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The Vinita daily chieftain. [volume] (Vinita, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1902-1913, October 16, 1912, Image 4

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Matoi (MM fey Mt mm K7tir
4 Mite is real MUte, feat
M iMir tfcaa real U?
wB MX fe MtTWk4 Mpra tt
Mar of roor 4o0am to onr to Ms
rM yM teMtoMM staMt trrMf K
TraaOas Mai yM wBI at m a
f this hafin fw a JoMt 4iaw
ios of (fe MMWa aa4 M l th 'r
ylaeM I ha xtcMa4 or tf yrm 4
alr ycwi nay tit wir 1 m wtth
kitiin rmurA. Very truly ywr.
Rcption at the Buff) oglon
A oobi): reception wa a "nJ-J
Mr r.'nacnp 'lark at me parlor and
tfteing room of Um Hotel fiuffinctn.
yealerday afterrrfxn f rotn i" o ' lc
A very dehbtful time aa bad by
bi;' wh wer- in attet.4r- Tbert
! a pleaaore In cotirerMUrm of friend
that bylgktoU I if'- and pull tbe ralad
away from the erloii thing In life
Mrs. Clark I a delightful p:ron and
bo ;t Kyifjpsthetfo Intereat In every
pha- of life. Hhe ha a maris for
using ber prnltlon In Washington lo
h ip otii: unforunate fivnum. It may
In- a blind waif or an obsolete Individ-
-- ....fa,! I"" w4b mwwmm m at wwsm.
f"-- - Tr , -. .
c A kr to OMt IjI XuTiiirTT rMi li niMf j VUMa iwMMJMaaj MTV AM.
rial with the impulse that 'all fori home the hoatea presented eab with
renognltioi. fteporie toward any a white (arnation. Mrs. J. J. Hpewer
such cut deep In tbe memory of tbejwa aslt-d by Ml darrfe 'lllll and
race the line that marks the !( j Mr W. M. Hpencer.
f man through life, ' '
In conversation Mr lark m
the ry!or of name. Hhe jive the dull
ouri," to the esoteric
hue but to Mr. Clark
There fa no reasot
should not. have olor,
u r
it llil tl.e lllil
In re Jt r ' mill'
tudes of llvlr
ntiM. crcarijj
that fcwarui
r feet walling for some
i to place them under the
gertlu mm
rnl rrmeope
that may m them The "
Mii. .iumi,,,, ih!
the ni'i
re . ar.1.-,- ov. ,
look A a friendly and nyintialhetli
.'Otistrsatloiiall! Mr t'hsrnii Clnrk
doe tlii
Mlaae Kva HaU lift Malorle Murk,
May Day Hark and 1-iiOle Mllford pro -
nld'-d at the tefr'-luin nt table where ,
. I , . as. v.n Mi. III III ..III. , I .. I i I, I , I :
IIW ifJlflaii wa wiiii ui-iiAiii
ful cherry pum i.
lira Ibrk liuif ina.lo iimiiV frlnfl.tu!
in Virilta, and a our giiei we hope
. lie will remain with um uisny dny
yet to come.
Band Leader Gone.
J. II Mill, who ha been leader of
i be Comtnen lal iul bund left ye
terday for Ht l.ouls to remain, and
Wm, von Hp.- f Carthage. Mo., is
here to perfect a deal with the Vlnlta
band. Mr. von Hples ha been play
ing with lite fartliage UfU inard
band, and come well re ornmended,
but the band Imy nay they will not
hire another leader unless tbe busi
ness men rf the city will help bear
the expense. They have spent much
of tbeir valuable time and a lot of
thesis own money In getting the fVnn
inen In I i lob liiini in ii h iire-cnl i-ian-dard
and they do not feel like furnlHli
Ing tho time hiid money Ix.lli for a
nubile enterprise of ttibt kind The
boys have given u a good band (hi
siimtncr, and It would be a shame lo
let them go to piece now after gel
ling tip to their present stafi'Vard. The
bulneti men xiiould get together
while I'rof, von Hples la here nnd nlve
what Ifltrice they rtn I'rof von
Hples thinks he can mike ihe imini
pwi m Use on. jrtw M sMMajMMa m mm tiiwii mm I
I l - - - . Jf! u
f Ma ffe
fey MMrrytec aM (onacr rMML
Fwl. feo MMMMMMM A
JMto Mmim m a prf;r at-
MMmMI frM MM Meaa Mft
vKa MdH wM t Mm
fMMs M UN lMhjt. MU-b Bmv
iter u trA a t F.w h Cmt tW
trfeM mm CMMjftly MMwtrtiri fey Ai
MattMrai ia4 ;aa aaba a KMJmt
t& ayvr. M ao -
MM M ir;t
At tfe Craa Ttr Tartar Jtor.
