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The Vinita daily chieftain. (Vinita, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1902-1913, August 03, 1908, Image 1

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VOL. X. NO. iW
any regular voeat ion, tint v. ..s kind of
lord of a certain element of negroes and
is said to be a crap shooter, and earns a
livelihood by whatever manner he can.
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Safe of Allottment Causes Terrible Tragedy at
Tulsa SaturdayEnraged' Fugitive from
Justice Kills Wife and Baby and
Escapes into Wild Osage
Sheriff and Posse Pursue Fleeing
Criminal to the HillsGreat Ex
citement Preyails at Tulsa.
Father of Mudered Girl
Offers Reward for
ball missing Brown's head by but an inch.
Again Harris tried to shoot, but the cart
ridge missed fire. Brown nearly frozen
with fright, jumped and fell out of the
buggy into the road.
Harris leaied into the rig, and grabbed
the whip started the horse galloping up
Elwood avenue.and striking westward set
out for the Osage country.
The news of the. tragedy had spread
quickly and a great crowd gathered in
I front of the McDowell home, The mother
and child were taken into theHarrishome
Tulsa Aug. 2-Infuriated by his wife's . and ,ater amoved to the Mowbray under
refusal to turn over her allotment money ' tMn& 'nls- The P)lice arrived and in
mt ,h Hrivpn n Hpsnpr-tion because company with the county officers deter-
the police 'were seeking him for two mined upon pursuit,
crimes, Cleve Han-is. aged 22 years, shot A Psse was fornled u",!er Cllief Ne-
and killed his wife and baby girl, in WlM;k and Sheriff Lewis- and their
front of the McDowell home, on Brady Path, beta laid out by blood, hounds,
. . ... i ' thev struck into the noiirttrv. Near Flat
avenue; in maKing nis escape snoi anu . - -
seriously wounded Walter Vann. an Rwk creek- about four rmles northwest of
American Express messenger, made a this citjMhey came upon the horse which
determined effort to kill Myron Brown, a j Harris had stolen- but t,le murderer l'ad
collector employed by Wm. T. Baxter, evidently abandoned it sometime, and
and escaped pursued by officers and citi- j had taken t0 a strect o- ti,nber t0 the
zens into the Osage Hills. Harris is now west-
. i . l ,.,!'i,i.i.mi.nmilr(, I The officials searched in vain for a trail
. UI;1;VCU tv 111 a Tlliuuiiuiuni-iiwuimjp
1 where he has numerous friends and re- f(r tw ". and their horses beln?
datives, and little hope is held of captur- wer they returned empty handed
ing him shortly before 4 o'clock yesterday after-
The news of the dual tragedy , swept'" noon- Another posse of officials left last
through the city like wildfire and it creat- niht intent 0,1 brinini Harris dead or
ed a sensation. A posse was immediately alive- but lhere is very little ho of
J formed and set out in pursuit of the catching the fugitive now.
murderer.but after following the trail Almost since their wedding day the
t with bloodhounds to a cornfield near Flat Harrises have had trouble. Harris, a
creek, four miles northwest of the city. Profligate. srnt the greater part of his
t were forced to abandon the chase because ti"!" 'm .Jninw a,ul :lh,mt ll,e; '!,!'
I of the condition of their horses, Another ' 1 rom tilU,! tl tlil,e ? lhe of
I posse which included SherfT Lewis, and is alld at tile P"int of a gun he
Officers Doland find Walker left the city f,)R'ed his wife t0 fur,,ish money fur his
I shortly after 6 o'clock Saturday night. mnmt. His wife, the daughter of
After firing five times at his wife, the Chnuncey Owens, being r)f Indian bio. id.
V,sam shot that killed the mbther piercing' 1,a1 considerable property, and it was by
the baby' s heart. Harris rushed to his own the sale of tllis that ,uoney was f'lrishd
horn-;, secured another revolver and then lu 1',J"10-
ran up the alley to Cameron street. FerhaPs not in the recent l,i8tory of
i In front of the Fairchild grocery store Tulsa has a crime created such a sensa
' on Cameron street Walter Vann and D. u:n- AU the afternoon groups of men
T. Fairchild were 'standing. Vann had hered along the business streets and
received instructions from the downtown ta,ked of nothin bllt the crime- s,,"ly
American Express office to get a package before 4 o'clock the possemen began to
at die corner of Cameron and Denver. strale in- antf immediately they were
He wasn't able to locate ,the call and he surrounded by crowds eager to have the
had stopped at the Fairchild store with a latest information of the chase. Rumors
view of getting information. Their at- new thick and fast. Ion Lewis had shot
tention was attracted to the scantily clad ,li,n llas he was swimming the Arkansas,
man running up the street. As the man J il was said- Another had it that the
orprT;hed. without a word of warning Pe.had surrounded him in a cornfield
"t, 4 , ,.,i.,. u n and that the end was ?"xn to come.
ill, niini tut nut itvuini tiuv.1 fltui a .
