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The Langston City herald. (Langston City, O.T. [Okla.]) 1891-1902, May 07, 1898, Image 4

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Lvxgstox City Hhkald
publishbi) every saturday.
By Tlio Herald Pnblishing Go
A. J. Alston, Kin rut.
.J. A, Wailkv, rfn.iJWi MgY.
Work on tho University!
building ntill goes on.
viiii Icwn court w:oni8 lo ho
doing fui(cn rushing bitfli -
m-frt now ml.'iye.
I f ..
IS Rll
We had our fown oloctirm
011 MOlldaV, hist.
Mr. V. .1 can some tiinoK bo
fccii on II. sfc. for what, don't
know unh'.EH ho goes to see. ?
Wo are having in noli rain
and cropH arc looking all that
0110 could wish.
Mr. J. A. Watloy wan over to
(lUlhrie. this week on busi
ness. Mrs. M. M. Garrett who has
been leaching in Litiowiu
county for tho past three
mouths returned homo last
Tho Uaily "Restaurant i
ntill doing a lirst class biibi.
liens, and if you doubt it calj
nnj got one of tlioso delicious
men Is:
When in need of dry goods
or groceries call on G. W.
Clark. See his add in anoth
er column.
It is now a, fact that Lang,
ston has a first class brick
yard. And Mr. Armstrong
owner, says that he can and
will sell brick much cheaper
than the (.-Juthrio price.
What is there in the south
part of town that is so entic
ing for Mr. C.S.!
Why is it that young men
like Horn! St. bolter than any
other St in town? Some one
please answer .
A cert.'iin vouny; ninu wns
fined twenty five dollars ;ind
eost u few days nfo for carry,
i ntii; a eoueoaled wenpnn. Let
ih,-? be a fair warning to all
the others.
Wo kindly ask that better
order be kept at the lirst store
eaat of the Post, Ofllcu. The
boys might be run in at any
Home of tho lading want a
iish fry. .Must we have ii
Miss (Jarrio Hurnolt and
K. V. Clarrett attended the
eouuty exniiiiiuUioii last Fri
day and Saturday.
Look out for the fast Rtop
1'cr. Messrs. W. Mtwby and II.
Purtjason aro eapitnl ftshm
men of thin gocti ju
Our tolophoui! ofllen bn
been chunked from Dr. A. .1 .
Alt-ton's retsidHtiee lo Mr II.
(iephart's dnitf store.
Mr. James Milton, who h
boon seriously ill for hoidm
months is now eonvaleseont.
The young men aio gradu
ally coming out in their now
suits which Kom to Fhow
them up (juito nicely. This
is a sura sin of prosperity.
if people wish to displny
their lighting qualities, tlsy
hhould v.'ait until t!ny t a
Avav from tho chunih to do .- .,
or wap tint!
Ol-b'fs p
ro''iid --' "
j, ini;iux, jn rum uo'iu;
l.uxliiuM ill tho fallarlc old'01''1 ,,,aw hns 1,(M!n m!ul"
Mr. 'iil-r&on the con
tractor ol" tho A. and .M. coh
Iok- in pushing I he work on
tho building and will Imvo it
ready for uso by Spt. iiio fiiv-t,.
Politics i slowly coming to
Uo i'ronl, now boy don't go
loo fmt or yon may rpeoive ;m
ultimatum long boforn tho
county eo.u'entioii i culled.
To io ;..pri. nfciull.. n
liumnnrni our citwtift, rwr.
J. 1. Ilii.Hluuod has bl'l'll ap-
pointed Pont Mauler of this
iplnro. W fiiuvuvly hope
that, tho nbovH named post
master will nm'-e u butt or ro-
Mr. Kd.Olnrlc hasjtmt com
pleted a nice residence on
llond St. and hhmiih to be now
living ar.rt boarding at the
same place, good luck 1o
Ilr. Clark. We would like to
see Boiinunorii buildings going
Mr John Ilale. ol Texas is
visiting his relatives hero,
Mr. Hale seems to like our
town and talks of purchasing
property heie.
Ilr. Natharino Mack Her.
mite, who claims to be a na
tive of Liberia Africa was
with us recently and is ex
pected to be with us again
Theodore Henderson, and
C. C. Gush, had a little scrap
last Saturday, rocks sailed for
a lit I In while, and when over
it was found that Cash had
been struck on tho head, by
one of the formou's dosj era to
bombs, Henderson was aricst.
ed anil gave, bond.
