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The Vinita daily chieftain. [volume] (Vinita, Indian Territory [Okla.]) 1902-1913, January 07, 1913, Image 2

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i " ; - v :
of chos&i
Viniu. Oi! .. Tutwjj, Jtmiar, 7.
ta!7 'a K ajar fH dotag the aw
0m&mmX QtHittr of Nortbwe-
Quarter V,'t flaif of Southwest?
jiarf? of Xofceat Quarter asd
.N'orts Half Kortawt Qoarter
of Bowtaweet Quarter of KecUoa
TbsHy-tmr Ul, Township Twee
r-sla (2) Xortb, ftu.ge Twety
! f!w sitaated in Crsritr
V1 Vf Oklahoeia.
a real eetate will be nM oo lb
ie Bat to0o9 terms and co-ad rtk to-wit
Bid fff fk pwrcWae thereof mtut
b ia written and n..ut be nlJ ,n tbe
Coecty Coort of Cberofc County,
V" ( State of Aiah-oroa, or delivered to tbe
ft . jiderijfr.'-d at the office of Butte.
jene A .'At timer Mwk' Okls-
rar azs
3l of g--sos4 Bjos'ard
!o saarts of t,h.
fjd eelrj or celery
S'baM feoar 5d o-a)
Dated 'hi 4th da of January, 11J
uardiar. of .-ian. f-riircniett. a Minor
PleaJjfil Cboo on neck of mwm
lVf-rs. taxr onions six
!rg cut-raters atd ta!x them well to-!
.tether Pat 0.J Btxtart 1a a aton
tar acd sprinkle with a teacopfel o! 1
R !et stand orer night The next)
nwra.iig drain thoroughly. Scald th !
reg'tab! with on quart of viogar i
Bated with two qnaru of water and
drain again Then mix two quart oi :
rnegr. poend of ugar. on half i
Vid of hit Muatard seed twei
tableapoonfale of grew.,) pepper, two j
Ublespoor.fuU of cianamon, two table- '
pooufuls of ginger and one tab!- i
Tnful of alUplc. Pour this mixture 1
or, r the pickle and boil on-half hoar
St.r If kj, froa gcorthing and pnt
'"o glass or tooe Jars.
1 O
Thoae pitr bforlu they are sdim
tbro-jgh tbe mall mlgfct totne in hand:
to ((ire a parting prod to the nu'-sr:
ger boy, when be goes OSJt with a v
tal delivery letter
tate oi Oklabotna. "ralg fottnty.
Iitrt Coort.
Imt Murphy, Plaintiff vs. W. C
iforsligr, liayma Mors!y, C K I .-r
If the trUa4 alosg tbe ' rou roads
wM read the newspeaen snore rai;a
fafly, they wowld not try to mail a bl
of hay te a rural delivery ooi jod'
the parteu pt law.
In about tbree-fotjrthji of the
goerr,or take tbe oath of office erly
Ida J Iters, Walbv.e
. Olivor A, Hutcbing
No. m Cirll.
Maid defendants W
Mayina, Horsley, C. K.
Irers, 'aii;e B Allen
Hutrbings, will take nr.
have been sued in the
B. Allen, and
. LjT
117 All A rvni rv rra
The Daily
f llorsley,
Ivers, Ida J,
ind Oliver A.
Ice that tbey
been sued In the above named
furt for upffi petition to reform, and
orrect Mortgage executed by W f;
Jlorsl'-y arid Maying I?onily, to Iav
Murphy, Bpnn yW 1-4 of 8K 1-4 of
Sextion fi, ToTshiti 27 X , liafige 18
Kfit In Cralv fVuiritv mrlatm inil
the present rnontb of January. Oold,.. .t i ...
lace giltteri, -olooe! of mllltla Uok
vurf proud and step very high, for
rn doble promlh:n ar nworn to, atd
once again (lie machinery of polit'cs
Krlnds on.
It takes it bigger man lo inn): t n
ood governor (ban It did a feaw years
imto. Not merely Is (here raor liurt
rienn to do, but tbe scope of publl u-
terprlseM Is steadily ln teasing
If the old time public official
i he people an honest administration.
