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Kansas City Stock Yards. Nov. 18.
A. run of 56,0(M) cattle canve In last
week, not Including 7000 calves, which
was 24,000 more than came In during
election week, and the same number
that arrived corresponding week last
year. The six leading markets were
short 25,000 head from a year ago last
week, a fact that put osme ginger Into
buyers' actions, making the la to 25
cents advance scored on all kinds of
cattle look logical. Calves were an
exception, closing 2." to 50 cents lower.
The shortage In numbers of cattle
marketed at the leading points does
not fully express the situation, as a
great many light weight and low grade
southern cattle were counted in at
Kansas City and St. Louis. The win
ter beef market is starting out, .ltrong,
and with evidence of considerable re
serve power. Packers have not ac
cumulated any beef this fall, and are
starting in the winter beef campaign
on a hand to mouth basis. Bare shel
ves In pork cellars add to their dis
eomfltur?, which is intensified by the
prospect of Bllm winter supplies of
hogs, sheep and lambs. The run of
12,000 cattle today Is selling steady
to strong. Nebraska beef steers sold
at 110.85 today, filling a post that has
been vacant since September. Short
fed steers bring $7.00 to $9.50. quar
antine steers today up to $7.25. grass
quarantines including southern riff
raff $4.25 to $6.25. Range cattle are
fairly numerous today, medium kill
ing steers at $6.40 and $6.65, good Col
orado killers Friday at $7.75, heifers
from Durango today at $6.25. range
stock steers $5.25 to $6.75, feeders
$5.75 to $7.00, top veals $9.75, Thanks
giving poultry is beginning to move
marketwards, and will exert some ad
verse influence on live stock markets
during the next week, though Increas
ed appetites of consumers at that sea
son renders the poultry influence
largely fictitious. Hogs sold 5 lower
today, top $7.80, bulk $7.50 to $7.75.
A big run at Chicago today gave ex
cuse for a ten lower opening, but the
market Improved all through the ses
sion, the top load selling on the final
round, typical of the strong feeling in
hog circles, Sheep and lambs are on
the verge of a substantial uplift, ac
cording to dealers, run 11,000 here
today. Choice lambs are worth $7.00
to $7.50, feeding lambs lacking in qual
ity, eelling around $6.00.
entertainment. VouJght this company
will present Mr. Morgan's own play,
"The Cry Baby," a western comedy
drama, that Is said to have much
School Opens.
The city schools opened yesterday
with a full attendance, and business
is resumed In the usual way. The men
ingitis cases are all reported to be on
the mend, the quarantine on all shows
and public gatherings were lifted by
the mayor Saturday at 1 p. m. The
precaution taken by the board of
health and mayor of the town was a
step in the right direction, and we now
have no more fear of the disease
Log Rolling.
The W. O. W. lodge Is making pre
parations for pulling off one of the
biggest log rollings ever pulled off in
this part of the state, on December
31st. District Manager H. L. Marshall
is now busy traveling over Craig
county getting things in shape, and he
expects every camp in Craig county
to take part In the exercises. A watch
meeting and class adoption will be
features of the day. Members of the
local camp here are looking forward
to one of the grandest times they ever
The teachers and students are all
back after a week's vacation uud are
again ready for work. Things were
broken up a bit but will soon be run
ning as smoothly as ever.
The basket ball schedule will open
in the near future and the local fans
have some good fast games prepared
for them. Tim girls are practicing
regularly and should lie in the best of
shape for their next game, which will
probably be with the Adair girls.
The football team is out stronger
than ever tills week and are working
overtime to be in the best of condi
tion when they attempt to wrest the
state championship title from the
Tulsa high school next Friday after
noon i'i this city. Neither team has
been defeated by a high school I'mih
this season and both are preparing for
tbMr hardest game. The boys will
appreciate1 yoarjttPporl in this, their
most important game.
The Senior annual stan are all busy
people and this year's annual promises
to bo the best ill the history of five
There lias been a great decrease in
the number of tardles sim the new
ruling went into effect.
