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Indian chieftain. (Vinita, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1882-1902, December 11, 1902, Image 1

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VOL. XXI. NO. 16
' J .1 P'lMI'i.U'l.l'M.'HHW W
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Twixt Now and Christmastide
TT T T-. - V nn riw 4-C --w , , -r j n n 3 tin r 4" v fy 4? r . 3 , t r r? vy rt In nvMi m Ann r irw 1 1 - w .4w . 3 3 -4 . j- .. - 3
VW to those seekiner to fill their Christnias 'wants.- As this is our first Christmas in Vinita we wish that on
valine unitta muiiiiug every jutuiiiy iu uuwu uuu all uue cuauuuuiug uuuuoiy nitty ietu uuttu wutsy nave uetm
L benefited by our being here. To accomplish this we have decided upon two plans, both of which we trust
' will commend themselves. The first is to make a substantial reduction from our already-low prices upon
certain lines of goods that are seasonable; and, second, to add a new line comprising the latest novelties in Holiday
Goods, Books and Toilet accessories. We believe that a careful reading of this page will repay for the time and trouble
Tailor Made $mts.
fr HE niodorn lady requires tho lorvico of a
Vl tailor equally ns much ns a man. Tho
best drcBscd, and most stylish ladies today
'-Woar tailor inado costumes. Wo havo boon for
tunate in this dopartment in securing patterns
that commend thcniBolves both in quality and
stylo. Tho prices havo boon satisfactory boforo,
, and now will bo all tho moro so. Wo havo but
vfour ;suits loft and thoy . will bo sacrificed to
closo at tho following prices :
Blaok Cheviot, handsomely trimmed, with black
silk, sizo 3G ; regular gn C OO
. - v
prico $15.00.
Holiday Prico.
'Dark Bluo Ohoviot, sizoSO; jackot lined with
' red satin, finished with slot j XQ
soams ; rvgltlar prico $10.60. XL
Holiday Prico . .,;,. ...
Navy Bluo Flannol, sizo 35, jjckc lined wfth
bluo satin, corded scams; "front, cuff and
skirt trimmed with silk buttons
Regulur prico $10.50.
Black PcbblaChcUot, extra valuo, sizo 34, jacket
lined with silk, slot scam.;.:
regular prico $20.00.
Holiday Price .'. . .,...,., . ...
- '1
Ladies' SHirts.
fJT F thero is ono thing moro than another that has boon un
II usually satisfactory this fall it has been our trndo in
ready-inndo Skirts. This is duo to tho fact that all of our
high grado Skirts aro mado by tho Diamond Skirt Company of
Kalamazoo, Mich., and overy garment is guaranteed as to fit,
stylo and quality of goods. Wo havo a few beauties left, just
tho thing for a dcsirablo Christmas prcsont, and this is tho
way we aro selling them :
Strictly all wool, thoroughly shrunk, watorproof, high grauo,
in black, rod, tan, light gray, dark gray,
green and blue ; regular prico pU.UU,
$0.48 and $10. Holiday Prico
Strictly all Wool Skirts, mado from thoroughly shrunk wator
proof goods, in red, black and gray ; rogular 25
prico $7.50. Holiday Prico J
Wo havo especially protty patterns in tho $0, $5 and $4
Skirts, all of which aro full sizo and properly tailored. Our
$2 Skirt (not a Diamond) is a splendid valua for tho money.
proot, mgii
t ft4
Uje Brown
With its trado mark, 6, is so woll
known that to commond it is superfluous.
v Wo keop it; wo.BolLit; you weai; it. Wo
iuuKumuuuy uyaoing sq, as u gives huhb
faction, and purchasers roturn for moro.
You savo rnonoybccauso thoy .wear longor,
fit easier and look better than other shoes
of tho same quality. v '
Monte Carlos.
'9'r'HE fashionablo wrap for-1002-3 is tho Monto Carlo.
K& Tho handsomest specimens of this garment worn
in Vinita wore bought at The Golden Rule. Tho
handsomest lino of Monto Carlos shown in Vinita this
yoar woro nt Tho Goldon Ilulo. This is saying a good
deal, but it is only saying what thoso who havo investigated
say. Tho lino is not complolo, but wo havo a few oxtra
values left that will mako any lady's hoart glad.