We are having plenty of
:ain, and the Cimarron is
raging hut it is thought that
she will stay in her bounds
this time.
Mids.SallioKloyd, of Orlando
was in the city last week. vis.
iting friends, she left I'Yiday,
to return soon, Miss Floyd is
one ol our brightest stars and
wu are glad to have her a-
mount: us.
Who said tl.at .1. A. Wat
ley p;ot wet on hia way from
Uii tlmo last TuosdayV
The sinking choir is pro
tfrepsing nicoly with (jt
l)onean at tho hu-id.
Who said that two certain
young men wore long faces', on
last Sunday Mr. P. A and
P II. don't go to l In sticks
any more since tho col logo
started, what is tho matter?
some body whisper Mr. U.
and II. is thoro.
The Bishop will he at the
n.,ii...t: t, l. 4 i I
V...U iiwiiw iii u i nn uuiiwiTUv.' aim
ovory body Is cordially invit
ed lo be prostmt.
Langston is oa of -the
most beautiful natural town
sites in Oklabomii, and for
that reason if no other, its
aide-?alks and U. Rhuuld be
looked after mora o'owdy in
tiio future than they Invo in
tim past.
Tho tU. and shle-walks of
the city should be beautified
by planting Khariti trees.
The city should and uiunt
Imvo t lont olio good pulv
lio woll.
Messrs. Ii. H. Bright, Clny
Heed, H. Poiiw, and .1. N.
Huiuott, II. Uonuoll, Miss.
Luxio Slaughter, wr. Thomas
Slaughter, Mfsu. Kinma Pot run
Mr. J!j. Petree, Miss. Ada
Ciu-lo Som'SlttUphtar ftttfiiiloil tl olos
to Cuba In j in, o Prof. D. J. WftHaoo's
'' L '!. the exwsUw wy vscwl-
jieni a-'I ft'l n i4rtH.,i( .
I 'I he Methodist will hold
j district conference here on
JMav20th, Bishop Cnincs will
be present and preside, a gen
eral good time Is anticipated
'and every hotly i cordially
invited to be present and help
make the couformire a grand
f'r. Lee R. ChamblisR one
of our townsmen has spent,
w.vornl yearn trying to form
boiiio device by which fellows
in wheels of vehicles of all
description cou'd be expanded
and contracted at ,vill, instead
of cutting the tire to make it
larger or smaller as the case
may demand. We are pleased
to ray thi.t he has at last sue
ceeded and has received a pat
ent on his device 1mm the U.
S. commissioner of patents.
Mr. Chambliss will go to St.
Louis, in a few days to perfect
arrangement to have his de
vice put on murk .it at ouch
Langston, Okla . The'-IIight
Reverend Bishop of Oklaho
ma and Indian Territory wilj
honor the church of Laugton
by his presence 11 Sunday,
May 8, l.S(.)8, and will per
form 1 he ceremonies of bap
tism, first, communion, con
firmation, all arc invited to be
present for tlioso great and
imprersive ceremonies. Mis
sion will bo preached every
day, morning and evening
from Thursday, May fih, to
Sunday May .Sth, inclusive, by
Very Reverend Father Van
L'iiIkm'h lb.- Catholic Church
in Langston.
The ceremonies will be grand
ami imprcssivoon S.indayuud
every body should hi: proent
'ind witness them.
I'flMwnfs Gim .JoIih (it, Ijiiujfiton,
At it w.ectiug of tho hoard of re
gents f r tlio i;t'W(Xil!i;c:il Ltmj'.i-
tnu, hold in tluM city yoM unlit;', a
piomlciiliUid two sibKiMiint cdiu-n-lui'fi
After (ii'ii.-'.iiijj (jiy utiuiiliinittonn
of lli'j villi nis i'tiw liduti'.s the lioard
'eloi'tod PrufchM.r biiimn K. Paige,
nf .Iclii'i'sen City, ?!(., us jji,.si
dont at n .Hilary ci si,.-,nu per year.
Professor Paigo i.-. ;i; pici-cnl tlio
head nf the .Jelleir u i):tit;itn hi
tlmt city uad hau wide rcpulnti n
its nil odticiilnr uni(.ir hi iionple.
