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m ""j.r jiivj.iuiujy'jatuuasmuxjwjerE
Vlnita To Bo Incorporated As
a City of the Second
The incorporation f Vi Ti n m a
Clly Of tli6 HMmll I ol Ib betllg
considered by tbr cl-y sintiorltiec
and tho proper fdrmalltlea will bo
compiled with imtnedlulbly after
tho first of the year, so that oflictals
will bo elooted at the spring tine
The process of incorporaiion
will be a simple matter. Under
the last census the town was
shown to bavo a population ex
ceeding tho necessary 2,500. This
not will bo presented to the judgo
of the Unltod StiteB court, incor
porated in a resolution ol tho city
counotl requesting incorporation
of tho town in tho advanced clans.
' The court cm then oritur Kb in
corporation ns such and at the
next regular period for tho elec
tion of olbcetx, the now officials
clothed with additional power can
be elected. Ihe city aU'hotllles
will then ba retted with tnnro ex
tensive power than at present.
One ot the moat imperfanl lenl
Ures of whloli will be their power
to Imprison violator.) of thn law.
This will put fefftptusl slop to
the gsyety ol the element, which
under tho present town iuoorporn
tion havo defied the law.
In many other ways the now in
corporation will odvsmoe tho in
terests of thd town in.1 will mark
an epoch in its progress.
How The "Iron Jufsc". Mode Resld
ence In the Territory Possible.
One ruts if many timllur ones
that are btiog carefully Investigat.
Dlby tho department of juslico
his been olflsed by the pardouing
by the prcMdcnl nf Hmry W.
Miller, etuteneed to Wo imprU n
merit in tl e Indian I'lrrliory for
murder With then- lnimi"ga
lions department otllpiulir 'are
coming to a more completoreajjyl
ytrntn,t l'!r MfrVCt8Mer.,oi
Judge I. C. Parker, late United
States di- trio, judge for western
Arkansas, who died seven years
During bis term the Indian
Territory was attached to bis dis
trict and it was infested with mur
derers and desperadoes. Judgo
Parker eel out to bring about
respect for the law and in the
twenty years that be waB on the
bench be renlitTctd ntarly ?00
men to dca'b. An indictment
now appears to have been follow
ed by a death sentence. Depart
ment officials are convinced, how
ever, that Lo was boneBt in his
seemlrg leaning toward the pros,
Miller was convicted on weak
circumstantial ividence and has
rpent fifteen yours in prison for a
crime he probably never commit
ted. Over ninety of the men sen
tencod to death by Jih'ro Parker
wrre I frgrd, rix bflng executed
hi i i,e time on tl.e fame tcaflold.
Tim lives of the others wero saved
by opprnls to tho president.
In thren years twenty death
tend i era were r minuted lo life
ltn(irl,-onmpii, nnd ili'sa, with
uii y ntbeiH, uri- c mlng upon
appeitlt for pHrdoiiB, nnd are keep
ing the doparlmtnt buoy.
Thero have been many more
appalls from the sentencoB of
Judge Parker than from any other
court in United States. 'Depart
ment officials now speak of him
its the "Iron Judge." William
Woods, who was convicted of
murder on the same chargo as
Miller, was pardoned in 1889 by
President Harrison, who, at tho
samo time, commuted Miller's
sentence to lifo imprisonment.
They wero charged with the mur
der of a companion who disap
peared while thoy- were out hunting.
A Merry Time Is Expected When the
Omnibus U.ll Is CnlUd.
Threo Colored Brothers
dcrtako to Oorrall In
dian Territory Republicanism.
A Well Organized Movement is
Started to Control the Party
Pul'ronago in the Indian
As the lime approaoi 64 for the;
opening of ih eliort sessliiji, the
convioilon grow (hit elntehon'd
legislation, will rasdve itsglffuto
a light for a bill admitting Okla
homa to rtdtehood and refusing
alike Invur to Niw Mexico and
A.ii;iuR. No Senator or member
will be quoted as predicting that
litis will be done. No one founts
to incur the dicpleastire of tho
ptople of any one ol the elates,
Tlit expression of difjerent mem
herd i? responsible for the imprest
rijn, For txample, Senator Alii
eon suggests in his mild way that
"if there is elutehnod li-glnlntlon,
perhaps Oklahoma will benefit by
it," and ignores the otliHr terri
tories. The one strung factor against
the ndmlo.-ioii of Oklahoma and
thn r-j nliou nf tho othttre will be
Benatoi Quay. lSver'j o-u i rec g
'Sixes. Ihn qualltttnaf Quiy hj a
fishier: Vfi.ujtniiitlv lm.vo
been -AUrlUuttd u 1ba -fr -his!
fight in behalf of N-w Mexico.