o. r. CUrfc
T& 1UKWKtVM utr1 MMM
of MayM MtoMf, MM at fryor rtT
tti f Wtlt JoMta. for eotnty rlerfc.
tVreral aplttau were rated mi aad
H rMMdr4 atrreral baJlou to 4mMc
a winner, trot m Mr. Cterfc MM Btauie
Uk rac! ih thu pflmary be wm the
I'j'ky man Mr Oark i a xood m
an lwlll Mak a jJ ra- He we
jr4 in Craic wwntr near KHao
Six O'clock Dinner.
pretty little o 'iock dinner raa
! ..-r. Ut vetiin at the bone of Mr.
and Mr J. J. MM"' rr M booor of Mr.
CMkM "iark The boe wa prettily
iMMMtoi In pink and wlrite ramatioo.
Tiioae li hart the pteaaur of
apeadlifir the ereninn ltfc Mr. and
Mr. Hpewer and Mr Hark, bo so
pleasantly loPi Mroe eMM happemlnKM
M polltkal life, wr- Mr and Mm. 0.
I., (iennett, Mr. and Mr. TMrU Hill
and Mr and Mr Vl'lllianmon. The
out of town (cuest a Mr. and Mra.
Hpenter' daoirbter, Mr, ("hnrcb. of
A tbe ii-l wrrr parting for tbeir
0 0
A t Ai k f A vtrv nnrkrtwra' r
buiiAL Ann rtKaurtAb
l.ee Barrett caioe in last night from
Miami v, here he ha mining interests.
It V VfcHpadderi 'nine in from Den-
nl" ,i",t nlht
Mr B n P-nnlugton I ii
loan j
t v''ng friend.
s,r vVatkltm and Mrs A. A Minor
the country this
lien Hand'-i
tlii morning
I) H Warr
hi i-
1. A. Wis.- made a busit
j Fulrlnud tlii uiornlriK
Mrs. J W Armstrong brought her!,,,j u ,,uite certain that a ringing
daughter up from IiIk Cabin tlii men
lug to take mni from Ii 'k-rtiia
Hlanfleld, who ha a music studio at
the Cat ton Mil i company store.
K.I Johnson and family of Centralla,
ciime In last night from lientry, Ark.,
where they have been visiting tela
tlves, Mr. .lobnson say the corn MOfj
in Arkanaan is light, but they have a
large fruit crop
Tbe Wagoner lilgli school football
team will be hen- Friday for a return
game with the high school team here
The Wagoner boy are reported lo be
greatly Improved since their defeat
by Vinlta two weeks ago and the con
test will be a good one.
W. II. Ilarton will return this art)
Ing from Kansa City where he accom
panied bis son, .1. A. IJarton and fam
ily on I heir return to los Angeles, Cal ,
aftei tbeir visit here Miss Rella Ilar
ton n oiupiiiiled bar brother to Iah
Angeles ihmI win remain through tlie
Daily Chieftain
10c Per Week
"Msg MB?-1 MM u Mh en be Mtwm n to tte I
mm (Mm; MrMw. t ?. tiat im as rMw
by tama aMMMed fey tJeprr ;
tet Mr fexeve . kefr. M c i
tXiags prwrtouiy MlsiMMM by th
DsSBlUB, Mel sCffi ha M aB the whOe
N!i Out Dwmhiii battesty mad
Mm ifet tmrt Uwjb kMtfltty
dMt i Mm te nelsla
iy.f MM " Mi IMttel
MM fe no-w adocaua thai ere sM- !
L7 '4.
the Pacfrfa RVT
Tak kM MTMOMt Mm of tkxr
aa fttaslr. Um rata of
tin MMtom Mmm fei
tks iMMoentto mMmm! aoBTseOoa at
Omtst fosr years ao MMMM tbe
tfea MoMa raia" la u over.