The iKKird ul elected Prnfes
wir Jiuisnii. of KiuglMher. and Poi
feHHor W. Mansdlln, of Perry, as
jivi-lnnt in arui'tora ul the enllep)
at u snhi'y cf nu per mouth for the
.child U'uii.
It ii the put'p ko nf tho l urn I Ui
nmUelliis u:ii verity one of tbutiii
e.l in the oomitry for the odiicntiou
of the eoh.red re.ifle. Provision
Iain been lini'lo tuA only for the mr.
mid tniintug, but for college Indu
ing well. '1 ho erection of tl iniur
lnlieeut main IniiMing will wmn lie
in iTtgiu' , and thhMlil:Ui.ii wil'
I io ready for tlio receclinti of s.tu.
dontn in Kei'temlier next.
More in niticil bv tpiiitf foiwaid
t Una by i lauding aiotiud idling mid
If voiir iiiiiiiKtor oi totetor iw ini
moinl, ijm'o your ullueiuo u.'iuuh
liim--lhii i tho riijht tlnu;.
- Po Bin bo KiUUflwl willi a one
room cnu.n -it iailuciico ih Jiad.
Never t'oiiaoiil lo our huhl)iiud'
going in dobl.
II driii very often comes from al
lowing your homo to boa place whom
youug UYrt and irls coiigrogato on
Sunday or Saturday niglilH Dis'
courngo Jituday vUiiing.
-Do not iot.d vour nioiiry for
bright (mIoiih! libbotm, brass oir-
iing, breiwt-piiiBaud fiajror-riugs
noicr give your children whiskoy
Cour:-hoiiHi8, piiblio auctions imd
tho like, aro plitcps wlieio woiuoii
nIiouUI ni'vor bo hmui oxcopt when
absolutoly compullud by the law,
Do not allow anv ouo to ha moro
iiilnu)t(ut in the cri'ontion of ycur
ohildrou Uwayou.yotiiMilf me. Makn
M'ory rf'-t lo osUnd yaur wliooJ
Thn Imporlnitco Of Owiiinj,' A Homo.
N'o jio'iplp ran lw prnipprttK tin Iniifj
111 11 lnrjjn prj.pm I Km of 1 lirm cnnl iimo
fu in your In i:ir to lent . onion ,-iinl
Irii (I. Sliicn Inml N iih clump rn it in
in Oltlnhnum 1 lnr is no rniwit v!i v
hvury liciwl (if 11 fitnilv shou'd ho", live
in Mn own In um Tho tnniicy paid
mil during (Iv-mii nix uai' for ri'iit will
in tniihl casci tin v t in land niiiul.
Mimt fiirmorH c'o not lpj.'i:i bct'iniso
(liny aro ifl uhlo li, buy a Initio nuin
linr of mros nt r tn'o. A few mil"),
ImpIvii or nrcnty ucli ciiltivntod, wnll
ctill!valo(I, and iue, it in iniicli i'ti.t!cr
to pity for t!i unalt fniiuiuid llmslxi
iii('nMii(l(in(. Wlion rue iciiIh llto
li(i!in pojii hijln.s lo r,u In pikvh, ll'o
fcnoiM Salt down and tlio Innd ijiowr
I on ur.i (ho fnimi'riloi'.s not iiirhnrn
lHirs and innirro iho Inad, t.-fciiucio
l.p Ih iMit, llio ev.r.rr Mid (!ohi not ox
pcff lo lire rn (t-.o plin'olony. lorjr
tiiiic a ftiriiiiTPif.vi'H fioin on p'ni'ii
lo uiictlii'r li Iu.soh oim yom'H voil(.
A iritii W'Vi'r Ih'JTHh In liavo lolf-ro-fpn.'t,
until ho nvni a homo. If ho
owiih 1 in li jiih" ln will si'ti that i( rtmi
iidt fall In piot'iH and that tlio foiavn
Mil' l.cpt tip.
