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VOL. 6. NO. C2.
i'i!i(!K per wee;: 1
What the Papers Say.
Hon. Sam Powell and 11 n. A I
phabet Umupbidl ask ihh .wn8 f
. iae Territory 10 wnu iu 'iu-
.... .x j ' ii .u-, r .. ,i ... Kill -
IDIl BUtl Call 1MB UClCHUji uil
rack fakawitb the hope that tb
!Iooo bill may pass Great lobby
lets those fellowa are South Mc
,Aleeter News. '
f Tn one of his norrowful medita
xom Charles Oioaon wonders
l why tbe UDited states everatartea
, in to pu Indians on allotments
and turn them into lull fledged
aitliena. He ajs that Uncle Sam
put tbe fixings on tbe Indian and
tLat the Indian is not able to carry
fe fixiuguEr.
' Senator Morgan is very much
2used ovtr the report, that has
:a put in circulation, that be
;nt, immediately after the coun.
J, to Muskogee to interyiew ibe
t iwes commission and protest
;inst tbe supplementary treaty
i " emission. Heays Hat frtm
fj;e way Col. Needles talks it was
r;:t necessary for any body to put
1i a protest. Tbe senator alco
c'--tes that bit business at Musko-
was to aid a brother in his 1 1-
f rt tn be placed on tbe rolls as a
Izerokee citizen. Tabloquah
The Creek deeds are here'
f Cach was the wtlcome news fiist
c-mveyed to the people of Muiko-
.-"3)fs morning by special bulle
vi of the Times.' Itwastbemost
Important and deeirabld pieca of
vernmept information that has
en given in the Creek nation for
long time.
The deeds were received by mail
iii morning and there are 992 in
Ii lot. Tbey will be recorded in
be records of tbecommisnioa and
eA turned over to the chief fur
'livery. . They can be recorded
the rate of fifty per day by on
n and it is likely that tbey will
eitlivered to Ibe chief ibat way,
ougb it is a r.; re matter of detnil
be decided by tbe cdj mission.
le clerk who tfill da Ib-j record
; staged that it would b possitr'e
get out a few of tbem in two or
ee daya though the work will
l be wt 11 under way lor ten djj a.
j he commi-Hi i.'i txpecis ti
Ha ! arrive frooi Wasuiiigt-m
neig iu.'. lit rcguUrly now ami
fit y com I mi nJgii t&rei uin
.y b jii'i? 'i the reu rd foicj.
.i.i ml I'nrn-r hm int been of
fdlly .lo'ifi d of thtf arrival ft
i de?da atui has made uo arrange
nts as tu i'utr final d livery,
.'ynoi --t i'ire will 'is no dn
h hinoffijn Mu-kog9 Tiaiss
, Part of t ie Filsco System.
"or several months past rum ir
bad it that the Ozark & Cbnr
8 Central road would, on the
,t of tbe year, pass to the man
ment of tbe Frisco system.
i rumor has been denied bv
f6zark oCicial8, but the late t
published by the Frisco cr
i the Ozark as a part of tui'
lem. The Ozark becoming
t of tbe Frisco system will not
efit or injure tbe interests i f
leuab, but will be a seriou.
r to Fayetteville, Arkanssn
le, who bave been struggling
a competing line of road for
J city, aco! when they sub
,ed, most liberally to tbe
ing of tbe Ozark, were assured
It was not nor would it be
i a part of that system. Tab-
ah Herald.
Holiday Exciirsioa Rates.
peceruber 24th, 2-jth and 31st,
, and January 1, 1901, the M K. &
' -;V"sy will sell Holiday Extur
JokcK to local points wltbtn two
ad miles of selling station for
fur the round trip, final limit
ry 2, 1.M3.
, Roll of Honor.
Mr.'J.C. Auder-o.'i clo'sel tier ici'Hi
last Friday wh-ri. a nrnuraiu of exor
cises that wim well rendered. 1'lie t-
lowing U itiB roil of hniifir fee the
m'nif.h n1 intf Friday pe,;, 19h:
Glaiys A'KJer-on, !!.'); llelle'i An ior
cti, 92; Laiihiiin BnlUrd, A1I)t
M ut,ney. 91; Jeie Tlioraan 91 1-2;
H-ittie Carrloo, 91; Annette Wenvir,
90; Silvm (4leamiii, 90; Gerife Klotiey,
0 1-2; Alpha Gra'hiini,'0; Pearl Land s
90; Maude Brown, 90; Lena YVeathe
furd, Mrn, Anderson will nut teach
after Ohi ii-tmas unle-s she can secu e
a k'ond hoieket'per in the mean tiAi.
