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Ifi AffiKl)' 'l (A
Fifty Years the Standard
i ve5v
Hlgfcsst Honors World's Fair.
Highest tests U.S. Qov't Chemists
jln Development of the South-
west is Colonization
Schemo of Rail
In a Comprehensive Movement to
Exploit to All tho World
tbo Magnificent Resources
of This Section.
With tbo magnificent resources
of the Southwest ns thoir text, the
railroads traversing this rich aeo
tion are preparing to send mission.
if arlnn to thn fnur cornerB of thb
world to Induce immigration to
tfcthis land of promise
IV The organization eflectod by the
t' railroads will have headquarters
' in St. Louis and will be known as
II the colonixation aceucv of tbe
nut linrnafarri ltnpil. Offirnil will
ud irDBOU iti hid ucnn ui iuu i"ir
road district and the headquarters
1. - I .1 f .1. t. -l Af .1 !l
opened for action on December 1.
J. W. Steele, well known as the
dltor of the Burlington',) Corn
eit, a nu-nllily nubliBbe-l in tho
interest of the Korlhwts', at pres.
ent located in Chicago, has been
rtjtoointcd at the htod of the agen-
'WRivllli Ihu title of cotutnissioner.
ijno special committee, Messrs.
Sebastian, N.chols and Snyder,
'passenger tradic managers of tho
1 Itock island, tbo Suite Fe and the
i'THsco, rtHpeotively, and II. C.
. Townuend, general passenger
agent of the Missouri Pacific and
Iron Mountain, chairman, will
continue hb a managing committee
&&(quj. indefinitely. They will
'periecV the details of the organiza
tion in continuation with Mr.
I flteele.
Ijf The commissioner is a man of
wim experleuco in colonization
1 work ud railroad advertising, has
i a wldoTkquilntanco, 1b an accepted
1 authority on agriculture and hortl-
0)lture.tf the couutry, knows the
Southwest, is a writer with n rep
utation among the railroads, and
'was siinaniuiouely ohoaen from
I amoitg fifty applicants for the posi-
Tbo committee on organization
'appointed at a previous meeting
: just reported to a meeting of
representatives of all the lines
(leading into tho Southwest, and
plans wero prepared to place
igenta in all parts of the world to
induce immigration this way.
The plans Involve the expendi-
lure of 660,000 the first year.whlch
will be Increased as tbe operations
aro extended.
Ae a Consequence tockiioldess in
Wyandotte Dank Are Worried.
A warrant has been issued for
, the arrest of President Randolph
of the Bank of Wyandotte, who
: has been missing for some tlra'o,
Tbe warrant was issued on the
j thdiComplaint of Richard K Bruce,
jo Kansas City, who paid 81,000
Hot the privilege of being cashier
t the institution. Bruce. 1b not so
Anxious to eeo Randolph ns ho Is
I to see tho color of about 8000 that
it ia alleged Randolph recolved
from stook Bales never reported.
Randolph came to the Territory
from Iowa and organized tbe bauk,
Recently the stock woe increased,
and it is alloged that Randolph
sold nbcu' (600 worth of tho now
ye ami departed fur other fields.
has stood the tost 25 years. Average Annual Sales
bottles. Does this record
Ma -
uncioacq vnn every
Wide Interest Being Token In
Single Statehood Meeting.
All of the railroads have rn
sponded to tbo request of the Bin
gle statehood committee nnd have
granted reduced rotes to '.he Clare
more convention,
From varloU3 points in Okla
homa comes tho assurance that
Oklahoma will send n strong dele,
gallon to tho convention repri
aenting all political, nartios
It is proposed that the OJiiven
tion provide for leasing n I'ullman
car to carry a party of filly dele
gates, twenty-five from enoli trrrl
Lory, to Washington, in the inter
ests of defeating tho double state
hood bill and tho Moon bill, f.nd
the securing of a einglo statehood
bill in lieu of the two. This ac
tion is earnestly desired by tho
business and farming interests
generally. Tho party, as now
planned will leave Vtnila for
Washington on Dicouibor 5 h, ar
riving at the capital on tho 8th.
