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VOL XIV. NO. 224.
Two-Thirds Vote For Rule Suspension
is Adopted.
purpose of the bill, primarily to stop
the abuse of appointive state officers
tanning around over the state during
campaigns helping build political ma
chines, Mr. Smith won applause.
.Mr. Durant opposed the motion for
place on the calendar for the general
reason that he usually is against tak
ing up a bill that a committee reports
unfavorably, and for the specific rea
son, he said, that he believed the bill
would interfere with a man's personal
right to participate in politics.
The minority report from the rules
committee was made by .1. Roy Wil
liams and Representative Cordell, and
differed from the majority report only
on rule 37, relative to the vote re
quisite to suspend the rules.
Rule of Former Sessions.
The rule In former legislatures has
been, that a majority of the constitu
tional membership might suspend; the
majority committee report changed
this and would have the rules sus
pended only by a two-thirds vote. The
minority report by Mr. Williams and
.Mr. Cordell would have followed the
old rule of suspension: by a majority
Lewis of Kiowa, Welty of Oklahoma
and J. Roy Williams spoke for sus
pension by a majority vote, and based
their arguments chiefly upon the prin
ciple that the fundamental democratic
principle was, "the majority shall
Speaker Maxey made the sole speech
in reply, his first speech on the floor
and based his argument chiefly upon
the grounds that past sessions of the
legislature had indubitably proven
that the rule to allow a majority vote
to suspend the parliamentary statutes
of the house had never proven any
safeguard to good legislation, and
often had allowed very lax and de
moralized work.
Oklahoma City, Jan. 18. The
forts of republican newspapers
make it appear that the house of rep
resentatives of the Oklahoma legisla
ture is irrevocably split by the speak
orshiy fight into a "machine bound
majority" and an "insurrectionary
minority" was pretty well disproved
by the house itself Friday afternoon
when a heay majority of the mem
bership followed H. H. Smith ia a
tight to piit on the calendar a bill in
which the Pottawatomie statesman
would prohibit electioneering by ap
dointive slate officials, and then turned
round and by about the same majority-
vote backed Speaker Maxey in a fight
to change the house rules so that it
would require a two-thirds instead of
a majority vote to suspend the rules.
Mr. Smith won his fight by a vote
of 71 to 21; Speaker Maxey carried
the two-thirds to suspend rule by 68
td 29.
Each o fthe two leaders directed
their fight personally, Speaker Maxey,
as the chairman o fthe committee on
rules, the one committee place the
speaker has under the legislative cus
toms; Mr. Smith as the author of the
bill he sought to put on the calendar.
In each casse, they were opposed by
other dominant house leaders. Durant
of Durant took issue over the question
of putting Mr. Smith's bill on the cal
endar after the criminal jurisprudence
committee had reported it unfavorably.
J. Roy Williams, one of the members
of the rules committee who submitted
a minority report in favor of a sus
pension by a majority vote instead of
two-thirds, was one of the chief speak
ers opposing the Maxey program.
No Definite Lineup.
In each case, also, a large number
of the members popularly misrepre
sented to be arrayed with one or the
other of the suppositious factions in
the house, voted contrary to their
speakership alignments. Some of Mr.
Smith's most ardent admirers backed
the speaker to suspend the rules only
by a two-thirds majority; some ipf
Speaker Maxey 's best friends voted to
put Mr. Smith's bill on the calendar.
Neither of the fights were controver
sial, and in. neither did the opposition
of Mr. Durant or Mr. Williams reflect
any "factional feeling."
The house put the best part of the
afternoon into the two questions, and
it is the general opinion that two mat
ters of some general Interest was made
clear. The first point made was best
expressed by a.i observing state offi
cer as follows:
"It strikes ine that this ought to
prove that the house of representatives
is not composed of a hundred more or
less of wood Indians who topple over
the way they ar? pushed, but instead,
has a membership of ninety-nine in
dependent and rather above the aver
age legislators who will move the way
their intelligence aud conscience di
rects. And I think the republican
members are entitled to the same
Able Debaters in House.
The second general deduction, as
heard around the lobbies after the ad
journment, was that the present house
has a greater number of able debaters
and parliamentary generals than any house
general assembly since the constitu
tional convention, barring not even
the first legislature with its famous
speaker, William H. Murray.