This has truly been a great year for
the school anil greater sin c esses are
being achieved in all lines of work
aud upon the athletics Held. The foot
ball team stands a good show for the
state championship and there is plenty
of good material In school for wiunini:
squads in all other Hues t sport
A little better effort at cheering
would be altogether acceptable from
the student body in the rhainpionship
game here next Friday Gel together
and organize for It.
Oh, you football team banquet?
When'.' Where?
Good Company at Grand.
The Morgan Stock company's pre
sentation of "An American tlirl," at the
Crand tlioatre last night pleased an
audience that filled the entire seating
capacity of the houses. Although this
play has been presented in this city
several timcH before, it was none the
less interesting. The cast was splen
did. Each of the players port raved the
i haracter allotted to them In a way
that showed talent above the ordinary
popular peloid show. This company
camo to Vltvita unknown, but In the
short space of two nights have won a
place in the popular approve) of Vinita
theatre goers. The band and orches
tra are good and add materially to the
Preserving and Cooking Hints That
Have Boon Handed Down for
Many Generations
Whan making marmalade Jam cut
rounds of tissue paper the alia of the
Jar, aoak aach In vinegar and lay closa
over tha top of the preserve. This will
prevent It going moidy
There's an oaay way to wak Jolly,
and that Is to boll the fruit right in
the muslin Jolly hag. Tha filled bag
Is placed In a large kettle and cov
ered with cold water. After boiling
until the fruit la soft, the bag with Its
contents Is lifted out and suspended
from a hook to drain all night. If one
has no aaststant this Idea has much
to commend It.
Do not throw away vinegar In which
homemade cucumber pickles have
been preserved. Keep It and use It
In salad dressing, Instead of the ordi
nary vinegar. The flavor Is delicious
and one that cannot be gained In any
other way.
When canning or spicing fruit save
the surplus Juice In the airtight Jars
and when you make your home-made
mince meat pour this Juice Into the
mince meat. You will find this saves
sugar and at the same time gives the
mince meat a much richer flavor.
To open a stubborn fruit Jar, invert
! the top of the Jar in hot water (boil
ing hot, but not boiling), taking care
', that the water Is not deep enough to
' touch the glass. The principle is to
' expand the metal top. Then open as
usual. A minute or two is sufficient;
should It remain In too long the glass
I would also be expanded.
British Monarch Is Attended by
Three Valets.
In molding peppermints or other
candy, keep the hands dusted with
confectioners' sugar.
Potato balls which are salted in but
ler after being boiled are delicious
I They should be served with a gener
. jus sprinkling of minced parsley.
To clean a frying pan after flsh or
onion, boll out the pan with soda wa
tiT. washlug clean, then put it on the
tire aud shake a little oatmeal In.
Small tin cans can be used for gem
, or patty cake pans by melting both
ends from them in a dripping pan.
The cakes will easily slip out of the
I bottomless rings
When using a bottle of glue, the
I tOP per may be prevented from stick-
In by rubbing a fresh one with a tit
le lard or grease of some kind and
using that In place of the old sticky
To clean an enameled bathtub wipe
t dry and then ru,b It with a cloth
dipped In turpentine and salt After
wftrd wash it with dean warm water
lien wipe it dry and It will look like
i new tub.
George Usually Droaaes Himself
Dutloe of the Chief Man Servant,
Who Stande Between King
and H Tailors.
London. His majesty haa three
valets a chief and two assistant
The chief valet has been with his
majesty for the last twelve years. His
duties are to superintend the care of
the royal wardrobes, to attend on the
king In the royal dross lag room and
to take ail instructions concerning the
king's clothes which may be given him
either directly by his majesty or by
one of the private secretaries.
His majesty's clothes are kept in a
large room adjoining the dressing
room. The walls of the room are lined
with wardrobes, which are divided la
ta two sections. One section contains
the king's uniforms and the other his
majesty's ordinary morning, walking
and evening salts of clothes.
