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Vol 5.
Muskogee, Indian Territory, Thursday, July 7, 1904-
Number 39.
Queer Way Historian Prcscctt Hat
for Curing Laziness.
Rollo Ogden, In his brief and vei7
readable biography of William H
Prescott, the historian, cites many
passages from the diary showing' Pros
ott's habit of flogging himself to wit
work by making v..gers with his soc
retaries thRt he would complnte a gtv
n twsk by a certain day, the odds a'
wss heavily against himself, "'res
cott always took this betting on hit
wn industry with perfect serlouo
ne8s. Sometimes he would radiantl
greet his secretaries with 'You l.avt
lost! You owe me a dollar.' And he
would exact payment. Occasional
he would, with woebegone counts
nance, produce a"nd pay over to the
protesting secretary the $20 or $3C
he himself had lost." One elaborately
made memorandum witnesses that &
bet of $1 to $50 had been made "be
tween E. B. Otis and, William H. Prea
cott, Ecq., the latter betting $50 that
he will write 100 pages of his 'His
tory of Peru' in 100 days." The docu
ment Is signed William H. Prescott
and Edmund B. Otis, but the latter
aubjoins the following: "I promise on
my honor as a gentleman not to re
lease Mr. Prescott from any forfeiture
that may incur, except In such cases
as are provided for In the contract
this contract being made at his de
sire for hl3 own accommodation only."
Centenarian Restrained Spirits of Hk
76-Year-Old Son.
Senator Depcw tells of attending a
commemorative dinner given to Chev
reul, the famous French chemist, on
hi3 100th birthday, apropos of having
kimself recentlj arrived at the ago of
"Cbevreul ascribed his longevity,"
aid Mr. Depew, "to the fact that be
ing sure of his position In the factor
of the Gobelin tapestries so long as ha
might llvo, though his position was a
modest one, he never worried about
finances, never had serious troubles,
and never had touched tobacco o5 al
cohol. He had lived most temperate
ly and drank the muddy vterj of the
"Beside him was a gentleman who
enjoyed the dinner to the utmost and
was hilariously and rather uproarious
ly proposing the health of everybody
at the table. The old gentleman every
little while would place his hand upon
this neighbor and check his levity.
" 'Why does Chevreul take so much
Interest In his lively neighbor?' I In
quired of my escort.
" 'Because he Is his son,' was the
" 'How old is the boy? said I.
" 'Seventy-six,' answered my polite
escort "Washington Post.
Early Tragedy.
The Assyrian maiden was in tears!
"What is the matter?" nskd her
girl friend.
"Herbert wrote mo a seven-page
love letter and threw it over the gar
den wall. It was written on the fin
est terra cotta he could find. Page
number three struck father, who was
asleep on a bench, and now he and
Herbert are throwing my love letter
back and forth with all their might,
and unless a policeman comes pretty
soon 1 don't believe I'll ever know a
word of what was in It!" -Washing-ton
We are not in favor of any
class or body of men usurping
the power perogative of the Re
publican party. There is a Re
publican organization in this
Territory, and the head of that
organization, is the only proper
person to call a Territorial, con
vention. We are satiffied that
some of the men whose names
are signed to call for a Republi
can meeting to beheld in Musko
gee, were not aware of the word
ing of the call. We never saw
the call until it was published in
the Pheonix and had we been
aware of the fact that our names
were signed to that particular
call we would have objected and
asked the gentlemen to "leave us
off. This call grew out of a cau
cus of colored men Held recently,
and our understanding was that
the call should be made for a Ne
gro convention composed of Ne
groes of the Territory regardless
of political affiliation. The change
must have occured alter the cau
cus adjourned. Whatever the
mntive of the organization may
be, we desire to go on record
here and now as against the con
vention under the call and publi
cation. Blind ambition and eagerness
for popularity, should not eom
pell men to make asses of them
selves and their followers. There
is no necessity in onr opinion,
ior a Repubiican convention at
this time. But there if. bth ne
cessity and cause for a conven
tion of the Negroes of the Terri
tory, and if the race leaders here
aro too crazy over politics to
think of the race in more partic
ulars than one, then the leaders
et some other place should call a
convention to be composed of
race men and to be non political.
Unless this call tis changed, no
loyal republican can attend and
participate, for the reason the
call is not regular, to say the
least, and stands in opposition to
the regulrr Republican organiza
tion in the same light that the
Lily White Repuohcan club is,
Change the wording of your
call gentlemen, or there will be a
counter proposition submitted at
Items From Wswoka
We have two good physicians i
at this place, Dr Chandler and
Dr. Tvson, both doing a cood
practice. They are brainy young
imen and fit representatives of
their profession.
We have on lawyer in the per
son of Hon. J. C. Johnson, who
has more work than he can do.
