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VOL. XXI. NO. 11
The Greatest Event of the Fall Season in Vinita
'of .
. . . , -
Will be our BIG NOVEHAER SALE, beginning - . .
and closing SATURDAY, Nov 29. We will conduct a specials-sale that will surpass anything of the kind you have ever seen in
Vinita. We have recently made some very large Purchases of Clothing, Dry Goods and Boots and Shoes for SPOT CASH at
Prices that will enable us to sell them MUCH BELOW their actual value and leaves us a fair margin of profit. Keep the dates in
mind and prepare .for the biggest sale of the1 season. Watch" the papers next week for full particulars. .
' -
Filly Yews the Standard
1 Awarded
Highest Honors World's Fair;
Highest tests U.S. Bov'tChemlsfs
,Trlbat Attorneya Make Their
On Freedmen Case.
Tho attorney lor the Cherokfee
Nation before', the commission, to
the Fivo-Civilized Tri.bei in luo
Smaller of the enrollment (.f Chtro
Mkttp'VrMdrrielf ' haie Wniited
their report to tne ptyoopai cniel
showing the progreee of tho work
on the final roll of Cherokee freed
u". in tola date: llThe renort
khowa tbomumber of persons op
plying to the commission for en
rollment as Cherokee freedmen
have been classed as follows: Re
gular freedmen, 8271: doubtful,
2883; rejected, 375; freedmen not
on any roll, 98; total number of
applications, CG27. The report
ebons that the .testimony
both for and against the Cherokee
freedmen Ib all In apd that the
.commission is preparing to render
decisions in all doubtful and re
jected cases, and that the work of
making the Cherokee freedmen
roll will be completed by the com
mission by Jan. 10, 1903.
OiMge Are Preparing to File On
Early last spring Secretary
Hitchcock issued an order to the
citizens of the Osage reservation
to select ICO acres each as a home
stead and to have the same pro
perly located and recorded with
the Indian agent at Pawhuska.
This order is now being complied
with. M. L. Johnson, a surveyor
of Sklatook, has been In the vicln
ity of Dartleaville during the week
tunning Hoes and making locations
for a numbor of Osage citizens.
This order from the interior de
partment is a preliminary action
tnr Ihn nllntmAnlN nf (hn lamia nt
Blho Usage tribe, which Is believed
Rto be not very far dlrtant.
Now Wears
the Star
of a Deputy
Quanah Parker, chief of the
EOomanchoi Iiub been appointed
deputy shorifl at Lawton and has
assumeu un new uuues, wnen
'sworn into ofllco Parkor was
fldrecaed In ordinary civilian garb,
but with his hair braided down his
The Comanche chief hftB.alwaya
been something of n politician and
like a number of his white brothers
has always had a consuming de
siro to hold office.
I AThankselvlntr Dinner.
J Heavy eating Is usuully the tlr.t
causo of Indigestion. Ilopcated at
tacks Inflame tbo mucous membranes
lining tho stomach, exposes tbo nerros
of the stomach, producing a swolllug
after eating, hoartburn, headache,
sour rlilngs and finally catarrh of tho
stomach, Kodul relloves tho Inllani
rnatloMi protoots tho nerves and euros
tho catarrh. Kodul cures Indigestion
dyopcpila, all stomach truublM by
cleansing and sweetening the glands
Of the .stomach, A. W. Foreman, dw
Hhe Validity of iho Grazing
TaxH.mposcp upon Alien
Cattlemen Who Objected to Reve
nue Inspector Cobb and Hla
Indian Police Driving
Herds Across the Red
The petition (or an injunction
restraining Re'veqie Inspector Guy
V. Cobb from running out alien
herds of cattle on whiob the gras
Ing tax of twenty-five cfnts per
head has not been paid, has been
deniod Texan cattlemen by Judge
Clayton sitting in the federal court
atDurant. ' . '
The legulsftlorrs of the depart
meqtprovide.Jejec'.ment of offand
inz herds Bgainit this law. kut
cattleman hw never been used to
its enlorcetnentt-i .abme timo ago
noticed were sbrvedpa the corners
of all oatlte 'hat had been shipped
into the territory to pay or their
cattle would Ire run out of the ter
ritory. Some of them paid and
others ignored tho notice just as
they have always done. It was
then that Cobb donned his paint
and went on the war path.