If he should teach announceme t
vilt bt n ade later
Keith's Body Found.
The b(iy of Matthew Kellh who
was drowned In 1'ry or Creek last Tues
day was found yerterday afternoon a
half mile below the ford where be
as drowne.1. Keith in company wltti
Ills wife drore into the stream at the
Gamble ford two and one half mile
from the town of Pryor Creek and the
wagon went don. The woman wait
assisted ashore out the man waa lost.
Bob White.'an old time friend of
the editor of this paper la t pending a
few days with friends here. Mr.
Wblt.e baa recently made the tour of
the w. r d spending considerable time
In the Philippines.
There will he a C'brl-ttmaa tree at
the Cont'renational Church Wednes
day evening at 7'30, Those desiring
to place presents for their friends on
tbe tree will do I a comtttee la read-,
loess to care for them.
The Christmas 'exercises at 1 the
Christian Church will be held In the
Opra bouse. A spnUl program bus
been prepare! and everybody Invited
and a commitee ban been appointed
to look after the presents.
Mr. Presfm S. Davis received the
sad Intelligence todty that ber moth
er, Mrs. 8am. W. Pe 1 of Hent.onville,
Arkansas, was dylrik, and will leave
( n tbe afternoon tralu for her bedside.
Dr O.D.Merfdith Is borne from Kar
sas City, where he has been the past
two weeks attending tbe veternary
Anlov3iceof tei Chrlstm trees
was received today for tbe d Cerent
Sunday Schools and for seme private
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure.
Divers all classes of food, tones and
strexgLbens the stomach and diges
tive organs. Cures dyspepl'i, Indl
ffhtioo, stomach troubles and makes
rich red blood, health and Htrength.
Kodol rebuilds woroout tlseues, purl
tie!', btrenghens .nd sweetens tbe
stomach. o Gov. G. W. Atkinson, i f
W. Va., say-: "I bpve u-ed a number
of bottles of Kodol ai d have foun t It,
to bo a very effective aod in led, a
powerful .remedy for stimach ail
ments. 1 recommend It to my friends.'"
A. W. Forem m. dw
The New Northwest is lticreas-'ng from
ininiikration, by iOO.OCO people yearly.
This region oiler a field tor farmers.
slock raisers, miners, lumbermen, mil
lers, fruit growers, and all classes of
labor. The Cody Wyoming extension
into the Big Horn Region offers a splen
did opening for the live stock and wool
business and for farming by irrigation.
The industrial expansion that is now
the basis of lth in the East, will be
repeat jd in the Nvth west. Give some
thoi'ht toward a hv -me in Nebraska or
M'onesota, the Dakob s, Montana, North
esisteru Wyoming Northern Idaho,
vVashinton, the Puget Sound and Col
umbia River region.
Northwest Train to Tske.
"The Burlingtoh-Northeru Pacific Ex
press" is the only through train Into the
Northwest territory in connection with
the Northern Pacific Railroad. Through
coaches, chair cars (seats free), through
tourist sleepers over this a' t line and
time saver to the Northwest. Connect
ing train from Denver to Alliance in
connection with this great through train.
ou can reacn tiie Northwest either via
Kaneas City, St. Joseph or Denver, by
the Burlington Route.
To the North.
The Burl ngton has two trains dally to
St Paul and Minneapolis, reaching the
valuable territory of Minnesota and the
Dakotas traversed by the Northern Paci
fic and Great Northern Railroads. Tbe
Burlington is the main traveled road to
the Northwest and North. Investigate
the Northwest by addressing either the
Industrial Departments of the Great
Northern or Northern Pacific Railroads
at St. Paul, or the nndersigned.
U J. BRICKER, T. P. A., 823 Main St
Kansas City. Mo.
L. W. TAKELEY, G. P. A , St. Louis
F. C. SHARON, S.W.F.A.. 82-TMain St
Kansas City, Mo.