Over night the chief vslet is in
structed regarding the uniforms, If
nay, and the suits of clothes which the
king will require for wear the follow
ing day, and these srs placed by the
assistant valets In the royal dressing
room. Before a suit or uniform Is
sent Into the royal dressing room it is
Inspected by the chief valet, to see
that It is properly brushed, Ironed and
ready tor wear.
Every morning the suits which flu
king has worn the day previously are
brushed and ironed by the assistant
The king, it may he added, never
wears the same rait two days running.
As a rule, his majesty would not wear
the same suit .oftener than once in a
week, and when It had been worn
about two doten times it would be put
out of the royal wardrobe.
The present king keeps earlier
hours than did his late majesty. King
George customarily rises at seven
o'clock, when he takes a cup of light
coffee, which the chief valet brings
him directly the king enters his
dressing room, ills majesty then has
his bath, which is always a cold one;
while the king is In bis bathroom the
chief valet puts the links and studs
Into hla majesty's shirt, puts out an
assortment of ties on the dressing
table and places the boots or shoes
the king Intends to wear on a ma
hogany bootstand, and then retires.
The king dresses himself without
the aid of a valet, except when put
ting on a uniform, when the chief
valet Is generally in attendance. When
the king travels, the chief valet su
perintends the packing of his majes
ty's luggage, w hich is done by the as
sistant valets. A list of everything
that is to be packed is made cut by
ihe chief valet, and on the arrival of
the luggage at the king's destination
the list is checked over by the chief
valet while 'he portmanteaus are be
Ing unpacked.
The king's chief valet is a well edu
cated and well Informed man. lie is
a first rale linguist, speaking French,
Herman and Italian in addition to his
native tongue, perfectly, lie has trav
eled all over ihe world with the king,
and is known and held in high esteem
by all the great European monarchs.
from whom he has received on their
. visits to this country many tokens of
their esteem.
King Oeorge rarely or never tries
j oa a suit of clothes, aud seldom is
seen by the tailors who hsve the hon
or of his majesty's custom.
When the king desires to order any
! new clothes he informs the chief valet
I of the fact, who gets patterns for the
I king's Inspection.
When his majesty has selected the
I patterns, the chief valet gives the or
der to the tailor, and the clothes,
when ready for trying on, are fitted
: On a dummy figure of the king.
The chief valet inspects the suit
I when it is fitted on the mod-l and
gives the tnilor all the necessary di
rections concerning It. A suit Is gen
i erally fitted on the model three times
Falls In Swoon aa Prospective Fsther-I
In-Lsw Whispers Fateful Words
In Ear.
Boston, Mass. Arthur L Bascomh,
the electrical inspector who fainted
when informed that because of paren
tal objection his wedding with Miss
Ada L. Powers would not take place,
had been making bis home with her
parents for the last six months.
Bascomh had made arrangements to
have the wedding ceremony performed
la a parlor of the Copley Square ho
tel, the guests were present and the
minister was waiting.
Bascomh thought at first that bis
bride-to-be was detained, but as time
went on, he became nervous.
The guests were also exhibiting
symptoms of uneasiness, when Wil
liam H. Powers, father of the girl,
walked into the parlor, and, drawing
the young man aside, whispered into
his ear, whereupon Bascomh fainted.
The gueets were informed that
there would be no wedding, and left
the hotel after being told that Mr.
Bascomh waa but temporarily ill.
In the room at the time were the
aunt of the bride-to-be, the girl's fath
er and a minister. Prom the conver
sation It was learned that the aunt
was In favor of Bascome as a bride
groom. Bascomb took out a marriage li
cense on May IS, giving his address
as 1286 Commonwealth avenue. All
ston, which Is that of Mr. Powers. The
marriage Intention stated that it was
his second marriage and that he had
been divorced from his first wife. Ha
gave his age at thirty-eight years.
