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- i -i
VOL. 5. NO. 68.
e.e On!p True Learn'.Jiz.
ally engrossed. Among the great
number of branches taught there
T3 Know How to Do Thirst Well Is U scarcely one, that has any ten-
dency whatever to qualify the etu.
dent to produce a loat of bread, to
shape a shingle or make a jacket.
Outside of reading, writing, and
the four fundamental rules in
mathematics, there is but little in
This article it Resigned for a
piece on'; dueatjoo; not piece,
to wever.cf fashionable orthodoxy.
bt simply a glance at the subject tne enti" scope of scholastic train
frrta merely a layman's Jpoint of ln8 has any practical bearing
view. i I , uPon tb concerns of this rcortil
"etween God, Nature, land the lile- The re,u,t 18 Obvious. The
r.ile there is always absolute 'mp who called at your kitchen
rtaony; they invariably witness door and importuned for a piece
1 r one aoo'.her. j Nature, speak- f bread may have been by no
Z through the moral sense, tells meftn o ignoramus; perhaps was
Oc irymatf that it is bit duty to ecbolar, having been trained in
Af Ake a living for himself, not by childhood and youth uqder the au
Y. :!:!ry speculation but by honest spiceff of the public school. Why,
j litor. And G.od,, in. pronouncing then Wi8 be begging for bread?
s: -tence upon the disobedient W"B UVJ UB0 w
f:;r, corroborates this precept of to do better; he wss willing to
nl'jire in language exceedingly work for you. It was simply be-
grrphiq and (orcful. The nan is cause he did not know how to pro.
net only to Wpjk (or his feread.tut doC8 tz binrself the dssU'ed article
he is to Land to the task until the Pf the sohocla tad nver
svrrat upon his faoe shall testify to Uu2ht him bow t0 do it. Hence,
the tr.:5a trhis tnuacles: A The tramp be-ing bread.
e: f tZ-i.' The rrn rhrj htm
to T ork out a support for his own
fcc :ebold, including himself and
13 r 3 indolent to Co so, is said to
"Thesa" "propositions wilir of
course, be stoutly controverted by
I tbe optomistio cchoolman. lie
will tell yoa tbat the mind of the
stuiest will be etrecsthened br
Aro duo to lnd- Hon. I Inety '.zn
of everyone hund; d pop1 wh' ova
heart trouble can remember when it
was simple Indigestion. It Is a scien
tific (act that alt" cases of k-art dis
ease, not organic, are not or'y trace
able to, but are lie direct , result of
Indigestion. All food taken into the
stomach which falls of perfect diges
tion ferments and swells the stomach,
puffing it up against the heart. This
Interferes with the action of the heart,'
and lu the course of time that delicate
but vital organ becomes diseased.
Digests What Yoa Est
Mrs. Lorlne Nichols of Pnn Ymi, K. Yl
write! Aftar Mtlne. my food would dlitw I
m by maki't my hert f ilpiuu and I wou i
becom v.y weik. t-itmir I got a bottlo of
Kodol tnd it ftva m Immediate relief. After
uiinf a few bottles 1 m cured.
, Kodol cures Indigestion, dyspepsia
and all stomach disorders, and givea
the heart a full, free and untram
meied action. . '. ,
Bottles only. ' $1.00 Slit hoV't 2H ttes
the trial ilia, which aella for 80c
' :!
li denier of the Christian faith the 8tudy ol lheee lrr?levant ab'
t is even worse than an infidel.
Ii is obvious, therefore, that
Qci has no use for. a lasy mm.
Ha may be ever eo fine a fellow in
c:!ity--be may even profess epir
it"l conversion; and belong to the
chcrcu, and even be generous in
Blractions. and the stronger ths
mind the easier "and more certab
I the success in making a living.
This, however, is but the famil
iar old fallacy : that . has been de
luding the educational world from
time immemorial.
How about , your Groceries? Have
you been getting: them here? If you have
not now is the time to begin. Try seme
of our canned goods, Ferndell Brand
Asparagus, June Peas, Pickles, Etc., and in
selecting some of these you are sure to
And what will please you come and see us
A. 7. Forer.:an
Ifodol D:. psla Cure.