One of theai, hfadmliH, is beoautt
of the bulueeB imeros s of Penn
sylvania capitalists in the terri
tory. Qusy's old politic! manager is
operating a railway in tho terri
tory. He believes that all or none
of tho three must be admit. od.
Whateverhis motives or intentions
toward Oklahoma or any of the
others, hia position, if firmly
maintained, may have a deciding
effect on the legislation. If the
parly end senate leaders decide
that only Oklahoma shall be ad
mitted, Quay may prevent any
legislation. Single-handed he
could fight with lit'.le fleet, but
with his resources nnd tho half
hoartod support which the bills
will gel from some quarters, his
taBl: will not be an Impossibld one
II onto determined upon.
A few dity ng when Bud Brows
departed on an early morning train
for Muskogee it was preaumed he
was going to link After citizenship
mattoru before the Dwrs commis
sion. Liter it deoloptd that the
trip was in d fur 'bo purpose of
forming a polluojl tiiumvirate
which promiHes to r-urpsBS in re
sults the iriutnvlrntH formed by
Oaesor, Pomp-y himI Cmsus in
the early history ol Runo.
- The otbi rin lu'm jf the trl
umvera'e are W. II TwIoandA.
O. W. Brfiign, h.ith if Mukngee.
Bud Urnwn -e ih. Censor ol the
formation, bfi. g the only good
politioidii in it.
Twine is tho P.cnpey. bing the
nnlv lawyer of tii- biinoij, and San
go is the Citift-u-. bring it e onlv
orator. I'M MKgregnlon is pre
paring for the hex republican
convention, and, it id tsaid, has
their slrtle already iq.ide.
dnpor is to be nu'.innal commit
txemiu, n'nl id to b Indorsed for
pi yibii g i In b' u ay dMiro. Mel
leitf, in duo i iih, ig'io be indorsed
lor juilgu u( the Wt-s'trii dietriot,
and Drruugh is to be re-elected
oliHl'insn ol the (Xtcutive commit
tee. When bis namo was reaobed
Twine a id Sango wauled tn place
him on ihe tdielf, Iucjusb he failed
to appoint Bud Btown tnacloilcal
p-ii-iiioi ; nnd br cause ho ignoied
Bradford, the only urcro member
ol ilif ixecu'ive cemmittee, in the
tpaking of his appointments, and
because ol several of his guardship
appolnliueiils lo all tbese sug-
VOL. XXI. NO. 15
Townslte Commissionls Con
fronted With , Several
Annoying Problems.
From Interior Department On
Conflicts Between Property
Ownors Arising From tbo
Faulty Character of
the Recent Survoy.
geetions Uud raid "no," and after
Mayor Parker Notified that $ia,ooo
for School Uonds Is Dtposited
bubject to City's Draft.
And every Distressing Irritation
- of tho Skin end Sculp Instantly
Reliovod by Baths with
And gentlo anointings with CUTI
CVUA OINTMENT, the grent skin
cure and purest of emollients, to be
followed, in severe cases, by me
tllum doses of CUTICURA RU50L
VI1NT PILLS, to cool and deanso
the blood. This Is tho most speedy,
permanent, and economical euro
for torturlncr, disfiguring, Itchlotr,
burning, bleeding, scaly, crusted,
and pimply humours, with loss of
Jialr, ever compounded,
MimoM Us Coticciu Boat, uMti by
Cwiwiu Oil""!, for pwMT? in. putlf)rlD
n4 UtuUf) l ll kla, or cle4tulo j tht Kilp
4tl...U)pplogor.ll)o blf, for oftuto,
WIlag, cd4 ooUi!g ti, rough, nl mw
v. fnr l,hr mhu aud lirllUtoiM. u "f
ll U iurpoo c( Ih tolUI, titth, mil nutwrjr.