It is a recognizer procedure of the
house that when a member Is dissatis
fied with a committee report on his
bill, he may go to the floor at once scribers of the Pioneer Telephone and
in its behalf. When Mr. Smith's bill Telegraph company.
was unfavorably reported, he made! Exemption Bill Referred.
the motion placing it on the calendar,' The exemption law bill by Senator
which means that the house would Watrous was taken up and after a
take it up as a bill favorably reported, prolonged debate on that sect'o.i of It
In a vigorous speech explaining the that exempted household furniture
Offcials Had Some
ileges Record
of Trusties.
High School Athletes Feast Sumptious
ly Occasion Was an Innovation
The Lives of Students.
Senate Adopts Bill Extending Author
Ity of Corporation Corn-
Oklahoma City, Jan. 18.- The bill
by Senator Mcintosh extending the
authority of the corporation commis
sion to act as a court in adjusting all
questions relating to refunds for pub
lis service was passed by the senary
Friday afternoon by a vote of :i0 to 7.
N'o amendments were made to the hill
except those which vere added when
it was taken up for consideration !n
the committee of the whole. The bill
as passed by the senate will no to the
house for its consideration some time
Senator .Mcintosh stated befo;: the
bill was voted on in the senile that
it was his intention to confer with
home member of the house relative to
having the bill amended so as to in
clude another section witch wi'1 pro
vide that at the end of two years, all
money in the hands of the corporation
commission which it has collectel in
the way of refunds and which has net
iue.iiesi.er, uKia., Jan. li. The sen
atorial committee investigating pen!
tentiary affairs, has ordered its audi
tor to make a search of the books of
two local banking institutions and
bring a transcript of all deposits made
by the state penitentiary'- Warden
Dick, Deputy Warden Fry, Assistant
Deputy Warden Oates, R. K. Seaman
and II. L. Berry, for a period of two
years, and furnish same to the sotn
raittee tonight.
The investigation today covered the
perquisites of officials, such as right
to buy goods on the state's wholesale
rate, use of trusties for housework and
laundry and the making of clothing
at the prison tailor shop free of cost
except for materials.
Many former guards were examined
and testified that they believed they
were discharged because of their fail
ure to move near the penitentiary,
either through buying houses in the
addition with which Warden Dick was
once connected or renting other houses
close by.
They testified that the feeling of
the guards was that they should buy
houses in the addition, although the
warden always said that' they could
buy there or elsewhere, rent houses!
or live in tents, so they lived within
easy reach in case of emergency.
The trusty system was briefly in
vestigated. Foreman Cook of the road
gam? said that he had handled 237
trusties, and that he was short only
two men, one having four and the other
six months to serve.
Four cases of drunkenness, one case
of forgery, two cases of fighting and
one case of burglary by trusties since
the foundation of the prison have been
described by witnesses.
Senator Memminger of the commit
tee, was taken ill today of fever and
has been excused from service. War
den Dick is still ill and unable to at
ten the hearing.
The committee visited the prison
this afternoon to inspect conditions.
Presbyterian Church.
Preaching service morning and even
tag at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. "And
they stood every man in his place
round about the camp."
Sunday school at 9:45 a. m.
"And his hand clave unto the sword;
and Jehovah wrought u great victory
that day."
You are informed that the Presby
terian church is located at the corner
ot Illinois avenue and Thompson
street, and you will receive Christian
greeting at the services.
W. O. DAVIh, Pastor.
all be
ir. The
lire )D
ivcr to
been claimed by anyone, s
turned over to the state treasu
need of such a provision was
out in the debate on the met
the senate and it was in an
this that Senator Mcintosh announced
his intention of making an effort to
have such an amendment made by the
This bill is of particular iurerest. to
Oklahoma City for if it passes the
house and becomes a law, the sorpora
tion commission will have authority
to immediately take charge of the mut
ter of refunding the $60,000 or more
which it is alleged is due the su1-
Women's New English
Walking Shoes
Lace, Wide Heel, White, Black and Tan
They are the very latest
111 South Wilson St.
There was a strange air of mysterv
hovering about the high school build
ings all day yesterday. It began early
in the day when the superintendent
came into the study room and asked
to speak to several boys, who as It w;;s
generally noticed, were the principal
ones in carrying the state football
championship to this city last fall. He
went from one to another whisper'i'g
something in their ear, in retura re
always got a vigorous nod and a arond
grin lit up the students features in
reply. The plot continued to develop
throughout the day and the students
into whose ears the magic words hal
been Whispered became inexpressably
nappy as the school day progressed.