iCiicli o.-tr ho will mnko tho laii'l
liclior. Ho tvil! plutit pp:u'h trw, an
plo ircoi aim Mtnnlwrrloi, will build
a nice liltio liiirn "ct. Ho will also
own potvr, hi f , (hii'kriii, iumI miM
vcpttabli-Matid Hiiim not bocoinpolliul
lo buy nri'rjr ti.in;f ho cats. hc.i ho
brXiim to do ll o;. thii g, tiioti ho b
i;iu to livo and bo happy and raippet
cd In- wliito ::ed oolo'o 1 1110:1. No,
on in rPHpoeii"! us a jmn until ho bo-
! i;iu.s In jl that wliioli ho can call bin
own. Many havo gotten n inln tiio)
habit of renting a::d nor'ayinjc thir
faurm and homot into d'b!, and bry
i'U ovpiy thimj thoy oot from Iho
sicio iustor.il if rai-ipjjil, llmt 1 v
) think tl oro in no other way boll r
than lliw u;o. I'm slioro ii a b'lto-
way and it can bo lirnu&ht ali'nil if j
j caolt 0110 will smpiiio for bin st'lf a 1,;-.
th fain, thai ho chii call h unc.
If all who iud what 1 Imvo writ'"ii
or hear it n:id, will 1'oin at ouco In
buy; in iivo wun, w'lh a fo'.v uxcupt
ion, Ihi'.v 0.111 b" living on tluir owa
luu'ii man ouoi it. In hit wifo mid
to his i-i.iidnu In i.'ivn them a It mo
a;i Houn s pox-iiblp in ivlm It t) Iivo.
l0()Mi: ''. W'ahiii.votjm,
'I Usluoj .Np;jno(.Anfoioiic.!
L Cali at VanderPooFs
bj Tho Drugisl. Cor. Harrison & 2r.(l. His.
Orugf, .Mcdi.Mcu.s and (.'licinicals, l'.incy nr.il Toilet Articles,
I'hh nans' i'm -ciiptions fiirciully oi m uinliil, and h'itm nnMwri'd with
en io and (IispaU'h, Our Modi of An du imh is ci mjU ii, wairanlid
foiuiiio, and cf tho hu.t quality.
Fine Bicycle for $25 ami upward.
dJTdiMi&d W udka
Deafer In
Fancy and Staple Garocesies,
In !'ict 10 very Thing In (Jiocjry Lino. "Vor'' ncil tluun.
Tin ware, Crockery and Cutlery.
.hibt Hocoivotl A Nito Lino Of Notions. Sco Them.
r- DICNl'IST -,
Orrni:, l''in( IihIwppii Ok, and
Mar. Avo-Noiori loniur.t.ci:, Cor.
Third a .id .Maimur. east.
aurintiK.OK, tkr,
?? v a VRW qui) srroN.s ? v ?
Am yonhnl',i' If your i 'nilniiu c n.
Unnlly (ov.-ic'l wiih OHr ilniif fi'ihy
hi mini niiiti'ir inning Inun n iIimimhI
-o ill ? DiHjiiif Iie.n1 iich? Im il
(clod will) ni)i(H ami Mitlm? .1m
t( '.1r hair .fiowi,, Ihiimpi- tenr b
join? In it t!r nnd liititli? If .(.,
triilmvi( pitn.Bilio dl-nrtno ol tip
oilp, 'h-eii you me !:!opiint; at
incut link. Dinildnno will onra yen
qittouly nii'l potn N'lm.lly. Money
ro!itnili'. i. p,.eo (1r Juilino. F0t hiIc
'ly A. J. AM u.
i ir.txa.'.s KiTVpHii,
m . "'..' k '.. .". fates
C!ir(si-!c8!ii!Siirfe! Diseases,
A;p!!?r,:es fcr Deformities ar.u Trussas.
lisst IWlto, An.iarn.t ceil Kor-ctlU'i for
CitcitisluJ Titatmtni of Lvcry rami
of Dlfjc- cr acquiring
;- c jof2 rK i t r.:,"n. n nmi
Jf nt iiiiliimc iiir.iioiiniu ut'i ti thtVVnt.
cK"i;ii : i 'itM.:ct i. :;n i'rtiinu m j
1rni ri 'li' it. I mi I I'i't, it T-llirtu (f Ht"",
I'll . lU'tiir. ( inri'i, Int irtti, llr.-ntlillln. I. hill
turn. I'-ciriMi,. I i I !, I niu- b, iviiiun, mil
mt, l.y; l.ir ;!' a, i itil ! Sii-lcaiO!rk
tluiH. Icitlifiy, .' i vork lnlT-r" i(J.