It is to remain until tho 12th re
turning to Vlnitn on the lC-.h. In
tliis party will no doubt be repre
sentative men from both icrutor
tea, and thoir united action will
unquestionably havo some felled
upon congress at a time when the
statehood bills are under consld
oration. Tho Claremore cmven
tion promises to be an opoch
maker. Every county in Okla
homa is expected to send a delega
To Protect Estates ol Creek Orphans
and Incompetent.
Tho Creek National Council has
anticipated a threatened raid on
the tribal interests of orphans and
incompetents by passing the fol
lowing resolution which has been
presented to J. Dlair Sboenfolt of
the Union Agency.
lie it Resolved by tbe National
Council of the MuBaogao Nation:
That tho Principal Chief be and is
heroby authorized and directed to
confer, with the United States In
dian Agent rogmdiiig the adminis
tration of property of inompe
louts, convicts, orphans anil de
ceased persons of the Orok Ni
tion, and agree upon sorai manner
of caring for suoh estates, tubjsot
to the law governing appointment
of guardians un-J curators.
Bo it further iUsolved, That the
Town ChUfd ebail be required to
furnish the Prinoipal Chief a list
of such nnmed persons ol their re
spective towoe and also reoom
mend to him suitable persona who
may bo appointed guardians over
the orphans and incompetents of
their townB.
I and Cilice Officials Pleased
Their Prospective Offices.
Tho alterations boing made in
Aidrlch Cottage In preparation tor
the opening of the land office wore
inspected by Acting Chairman
Tarns Bixby of the Dawes Com
mliBion and P. O. Reuler and
Homer Needles of the land office
force Satufday night.
Tho gentlemen were escorted
through tho building by Dr. Oliver
Bagby and expressed satisfaction
at tbe progress made in the work,
They tuggested some alterations
which, will be completod bofore
the date4Eet for the opening of the
Passing of An Old Land Mark.
Osbom, tho photographer, tias
made a picture of the old hardware
store which has stood on the Stap
ler corner for more than forty
years, The picture will appear in
some future issue of the Arrow.
This old building is about the last
of the land marks, The south half
of the building was originally built
by tho Cherokee Nation for a
printing office and was consequent
ly tho first printing office in tbe
Indian Territory. When the
building wbb cold and the nation
moved its printing establishment
to the present brioU building south
of the capitol, Robert B. Rosa oc
cupied it with a general stock of
goods, where ho did business for
several years. In a few days tho
old land mark will be torn down
and in lis placo will Bland the
Oborokeo land oilloa and Masonio
to.nplo, Arrow.
Grove's Tasteless Chill Tome
ofmerit appeal to you?
.. . - .- . . "" ..
toius a j crt genti pacnogo ox drove's
Councilman Woodall Thinks
Regular Sossions of tho
National Council Use
less Extravagance.
Providing For the Abolishment of
Ofiicea and tho Convening of
the Council Only in Ex-
Inordinary Se'slon
Whin Nraossary.
Tbe follnwfng bill Introduced to
save the nation the expense of
regular scrt-lona has been Intro
duced in the lower house by -Councilman
Wondal), of Delaware Dis
trict. An Acb to ptOvldc for the reduction
of tho xiciitc if the Cbcrokco
"Whereas, the Act of Congress
approved July 1, J 002, and rati
fied bv (he legal votetaof tho Cher
okee Nation August 7, 1002, has
laken from us alnnst every attri
bute ol tribal g-v rnment, render
ing further nets uf tbo National
Council near'y unnecescary; and,
Whereas, there ore offices and
oondiiionB of our former govern
ment still existing that demand
useless expenditure of the people's
money; and, WhercaB, there cannot
be one dollar of our funds dis
bursed without taking such money
from every citizen ol this nation,
"Whereas, It is the part of wis.
dom to practice the ntrioteet econ
omy in winding up tho afiairs of
our estate, so that the poople may
have tho greatest amount per cap
ita paid to them upon dissolution
of our tribal government, now at
our very threshold, in order to be
tbe better prepared to. meet the
new conditions, therefore,
"Be it enacted by the National
Council, Thtt the regular resions
of tbe National Council bIiciI, after
the presage and approval of this
act, be discontinued, and oh extra
ordinary ocemdons and upon the
presentMliiin of problems of vital
public oonuetn, the principal chief
uf tbe Cherokee Nation is author
iztd to convene the National Coun
cil at the st at of government, for
the transaction of such business as
may be necessary.