At the close of school it was announced
that those having received special in
vitations were requested t moe' at
the building at 5:30 o'clock, an -.he
school board waR to be there aud had
something for them. This was all the
student body were able to disco er.
At the appointed hour it w.:s noticed
that the most of last fall'3 team. Its
coaches and a few members of the
board and faculty were standing in
front of the building, apparently wait
ing for someone or something, tiiy
did not know which, but the smiles
grew broader as the moments passd.
Then Prof. Masterson came to ;he
door and explained.
He and Miss Lois Killion, teacher
of domestic science, had had their
heads together, and rememmbering
that the football team had never re
ceived their promised reward for their
work on the football field, and as the
class in cooking were becoming skilled
in their work and wanted an opper
tunity to show what they could do
they had better give one big ."'just in
honor of our team. The affair was
planned, the class got busy bached by
Prof. Masterson and prepared good
eatables galore and then came the at)
teriotis whisperings in the students'
ears and as a result it was a. goodly
gathering that assembled at the build
ing last evening. There WMvj four
tallies of guests and the things t.'itt
they v ere given to eat would make a
king envious, especially being prepared
by i he hands of the young 'adiea of
the high school, and as one of the
guests remarked, if such prepared
dishes could be a dally affair the dnc-
'tors of the land might starve to death,
As for the supper It was served i
courses, there being six of t.hem and
coffee to prepare them for the feat
that was yet to come in the way of
speech-making, and those three things
composed the program of the evenb.g,
eating, drinking and speech-making.
I hiring the feaRt the guests were free
with their compliments for the. ilass,
host, food, and in fact, everything
about them aud the amount eate i an 1
the good time enjoyed will go down
in innovation in the livs Of the
nick in tile endless circle of time that
will always remain fresh in the mem
ories and hearts of those so fortunate
as to be able to enjoy it, aud Prof
Masierson, the school board and the
teacher and ladies of the class pre
paring it will always hold undisputed
sway in the hearts of their guests.
State Veterinarians Meet.
The Oklahoma State Veterinary As
sociation held its annual n ting nt
the Chamber of Commerce, Oklahoma
City, Thursday and Friday of this
week. There was an unusually large
attendance of veterinary surgeons
from all parts of the state and the most
Interesting and profitable gathering of
the association in Its history was held.
Several demonstrations in veterinary
surgery were made before the associa
tion. The election of officers con
ecludei) the meeting last night and re
sulted as follows:
President, Dr. Bel Dobklns of
Welch; vice presided . Dr. Martin, 131
Reno; secretary, Dr. C. E. Steel, Okla
hnma City; treasurer. Dr. Hooker, Ok
lahoma City.
Pars ns Sends Testimony.
from attachment, it was referred back
to the committee of the while with ths
request that formulation of a new hill
equalizing the exemption la.vs. Sena
tor Horton urged that household goo.ls as
should be made subject to a landlord s lucky ones present,
lien for rent. In the bill as proposed I As the busy little waiters were carry
by Senator Watrous, household goods jug away and bringing in the last
are mad-.' exempt from attachment. j courses, Prof. Masterson, host and
Radical changes la the present iniii- good fellow on the occnBion, rose and
ative and referendum law is proposed announced that as the pangs of hnn
in a bill introduced by Senator Rod lger had been satisfied and while the
die. The. bill would suppres sthe cii-iast dainty dishes were being enjoyed,
dilution of petitions and soliciting of he believed It would lie in keeping
signatures to initiated measures and J with the affair to hear from a few of
require the deposit of the petition with the guests and that he was sure in
the county clerk of each county where ! speaking Mf Hie entire company that
Parsons, Kaus., .Ian.
Mr. Dan Myers,
Dear Sir: 1 played LeComte &.
Flesher's "Prince of Tonight," here
last Tuesday, and want to say that
it is undoubtedly one of the best at
tractions of this kind that I have seen
in many a day and the people of Par
sons that witnessed the show say that
it is the best of the season. Hope you
will be able to do a good business for
them as a show of this kind that car
ries all they claim they do deserves
to gt,t th money. Their scenery and
equipment is complete in every detail
aud they surely are gentlemen to do
business with. Wishing you a good
crowd and success the balance of the
soason, I nm Yours truly,
Manager Elks Theatre.