Woman's Remains Found Near Cairo,
Egypt, Was Wrspped In
London. The mummy known as
Ba-Nefer. which Is In the museum of
the Royal College of Surgeons, has
been described as the oldest mummy
known. The date assigned to It by
Prof. Billot Smith was the age ef
Senefru, the beginning of Egypt's
Fourth Dynasty, about 3,700 years
B. C.
Some human remains, however,
have now been discovered at Sakkara,
about fifteen miles from Cairo, be
longing to the period of the end of
the second and the beginning of the
third dynasties, about 4,000 years
B. C.
Among them Is the skeleton of a
woman about thirty-five years of age,
which was found completely Invested
In a large series of bandages, and next
to the body was a corroded woven
The corrosion, says Professor Smith,
was presumptive evidence that some
material, probably crude natron, was
applied to the surface of the body,
with a view to Its preservation, and
he has thus been able to trace to a
higher antiquity than had previously
been done, the use of this method
for preserving the body of the dead.
Blackberry Pudding.
Oik- egg, one cup of sugar, one
cupful of sweet milk, one half cupful
of butter, one half cupful of lard, two
OUpfUls of sifted flour, one quarter of a
teaspoon fa) of salt, two teaspooufuls
of baking powder. o::e pint of black
berries. Heat sugar, butter and lard
lo a cream: add beaten egg. milk and
flOur sifted with the salt and baking
powder. Dredge berries with flour,
use no Juice and add Place In a pud
ding mold. Steam two hours.
Sauce One cupful of sugar, oue ta
blespoonful of butter, one teaipoonful
of flour, one cupful of bolting water.
Mix butter and sugar, add flour, pour
on the boiling water and conk until
It foams
Pare and slice some very ripe pine
apples: then cut the slices into small
pleeee Put them with al! their Juice
Into a large pitcher and sprinkle
among them plenty of powered white
sugar, half pint to each pineapple:
cover the pitcher, and let It stand till
quite cool, occasionally pressing down
the pineapple with a spoon. Then set
the pitcher for awhile In ire. lastly.
traln the infusion Into another ves
sel, and transfer ft to tumblers, put
ting Into each glass some more sugar
aud a bit of Ice. This beverage will
be found delicious
: Carpenter "Boo Boos" When Court
Asks Him If He Was In
toxicated. South Bend. Ind. Frank Cooper.
a carpenter, cried as If his heart
would break, in the city court when
.fudge Karabaugh attempted to ask
him some questions When he had
finished his cry the court sent Cooper
back to jail, with orders that he re
main there until he can appear with
out displaying so much emotion.
Cooper came into court sniveling like
a schoolboy. "Guilty or not guilty of
being drunk?" Inquired the court. "I
guess I'm guilty." replied Cooper.
You see- " But he got no further.
The tears were coming thick and
fast "Are you married?" Uiundered
the court. "Sure I am. the carpen
ter replied, "and I got the nicest
boo hoo pa and ma boo hoo you
ever saw."
Pursued Man Realizes It Fully and
la Philosophical Over His
Kaunas City, Mo. Speaking of hard
luck, John Hengllnker of Erie, Pa.,
says there Isn't anybody that has any
thing on him. Recently he and Mrs.
Hengllnker started for Dallas, Tex.
He had $300 in his pocket and that
was stolen before he got to Chicago.
While telegraphing for more funds, he
left his wife In another part of the
station, and when he returned his wife
was gone.
He lost a half day looking for her,
and finally came to Kansas City with
out her.
On the train he grew belligerent
with a fellow passenger and suffered
a broken nose and two black eyes.
One of the eyes already had a cin
der in It.
A telegram from his sou reached
him In Kansas City and he leasned
his wife hid eloped with another man.
lie checked his baggage at the depot
and "took In" the city. Ills son lu1
telegraphed more funds. He bought a
suit, paid for It and said he would call
for it later.
He has forgotten where the store
! i-
I lie says, wife or o wife, good luck
j or bad. he Is going to Dallas.
Swimming Mistress Goes Insane,
Swims Out to Sea and Orders
Pupils to Follow.
Famous Painting to America.
Ixmdon The newly discovered'
liomney portrait of Mrs. Siddons and
her sister, which has been bought by
an American, will be taken to the
(Tutted States by Isaac Simmons, a
l-ondon art dealer. The painting,
e hich Is n full length portrait, is pro
nounced by art critics here as the
greatest Romney ever taken from
England. The picture had beet in
the ownership of a family that had
been extinct since 17TT.