rn J'lir.F.. V. hti-,. inlolv nilili-il it l.vlii'X
!! l llrif t ii- V...H n lT,rlin finflue
tiictlt. O-lrli ilv i'!iitr.) !i ittl :tviitfMU tu
'ulilti'n li ft In imr nin. 'Ill's In iu. oaly ilII.IiIo
Mrdloul lunltuio r.iuUlui: n fcp. vl.nty c(
All r.liml ll''.i.pi fir rr'tuWf Ircmoil Syplil
lllii' To' -i'i ri riinii I ( t'l Mm nitpm nuiimti mi r
1 1 v V m.' i:-,.h,f. !' . iroftun ,1 . i. ,' VIi.il
J'l.ivtr. IMr". mi I in t"l"i' i I h'V l tl. a
,J tit In "HI I'V i . , i-irntllll'n i .Ml OuT.imil
I'Mi'M.'ii'M. tUUii I: In.; riltEs!i,ii,i. .r :-.!
M.IJ.IIIol' M 4. In p.ii v'llillU :ci.i. NuWCUI'l
fur V j' ' tti -i.i 1 1 r ' ni fi..
IT Yltf Alt.: AIVI.'I 'V.'Al with nil- .!!.
riin le'inlrmw nir.i oil i., nu if it , rk'ti. i.rol i niiuf
' t uii, wrltn uia'ii rl't1 mi ( vmr 'i.i- n ul m 111
udiwit.e vn.'iiiti'i'iil"iin' iii-iiiiH.i.it.uiiiiiia.'iiri:
Ailun't.it'.l.iii n i. mli i'iii'iii
Ilii l"1 fl f",." Hill i "' Vntn-M Ut...
U:li Ul .... i. JL) ar.j.i-. tilir. JI.i.
ANb MONlil'-
.A-. T. cSS S. E, 13, 12.
Nn. 10(5, (HiionRo IJxpro'K, fitirui, ni
No' 10H. Mo. Itivnr KxprMi, I: lo p. n
No. V1'2, ttr.v I-'iiigh , 1 1 : .'Kl n. in
No. -JfUt. Tpvnn Hxprosi, 1 1 L'd p, m
N'o. 4e7, Oklnlimnn hhonvsM, I : le p. m
Vn. .jna, Way I''roihl 1 : -jr. p. m
No. AW, Wav 1'ioicht I: 2.'l a. m
r-r. PAinius mvino at a
I55fi '10 IIAVK SUCH
foo!:ud after and lax paid on
Muid lolH will address J. , MelClioy
foranvand all iiifonnation, but in
rll ca-ps, whero in format ion is ( wir
pl Stajip.s imiHt bo om-losod forro-
In Bunding, li';iP(! fiond
numLcrof P.I.OCICnnd I.(;T,
i'ud .state whether tlic iiini it.
ty i.sin I.:ui;;ston Oity "IMJOP
Ipilor in Collej-c Ih'ijditH :id
dition lo harpstcn Oily.
All lots Wiil 1)3 icefcgd anT
i!iS las paid mid rccdpls forvvardotl
to ai! iaril"s for n'otfereia prices-
Addiikss Mi) Li.;i-ii:i:s to
I. W ,M!i:i.i:tjv. P. U. I5(x Ufl
K'l'.AI.-lTNT!': AllKNT
O 2?.
Those trw'-iup to buy um!8-
TON Cirv 'i( .'. oi-v Mill ,!.,
- "Ml lW
well to ooicinii' icatc villi .J.
V. Mfl'IfM.. I... 1 41...
r.Hcncy uMnt, i dillVivnt.
inula of this town nml will
sell til, r:iR')ii.'i'i(. r.ico'j.
Pi f. rt rr r V O 0
vv o....i.wia.1,.ci kv s. t
"srev. :.ctd. i i I
a ? ? ? '
11 i-icry. lfl.
Unci kiri'hi (
j'jil hlnulflKti,
l.i'i: h,
li h.
Oh li.,
:-'! ii ti,
yin v,
I'ailii'scoiilijinpl'iliiiyooinini; to (lu
PacirtL'Ciiast, .Mou-hanLs. Karmom
.!erohanion,( loihsor I.!ili')H.rs(ii.aln
or i'jiiiaIo) foi oiiiilotuonl, to pur
fluiMJ oi oii;;iu"iti biisinons. Mind fjb
(is. n. one ordi r ft r ,Mapn, .''ircula
IIIui.lr.iud Jloolis, 1'annfi nrd (ioir
Joml Iiifonnation of tho I'.-ioiCr CoaM
:.. v. i(t'.ll) .V ('().
iuC W. 1'iiM Stri-ol,
I .us Aii;olon Cal
Our Churches.