Congregational Church.
Sunday school, 9:48.
Morning worship, 11:00.
Christian Endeavor, 6:30.
Evening service, 7:30.
Mid-week meeting Wednesday, 7:30.
The pastor will preach in the morn
ing on the second of the series of ser
mon on the Christ. "I am the door of
the sheep." "I am the good Shepard."
In the evening he will preach on the
question of the Phillipian jailor. Act.
You will find these services helpful.
Come let us worship together.
S. N. Maxwell Wins Suit For One-
Atediuoo iUieilAi ui issjsjui q)xig
And $22,500 Damages.
Miami, Okla., Jan. 18,- Referee Den
ison of Vinita, to whom had been Tfr
ferred the case of S. N. Maxwell vs.
the Miami Royalty (vmpany, filed his
report last Saturday, finding in favor
of Maxwell. The referee's report
shows that Maxwell Is entitled to a
one-sixth interest in all of the hold
ings of the Miami Royalty company,
one of the largest mining companies
In the district, also damages to the
amount of $22,500.
The history upon which thiR suit
was based is one of considerable In
terest and dates back to the days when
mineral was lirBt discovered in the
Miami district. In the early days it
seems that Maxwell had formed some
kind of a co-partnership with the pree
ent owners of the Miami Royalty coin
pany for the purposo of prospecting
and developing the mineral resourced
of the district. At that timo most, ft
not all of the present owners of th'6
company were medi of moderate means
and it was hard to secure money wltn
which to prospect. So the story Is tola
that Maxwell sought work elsewterlB
and sent his earnings hack to the boys
to help carry on the prospecting work.
In the meantime rich strikes were
made and Maxwell's partners secured
leases on practically all ot the land
in the district. They decided that rh
order to carry on, the work it would be
best to organize a corporation which
they did, leaving Maxwell out. Tie
company nourished like grass in
springtime and the four or five stock
holders were soon looked upon as
wealthy men, and they were. It has
been reported that the company's hold
ings are worth more than a million dol
lars. Over a year ago Maxwell brought
suit in the district court to recover a
pro rata interest in the company's hold
ing together with damages. The evi
dence was submitted to a referee with
the findings as stated above.
St. John's Episcopal Church.
'J: 45 a. m. Sunday school.
11:00 a. m Morning prayer and ad
dress. Celebration or Holy Communion on
first Sunday of each month.
persons desiring to sign such measures
would be required to go unsolicited
and sign it.
A bill to exempt from taxation UOtOE
or other evidences of indebtedness se
cured by mortgages or liens on real
or personal property was introduced
by Senators McMehan, Memminger
and Austin of the senate and King
of the house. This promises to be
one of the most important bills in
troduced relative to taxation since the
demand to exempt mortgages I rem
taxation Is so great.
May Admit Miss Barnard.
An effort will be made to have Kate
llarnard, commissioner of charities
and corrections, speak before a joint
S 'bsion of the members of both houses
relative to legislation desired by her
instead of before each body t'-narately.
This amendment was made t the reso
lution introduced by Senate- Field al
lowing her twenty minute- in Which
to speak before the een,V". Senator
Field was requested to i infer with
the house members relative to such
a plan.
a few remarks on the occasion should
lie forth-coming from the president of
the board of education, Hon. Seymour
Riddle. Mr. Riddle rising in the emer
gency, after having feasted himself,
delivered a splendid short ad
dress, the topics foremost in the minds
of the company, athletics and the
school. This was the address of the
evening but it seemed that by the
good things lie said that a door to the
channel of oratory was opened and
one by one the guests rose from their
chairs in answer to the calls of the
host and stated their sentiments in
very unmistaken terms. Among the
guests who spoke were: Mr. Riddle,
A. T. King, Dr. Jackson, Prof. Sullivan,
Professors Obrian and Pratt, Mr.
Witter, Capt. Scott of the champion
team and Capt. Carter of the basket
ball team. One hour and a half was
spent in the feasting and after
speeclies and then the company arose,
regretful that they must part, but most
hMrty in their thanks to all concern J
in giving the delightful feast and even-i-g.
The affair was one that is a visible
New Ginghams, Percals,
White Goods, Laces,
Embroidery, Etc.
Ladies9 Suits,
and Dresses
at Reductions of from
1-5 to 1-2

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