1 Be it further enacted; That
after the pritcnt session ol tbe
National Council, tbo three ofiicea
composing Ihu executive council,
all committto clorks and inter
preters, except one Interpreter and
ono clerk for each of the two
houtos of tho Nation Counollal,are
hereby abolished."
Admission to
In an interview in Kansas City
yesterday Congressman Charles
Curtis reviewed the statehood sit
uation aa follows:
Personally," said Mr. Curtis,
"I should like to see, Oklahoma,
New Mexico and Arizona all three
admitted, hut tbe outlook except
for Oklahoma is not the brightest,
1 have always thought It was a
.mietako to incorporate the claims
of all three in on omnibus bill,but
whatever tbo report of the senato
rial committee as to the other two,
I believe Oklahoma is assurod of
admission. In case tho report of
Ihu statehood committee is unfa
vorable to Arizona and New Mex
ico, the senate will probably strike
out those two territories, pass the
amended bill and then ask for a
conference. There ia very .little
doubt that the house will conrpr
in whatever action is taken by the
mil II lajS W
Ono Mlnuto Cough Curo.
Is the only harmless cough curo that
gives quick relief. Cures coughs,
colds, croup, bronchitis, whooping
cough, pneumoolu, asthma, lagrlppo
aod all throat, chest and lung troubles
"I got soaked by rain," says Gertrndo
E Fcnncr, Muncle, Ind., "nnd" con
tracted u severe cold and cough. I
failed rapidly; lost 48 lbs. My druggist
recommoiideu One Mlnuto Cough
Core. The tint bottle brought re
lief; several cured me. I am back to
my old wolght, US lbs," Ono Mlnuto
Cough Cure cuts tho phleam, relievos
tho cough at once, draws ut Inflam
mation, cures croup, An Ideal remedy
for children. A. w. Foreman, dw
over Ono and a Half Million
No Cure jWx-a..50oJ
. . ft HII" 4 -!-- M
Blade tp'4 -sUii2i uic LLJ
Continue In Souwtliest For Longer
Period Than First Announced.
The Senate tub-committee on
tek Ned, now in Arizona, haa re
vise urogram and will contin
ue ifk -ligation for a longer
perlod .an at first nnnouncod.
The committee has lound It im
possible to cover the ground in
the timo allotted for the tour of
the three territories, nnd will post,
pone the return to Washington at
least a week,- As a consequence of
this change tbo advocates of state
hood for the territories, will not
open Ibdr campaign headquarters
in Washington until the latter part
of next week.
To Telephone Companies Which
Have Not Compiled With the
Tbe following notice to all tele
phone companies operating in the
Territory has been issued by acting
Indian inspector J W.Zevely, under
direction of the Secretary of the
"By direction of the Secretary
of tbe Interior, publio notico is
hereby given that all companies or
Individuals operating telephone
lines in the Indian Territory, who
have not already procured proper
authority therefor, and complied
with the provisions of section 6 of
tbe act of congress approved March
3, 1002 (31 State. 1083), will be re
quired to file applications and
otherwise comply with tho regula
tions of the department promul
gated under baiu Act.
"The department has obtained
information aB to these telephone
companies, and now expects that
all companies shall make applica
tions in accordance with tbe law,
without further delay."
"J. W. Zevkly,
"Acting U. S. Indian Inspector lor
Indian Territory."
Muskogee, I. T Nov. 21, 1002.
Indian Agent Considering Plan to
establish Uranch OlflCis In Land
Office Towns.
To prevent any trouble incident
to placing alSotteeBin the Chero
keo, Choctaw nnd Chickasaw na
tions in possession of their allot
ments Col. J. Blair SboenMl is
considering the advisability of es
tabllshlng branch ofiicos of tbe
Union Agency In the several land
office towns.
Ilia reason for this is that it
will bo a great deal oaslor to han
dle the business of each nation
from where tbe land office is local
ed than it will from the main of
fico in Muskogee, as It will be at
those places the cltizenB will ee
leot their allotments and there
will bo many casea in which the
aid of tho Indian agent will be
necessary to put the rightful alio
toe in possession.