List week bunches of catilo be
longing to A. T. Davis, M. A
Davis, J. R. Thompson, Marion
Allen and others, who were graz
ing them near Marietta, were run
out of tho territory because tho
owners have refused to pay the
V. 0. Davis of Gainsville, an
attorney, who represents cowmen
owning 100,000 head of cattle that
have been broughl from Texas to
the territory, filed an injunction
against Cobb to provent running
the cattle out.
Judge Clayton donied thu pel!
tlon and now Cobb will vigorously
enforce the law. There ia a penal
ty of $1 per diem on overy steer
returned to the territory after hav
ing been driven out.
Lot In South Part of Town
Selectod and Appraisers
The official announcement has
been made that the site for Ihn
new federal jail has been selected,
i . . h .in i ..i i .
and that it will be erected on lots
owned by Luoien Bufilnglon ami
J. B. Stapler of Tablequah near
(he foot of Scraper street. The
combined lots havo a frontage of
about BOO feet on Scraper Street
and a depth of about ICO feet.
The lots will be appraised by a
board of appraisers contisiing of
E. 0, Strulch, E. N. RatclilT and
Edgar Smith and the government
will at once institute condemna
tion proceedings. The now jail
will cost 825,000 and will be op
pointed with all tho most modern
devices now used in penal Institu
tions. Aalaep Amid Plamoa
Hrctklng Into a bluzlog homo, sumo
flroman lately dragged the sleeping
Inmates from death. Fanoled security
end death near.. It's that way when
you neglect couAi and Cyjlds. Don't
do It, Dr. King's Mow TJItooYory for
Ounsutnptlon'glvea perfect protection
ngalmt all throat, chest and lung
troublos. Kcop It near and avoid suf
fering, death and doctor's bills. A
teaspoon ful stops a Into cough, por
sUtent use the most stubborn. Harm
less and nice tasting, It's guaranteed
to satisfy by Peoples an1 A. W. Fore
man drug stores, Price Goo and M.
Trial bottles free dw
Fraioo's for good gcds at low prices,
To IJe.nsUbllihcd Uy tlio Friend o
the Late Chief Juurneycake
and Major Pratt.
The Rev. B. V. Wiseman,
financial secretary of tho Kansas
City Baptist Theological seminary
Third street and Troup avenue,
Kansas City, Kas., has received
from the friends and relatives of
the late Major John G. Pratt and
Chief Charles Journeycake con
trlbutione amounting to $2,600 for
the establishment of a library in
the seminary as a memorial to
theso pioneer missionaries of. tbo
church. Most of the contributors
live in southern Kansas and the
Indian territory. The money was
raised in loss than ten days.
Major Pratt oame to Kansas in
1837. He has been called the
"1'ionoer Baptist Minister." Near
Piper, Kas., Mr. Pratt erected the
Orel Baptist churoh in Kansas soon
after he came ti the state. He was
hold in high honor by the Baptists
of Southern Kansas until his death
- .i ...
a lew ears ago. His widow died
only a few weeks ago.
Chiel Journeyoake was a Bap
tist missionary among the Dela
ware .Indians In Wyandotte
county In the oarly days of Kan
sas City, Kas , and when the In
dians were removed to the reeer
vatlon in the Indian territory, he
went with them and continued bis
work as n missionary until his
death threo yeare ago.
The Kansas City Baptist -Theological
seminary was opened two
weoks ago. It ib the only Insti
tution of the Baptist denomination
of importance west of Chicago.
And the Oldest Member of the lllinoi
House of Representatives Makes a
James II. Farrell of Chicago Is one
ot the beat known tluures In the demo
cratic politics of that city. I For years
be has boon Marshal of the famous
Cook County Democracy Marching
Olub, which has participated In Dem
ocratic campaigns in halt the states
of tho union, and which went to Now
York especially to assist in the elec
tion ot Mayor Van Wyck.
Capt. Farrell is the oldest member
ot tho Illinois House ot Kcpreecnta
tlvei In point of tervlce having been
a member continuously slnco 1887. Ills
constituents have elected him eight
times. He has been a leader in that
body from tbo beginning of bis career
and Is one ot the best known Ogures
In Illinois politics.
dipt. Farrell Is CO years of ago and
one of the bctt preserved men for bis
years In the Illinois Legislature, de
oplto his arduous and constant duties
" "" r. msfoii engagca
In tho real estate business In Chicago.
Under date of March U, 1001, he
writes as follow:
SpilngUcld, 111.