Copenhagen. A young swimming
mistress went suddenly mad while In
structing a class of thirty girls In the
sea at llelslngborg, In Sweden. She
swam out to sea and ordered all the
girls to follow her and swim to Rial
mire, in Denmark, Ave miles away.
All the girls but one followed her
out to sea. The solitary one who dis
obeyed swam back to shore and call
ed for help. Several motor boats put
out and caught the swimmers far out
at sea.
The girls were all picked up, but
the mad mistress waa only caught as
she was sinking near the Danish coast.
She was taken to an asylum without
Grand Theatre
This is the strongest and largest company in the
west today, presenting- new plays ever)1 night.
Main Floor, 30c Balcony, 20c
Children in Balcony 10c
One Night, Sunday, Nov.
Johann Goethe's Sublime Poem. A Magnificent Scenic
Prodattian of
with Anthony Andre as Mephisto
A car load of scenic and electrical effects. The most pretentious
production of Goethe s masterpiece in America
The F unions Brocken
The Rain of Real Fire
The Kloctrical Flower Garden
The A potheosis
The Revel of the Demons
The Transformation From
Hell to Heaven
Prices 50c, 75c and $1.00.
Seats on Sale Friday
A uegro was fined ten dollars and
sentenced to serve ten days in jail by
Police Judge H. M. Williams yester
day afternoon, on a charge of disturb
ing the peace.
A Sane "4th" For Chinatown.
San Francisco. ( hlnatoVn la cele
brating this as Independence day, the
birthday of the republic. Oraiioas,
parades, banquets and bunting, but no
firecrackers, were on the schedule.
Modern to the minute, ail enthusiasm
was as safe and aane aa a denatured
Fourth of .tub.
State of Oklahoma, County of Craig,
By virtue of an order of sale to me
directed and delivered, issued by the
Clerk of the District Court of the
Twenty-Third Judicial District of Ok
lahoma, sitting for Craig County, in an
action in said Court wherein Charles
E. l-nhimin is the plulntiff and Charles
(i. Schneider and Roslna S. Schneider
are defendants, in which on the 12th
day of December, 1911, the plaintiff
obtained a judgment against the de
fendants in the sum of One Hundred
and Sixty Dollars ($100.00) with in
terest thereon at the rate of ten (10)
per cent, per annum from July 15,
190!), tor Twenty-Five and C5-100 Dol
lars ($2G.5) taxes, with interest there
on at the rate of ten per cent per an
num from December 12th, 1911; for
Twenty-One and 70-100 Dollars ($21.70)
special assessment of taxes with in
terest thereon at the rate of ten (10)
per cent per annum from December
12, 1911, and for Forty-Eight Dollars
($48.00) attorney's fee, with interest
thereon at the rate of ten (10) per cent
per annum from December 12, 1911,
and in which judgment and decree of
said Court, the property hereinafter de
scribed was charged with the payment
of said debts and costs to satisfy a
certain mortgage upon said described
real estate and which said property be
longs to said defendants, Charles O.
Schneider and Kosina S. Schneider, I
will on Thursday, the 12th day of De
cember, 1912, offer for sale at public
auction to the highest and best bidder,
for cash, at one o'clock p. m., at the
front door of the court house in the
City of Vinita, Craig County, Okla
homa, the following described proper
ty, to-wit:
All of It Six (0) in Block Thirty
Two C!2) In the City of Vinita, Okla
homa, according to the United States
Survey thereof, approved by the Sec
retary of the Interior, Mry 10, 1902, to
gether with all and singular, the tene
ments, hereditaments and appurten
Itti . s thereunto belonging, to satisfy
said judgment, interest and cosU.
Dated this 11th day of November,
Sheriff of Craig County, Oklahoma.
BICBOCT & VOYI.ES, Attorneys.
Vinita. Okla. 67-91
Copyright Hart Schaffner & Mrx
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