Mm which MMMtosts itaMf
la all the qseatloca sow tor Mm '
Here la tas rary pfcraoe wkicb ka
sapbyy udltfeM oaiy terMra to
fee n Mas, feat Um oswMfeMMteg to
m It was dwelt a peas fey Um caad
4afaM nA Yjv r,ff.r aMaVsm srte tka,
MBMUga. m that Mr BmmviK, then F preparation for tbe Mg Meetings Basil Gauntlett, tbe English piano
president, may be unsMd to save bad 'v d-nre to call the attention of Chris-jvirtooso who takes pan in the sym
Mtos of It. He Mt Mdy refused to tioa people of all denominations to the phony concerts this week as soloist,
sdMlit then that it was the paramount !meet ngs which win begin in a few "achieved yesterday with Saint-Sten's
Issue, bst be displayed extraordinary jjaym, and urge co-operation in every j Concerto So. Z. in F major a well de-
activity In crgiag apoa the covntrr
Mr. Taft, whom be baa since declared
to be tbe gget: of bosses scd tbe eoe
My of popular iirtrtMSt.
It would sees that b ought to make
loree iliglst acknow ledgeiaect of his
indebtedness to tbe fAmocratlc party
for ugge(!eF tbla tasse to Um. At
lt. t migbt pet tbe is oe la quota
tlon marks
ffe i row adeoeatiba; tbe direct
Mm tlon of senator, bat if be ever ez
t reed himself is favor of this reform
earlier than two years ago tbe fact
ba escaped my observation, and I
have not only watched carefully, but
waited anxiously, for some favorable
exnreealon from blm.
Long Fight For Popular Election of
Tbe iJnoix ratic party began the
fight for the popniar election of sena
tors twenty years ago tikis summer,
when a Democratic bouse of repre
lentatirM at Washiagton passed for
the f.rst time a resolution submitting
.'cessary amendment. Since that
time a similar resolution has been
paused by the house in five other con
gresses first, iu ifsSt by another Dem
ocratic house; then, after two con
greases had elapsed, by three Kepubli
can houses, and. last, by the present
iiitic bouse, (hiring tbe twenty
tear the reform has been indorsed in
t,r, Democratic platforms, the plat
form of i!frO. 1904 and liW. and It
tax been indorsed by tbe legislatures
of nearly two-thirds of the mates. Mr.
I!i,'ievelt must heve known of tbe ef
fi rl which was belnK made by tbe pete
, : to ecnre the popular election of
;io,r. and yet he took no part in
the fight, lhiring this time be was
I ideal for se.ven and one-half years.
ri'usage from blm would have brought
victory to tbe people's cause, but no
r. eiesge came. Tour years ago tbe
co&veatJM blcb he controlled and
ublch nominated Mr Taft rejected,
by a vote of seven to one, a resolution
Ir-dorslng this reform
Still Mr Roosevelt did not say any
thing lie neither rebuked tbe Repub
lican convention nor indorsed the
strong plsnk which was Included in
the Denver platform. Even Mr. Taft
went so far during tba campaign of
1 Mil m to say that PERSONALLY bs
was INCLINED to favor tbe popular
election of senators by the people, but
Mr RooMvelt did not ren Indicate an
Intention In that direction. Now, when
the reform is practically securedthe
amendment being before the tate for
ratification he declares htmself In fa
vor of It. Would It not be fair for
him to Indicate In some wsy bis ap
preciation of tbe long continued fight
waged by the Democrats in behalf of
this reform before be espoused It?
T. R. and the Income Tax.
Mr Roosevelt Is In favor of an In
come tax. How long since? His first tng extracted from the sap of tbe rlpa
indorsement of it was during his sec- ' palm of tbe Philippines, and, If an In
ond term, and tben It was suggested ; duitry should be developed, may add
as a means of limiting swollen for- considerably to tbe world's supply,
tunes and not as a means of raising Hitherto an alcoholic beverage has
revenue The Democratic party lu- teen made from the sap.
M -l' 1 -
( JBHm v ' " nB?
I v Sfa'
5 s . '.'
In. BcJciB will begin anion services
M a few daj3 in lnita It has been
.gratifying to the committee to M a
fbearty response by business men ia
; possible way. Join the calling list to
invite people to tbe meetings, get in
Lscal Newspaper Which Reaches All
Cfsases Strongest Medium, Says
St. Louis Banker.
Speaking at SUeston, Mo, before
members of the Missouri Bankers' as
sociation. R. U Gurney, manager o:
(he MTings department of the Com
mVea)tb Trust company, St. Louis,
made a strong piea for newspaper ad
vertistog exclusively in tbe banking
business. The subject of Mr. Gumey's
talk waa "Advertising Lemons," in
which class be placed most of the
other mediums for which bank adver
tising Is sought He strongly urged
advertising by contract, as only by
systematic and continued effort could
resalta be obtained Among other
thing Mr. Gurney said:
' Tbe first step, and It is of para
mount Importance, is to decide to
fpend your advertising appropriation
buying newapaper space only. You
will find it a bard matter to adhere
rigidly to tbis decision, but it will pay
ell to do so. Your bank Is for all
rlase of people, and there's no way
to preeentvonr appeal for new bMt
nes to aU classes except by means of
the local newspaper, ft not only
reaches all classes, but goes into
home: here U Is read by each wen'
tier of the family. The dally newgpa
;er Is r. controlling factor In the dailv
life of very man and woman, and we
ought really to nay every boy am:
girl for the children are such prolific
renders nowadays.