Pki'.in Svitur Co , Moutlcello, III,
Manufacturers Dr. Caldwell's Syrup
Gkntlumkn: I have found after
a thorough trial that your Syrup Pep
sin Is a most excellent and successful
remedy for dyipepsln, biliousness and
sick headache It Is tho most effec
tive and pleasing In all esses of this
naluro, and It Is with pleasure I ro
corameDd it to others. Rospcclfully
Yours, Jas. II. Fariiell.
Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin and
Herb Laxutlvo Compound Is guaran
teed to cure all forms ot stomach
traublo, biliousness, sick headache,
Indigestion and constipation. Hot an
Irritant but a corrective. Sold In 60a
and Jl bottlos by Pcoplo's drug
htore. w
He Could Hardly Oat Up.
P. II. Dully ot Aihley, 111., writes,
"This Is to certify that I have taken
two bottles of Foloy's Kidney Cure
'and It has helped mo more than any
other niedlalno. I tried many ad
vertised renicdlos, but none ot them
gave mo any rcllof. My druggist re
commended Foloy's Kldnoy Cure and
It ban cured mo. Dcfore commencing
Its uso I wai In such a shapo that 1
could hardly get up when pneo down."
Sold by People's drug store dw
New oat tuoal la bulk at Ualontloos,
Liquor in the Territory Being
Considered by Brewers
and Distillors.
Said to be Exasperating to L!quor
Men Acquainted With Terri
tory Thirsts Tho Tr'affio
In Patent Medlcinos,
Red Ink, Etc., and '
Its Results.
The following special from South
McAlester shows that the fame of
the territory thirst is spreading. It
"The statement has beeu made
upon fairly good authority that
the brewers and distillers, through
their national organizations, are
preparing to receive, if possible,
eome way by which they can tranB
act business in the Indian Terri
tory. They are oonlronted
by congressional treaties whlok
guarantee to eaah of the five
civilized tribes that intoxicating
liquors Bball not be introduced or
sold in the Indian Territory.
"The prohibition of the sale of
intoxicating liquors In the Indian
Territory has long been an ob
stacle which the brewers and dis
tillers of tho United States have
sought to overcomo. The enforce
menl of this law. by the federal
government, while not entirely
successful, probably has been
more problb'tivo than 11 state or
county officers werorequlrod to do
the work. The possession ot in
loxtoants by individuals, regard
less of whether they were to be
offered for eale or consumed per
sonally, is an oflense, and deputy
United States marshals every
where have no hesitancy in confis
eating the liquor.
"The demand for intoxicants
has not been leesened by the law,
however, and deleterious deooolion
offered in place of alcoholic drinks
have shown a steady and Increas
ing sale in the Indian Territory.
PatentB medicines, lemon extract,
bay rum, and even red ink, have7
been consumed In large quantities.
Their physical effects have boon
as bad:,if not worse,. than the con
sumption of ulcoholio drinks, A
liie insurance agent who does
thousands of dollars in business
annually In the Indian Territory
and Oklahoma, said recently that
a surprisingly large number of ap
plicants for insurance in tho Indian
territory were rrjeoted by examin
ing physicians because of liver and
kidney diseases, and that In al
most every instance the source of
the malady was traceable to the
Immoderate nse of substitutes for
the alcoholic drinka prohibited by
"The statement haa boen made
that manufacturers bave even
changed their fotmulas, Increasing
the amount of alcohol in patent
medicines to be sold in tho Indian
"The addition of portions of the
Indian territory to Oklahoma for
statehood purposes has been aug
geeted ob a means wboreby the
prohibitory low could be evaded
or repealed. Unlesa congress
should admit suoh portions on on
equal looting with Oklahoma, there
would be nothing to ;prevect their
attachment jn tho tame manner aB
the Osage reservation at present,
and the enforcement of the same
Brobibltory laws as prevail In the
sage country.
PhyalolMna Proscribe. It,
Many broad minded physicians pre
scribe Foley's Hooey and Tar, as they,
have novcr found so gafo and reliable
a remedy for throat nod lung troubles
as this great medicine. Sold by Peo
ple's drug store, dw
Not Wanted by Commission
er Jones at the St. Louis
World's Fair.
With the Evidences of Ills Won
derful Progress, the Commis
sioner Thinks, Will Make
a More Interesting
W. A. JoneB. commissioner of
Indian affairs, Is opposed to the
spectacular features of tbo pro
posed Indian exhibit at the
World's Fair. Mr. JoneB has ex
pressed hie views in this matter to
Mr. Hitchcock, secretary of tbo
interior, and the question is now
under consideration by the,;ileparl
ment. The officers of tho Louisi
ana Purchase Exposition company
have been rrquested to Mate their
'wishes in the matter. It has been
intimated to the officials if the de
partment that the exposition ofS
dale will request an Indian ex
hibit that will be characterised by
the red fire effects that attach to
the Indian of fiction, but are sadly
lacking to the Indian life of today.