IM iLnulwii lh voiW. SjJfr.JK--e'tV.r
Mayor Parker has been notlfisd
that 312,000 Is on deposit in tho
Ooutinental National Bank of Uhl
pago, tubjeol to the city's drult as
soon as the Iebuo of sohool bonds
is dollvorcd to that institu'ion.
The bonds have beta signed by
the proper ollicials but Mayor
Parker is availing an anewir lo a
wire rent tho purchaBers in regard
to acorued lutorest beforo forward
ing them.
Undor the terms of sale the
bondB were to bo dated November
let but should the purchaser not
take the bonds on that dale all no-
orued interest up to hu time of
delivery was to be refuuded to tho
town, A month's interest is now
duo on the isrue and the purchasers
have been notified that thoy are
(50 shy on the amount ol their de
pisit. No controversy Ib anticipated in
(he icatter as It is thought to be
simply an oversight. The inter
est on tbo bonds is payable the
first of May nnd fust of November.
Tho first payment will bo made
under special provisions from the
sohool fund but the interest will
bo provided for thereafter through
the regular levy.
Ho Found a Cura.
It. II. KuHcr, 3IBS 21 tjttco', Suit
Lake Jlty, wilten "l lmo been
bothered with dyinr-i.li or indiges
tion for 21 yearn, navo tried mauy
doctors without lolief. but I luvo
found a cure mi llcrbl e. J no in
wrangling Darrough was Blated for
the place he so dearly loves
Joo Umler'd name was aleo men.
tluuod aud Bud and Bangowilleee
Soper before the republican con
vention mrots and get his promise
lo indorse Joe, at all bezdrds.
Poor Dr. Bennett will liave to
"go 'way back nnd sit down I"
When he ignored tho objeotion of
Brown, Sang) and Twine in tho
Bass Reeves appointment bis cake
turned to "dough."
J Huckleberry's ambitions were
buried when he was turned down
for distslct attorney for the West
ern district, but should thoy rlee
again tbo triumverate Is to grant
any request he may make.
The only objection made to
Stanfield is that few, if any, negro
jurors do service In bis court. This
objection Stanfield will overcome
by showing that it is 'he constable
and marshal's office, and not he
that is to blame, He will be
taken care of in due time.
The triumvirato is also to dab
ble in municipal politics. It Ib
stated that they will favor demo-
cralio-mayors for both Vlnita nnd
Muskogee, on the ground that they
have-no available timber in their
own party, aa all their host men
went something nioro remunera
live. Circulars are being printed in a
neniby Kansas town and are to be
sent to negroes only throughout
the Creek and Cborokee nations.
These circulars show tho propor
tionate number of white, negro and
Indian republicins tTIho two na
lions, and urges the formation ol
negro clubs, to the end that they
may demand their proportionate
share of the political pie,
The lownsllo commission is be
ing confronted by many annoying
title problems whloh are the out
come of the recent survey pprov
ed by the Secretary of the Interior-
Tho survey was mado without
regard to the old Chorokeo survey
and in many Instances, cuts off
and adds to tho original lot
boundaries, until tho owners
would never recognize their hold
ings. Thn commission- will not
render decisions ;in the conKlots
which have naturally arisen until
they receive rulings frbm the In
lerior department. The commis
sion was originally Instructed "to
givo every property owner all that
belonged lo them," and at the
samo lime were expected to follow
the boundaries indicated in tho
approved fcurvv-
A caso in ( o I'lntrd the utter
impossibility .
On Bell Si in the northwest
part ol town, to escHpe an im
provement the 6ntire width of the
street was taken from the lots on
tho east side of the street.
To equalize mat er and "to gel
all that belong! lu them" the
property owners who contributed
the street have filed on a 10 foot
strip on the west idd of the ptreot
which, If allowed, will cut two
entire blookd from the street front
age. These contestants clilm that
the strip bolongs to them under
the dimensions of their lots ce
shown in tho Cherokeo survey,
The owners of tho weal eide lots
naturally oontend that tho reoent
survey' Is the only one under
wblch titles oan be issued.
