kw board of education and the
r supervisor of echoote ehall fail to
arroo unon anv matter unaer idui
J -direction or confrol it suhall bo te-
;aded by the euperintcnueui m
eohoote in Xhe Indian Territory,
s'jbjtct to an appeal to t'ao Secre
ts lry of the Interior.
Beo. 13. The superintendent of
o (oh boarding school and tbo or
p ban asylum shell collect board
fi om pupils and omployes as ro
q uired by Cherokee laws, make
re ontbly sworn reports tboreof in
tit jplicate, giv.ng tbe names of all
p artice from whom board ia col
le cted and statements of all arrear
ji es and from whom due, and
tr ansmit tbe original, together
w ith tbe money so colleoted, eaoh
lm outh to tbe United States Indian
rug ant for the Union ager?y, and
In nsmit tbe duplicate report to
lib e board of education.
.Sec. 14, All things necessary to
can y Into effect the provisions of
thee i regulations, not otherwise
hereiii specifically provided for.
ehai) .be done by the superintend
ent v3 .fchools in the Indian Tor.
rilory, under authority and direc
tion t the Secretary of tho Inte
City .3orro'va Money to Buy School
A deal of the highest Importance
td tho citlren.fi of Vinita was con
BumatedFridav bytbe town author
ities, with the aid of the officers
of our three bauke. Certain de
velopments made it necessary, in
the opinion of those protecting tbe
interests of tbe town, to acquire
immediate ownership of the Wur
cheater Academy property.
At a special ees?ion of tbe town
council this morning, the sum of
$4,000 was appropriated out of the
echool fund to be applied to the
purchase and tbe remaining 80,000
was advanced to tho town as fol.
lows: First National bank, 83,000;
Vinita National, 82,000; Cherokee
National, 81,000.
Mayor Parker filed en tbe entire
block as tbe property of tbe town
of Vinita.
lhte will not aiTect the sale of
tho echool bonds, which will take
plr.ee October 20, but as the money
derived from that cab will not be
avullablo until after Nov. T, it was
not deemed advisable to wait.
Story ol the Finding ot Airs. L. W.
Uryan VIcloos Fiction.
The story of the alleged finding
ot Mrs. L. Uryan of South Mo-
AleBter, who was drowned in the
Galveston ilood, liua been proven
to be the vicioua work of enemies
of Mr. Bryan.
The story has been circulated
for sometime and wbb given to tbe
press a few iloyB ago aa having
been proven to be true. The story
waa widely published and tbe re
sponsibility for Us circulation has
been traced to enemies of Mr.
Mccurtain next.
Choctaw dovuriior Will Call a State
hood Conference,
Chief Porter, after engineering
two statehood pow.wowa, both of
which were very frosty, has
pasted the buck to Governor Mo
Ourtain of the Choctaw nation,
who will try his band at getting
the tribal executives together in
There waa a small attendance
at the meeting which adjournod at
South MoMester Thursday and
Porter evidently thinks another
dealer 1s needed in the game.
J. O. Mtarr came up (roui Muskogee
and spent tlio Sabba'h with his
family here,
Mrs. Fred
No. 228 Territorial Street,
"I im cIciKci to give my.
experience with Wine ot
Cardul s I m very grateful
for It help. After my lint
biby wa bora I could not
turn to regain my strength.
although the doctor gare me
a tonic which he coroldered
very superior, tut lro:eaa oi
getting Better I crew weaker
every day. My husband
came notne one evening whu
.w yPln nf Cirdul ana In-
tilted that I take It lor a wee ana ee
what it would do for me. A he teemed
to have to much faith W It I did Ufee the
Imedlelne and wa very graieiui 10 una
my ttreogth tlowly returning, in iwo
weekt i was our. oi ota wu ... .
wai able to take up my usual omiei. i
am very enthmtaitlc In lU prabe.'
nnd highest privilege women
can achieve or aspire to. Vith-
nnt thi nriTl W WomOil UO!Kt
pet nil thero is in life-too often thev
go throngh tho world discontented,
wrapped in their own sclBsli cap
....1 irmil.lo. Tfnw iliffrrent is the
happy mother, watching b-a children
prow Into manhood and womanhood.
A mother lives as many lives as she has
children their joys and sorrows are
j Itn.ntAVnnlK I
o all parts of
Best teams anu -oKfi.
1 l. .-u!. oi.
Are You Things .
' see tbe large line I
of buying a CLOCK ? If so call and
have for you to select from.
I Guarantee Every Gock I Sell.
Nickle Alarm clock only 98c. .
Eicht day clock, strike and alarm only$;.5o.
Fine and complicated watch repairing: a specialty.
MOTTO. tot thi CluaH't tt t DESTuvt atoll tif.fl.
AUQUST SChHECKER, Jeweler and Opilclnn. 1
36 South WlUen t.
UiDila Real Eslal? flg?ncy
(D. M. Marrs & Company.)
Town and farm property sold on commission. List
your property with us; we place it before thousands of
prospective purchasers every week free of charge.
We have the only record of the Cherokee town lot
sales. If you want to buy or sell, call on us.
Oliver Dachy, Pres. J. O. Hall,
First National Bank,
CAPITAL, f 100,000.
Oldest and Strongest National Bank in the Cherokee Nation.
Does a Safe donornl Danklng Business.
I "ill I I 11I1 WWnlil Hill I
1 n 11UTT5,
i 01 rfaEn -
Our tools nro of n tomper
to save your torhpor,
nnd thoy will not fly
off tho handle
Theso nre tho kind that is
Ilnrd-to-wear-out, and our
Prices nro hnrd'to-beat.
Only dopenclftblo ones.
Dar rough Hardware Co.
gcent cigarj
Exclusive Stfllor Aim),
Mxitbrh DUMCJCllyYI
Benton Harbor, Mich.
hers, as are their ambitions,
triumph ana ueiraw.
Healthy women do not sut
ler miscarriftflo nor does
a woman who is healthy
snffer tottnres at childbirth.
It is tho woman who is ail
ingwho has female weak
nm who fears the ordeal
otbecomlns a mother. Wine
of Cardul builds up tho wo
manly In a woman. It stops
all unnatural drains and
strains irregularities which are re
tponsiblo for barrenness and miscar
riage. It makes n woman strong and
healthy and ablo to pass through preg
nancy aud childbirth with little suffer
ing. After tbo ordeal is passed uja
wino prepares a woman for a speedy
recovery w ncaiui nnu neurit.
AYlne of Cardul, in rc-inforcing tho
organs cf generation, has made mothers
ot women who had given up hope of
ever becoming mothers. WinaotCardai
will cure almost any case ot barrenness
except cases of organic trouble. How
can you refuse to take such a remedy
that promises such relief from suffering?
Wino of Cardul simply makes you a
strong woman, and strong, healthy
women do not suffer. They look for
ward to motherhood rrith joy.
million suffering women
have, found relief in
Wine of Cardni.
Webb Bros,,
Livery, Feed and
Sale Stable.
the city day or night.
nnnnHnkln fntW?
r,.roirrc hn hpst nf care.
V-Pres. W. P. Furiura, Cashier, r
SURPLUS, Uo, 000.
t'''. m
3f &. t& g
q L J v- igg r m
-1 flriftl i H

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