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Muskogee Cimeter.
W. M. TWINB, KtllUft
Muskogee Is working hard to lo
ate the terminals of the Midland Val
ley road at that place.
Lone Wolf citizens are raising $10.
000 for the purpose of establishing a
modern cotton gin for that place.
A successful revival is being con
ducted at Chlckaahu. There are al
ready over 800 conversions claimed.
The agents of the New York Life
Insurance company employed in the
two territories held a meeting in Okla
homa City last week to 'talk shop."
Prof. E. D. Illnshaw of Bloomfleld
last week drovo eighty miles through
tho Chickasaw nation. He says no
never saw more flattering crop pros-pects.
The Commercial club at Mill Crcek
nt. a recent meeting decided to begin
at once the work of repairing bridges
leading to that town which wero dam
aged by the recent floods.
Tho Tulsa Water and Light com
pany has won In Its right against the
city of Tulsa, and will hold its fran
chise and proceed at once with tho
erection of a plant.
The term of tho present postnmcter
nt Muskogee expires in December,
and already there Is a large Held of
entries, tp use a race track expres
sion, for the best fede-al position in
the territory.
Acting Secretary Oliver of the war
department has made the usual al
lotment of the i,000,000 appropri
ated by congress to provide arms and
equipment for the organized" militia
of the United States. Of the amount
appropriated Oklahoma will receive
Thomas Shaw, a negro employed by
D. Wolf & Sons, wholesale liquor
dealers in Oklahoma City, was shot
and killed by .loo Willoughby, a bar
tender. Willoughby ordered Shaw to
remove his hat upon entering tho sa
loon, and because of his falluro to do
so he was shot.
Tho total expenses of the recent
cattlomon's convention at Oklahoma
City amounted to $ 10,59V The treas
urer of the committee reported a bal
ance on hand of $l.0GG. This fund
was raised by prlvato subset iptlons
lor the entertainment of tho dole
There have been shipped from Du
rant this season twonty-Hlx car loads
of Irish potatoes, twelve cars of eggs
and chickens and two of berries,
poaches and apples, which have nett
ed tho farmers about $85,000. The
oat crop, which Is already beginning
to arrive, Is expected to net 150,000,
as 150 car loads are expected.
To Make a Bid for New Seat pf Gov
ernment -A Magnificent Capitol
Building, io be Constructed of
Tishomingo Granite, Is Offered
MUSKOGEE: Politicians of the
northern part of the territory were
startled when the business men of
Muskogee jumped into the fight for
tho location of a state capitol building
with the proposition to erect here a
state building to cost a million dollars,
free of cost to the proposed new state,
provided this city is designated as the
seat of governmet. This Is on the
theory that statehood, either with or
without Oklahoma, is coming soon.
There had been a tacit agreement
among politicians that Muskogee did
not want the capital and would not
make a fight for it. Recently there
was a meeting of some of the heaviest
property owners in this city, with the
result as above stated.
The Phoenix, under date of June
29th, contains an illustration of the
proposed building, and tho following
article relative Ihofeto:
"The undersigned citizens of Mus
kogee, Indian Territory, are in charge
of plans to secure the capital of the
new state, and a part of the plan is
to offer a fine capitol building free,
under such reasonable concessions as
will certainly meet with the unani
mous approval of the people through
out the new state. This building is
to be built of Tishomnigo granite and
will cost $1,000,000. Muskogee is now
the leading city of the new state and
Is amply able to back this contract."
(Signed by six leading citizens.)
The abovo is tho result of a capital
conference recently held in Muskogee
and speaks for itself. At tho proper
time a proposition will be made to
secure tho location of tho state capi
tal in this city, and in the interval a
systematic plan of campaign will be
carried out.
Ho's got the copper, flowers and oil,
Tho gold and silver, too.
Next thing he'll have the atmosphere
And there'll bo io breath for you.
Indlanaoolis News.
Charles Weber, who lives twelve
miles southwest of Perry, thinks ho
has discovered gold bearing sand In a
creek running through his farm. Tho
discovery was mndo early in tho year,
and several assays mndo in Knnsas
City aro said to show considerable
precious inotnl, tho latest run bolng in
the neighborhood of $1(5 a ton.
Tho forthcoming report of Governor
Ferguson to tho secretary of tho In
terior will l)o tho most elaborate one
ever sent in. It will deal with all
branches of Industry at considerable
length. Tho fact that It may bo the
last territorial report will havo some
thing to do with making it a li
Indian Agent to Investigate Improve
ments in the Cherokee Nation
MUSKOGEE: Indian Agent Shoen
felt has been Instructed by the inter
ior department to investigntr the
situation in tho Cherokee nation rela
tive to improvements made by intrud
ers. By act of congress passed in
1895, the Cherokee nation was direct
ed to set apart $G8,G45.5G, with which
to pay for these improvements. This
net was subsequently ratified by the
tribal council and a board of apprais
ers was appointed to enroll those wfio
wero entitled to a part of the appro
priation. Tho board's report Includ
ed nlnety-ono names, and In Novem
ber, 1895, tho payment was begun. Of
thoso Included In the report forty
nlno accopted their awards, tho total
of wtych amounted to 139,511.90.'