' ' . 1 1 , . . i.
bullet crashing through Vann's side- n inese minors, iu.we-.er,
Th o,. ;,..,;,,,! ;i Q -,, i, ,ik,,n,,,,i . ad n:gnt came on with th
up the street." : iatlHred in rir'uj'S ln the streets eager
Venn was assisted to his feet by Fair- ' 10 hcar tn latest development,
child and helped into the store. The i Lale tl,e aftern.wn it was announced
buliet had passed througn Vann's bofly that Chauncey Owen hnd oHered a re
aivt the blood was saturating his clothing. ! ward (,f 5500 for the ca'nure of Harris
Fain-hild telephoned to the police and ta j d,!i,d r al,ve' This with tht' rewarJ of
a physician. bi whil he w:ts doing this ! 500 olT,'nd by the Illinois officials, put
Vann calmlv walked ot-t of the ' store. ! a r,ce wf $1-0WU on hls had- '
incited, no doubt, by the o!ter, a posse
to Tulsa to look after his inte-iests. For
the past year Vann has been in the em
ploy of the American Express Company,
as a driver. He has many friends here,
who with his relatives are much pleased
to learn that it is expected that he will
rapidly recover from this wound.
Alleged Abuse of Small Child Causes
Number of Lades to go to
Court Trial in October
proved ialse
crowds still
Jealously Said to Be Cause of Shoot
ingFires five Shots But
Only One Effective
Mary Shaeffer colored or Mary Brice as
she is known to some is lying at her
home with a severe wound in the fleshy
part of one of her limbs,and Bub Williams
also colored is spending his time in
county jail as a result of a shooting
in linn.
SaturrJay morning Sheriff Ridenhour
arrested Mrs. Fleeta Klinefelter, of the
Vinita Hardware company on a charge
of assault and battery.
The arrest of Mrs. Klinefelter is the re
sult of numerous complaints from the
ladies of the town and neighbors of the
woman, alleging that Mrs. Klinefelter has
constantly abused Kathleen Lewis her
little niece who has been making her
home with Mrs. Klinefelter. This , case
has been of considerable annoyance tOjust below the hip and caused a severe
Saturday night, while J. W. Galyer. a
Katy tank repairer, of Parsons, who has
been installing a new pump at the water
tank on south Cabin, was away on an er
rand, some unknown entered the tank
house and robbed Mr Golyer's coat, which
had been left hanging in the house. The
sheriff was notified as soon as the robbery
was discovered but no trace of the mis
creant could be found. The unknown
robber secured a check, payable to Mr.
Galyer for $225. a note for $15 and a
Katy pass, number B 2164. A negro was
seen later coming north along the Katy
the 'tracks and he is believe to he the robber.
aj However he reached the city and was
fray on the east side last night. The , 11,81 oelore anyone could see turn to men-
shooting oecured at the Lettie Brown
place on the east side, where the injured
negress has been residing for some time,
The exact cause of the trouble is not
known but it is claimed that jealousy on
the part of Williams who had become
enamored of the dusky woman was the
source of the immediate trouble. A few
days since Williams is said to have sold
his allotment and has since been leading
a strenuous life and has caused business
for the crap shooters and negro dives to
pick up, and last night he was on one of
his sprees and went to the home of Mrs.
Brice and not finding things to his liking,
pulled his "hog-leg" and began to make
business good in that vicinity. He fired
five times at the woman, but all of the
shots went wild except one, which struck
both the police and sheriff and readied a
climax Friday' night, when it is claimed
that Mrs. Klinefelter struck the child over
the head with a skillet inflicting a bad
wound on the forehead. County attorney
Brady got out a warrant for the womans
arrest and the child was taken to the
home of Sheriff Ridenhour, where it will
remain until further provision is made
for it.
The preliminary hearing of Mrs. Kline
felter was set for this morning and her
attorney C. B. Rogers appeared for her
and had the trial set for Uie first day of
the October term of Ciiurt. j-
The ladies . of the town have been
greately interested in this case and sev
eral of them went to the court house, this
morning to protest against the treatment
of the child.