The pretence of Indian police it
ia thought will have a wholesome
effect on the unruly oiemont and
prevent any serious trouble.
dithered In Uy Jim Kirk While Loot
ing a Frisco Car.
A man giving his name as Ed.
Turner was arrested by Jim Kirk
of the Frisco, while looting a
freight car Saturday night. Kirk
wan on duty at the Frisco station,
when be discovered tbe man, who
was industriously engaged in
breaking open aomo boxes oon
tainlng clothing,
He was alone at the lime but
arming himself he Blipped'quietly
to the car and shoved the business
end of 5 Colts undor tho surprieed
thief's noae, with the command
for him to alight. Tbe gun pre
vented argument and the man wsb
marohed to the station, where
Kirk telephoned for a marshal
Being unable tJ locate one be
marched his prisoner with hands
up to tho jail.
When Bearohod a razir and a
gun were found on blB person. lie
is supposed to bo a member of an
organized band of petty thieves,
who haya boeti operating along
the railroads reconlly.
The preliminary hearing ol
Turner was held Monday morning
and waa bouud overto the grand
Foley's ll?uey and Tar for coughs
and cold'i rclluijH tried and tested,
safe aud u,rr Sold by People's drug
store. dw
Then' is uu y uno Hound Oak
lloiter, It lm tno uuuio ui Um leg.
xo nuvd u, jrru uanwaro rur
Chief Bufflngton Submits the
Muster Roll Of Cherokee.
The following expensive array
of tygal talent engaged at various
times by the grace of the National
Council at the expense of the
Cherokee people has been listed
by Chief Bufflngton and submitted
to the council in response to a ro
quest from Senator Morgan.
The list is as follows: W. W.'
Hasting-, in making a roll of
Oherokeo citizens before the com
mission to tbe five civilized tribe-;
L. B. Bell, J. S. Davenport and
W. W. Hastings in making Uhoro
kee froedmen roll before tho com
mission to the five civilized tribes;
W, P. Thompson and J. S. Daven
port, defending the nation's Inter
est before the United States court
in the matter of intruder improve
ments; Wm. M. Springer, in tbe
Injunction suit against the secro
tary of the Interior to restrain him
from granting Cherokee Oil and
Gas company from mining coal,
oil, gas and other minerals in tbe
Cherokee nation, This suit la now
in tho supreme court of tbe United
States. W. T. Hutchlngsand John
R. Tboma, injolning tbo commis
sion to the five civilized tribes
from enrolling certain persons not
entitled to Cherokee citizenship;
W. T. Hulcbings and John J.
Hemphill, in the suit of the Dela
ware Indians against tbe Cherokee
Tbe namo of Colonel John G.
Carpenter of Kansas, who was en
gaged by Chief Bufflngton last
year at the instance of Senator
Burton dooa not appear. The
colonel haa at various limes an
nounced himself as attorney .for
tbe Cberokeea and his promised
hiie waa 65,000 a year. No refer
ence is made of any services he
ever rendered or ol any warrants
drawn to his order.
The friends of es.Chlef MayeB
are looking an.x. as and nervous
while wailing for him to do or Bay
something toward clearing him
self of the ohargejof heir impli
cated witli otherB in tho mouutroue
steal of 8120,000 in the "nigger
deal." His politioal enemies say
that he nnd W. W. Hastings have
arrangements whereby one or tbe
other Is to gel the Downing party
nomination. With the McOonnol
report fresh in the' Cherokee
voter's mind this meana death to
that pirty. -Table quah Herald.
Some patriotic members of the
Cherokeo national council ought
to introduce a resolution asking
how much money Judge W. M.
Springer has received for his ser
vices aa attorney for tbe Cherokee
Nation. The Cherokea people
have a right to know.
Pure and Sweetaro the Skin, Scalp,
and Hair ol Infant Purified
and Beau tilled by
MILLIOK8 can OcTiotrru Boat, as
slitod by OuTicniu. Oiktkkht, for
preserving, putlf ytng, and hosuUfy-
ins mo ssin, xor ciuuuing tho scalp, ana
tho stopping ot falling hair, tor softening,
vrnuening, ana sootbiDg red, rough, and
sore hand', for baby rashes, Itching, nd
chafing, and for all parposea ot tho toilet,
batb, and nursery, Millions of wotnm
U30 Ctrrrcciu Soap Id baths for sunojlng
irrlutlous and InrUmmsUous, for too treo
or oHenilvo penplrstlon, In washes tor
ulceratlTO weaknesses, ana for many san
ative, antUtptlo purposes which readily
suggest themselves to womon.