Ono of our cholcost is a rod plush, a $20 to $25 valuo nny-
whoro olso. It can now bo
bought for
: .-jl:
i i
vSterling' Clothing'.,
MHAT Diamond Skirts aro to Ladies, Sterling Clohting
is to men and Perfection Clothing to boys. Wo havo
both. Tho superiority of thoso goods is recognized
wherever known, and boing universally known is ovcrywhoro
conceded. For eorvico, stylo and fit, thoro aro none bettor or
nlcor for tho money and fow as good. That tho gentlomen
may not havo just causo for complaint, that our Holiday
specials aro all for tho Ladies, wo pick out our cholcobt and
list them n; follows :
Men's Harvard Sack, mado of strictly all wool fabrics, in
hnudsomo patterns, tho very best on tho ($1700
market ; regular prico $20. Holiday Prico. . , . KpJL 4
McnB Harvard Sack, mado of similar goods in sirAilar goods,
hftho latent stylo; a splendid, value at (18. lOO
Holiday Prico JLO
Men's Harvard Slacks und iworbutton; square;cut worsteds,
cassimorcs, etc. ; regular prico iOV' " f A SO
Holiday Prico . ,!.... 1
Men's Gronito Worsteds and-Thibots, strictly up-to-dato styled ;
rogular prico $15. f ; ' 1 0.50
Holiday Prico vv, . .s . . . .' IO
for the
You want something nice. We
want you to haye it. We have
searched the city markets for the
best and submit our selection for
your criticism. We have
and muiy things useful and orna
meita . suitable for uits ur remem
brancers WU you w nt anything special, tell
u. your wants and we,' will supply
them if it is pos ible.
. - -
At the Foot
Of the column
and when worn,
only ; othorwiso
tho Topsy is al
ways t tho top.
For inon, ladios,
mUsos, boys and
Another beauty is a Korsoy, castor color, handsomoly:
trimmed with volvct. Tho manufactuiors j j-ft
say it is ono of tho prcttiost jackets mado by
tlmm this Vfinr nnd J.q n. 42S vnlno. Onlv
A. half dozen tan and castor colorod Monto Carlos, different designs,
$12.50 to 15.00 valuo,
can now bo bought for' $11.00 and...
If you reach us early enough, you can got a beautiful $12
Monto Carlo, light tan,
at only
Form Fitting' JacKets
jflTN'this stylo of Jackets,. always in goqdjqrm we havo
II an oxtra strong lino and can yet fit almost any lady.
. Our 10 Jackets aro exceptionally good valuo and
somo half dozen or moro designs in black, red, bluo, tan,
castor and brown, in sizes 32 to 44, aro yet shown. Thoso
reduced prices will bo found ospocially attractivo to thoso
who havo oxaminod tho garmonts.
All $3.95 JacKets Holiday price 3.24
All 5.oo JacketsHoliday price 3.99
All 7.5o JacKets Holiday price 6.oo
All 9.oo JacKets Holiday price 7.5 O
All lo.oo JacKets Holiday price 6.24
An early solection will ennhlo tho purchaser i3 cccuro tho best patterns and colors.
Wo havo boon especially proud of this.
in Short Jackets.
tyr HERE aro some forms that a Monto Carlo doos not look well ona 27-inch Jackot
( is not desired. For such tho short Jackot affords a fashionablo and dcsirablo
garment. Only a few left and thoso fow must go, Hero aro bargains.
Black pobblo cheviot, sizo 30, satin-lined, silk-faced, choap at rogular prico of Q Oo
Four Gems
lm mil 31 m
$11. Holiday prico
Tan Korsoy, 3otin linod, volvot trimmed, sizo 34, rogular prico $12.50
Holiday prico -
Red Kersoy, extra heavy, slot soams bound with black silk, now effect in shoves, . 99
a rich garment and choap at rogular prico, $17.50. Iloliday prico 14-
Black plush, oatin-linod, ornately trimmed with silk and jet, n boautiful J JQ
pattorn, sizo 34; rogular prico $10.50. Holiday prico 4
Misses' Coats and JacKets.
OR tho missos nudchildron wo hnvo a lino in keoping with
tliat ror tlio ladies ueautitul design; excellent goods and
tho right prices. Children's roofers start at 09c : long
coats at 1.15. Hero aro Holiday prices on tho heavlor gar
ments :
Misses' long Cloaks with wido capes, handsomely trimmed; in
bluo, rod and tan ; bizes 8 to 14 ; rogular prico, $3.05 - 19
Holiday prico - J j
Misses' long Jackets, good Korsoy cloth ; in red, bluo, tan, 99
and brown, sizes 0 to 14 ; rogular prico $C. Now $
" - Misses' $6.75 Jackets Holiday price, $5.19
Misses' 7.50 JacketsHoliday price, 5.99.
Hisses' 8.75 Jackets Holiday price, 7.34.
Don't Forget the Baby.
Wo havo. not, nnd tho cdto, long cloaks that wohaWiiro protty onough and warm
enough for any.bqdy's baby. Thoy start at 73 centn and tho nicest ones, just whatiotlir
ors will ask you 85.00 for, sell at $3.48. Caps, Hood3, Shawls, Squares, etc., right.
Is II W B jE
Within thti limits of one small pajje it isimpussible to say all we would like about our several departments. For instance, we have not said that our Grocery Department wants all the
Country Produce it can set, yet it does, and wijl pay the highest price for it a fact not to be overlooked. We cordially invite you to call and see us early or late it will do us both Rood.
' 1 T?-m m y , - sn 1 Oi
s wfs Jrsfs jsa &JT2 w jL THE PLACE WHERE A DOLLAR If
IT W mlnTTfJ vjjl
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