There wero, however, forty-two who
refused to accopt tho amount offered
them, and thus $29,103.46 remained
Tho matter thus dragged along until
tho passage of the Indian appropii
ation act by the last congress, when
authority to settlo all debts of the
Chorokeo nation was given (he secre
tary of the interior. Under tho first
act tho payment could bo made duly
out of tho tribal funds appropriated
for that specific purpose. Now, how
ever, flio department holds that It
may use any fund to the crodit of the
tribo in payment or any debt what
soever against tho nation. It is prbo
able that tho payment will bo flnislin.i
as soon as the Investigation can bo
From 1730 to Present Time
VINITA: Dr. Emmet Starr of
Claremore, the CI- r.,kee historian.
has compiled a list of the chiefs of
the Cherokees as follows: Maytoy of
Tellico, April 3, 1730, to 17G0; Atta
cullaculla, 17G0 to 1775; Oganastota,
1775 to 1780; Hanging Maw, 1780 to
1792; Little Turkey, 1792 to 1801;
Black Fox or Enoll, 1801 to 1811;
Pathklller, 1811 to 182G; William
Hicks, 182G to 1828; John Ross, from
Otcober 13, 1828, to August 1, 18GG;
William P. Ross, 18GG to 1807; Lewis
Downing. 18G7 to 1872: Charles
Thompson, for one day, November 10,1
1872; William P. Ross, November 11. 1
1872, to 1875; Charles Thompson, 1875
to 1879; Dennis Wolfe Bushyhoad,
1879 until 1887; Joel Bryan Mayes,
1887 until 1891; Thomas Mitchell But
flngton, December 14, 1891, until De
cember 23, 1891; Colonel Johnson Har
ris, December 23, 1891, until 1895;
Samuel Houston Mayes, 1895 until
1899; Thomas M. Bufifngton, 1899 to
1903; William Charles Rogers, 1903,
still serving.
The rulers of the Western or Old
Settlor Cherokees were: Bowls, 1795
to 1801; Tahlontiska, 1801 to 1817;
John Jolly, 1817; John Brown, 1839;
John Rogers, 1839.
Chief of tho Cherokees In Texas:
John Bowls.
Chief of the Confederate Cherokees:
Stand Watle, 18G2 to 18G5.
Negro Officer at Sodom, I. T., Cause
of the Trouble
MUSKOGEE: The negroes of
Clarksvillo and Sodom, two villages
ton miles west of Muskogee, aro at
war and, as a result of a fight two
negroes, Davo Ross and Joo Drew,
aro dangorously wounded, and the
negroes aro all under arms and furth
er troublo is expected. A negro offi
cer nt Clarksville arrested a Sodom
negro and this brought on tho fight.
There wero one hundred shots fired
during th'o fight.
Port Arthur has somo queer ways.
Every timo it Is captured by tho Japs
It remnlns In control of the Russians.
Nashvlllo Banner.
Tho total personal property valua
tion of Comauehe county Is $1,018,887.
Superintendent Baxter Announces
Dates and Conditions
GUTHRIE: Superintendent Bax
ter announces that there will be an
examination in this city July 13. 14
and 15 to determine the fitness of
applicants for teachers in the terri
torial schools. The conditions aro
as follows:
1. Each candidate is required to
present tho requisite testimonial be
fore commencing the examination.
2. Tho examineAlon questions in
each branch will be given to candi
dates at tho beginning of the time
allotted to that brancu, and nt tho
expiration of thao time tho written
answers will bo collected.
3. Answers should be brief, but
must bo complete in logic exposition
and grammatical structure. Tho
work in mathematics must show tTie
process as well as the result in each
4. In grading, due weight will be
given to clearness and comprehensive
ness of answers.
5. Tho standing In spelling, compo
sition penmanship will be determined
in part by the character of their re
spective manuscripts.
G. One hundred per centum will
denote perfection.
i. Candidates failing to pass this
examination may, at tho next two
stated examinations (provided tnvw
attend both) write on all topics not1
marked 90 per cent on oho first, and
thus, being credited with first stand
ings of 90 per cent or more, complete
tho examination. Those obtaining
tho five-year certificates shall havo
tho samo credits when writing for tho
ten-year certificates or tho diploma
at any timo before tho expiration of
such certificate.
8. Candidates are required to wrirn
upon one side of legal cap paper of
standard size.
9. Tho examination in ndvnnrni
subjects will comprehend tho matter
embraced in thj books used hi iho
collcglato departments of first class
A Philadelphia judge has decided
that a wifo should not take her hus
band's pay envelope. No; she should
simply tako the pay out and givo him
tho onvelopo back to fill up again.
Atlanta' Journal.
ifrwfw ,.

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