Comploto Troatmont, SI.
Cuncuiu tkur (Uc.), to. ekanto tho skin ot
cruris and sea'e and soften tbo thickened
CUUclO. COTlCtllU OIKTMSKT (0.), to t&-
stantly allav ltchlnr am
ooUissift heal, and CuricuKA 1U.
nil inusmmauc
Inflammation, and
VlLLS (iJo. j, to cool And cleanse the, tlooa.
IITlCltUi llMU
Oottcuna. ItnoLTiXT Pius fChosobta
OoaUil) arsaixw, UtUless, edotlru, cconoov,
Ital tntxmsu tor Iht UhrW ItquU Ccriru2.1l
SQt ouwui uri wn.w
9- ?? ItOrM
( '. -,-i
9dlto ....?
"k. I HK kr An
-"fcTi'Jr " --.,
It llm Ileen IJlalmrntPlr Trncril la
Connection with SnlftrnTC Man
or, Nurtuninptomshlrr.
Borne excitement appears to have
been caused in tho United States by
the announcement that Sulgravo
tnunor, In Northamptonshire, unco
tho homo of the ancestor? of dcorgc
Washington, is for sale. The project
set on foot in America many years ago
for purchasing Shakespeare's birth
place at Stratford-on-Aron and rc-
crcotincr It in the new land, which
claims a common heritage with our
selves in tho greatest master of tho
English tongue, was not allowed to
succeed, and Its renewal would now
be impossible. nrgo Washington,
however, is quite author story. If
wo make a possible exception of the
ax and tho cherry tree, no legends
have (fathered round his name, its
lived within the memory of somo who
havo not long been dead, and no
cryptogram can ever oxplnin away the
groat hutorlo facts of his famous ca
reer. It is therefore not very surpris
ing that hopes should arlso of achiev
ing at Sulgravo what failed at Strat
ford. Certain it is that tho projectors
of tho world's fair at St. Louis are In
treaty for tho purchase of the plctur
esquo old house which was the abode
ci the Washington in the days of
their prosperity, with tho Idea of
transporting it, brick by brick nnd
stono by stone, to the great city which
has grown up in tho far west, states
tbo London Standard.
It Is, no doubt, difficult to setbonnds
to tho extravagance of hero-worship,
especially when the hero concerned
was so fine a character as tbe first
president, and tbe virtual founder of
a powerful state. Hut the connection
of Gen. Washington with Sulgrave
manor is exceedingly remote. Ills
family parted with it half a dozen gen
erations before he was born, and it
is qulto possible that he never even
heard of the place. Nor Is Sulgrave
in any sonse a "stately home." It is
a gabled, Ivy-covered, sixteenth cen
tury farmhouse, with about the same
number of rooms as the typical sub
urban villa. To Americans the most
attractlvo detail of the house is the
presence, both within and without the
entrance porch, of the Washington
arms, carved In stone two red bars
and three stars upon a silver ground,
or in the heraldic tongue, "argent,
two barsgules; in Chief, three mul
lets of tho second.'' Here we certainly
seem to havo the origin of the stars
and stripes of tho United States, flag,
Washington is known to have worn
theso arms upon his slgnet-rlng, al
though it has been contended by pur
ists in armory that he was not per
sonally entitled 4o use them.
The shields were probably, nlaced In
tho Sulgrave porch by Laurence Wash
ington, lord of the manor, who'wns
twice mnyor of Northampton in the
time of Henry VIII., from whomhehad
received a jrant of lands which, had
belonged to the priory of Canons Ash
by. Ills son Hubert was tho hut, ns
he had been the first, Washington of
Sulgrave, for some 30 years after his
death, in 1S84, the littlo estate (which
now extends to 200 acres) had to be
cold, the family migrating to Brighton,
not far away, perhaps to be near their
powerful relations, Oio Spencers of
Althorp. Laureneo Washington, thd
grandson of the lord of Sulgrave, Is
buried In Great Brighton church, wltn
others of the name, and their tombs
have long been objects of pilgrimages
from over the water. Th family was
very prolific Laurence of Sulgrave
had It children, and his grandson,
Laureneo of Brighton, 17.