Diye-is all classes of fiioi. t rt.e ani
Its popularity etrerii,b ps the ttomah ayi dige-
f Bn.t v.-i . i, as an argument well illustrates the tive .TKans. Cure iyspepu.udl.
' ,ou, juii uj mg uuir EUBuei y ill " l - ,
- - I . . - ., i l:Lllt. FfoiiHi-ii Lrrtiirt as a n.i ma
huuchhh iubl error miv snmHLimPH i -
I he is too lazy to roll up his sleeves
izTJ by energetic action provide
. food, clothing and shelter for him
self and those rightfully depend
t:' rpon him hn ie, in the estitna.
'!;' of the divine mind,, no better
. 'i an infidel, and. in the end.
t;:1 share the fate of the reprobate;
kV that is tcj say, die and go to bell.
y We bave'said so much to bring
a, into view as prominently as pOs-
biuio me curioua iaci tnat troa,
Nature and the Bible unite in the
expression of a much greater con
sern for the well being of. the
human body than for the culture
and development of the human intellect.
1'e'I ephoiae
f Ml irl ' tiftill ' In. . ....... .
usurping the. throne of Kodut rel)UlMs W(mJUl ,4 k
tie?, t-trenghaii aod sweetens th
sto-iiHdi. G')?. O. y. Atkinson, t
not waai a man mosi neeas in of bot les of Kodr.i and have found
order to aualifr him to provide for to oe a very effective and iDrtecd,
- . . 1 Itiiibn.ftll . ... W
fu'tnui iciucujr uir Mlliniru nil
make in
The fact is, mental strengthis
his physical wants, but skill it is
skill tbat accomplishes all human
purposes, skill tbat constitutes the
grand desideratum among mortals.
Ou may know very well bow
music is prpdocea on tbe piano
mem. I recormtmui H to my friends.
A. V. Kireruan.
A Cold Wave.
The forecast of (ud4eo c-Jiauges
the, weatuer serves nniice that
hoarse voice and a heavy cnuh mnv
nen ne puts nie angers to the invade the "anctity of health !u you
keys and attempts the feat he may own home. Cautious people have a
possibly prove an utter failure as tottle of One Minute Count) Cure al
a musician. It is not the strong
est horse that dies the most effect
ive pulling, but the little fellow
that, understands best how to
handle himself in tbe harness.
Skill, we repent, ie what we
most need: it is what the world
needs. It ie tbe common dearth
fif t.flla oni nn.lt finatSn thai
'had been perfectly fitted up and , .. .
. . . i "K fosters, more than anything else,
I And this is all in exact accord
I with the divioe plan of creation.
God, in working the complete man
into existence made first bis body.
It was not until alter ttm bodv
way at bar.d. E. II. Wise, Madison
Ga., write: ''l am indebted to One
Minute Coutfb Cufe for rny present
good Ltaltli, aid iirobutily ruy life,'
It cure ciHutH, colls lari ppe, Iron
chili", pupumo na and alt tliroat aud
lun trouble f)ie Mlnuie Cough
Cure cut the blegm. dras out, t he
InQariituaiiO'), lieaU and f-o it'ie- the
muuou cuea)brane and sireuuthens
thelun(s. A. W. t- retnan. d
Of numan e'dUCatlOn: ara nnither nnmnotent nnr Aar.a,A
I - - XV IId V
equipped tbat it was made the . i. i j .
u j t .- . " " " physical want and coneequent
v w v v v a urn I D'UI UU UCU I
, , n 1 yet our scboolg, the Hole expe
lectual faculty. dlen( Q which we Jook or
ft .i. . . . i t
nere, men, we csicu me lunaa- betterment o'. human conditions.
mental idea
me poysic&i nrsi ana me mental to teach it
d in the order ol develon-1 Let us bear. then, the connln.