"I fully appreciate the public
sentiment on this bubjoct," eald
Commissioner Jones. "The people
fail to realize the fact that the In
dian of their fancy does not exist
any more. It haa been the expe
rience of the department that these
exhibitions work a great deal of
harm to the Indiana. Take a gang
of bucks who havo been forced to
work and dress liko white men and
place tbem on dress parade for six
months and they are utterly worth
less for months to come. This has
been our experience with the In
dians who were in the exposltiona
at Omaha and at Buffalo'
The clause of the Indian appro
priation bill under which the ex
hibit was authorized was so worded
as to leave a wide ecope in the
preparation of the exhibit. It au
thorizes the secretary of the Fnte
rior to prepare an exhibit illus
trating the past and present of the
Indian, with au illustration show
ing his progress in education and
along industrial lines. The rofer
enco to.the Indian's past ia taken
by the officials of the department
to cover the spectacular feature
referred to, and to warrant tho col
lection oi the blanket Indians for
the dances, races and olber rites
and ceremoniei that were formally
0, part and parcel of Indian life.
CongreBfl appropriated (10,000
for the Indian exhibit. The man
ner in which this shall bo expend
ed will not be determined until
the Indian bureau officials have
had a consultation with the expo
aitlon officials.
Land Ulllcea I ocated.
The Dawea Commission baa an
nounced the location of the land
ofllQ98 for tho Choctaw and Chicka
saw nations, aB provided for .by
the new treaty. The Choctaw of-.
Hue will be at Atoka ant the Chick
asaw office at Tishomingo. Nearly
every town in the two nations was
an applicant, Atoka and Tisho
mingo agree to furnish buildings
for the land offices, which nil! bo
opened about March 1. Sixty
clerks will be taken from the
Dawes commission force at Muako
goe. The nameB of those who will
havo obarge of the offices havo npt
been announced.
Worm Dostroyort
White's Crearn Vermifuge, nut only
kills worms, but removes tho mucus
add slime, in which they build their
nest, It brings, and quickly, a healthy
condition of tho body, where worms
cannot exist. 25a at Peoplo'a drug
store. dw
llnv vmir frfuli nlcklM at nnrrltnn'at
United States Court at Vinita, Septem
ber Term, 190a.
Deoember 8th.
Tenntnt-Stribling Shoe Co. vb
A W Linn.
Tho Paris Medicine Co. viDG
Nellie Bluejacket vs A II Nor
wood, et al.
A B Nichols vs A W Foreman,
J J Barndollar vs Ed Nowcomb,
et al.
J J Barndollar vs Sallie 0 Smith
' In re., Nelson Moore, bank'rpt.
H 0 Holderman, et al, Minnie
Williams, et al.
J J Martin vs John Colvard.
P S Davis, trustee, va H 0 Cal
houn, et al.
Minnie Comba va Henry Smith,
et al.
W 8 Shackelford, adm'r., vs T
J "Jordan.
Rosa Howe vs W M Slmms. "
National Bank of Commerce vb
W C Chamberlain. '
Joseph Hunt vb A J Monday:
Planters' Mutual Insurance Co.
vs George Martin.
Raocel Qarret, adm'x., vs Jetso
Glenn. "
In re., Frank S Brown, hAnk'rpt
Bert McUoe, et al, vs-Will Har
rls, et al.
. George Silverbead vs FB FiBber,
W L Trott vb Mary J Bachtel.
W E Roberts vs Mary Jane
J N Polone va Jennie Nelson.
Susan Bowles, et al, va Jennie
Jesse Wright, et al, vb James
Mima S Craddock vb H L Trott,
United States vs J S Wicka, et al
United States va Red Fork.Oil
and Gas Co.
United States va Guy Black-
welder, et al.
A F Scbofield va Wardner-Bush-nel
Glassware Co.
J. T. White vb J T Trueblood.
W AHenly vb William Harp,
et al.
Dau Tittle vs William Little.
Dona Ambrcrombie va William
Isaac M Houseley vb John Dew
ey. In re, Thomas B Rhea, bank'pt.
W M Sterart va D S Miohael.
F M Ericketon va James MoBlr
F M Erlcktton vs H Hatch.
A J Smith, et al, vs J 8 Warren.