it the book keeping wan Htralgnt ;irnl
no money stolen, the people d! I not
' all for very much more
Today, the people lo-ik t,j pu(,i nit;
' lals foe o"IihImii live oik al'ci.' n.-w
iiiM-B. p; wain nerrer mliool-, ''ir
er supervision of public servile cor
IMjralions. development of BVKrlculttir
A governor cannot meet these dema ,ib
by consulting with his subordinate, (.x
to now methods of handling official
red tape. He must surround himself
with eoirii Iciii ipeclaltlltf In -ill llltM
of human activity, mi'l Iranslate their
theories Into laws that will v nr( I i
the hands of common men
0 ,
January llrst Ih n tradtUosal period
when n oo&aldoravla numhor of men
iiwear on from the MdUCtlva clink of
the social wine kIiihh. and the bibulous
delights. f the in it furtive little
til ark bottles Somehow the '.witcr
wagon never looks iih popttlOtM Nh 1,
as It did M dafl earlier Bill It may
i)o ii very good meani for tni'iHiMirin
I I'm loi nil Hint
It Is hardly lite prmlme ol ft Bawl
paper to tell its reader trbetbei thy
Mhottiii in should not a Detain alte
getber from the use of Itttoslcatlo0
llQUOr It may be Hiild, however, llial
i old water never led inn uiiin to mii;ihIi
rufnltun-, The lellovvH vvlin Mte It can
buy cbenpei 1 1 r - - Insurance, and tbey
it. i. ate Heil to ;ilk lul l Hi' limit
iifllce when they apply fur a Job
it is alien remarked, that a bmd
inutl he prepared to line up at the
icf with tit!' "boys," or he will bit con
sidered unaoclnl, anil COJUlOl make bun
lwfs friends. NothlnK can be further
irorn the 'ruth
'I he ii nt 1 1 who kccIix rrieiidebtp will
llnd II, whethef lie culls let' mllkxliuke
or IiIkIi I-. iii Avhcii there Is mone)
to spend for k 'Otln or ' -iv1tw' It Hoes
to efficiencj and mil lo eweel smile-
Total aliHta iicih ofteil make the
mistake, however, of Asaunitnii an nt
tltttde of moral HUpeilnrity Let them
refleci iimt ever man is bin own
iudgi nail jurj when it eomi to eftllm
and drfhklng. To I"' lure (here Is a
Pee'lor court of public OhlSioO, and
u (Jreat .ludK' on high, that one iinv
will bear and act on th net result-' Of
ever rnau'i Ufa. Lei then daclde
Wherefore, when you pass up the
high ball ami elect the ulnKer pop, b"
careful how you hiitiil your nelgliboi
i teiiiperauce tract Demon Itutn Is
it tough old ctiHtomor mid be never
rend Htatletics. Stand up like a miin
in vour own booth, but ibm't try tc
gage, and wbhh lands have been held
by the other defendants herein and
now claim, of have claimed some in
terest hi said lands covered by said
Mortgage, and that said defendants
must answer the petition filed therein
by said plaintiff on or before the 17th
day of February A. . 1913, or said
petition will be taken as true, and a
Judgment fir laid plaintiff In said ac
tion for r fofpi.ttlon and correction of
Mortgage 'ai4 for the foreclosure
thereof, a -id judgment for any realdtie,
will lje rendered cordingly.
bated this 4th day of January, 1 113.
l3-3fl fAVBNPORT ItYK,
Attest Attorney for Plaintiff
MOTS u MIT6HBLL, Dtatrfd t'b-rk
By C, v CAR8B5LOWBY, Deputj
soup should aJway.4 be simmered
not boiled
Allow nearly three hours for roast 1
-ng a tea pound turkey.
To criap celery, let It lie in ic wa
ter two hours before servlDg.
Olive oil will clean aluminum ware'
and keep It free from mat.
Sponge black goods thoroughly with
alcohol to take away a dusty look. ;
Keep a calendar with pencil at
tached in th kitchen for housekeep
Ing account
Never leave canned food In the tins
after opening Remove immediately.
Instead of balls of butter, cubes with
fluted edges are a pleasant change.
Uon't put simple milk puddings in
n very hot oven, or the milk will cur
ffiteaa a turkey Is very young. It
should be steamed for an hour hefor-
Reaches all the people in Vinita,
along the Rural Routes and near
by towns.
The people who spend their
money in Vinita read the Daily
Chieltain. It covers the adver
tising field like a blanket.
Advertise your business in
H V ' 'miMBfi
The Chieftain
ig b
for.- the article to b" f i ied Is drop
Into It.
When chestnuts ar- ID season, t
are a delicious addition iholledi tt
simple salad
Nut Cookies.
Two tablespoons butter line UliaH't
teaspoon nigur one egg, one teasp "
bfikhiK powder one-quarter tearpi
alt. one-half cup flour one iab!
pooh milk, one ! i r cup Unci
'yHLg POLICE STOVE tme-balf teaspoon lem-
Karsif City fK
l tun Heitr
My Sells a Sta
Cents It
Kansas City, Mo John tones a
negro truslv at No ! poHae I tat ton In
Kansas City. Kai " ni flne.l $:'Oo In
police QOttfl tO "i"n? the station
stov. ahaeling h junk tbop in
the station wbe'l ,m. .Hein It
for .'.9 cents Ii 'i dltloH to the fine
John wh Knleiiei I n wheel the Move
back tu tbe xtanoii ktid set it in phaea
"I see that Mm i aunol lie t mated "
nalil the udge In i i.ponlng sentence,
and te cant1' ned the workhouse
gnarili 'ohn did not sell
his ball and ' '
Matters of the Memory.