In addition to his legal work he
is private Secretary to the Chief
of the Seminole nation.
On Friday, June 11, a colored
woman reported that she had
woman reported that she had
ooen assaulted and a crime of
rape committed upon her by a
prominent white man in this
community. She went before
U. S. Com. Tate twice and com
plainee but so far ho has dene
nothing on account we presume
of the high standing of the crim
inal. Strange proccding this.
Hdd it been the reverse theie
would have been an arrest at
onoe, as we know the Com. to be
very prompt to act when a black
person was charged with crima.
Can it bo there is no remedy and
suce hellish, brutish, damnable
crimes go unpunished? We hope
and are praying for a remedy.
The 4tli of July picnic was car
ried out with partial success Ad
dress were mide by Messrs Left
wioh. Twine and Johnson, all
present were highly pleased with
the program as rendered.
The pleasant day was marred
by a tripple killing at nigbt in
which Mrs. Mary Steward, Jim
J Gaines and Leonard Wilson lost
their lives, all of them havirgi
been shof and dying instantly, oy
Henry Steward, the husband of
I the woman. The cause for the
, wholesale killing is rot qnown.
.Three souls were, rushed into
eternity without warning. The
slayer has .not b.en apprehended
Johnny's Lament.
Wish 1 didn't have any sisters 'round
Fourth ot July time. Got six that aro
pretty decent other times, but when
the Fourth comes they buzz 'round
like mosquitoes.
They ain't got no consld'ratlon for
a feller's feelings. They bust In on
his fun Just when he's lighting a
cannon cracker and want a punk
fixed, and when they see the car.non
sizzling they scream loud enough to
bpllt your cars and that brings your
maw and she yells to you to quit
teasing your sisters and then sees the
cannon and rushes out and grabs you
and bears you away, and you miss see
ing the cannon bust Into a thousand
No. sir, s!. lers arc all wrong 'toum1
Fourth of July time. If they ain't get
ting your maw after you and scream
ing all the time fit to kill, they're
moo.ing 'round and blubbing and say
ing, "Poor Johnny's burned his linger."
That makes a feller with any spunk
darn mad.
Oldest Active Fireman.
John Shumaker, aged 79 years, of
New Castle, Pa., Is held to bo the old
ant active fireman in the United
States. He has been a fireman since
he was 14 years of age, and always
maintained a deep Interest in the busi
ness of fighting the llames.
Qrooery Company la the City. , We alio buv and pay
lha highest price for Country Prodnos. Located oa
Watt 2nd St., fiontbaf the U. t. Poet OtUca.
Papago Version of Football.
The boys of the Papago tribo in tho
southwest hive a game which the
fellows in Harvard and Yale would
form rules about, if tho played it, un
til It became very lively indeed.
These Iran boys make dumbella
of woven buckskin or rawhide. They
weave then tight and stiff, and then
soak them in a sort of red mud which
sticks like paint. They dry them, and
then tho queer toys aro ready for use.
To play tho game, they mark off "
goals, one for each Lnd or "J. 'e" of
players. The object of each side is to
send its durabbolls over the goal of
the enemy.
The dumbbells are tossed with sticks
that are thrust under them as they lie
on the ground. The perverse things
will not go straight or far, and a rod
la a pretty good throw for one.
The sport quickly grows exciting,
and the playern are soon battling In a
heap, almost as if they wore playing at
football. St. Nicholas.
Emperor and King.
When King Kalakaua went nround
the world In 1881 he called first on tha
present mikado of Japan. Mr. Wlllin"i
N. Armstrong thus pictures the tw
rulers: "Tho emperor and the kinc
now rose and stood beside each other.
The emperor was slightly above tha
average height of his race; his com
plexion was dark and his face an
open one; his forehead was unusually
high; his eyes black and penetrating;
nor did ho look llko one who would
put hlmsellf entirely In the hands of
his ministers. His dress was a Euro
pean military uniform and the breast
of his coat was decorated with orders.
The king, with a complexion unusual
ly dark for a Hawaiian, towered abova
him, graceful, Imperturbable. Tha
contract was striking; but the In
scrutable face and tho oyo of the em
peror disclosed tho stronger character."
Ind. TerT
For Investigation of Radium.
Recognizing the great and Immedi
ate Importance of investigation of tha
nature and properties of radium and
radio-active bodies, the court of tha
Goldsmiths' Company of London, re
cently bignlflod Its willingness to hand
over a sum of $5,000 to the Royal
Society to constitute a radium re
search fund. The council of tho Royal
Society at once accepted tho duty of
administering this grant. Proposals
relating to the method of utilizing tha
fund for the assistance of scientific
investigation have at tho same time
boon communicated to the company
for its approval
Read tb n'
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