Stnlla Skueter va J W Sbepard
M K & T ft'y Co va Fred L Kel
ly, et j1.
F M Leflarge va F M Ericketon.
J H Stokes vb Joe A Fredman,
et al.
F M Overleas vs G W M Purcell
Roes Blevins vs M K & T R'y
H 0 Keith vs M K & T R'y Co
Stockport Savings Bank va Job
W Bklnner.
W L Bailey, et al, va D G EU
Neal Senders va 0 A Read.
M K T R'y Co vb the Townof
M K & T R'y Go va LD Brlnaon
Grain Co. i
December Olbf
Joseph Paul vs. German Amerl
can Insuranoe Co.k"
F Smith Gro Go va J H Aikene,
two cases.
n I Mn,ln . t. W M..L. nt.ll
v, u.uw... " .. ..-,
W 0 Patlon & Co vs William A
Miller '
James M Bell vb Fred Cook, et
December 10th.
William Vann, et al, va Wash
ington French, et al,
Louisa 8uagae va 8 T Earley,
Perd Taylor va Ernest Jordan,
et al,
Walter Jonea vs Kinney Gaskey
D li RoBt et al, va Monroe Be.
oiv, ot a!.
T Brown Hitchcock, et al, va Dr
Shady, et al.
December 11th.
Rachel F Thompson va J G Mc
Laughlin, et nl.
Joseph A Brown vs Grant Foust
el al.
Gideon Brown, et al, va Ed Bean
et al.
D 0 Luce vs J R Garrett.
0 T and Mollie Collins va Mrs J
H Arter.
December 12th.
D H Wilson, adm'r, vb James
Tittle, et al.
O A Smith vs 0 F McCoy, et al.
William Large vs M 8 Dwelley,
el al. .
Lucy Swaggsrly va M 8 Dwelley
et al.
G A Richardson. M'l'ff Co va L
E Bennett, et'al.
Gordon Roberta va'A W Nicker
December 13lh.
Randolph Ballard vs George W
May, et al
R M Revnolda va Joseph Rob-
blnnn '
Jfte R Richards, et a), vs Wash
ihgton Jones, et al
James H.ea vt M6ojwliorr0ff Wft wllWi b-&.
et ai. )
Ella Kep)ec vb Mary Caulk.
December loin.
R D Ralston, et al, va James
McNecI, el al.
George W Bane, et al, va J J
Barndollar, et al.
Roberts J and Rand Shoe Co va
J G Glassen.
American Book Co va Bates
Drug Co.
Dave Hare vb Charles Wicklifi,
et at.
December 16th.
S W Kelly va Cbas Howell et al
A H Norwood vs 0 R Rose et al
Dorothy Davenport va Walter
Robert L Owen vs Fred L Kelly
Thomas E Tootle va 0 E Mo
December l''lh.
Bufiord.George M'l'g Co va M B
Balrd & Co.
N Skinner vs Collins & Wallace.
Joe D Yeargatn vs D G Elliott,
J B Rogers vs Jack Robinson.
8 G Willlst vs Maui Manley.
December 18.b.
W 0 Rogers vs E Beardsley, et
G 8 Hill vb Sam William;, et al
Mrs Mary Brown vs John Bar
low, et al.
T J McGee,.et al, va 0 B Miles,
et al.
Ellen Ztlgar vs Frank Savge.
W J Burnett, et al, va J C
Texar.ua Wuolty vs W W Wil
liams. A II N irwood vs N Blby,
D 0 Rns va 8t L & 8 F Ry Co
All casea herein named, if not
Hied, will go to the heel of the
whole docket. Parties must bd
ready for dial wUh their witnesses
on the day named, unless the case
be re set.
All casea numbered subsequent
to No 1407 are continued until the
January, ,J9$I, term of court, for
want, of time to try, and these
numbers will take precedence in
February nt the, Bolting oi the civil
docket, at wbtoh time it ia hoped
to give two weeks or more to civil
Jospra A. Gtu.,
U. 8. Judge North Diet
"jji - ru nn,tnn oi 1 :mu,ui
Is the Nunc of the New Rock Uhad Syt-
Urn Train to CaUfetoiaVb Kaotw
Qtv and 13 Paso, Tex.
Recently tie RocU Inland system
offered (100 cash prize for the most
appropriate liama for their new
limited train to California, via Kan
sas, via Knsa City and Kl P&so.Tex,
Tnere were thousands of names pre
sented from all partt ot tbe Ualtl
Htaiea. uneuamoueeHwa awm was
"The Golden State Llwltod," sub
mitted by T- II. Uavlfr of the New
Yorlr. Central line, Denver, Colgrado.
