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And 'Captain Howell Was to Do the
Drinking for the Company
"Every "man tofclBJob" was the
hiottojj ot Captain'1 fivan P. Howell o
Atlanta Gn.?; when vo was Editor of
thofCanstftutton'itaaid, a Washington
newspaper writer, who did his early
work on that journal. "I will never
forget the calldown the captain gave
mo one day when I had shown up
considerably the worse for a three
days' Indian fighting expedition. IIo
called me Into his den and read tho
riot act to mo in this way:
'"Been on another bat, eh? Now,
boy, I, just want o say to you tliat
this Joint is run on systematic prin
ciples. There is a job for every man,
and every man must stick to his job.
Bill Hemphill does the praying, Henry
Grady the scheming and, by gad, sir,
I do tho drinking for the whole out
fit. I am not ready to turn this job
over to you or any other memb6r"of
tho force. If you can't leg it around
town hero ancVwrlte your stuff with:
out drinking then you had best throw
up your job 'before Jrcquestdd to do
"I didn't give tho captain another
opportunity to jump nil over me again,
but I det him go ahead and fill his
own "job." Washington Times.
Beware the Taveilng Doctor.
St. John, Kansas, May 30. A- very
peculiar case is that of the little son
of Mr. and Mrs. Win, McBrldo of this
place, as "reported by Dr. Jesse L.
Limes, the attending physician.
"Tlie little "bojr had severe case
of malignanlscarletlna which eft
him semi-paralyzed in the light leg
and right arm. IIo also, lost the hear
ing In the right car. -' J
"I treated him and he gained slow
ly and had begun to "try to usehls
limbs some when a traveling doctor
came along and persuaded the child's
parents that ho could cure their boy
in a short time. They used his medi
cines, but the boy grew worse and be
gan having Bpells very like epilepsy.
"Mr. McBrldo came to me again and
I proposed giving him a course of
Dodd's Kidney Pills', which was com
menced at once. The Impiovenient
was instant and in a week's time tho
epileptic seizures ceased altogether."
Suggestion as to Army Love Affairs
The lovo atfairs of army ofllccrs
shonld be lofened to tho board of
strategy, which has nothing else to at
tend to. Birmingham Age-Herald.
At a public sale in London tho other
day an antique snuff box sold for $5,
250. This is running the original
MSS. of great authors long dead a
cioso heat. Atlanta Constitution.
Curious Ornament to Be Set Up at
Newport Residence.
A curib Importer in Brqadway has
received from .Hainan, China, a
itrango symbol to Tjo sot up on the
?atopost of a fashionable Newport
residence. v
"I think," raid ho, "this Is tho first
Uiing of its kind introduced into tho
United States. The people I'm get
ting It for visited China last '::ir and
ordered It from tho provinco where
these things are commonly used to
irivo away spirits.
"The symbol consists of the bones
of a Python molurus. In Hainan, its
jungle homo, it grows to between
twenty and thirty feet long, has fear
ful teeth in its upper jawbones, and
a double series of shields on the lower
surfaco of the tail. This particular
beast was killed by tho villagers on
account of its wicked appetite. It
has a genealogy that beats that j)f
almost any famous family Mn j(Now
York. Its father and" mother, held a
cave-homo for1" years. The old man-
pythan used to suffocate harmless
Chinamen by enveloping them in his
coils, seizing them by tho head, and
gradually draying them down Into
bis interior. t fhe pythoness-mother
made away-with the juicy sheep of the
aeighborhood. Underneaththe bones
will be a plate with the quotation from
Bacon, 'Saith tho Pythcnlssa to Saul,
fo-monow thou and thy sons shall be
vith me.' " New York Times.
Wise Japs.fi '
Where Others Failed.
"Each Bpring for five or six years I
broko out with a kind of Ecze?na,
which nothing seemed to relieve per
manently. Finally I tried a -box of
Hunt's Cure, which promptly cured
me. Two years have passed by, but
tho trouble has not returned."
Mrs. Kato Howard,
Little Rock, Ark.
60c per box.
Tho boarder who passes the plate in
church gets the cold potato when ho
passes his plate at tho dining table.
All Up to Date Housekeepers
obo Defiance Cold Water Starch, becausoit
is hotter, aud 4 oz. more of it for saino
Always Ready.
Cheatham's Laxative Tablets cured
mo of third day chills and rid my
system of malarial poison. Thoy do
what you say they will. I now carry
'a packago in my vest pocket. They
are always leady.
" L. M. Duncan, Pleasant Hill, La.
25c per box.
M "
When the
back aches
and you are
always tired
out, de
pressed and
when slfcp
is disturbed
by pain and
by urinary
ills, it's timo
to act. Tho
kidneys are
sick. Doan'B
Kidney Pills
cure Blck kidneys quickly and perma
nently. Here's proof.
Mrs. W. S. Marshall, R. F. D. No. 1,
Dawson, Ga., says: "My husband's
back and hips were so stiff and sore
that ho could not get up from a
chair without hclifc I got him a box
of Doan's Kidney Pills. He felt re
lief in three days. One box cured
A FREE TRIAL of this great kid
ney medicine which cured Mr. Mar
shall will be mailed on application to
any part of tho United States. Ad
dress Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N.
Y. Sold by all dealers; price 50 cents
per box.
ar iL. viUiV La&aaffiSl
Life consists of moulting our illu
sions. We form creeds today only tp
throw them away to-morrow. Tho
eagle moults a feather becauso ha is
growing a bettor one.
Tho Jap soldier no longer relies, on
his fantastic appearance to frlghtew
Jefferson's Andirons.