The Chieftain wants all of
the Society News as well as
all other news and if you
know an item telephone it
to the office.
flesh wound and put and abrupt end to
the row as far as the woman was con,
cerned. A few minutes later the sheriff
arrived on the scene and placed Williams
under arrest and took him to the county
jail to await a preliminary hearing.
Both Bub Williams and Mary Brice are
well known in the colored portion of the
city, Williams was never known to have
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Jewelry Store Robbed
A telephone message to Sheriff Riden
hour yesterday morning states that a
jewelry store at Chouteau was burglarized
Saturday night and the looters got away
with about $125. worth of jewelry. The
message did not state whose store it was,
but asked to have the blood hounds sent
to trail the thieves. As there was no
train south that would stop at Chouteau, I
until the trail was cold, the dogs were
not sent,
f.IUST PAY S13.277.10
Suit is Result of Alleged Attach
ment Proceeding of Wholesale
House Defendants Signify
Intention of Appealing
to Supreme Court
Tulsa Aug. ,3 According to the verdict
of the jury in the district court, brought
in Saturday evening, the Ratcliff -Sanders
Grocery company must pay T. J.
Cook and Sons $13,277.10. This is 'the
end of the trial which has been on all
week before Special Judge Loofburrow
and brings a result in the hardest fought
case that has been before the court.
The suit was brought by the Cook's
with the allegation that the wholesale
grocers had attached and taken posses
sion of their stores which they operated
in the Glenn Pool towns, without just
cause and that their credit and business
was ruined by the action. It was con
tended that a mortgage given by T. J.
Cook, the father and senior member of
the firm, was secured by misrepresenta
tion and without the knowledge of con
sent of the sons, who , were the active
members of the concern. The amount
sued for by the Cook's is $57,000. The
Ratcliff-Sanders company has signified
intention to appeal to the supreme court
Miss Julietta Cannon, of Anderson. Mo.,
who has )een visiting Miss Laura Mo
Daniel, went to Welch yesterday.
Messers. Human and Snyder, prominent
oil men of Chelsea, were in the city today
on business. .
L. Allen is at the telephone office
rifter 'an illness of several weeks.
No County Nominations This Year
Provisions of Election Lave
Not Widely Known.
. ann calmly walK.M oi't oi
u:vu in .i lAuicoa vrii-i'iu illiu uiv.i. ,
d,,u tnwn tw w, tr.kpn lln,ir of seven left Saturday night on the Katy
the care of Or," P. R. Brown, nd later re
moved to the hospital. His phpsician
stated that the wound though serious was
not dangerous. I
In the meantime, the murderer now
running as though his life depended up-, Walter Vann is a CluTuke.; boy and
on it, continued up Cameron to nwoou- ; was reared in lnita. tie witn tus
Near the corner of Elwood and Denver, mother and brother Ralph lived for a
train for Osage Juncjion, and they will
: leave Osage this morning ar.d scour the
country between that place and Tulsa.
V Mor,,,, Ti..,.fiTl i ... ill., j'fir un til.tvor! Kr J
T. Baxter, sat in his rig, looking over
some bills. Brown never noticed the fug
itive until he rushed up to the buggy.
Whiiu'.ind the revolver from his Docket
Harris fired point blank at Brown, the
number of years on their farm just south
east of town. He is a nephew of Webb
Bullington and h;s many other relatives
in this city. His allotment near Tulsa
proved to be quite a valuable possession
and about two years ago, Walter moved
'Better Shoes and cheaper than else- !
where :: $1.50 for a big lot of S3
Hats, nobby and stylish no junk.
tomorrow will be held tfie nrt primary
in the state under the new election law
and no little interest is being taken this
primary. No nominntions for county otll
cers are to he made but the candidates
j for congress an 1 several state utnYtui will
j be made. ,
j The new election law is new to the
: people of the state and some of its clauses
have been severely condemned by the
republican press, but that is to be ex
pected. One of the clauses to which little
or no publicity has been given is the one
providing that any person having or giv
ing away of intoxicating liipmrs within a
half mile of the voting places is guilty of
a misdemeanor and subject to a fine of
$25 to $300. with an additional jail sen
tence of from three to twelve mouths.
The following are the voting places:
1st ward Lee Barrett's old implement
j house.
2nd ward Empire Bixk.
I 3rd w ard Police court room.
! VJi ward M..!e!!.-nd building.
Outlying precinct at Willie ILiNell Col-'
Card of Thank?.
I wish to express my sincere apprecia
t. i of the aid t--: ir i me r-y my many
f-.-n Is during my recent bereavement.
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C. B
Vi IT"

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