K.i . ages have good nieiuoi e Tbey
siely tnal.e a false or eiToiicoiiH ino
tlon. Tbey huve mn
rmindltigli and thei e
thing! to distract
flicy ke.p their m.
i row iled. The clvlll.
great disadvantage
new thing every hour.
cicd tbelr sur
ar' no now
lelf atlention.
nory cells un
rl man at a
le sees soino
Ills brain cells
are a veritable, dam Ing. whirling,
Methjtuj nest of memories. It Is not
any great wonder that he cannot re
call the one ho ncei's Just when he
needs tt
ft BR1 the Ivitt'-r add sugar and ft
"ell beaten Mix and Hft the dry HI
e edi- hts atfd them to the llrst mix
tun- t'l.-n .Tild the milk and. last, th
lemon juice and walnuts Drop from
a Spoon on k:i unbu'fered baking pan
one Inch ajiart Place one-half not
neat on the tup of each and bake i
to ' minutes In a slow oven Thl
makes It cookie.. The ntits shoul 1
te meaatifed before the) are chopped
Mince Meat
f)ne quart bowl each of sugai
ralvins and meat u-hopped tllii'l, Iwn
rnart bowls of chopped apples, on.
abb xi eon each of allnpice and cinnn
nun. one half tablespoon of cloves and
one grated BWmegj two thirds of a cu.
Of ini'h.MheH anil ;i little salt, juice o'
two large lem m, moisten with llnuo
tn which the meal was boiled; COOfc
sfbsiy for keveml boara. if not mni"!
MtOUgh add water or a cup of black
CO floe
cneese Straps.
of g
ch e
thin rut In s
hi d hake on tu
f butter, two ounces
I Ihc the American
of flour, one egg i
ppgr to taste ami a
v'ork the Ingredient!
Tbey become i
(oil tin ihiugh out
four niches lonr ;
Paprika Chicken
M' art it ai.d Joint a chicken; roll
It 'tour: brown In butter In fklllrt
rimt-fer to casaerole: add two thin
Heed onions browned in butter one
all cup of chili or tomato lauce, one
l :i ipnoti of paprika ami one-half cup
Ot toVT cream t ook ttOWly One hour
a covered casserole In oven
Frieda Cookies.
One egg, one iioand butter, two t;1
blerftoons sugar, enough flour to roll
flat Mix with seoon lightly Uoll
u' vi f thin Cut diamond shap"
Kprlnkli" top with granulated sugar
. ml i Inn.iinon Hake ten minutes le
i .in nt. rate Oven If they run. add a til
: tie more ih.ur
Popularity Contest Brings Charge of
Padded Returns at Wood
bury, N. J.
Woodbury, N J. Among the congre
gition or me three colored churches
In this city there has been for som
time a good deal of controversy as ' )
which had the most popular pastor.
Firn'h it was decided to put the
matter 'o a test vote, each voter con
frlbutim; fle cents for the work of
the three churches The contest
closed the other night, and as the
exciting count concluded trouble was
precipitated which may go somewhat
According to the count Rev Mr.
Orovea had l.Mh votes; Rev. Mr Har
ris, r,4i, and Rev. Mr. Mersey. 237.
Pastor Harris at once accused Pastor
Oroves, the high man, of padding the
returns by buying $2.r. worth of votes
with his own money at the last min
ute Pastor droves sniffed and said
he had the votes all the time and with
held them to the last merely to see
how far his opponents would go Pas
tor Harris now claims that he has
1,400 votes, and a recount lay be
Budapest Council Decides Stage Life
Need Not Bar a Girl From
School Work.
That a soub' ette is not i ,
For grinding all kinds of thrash
ed grain, wwt or dry, fine or
coarse, without clogging or
choking, and made of the best 8
material, wear longest and pull I
the lightest, and the cheapest,
everything 'considered,
and be satisfied w ith the besr. We mfg. two sizes of sweep
power mills that will grir.d from 15 to 40 bushels of ear corn, pgr
hour, and small grain the same, we also make 2 belt power 'mills
one to run with from 4 to 6 hp, grinds 20 to 40 bu. an hour 1
from 8 hp. up grinds 50 to 150 bu. an hour. Our belt mills will
grind alfalfa hay into good feed after run through cutter, which
we also furnish on demand. Grind kaffir corn and milo maize in
head, snap corn with shuck on. If in need of a mill, have your
dealer send for a BOSS or write for circular and prices
BOSS Feed Mill Co., Cherryvalle, Kansas
necessarily an ii
teach school has I
the school authoi
FrauJeln Sari Perosal, a beautiful
yonnp teacher in he Dudappst Girl's
school spent her hour? when iot 't
school fitting h-rielf for the stage,
she reeenth was given an engagement
n a ftndaneti Hiealer a roubrette.