Two of tho sons born to the latter
were Knlehted. nnd tho oldest, Sir
William Washington, was the brother-in-law
of no less a personage than
Gcorgo Vllllors, duko of Buckingham.
John Washington, who emigrated to
Ylrjrlnln In 1GS0. and became the great
grandfather of tho president, was the
son of another Laurence, an Essex
clergyman, evicted from his living dur
ing tho Commonwealth. Tho pedigree
of this family of old English yeomen
Waa long a crux to genealogists, and
It was not until that remarkable
Marcher of records, the late Col. Lem
uel Chester, took it In hand, that the
way was made plain. He came to Eng
land to settlo doubtful points during
ft six months' holiday. Ho remained
for a generation, and it was not long
before ho died "faint, yet pursuing"
.-that ho unraveled his last knot, and
mado It flnnlly clear that from tho
modest home at Sulgrave issued the
line which culminated- In the great
genius who sow sleeps amid the
cypresses on tho banks of the Potomac
IIott Javnncso Induce- Sleep,
Dr. Stclnor observed In Java n
method omployod to Induco sleep. It
consists In compressing tho carotid
arteries. Tho oporotor sits on tho
ground behind tho patlont, whose
neck he seizes with both hands. Tho
Index and middle fingers nre then
pushed forward Into the carotids,
which aro compressed toward the
spine. The method ia absolutely
harmless, anesthesia la rapidly ob
tained nnd tho jmUent wakes
promptly, with no symptoms ot nau
sea or malaise -Cleveland Plain
Dealer, t
Ul Bertn, Texas, Offers Bvcryoue an Op
portunity to Own a Home.
Lots wcro sold at Lawton, Okla
homa, by drawing. Tboy havo quad
rupled In value lu n your. Dawton
now lias 12,000 poople. Loti In 1.1
Borta, 0 each. Drawing In Decem
ber. IC you want a homo, write fur
full particular.) to Juntos Barter,
Gcn'l Pas, and Tkt- Agt, M. K. &
T. By., 618 Wuluwrlgbt BWg., fit.
Louie, Mo.
It you are bilious and ueUIng'
Take DoWltt's Littlo Early Risers,
Oust before, golug to bed.
You will Hurt on tbo morrow,
You aro rid ot yuur sorrow
That's all-, Just euough sala.
boio famous puis do not grtpo, tut
tbo bowels gently and easily,
tlnir tho liver Their tonkMlIecl I
ftitrcnVth io Uu 'ap3s. nrovent
returner, tue. disorder
. -- -- - ,
" 'j
I Bringing Out the Facts. y
to l
Wc want
That we
at the same price,
a luwer price manieisewnere.
Wc believe first, in giving- the best lumber;
that money can buy, and then in making IhU
price as low as possible for that kind ot lurnM,
bcr. And still we
prices man our. YA-,
If you leaye our yard dissatisfied, iff yjnn1
own fault, because we do our level bestflo
please every customer who buys btldhg
material here even to giving him the tfwrt
stock and the lowest prices.
If that won't satisfy you what will? Any
way, be sure and see us before buying; not
F. E. Mi & Ck
.The Round
(Name on
Is the most perfect heater made. It burns all
the heat ouLof the coal and don't pass off a
great part of the coal in the smoke. The smoke
from a oft coal ROUND OAK heater is l niore
like the smoke from a wood heater. It takes
less fuel, don't clinker and lasts longer than
any stove made. Call at our store and have
them explained to you and bs convinced.
Yours for
1 WATCHES........
In buying a watch get one that has a good reliibja,,
movement one upon whose timekecpiUrf- quallueSTiyott
can depend. The watches I sell maintain theb 'plaeesjfit
the hcatl of the procession. Their reliability places
tliem there. I have
Elgin, Waltham 1 Hampden
WArCIIUSiu all sues for Ladlex aud Gents, Boys and
Girls at prices that please.
When you wnuta good watch call and see my Hue.
CK-Plne and complicated watch repairing a specialty.
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