The same conditions obtain in
other seations of tbo town, and a
ruling from the department is be
lag awaited with interest. From
present indications some of the
contests are almost certain to find
their way into the courts.
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W.T Little, ofP.rry, Thinks Ari
zona and New Mexico, should
be One State.
Appointments of ndlqn Police An
nounced By Agent Shoenfelt.
The following appointments of
Indian police have been announced
by J. Blair Shoenfelt:
Creek nation: John 0. West,
Muskogee, captain; William M.
Sunday, Tulsa, private; I. R.
Boone, Eufaula; Lewis Harlaye,
Weeleetks; Samuel Haynes, Ok
mulgee; Thomas Williams, Frank
West; Muskogee; PleaBant Berry
hill, Beggs; Theodore 1$. Stidbam,
Cherokeo nation: Arthur F.
Chamberlln,' Vinltn; John L.
Brown, Webbers Falls; Samuel
Edwards, Vlnita.
Chickasaw nation: James E.
MoCuuloy, Ardmore; Samuel Vic
tor, Dittlo; Thomas W. Short,
Kemp; William D, McUarty, Sul
phur. Choctaw nation: Alfred McCay,
lieutenant, MoAloster; JameB
Ward, private, Ooalgate; C. W.
Plumraer, Lehigh; Peter Matubby
jr , Caddo; Johu Simpson, Carbon;
B.J.Springs, Kintu; K. S. Bow
man, Oak Lodge.
Seminole nation, William II.
Culley, private, Basakwa.
.VftLtTBr nntt.h ixiu l.iChMjiMu
iSfcfSff&X VSt9SJSR
The Katy's Claim,
The M. K. & T. railroad com
patty today filed a protest with the
city authorities against the town
site commission objecting to the
appraieoment of town lots in sec
tions 21 and 1C. The railroad
company claims the land embraced
in tbese eeolion under the treaty
of I860, which provides for a
grant of alternate scolions. The
ports of the town Included in the
railroad's claim takes In all north
of the Frlsoo road and east of the
eejtlon line, or from Foreman
street east and norlh, including
the Pnillips"ttddHlon and the. ool
lege, and, the southwest part of
town KOuth of the section lino.
A Utd -ty or h ad ler trouble can al-
What's In a Name?
Everything Is in tbo name when it
comes to Witch Ilazal Salvo. E, 0.
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Foils a. Deadly Attack.
"My wire was so lit that good phy-
Blf.lfi.-d ivnrn nn.itilfl tn ltnln lini?
The bolief in Oklahoma that
tho republican members of the
Unttpd Slhtes eeneto will oppose
the Ipassago of the omnibus bill
for thoroason that republican eu
piemacy In congress would be
ondallFrell "Vy probable demo
oratic msjoritioB in tbo proposed
new dates of Oklahoma, Arizona
aud New Mexico, has led many
porsons lo exercise their ingenuity
in devUing schemes by which the
objections of the republican sena
tors might be removed and the
friendB of Arizona and New Mex
ico still kept in sympathy with
Oklahoma. To strike Arizona and
New Mexico from the omnibus
bill to free Oklahoma for state
hood, would array democrats in
opposition to Oklahoma. W. T.
Litllo of Perry offers a plan by
whloh be believeB many present
difficulties might be overcome,
lie said:
"Neither Arizona nor New
Mexico is or ever cen be worthy
of separate statehood. The thing
to do is to admit the republican
territory of New Mexico, attach
ing Arizona to it ip the same way
that Indian Territory is bound to
Oklahoma in the Flynn bill. !
With tuch boundaries New Mex,
Ico would be a spacious etale, but
fifteen states the size of Rhode
Island could be added before the
state ot New Mexico would be as
large ab Texas, -end it would have
only about two thirds so many
people as are now in Oklahoma.
Yoar might pass before Arizona
could etoape from her territorial
bondage, but In time she would
beoome n part of the state of New
Mexico, Senatorial political poise
would not bo disturbed, for, al
though Oklahoma should go dem
ocratic, New Mexica would bus
tain the balance In democratic
Indian Territory and Arizona
more than one-half million per
sons qould .have statehood as a
privilege, upon tho former's put
ting aside tribal government, and
the laljer'a relinquishing autonomy.
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