t. I he acbool, or more pa-.j Sion of tbe whole matter: Our
tioularly the teacher, presumes to notions of eJucation should be so
take up and carry out the work of reformed as to substitute skill for
humanizatiou just where tbe di- kuowledge as an end to be ai
vine band laid it down. In making taiued. Our schools should be eo
mental culture tbe sole object of remodeled as to qualify them for
his attention he ttereby proceeds the ready impartation of skill in.
out of accord with tbe inspired stead of knowledge, and no tu
word, lu violation of tbe laws of dent should be deemed entitled to
buian nature and in disregard of I the credit of a completed educa
Common experience. If the body, tion until he Baa convinced his
as we have seen, requires first at
Coughs, Colds and Constipation.
crime and misery among mankind, couifh reediclne other fian Foley's
Honey nd Tar, that they contain
oplte htch ar coii!-tin;iUrv be
side heloit unsafe, partlcuUrly for
children. Koley'n Honey and T r cbn-
taloH nc opiates, is safe and sure and
will ot constipate, sold by People.s
drnpr store. dw
Foil m Dartlv Attack.
"iiy ire was so ill that good thy
siciacis weie unaule to help her,"
wiii.es M. M. AiM-ln, of Wiuchester,
Ind., "hut was wmipleteiy cured hy
D.. Kite's Nev Life Pills ' Tbey
work wonder In iu TDaeh and liver
trouhles. Cure cor.stlpatlon, nick
neaaache. 2oc at Teoples and A. W
Foreman's dru stores. dw
thousand Dollars' Worth of Go 3d
' A. IT. ThUrriPD . wall tnnutn
faculty that be his possessed him. operator of Buffalo, o.. writes l
1 Al - t 1 t I t nr ....... . I
vbiuou iu lue economy oi mis nie sen oi sunicieot skill in some hon- nave been afflicted with kidney and
it should also be the first object of orable calling or profession to en- bladder trouble for years, pa&slng
cultural treatment in the school; able him, if need be, to go to work gravel or stones with excruciating
that is, the conservation and de- at it and work out for himself and Pa,0-' I 8ot ',0 rel'ef from medicines
1 vaLinmint of th. nonil'- .h van thA.. .h . AnA u: ULU v.iC)r jxiuaey wure,
r- , r-.v-. . nuu . ., puutu,(,u ullu tben the result was swprislnrf. A few
I jiuhcio nuiir ivuuui, lugtuner cou.ioriaoie living. doses started tt
with such theoretical instruction
as will -juahfy him for taking care
ot his own body after be leaves
the school, should constitute the
first object of scholastio care. In
short, every pupil should be re
quired to receive instruction in
and to master tbe art of honorable
i ecii-euj.'pori.
I In order to realize bow far our
J school of liberal lsarningare com
ing ebon of this moat desirable
. ills unl; necesgiry to gltic?i
Iior a momeat at the conr-e of study
J'o which their efficiency is gener.
Saved At Grave's Brink.
"I know I would long ago have been
In niy trrave," writes Mrs. S. II. New
iom, ot Decatur, Ala., "if It bad not
been for Electric Bitters. For three
years I suffered untold aony from
tbe worst forms of indigestion, water
brasb, stomach aod bowel dyspepsia.
But this excellent medicine did me a
world of good. Since usin it I can
eat heartily and have trained 33
pounds." For ltiditfet,!oo, loss of ap
petite, stomach, liver and kidney
troubles Electric Bitters are a positive
guarantee! cure. Only 50c at Teople's
and A. W. Foreruit'i's limn stores, dw
aoses started tbe brick dust like floe
tunes and now 1 have no pain across
my kidaeys aod I feel like a new man.
It has done me a f 1000 worth of good."
Sold y People's druir store. dw
Report from the Reform School.
J. G. Gluck Superintendent,.
Pruntytown, W. Va., writes: "After
trying all other advertised cough tne
dlcinss we hive decided use Foley's
Honey ani Tar exclusively In the
West Virginia Reform School. I find
It the moft effective and absolutely
harmless." Soil by People's drug
store. dw
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ture and have refitted the bath
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Territory. Call and see us.
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