Missouri Woman Kidnapped Twenty
Five Year Ago Find Brother
At Sspulpa.
After years spent In searching
for her relatives from whom (he
was kidnapped twenty-five years
ago, Mrs. George H. Tboraas of
St. Joseph, Mo., baa found ber
brothor in Sapnlpa.
Tho unfortunate woman wm
kidnapped by a "movl-i" near
Agency ford, Mo., a quarter ot a
century ago when but seven years
of age. Her name waalbby Jane
wtiiuiii nuu OUV I a uu unuUUjj
?. 1. II I nl .ha wtrmd t a .a t. s
teroLa prosperous farmer. At
thirteen she was married to a man
named Thomas in Nebraska, who
later died.
Several months ago she returned
to Missouri, in search of her rela
tives an3 tbrongh a newspaper
has just located her brother, Leo
nard Berrybili at Sapulpa.
Through him she ascertaisad thai
her mother was Hviag at Bnus
wick, Mo., and- the
family b.M
aftr Ualr
btti bepplly united
long aeparatlbt
fanlone of
the grantim aUte Iq
the Union. The rs; .... tSwi"
change ia being paved rapidly.
The Dawes Commission la raWl
completing ita work of enrolling
thecitizena of the Five Natiosa
and allollng to them tho land to
which they are entitled. -When
the allotments are made, and the
Indian in a position to eell hla
land, the real nun of prosperity
will ahine forth from beccslh the
clouds that have ao long hidden it
from the view of Iho people, and
the real march toward greatness
and wealth will commence Ard.
more Appeal.
The total Income ot Oxford unlrer
lity it about 410,000, and of Cabs-u
bridge 3S0,COO.
A motor car was used as a pulpit ly
tie chaplain of a British Tountr
regiment at the CoJchesUrraaneuTr.
Dr. John Mathews, pastor cf tie 0c-
Kendree church, of MuUruie, -iec.,
recently finished the first vacatlo h
has taken since he entered tha mlni
try, 87 years ago. He grieves beeaus
no one joined the church la the five
weeks of his absence.
Ah Girlish curate whrsJifts Just tTk
tered ttft workhoose,s.tTlTtOB, atur
neiajr WHaous miHrmBi. icr wrew
year, naawaUtMTO wsuecsssiui op
pllcatlonjs for a place, lie had. pre
Tlously aerred 23 yeara a a curate.
but found that T.car wanted only
young men. r
If. Mlshoals, a French millionaire,
has bequeathed 1120.000 as & fund ia
enable Trench students to study phi
loaophy and religious acleace In Oct
man unlverWtles, and f35,00O more to
tho College de France to provide for
a German university professor to ltc
turn In Paris.
A four-atorltd, centrally located V.
M. C A. building bae been Opened ia
Shanghai, China, o the Saxon depart
ment. The success' ! this venture Is
assured by top strong financial back
ing ot resident Anrjlo-Soxon tnerchaatu
and bonkers and by tbe appointment
of Dr. II. 0. llarrie as secretary.
I.ia announced at Cornell university
that three women have signified their
intention of studyingclvll cngtneerJnjj
in that institution next year. Thlsk
a decided Innovation for Cornell. llr
tofore na woman, ha taken, thai
course. Ono woman from Rorihsster
several years ego completed a major
paTt of the work In Sibley collsa
8ho gained the aobriauet of "Sibley
Kate," by taklnif the foundry and
blacksmithlng shop work with the
Foxier parish, near Rast Dertlinin.
haa perhfcps the most wonderful rec
ord in England. It has only changed 1
Its rector once In 110 years. In J7i
Iter. J. Slousrhten took the llvfatf on
held it until IBM, when fmaXorgt rM
the present reetor. was arJPotatH-FijH
Tha venerable eat) on Is Mmsrlf w
of the oldest rrotortin England, air
ing a reoord of M yeara of cj1
service. Jf preaehed a sermon on !-
coronation of Quren Victoria M'ThT
never Imd the asolstaace of t urta
until this year. SaW
W.II.IIwwgf Fi
"I wish to report that
ney' Cure ba euraa
ktdaey asd VliwMr
AftAinr Itdl uIvaa ttn v
I pl's drug atore.
r.,.. .,.
Tr i?-lirV"..
M lit wi- '
WHS' ft '" z
I "
.- -k.
"agMt"T- ""-"7

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