Xmas for Women.
Sity! We need a liu'-k a t Ax,
Mme Snive Polish, a W' Inner, VW h
tntf Machine, MjetlcvK inve. U . i c k -stove
Cfisiri.rr O-ik. We ;hh alw'"
. er repilrs far theo d ym wi 1
m ike im liHMiy if "u tuy them of
Darmuli IIiiHrP C i.
What's In a Name?
Everything Is in tbe name when It
comei to Witch Hszel Salve. E. C.
DeWitt & Co. of Caicago, discovered
some years ago how to make a salve
from Witch Hazel that Is a specific
(or plies. For blind, bleeding, Itching
and protruding piles, eczema, cut",
hums, bruises and all skin diseases
DeWltt's Salve has no equal. This
has given rise to numerous worthless
counterfeits. Ask for DeWltt's the
genuine. A. W. Foreman. dw
thousand Dollara Worth of Good
A. II. Thurncs, a well known coal
operator of Buffalo, O., writes. "1
have been ufflicfed with kidney and
bladder trouble for years, parsing
gruvel or stones with excruciating
pain. I got no relief from medicines
I began taking Foley's Kidney Cure,
then the result was surprising. A few
doses started tbe brick dust 111c fine
stones and now 1 have n pal across
my kidneys and I feel like a new i an.
It bas'done me a $1900 wort h of goo t."
Sold by People's drukf store. dw
Spend Christmas Holidays with kin
folks and friends In .the ld States.
Only one fare, p!u- fi.00, for the
Muntt trip by the "Rock Island Sys
tem," Choctaw, Oklahoma & Gulf B.
K. Tickets will be limited 30 days
from date of sale.
Christmas Presents.
Carvers, silver knifes and fork",
berry spoons, sugar t-iiclln, coffee
spoons, children's sets, pie knives,
s ilad set", table upons, dessert spo rs
tea opoons, dresdea .ware, pocket
knives, razors, safety razors, nut
cracks, scissors, shot guns, leggings,
bunting coat, cook stoves, boys'
wagons, sewing machines, everything
useful and necessary at Darrough
Hardware Co.
oo Numerous to Mention.
You will have to make us a visit to see them all. We
have a large stock of silver novelties ard fancy articles
that have been carefully selected.
All new designs, and will need to be seen to bo ap
preciated. We have all kinds' of books and toys for the
Children. This will be Headquarters for Christmas goods.
Come and see us.
afoveman'e 3cvelr
anb WnQ Store
j .ape
won't find any that will please you better. Call
early before the stock is broken. We have anticipated the wants of our custo
mers whose minds arc worried over the question of a suitable Xmas gift, and
we now suggest a pair of these shoes. We have a great many other things
here that" suggest themselves to us and will no doubt appeal to you.
per pair. .
pM ere a n
a -
"yE have recently added the Stacy Adams ;
& Company's Shoes to our line of Shoes
making it the most complete line of Men's
Shoes in this city. Wear Stacy Adams Shoes
and you will have the satisfaction of knowing
that there are none better made out of leather.
'Come and look over our fine footwear. You
per pair
t i 1 e Co
Cbtuetmae o6.
We also have a very big line of cloth bound
books by the best authors from 17c to $1.25. Come
early and select the titles you want before the lino
is broken. Our endeavor is to get a liberal share
of your patronage during your holiday shopping,
therefore we have marked our prices down, and if
fair dealing and low prices is what you are looking
for we are confident we will get your trade.
CSnf "MV-kfrk RIGHT GOODS I .e
O VLil IVAUliU prices RIGHT 1 v"
Rose's News and Book Store
In Raymond Building.
Oliver Bagby. Prea.a 2 J. O. Hazx. V-Pres. W. P. Phxixips, Cscbier.
First National Bank,
CAPITAL, $100,000. SURPLUS, Ssv.ooo.
Oldest and Strongest National Bank La the Cherokee Nation.
- Does a Safe General
We Are Not,
But we Beileve hi
See Woodard for your
signs. Shop north of Fris
co depot.
m p a n v .
Banking Business.
Permanently located. Office at
Webb Brew', stables, Soutb Wi',soa
street. OSce phone $2, KesMence
phone 69. Hospital tor patients

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