Mrs. ,George Horn, residing nt 41
Vienna street, Newark, N. Y., has in
her possession a set of atttiquo and
irons formerly owned by Thomas Jef
ferson. Thoy were purchased at a
sale of a tenant, who lived at Monti
cello. Thomas Hilts, of Bridgewater,
Va., came into possession of them at
that timo (1826) and thoy remained
in his family until purchased by tho
present owner last July. The outfit
consists of two brafjB andirons and a
brass topfonder, and all arc in a splen
did stato of preservation.
Drinking in Berlin and Paris
Tho population of Berlin verges on
2,000,000; that of Paris is about 2,
750,000. Native Frenchmen drink
very little wine. One small glass of
claret suffices for a meal. Natlvo Ger
mans will hover over a stein of beer
a whole evening, whereas an English
man or American will guzzle twenty
steins. Pnrls' transient population Is
enormous, and they think it a duty to
drink wine when in the City of Light.
Upper class Germans in Berlin drink
enormous quantities of Rhine wines
and but little beer. Bismarck drank
porter and chamnagno mixed. Visi
tors in Berlin think they must drink
beer, but not liko tho natives.
After toiling ten years at tho wash
tub to support a worthless husband
mn Ohio woman sued a railroad com
pany because it let one of its trains
run over him. Chicago News.
,.9oden shoes like this are worn by
peasants in Germany, and many are
made in Chicago for export.
Fell Far and Escaped Injury.
A man fell head downward twenty
flvo feet 'at Augusta, Me., and struck
fairly in the middle of a spring scat
on a jigger. He bounced off like n
rubber ball and landed on his foot in
tho street'. His neck was a little stiff
tho next day, but ho was otherwise
Under tho caption, "Tho Union Pa
cific Railroad and Louisiana Terri
tory," tho now World's Fair folder Is
sued by the advertising department of
the Union Pacific, which has attracted
such general attention, recites these
interesting facts:
"While tho construction of the
Union Pacific Railroad, Its trials and
triumphs, aro a part of the history of
tho United States, the important part
played by this railroad in the develop
ment of tho Louisiana Purchase can
hardly bo estimated. In the building
up of this vnst domain it has been one
of the chief factors.
One hundred years ago tho popula
tion of tho region was estimated at
20,000. Up-to the inception of the
Union Pacific (In 18C0) it had in
creased to 3,233,529. In 1900 it num
bered over 13,000,000 of inhabitants.
In this wonderful growth, with its. stu
pendous increase In all the many-sided
phases of commercial, material and
Intellectual prosperity, tho Union Pa
cific as a glance at tho map will
show has had a conspicuous share.
It has opened vast regions of fertllv.
country to settlers, and brought grent
areas of an unknown and unproduc
tive wilderness Into closo communion
with metropolitan centers and mar
kets. Thriving cities, towns and ham
lets, through Its efforts, have sprung
up In every direction.
It may bo of interest to know that
tho total number of manufacturing
plants, and tho valuo of their outputs,
combined with that of the national
products as repotted in the census of
1900, give an aggregate production for
tho Louisiana region of $3,500,000,000
annually, or 223 times tho original pur
chase price. Tho same census reports
(1900) also show the total population
to bo 13,343,255, of which 8,303.096 In
habitants are living in the states and
territories reached by the Union Pa
cific. On the 1900 census figures, it is
estimated that tho true wealth of the
Louisiana purchase can bo stated at
about $13,051,868,359, of which $9,360,
621,387 is represented in tho states
reached by this great railroad."
Could You Use Any Kind of a Sewing
Machine at Any Price?
If there is any price so low, any
offer so liberal that yon would think
of accepting; on trial a new high-grade,
drop cabinet or Mprlght Minnesota,
Singer, Wheeler & Wilson, Standard,
Whito or New Homo Sowing Machine,
cut out and return this notice, and
you will rcceivo by return mail, post
paid, freo of cost, tho handsomest sew
ing machino catalogue over published.
It will name you prices on tho Minne
sota, Singer, Wheeler & Wilson,
White, Standard and New Home sew
ing machines that will surprise you;
wo will mako you a new and attract
ive proposition, a sewing machine of
for that will astonish you.
If you can make any uso of any
sowing mnchlno at any price, if any
kind of an offer would interest you,
don't fail to write us at once (bo suro
to cut out and return this special no
tico) and get our latest book, our
latest offers, our now and most sur
prising proposition. Address
SEARS, ROEBUCK & CO., Chicago.
Tho crease in a bank roll will never
appeal to the fashionable dresser.
The Sanative, Antiseptic,
Cleansing, Purifying,
and Beautifying
Properties of
Assisted by CUTICURA
Ointment, the great
Skin Cure, are of
. Priceless Value.
For prescrvingf. purifying, and
beautifying the skin, for cleansing
the scalp of crusts, scales, and
dandruff, and the stopping of fall
ing hair, for softening, whitening,
and soothing red, rough, and sore
hands, for baby rashes and cha
fings, in the form of baths for an
noying irritations, ulcerations, and
inflammations of women, and
many sanative, antiseptic pur
poses which readily suggest them
selves, as well as for all purposes
of the toilet, bath, and nursery,
CURA Ointment are priceless.
Sold throughout th world. Cutlcur Sop. We., Olmt
aitnt. Mc.. HetoWent, 0c. (In lorn of ChoceltU CottM
Rill, tc. pn ll ol 601. D'Potn London. ' Chrtr
kouM fti.tPf.rli, 5 Kut di U rlx i Helton, 1ST Columbw
Avt- Pottir Urug k Chim. Corp , Soli froprtjtori.
M" Uni In ' IUv Is Vnmm. Purify, ud BMtH."
- '- -- "" rm-nii .
. , m KmJSmm .. .umuumimmmmm
r. , HHHHHHW - . ..
HaMMHajMitthw. ,., ....

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