' Regardless of what other forms ,oi :
publicity you may employ, you mus-i '
carry your advertisement In tbe new
paaetl continually if you would have ,
your appesl for business reach 'h
mailmum nuniber of people."
Converted by the Salvation artcr.
burgtar stood before the congregation
at the ball in Spokane, Wash., and
drew forth two revolvers, an electrle , reeled and delivered, issued out of the
flash, a Jimmy and other parts of a District Court of Craig County, Okla
burglar's outfit. He said that he had (homa, in an action in said Court where
Intended to rob some stores, because jjn Jameg Gmlgple i8 paintiff and Lula
he was hungry, until be beard their Reed defendant , wi1( on (he
mu c' (28th day of October, 1912, between the
hours of 10 o'clock a. m., and 2 o'clock
Policemen Dog's Only Enemies. jp m., of the said day, at Court house
With unconscious humor, a woman I door in Vinita, In tbe County afore
summoned at Brentford, Middlesex, I saId offBr at public 8ae to tue Digl).
England, recently, on a charge of al- Lgt bldder for cagn , nand the fo).
-'V1,W,d,ef.t0tt,.1fc'IWb 'inS described property, to-wit:
pleaded that It waa friendly with er- , , , . ' , ,
eryone but policemen, and it had. new I Twon No ir!' ' 5 and 16' ln
er bitten anyone else.
Sugar From Palms.
Sugar of a superior quality ia
ser deserriac amrobation, and proved
tbe telephone brigade and ask people combine feeling with ' perfect ' c Lni
to attend the Meetings. Announce-j que. so that bis performance proves
Mt will be made as to exact places to be a real delight. He produced the
,and date of Meeting in a day or two.
served triumph. The young virtuoso
'acquitted himself of his task in a man-
j North Avenue and Thompson
Phone Ml and 4sl
One Way Second Class
To Western States
-t-1 i -r - c- a
Throuah Train Service
By virtue or an execution to me di-
iiiock ."so. 4, oi ine i uue Auaition in
Vinita, Craig County, Oklahoma, said
property huving been levied on as the
(property of the said Lula M. Reed and
taken on execution In favor of James
Dated this 25th day of September.
128-158 Sheriff.
that in his playing he knows ho to
delicate modulations of tone with an
effectiveness which made it easy to un
derstand why the audience demanded
a further exhibition of his niasterly
skili virtuosity Translation from the
"Westltcke Post," St. Lovis, March 16.
UWL) At the Grand Theatre. Friday,
October 25th.
Lady ii fodwater Describes Btr
Dijtressin$ Experience and
Tells How She Wis
Finally Relieved.
Good water, Mo.' Ever since I u
I little girl," says Mrs. Riley Laramcrt
"I was a sgreat sufferer from dyspepsia.
I suffered misery after eating, and had
terrible heartburn.
I thought I had to suffer this way as
j long as 1 lived, but when I began to take
I Thedford's Black-Draught, in small
doses, every night, the heartburn was all
gone in a few days, and I could eal
' without distress.
I took two small packages in all, and
; although that was some time ago, the
: dyspepsia has not returned.
I speak a good word for Thedford's
; Black-Draught whenever 1 have the op
portunity." - a:..
. . Ui.,i& uiuu uraucas, we uree you
t n,v o. .. i..
tT.."f " v'u 'Tm?1 "
; cicdiibcss me system, neips the stomach to
digest its food, regulates the bowels, and
stimulates the liver.
It acts gently and is without bad after
effects. Try it. Price 25c.
Physician and Surgeon
Office in Barrett Building 108 Souts
Wilson Street.
'Office Phone 263, Residence Phoue W
Residence 223 South Adair Street
Office Rooms 9 & 10, New Halsell Bldg
Graduate Veterinarian
Office, City Livery
PHone 185 Vinita, Ohio
nctunduit txaminat on nt
uirciauuns ftiaue as rainless si
n .
'-ossmie ana All Work Guaranteed
omnorerm used for Painless Extraction

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