She asked i be school
mission to continue tc
In th'1 davtltiH atit' I
career a trial fo on
opposition wa- M i I
bet wee i
roper person to 1 "
been decided by of Oklahoma, County of Craig SI Quarter of Northwest Quarter of Se.t
es of ItudapeM In the County Court within and for Ion 24 Tnn-nnhln 9 m,..v. In .
ei t- ,.. limine i.i
i..-iS v.vuuiy, uKianoma. Hint Crali;
I" the matter of the estate of .Mary K.
Witt, Deceased. William i Witt,
Administrator. Probate No. 2227.
Lr- K A N U CI DC 1 1 I
. ..v.r.v. -.um ciairaea any interest in and to
ALL MMHI IXTKUKSTKD jsald estate. In the course of admlnis-
-i-v.Hi.M, . 1 I.N I EKKST IN t rat on tin In Hie tlm
County Oklahoma.
That the said William V. Witt and
Fannie N. Witt, father and mother of
the deceased minor, respectively, arc
the only porsons who have appeared
beets In a ipilck oven.
Delicious Luncheon Dish,
feat Umi cj;ks and add to tbem a
pint of hoi milk Tut In the bottom of
s t'tiddlnit dixit four slices of sial"
bn . 1 10 inches square, (irate over
tht m em fourth DOUttd of cheese and
t I ihole pour the hot milk and
Kg H ide gti tnlnuts and serve hot.
Whn You Ar Ironing.
vuiii hoiiiiik si and on a soft thick
j.ut rect iil not get so tired
Pie Crust Powell.
! Kor ' 'aii en 1 ih of Hour un inul en,.
half tgblesponful butter and one and
mieliiilr tableMpoonful of lard Add
about one third cup of Ice water Mak
nnft douith. usIiik as little water n"
poMiible and working very little RoP
out thin and bike
Stuffed Eggs.
Three hard boiled eggs, two tabl
spoonfuls of ham. one eighth teaspoo
sslt. one tempoon iimstard. 0M te.
spoon of oil, one balf teaspoon lemo
the schi ' sti b irltlea and the
,er fllta!1 lecblcd that a
when a' 1 snhhle aM Fraiib In
a not Ira trope r as a teach-
ItaoniMH per
lilne her class
irae her new
conference !I)ECEA8ED?
of making order
for this notice.
That you and all other persons not
reby herein named, who have or claim any
Dec-, right, title, or interest In qiH ,.'..
William F. Witt. Admi
t,,,or of the erta.e r Mary E, Wit,, pear before this Court at the Court
deeaal, Sled in this Court his petit- Room thereof, tn vmita, Craig Couatj
ton 11 due form nnavlne 11... i..i.. m.i. ..... J
, .. "kii waianoma. on Wednesday the L'fith
notified, that on the 26th day of
ember 101:
adminie "f :1" Perw" Interested In the estate day of Peburary, A. D "1913 at" 10
I of J. K "f itt. Ihceased. be accer- o'clock a. m. of said day, and exhibit
of Waco tatoed and decUired by this Court. land prove as required by law vour
Loaneo Friends $260,000
Kansas Cltv Mo. An
trator's report of (he estate
ttmt tm ,. MililiMi u
,.,..,..-,-.,. . m'iii u. v..co " u uj uits lourt.'nnd prove as required bv law mm
..... " -i"'" to wiiom ills- respective claims of heirship owner
Mo , on o. toberf.. filed In the probatl trbution sbou d be made hl , utirsuip, owner
court hem. values the estate at $1. 140,! The followi-m so ter .. Ir. , ' w t Said CStatC and
24S. Admlnstrator. found that $260. , ' r n if , .1 , ' "hW CaU8e 'hy 8aid decrep of rtistrf-
OOP of this anount represented leant '' , - . ,, J taU' 0 bUtio" should not b" madc-
to Texas cattlemen In sums of $5,n(K deceased died seized or pos- Hated December 26th 1912
to $25,000. of which the only record (, !ls ro,low. U-wH: South! 1AMES F. McCUU OCOH
kept was a penciled notation on t naIf of Northeast Quarter of South.' clerk nf the rvum... r-
slip of paper AM were found to tx MI Quartor oi Section 13 Township Davenport & Rye
IK idgai 2 VortU. mm IS k,?,. j mte Attorrers

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