.Missionary Haptint (.'hiiioh.
I!v4iiiui torvici lit nii,i :ini Siiiiiluy ami
Siii.iImj iiU'IiIr. in until iiiontli,
I'mviT iiR-'Mlrsr mury W'imIiil'hiI iv nlt'lit,
.SiC jaili ihiIkidI uvpiv Sii'Mhv rill 11, in.
I'roribvtoriau Church
Sun lew 1st Huiiiliiy ai. Suiiiliiy nlitlil In
uticli llllllllll.
.Mothiilist OhuioIiH-
lloirulitr Borvlros u'ml iiikI Uii Siiiiilny iuiJ
Jiniitiiv ulk'lils (if ir.ci- iiioittl).
Union Sabbath School uvcrvsiiiituy
.. IC. Vonnir HIII'T.
'iiiomiu uiiitiHiuir rii:ciu:r.uv.
We Print
Bills and
Letter Heads,
Neat and Wit!) Dispatch.
. vKj5 w.fM
i ir
W Barn.
-rii.r.it) .SiAi-MrioN, 1'roiiriotor.
Ior first cIiiks TuriioiiiH.
Mr. Stnploton, is an oxpoiipnwd L.v
"lyman, and keeps a first oh '
-Stabloaud Tolilo Workmon.
Wiicn in Guthrlo, bo Sure lo pat L'p
Willi him, on Chivohind Avo.
.mil cheapest place lo put up m u,,,
city. Ho furnisliesconvoyaiice.s at nuy
liour of iho nhht.
Physician and Surgeon.
lt(-. A. M., I to .'5
a m nnd 7 to 8 p. m. Ofliiv
linicticec.-u-h. All ,rdls m
tlii' country pro- lly iitlonded.
- Oa.ll On. jETim. -MHio
2, V:ir1i5iiIoii Si.
l-ingsionCity, . Qida
:sS s. ANT C()i:TY
V llVVi:' Xi'lVJ Jll-IilV
Practice in AM 1 ho Courts.
lA-fltl'. n, . Ciu.a
JO Ponni.-tr Si va, words and
a it.- ic 7 C-.tMn'i' c Storici. .Vi
;,orf i: it.'!. :;t i pleniiid Cr.uv
It.'O v.i!n:b! i !nmv iVIalciii
i'ci-tx, :'J. Jully .lokt-H ('(
Itlll lovers, "Jti S.'t"ci:tis I n
Auiojrajihy A Ibiuii'. :57 Sp' n
'ii.l ClaincH, Klc. 'I hi- aboo
'oil- olioii will bi) s. in, j) .si
p.'i'd absol tl'dy ;'.:: lo a!
who rend 10 '-ft in si I vor foi
my Wrcii'li Jrniin Tall' and
pnp corn Ibill rnoii):. Ad
drciH Uoihi'incjor, I'ubliyhcr,
'Memo, Kaiifas.
Mher & Clark
The old reliable stand-bri
WllISKIhS, WlNhS, Hk.!)I!:.S
In l-'.tcl I.Liy 'lhiiifr'l'n to-dnlo,
'or a first clas-s drink:
or a diink that will
rulouvo yon of that old Liivd
feeling. Call on them.
rTT Washin-ton
iJv'iJ JJoulovjiru.
Special Notice.
Will cure u Cold in ouo day.
La.wvtjvk JJuomo QininkTaii-
Tor LaGrippo, CougliR, CuUIh,
ISrouchiticH and Catarrh. Will euro
ajcoal in tho Head quicker lhan nuy
othor roint'dy. Dooh not produco tho
Uinyiiij,' in tho Head, or oiiuso Nor
voroiibiioss, liko tho Sulphatu of
Qiiinino. It niovos thu Iio'VoIh ontly
without ,'dniuy. 1'rico 'Jfu'tH.
Crrv iJnud Stuhu. ijANnnuH, Okl,
The Herald go
es to our many
Readers outside
of Oklahoma as
Weekly Letters
A -

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